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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  December 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, another storm rolling no town. we'll tell you where and when the heaviest pockets of rain will hit. also a lot of confusion over masks. the state-wide mandate starts today, so when exactly do you have to wear one? and you might have just seen it on nightly news, a blood test that may be a game changer when it comes to detecting cancer, and it's being developed right here in the bay area. we'll be joined by one of the doctors in charge. good evening, this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. one of the biggest employers is
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laying down the law with its employees. we'll tell you what google is doing. also we go behind the scenes with steph curry. more rain moving into the bay area as we speak. can you see the green radar lit up right behind me. roads are select already for this wednesday evening commute. it's not just rain, we'll see more snow on our bay pair yeah mountain tops. you were a busy guy again. we did it a couple days, tonight and possibly next week again. >> this one doesn't look as strong as the sunday-monday storm system, but it is bringing us rainfall beginning to peck up and even the chance of isolated hail. we think by 10:00 p.m., definitely going to be getting into the heavier possibilities. i do think we will get sun in here as we hit tomorrow's forecast.
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>> sun, but we're talking 30-degree temperatures. >> it's going to get cold, especially on saturday. we're doing good, this is a good kind of rain. in the south bay we'll have .25 due to a rain shadow and in the higher elevations, that would be 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. >> and for all the people flirting with the idea of going to lake tahoe, this could be a epic weekend. >> the snow is going to be so bad, it's going to be tough to get up there. 40-100 mile-per-hour winds over the passes. >> don't even think about going tonight. >> right, friday, saturday.
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this is a much more beneficial storm. we're not looking at any flooding threats. it's just the rain we need. you can access our exclusive radars. download the nbc bay area app. it's a really good resource. we want to get you up to speed. a lot of confusion over the statewide mask mandate. it started officially today. but the confusion started earlier this week when the state announced you have to wear your mask in all indoor public places, whether you're vaccinated or not. but now there are some exceptions here. last night and this morning we learned that the state granted exemptions to many bay area counties, including san francisco, contra costa, and
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marin county. they allow to you remove your mask in certain settings, the gym, religious gatherings and college classrooms, but only if everyone is fully vaccinated. there are is one place where rules got more strict, that's in solano county. you had to wear a mask indoors. they are upgrading guidance to say masks are required for all public indoor settings. how are businesses handling all this back and forth? we've been doing this for 18 months now? we spoke to a restaurant owner in concord. she's glad there are no new restrictions for her. because they are finally getting used to the rules. >> a customer has been very helpful showing vaccination card along with their i.d.
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another story we are watching, a developing situation in the east bay. san pablo police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. police aren't releasing many details but here's what we know. it happened near the intersection of market and truman street in richmond. we have a crew at the scene gathering information and we will bring you up to date on our digital platforms as we get them. we've been reporting ex-ten selfly on attacks on asian-americans. police have nabbed six men. san jose police met with business owners in little saigon to tell them the suspected members of this crime ring have been arrested. this is surveillance video capturing at least one of seven local robberies. all six of the men arrested not
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only face felony robbery charges but also hate crime charges. the united peace collaborative called the announcement a possible turning point. >> this arrest is absolutely a watershed moment. >> police chief assured business owners that police foot patrols in little saigon in san jose will continue indefinitely. also tonight, it's an ultimatum, really, silicon valley's largest employer has a new rule. get vaccinated or start looking for a new job. google says employees will need to show proof of being fully vaccinated or get an exemption by january 18. you've got about a month. today a handful of employees, google employees, told us off
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camera they support the mandate and will feel safer returning to work because of it, but several hundred googlers have signed a manifesto opposing it. >> i do think other companies will be watching how google manages this. but, again, i don't see google doing any other thing than trying to enforce it. >> google employs more than 35,000 people here in the bay area alone. they declined our request for an interview but issued us this statement saying our vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways we can keep our workforce safe and keep our services running. we're committed to doing everything possible to help our employees who can get vaccinated do so and firmly stand behind our vaccination policy. maybe other companies will start doing the same. there's also a growing and urgent push from the white house, not only to get vaccinated, but really get that additional shot, that booster shot. this comes as the omicron variant continues to spread.
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joining us tonight, one of our covid experts, dr. peter chin hong from ucsf. what's the latest on omicron regarding its severity and if the boosters and vaccines are effective against it? >> this is a vaccine question, raj. there have been a slough of studies in the last 24 hours. all of them show the same points, essentially, that our current two-dose series is very infective. and about 70%, a little bit higher against hospitalization. so that's kind of where the current two-dose series goes. if you increase the series by adding that booster shot, you kind of turn back the clock, and you get about, you know, 90% in any cases. the good news is that even with
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a decline in serious disease and hospitalization, studies also show that even though the anti-bodies wane, the first line of defense, the t-cells, the immune cells inside us kick the enemy out and are preserved with two shots. bottom line is if you can get the booster, get it, the uk's a million shots a day to try to race ahead of time. omicron is probably the more dominant strain in london right now. >> i think a lot of people watching right now would have eye-opening comments right there, the two doses, correct me if i'm wrong, would be 30% effective, however, if you get the booster, it brings you back to 80%, 90%. are enough people in the bay area getting the boosters? >> no, not enough.
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probably about 40%. we have time to act, because, you know, what we're seeing in the uk always inevitably comes to the united states, so it's like seeing the storm coming. you were talking about a stor early on. this is the storm of omicron coming to the united states. >> as we move to christmas,some areas are telling people not to gather for the holidays. why the discrepancy? >> because we have enough people vaccinated, even with two doses. we have, people are used to doing risk mitigation strategies. the mask mandate in california is not going to change day to day like in the bay area. we know what to do. but mainly, because we don't have millions of people at risk for getting new infection in the
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bay area and going to the hospital. you know, i think we can all safely gather responsibly and, you know, it isn't the reason to cancel any gathering if you can do it safely. >> other parts of the country, are they listening to this guidance? we did last year, but is there fatigue? people not listening and still gather in big gatherings?? i still think there will be fatigue, but we have a lot of new things, compared to last year, even in bay area. of course we've been talking about vaccines. but we also have testing. so i think the role of testing is going to change the safety profile of gathering this year. i know tons of people that are using it on this guests, having them come in on that day to predict whether they're going to be transmissible or not. the nfl teams are increasing testing with a slough of infections in that team, but they're not canceling any
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tournaments. again, we're trying to use the technology we have to try to make a safer environment so we don't have to lockdown or defer all of the enjoyment that we've looked forward all these 20 months. >> yeah, i just picked up some of those rapid tests from my local walgreen's. our question for today, are you taking extra precautions for the holiday? can you join our conversation on twitter and our instagram page as well. up next, it's already credited with saving lives. a blood test that can screen more than 50 types of cancer, and it comes from a company right here in the bay area. nightly news just did the exclusive report. we're joined by the interest doctor who made history. and what did steph curry do last night.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. take a look at the san francisco skyline, noticethere's the sale what about this tower right exist quite yet. a planning this new skyscraper at 50 main. there it is. boom, it would be nearly as tall as the salesforce tower, soaring
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1,066 feet or 85 storeys tall. it would include 800 apartments, 164 would be lower income. and adding a public outdoor park. here's a map showing where this would all go. the plan still has to be approved by the city, so it's far from a done deal. but the developer is hoping to get the approval by the end of next year. actually the end of this year. also tonight, you might have seen our exclusive report that we just aired on nightly news, a single blood test that looks for more than 50 types of cancer. the menlo park-based company called grail is calling it breakthrough technology. >> reporter: dr. josh hoffman is president of grail, a silicon valley startup that created the gallery test. >> most cancer screenings are
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happening in tests that are not for cancer at all. >> reporter: 71% of cancer deaths are caused by other cancers. >> we're losing almost 2,000 of our loved ones every day. and it's because we're finding most cancers too late. >> this could help my family. it could help a lot of other families as well. we are joined by dr. josh offman. thanks for being with us this evening. this seems incredible that you can detective more than 50 forms of cancer here. in layman's terms, what is your company doing differently? what is the secret sauce there? >> thank you very much for having us tonight. as cancers grow in the body and cells die, they release their dna into the blood. and grail has really developed a ground breaking and transformational advancement in the war on cancer, a test called gallery, and what grail has
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developed is the ability to read that dna that's circulating in the blood and detective signals for cancer that are common across many types of cancer, so we can detective cancer signals for over 50 types of cancer, 45 of which have no available recommended screening test. and once a cancer signal is detected by our test, we can then predict where in the body that signal comes from, which gives doctors the knowledge about where to look and diagnose the cancer. we do that with a very low false-positive rate. >> that is incredible. what was your ah-ha moment? how long did it take to develop this this. >> well, this has been in development since about 2015, and it was developed in a company called ill lumina, and they were doing a stud kneey in healthy pregnant women.
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and they saw some very abnormal dna in some of these healthy, pregnant women and recognized that these looked like cancer, and sure enough, all of those women ended up having cancer, and that's when the ah-ha moment occurred within ill lumina, and they spun out grail as a private company to raise money and do what is one of the largest genomic program ever conducted. >> what has been the reaction? >> we've done an enormous amount of study, and as you saw on the nbc nightly news, we have been finding early cancer. when you find cancer early in its earliest stages before it is spread, cancers are, solid cancers are much more effectively treated and often
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curable. and so we know, and it's widely recognized in the cancer community that prevention and early detection are the best way for us to bend the curve. we've been fighting this war on cancer for decades, and it's not one that we're winning. so this is a new front in the war on cancer, this idea of early detection. >> the first thing i think of right away, when i hear revolutionary blood testing company, my mind goes to theranos. any impact on your company? maybe in your pitches to investors? >> not at all. there's no comparison at all. grail has been founded from the beginning in the principles of rigorous scientific research, complete transparency and publication of all of its data. we have collaborated with some of the leading scientific and medical institutions. and we've performed some of the
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largest clinical studies known in genomic study and currently studying 130,000 individuals. >> dr. josh offman, appreciate your time, doctor. >> thank you very much. [cheers and applause] let's move on and talk about this. the warriors enjoying the day off after we saw steph curry making nba history last night. this is a moment we rarely get to see, behind the scenes in the locker room, after the game, after steph broke the record for most three pointers in nba history. >> i appreciate everybody that's had a part in me being who i am on the court, off the court. this is a career milestone because of everybody i got to shoot up with, everybody that screened for me, everybody passing the ball. everybody that believes in the offense and believed in oning in
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the process. so this is truly special, man. >> not often we see such a humble mega star, but we are seeing steph curry grow and vil before our eyes. next game friday in boston where he'll no doubt add to his record. live look at the golden gate bridge. it's getting slick. the rain is moving back in. jeff is going to rejoin us.
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jeff's back with us, and we are looking at the golden gate bridge, and it's raining. >> we had two years where it was hard-pressed to get anything. >> it's nice as you said, beneficial rain, not too much damage, knock on wood. >> the wind, 25-35 miles per hour. >> it was kicking up as well. >> in the higher elevations around 50 miles per hour. we'll see that tonight and tomorrow morning the winds will again to calm down. let's get you into the forecast. our mobile doppler radar, can you see some areas of some moderate rainfall through the north bay, a few heavier pockets in the east bay and peninsula, and right there through the santa cruz mountains. i do think as we continue through tonight, by 9:00 p.m. we're staying with heavier areas of rain in the east bay and peninsula. and overnight, that's going to be your chance in the south bay to pick up on that rain. as we move into the morning
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commute i do see this beginning to break up and sunshine coming back into the mix as you through noon and the afternoon. it's another day where if you're commuting from the east bay, temperatures really aren't vaerying a whole lot. that's because we've had storm system after storm system kind of leveling us out. after this storm system, the next thing you'll want to get ready for is the chill. check out saturday morning. might even get 39 in hayward, which is real unusual, even down to a cold 39 for half moon bay. patchy frost here on saturday morning. we do get dry weather saturday and sunday, then additional rainfall sunday night, then it had pick up monday. that could bring us additional
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4-plus inches in the mountains. >> thank you, jeff. we'll see you at 11:00 as well. here's what's coming up. young rock, keenan. and then more primetime coverage. there you go. have a great evening.
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