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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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will continue through the weekend. >> the county office of education starting today through next week will be having a similar operation where districts will come and pick up tests for their students. and every district will have its own distribution process. >> alameda county is expected to hand out 150,000 test kits over the next few days. each kit contains two tests. other counties in the bay area are also waiting for test kits to arrive. widespread testing is key to getting students back into classrooms safely next week. the timing of when kids take their tests is important, as well. coming up at 6:00, experts clear up when you should test your children to make sure you send them back to school safely. this is happening as the state's covid positivity rate has jumped again. it's now at 15.9%. yesterday it was 12.9%, that's the percentage of people tested who test positive for any strain of covid. health officials believe the peak of this omicron surge is still a few weeks away even
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though the variant is spreading at a lightning pace. doctors still say omicron does not appear to be as deadly as delta. with cases rising fast in the new year's holiday right here right now, it's not just school kids desperately trying to get tested. lots of grown-ups are, too, before they travel or spend time with family and friends. long lines at testing centers today and a shortage when it comes to at-home testing kits. we have the details. >> reporter: car after car after car, waiting in long lines at the santa clara county fairgrounds to get one of the sought-after nasal swabs. >> for the next two weeks because i think this is going to be a really critical period, i'm going to be incredibly careful. >> reporter: uc berkeley infectious disease expert dr. john schwartzberg knows the agony of waiting for a test firsthand. he plans to see his son and grandkids, but that visit is in
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danger now because the rapid covid test they ordered didn't arrive. >> you know, if we don't do the testing, we're not going to go over there. >> reporter: with a surge in demand, rapid tests are in short supply. cvs is limiting customers to six test kits each, scoring an appointment for the pcr test where you have to wait a day or two for your results is also tricky. we checked on line for the santa clara site in san jose, and the earliest you could get a testing appointment is january 6th. for most providers we checked with, the sail thing. what do you do if you're forced to wait? the doctor says if you have symptoms that match covid-19, you should assume you have it. >> so you really need to go into isolation until you can either come out because there's enough time or because you had a negative test. >> reporter: many providers along with the state and local health departments say they're trying to ramp up testing. schwartzberg believes we'll have
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easier access to tests in just a few weeks. >> this is a temporary problem, a frustrating thing is it came at a time when testing was most critical. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc bay area news. covid news changing all the time. changing fast with new restrictions, requirements, cancelations, coming hourly. your best bet to stay on top of it is our coronavirus coverage on line. we have the latest updates about the omicron variant, vaccination requirements, covid testing, all in one place. just go to we'll take a look outside from our network of traffic cameras. it is clear. it was a very nice day, lot of sunshine. but cold and more cold coming. temperatures may drop below freezing in some areas. let's bring in rob mayeda. you've been talking about this, and it is here. >> we're seeing the clearing skies, drier air settling in. you see more of the clearing around walnut creek and toward san francisco which actually we may see 30s for morning
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temperatures bayside as we head toward tomorrow morning. here you go, hour by hour, 6:00 still in the 40s. keep an eye up toward santa rosa, napa, near downtown san jose, approaching midnight dropping into the upper 30s. then by tomorrow morning, lookal these north bay temperatures -- centsa rosa and napa -- centsa rosa and napa, 30s. areas south of downtown, san jose, also expected to see low 30s for tomorrow morning. so the cold pattern is locked in on this holiday weekend. we're going to see a big change in our temperatures. lows in the 50s, highs in the 60s. eventually more rain coming back next week. the timing on that coming up in our full forecast in about ten minutes. >> see you soon. thank you. this chilly weather has many people in the bay area scrambling for ways to stay warm, and this some cases to survive. nbc bay area has more from south santa clara county. as you heard, one of the coldest areas in the bay area now where you are.
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>> reporter: that's right. it is already pretty cold here in san martin, and it's going to get into the low 30s. for some, that will be a major inconvenience, but for others, literally a matter of life and death. alberto lives in san martin and knows what's coming tonight -- close to freezing temperatures. he spent the morning at his local hardware store looking at space heaters for his home. you going to take that heater? >> yeah. i'll take that heater. >> reporter: you really need it? >> yes. >> reporter: 33 degrees, pretty cold. >> very cold. >> reporter: while the extreme cold can be major inconvenience, it's a life-threatening situation for others. ministries along with groups including community save us and the unhoused response group spent the day delivering clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, as well as food and water to the homeless. >> during one cold night this year, five people died in one night. so look at what's happening now.
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we've got all the rain, all the conditions. you got people possibly with the new omicron variant, and this cold weather, it's going to put people over the top. >> reporter: the national guard armory opened its doors to the homeless last night. helpful because many city and county warming centers are not open this year. >> and i know the government can do a little bit more. we've got to find how they can help and provide these people with the resources. >> reporter: one homeless recipient has only survival on her mind. >> it's new year's eve, what's that mean to you? >> forgot about that. that's great. another year, it's good. i'm walking and talking -- >> reporter: a lot to think about besides new year's eve. >> that's right. >> reporter: yes, a lot of people won't be celebrating tonight. they'll be heading to assistance centers, being set up throughout the area later tonight before the cold gets even colder. live in san martin, robert handa, nbc bay area news. tens of thousands in the
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sierra remain without power. it could be days, even weeks before they get it back. snowfall caused severe damage to more than 5,000 areas of the system. the good news -- the utility says hospitals and critical supply lines are back on. now crews are working on residential lines. pg&e expects to have 30% more power restored by sunday. most customers back on line by wednesday, january 5th. small pockets may remain without power up to two weeks. >> we are working 24/7. we are allocating more and more resources from across the country. our teams are out there working to restore power as safely and as efficiently as possible. >> pg&e says it had 25% more crews available than they anticipated they would need, but admit now their efforts fell short. mourning an american icon. tributes to betty white are all over social media after the beloved action died weeks before her 100th birthday. she had an illustrious career
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dating back to when television was an experiment. one of the first sitcoms featured her as a squeaky clean lousewife. that changed in the '70s with her salty role on "the mary tyler moore show" which won her two of her five primetime emmy awards. >> we'll be right back after this commercial message. >> all clear. >> who the hell is -- [ laughter ] >> oh, she switched up again as the endearingly naive rose on "the golden girls." white may have been america's hippest senior citizen starring in a super bowl commercial and becoming "saturday night live's" oldest host ever at age 88. she also devoted her life to the protection and rescue. animals. we'll have much more on her life and career coming up at 5:30:ktvu anchor frank somerville was arrested last night for suspicion of driving under the influence after he allegedly rear-ended another car in downtown oakland. the witness shared this cell phone video with us showing a dark porsche pushing an audi sedan through the intersection
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at west grand avenue and broadway. we spoke with the driver of the awed whoa tells us after the initial collision, he put his car in park, got out to make sure the other driver was okay, only to hear the porsche rev its engine and push his car into a pole. he sent us pictures he tock after that second crash -- took after that second crash showing two men who helped walk somerville to a safer location. police examined him at the scene before he was taken to the hospital and was booked on swoigz of dui. he's been a longtime member of ktvu owned by fox. he's not appeared on air in several months. we reach wanted out for comment but did not hear back. we've not been able to reach somerville directly. the family of a missing skier presumed dead in the sierra is thanking rescue crews. he disappeared skiing on christmas day. subsequent storms and bad weather hampered the search. now the sheriff concludes there's no realistic possibility he has survived the single-digit temperatures and seven feet of new snow.
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the 43-year-old lives in truckee and worked at the ski shop at north star. his family expressed gratitude to the more than 200 searchers and requested privacy to grieve. shocking new video tonight of the damage caused by wind-driven wildfires in colorado. thousands of residents this boulder county were -- in boulder county were forced to flee as the fire spread quickly. it affected subdivisions. as many as 1,000 home vs. been destroyed making -- homes have been destroyed making this the most destructive fire in colorado history in terms of property loss. >> many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their pets, their kids, into the car, and leave. the last 24 hours have been devastating. >> the governor said he spoke to president biden who authorized an expedited major disaster declaration. there have been no reported deaths from this fire.
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it's new year's eve in san francisco, and while the fireworks show has been canceled, there are still events happening. if you think the travel problems are over, think again. the warning tonight from the faa. and we're counting down to the 30s around dublin and the tri-valley tonight. cold temperatures for the holiday weekend, but warmer weather and rain also coming back to that seven-day forecast.
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we are following breaking news out of the east bay. a shooting at sunvalley mall in concord. >> we have more from the scene. melissa, we saw so many cop cars at the scene. >> reporter: and i got to tell you, it was a pretty scary scene for these shoppers who were in
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there earlier today here at the mall doing some last-minute shopping. i got a chance to speak to a shopper who said he was on the second floor, all of a sudden he heard a loud pop. because's new year's eve he thought maybe it's a firework, when he saw people running for the doors he realized it was a gunshot. i spoke to another shopper who said that he heard there was an argument between two people near the food court area of the mall, and that is what may have triggered this shooting. again, we are waiting for more confirmed information from concord police. right now what concord police are telling us is that the mall is under lockdown. presumably police are looking for the shooter, and police are asking people to avoid the area. of course, this is an active investigation. as you can see from the multitude of squad cars that we are seeing here, not just at this entrance/exit here next to the jcpenney but also we saw some squad cars outside of the sears entrance.
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again, police are asking people avoid the area, and what's also interesting, today is new year's eve. so presumably shoppers may have been trying to return some items, perhaps they were trying to use gift cards that they were gifted for christmas. it was really interesting to see how many shoppers, how many families were here at the mall earlier today during the shooting. again, concord police, it is an active investigation, they are investigating the shooting. they are urging people, please avoid this area as this investigation continues. back to you. >> okay. thanks. keep us posted. we'll check in with you later. that investigation is going on, the countdown is going on to 2022. take a look. new york's times square where the ball has been lit, been raised. we're just a few hours from the big moment on the east coast. here in san francisco, things will look a lot different this year after the fireworks show was canceled, but there are still some celebrations happening.
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>> reporter: music set the tone for this family-friendly celebration at thrive city winter wonderland. >> it is fun because we get to make hats. we get to pick a hat and then decorate it. and also we get to blow bubbles and get to listen to music. >> reporter: there were activities outside, performers, and spots to snap pictures for the new year, 2022. >> it's a cool event for the kids to come and have fun outside. we've been locked in all this time. yeah, we're having a good time. >> i love it. it's great for the kids out here. good time to bring them out safely. you know, right before the new year. >> reporter: at 12 noon outside chase center, they rang in the new year symbolically. >> three, two, one -- happy new year! ♪♪ >> reporter: san francisco canceled the fireworks show this year which draws big crowds along the waterfront. there are concerns about the omicron variant spreading and maintaining staffing. some venues in the city are closing while others, primarily restaurants, are moving forward
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serving special meals, and there are still some events. >> the mother of all new year's, takes place at two floors of the regency center. >> reporter: last year the event went dark. this year deejays are coming in, a ambulance drop, confetti -- balloon drop, confetti and more. >> everyone shows proof of vaccination, you have the mandatory mask mandates, when you're not actively eating or drinking, not that we're eating. and there will be stations by the bar and limiting capacity by 25%. >> reporter: welcome to the new year. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> yeah. for some of you who are going out on this new year's eve night, a free ride home is available. muni for one is offering free service, that's from 8:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. caltrain will offer rides at 8:00, all ac transit and vta rides are free tonight.
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bart will be extending service to accommodate riders, but they're going to charge regular prices. the last east bay-bound train running through downtown san francisco will be at around 1:30 tomorrow morning. the last southbound train heading toward millbray going to run through downtown san francisco a little after 2:00 a.m. more air travel headaches may be in store heading into the new year. an increased number of employees are testing positive for covid. that could lead to extra help and cleaning protocols. airlines have canceled more than 11,000 flights since christmas eve because of covid to airline crew members. but none of those were the result of faa issues. in a letter to its pilots, united airlines is offering pilots who pick up extra flights in addition to their regular schedule three times the pay of a normal flight. helping people make it in the bay, a new law going into effect tomorrow raising the
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minimum wage. california's minimum wage is increasing to $15 an hour. that is for businesses with 26 or more employees. for smaller businesses, it will be $14 an hour. the increases are part of a state through has steadily hiked the minimum wage for past few years. the final increase will be in 2023 with many cities in the bay area already have their own higher minimum wage. let's check in with the man of the hour. it's new year's eve, some people are going out. maybe not that far, maybe just the back yard. but it's going to be cold out there wherever they go, right? >> a nice warm coat will be common throughout the area and a few areas by midnight. could be closing in on freezing temperatures. right now san jose, partly cloudy, 50 degrees. expecting 30s around san jose later. dublin down to 47 degrees, clearing skies. still a little of the northeast wind adding to the chill in the air. toward walnut creek, 51, and san francisco, mostly clear skies, 52 degrees. and we will be watching our temperatures cooling quickly
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tonight. we're talking upper 20s to low 30s around the north bay valleys. sonoma county looks to be the coldest. runners up for the coldest around the bay area would be the tri-valley, livermore, morgan hill, san martin, downtown, san jose south into the 30s. here's the interesting part -- even bayside the next couple of mornings including san francisco and oakland, you don't see this too often, there's a chance of seeing some 30s to start the day. then once we get to the afternoon, pretty nice, 40s and low to mid 50s as we warm up during the day. sunday very similar, just a few extra high clouds. something that has also come back is the king tides. so you may have on your weather app a coastal flood advisory. that is tied to the king tides, not to any storms. high tide times for the next three days up to 7.13 feet around mid morning on saturday, peaking sunday morning just after 10:00. you can see some of the low-lying areas could see localized flooding due to the return of the king tides. i want to show the progression of our cold temperatures the
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next few mornings. just as cold we think for sunday morning. but look at the temperature trend by monday morning and especially by tuesday. no more 30s. lows in the 40s and 50s because the moisture and the rain will start to make a comeback heading into monday and tuesday. so right now that next chance of rain coming in during the day monday, mostly across the north bay, this is what's a little different about this pattish that's going to be coming -- pattern that's going to be coming in. the emphasis is areas north of san francisco, heavy rain potential is there, but a lot of it's going to stay north of mendocino county. through the week, off and on rain, not as much, unfortunately, around san jose or the santa cruz mountains. thursday things dry out again. maybe a little more rain coming in as we head toward the beginning of next weekend. the rain estimates here -- this trend has been locked in for a while. you see the emphasis being on the north bay. both of the medium range models now not showing a whole lot around the mountains or the south bay. the sierra, mostly areas north of interstate 80 will see the best snow chances as we go through the week. for your holiday plans, bundle
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up, jacket weather throughout the weekend, then back into the rain at times. our lows warmer than the high temperatures this weekend. and i could say the high degree of certainty it's not going to rain until next year. had to wait until 31st -- warmer. things warm up once we get to monday and tuesday. >> okay. thanks, rob. >> thanks. coming up, scientists are rethinking a decision, the push to make pluto a planet again after this. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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another closure due to covid. the chabot space and science
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center is temporarily closed until january 15th because of the holiday surge. all programs are canceled including the annual balloon drop celebration for new year's eve, free telescope viewings, and first friday. if you bought tickets for any time during this closure you can use them at a later date. in other astronomical news, make pluto a planet again. that's what a group of scientists want the international astronomical union to do. you may remember about 15 years ago pluto got demoted. it was a planet -- nope, got demoted to a dwarf planet. in a study published today by the "journalic russ," researchers argue the move should get reversed. researchers say any geologically active bodies in space like pluto should be called planets. however, by that definition, there would be more than 150 planets in our solar system, according to the study. >> but it's pluto. >> it's pluto. bring it back. >> yes. some star power on nbc bay area tonight. "miley's new year's eve party" starts at 10:30 here on nbc.
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co-hosted with "saturday night live's" pete davidson. you won't want to miss it, and be sure to tune in to our early newscast, nbc bay area news at 10:00. the rose parade makes its return to pasadena tomorrow. we're going to have that story coming up.
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the show will go on. the covid surge apparently is not stopping the rose parade for new year's day. the rose parade returns tomorrow after taking a year off because of the pandemic. this is a behind-the-scenes look as the finishing touches are made for the floats. louisiana's joining in this year with their own float set to debut. every part of a float must be natural. traditional flowers, the ground-up flaxseeds -- >> wow. >> i don't know where those are. the rose parade kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> the bird food for the birds. >> you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. the birds like flaxseed, that's good to know. >> i put it in my smoothies. i put them in there. >> yes. i know. >> for the float, it's -- an accent i guess. now what's coming up at 5:30 -- >> right now at 5:30, she was at iconic american actress whose career spanned decades.
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tonight, we remember the life and legacy of betty white. plus, the biden administration making a plea to the supreme court amid a covid surge. the high court just days away from hearing arguments over the federal vaccine mandate. why the president says that mandate must stay. and fires ravage parts of colorado. flames tearing through neighborhoods destroying hundreds of homes. the latest on the situation there.


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