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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  December 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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day, shelter in place, we were here. >> movie director francis ford coppola founded it in 2001. >> spreading cheer during this time. jessica aguirre is here with what's coming up next at 5:30. >> at 5:30, we could be in for a long covid winter as covid cases surge across the country. >> this is a health care crisis and people are going to die. it's not hyperbole. >> which vaccine the cdc is recommending over the others. >> lots of people have a new way to add vaccine record information to their smartphone. i'm chris chmura, we'll show you how. and a twitter spat involving a silicon valley ceo and a lawmaker. the reason behind the beef
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between elon musk and senator elizabeth warren. good thursday, everyone. the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. here we go again, winter is here and so are more infections. the cdc is predicting an alarming spike in covid cases and death. cases are doubling every three days or so. >> reporter: 38 states and washington, d.c. have seen covid cases rise over the past two weeks. hospitals once again filling up. with the fast-spreading omicron variant now hire, it's just a matter of time before it becomes the dominant vain. strain. >> the cdc predicts up to a 55% increase. the death toll could shoot up 71%. the cdc says well over 15,000
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people could die in a single week. >> this is a health care crisis and people are going to die. it's not hyperbole. >> reporter: and tonight, a cdc panel unanimously voted that people get vaccines from pfizer or moderna over the vaccine from johnson & johnson. that shot is linked to rare but sometimes deadly blood clots, especially in women. >> boosting individuals who have already been vaccinated is going to be very, very important. >> reporter: what about families thinking about gathering for christmas? >> as long as everyone is eligible, vaccinated and boosted, i think it's safe. nothing is 100%. >> reporter: with the deadline for all active members of the
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military, 96% have gotten two shots and about 4,000 soldiers have refused to be vaccinated. in washington, chris pollone. >> lots of questions still about omicron, rising covid cases and vaccine. lester holt spoke to dr. fauci to get his guidance about how it will impact your holidays. >> vaccination is going to make the difference, lester. if i'm a family member, i'm vaccinated, i'm boosted, my wife is vaccinated, she's boosted. my children are coming in, by plane from all different parts of the country, they are vaccinated and boosted, so we can feel very comfortable in having our plans to be together as a family in our home, with some friends who are also boostered and vaccinated, and i feel we can feel safe. >> coming up next on nightly news, what dr. fauci says about people who haven't seen received a single vaccine shot yet.
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>> california is in bet are beter shape to deal with it. california's death rate is also substantially lower. as you've heard, health officials now say getting a booster shot is imperative to protect you against omicron. we spoke with dr. monica gandhi about how it prevents you getting a severe case of covid. >> luckily, t-cells that we just got data from the nih on saturday protect us from the omicron variant. we could get more mild infection with the omicron variant. that's why we're recommending boosters. >> despite this, the nation's schools will remain open. if your vaccine card is
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getting chewed up in your purse or wallet, can you now add it to your apple wallet. this is for iphone users. chris chmura shows us how. >> the apple wallet already stores things like credit cards and boarding passes. now you can add your covid-19 record. the latest apple software and another phone, not necessarily an apple. we'll explain why in a second. first check your software. apple added the vaccine record feature with ios 15.1. if you don't have version 15.1 or later, download it first in the settings app. next you'll need a link to your state vaccine record. we'll show you how that works here in california. this is where the second phone comes in handy. on that phone go to the state's portal.
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you'll plug in your name, birth date and phone number or e-mail address you gave when you got vaccinated. next you got to create a pin, write it down. you're going to need it. then tap submit. the state will send you a text or e-mail. type in the pin you just created and voila, there you are. add it to your wallet. open the camera app and point it at the qr code. when it says "health", tap it. that puts the information in the wallet and gives it a qr code. can you also pull up vaccine record information using the apple health app. what about android phones? stay tuned. we're making another video for those phones. if that was too much work, take a screen shot of your vaccine record information and save it to your favorite photos album.
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that way you have easy access to it anytime you're asked to show it. the 12 remaining missionaries kidnapped in haiti by a violent gang more than two months ago have finally been released. the ohio-based christian ministry says they're all okay. the gang abducted them in october near the capital of port-au-prince. the missionaries were on their way home after building an orphanage. two were released earlier, three in early december. vice president kamala harris detailed an infrastructure proposal that would replace every lead pipe over the next decade. the administration will add another $15 billion to remove pipes and lead paint in the bipartisan infrastructure bill. the plan won't just improve health but creates jobs and invests in lower-income communities that are most
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affected. >> in fact, for every dollar we spend on lead remediation our communities get at least $3 back. one dollar for three. i was with a bunch of ceos the other day, they like to talk about return on investment, this is a really good return on investment. after elon musk was named person of the year this week, on social media, a standoff ensued. elizabeth warren said let's change the tax code so the person of the year can stop free loading off everyone else e musk paid no income tax in 2018 but faces a $10 million tax bill this year. he said you remind me of a
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friend's mother. . more than 300 guardsmen are deployed to clear debris, setting up emergency power and working to get essential government buildings back up and running. at the same time, recovery efforts continue, with dozens still missing tonight. nbc's jay gray is in hard-hit mayfield, kentucky with the latest. >> reporter: there are two different and very difficult missions in mayfield right now. the cleanup, search and recovery, and the effort to support survivors, many who've lost everything. >> they have food, water, supplies, they have tarps for cars, tarps for buildings. i mean, toys and everything in there. >> reporter: this massive distribution center is a place in constant motion. donations coming in, essentials
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that often outside the strike zone are taken for granted but here are literally a lifeline for so many in need. >> just being able to help a little bit, to see how much that changes and be able to put a smile on somebody's face that hasn't smiled for a week, you know. >> reporter: it's been six days since the storms with crews working around the clock still. even those who have seen their share of disasters are overwhelmed by all of this. >> and you look add just the breadth and depth of destruction, the path of how long it went and just individual homes destroyed all along the way, forests and everything. it's really incredible. >> wow. >> reporter: overnight, more severe weather continuing into today and battering the midwest. hundreds of thousands without power. >> it sounded like a train going through. >> reporter: a sound they're all too familiar with across the
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southeast right now. jay gray, nbc news, mayfield, kentucky. >> and that chance of severe weather, in case you're traveling tomorrow, goes toward northern texas, meanwhile, back here, it's all about the chill. we'll show you how cold tomorrow morning and our next chance of rain. what does the report say? we'll tell you about a big step for the a's in oakland. and it's not your typical spot for a park. we'll give you a speak to peek of what's expected to be san francisco's new hot spot.
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major step forward for the a's quest to build that new ballpark. the environmental report is expected to be released tomorrow. it has to be released for large projects and expresses concern with howard terminal, things
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like traffic and pollution, things like that. it keeps the city on track to bring the project for a full vote before the city council in 2022. san francisco's presidio trust is in the final step of the work for a park full of nature and breath taking scenery. we show you around the tunnel top park project. >> reporter: san francisco's presidio is a curious place. its land inhabits forest, coastal scenery, military history. >> it's like being in the wilderness in the middle of the city. >> reporter: but the new park taking shape is meant to weave all those elements together. >> and connect to the historic
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part of the presidio, to krissy field. >> reporter: the work on the park scheduled to open this spring is in its final stages. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: he points out some of the highlights. >> there will be a big bowl right here. and this will be the campfire. >> reporter: there are benches designed to mimic the hills of marin, made from the presidio's fallen cypress trees. >> it's like a second life. the area where the team is working right now is all going to be lawn. >> reporter: there's terrace. >> each terrace is designed for people to throw out a picnic blanket. >> reporter: a kids' paradise. >> where they can connect to nature. a new art and science lab. and right in front of us is a new field station. when it is done, it will be like a giant walk-in exhibit and cure
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yoe cabinet where kids can explore. >> it's man made, but it's going to feel like you're in nature. >> reporter: like the cherries on a cake, crews are planting trees and grasses that will cover the twin tunnels. they will echo the more formal presidio greenery. >> in this upper area, meadows of grasses with lots of color and moving in the wind. >> reporter: but of course the new park's most startling feature is something to one had to build. >> it's the best view on earth, honestly. the beautiful thing is everyone is going to get to enjoy the best view on earth. >> reporter: when the park opens this spring, visitors will be able to walk between the bay and presidio grounds, sort of like a green bridge with a view of a golden one. joe risoto jr., nbc bay area
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news. is there that is a dplorous view. we had a little bit of a view today because the sun came out. >> a rare thing. a mood booster, you know. it's been kind of dreary and cloudy. we've gotten the rainfall we've desperately needed, and now all eyes turning to the cold temperatures that i know you felt today but tomorrow morning it's going to get even chillier. let's get you ready to go for that friday forecast, tgif. we are almost there. we're down to 38 in the south bay, peninsula. and we'll be dealing with areas of patchy fog i want you to watch out for tomorrow if you're up around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. east bay, temperatures at 37. san francisco 40, and right there near the freezing mark where we could have patchy frost. daytime highs through tomorrow, it stays chilly, but this is good for december, keeps at that fire danger away.
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we were still talking about fire danger. this is a stark contrast for us, and i know a lot of you are with me on this. we'll take every single bit we can take of it. right through the east bay keeping you in the 50s. back towards antioch and livermore in the low 50s. 52 in san mateo. san francisco, we are keeping that jacket weather, of course 50 in the mission. low 50s here. by all accounts for december, tomorrow looks really good. the next thing would be colder temperatures as we move into saturday morning. widespread 30s. even by the bay, which usually doesn't drop into the 30s because the water helps to retain some heat, you're going to be going down to the 30s, it looks like in oakland at 39. patchy frost possible as we head saturday morning. then after this, it's all about
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the storm system next week. things are condition sol dating on this. it looks like the wettest days would be tuesday and wednesday. north bay mountains could see 4-plus inches. we are talking about another 1-3 feet next week, and look at the brand-new sierra snow pack numbers in today. central sierra, 101%. that includes the sierra. statewide average now 97% of normal. great way to led into the end of december. on my seven-day forecast, dry weather friday, saturday, sunday. >> then heavier rainfall by tuesday and wednesday. and you'll see through the inland valleys those 30s for the mornings as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. so, yeah, as you both said, that cold weather today just kind of woke you up, right? >> totally. but, as you saw a little peek of
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the sun, so that was nice. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. next, an unusual offer, the one thing you have to promise not to do at your holiday party and you'll get $20.
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well, if you endanger our community, you will pay the price. that is the message from attorney general rob banta to polluters. today banta announced the pipeline operator, sfpp was cited on two misdemeanor charges for failing to report the leak and immediately cleaning up the spill. >> when corporations pollute our waterway and endanger our health and fish and wildlife, we all pay the price. kinder morgan knows that.
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>> they are one of the largest energy companies and operate more than 800 miles of pipeline that deliver fuel from the bay area to other parts of california. a self-driving car hit a median and a sign. the joint startup company is based in silicon valley and guangzhou, china. here's an odd request. kraft will pay you not to make cheesecake for christmas. that will be easy for me. they are offering a $20 digital reward to those who don't buy cream cheese. the spike in demand during the pandemic has made it difficult to keep the shelves stocked. the timeline on when we could see klay thompson return
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to the warriors is coming up a little. the latest on his anticipated comeback, next. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ho-hum. we're going to have to wait a little bit longer for klay thompson to return to the warriors. the earliest he could play in a game is december 28th now against nuggets at chase center, and that 28th date would be the best-case scenario.
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mid january is more likely for return. thompson hasn't played in a nba game for over two years after tearing his acl and then achilles tendon. >> we can't wait to get him back. brady tenell hopes to return to the olympic games with a fairy tale ending. >> reporter: when asked what does it mean to make the olympics, she said everything. >> she was absolutely brilliant. >> i'm brady tanell, i'm a figure skater and i'm from chicago. >> perfectly clean. >> my mom has been my rock. she's been my biggest supporter throughout my entire life. she often works two jobs to support my brothers and i. i kind of call her like my super hero, because who matter what she had going on with herself, she always put us first. i feel so lucky that i had a mom
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like that. >> what a performance for brady tanell. >> as a kid, my hair was down to about here. >> how old were you the first time you got it cut? >> i want to say i was about 13 years old. i just never wanted to cut it, it just kind of became who i was. i was the girl with long hair. i kind of decided, mom, my bun is as big as my head now. she cut it and put it in an envelope and sent it to a company that will make a wig for people in need. >> ladies and gentlemen, braidey tanell. >> anybody who knows me, knows i've loved cinderella. it's kind of the way i try to live my life. my absolute, most favorite costume to date is my cinderella free skate. having a skating dress that was
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like cinderella, the toddler in me was like freaking out. i was like, oh, my gosh, i get to pretend to be cinderella on the world stage, this is amazing. >> braidey owned that. >> the fairy tale just keeps going on and on. >> ah, she has so much grace. we are your olympic station gearing up for beijing 2022. you can download the newest podcast called "my favorite olympian." and we have amazing figure skaters. >> we have a legacy of great olympic skaters here in the bay area. >> alysa liu couldn't make the team. fingers crossed. right now at 6:00, prepare for a deluge of cases. santa clara county's top doctor is issuing a warning as the omicron variant begins to sweep across the bay area.
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>> when i look around the corner, i see a lot of covid and a lot of omicron. >> the reason she's calling this one of the most challenging moments of the pandemic. go home for the holiday but don't come back to class. and the mayor calls it a sign of recovery. the big metallica concert and what it could signify for san francisco. >> omicron is here, and it's spreading fast. that's why south bay health leaders sent out a unified message today for everyone to get vaccinated and to consider that just, that is just a starting point. they say everyone also needs to get a booster shot. santa clara county now has ten confirmed omicron variant cases. health officer dr. sarah coty says on a wider scale they're also testing for it in the county's four sewage sites. last week they


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