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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 14, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, moving graduate forward. it's commencement day for hundreds of college students at san jose state. they are getting their diplomas in person for the first time since the pandemic started. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a big day for those graduates and their family members. they have been waiting for this day. and a big day on the road back to normal. nbc bay area's kris sanchez live at san jose state university. kris, this is when they can move the tassel from one side to the other. >> that's right. and they sure did that already. in about an hour there's another
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class that's going to have a ceremony. right inside the performing arts center. but we got to be at the very first one this morning. i'm really glad i was wearing waterproof mascara because it was very touching. very exciting. it's about time was the phrase of the day in the small group of class of 2020 arrived to celebrate earning their college degrees. some of the graduates say that though they finished their course work here at san jose state more than a year ago and they've been working in their fields already, now graduation feels real. >> it feels great to finally be with everybody in my family and seeing it like -- because it didn't feel like a real graduation at first because it was all online last year. >> through the pandemic there were virtual ceremonies but nothing beats having the families here in person. >> they did the zoom call but it wasn't as exciting as like seeing me cross the stage or like -- just a picture is not the same as all of this experience.
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>> san jose state president remarked on the graduates' resilience as the pandemic forced them to do the last of their course work virtually. but for some of the students, their resilience was born long ago. kathryn estrauda is the first of her cousins to graduate from college. >> i feel like it's this ceremony is really helping me solidify the fact that my accomplishment last year, it didn't feel like that. it just felt like, i graduated but now that i'm here, about to sit down, i'm going to -- i'm looking forward to walking. it feels so real. >> the ceremony for class of 2020 was small because some people have moved on, but also because some people were apprehensive about gathering in the time of covid. but everyone had to wear masks at all times except for that all-important moment when they got their photos with their diplomas. that was pretty exciting to see. in addition to wearing masks indoors the whole time, every one of us who went in to the venue had to show proof of
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vaccination to get inside and students had to register to be here. no walk-ups. they tried to man that protocol as well. in all there will be 13 graduation ceremonies this week. it was very nice to attend that first one and there will be three more today. at san jose state, kris sanchez. >> nice to see all the smiling faces and celebration for them. the progress of more in-person events comes as today marks a big milestone in the pandemic. one year ago the very first covid vaccinations were administered here in the u.s. in that time, millions have received vaccinations, boosters have been created and we're learning more about how the virus evolves. so far more than 26 million californians have received a vaccine. currently 3 million people have at least one dose and more than 7 million people have received a booster shot. meantime, cdc director rochelle walensky visited the "today" show and revealed more about the
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omicron variant which is spreading rapidly. >> we still have about 120,000 new cases a day and the vast majority of them are still delta. here's some new news about omicron, though. so we've seen it now in about 33 states. 77 countries worldwide. and new data out of the cdc today will demonstrate that we are now detecting it in our genomic surveillance here. the rate of about 3% across the nation. >> that new data comes as pfizer says that its covid treatment still could be in hospitals by the end of the year. the company released new trial data saying that torsal antiviral drug works against the omicron variant and it's 89% effective in preventing people from being hospitalized or dying from covid. the antiviral pill may be a game changer by allowing for treatment at home. pfizer says its side effects are mostly mild. amid the surge in covid cases, as of tomorrow, california relaunches the mask requirement for all indoor public spaces.
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masks will be required for everyone regardless of their vaccination status. that includes restaurants, bars, gyms and retail stores. covid cases have spiked 47% over the past three weeks with hospitalizations rising 14%. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peter chen hong calls it a prudent decision. >> you don't want to lock down anymore. we don't want to turn back the clock so let's just try this on a uniform state basis to stem the tide. >> the mask mandate will be in effect for at least 30 days. also anyone going to a large concert or sporting event will have to show proof of vaccination or negative rapid testing result within 24 hours of the event. we are keeping track of the latest covid headlines all in one place. head to time to turn to that microclimate weather forecast check. this is new video from sky ranger. this is
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diablo. you can see it here. meteorologist kari hall, of course, keeping an eye on that storm moving through. moving out, but are we expecting another one to make its way? >> we will have more rain coming in. a brief break but as we take a look at stormranger right now, we can see the spotty showers still left behind and still a little bit of that light snow that's falling around the mount diablo area as well as the -- around the mount hamilton area as well and the livermore hills. this is all from that atmospheric river that's starting to wind down. and a lot of that rain to the north still very spotty. so there will still be a chance at a quick passing shower. could move through for the afternoon but the overall trend will be for sunshine. tomorrow we get ready for the next round of rain and it starts to move into the north bay during the late morning hours and then spreads across the rest of the bay area going into tomorrow afternoon and into thursday morning. and this is when we're also looking at some additional rainfall on top of the already saturated ground that we have.
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so we'll talk more about how much rain we'll see with this next round and what else is in that forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. in the santa cruz mountains overnight, residents kept their eyes on the san lorenzo river and as it neared flooding stage. it's usually around two feet deep but jumped to 16 feet from the rain. also several thousand people were warned to evacuate with fears of potential mud slides in the area where the czu fire raged last year. warnings were issued for places including padpark, felton grove and boulder creek. however, some people decided to stay put. as the storm brought much-needed snow to the sierra as well, we've got some new video of the snow. this is a car dealership covered with snow there. most of the ski resorts already opened. all may be open by this weekend. as alex from palisades tahoe explains, it's a big difference compared to last week.
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>> we got that big storm in october. 3 1/2 feet on the upper mountains and since then we really didn't see much precipitation up here. it was very dry. very warm november for us. we have only got one beginner lift open right now. >> yep, but overnight, the resort got 20 inches of snow. the resort is planning to open more lifts ahead of the upcoming weekend. >> developing in the midwest, rescuers continue to search for survivors. this is after tornadoes tore through kentucky and neighboring states over the weekend. devastating entire towns, killing dozens of people. nbc's wendy woolfolk reports. >> reporter: more than 100 people are still missing. but in downtown mayfield they've already brought in the heavy loading equipment to start to remove the mountains of debris that used to be homes and businesses. the courthouse, banks, city hall, several churches in an
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area that's more than 200 years old. but the search is over at the candle factory where the company says all 110 employees are accounted for who were working when the tornado hit friday night. multiple workers have told nbc news that supervisors warned employees they would be fired if they left shifts early. despite the sirens detecting dangerous weather approaching. the spokesman for the mayfield consumer products factory has denied those allegations. eight people died that night. governor andy beshear expects the death toll to rise as all the towns in this region continue to sift through the rubble. president biden is expected to visit here tomorrow. that's the latest from mayfield, kentucky. wendy woolfolk, nbc news. when it comes to homicides, oakland is experiencing its deadliest year in almost a decade. bob redell joins us live this morning. talk about how the city is
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trying to combat the surge in violence they're seeing. >> by hiring more police officers. good morning to you, laura. opd on their twitter feed posted this within the past 24 hours. a notification that they are hiring more officers. they are looking for qualified people to join their department. last week in response to the increasing violence within oakland the city council approved two new police academies and voted to unfreeze positions within opd to add 60 new officers. these are all vacant positions that need to be filled. the city council could still consider a $50,000 hiring bonus to lure experienced officers from other departments. this comes as yesterday the city recorded its 131st homicide for 2021. the last time the city of oakland had this many murders was back in 2012. the most recent homicide, a 40-year-old man found dead with blunt force trauma to his head. found around 12:45 yesterday morning on the sidewalk on the 500 block of 45th street in the
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city's temescal neighborhood. no arrests as of yet. the city council special public safety committee will meet to discuss assistance for businesses targeted by armed robbers and an ordinance regulating so-called ghost guns. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. former president trump's chief of staff could be facing contempt of congress charges. nbc bay area, coming up next, the consequences he could be dealing with as lawmakers investigate the january 6th capitol attack. and putting the brakes on side shows. the help the chp is getting to try to crack down on the illegal and dangerous events. actor zachary levi plays nfl hall of famer kurt warner in a new movie and he's dishing about warner's love of broadway musicals. tune in for that. you can watch it on the kelly clarkson show right here on nbc bay area coming up for you at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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in washington, the panel investigating the january 6th attack on capitol hill voting to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. it comes after former president trump's one-time chief of staff refused to testify. this is after initially cooperating with the committee. nbc's garrett haake is on capitol hill following those developments. >> reporter: mark meadows may be refusing to talk to the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol, but his text messages tell the story of trump allies desperate to stop it. republican committee member liz cheney last night reading texts meadows received as the attack was under way including repeated texts from donald trump jr. urging action. >> as the violence continued, one of the president's sons texted mr. meadows, quote, he's got to condemn this [ bleep ]
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asap. multiple fox news hosts knew the president needed to act immediately. he is destroying his legacy, laura ingraham wrote. quote, can he make a statement, ask people to leave the capitol? sean hannity urged. >> other texts unveiled by the committee also appear to show meadows at the center of the effort to overturn the election results. before the attack, one message from an unnamed lawmaker suggests the vice president should throw out some electoral votes. on the day after the attack, another received text reads, we tried everything we could in our objection to the six states. nothing worked. meadows responding to the contempt vote overnight. >> my part, i've tried to share nonprivileged information, but truly the executive privilege that donald trump has claimed, it's his to waive. >> meadows' attorney says he won't testify, calling the process unjust, unwise and
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unfair. snoorks new details. a georgia judge set the sentencing date for three men convicted for the murder of ahmaud arbery. gregory and travis mcmichael, along with william roddie bryant will be sentenced. they face a minimum of life in prison, though whether they receive the possibility of parole will be up to the judge. arbery, who was shot and killed in georgia in 2020 by three white men. the convicted killers weren't arrested until 2020 after video of the fatal shooting was leaked to the media. state leaders are hoping to send a message about street racing and side shows. the head of chp spoke about new state funding to beef up enforcement and undercover operations. the agency said that side shows accounted for 264 crashes over the past five years. statewide. 30 of those have been deadly. governor newsom recently signed
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a law to crack down on side shows. it allows authorities to suspend driver's licenses up to six months for people who take part in the activity. san francisco's embattled school board members meet tonight ahead to a deadline to cut money from the district budget. it's not clear if the cuts will be made to school sites or central operations. but it comes as mayor london breed reportedly considers a new oversight plan. according to the chronicle, voters would be asked to approve a new agency to monitor the board holding board members accountable to ensure city dollars are spent properly. >> this midday some neighbors on the peninsula are still facing cleanup for the relentless rain. in half moon bay neighbors had to dig out a clogged drain which sent that water spilling into their property and garage near main street. the sandbags were still in place last night with concerns of more flooding to come. >> this high in the garage. so our treadmill that we just bought, is gone. our dryer, gone.
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>> elsewhere in half moon bay, rising creek water forced businesses to close. including san mateo credit union. firefighters also had to rescue two drivers trapped on flooded highway 92 which only reopened last night after crews cleared up all of that mud and water. >> we certainly need the rain but a little break will help people, at least try to recover from some of the damage done, kari. >> yes, absolutely. as we take a live look outside in oakland, the beautiful blue skies that we had after all of that rain over the past couple of days. taking a look at stormranger, the rain is starting to wind down. still a few spotty showers in a couple of spots but the storm is pushed to the south of us and we'll still have the chance of a little bit of that lingering moisture bringing us a few spotty showers the rest of today but then we'll turn our attention to the next storm that we can see barreling down the coast. and that's going to be heading towards the bay area going into tomorrow afternoon as well as thursday.
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let's talk about what this atmospheric river brought us. in mount tam, 11 inches of rain and ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains, about 10 inches of rain. yountville, 5.5. berkeley hills, 6 inches. fremont, nearly 2 inched there. and mount diablo over 5 inches of rain. we showed you that snow that's now capping mount diablo at higher elevations. in san francisco, 3 inches of rain and palo alto had 1.3 inches. and livermore over 1.5 inches and about 1.5 in san jose. now as we go through the forecast, we do still see some spotty showers, but the next patch of rain, the more widespread rain gets here late tomorrow morning. and then becoming more widespread tomorrow evening. we could see more rounds of rain in the forecast on early thursday morning, but then tapering off going into thursday afternoon. setting the stage for a clear weekend but take a look at the sierra snow pack. we've had reports up to about 35
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inches and there's an additional 20 to 25 inches of snow on the way. and take a look at the changes in our sierra snowpack. we went from 19% of our usual amount of sierra snow to today. 76% of our usual amount of snow. and the boost in the reservoirs is, well, most likely will continue to go up. on october, we were at 33% of capacity for our reservoirs in marin county to now nearly 70% of capacity. once again, we'll be checking that out. looking at san francisco, last season, the whole water year we got just below 9 inches of rainfall but this time we're already at over 11 inches of rain. this storm alone brought 3 inches of rain so we're doing well to start out and we do have additional rainfall on the way. we can see another about half inch of rain for san francisco, palo alto and oakland and over an inch of rain for parts of the north bay as well as the santa cruz mountains. and that's what we're expecting with this system coming in
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tomorrow afternoon. into thursday morning. friday and saturday are all dry and those will be your days to get out and then enjoy some time with the family. get some shopping done because we'll see some more rain coming back in on sunday into monday. could be another significant storm coming in and we'll continue to monitor that. looking at chilly temperatures and a brief break before this next round of rain comes in by tomorrow afternoon. laura, marcus? >> thanks, kari. ringing in the holidays. coming up next on nbc bay area news, the way aisha and steph curry are giving back this holiday season. first, san francisco mayor london breed wants to make the tenderloin safer. she wants to significantly boost the police presence in the neighborhood. mayor breed plans to call to increase police overtime funding. she's also holding a news conference in 15 minutes and we'll have more on her proposal later tonight for you during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. we'll be right back.
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hi guys, it's day 11 of the 12 days of christmas. we're going to get spicy or talk some spices. >> that was day 11 of 12 days of christmas. our own kris sanchez kicking off the month by sharing some awesome budget-friendly gift ideas. in latest gift involves great ways to get creative in the kitchen. be sure to follow her for
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updates. she posts them on facebook and on instagram. one of the bay area's best known couples wants to make sure it's an extra special christmas for unsung heroes here in the bay area. >> steph and ayesha curry along with their organization started their annual 12 days of christmas with the currys event. this is video posted to twitter by the foundation. here's how it works. every day between now and christmas, they and their foundation partners will surprise kids, families and hometown heros in oakland with everything. they had an epic surprise. the four teachers from oakland that have gone above and beyond promoting the love of literacy. all four of them were told they were going to meet oakland mayor libby schaaf to discuss funding. but in the middle of that, coming through the door, steph curry dropping in with something extra. he plans to fund each of their classroom literacy projects in full and it didn't stop there. >> we all want to see kids that
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realize their full potential in life and literacy is one of the first steps toward that. so we are happy to contribute up to a million dollars in donations. >> whoa! >> up to a million dollars. look at that. there is no shortage of need there. post-pandemic numbers showing that oakland elementary schools, less than 16% of black students and less than 13% of hispanic students are currently reading at grade level. so who will be the currys surprise next? make sure you join us tonight on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00 and you can find out. all right. turning to upcoming winter olympic games. we're now less than two months away. and one of the familiar faces may be back for more. bobsledder lolo jones will be one of the oldest olympians at the winter games if she makes the team. and she would also be one of the few who actually competed in the
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summer olympics when running the 100 hurdles. and actually she's currently experiencing -- experience on her side, of course. but she says that at her age, there comes a lot of aches and pains as well. >> there's really no advantages to being old. i want to be there for the older people. you know, we can do gnarly things as we compete. you can lose your speed as you get older but you get really, really strong. i'm looking forward to using those strengths. >> she says older. 39 years old she is. all right. so remember you can only watch the beijing olympics right here on nbc bay area. it all begins february 3rd. let's check in with kari one more time for a look at the forecast. >> starting to dry out now, but temperatures are only headed for 50 degrees. so it's a cold day. and we'll have more of these chilly days as the rain returns tomorrow afternoon. moving out on thursday and then we'll see sunshine for friday and saturday.
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also a cool weekend but getting ready for more rain in the forecast from sunday into early next week so we're going to have plenty more wet weather, more of what we saw just recently. marcus and laura? >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. we'll see you back here tomorrow. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher. [steve] we met online about 10 years ago. as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids.
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my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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right now on "california live,". >> we're having a holiday hair party with the bad boy of beauty. and we are about to get teased. >> plus, a shoe that's made just for you. a diy with a "sole." >> then the legendary taylor dayne is here and sbhees to rock you, christmas. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ let the christmas spirit ring ♪ plus, gifts for those people who are impossible to buy for. never fear, milly is here.


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