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tv   First Look  NBC  December 19, 2021 1:32am-2:02am PST

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ugh. those things are-- they bite you, you could die. look at the size of this thing! that's so stupid. no, it's not. no, please. if you do this again, please invite me. you're coming. [theme music] singer: (singing) ah oh oh oh oh oh. ah. [music playing] well, well, well. if it's not my arch nemesis. what are you doing in these parts, marie roda? well, you invited me to come on "1st look." i did. it's a travel show, right? yeah. where are we traveling to, johnny?
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because-- well, i'm sorry i couldn't bring you on any of my trips. but instead, you get to do the next best thing and watch me watch myself on my trips. that is so you. so, right? so you. that's not the kind of attitude to have. whatever. johnny bananas: besides being part of the "challenge" family, we're also part of the "real world" family. marie roda: mm-hmm. johnny bananas: the realist of them all, "real world st thomas." marie roda: yes. when i was originally approached with this idea from the powers that be, they were like, listen. we want you to bring the smartest, funniest, most awesome television personality you can find. mm-hmm. and i called her, and she wasn't available. so that's why i reached out to you. who drafted my invite? this was like a u up text, like, last minute. now marie, i've filmed a lot of great episodes of "1st look" in the past. but the one we're about to watch is an oscar wiener. before today, if you asked me to name an extraordinary ability, eating would not be it. you have a lot of experience with wieners.
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do you-- have you ever put a condiment on a wiener that you've consumed? of co everybody's good at something. for me, it was eating hot dogs with buns soaked in warm crystal light. i don't know. one of the methods to eating hot dogs is you soak your buns in a liquid. if you were in a hot dog eating contest, what would the liquid of-- would you soak yours in wine? like, what would you do. i always soak my buns in wine. [laughs] johnny bananas: legend has it nathan's hot dog eating contest dates back to 1916. and we realized there needs to be a sort of governing body to advance the sport with integrity. it's a sport. the sport of eating-- johnny bananas: listen, if that was a sport, you'd be like an olympic gold medalist. marie roda: oh, please. host: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the original nathan's famous on the corner of surf and stillwell avenues. we have the legendary eric "badlands" booker. badlands. eric's gonna kick your ass. host: miki sudo, six time nathan's famous world champion. girl power! host: and the up and comer, the fastest rising star in major
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league eating, nick wehry. if you went home and you told your parents, like, mom and dad, i figured out my career path-- i'm going to be a hot dog eater. they'd say, ok, marie, like they say every time i come home with a new idea. do you have certain techniques? while you're chewing these and getting them down, pick up one of these buns. dunk it in the water. drink the bun. so it's two dogs, bun, bun. two dogs, bun, bun. sign me up. well, you had nothing else to but your under armor shirt, bro? i was showing up for competition, man. i was-- game face! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, dig in! how do you think that i did in this hot dog eating contest? i feel like you'd fare pretty well. i could see you taking a lot of wieners. truer words have never been spoken. right? mm! host: and we are underway. eating hot dogs fast is way more difficult than-- it is so hard. god damn it! it was the soggy buns.
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host: 30 seconds. he's got four nathan's hot dogs and buns down. do i have to do hot dog buns? or can i do a bunch of hot dogs and a bunch of buns? it's just-- this is horrible reliving this. go to your happy place. host: [inaudible] moving on to his second-- go to your happy place. the buns, like, it's soggy, and they, like, disintegrate-- ew! ew! yeah. this guy. host: nick wehry is going to beat the time clock. your champion today here at nathan's famous, nicholas wehry. i want a rematch. i survived. the one takeaway i have from today is i didn't die. 10 dogs in two minutes, nick wehry. i'm afraid johnny lost, and you did a full three in two minutes. - yep. - you did three? listen, i've been taking down three wieners in 3 and 1/2 minutes since college, richard. it's actually a true story. i bet it is. taking down three wieners in three minutes, while that might seem like child's play to you, for me, i could have choked. i could have had a heart attack. yeah, well, almost doesn't count, john.
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so-- how about a little love for our newcomer? thank you! "1st look," they don't play. clearly. and not only did i have to eat hot dogs, but then i had to play with venomous spiders
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are you familiari with the term phobia? yes. it's basically like an irrational fear of something you shouldn't be scared of. like, marie, like, your phobia would be this bottle of wine. breaking? or being empty. yes. is that something that scares you? yeah, it does scare me because i can't imagine sitting here without it. so you have wine-o-phobia. wine-o-phobia. well, listen. i have a phobia, and it's called arachnophobia. - do you really? - yeah. that's very, very surprising, to be honest with you. there's just something about spiders with, like, all of the eyes, all of the legs.
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there's a spider on your shirt. ah! i would not consider you irrational. i would consider you a very rational person. but do you have any phobias or irrational fears? commitment. oh. listen, you know what? we have a couch you can lay down on, and i'll do my best dr. drew, who, by the way-- yeah? --was instrumental in helping me get over my fears. wow, i thought you would be the creepiest thing i saw today, but let's check out the spiders. oh [bleep]. british children: (singing) itsy bitter spider climbing up the spout. come on. come on, that's just-- british children: (singing) --washed the spider out. so let's move on to spiders, which, very common fear. - dr. drew. - yeah. did you get to the spider pavilion to get some exposure like i asked you? oh yeah, i did a lot more than that, my friend. ah! ah! ugh. we are standing here at the natural history museum of los-- time out. does it always look like that in the museum?
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yeah. i hate when i go into a museum and it's bright as hell. no, it's always dark like that. i feel like it should-- all museums should be dark. yeah, i agree. and what is your role here? i am the manager of live invertebrate. spiders would fit that profile, correct? absolutely. dr. drew: so these various fears you're mentioning-- have you ever felt they were irrational? i'll let you answer that. yes, they're irrational. - ew, is that a cockroach? - yep. what the hell is that? that is coco, the goliath bird eater tarantula. eats birds. [bird scream] that just sounds terrifying. well, it is gigantic. are you scared? was your-- not-- it's not scary. it's just-- ah! the tarantulas and the black widows and all these spiders, it doesn't even make, like, your skin tingle? a lot of things make my skin tingle. dr. drew: and i told you to get some exposure, right? johnny bananas: mm-hmm. - we have exposure therapy. tolerable exposure. yep, i think i was fully immersed. look at that. it is eating it alive. ho ho ho ho! yeah, it's pretty-- it was pretty disgusting.
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so that's a black widow. so-- why do they call it black widows? so black widows, what they do, their mating ritual-- they mate, and then they they bite the head off of the male that they just mated with. is that similar to your mating ritual? relatable. ok, these can't jump, right? oh, oh, oh, oh, dude. wow. save it. oh, hell no. oh! oh! [bleep] we got a runner. those things, if they bite you, you could die, i think. look at the size of that thing. this one is the giant wood nymph spider from malaysia. oh yeah. yeah. go to your home. so you actually started taking care of the spiders. - i did. - spider saver. yep. drew really helped me have a breakthrough. arachnid specialist: so we haven't held a tarantula yet, but i want you to try it. johnny bananas: ugh. oh god, dude. this was the worst. ah! ah!
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all right, then just keep your hand on here. - ugh. - there you go. perfect. when spiders bite you, they inject fiberglass. - what? - yeah. - are you lying to me? - no. they inject fiberglass in your body. where the hell are they getting fiberglass? from the insulation in the walls, i think. dude, my therapist-- yeah? --would be so proud of me right now. there is a little bit of a theme emerging, which is that service helps with your anxiety, doesn't it? it does. dr. drew: yeah. johnny bananas: i feel much more at ease now. right, look at those things. and i know that they're not out to get me. that's [inaudible] the tarantula. well, i got to say, it's been an absolute pleasure. bu-dum bum. that's unbelievable. hey, that was funny. whew! i'm glad that's over. i'm like sweating. so spiders don't bite. spiders don't bite, no. we're now headed to south florida-- ok. --to catch iguanas. well, i can't imagine it being too difficult. what? all right, he's all yours, johnny. iguanas can get to be like the size of this table.
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like me! back to you. uh, hello!? we are going to t-mobile! ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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so i've seen you play with spiders. johnny bananas: mm-hmm. marie roda: i've seen you eat some hot dogs. what else do they make you do? are you familiar with the concept of having a job? no. oh, ok because on this episode, i actually get a job. and the job that i get is hunting iguanas. it's an actual profession. who the hell hired you? do they do a background check? if you were going to catch an iguana-- - mm-hmm. - --what would your method be? either a net or a guy. a guy? yeah, someone to catch the iguana. you're just going to pawn the catching off onto somebody else? as long as it's catch, johnny. you know? that's all that matters. fresh iguanas. iguana catcher: they outnumber the residents. - they outnumber the residents. - yep. brian wood: hundreds and hundreds of thousands. hundreds of thousands of them. so today, i'm meeting with the iguana catcher brian wood to remove these uninvited pests.
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i'd never met-- if you had to picture an iguana-- hold up. if you had the picture an iguana hunter as brian-- not like exactly. like, he's like the steve irwin of iguanas. what would your iguana hunter name be? [ticking] iguana-wana. oh, that's original. i'm assuming that these are some of the tools of the trade. these are devices that i made up myself. this will-- he said devices. [laughs] --florida. we got our gear. let's go. fishing. ok. johnny bananas: look at this! look at that. --strong. he is a strong one. johnny bananas: he is strong. brian wood: there he goes. see, that's the death roll. see it? see when he spins around? - --razor sharp. he hits you with his tail, you'll know about it. johnny bananas: after seeing brian in action, i thought i'd give it a go. i got him! there you go. i got a big one. what are the odds on my first try that i'm successful? i mean, like, pretty high. i'm like, i've never seen an iguana run very fast before. you've never seen any going to run very fast. marie roda: i think i could outrun an iguana. so if i can outrun it iguana, i can also captivate it.
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captivate it or capture it? both. johnny bananas: i got him! look at him. i got him. brian wood: you got him. i got a big one! now what? that's like giving candy to a baby. johnny bananas: don't whip me! he got away. it's not as easy as it looks. it's not. my first one got away. well, yeah, when you're using a fishing pole to catch a lizard, i'd imagine so. johnny bananas: what is the craziest place that you've ever had to remove an iguana? well, i think p diddy combs-- when marie roda: p diddy combs called this man-- yes. brian wood: --to get rid of an iguana. p diddy combs called the iguana hunter. p diddy combs didn't have a bodyguard on site to pick up the iguana that was moving maybe one mile per hour? no, no, that's not what bodyguards are for. that's what-- - i guess-- --iguana hunters are for. i guess if you have that much money, you hire-- i think that's what i'm saying. i think what-- - for sure. i think p diddy needs to add an iguana hunter to his security detail. marie roda: for sure. i am so glad you guys are here. where seems to be the problem area? everywhere. iguana--
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where's the problem area? - see, look at that. - wow, iguanas take big [bleep]. they really do. well, they eat a lot. [inaudible] place. pretty much a nightmare. - so you must first-- - nightmare. - --pull out your pole. then you have to move like a tree. can we just get on with catching the lizard? ron, there's an art to this. ron could have threw his hat on the iguana and caught it faster than you. damn it! these guys are smart. got one! never mind. he got away. i got outsmarted by the iguana. that one, i caught him. - wow. but he jumped off the dock. so close! well, ron, what do you think about this haul? thank you guys so much. i really appreciate it. we're kind of like ghostbusters. reptiles, reptiles, what you gonna do? what you gonna do when the wranglers come for you? we even made up our own theme song. i like that one. we found the mack daddy of iguanas-- five foot long iguana, all muscle. is he single? walk straight.
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lift up that pole more. lift up your pole. look at this. brian wood: all right. look at the size of this thing! ridiculous. watch out. no, it's not. this is a sneak attack. yeah, duh. the lizard never had a chance. - i-- well-- - he was just-- look at the size of this thing. - oh, that's the death twirl? - that's the death roll. the death twirl-- you could call it a death twirl. - got to be careful. - they're unpredictable. unpredictable. come on. look at that monster. got to be careful. all right, he's all yours, john. [laughs] we did. we caught that. but here's the thing. once you catch them, they're-- like, they're exhausted from fighting. but look at how mean this thing gets once it, like, gets its energy back. here's it trying to, like, bite a hole through the cage. relocating you with buddy-- your life's about to get a whole lot better. brian, again, man, thanks a lot. - thank you for coming. - --this. yes. reptile wranglers. you know it, baby. no iguana coming down in the city. police coming down, no way. hey, hey. you got an iguana in your pool, and he's trying. he's trying real hard to take a pee pee. that's true.
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that's so stupid. no, it's not. that's actually-- that's our theme. that's our jingle. no, please. if you do this again, please invite me. you're coming. no, next time we go to wrangle some iguanas, marie, you are 100% on board. the lizard queen.
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- yeah. - --or something more. i didn't believe in ghosts until we went to the deering estate in south florida. it's like an actual haunted house. this was, out of all of the shoots, that i've done on "1st look," the scariest. like, it really stuck with me for the longest period of time. - no bs. - no bull [bleep].ar miami-- a free spirited city-- of all places, miami. and trendsetting nightclubs-- but not all spirits here are free. that's it. built in the 1900s-- doesn't that place just look creepy? supposedly, mrs. deering is one of the ones that haunts it, walks along that back knee up there. there is a presence. wait, time out. time out. time out. what is the most unnecessary room in a ghost house? uh, the bathroom. the living room. duh! why?
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because they don't want to relax or what? why? - because they're dead, johnny. oh, they're not alive. they can't live. i got it. that's good. yeah. that's good. thank you. johnny bananas: i know that in the physical universe, i have a way of rubbing human beings the wrong way. ain't that the truth? johnny bananas: i have no idea what effect my abrasive personality is going to have on spirits from the other dimension. caretaker: we've had a lot of physical-- let's-- ok, first off, is this a time warp? where is this woman from? she lives there? no, she's the caretaker. is she a ghost? we met her when we first got to the deering estate, and she gave us the rules or whatever. and then we never saw her again. we still don't know if this lady was even real. there's about three or four ghosts here. there's mr. and mrs. deering, and there's a little boy named peter. - it's peter. look! that's peter. oh god. people have seen shadows. i myself have seen like a mist go down the steps. - a mist? - yep. guide: some people have been pushed or scratches-- doors that open and close.
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and what do we have here? guide: it's called the structured light system. this little machine, this little tool that he had, what it does is it picks up on, like, the aura-- your aura is gray? yeah. it's like i've read books on that. gray is not a good aura. - what color would your aura be? purple. bordeaux? it would be merlot. yeah. for sure. your aura is merlot. the structured light system-- it's going to tell you if there's a human being on the other side. it will kind of do the skeleton-- it will tell you if a human being is on the other side? i don't get that. - well, it'll tell you. it picks up on the aura. so even spirits have auras. ok? - got it, got it. johnny bananas: so if you point it at a human, yeah, you're going to see the aura. but if you point out a ghost, you're not going to see the aura. all you're going to see is that stick figure situation. oh, sign me up. i want to look like a stick figure. like, just creepy. this is where they lived. nothing's changed. look at that wheelchair. mr. deering? are you upset that david and i are in your bedroom. so you have these recording devices, and what they do
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is they pick up on sounds that aren't audible to the human ear. there's like spirit frequencies. and what you do is i'd ask a question. i'd be like, marie, are you drunk yet? if you were a ghost. almost. give me more wine. yeah. so that's the thing. but you wouldn't hear it until you played the recording back. oh. johnny bananas: mrs. deering, for such a conservative woman, does it bother you that there are this many electronic devices on your bed? depends on what kind. my bed. that sounds like me at 3:00 am. [laughs] my bed. johnny bananas: peter are you here with your father? was your father mean to you as a-- she loves the stories. ghost hunter and also psychologist for the ghost. therapist. so for the day, i was ghost hunter slash-- now marie, is it weird that as we're sitting here talking about the ghosts, my cameraman tamara died?
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i'm actually terrified. - for real. - no, no, for real. like, what-- what are the odds? the battery is completely full. if peter follows me home, i can't. who are you going to call? definitely not you in that shirt. johnny bananas: but now i'm going to take matters into my own hands and see if i can-- at this point, you're still not, like, really, like, believing it, right? johnny bananas: i'm in your bedroom now. watch this. can you come out? look at the chair. look at the chair. the chair just started moving. so it went from being laying on the floor to standing up. look! [radio chatter] it said, i've fallen. i've fallen. do you actually have goosebumps? yes. peter, is that you by the boxes? yeah. yep, i've fallen. so i get home, and weird things started happening at my house. one night about 6:00 am-- so you were, like, super spooked about this. this-- i felt two hands grabbed my shoulders,
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and i bit the hand. and it let go, and it never came back. what? yep. so you-- so you, like-- yes. listen, i wasn't afraid of ghosts until this experience. now that you've seen what i do for a living outside of "the challenge--" - yeah. --does this add a little more context and kind of provide an explanation for maybe why i am the way that i am? no, i am still very confused because i don't understand how, like, this could be your living. like, this is so fun. this is so cool. well, if i ever need a co-host to hunt ghosts, catch iguanas, eat hot dogs, or play with spiders, you'll be the second one-- i'll be the second-- whatever.
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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. wait until you see the places we've got to show you this week, including how this designer personalized her brooklyn rental, and how this artist-turned-chef created a welcoming neighborhood restaurant right around the corner from his own home. plus, we tour the sutton square townhouse of this jet-setting tv host and beauty executive. but before all of that, we join jason oppenheim of the netflix hit, selling sunset, to tour one of his newest listings. [music playing] welcome to open house, everyone. as always, we are behind the doors of some fantastic homes


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