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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 29, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- brian cox -- abc news anchor george stephanopoulos -- music from wet leg - featuring the 8g band with nikki glaspie. ♪ [ cheers and applae ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening! i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now we're gonna get to the news the white house is reportedly lobbying news organizations to give president biden more
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favorable press coverage, or, as cnn reported it, "desperate biden begs for compliments." [ laughter ] ahead of president biden's first-ever summit of global democracies this week, chinese officials questioned how a country like the u.s could lecture other nations, given its polarized domestic politics and botched coronavirus response man, it sucks when someone you don't like makes a good point. it's like o.j. telling kids to get vaccinated [ laughter ] he's not wrong, you just don't love agreeing with him listen to juice, kids, but not that part. [ laughter ] during his trip today to kansas city, missouri, president biden unveiled new branding for his "build back better" plan cool maybe you can change the name so it doesn't sound like a chiropractor's office in a strip mall [ laughter ] during a recent panel discussion, west virginia senator joe manchin referred to democrats using the third-person "they. even worse, he referred to coal lobbyists as "we."
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that's right, democratic senator joe manchin referred to democrats using the third-person "they. not cool, but i do the same thing with my family when i'm home for the holidays. "they want to go to applebee's again. [ light laughter ] a boater in florida recently discovered a package in the ocean that was filled with $1 million worth of cocaine. damn, no wonder he's always in such a good mood [ laughter ] i mean, come on, you don't have the idea to live in a pineapple without doing some coke first. [ laughter ] tampa bay buccaneers quarterback tom brady announced plans this week for a new collection of nfts that will include a stopwatch, cleats, the jersey he wore at the nfl combine, and even his very first helmet [ laughter ] and finally, the makers of oreos have announced a partnership with the wine brand barefoot to offer an oreo thins red blend wine, which complements the chocolate and cream of the cookie so, if you're craving oreos and red wine, don't worry, you're gonna get through this breakup
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[ laughter ] and that was the monologue, everybody. we got a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause he is an emmy and golden globe winner who stars as logan roy in "succession. brian cox will be here [ cheers and applause he's fantastic so excited to talk to him. you can see him on "this week with george stephanopoulos" and "good morning america. george stephanopoulos will be here [ cheers and applause you guys, i am very excited for our music tonight. their song "chaise longue" was just named npr music's number-two song of 2021. it was also name seth meyers's number-one song of 2021, which is more of an honor. this song, as shoemaker likes to say, slaps [ laughter ] we're gonna have music from wet leg. but before we get to all of that - [ cheers and applause a growing number of republicans, including congressman matt gaetz, are pushing to make donald trump speaker of the house if they retake power in 2022.
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but aside from that, they're laser-focused on the big issues facing americans, hot pocket prices and cream cheese shortages. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: because the republican party remains in the grip of an authoritarian cult led by goons, grifters, and gnocchi-shaped weirdos who are intent on staging a slow-motion coup to dismantle democracy. there is no serious conservative moment in this country this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ laughter ] stop, i forgot to do examples. i thought that was shorter than usual. [ laughter ] because the gop's focus is solely on upending democracy, they have nothing to say about policy, which is why, ever since the start of joe biden's presidency, we've been subjected to one moronic right-wing freak-out after another, like when they told us democrats wanted to come to your house and take all your hamburgers and dr. seuss books and then strap you down and forcibly inject you with a secret microchip that teaches you critical race theory and electroshocks you anytime you try to buy a mypillow online
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and now here's the new one thanks to joe biden's radical left-wing agenda, decent hardworking americans can't have cream cheese anymore >> did you hear about this some bagel shops in new york city are just days away from running out of cream cheese amid supply-chain shortages. >> a cream cheese shortage is hitting new york city bagel shops. hear from one bagel seller getting schmeared by the supply-chain crisis. >> important breakfast-time news there's a schmear shortage here in new york city as bagel shops say they're having trouble restocking cream cheese, thanks to the supply-chain crisis this is big news here in new york that you're running low on cream cheese. >> seth: now, i think they only latched on to this story for the bagel-based puns "small business owners are getting 'schmeared' by this shortage, so 'lox' your doors. "or you might get 'creamed.' although i don't think bagels and cream cheese is the
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breakfast of fox news viewers. they can't have all that gluten and lactose. are you trying to kill all our grandpas but the shortage is real i asked for my regular at the deli yesterday, and the guy said the best he could do was lox and almond butter. and then the almond butter was so sticky, the lox stuck to the roof of my mouth, and i spent half the morning looking like i had a second tongue. plus, i asked for it on everything, and they gave me this because in joe biden's america, that's in everything now [ laughter ] but seriously though, is this cream cheese thing really big news i live in new york city, so i've heard about it, but until my cab driver tells me about it, i refuse to think it's a big deal. and the only headline i've been hearing from him is, "any one of us would have done what chris cuomo did for his brother! [ laughter ] i should know it i only taken new york city cabs since 1974 i'll believe the cream cheese shortage is real the next time i walk through the park and someone whispers, "weed, coke, philly's best? [ laughter ] also, can i just point out, i feel like it's unnecessarily cruel for you to keep holding up a bagel with cream cheese while
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there's a guy telling you about his cream cheese shortage. [ laughter ] poor bagel-shop owner. are you trying to torture the guy? "oh, is this what you're looking for? [ laughter ] "this delectable little confection why, we have an entire fridge full of them downstairs in our fox news dungeon it's where we put the bolts in sean hannity's neck. [ laughter ] but, you know what, fine, whatever this is the kind of silly content cable news channels use to fill time they don't have our unique ability to stretch out "closer looks" with totally unnecessary and perhaps even counterproductive tangents where we speculate about, i don't know what it might sound like if, say -- i don't know, owen wilson starred in a movie about a college dropout who, i don't know, inherits a bagel shop from his father "we're out of cream cheese geez man, wow. [ laughter ] and of course, in this scenario, his father would be played by, i don't know, maybe al pacino. "all right, let's go it's time to spread some butter
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on some mother[bleep] pumpernickel [ laughter ] "yabba-labba-loo whatever." [ laughter ] we've been overusing it anyway to get out of these tangents, so from now on, i'm just gonna say, "whatever. whatever the point is, fox filled some time with a dumb segment about a supposed cream cheese shortage, but then the official twitter account of the house republicans tweeted an image from the segment with the words "biden's america. all right, first of all, you're clearly not from new york, because if you were, you'd know that everything bad here gets blamed not on the president but the mayor. that's the job of being mayor, to soak up all the rage and resentment in the city, like a charcoal pill, so we don't all kill each other in the streets and it's a weird time for new yorkers right now, because eric adams has been elected, but it's still de blasio's lame-duck job for a few more weeks, so everybody's just waiting poor adams doesn't realize what's coming. right now, people are saying, "give 'em hell, adams! and then, the second he's sworn in, "where's the [bleep] cream cheese?! [ laughter ] the correct way to address the mayor of new york city isn't
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"your honor," it's "freakin'," as in "freakin' de blasio let the rats steal our pizza." [ laughter ] true story de blasio hands the "freakin'" title over at the inauguration whatever [ laughter ] so republicans have gone from trying to scare people into thinking joe biden is stealing your hamburgers to thinking joe biden is stealing your cream cheese, and yet that is somehow not the dumbest food-based attack launched this week by a republican, because louisiana senator john kennedy, who, despite his exaggerated cornpone accent, went to oxford and used to be a democrat, predicted this week that thanks to inflation and the democrats' "build back better" plan, the price of one particular frozen food is gonna skyrocket. >> when i first heard about the "build back better" bill, i thought to myself, "this is satire, right? and then i took a look at it, and i was amazed beyond imagination. i mean, it's breathtaking. trillions of dollars of new spending, new taxes, new debt, new welfare programs
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the only way i know how to improve it is with a shredder. it's gonna fuel inflation. when a hot pocket costs you $10, remember we're "building back better." >> seth: does kennedy really think his voters care about the cost of hot pockets? or is it just the perfect brand name for his accent? "hot pockets." [ laughter ] it sounds like a nickname you'd get in louisiana if you set your pants on fire by standing too close to a grill [ laughter ] "looks like hot pockets couldn't wait for his hot dog." the fact is, kennedy wouldn't sound as good saying "totino's pizza rolls" or "lacroix." [ laughter ] even though lacroix does sound like a small town in louisiana "you have a lot of nerve showing your face in lacroix again." [ laughter ] also, i just want to point out, as i have before, i do not believe this man's accent is real that's what british actors sound like when they try southern accents and overdo it.
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"uh, yes, sorry, hugh grant auditioning for the role of, uh, colonel sanders. [ clears throat "you'll get my secret recipe when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!" "no, sorry, i -- can definitely, definitely do better uh, dreadfully sorry." whatever i don't even think republicans really expect people to fall for [bleep]. they just have nothing else to talk about, because they're not a party that is sincerely interested in governing, so they have nothing to say about policy their only goal is power, and they're laser-focused on getting ready for the next coup after nearly pulling off the last one. yesterday, a group of republicans, including matt gaetz, even went so far as to suggest that if they win back power in 2022, they would spend most of their time trying to prove the unhinged conspiracy theory that the january 6th insurrection was actually staged by the fbi and gaetz added that they would focus on that, rather than working with democrats to pass legislation. >> we are going to take power after this next election and when we do, it's gonna be the days of jim jordan and marjorie taylor greene and dr. gosar and myself doing
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everything to get the answers to these questions. >> can you expound a little bit on what the days of jim jordan and marjorie taylor greene are gonna look like? >> yeah, we're gonna send subpoenas. we're gonna conduct real oversight. we're gonna show up in person and get answers. the notion that republicans are gonna take control of the house and we're gonna hold hands in the warm spring rain with the democrats and legislate is ludicrous. >> seth: all right, no one thinks you're gonna legislate, but what was that about holding hands in the warm spring rain? [ laughter ] is that a four seasons lyric is he in the touring company of "jersey boys"? because that would explain the hair [ laughter ] ♪ oh, what a nigh we held hands in the warm spring rain then, she left because ♪ ♪ i was insan 'cause i remember what a night wow, without a warm-up [ cheers and applause without a vocal warm-up. our hair is pretty close i'm just realizing it.
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[ laughter ] i made the mistake of looking at the key, and i'm like, "ohh. glass houses, as they say. [ laughter ] and that was somehow not the craziest part of the press conference it was, gaetz also floated an insane idea, that has been gaining traction on the right, that if republicans win back the house in 2022, they might try to make donald trump speaker, which is possible because, technically, the speaker of the house does not have to be a member of congress several republicans, including trump's former chief of staff mark meadows, congresswoman lauren boebert, and now gaetz have floated the possibility and gaetz said he'd run the idea by trump himself >> if you do reach the house, do you want ex-president trump to be the speaker >> i would >> have you talked to him about it >> i have. >> seth: and that might seem like a short answer, but it's probably how much he talked, when he brought the idea up with trump, before trump cut him off. "we want you to be speaker of the house. "speaker of the house? i have a speaker in my house [ light laughter ]
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and we call her alexa. we love alexa, don't we, folks we love, we love alexa all the answers. she's got all the -- you know why we love her when you ask her a question, she answers, you know? that's why i call her the reverse melania. [ light laughter ] not hearing much from melania these -- alexa, alexa, why isn't melania talking to me? " >> because she hates you >> seth: now, the point is, these people's depravity truly knows no bounds. trump let a deadly pandemic ravage the country, leading to mass suffering he stoked a violent coup to overturn an election and he personally came into contact with more than 500 people after testing positive for covid and hiding it. and yet his sycophants in the trump cult are still willing to do anything to get him back into power. trump could take a dump on the constitution, and they'd say it was just a little -- >> schmeared [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause
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joining us once again tonight on drums, she's traveled the world and recorded with artists like beyonce, maceo parker, tim reynolds, and more she'll be a featured performer at this month's modern drummer festival, and she is a founding member of the nth power, whose new album, "reverence," is available now. nikki glaspie is here! [ cheers and applause thank you so much for being with us nikki our first guest tonight is an emmy and golden globe-winning actor who currently stars as logan roy in "succession." the season three finale airs this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo and is available to stream on hbo max. please welcome to the show brian cox! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show brian! >> thank you >> seth: i've been a fan of yours for a long time and love you in "succession." i've been lucky enough to have some of your castmates on the show and i'm always -- i ask them
12:57 am
i ask them on camera, "what is brian like in real life? and they've said you're a sweetheart and a teddy bear, but in both cases, like, maybe they didn't quite mean it [ laughter ] >> it's in their interests not to mean it >> seth: yeah. it's such a fantastic -- for anyone who is behind enough not to be watching "succession," you play the patriarch of this media family, and sort of at their core really awful people but i read that you say it was very important to you, when you took the part, that the character logan roy, you asked the creator of the show, "does he love his children?" >> yeah. >> seth: why was that an important question for you to ask him? >> because he seems to be a man who is loveless. and it's very important that people know that - well, actually, it's not important that the audience knows at all but it's very important that i knew that i did, indeed, love my children and of course, once you have that in mind and that as part of you, that enables you to do all kinds of things within the role.
12:58 am
and sometimes you obfuscate, you don't tell the truth about your situation, and he does that a lot. he keeps people at a distance, almost deliberately. and it's also, he's got his own crap, as well. >> seth: it works, the show. i think one of the reasons people are drawn to it, it works incredibly well as a drama, it's also deeply funny. >> very funny. >> seth: you have some incredible lines on the show are they as much fun to say as they are to hear when watching >> yeah, i mean, they are. especially when they give them to you at the last minute. >> seth: okay -- so, they're not in the script? >> they're not in the script and then, suddenly, he'll say, "why don't you say that your 'unh' tastes like cream cheese when it 'unh-unhs'?" and i go, "oh, okay, fine. so, i walk on and i do, "your 'unh' is the 'unh' when it 'unh-unhs.'" and then i've said it and it's done and it's out there. [ laughter ] >> seth: if you have a catchphrase, i'm gonna show you that we don't have to do what you've been doing. if you have a catch phrase, it's "[ bleep ] off," [ bleep ] yeah. [ laughter ] and you actually wore the -- it was very appropriate on a
12:59 am
mask is that something that now - is the character popular enough that fans want you to say it to them >> all the time. it's one of the great things to say to somebody, cause they'll come up to you and say, "uh, could you say '[ bleep ] off'? and you go, "[ bleep ] off." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: it's really nice. >> and so my best story about that, and this is absolutely true so, i'm in l.a and it was the time of the golden globes. and rosanna arquette, who's a lovely lady, invited me -- we did a movie together. she invites me to this afternoon with ronan farrow. and he's reading from his book, and it's very intense and very incredible what he's writing about. and all these hollywood women are completely attentive to him, you know, as he's going through chapter and verse of his book. and it's amazing work.
1:00 am
and i arrive late, so i'm standing at the back and i'm looking at this and thinking, "wow, this is intense. this is really intense, all that stuff. and then he finishes, and they give him a round of applause and then they turn 'round and they see me, and they all come at me and they take their device out and they say, "can you tell me to [ bleep ] off? [ laughter ] and you go, "this is a me too meeting. and i am a white dinosaur. and you're asking this white dinosaur at this me too meeting to tell you to [ bleep ] off something doesn't seem right." >> seth: right sounds like a trap >> oh, it does but that's - and that's human nature. >> seth: yeah. people like what they like it doesn't matter the context. >> human beings are so confused. >> seth: when i watched
1:01 am
logan roy, when i saw you in the part, i thought, the first time i ever saw you on film was "manhunter," which people, is a great film >> you're not old enough, surely >> seth: no, i worked in a video store, so i got to watch -- i got to rent videos and "manhunter," for people that don't know, you played hannibal lecktor for the first time on film, and it's a fantastic michael mann movie and i would imagine -- is it dissimilar 'cause you've obviously played a lot of villains throughout your career, some fictional, some real-life. do you always approach it the same way as logan roy? do you have to find some part of them to be empathetic towards? >> you have to find -- the rule number is, when you play a role, you don't judge you must never judge, because that guides you into all kinds of territory which is meaningless. so you don't judge who you're playing. you play it from his point of view, and however confused that point of view may be and you have to find a way into that, and that's -- to me, part of the craft of being an actor
1:02 am
you have to actually make it real, make it true if you're playing hermann goring, for example, who is regarded as probably one of the most vile people of the 20th century, you know that his background was very complicated because he was a major flyer in the german air force, he abandoned his planes in switzerland because he was disgusted by the treaty of versailles he then went and had a nervous breakdown and lived in sweden for some time. then, he came back and he noticed this young painter from vienna was stirring everything up, and he put his whole thing towards the future of adolf hitler so you realize that there's a man who came from a certain point of view and arrived at a pretty hideous point of view and i think that's life. that's what happens. >> seth: i'm reading your book, which is fantastic we were talking about it backstage. and you said something about being an actor which stuck with me you said, "every day is a school day.
1:03 am
is that something that, obviously you've been doing this for a long time, started onstage, been doing film and television now for a great many years, do you feel like you're learning something new every day? >> all the time. you never stop learning. >> seth: and are you learning it from your own trial and error, or from the people you work with >> it's basically from one's own trial and error, but you also learn from the struggles of others as well, that you see around you and you see why is there a problem there, and then you examine their relationship to that problem and how they solved that problem, and that's great that's a wonderful thing to be part of. you know, 'cause they're all - you know, in my book i was accused of disrespecting certain actors recently. and i don't disrespect anybody that's involved in this profession, 'cause it's too hard a profession to disrespect i do have reservations about certain talent, and i'll just say, "well, i'm not sure that guy or that gal is quite this or that," you know, but that's the way that it is but i certainly would not
1:04 am
disrespect because it's a tough job. but it's a joyous job at the same time. >> seth: i would imagine too, you end up performing with people who have very different approaches there was just a fascinating profile about the wonderful actor jeremy strong, who's in your show. and it strikes me that his approach to it is very different from maybe the fellow castmates. is that -- >> it certainly is i mean, it certainly is. i mean, the thing about jeremy's approach is it works in terms of what comes out the other end my problem -- and it's not a problem, i don't have a problem with jeremy 'cause he's delightful i mean, he's one of the best fathers i've ever come across. he has these three little girls, and he's an extraordinary dad. i mean, he really is he's a pretty unique individual. but he does get obsessed with the work, and i worry about what it does to him because if you can't separate yourself -- 'cause you're dealing with all this material every day. you can't live in it eventually you get worn out. to me daniel day-lewis got worn
1:05 am
out at 55. he decided to retire 'cause he couldn't go on doing that every day. you know, too consuming. and i do worry about it. but the result -- whatever one says about jeremy, the result is always extraordinary and excellent. >> seth: can i -- yeah, please [ cheers and applause can i take a moment? i have a very good kendall roy impression i'd like to do for you. >> yeah. >> seth: okay. "uh -- dad." [ laughter ] pretty good, right >> it's that face. he has that face >> seth: i have a face -- i have a good starting-point face for kendall. >> yeah, you have a very good kendall roy face [ laughter ] >> seth: the thing i had to -- like, my whole day was working on that. >> well, you did it very well. >> seth: thank you >> and it was so incredibly brief. >> seth: thank you well, that's - you know, i don't know what you heard from your acting teachers, but mine always said after they watched me, they said, "maybe shorter? [ laughter ]
1:06 am
>> so you clearly learned the lesson >> seth: just keep it shorter. they were like, "try brief." i mean, you talk -- you've always played a lot of shakespeare on stage, and that strikes me as very a grueling part of your early career -- and even later career, doing stage work like that does it -- like, when you find yourself doing television, does it feel like a relief compared to those days? >> no, i mean, television has a different set of problems. i mean, you have to sustain, for one thing, and you have these times -- i mean, i'm very lucky because i'm blessed with probably the best crew that i've ever worked with, and they're fast, and you never notice the hanging about whereas, a lot of films, you're waiting for the lighting to get done and everything, so you have to develop a great deal of patience in the working of it. but, i mean, theater's just, it's a different animal. and as a different animal, it has a different set of fears and gratitudes at the same time. >> seth: well, it's wonderful to see you in any medium, and i
1:07 am
really appreciate you making time for us today. >> not at all. it's lovely to be here >> seth: thank you so much >> thank you, thank you. [ cheers and applause >> seth: brian cox, everybody. the season three finale of "succession" airs sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo and is available to stream on hbo max and do check out his book, as well it's so great. we will be right back with george stephanopoulos. [ cheers and applause ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. it is all about t-mobile with their great phone deals for everyone every day including customers on sprint. tell us more dianne. new and existing customers on the magenta max plan can trade up to the new iphone 13 pro and t-mobile will pay for it. customers can also get a free year of apple tv plus. i know you love ted lasso, george. guilty as charged. t-mobile is bringing it all together for the holidays. upgrade to the iphone 13 pro on us. plus get a free year of apple tv plus. only at t-mobile. new upgraded axe body wash. ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-winning journalist who hosts this week with george stephanopoulos sunday mornings and co-anchors "good morning america" weekdays on abc. please welcome back to the show george stephanopoulos. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> good to be back >> seth: you have a congratulations in order
1:12 am
you just celebrated a 20th wedding anniversary with allie wentworth. [ cheers and applause >> yes i'm very lucky >> seth: fantastic actor, comedienne, writer did you do anything special for your 20th? >> we actually didn't, no. it was one of those things where we both had to go visit our parents that weekend >> seth: oh, that's very nice. >> yeah, it was just something that just had to happen, but we had a little celebration at home i don't know, how long you've been married >> seth: i don't know either >> it's those -- everybody tells you it is going to blink and go by >> seth: yeah. >> it's so true. i cannot believe we have been together 20 years, but it's been the happiest 20 years of my life >> seth: well, congratulations on that. [ applause ] i have a lot of questions for you about your work. but i want to start asking what time does your day start hosting the morning show the way you do? >> i get up at 2:30. so this is night time for me >> seth: yeah. you can set your alarm a little earlier and watch this when it airs >> exactly >> seth: so 2:30 in the morning you get up and is that just for -
1:13 am
>> it's the way that my body works. i get up, i meditate 7:00 a.m we start to do some stuff at 6:00 7:00 a.m. has to be the middle of my day. it can't be like i'm rolling out of bed so. >> seth: so how often can you actually go out and do something in the evening >> almost never. >> seth: so for your 20th anniversary you had a brunch [ laughter ] you had a romantic brunch. >> early-bird special. >> seth: i want to ask you about a recent interview you did that received a lot of attention. you interviewed alec baldwin you were the first person to interview him on camera. i can only imagine how stressful it must be to talk to someone who has gone through the traumatic experience that he just went through. >> it was crazy, you know. i've probably done, like you, thousands of interviews over the last 20 years. i had never had an experience this intense he walked in by himself. the entire crew went silent. and for the next hour, it was just minute by minute, gripping emotion from him
1:14 am
and it's all so close to the surface. i mean, he's described it as a one-in-a-trillion accident it was a one-in-a-trillion accident, but he was holding the gun. and his cinematographer is dead. how do you live with that? you know, that was the big question that i had for him. and it was so clear that this was all so close to the surface. i think he probably wasn't sitting down in the chair for a minute and a half before he started getting emotional. the entire hour was like that. but to his credit he answered every question he went through the entire day with what happened the investigation is still going on i think he just wanted to come out and to say his side of the story and say how badly he felt. >> seth: it's very wonderful when you can provide this sort of story telling of the things that everybody is thinking about. and you are doing that as well, not just with that interview, which i think everybody wanted to hear what alec had to say
1:15 am
you have a couple of shows on hulu right now one is about christopher steele. and obviously much has been written about his dossier. how are we to take christopher steele right now based on the fact that obviously there was a very partisan split as far as how he was evaluated at first and how would you hold him as a journalist >> that's a great question and we talked it through with my team for hours and hours both before and after the interview i think if you look at the broad outlines, he was basically writing about russian contacts with trump and the trump campaign in 2016 robert mueller, you know, sort of verified most of that on the other hand there were some other things in the dossier like the famous pee tape, like the idea that michael cohen, who was trump's lawyer, went to prague to work out some deal with the russians that there is just zero evidence that has come forward to back that up. and, in fact, mueller even said that he more or less could disprove the michael cohen stuff. so he was wrong on the most sensational things or hasn't
1:16 am
been able to verify the most sensational things but in the broad outline, this stuff did happen there were contacts between russia and the trump campaign in 2016 and i think that gets lost in some of the coverage of christopher steele right now, because on these big things that got so much attention he hasn't been able to prove it. >> seth: and it does seem like some journalists are having to go back and reflect on the fact that maybe they ran to the steele dossier a little bit faster >> did the people really do that i mean the steele dossier, it didn't come out during the campaign it came out after the campaign >> seth: sure, but it did seem like, perhaps, it made good television to talk about this steele dossier >> right, and a lot of people did, a lot of people went too far. i think we at abc were very careful with it. we didn't sensationalize the claims in any way and we didn't report what we couldn't verify but i think some did take it too far. >> seth: you also tell a story, another hulu show, this is about someone who stopped a home-grown terrorist attack are you surprised, or, were you surprised how little people knew
1:17 am
about this story >> this is an amazing story. this is a guy named dan day, garden city, kansas. unemployed security guard, average guy, two kids, 50 something years old he is kind of a trumper, kind of a conservative in 2015 he fell in with some white supremacists he was horrified by what he saw and he became an informant for the fbi. was a fbi informant for 15 months, as these people started to plan what would have been the deadliest terror attack in american history. domestic terror attack in american history they were going to blow up the entire somali community in garden city, kansas. we have the tapes that are in the documentary about that it didn't get all that much attention. because the plot was foiled three weeks before the 2016 election. the bombs were supposed to go off the day after the 2016 election because they didn't want it to help hillary clinton and all of that. but this story, this man was so heroic, so selfless.
1:18 am
and put himself and his family at risk to stop what would have been one of the most horrifying things you'd ever see. >> seth: when you talk to someone like that do you get the sense that they understand now their own heroism? >> every once in a while on "good morning america" we meet people as well who save people from a burning fire, from a shark or something like that to a person they always say, "no, i'm not a hero. and when any person looking at what they did would say, "i'm not sure i could have done that," "i'm not sure i could've put my family at risk," "i'm not sure i could've been hanging out with these violent people who were going to do horrible things and maybe even put a bullet in my head. and he kept on persisting in order to stop it to this day he doesn't believe he's a hero. he certainly is. >> seth: i would agree with that as well. can i ask, you know, those must be assignments that any journalist would look forward to, getting to talk to a hero
1:19 am
like that, telling his story, getting to talk to christopher steele what is the worst assignment you've ever been given [ laughter ] >> one of the best april fools jokes my wife ever played on me. it was years and years ago on "good morning america. you know, you often have to promote things on this show as well i was in the middle of the show. and she got the executive producers to come into my ear and say, "you have to fly to l.a. right after the show and go interview the cast of some show that was definitely going to be cancelled three weeks later. [ laughter ] and she saw me starting to turn red on set the entire crew was watching saying, "you got to take him out of his misery. he's going to blow up on air." [ light laughter ] they saved me. >> seth: that was very nice. your gma colleague michael strahan is going to go to space >> yeah. it's been postponed, i guess, for a couple days. >> seth: really? >> it was supposed to be tomorrow but there's some weather issue but it's going to probably happen this weekend. he is ready to go. >> seth: would you go? >> no. >> seth: nor would i
1:20 am
[ laughter ] >> not even tempted. not even a little bit. >> seth: not even a little bit because, you know what, they got cameras up there so i know what it looks like >> it's fine, yeah >> seth: they're like, "you can't believe what it looks like." it's like, "you took a picture i know exactly what it looks like." >> and we're going to broadcast it and all of you can watch. good bless you, michael. [ laughter ] >> seth: god bless you, i'm glad he's going hey, thank you so much for being here always a pleasure, george. [ cheers and applause george stephanopoulos. "this week with george stephanopoulos" airs sunday mornings on abc we will be right back with music from wet leg [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ mommy daddy look at m i went to school and i got a degree ♪ ♪ all my friends call i the big i went to school and i got the big d ♪ ♪ i got the big d i got the big i got the big d ♪ ♪ i went to schoo and i got the big d ♪ ♪ is your muffin buttered would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin ♪ ♪ excuse me wha excuse me what hey you over there ♪ ♪ on the chaise longu in your underwea what are you doing
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on the chaise longue ♪ ♪ all day lon all day long on the chaise longue ♪ ♪ all day lon all day long on the chaise longue on the chaise longue ♪ ♪ all day lon on the chaise longue ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: wet leg, everyone for tour dates, go to we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ♪♪ you pour your heart into everything you do,
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