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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  December 14, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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. i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news, here comes another storm. we got the time line on the next round of rain and snow in the bay area. also, hugs and tears for steph curry. we'll take you to new york city on this history-making night. new information about that shooting at the tesla factory in fremont. a deadly case of workplace violence. will it work? san francisco and oakland announcing plans to combat the rise of crime. we'll be joined by oakland mayor libby schaaf. a silicon valley vc is back from space. our exclusive interview about his out of world experience.
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>> good evening, i'm raj mathai. mayor schaaf, steph curry, and the silicon valley venture capitalist in space all just in a few minutes. but we start with a lot of confusion here and some last-minute changes. the new statewide mask mandate which goes into effect at midnight tonight. but in the past hour there's been a notable change by the state itself. many bay area counties will get to keep the old rules in place. yesterday the state announced masks would be required at all indoor public places whether you're vaccinated or not. but late today the state changed its order. it's confusing, so we'll try to walk you through this. here's what it means for the bay area. san francisco, marin, sonoma, contra costa and alameda counties allow you to go maskless inside certain businesses if you're vaccinated. we've been doing that for a while. those businesses include offices, gyms, and fitness centers and religious gatherings. the state now saying we can keep
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doing this in these counties. presumably business owners and churches and office buildings will be happy. bottom line here, not much is actually changing here in the bay area after all. there are a couple exceptions here. marin county recently allowed people to take off masks in most indoor settings. marin county will go back to masks on except for the places that we just mentioned. solano county will require masks indoors, complying with the state mandate. it's going to get a little confusing, but we'll go through this together. our other headlines tonight, a setback for the embattled sheriff of santa clara county. corruption charges for longtime sheriff lori smith. this is all unfolding late today. a civil grand jury filed a report accusing sheriff smith of seven counties of willful and corrupt misconduct in office. six of those counts are connected to allegations of trading coveted concealed weapons permits for contributions to the sheriff's re-election campaigns.
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the seventh count involves the transfer of an inmate who ended up with permanent brain damage. our senior investigative reporter stephen stock has been breaking stories against the sheriff for the last couple years. he joins us from the newsroom. a lot happening. is this a surprise to you? and what are the details? >> it is a surprise to many observers of the sheriff's office. we have been investigating several of these issues involving the sheriff. some of those resulted in these grand jury accusations this afternoon. we compared campaign contribution records more than a year ago with concealed carry weapons permits, the ones you understanding there, raj, or ccws. we discovered if you gave to sheriff smith political, you were 14 times more likely to get a rare and coveted ccw permit, very rare. and prior to today's civil grand jury report, two different criminal grand juries weighed evidence involving the sheriff's office and those ccws.
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they handed down criminal indictments against seven different people, including two of the sheriff's top assistants, all involving those ccw weapons permits in exchange for campaign contributions. the court dropped a later charge against one of those private citizens, a security consultant. the final charge today is over the transfer of an inmate in 2018 that was caught on multiple officers' body cameras. you see it right here. mentally ill inmate andrew hogan beat his head against a van wall that he was being transported in, and now has permanent brain damage. the grand jury charged sheriff smith with not cooperating with an outside independent investigation into this incident. >> stephen, you got a lot of charges and a big stack of papers in your hands. what does this mean in laymen terms? is she even running again? >> that's the big question. she has not announced yet, but
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she does have to answer these charges in superior court. she's been ordered to appear in court january 12th at 10:00 a.m. she could end up facing a civil trial, and that jury, if they convict her, could throw her out of office. this is happening now because the county board of supervisors referred her case to the civil grand jury earlier this year after our investigation, and they asked for an outside prosecutor to present the case before the civil grand jury. raj, you'll never guess who that turned out to be. >> i know where this is going. >> san francisco corner . >> he is now essentially running this, is that correct? >> d.a. rosen is handling the criminal investigation. abedin is handling the civil investigation. >> all very interesting, stephen
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stock, thank you. also tonight, what happened over at tesla, a new development in the story we reported last night. the killing in the factory parking lot in fremont may have been sparked by an earlier workplace argument. yeah, police believe 29-year-old anthony solima shot and killed his tesla coworker yesterday. officers arrested solima last night in milpitas. they say they found this loaded assault rifle inside his car and it has no serial number. they're trying to determine if this is the murder weapon. today police revealed key details about the hours before the shooting. police say the victim just finished his shift when he was shot in the parking lot around 3:30 in the afternoon. the suspect and victim argued earlier in the day, and the suspect had actually walked off the job there at tesla and later returned to the tesla parking lot. the victim's name has not been released yet. we reached out to tesla for comment but have not received a response.
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are you ready for round two? yesterday's storm has moved on, but not before giving a boost to our reservoirs. you see the lexington reservoir behind me still historically low, but you know what? every little bit helps. check this out. snow on our bay area mountaintop. that never gets old, mt. diablo getting a dusting. mt. hamilton, plenty of the white stuff. that's a father and son who made the 90-minute drive to get a taste of winter closer than tahoe. >> just touch the snow and making snowballs. >> it's the middle of a winter wonderland. it's pretty. >> get ready for rain. >> i still love to see the snow, raj, in the bay area. >> with everything that's been going on, something is beautiful as snow just -- you take your mind away for a little. >> well done for that father and son. before we get to the rain, it's cold. i told you earlier, it was,
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like, 48 degrees on the peninsula today with the sun shining. >> i had the heater cranked in the car. wind kicks up age. we're feeling this cold blast on the west. this is the current windchill. winds 5 to 20 miles per hour, making it feel like 35 in los gatos. >> that's not a typo. >> 40 in livermore. 43 in napa. feels like 39 in santa rosa. wear layers because it traps pockets of heat. our friends in new york are laughing at us right now. >> the rain we had recently, i don't know if they could handle that. >> what's next with the rain? >> by tomorrow morning we'll get the next storm system lining up. as we roll through the day all over the bay area, gets in on that rainfall by tomorrow evening. and then this would get out of here quicker than the last storm system by thursday morning and afternoon. that thing pushes on out of here. so rainfall totals on this, a quarter inch for the south bay.
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rain in san jose. everywhere else, 0.5 to 1 inch. the sierra will also get snow. another 2-plus feet at kingsdales. 19 inches in twin bridges. 21 at kirkwood. we got even more rainfall on the way as we head into next week's forecast. >> is it going to be good for people to drive up to tahoe to ski and snowboard because everything is open? >> excellent question. friday and saturday are the best travel days ahead. that's when you want to get your groove on and head up towards the sierra. >> did you want get much better than that. see you later. enough talk. we need action here with our crime problem. the mayors of san francisco and oakland both laying out new plans to fight crime. each mayor is taking a slightly different approach. >> what i am proposing today and in the future will make a lot of people unfortunately, and i
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don't care. >> we start with mayor breed announcing a series of measures to try to slow the spike in crimes in the toughest neighborhood in the city, the tender lion. the plan involves many parts. first, flooding the tenderlion with police officers for several months to crack down on the area's ambitions crimes like drug dealing and stolen goods. the city plans to send in a series of public health liaisons to try to get drug users into treatment and the areas unhoused into homes. the final phase involves what they're calling long-term community-based safety projects. bottom line, the mayor says she's putting the world on notice. the tenderloin and san francisco is not a criminal haven. >> and it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies. and less tolerate of all the
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bull [ bleep ] that has destroyed our city. >> big words there. in oakland, mayor schaaf is asking for governor newsome to step in. the city is seeing the highest number of homicides in a decade, 131 people have died this year alone. today mayor schaaf sent a later to the governor asking for three things. here we go. one, more license plate rewards on highways and ramps. two, more chp officers on highways and city streets. and three, better coordination between oakland and the chp's retail theft task force. joining us is oakland mayor libby schaaf. mayor, nice top of you back on the program. people wanted less talk and more action. this seems like an action item. any pushback to installing those license plate readers in oakland? >> well, i just delivered this letter to the governor today. so i anxiously await his response. but i know people want us to take advantage of technology as
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well as increase regional coordination. and this is a way to do both. >> mayor schaaf, what's the time line? you delivered the letter today to the governor. when can things be implemented? >> obviously we're looking for some more coordination through participation in the retail theft task force. but the governor is not going to present his budget until january. and this would be an investment in capital equipment. so i would suspect that this will become part of the budget discussion, and that we won't have resolution until may or june. but in the meantime, the idea of partnership as well as really making the governor aware not only of our efforts to increase police staffing, which we did last week, but also our doubling down really tripling down on intervention. our violence interrupters -- we just sent 20 new trained violence interrupters out into the streets. they respond to crime scenes, to
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hospital beds, to really stop the retaliatory cycle of violence. very effective, very powerful. we are not just focusing on enforcement and new technology, but prevention. >> is there a fine balance between adding more officers and academies, but also providing more programs? >> i believe most people want a holistic and comprehensive approach to public safety. it does have to include police and enforcement and accountability, but always as a last resort. we got to first try everything we can do to address the root causes of crime. oakland's doing that through innovative things like a guaranteed income and shallow subsidies for low-income renters. we're investing in prevention, and then, of course, i just talked about our intervention efforts, and that is all in coordination with a very focused
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and intelligence-led policing strategy. >> you get frustrated with some people saying we don't need more officers? >> i do because evidence shows that police officers do make a difference and holistic, comprehensive strategies like cease-fire not only have been proven to work across the country -- it is one of the most evidence-based strategies for crime reduction that this nation has ever seen -- but it's worked tremendously well in oakland, cutting gun violence in half until the pandemic. and so let us reinvest in what has worked for us in the past, and it does include policing. again, oakland has already a very low amount of police. the lowest officer per crime ratio of any city in america. so we are not talking about a police state. we are just talking about an adequate amount of police to respond to people's 911 calls
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and do the focused violence work that has succeeded in the past. >> mayor schaaf, we look forward to better days for oakland in the days and months to come. thanks for your time tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you, raj. also tonight, this just happened. the warriors in new york city. we had plenty of hugs before this game started. steph curry, reggie miller, and ray allen, the three best shooters in nba history. who's that? alicia keys hugging spike lee. this was the hot ticket in manhattan. here's the skinny. steph curry needed two three-pointers to break the all-time record, and there it is, a special moment. that's it. see how fired up he is? curry now all-time nba leader for three-pointers, 2,974. we've seen almost all of them here in the bay area. curry ended up with five three-pointers tonight, so he has 2,977. the game was stopped. this happened early in the first quarter, and curry got
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emotional. you just see the love there he's got for his parents, hugging his mom and dad. he gave the game ball to his dad. he also hugged ray allen who held the record until tonight. we've lived through a lot of special moments with steph curry. one day many years from now we'll all realize how fortunate we are here to watch him on a nightly basis. by the way, the warriors just beat the knicks 105-96. here now, the greatest shooter in nba history. >> kind of crazy to think growing up around the league, watching my dad play, my family, you know, going to old hornet games and having big dreams about shooting the basketball and one day hopefully playing on this level, to do it here in madison square garden in front of, you know, this guy right here -- hey, i need that. i need that. and reggie, just all that basketball means to me is special.
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>> he has changed the game right before our eyes. remember, as a rookie before he got drafted by the warriors, he wanted to play for the knicks, but it all worked out otherwise. here it is, the changing of the guard, steph is number one followed by ray allen and reggie miller in terms of all-time three-pointers. up next, tomorrow is an important deadline, that is, if you want to get your holiday gifts to arrive on time. or you can just pay more. our digital correspondent abbey fernandez is going to break down pro tips for us. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. 11 days until christmas. have you shipped your gifts? have you even bought your gifts yet? time is running out. let's bring in our digital correspondent abbey fernandez with pro tips. seeing you talking about this story, i got to get on the ball. >> i'm going to ask the office. >> it's going to be quick. >> obviously, you know, i mean, if you're trying to get them out by christmas, you do have to ship them out by tomorrow. i'm not trying to stress out people, raj. don't stress out out there, but you're kind of on the rush here. i'm going to show you an example of what the pricing is going to be like. like you said, the more you wait, the more you're going to pay. i'm talking about usps as an example. say you're going shipping, the most economic option, takes five
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to seven business days. you're shipping out a two-pound gift from san jose across the country to new york. that's going to run you about $14.55. not too bad. but let's say you choose the priority option, typically a day here. same package and route, that's going to be $54. that's a $40 difference. i mean, significant, right? >> that's big. so what about usps? is there a difference in cost with the different carriers. >> good you mentioned that. the shipping deadlines are different. that 15th is the biggest deadline. but as you can see for the priority express, you'll have to ship it by the 23rd if you're using usps. if you're using fedex, you'll have to ship it out on the 24th. so you get an extra day for that same-day shipping. and then lastly here, if you're using u.p.s., we go back to that 23rd. if you want to see international
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or military deadlines, you can check them out on the full list is there. >> allotments i'll pay for more shipping than the gift itself. >> you need to get on it, raj. >> thank you, abbey. you can see abbey on her digital show, by the way. thank you. up next, the silicon valley venture capitalist is back from his trip to space. he tells us what surprised him in our exclusive interview.
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>> all right. they called themselves the original six. over the weekend a silicon valley venture capitalist and his son were part of a civilian crew that literally went out of this world. the tickets cost millions of dollars. last week we spoke exclusively with lane bess about his trip to space. bess is the former ceo of palo alto networks. today, now that he's back on earth, we wanted to know what was it like up there? here's his conversation with scott budman. >> there was a lot riding on this. was it worth it for you? >> oh, absolutely. not a question. it's life changing. for anybody who has experienced this, there's so many different feelings from an emotional level to just the senses being hit with things that you had always thought about but had never experienced. absolutely worth it. i'd do it again in a heartbeat. >> what senses? tell me, you know, when you
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reached, i guess, technically space, is it a different world? is it a different sensation? >> well, we were well prepared for what to expect, but nothing really compares to the real experience. when the capsule first reaches what we call main engine cutoff, you're about to hit weightlessness, you feel it. when you get the signal to let the seat belts off, you have trained to take the belts off and immediately you float up. it's just natural. you almost feel like you're in the womb. there's no pressure. we talked about doing different things while we were in space. of course the most important one is to take in that breathtaking view. >> amazing to see that. before we go a nice sunset here from one of our viewers.
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beautiful ocean waves on this wednesday. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. from everyone here at nbc bay area news, thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
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♪ britney spears. >> hello. >> getting burned by the fire she lit herself. >> ew. strong, britney. >> many before accused diane sawyer of of crossing a line, but finally it's britney's turn to fire back about that aggressive 2003 interview. >> ew. can we -- >> it's all such -- >> zendaya says it in style yet again at the "spider-man" premiere. then "matrix" newcomer priyanka spills the tea on the real keanu reeves. >> i was sort of intimidated. he came up to me and he said -- >> w


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