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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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those strengths. >> when she says old, she's only 39. >> yeah, only 39. >> remember, you can only watch the beijing olympics right here on nbc bay area. it all begins february 3rd. >> right now i'm feeling fine. >> you look good, too. flooding and mudslide threats. this morning some communities are facing evacuation warnings. those developments ahead in a live report as the atmospheric river makes its way out of the bay area. fresh powder in the sierra. a look at how much more snow may be on the way. plus -- >> racing to meet a debt limit deadline. we are live in washington with a new pledge from senate democrats
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ahead of tomorrow's looming cutoff. our second hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. we're streaming right now at i want to say good morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have road closures out there we are keeping our eyes on, and we have live team coverage. we are starting out with meteorologist, kari hall. we will have a little chance to catch our breath later this afternoon? >> yeah, we are seeing some breaks and cold air is push into the bay area. we have cold rain happening from san francisco into the east bay and southward, and we are seeing snow and hail dropping on some of the upper elevations. we can see the back edge of the atmospheric river. the trend for today will be for more breaks in this as we could see spotty rain moving through,
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and also with all of the bright colors there, there could be isolated hail in some spots and snow on bay area peaks and then sunshine at times, so we could see rainbows between all of that. we are getting ready for rain in the forecast. our next system comes in by tomorrow afternoon. not a big break here. we will be tracking this and talk about how much more additional rainfall we will see across the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. happy right now, people that live in the santa cruz mountains, they are still on high alert even as the storm is moving out of the area. >> their big concern there is possible mudslides in the burn scarred areas. today in the bay's kris sanchez is live off highway 17 in los gatos. there has to be tense moments out there for those homeowners? >> reporter: the folks that live in the mountains expect this sort of thing will happen and they had no way of knowing they
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would have such a big burn star in their area, and this heavy rain could trigger rock and mudslides, and we have not seen it yet but many are under evacuation warnings. this river went from 2 feet to 16 feet with all of the rain running off the mountainside. with the rain running off the mountain slide, there's no vegetation because it was all burned off by the fire. some people did decide to stay put. >> a lot of these houses right here, these bottom areas are, like, considered mud rooms, if you will. if you have something valuable, you don't put it on your first floor. >> we will just ride it out. we have been evacuated and we don't want to go and have to get
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hotels again after the evacuation from the fire and all that. >> reporter: the advice is always to leave before you can't when the roads become unpassable. you don't want to get stuck behind something like this. crews were out and about cleaning up storm drains and trying to make sure that water had somewhere to flow. we did hear kari hall say there was a chance of dusting up at the summit. if we see the snowflakes, we will bring them to you. >> yes, if you see those snowflakes, let us know. thanks, kris. and then in half moon bay, neighbors had to dig out -- this is a clogged drain that sent the water rushing on to their property and into their garage on main street. sandbags were still in place
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last night with concerns of more flooding. >> this high in the garage. our treadmill that we just bought, gone. our dryer, gone. >> elsewhere in half moon bay, rising floodwaters causing businesses to close including the san mateo credit union. look at that. highway 92 reopened last night after crews cleared the mud and water. be sure and download the nbc bay area app. you can track the rain as it moves into your neighborhood. a live look at capitol hill. barring action from congress, united states could default on its loans. alice barr is live in washington, d.c. alice, the clock is ticking down to tomorrow's deadline. >> well, laura, this is a
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familiar bind that congress finds itself in up against the clock with a must-pass deadline, and it would be a disaster to allow the nation to default on its loans. the same time congress is managing that, there's internal decisions within the democratic party that are threatening president biden's agenda. this morning major deadlines hanging over the u.s. capitol has lawmakers race to raise the debt limit and head off a catastrophic default on the nation's loans by the end of the day tomorrow, and chuck schumer vowing senators will vote today. less certain is the fate of president biden's sweeping plan. >> the work is not yet finish but we are working hard to put the senate in a position to get the legislation across the finish line. >> the massive package known as the build back better act has yet to have firm support from
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all democrats. >> it's within the limits of what we can afford -- >> 6 he says he won't use the weekend's devastating tornadoes as evidence of climate change. >> i don't want to say anything that is not precisely true. what is certain is one of the worst tornado disasters we have had in the country, and the second thing that is certain is it's unusual. >> what is not unusual is the now-familiar divide over the president's agenda he's hoping to push through congress. there is one more piece of major legislation hung up in the senate. the annual defense bill for military spending must be passed by the end of the year. it usually is. right now it is stalled over one senator's demands that china be punished for human rights
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abuses. back to you. >> a lot of attention going there as well. alice barr, live from washington. thank you. back here in the bay area the police are calling the death of a person outside the tesla factory in fremont a homicide. first responders say they answered calls of a person down in the lot and they could not revive them. at first this was being called a suspicious death, but so far police are not revealing how that person died or who they are. new this morning san francisco's embattled school board members meet today ahead of a deadline to cut more than 100 million off the budget. it comes as san francisco mayor, london breed, considers a new oversight plan. according to "the chronicle," voters would be asked to approve a new agency to monitor the board holding board members accountable to make sure city dollars are spent properly.
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i want to take you to the sierra this morning. teak a look at this. this is a beautiful sight for a lot of skiers out there. here's a live look at 80 at donner summit. >> snow plows going. >> yeah, if you are headed up to tahoe, you need to be aware of this. 80 is closed at king vale because of downed power lines. over the last few days, several feet of snow already falling there with more expected to come in the days ahead. while most of the resorts are already open, all may be open by this weekend. >> they have to check the snow conditions out there. there are threats of avalanche, too. the snow fell so fast. in the meantime, here we have all seen the rain that has come down. taking a live at christmas in the park in san josé this morning. kari is keeping track of the latest storm moving through and what else is on its way.
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>> we have a lot going on, don't we? we are still seeing spotty showers across the bay area. as we get a closer look at some of the showers moving through the east bay, it's raining on 680 between concord and san ramon. notice the change in color there. that's mount diablo where we have snow coming down at this point. we are seeing a wintry mix on mount hamilton and the san josé hills. we will also see here where the radar is located for the national weather service. up in the higher elevation we are seeing rain and snow coming down. still active weather across the region, but we will see more breaks in today's forecast. then we will see more changes tomorrow. we will talk more about that coming up. mike, how is it looking in contra costa county? >> still have the rain falling. just tapering off here in walnut creek. we had the rain in san ramon,
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and 680, this here, and highway 4 still not such a bad drive. highway 24 still has one lane blocked at the wilder off-ramp. because that activity is visible it's still slow as you approach that area. slick roadways around the bay. be careful out here. the south bay has calmed down from the first burst. >> thanks, mike. a car rental nightmare solved. coming up at 6:25, or responds team gets a viewer a refund. america charging ahead with the electric car. we will take a look at the futures this morning. we have more inflation data, and wall street is not liking it. >> no siree.
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we will take a look at the journey a san francisco tiktoker took from trading up from one tiny item to a place she now calls home.
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the time is 6:14, and it's a soggy start still as you are heading out this morning. this is a live look outside in walnut creek with the wet road conditions and still light rain coming down. we will see clearing and sunshine today but at any point we could see rain dropping, so keep that umbrella close by. we will talk about what is
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coming in our forecast coming up in a couple minutes. the roadway, the pavement has not dried out. we have a backup at the toll plaza. happy tuesday to you as well, and not just any tuesday but fed tuesday. they will discussing what to do about inflation. we have gotten insight into how the fed works. remember, it worries about two things. job growth and inflation. up until now the fed led by jay powell seems to be worried most about job growth while ignoring inflation. he called it intransitory. remember, when you hear they are going to do something about
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inflation, higher interest rates are ahead. maybe not tomorrow but soon. everything is a trade off. oil and gas prices have been coming down, so that's good. they are coming down because the omicron virus variant has economies slowing again. demand is falling for now. people who have solar at home may have to pay more to pg&e for power they don't use. california thinking about raising the rates because the state thinks solar homes get the benefit of being connected to electric lines without paying their fair share for the upkeep. and the truck company rivian, many calling it the most remarkable pickup they have ever driven. and then california suspended the permit of a self driving car. a self driving car hit a median
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and a sign with nobody hurt. the suspension affects driverless cars only. there are cars that are driving without people in them at all. there are a lot of cars out there in california that are still learning how to drive. >> uh-huh. >> a lot of teenagers, too. >> thanks, scott. 6:17 this morning. this is trending. how do you get from a bobby pin to a home? sounds crazy, but all you have to do is trade for it. >> yeah, a woman tracked her progress along the way. she started this journey in may of 2020 with that bobby pin right there. she just traded it up. the trades kept getting larger and larger, ranging from a small diamond necklace to a car, and then she traded up for a
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solar-powered trailer, and from that she received the keys to a house in tennessee. she got her idea by a man that was trading a red paper clip. >> i thought that was the louisiana purchase. >> pretty good trading. >> a house? look, let's go to weather now because i am -- i mean -- >> yeah, just kept going across the country. >> i understand what they do, but who does that? >> i can help you out with a bobby pin, but that's about it. >> everybody has their own values. >> i guess so. the price of the weather, priceless. >> yeah, it's looking a lot better. let's talk about how much rain
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we have measured. mount tam over 11 inches of rain. it's still coming down in the santa cruz mountains. the berkeley hills, over six inches. fremont area, an inch and three quarters. mount diablo, almost 5 1/2 inches of rain there. rain still coming down in san francisco. palo alto measuring over an inch of rain and livermore almost an inch and a half and an inch and a half in san josé. some of the rain moving from the peninsula over towards the east bay on southward. we are seeing it taper off for much of the north bay, and we are seeing quite a bit of moisture associated with the atmospheric river moving across the region. we are seeing more colors in the mix here and that indicates we could see more snow on the santa
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cruz summit as well as mount diablo. the rest of the bay area with green, rain could be heavy at times and a chance of small hail. the activity will start to taper off go into the afternoon, and our next round of rain will be here tomorrow afternoon. that will continue through thursday morning. it also looks to bring in some decent rainfall totals going into the next 24 to 36 hours. let's take a look at our reservoirs. from marin county on october 8th were at 33% capacity, and now at 67 and it could go up more. this year in san francisco we measured over 11 inches of rain. looking at last season, wow, for the whole water year we measured less than 9 inches of rain. we have a pretty good start here. there will be additional rainfall coming over the next few days and possibly the next week or so. we could see another three
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quarters of an inch of rain in san francisco. take a look at the 7-day forecast. looks good with once again chilly temperatures and off and on showers. that next round of rain starts to taper off on thursday afternoon, and then into the weekend it's dry friday and saturday, so plan the holiday festivities on those two days because the rain will continue on sunday and continue into next week. mike, you are tracking the slick roads in the south bay. >> 280 coming up the middle of the screen here, and you see droplets on the lens there. there was rainfall a few minutes ago, and you can see the water kicking up the slick conditions so be careful. we still have reports of a closure here at 287, and that connecter here and you might want to use 7th just before you
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get there. the crash on 24 still slowing things around fish ranch. >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> her rental car broke down to a road trip and the rental company left her with extra expenses. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. today we are going to talk spices. >> that was day 11 of 12 days of christmas. our kris sanchez has been sharing some really great budget-friendly gift ideas. follow her for daily christmas updates. she posts them on facebook and instagram. it's 6:22. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 6:25. "nbc bay area responds" to a view's car rental nightmare. >> jessa recently moved here from boston. she drove an enterprise rental car cross-country. in oklahoma the car broke down. she had to pay out of pocket for towing the car and a ride to an enterprise office for a replacement car and an unplanned motel stay, and 247 bucks all
6:26 am
told. she felt enterprise should reimburse her, but they did not. we reviewed the case, and they worked it out with their customer and they gave her an apology for the confusion. she got a check for exactly what she wanted, $247. before you rent your next rental car, check out your how-to video. we show you how to find discounts that could save you hundreds of dollars. all of the how-to videos are on our streaming channels and web page. look for the how-to play list. and then rain is making its way out of the bay area, but not for too long. kari hall is tracking another storm. plus -- >> this morning we are hearing from the director of the cdc on
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the data as it relates to the omicron variant. i will bring you that information, coming up next. californians forced to mask up again. how long you can expect that to remain in effect.
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breaking now at 6:30, new hope for treating covid. the new timeline for pfizer's game changing bill to treat
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patients nationwide. and then one year after the first dose was administered in the u.s., we check in with vaccination rates stand and the troublesome new data ahead of the holidays on the spread of the omicron variant. and then oakland, a new push for leaders demanding action. this is "today in the bay." it's also tuesday morning. we thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. as we take a live look for you this morning at the golden gate bridge, yes, a wet start to the morning. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall, with a look at that. after the downpour, how long should we expect the rain to continue this morning? >> as you head south of san francisco, rain is still coming down and also for parts of the east bay. notice the change if colors.
6:31 am
we're seeing snow coming down on mount hamilton, and we will see snow capping of some of the bay area peaks. the snow is still dumping down in the sierra, and widespread rain for parts of the bay area, but the trend will be for the cold air to give us a wintry mix in some spots, and brief downpours and then clearing at times. we will watch all this. we will talk about the next round of rain set to come in, and that is coming up in a few minutes. pfizer says its covid treatment pill could be in hospitals by the end of the year. the company released new trial data saying its oral antiviral drug works against the omicron variant. it's 89% effective in people being hospitalized or dying from the virus. it could allow for treatment at
6:32 am
home. pfizer said its side effects are mostly mild. one year ago the very first covid vaccinations were administered in the u.s. since that time tens of millions have received vaccinations, and boosters have been created, and the virus has evolved. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live in burlingame. just this morning new information about the spread of this omicron variant. >> reporter: yes, good morning. so much to talk about this morning. the cdc director was on the "today" show discussing that omicron variant and some of the risks associated with that. we will get to that in just a moment. it's hard to believe 365 days since that vaccine became available. if you were anything like a lot of folks, a year ago we were watching that nurse in new york get that vaccine on air as it happened in real time. take a look at your video. this is what we saw, the nurse
6:33 am
from queens being the first person in the united states to receive the covid vaccine. since then millions have rolled up their sleeves. just to put it in perspective where the cases were in terms of this time last year, according to this day, the day we began rolling up our sleeves in 2020, the u.s. death toll from covid hit 300,000, and deaths were running at an average of more than 2,500 a day. in terms of vaccinations, this 26.2 million californians have received the vaccine, and 3 million have currently received one dose, and 7.6 million have received a booster. this season more folks are vaccinated. cdc director visited the "today"
6:34 am
show. >> we still have about 120,000 cases per day and a vast majority of them are still delta. here is news about omicron, we have seen it in 33 states and 77 countries worldwide. >> reporter: that cdc director says it does appear that cases of omicron are less severe than up and get that booster to receive that extra layer of protection. so much has happened in 365 days. the vaccine as well as new information about several variants. we are live in burlingame, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> a lot of info there. thanks, cierra. amidst the surge of covid,
6:35 am
mask will be required for everyone regardless of their vaccination status, and that includes restaurants, bars, gyms and retail stores. covid cases have spiked 47% over the past three weeks. with hospitalizations rising 14%. ucsf infectious disease specialists, dr. peter hong, calls it a prudent decision. >> we don't want to turn back the clock, so let's try this on a uniformed state basis. >> the mask mandate will be in effect for at least 30 days, and also anybody going to large concert or sporting event will have to show proof of vaccinations or a negative rapid testing result within 24 hours of that event. we are certainly keeping track of all the covid headlines for you. it's all in one place. just head to 6:35, developing in oakland, the push to add more police
6:36 am
officers in the city now facing its deadliest year in nearly a decade. today in the bay's bob redell is live this morning. tell us what they are saying about this latest homicide. >> reporter: this latest homicide took place yesterday morning, marcus. 131st murder in the city of oakland for 2021. the last time oakland saw that many homicides was back in 2012. the latest homicide, a man found dead about 12:45 yesterday morning, and he was found on the sidewalk. a motive unknown. no arrests so far by police. within the past 24 hours, opd posted this on their twitter account. a notification that the department is hiring looking for new officers. last week in response to the increasing violence in oakland, the city council approved two new police academies and voted to unfreeze positions within opd
6:37 am
to add 60 new officers. those are vacancies they are now trying to fill. the city council could consider a $50,000 hiring bonus to lure experienced officers from other departments. later this afternoon the committee will consider assistance for businesses targeted by armed robbers and an ordinance regulating so-called ghost guns. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you. something we have all been talking about, the weather. let's take a look at the sierra this morning, and this is i-80 at donner summit. if you are heading up to tahoe, 80 is closed at king vale because of downed power lines. that storm is bringing a lot of snow with it. we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, with all this snow, and we needed the snow and look what it's doing right now?
6:38 am
>> it's still coming down and that's why the interstates are closed. it's not a good time to travel. take a look at what some of our models are showing with how much snow we could see, an additional two feet of snow at tahoe city, and maybe 32 inches of snow at king vale. reports of 16 to 24 inches so far. our sierra snowpack went from 19% on saturday to 35% of average as of today. it's not where we should be, but that was a big improvement. all of this fresh snow is such good news for our snow resorts, so joining us now is alex from palisades, tahoe. good morning. walk us through how much snow you are seeing there at palisades. >> can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. how much snow are you seeing? oh, i am not sure she can hear us.
6:39 am
we're going to check back in -- >> sorry, can't hear you. >> she can't hear us right now. we will check in with mike. we were talking about i-80 through king vale is closed, but through the bay area it looks like a wet commute. >> part of the reason i-80 is closed is the chains, and alex talked about power issues over at palisades, and that may tie into that. you see the weather on the lens here in palo alto. 101, again, getting blurry because of the light rain coming through here on 101 north of the 84. as we look at the traffic flow, we are looking at where 85 and 101 meet. the south bay just starting to see the slowdown. once again, 101, the usual
6:40 am
suspect area, no major problems. slowing through san martin. the tri-valley, this is a problem, the wilder off-ramp and fish ranch road, a crash if one lane. still ahead on "today in the bay," the new bold steps south bay leaders are considering to help bridge the digital divide. plus. >> reporter: the rain has finally let up here but the evacuation warnings remain in effect. we will tell you why. out to the big board. a little bit of a cane even as we saw some very, very poor news once again on inflation. you're watching "today in the bay."
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to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. the time is 6:43. let's take a look at storm ranger. before you head out the door, still lingering showers in redwood city. down the peninsula and snow around the santa cruz summit. we are seeing snow on mount hamilton and maybe livermore hills as well. we will see how it looks once the sun rises coming up. no sunshine to dry the roads
6:44 am
out just yet. we will show you how things are continuing to build. the area i am worried about is the east bay. 6:43 right now. president biden says the federal government will do whatever it takes to help kentucky. >> scott, the president getting praised for his efforts. this is from somebody who usually criticized him. >> mitch mcconnell, who is one of the senators from kentucky. very much praising the administration's efforts when it comes to getting relief to where it needs to go. president biden says he will go visit first responders and victims in kentucky when his visit won't interfere with rescue efforts. that's likely tomorrow. the president was briefed on the kentucky damage and the other damage in other states at the white house and he has been in close contact with governors. >> but i want you to know that this administration has made it clear to every governor, whatever they need when they need it -- when they need it,
6:45 am
make it known to me and we will get it to them as rapidly -- as rapidly as we can. >> and the entire house is expected to vote on and approve charges against meadows. meadows is refusing to participate in the investigation into the january 6th attack on the capitol, but not before he turned over key records. some of the records have been made public like text messages to matthews like people from donald trump's son asking him to convince trump to stop his supporters. sean hannity said trump was destroying his own legacy. this is very different from what
6:46 am
his allies say in public. one congressman saying the attackers were no different than regular tourists. lucy koh gets promoted to the powerful ninth circuit court. this is the set of courts just below the supreme court. she's the first korean american to become an appellant judge. she's respected by many that go before her. she was the judge in a lot of key cases, including the landmark samsung versus apple. often praised as somebody who understands the law but quickly grasps complex issues in technology. we will watch that contempt vote and will be tweeting about it. you will find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. people that live in the
6:47 am
santa cruz mountain area are on high alert even as the storm is moving out of the bay area. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez is live for us this morning off in los gatos. kris, this is a tense time for those homeowners out there. >> reporter: it is. i was able to take my hood off because the rain let up a little bit, but we know the rain that already fell will be part of the problem in the burn scarred areas. this is the san lorenzo river. it went from two feet to 16 feet. all of the water running off the mountainsides could trigger rock slides or mudslides because there's no vegetation to keep that in place. while there are evacuation warnings in effect, some people decided to ride it out. >> a lot of the houses right here, these bottom areas are
6:48 am
considered mud rooms, if you will. if you have something valuable, you don't have it on your first floor -- >> we will just ride it out. we have been evacuated. we don't want to go and have to get hotels after the evacuations from the fire and all that. >> reporter: the advice is always to leave while you can before the roads become impassable. this was the ice cream grade location where a large boulder blocked the roadway. you don't want to be stuck behind something like that in an emergency. crews were out and about roving around and trying to clear storm drains since yesterday making sure the water has somewhere to flow. it's a little cooler -- or colder right now than it was earlier this morning, and we understand there could be some snow on some of the highest elevations. something beautiful to see, and definitely we are keeping our eyes on the water levels. >> good to know. thank you so much, kris. time to get a look at our
6:49 am
traffic as well as the forecast for today. kari hall will start things out with what we can expect. is that clearing out? >> yes, clearing out, and storm ranger, this is our mobile doppler radar. it has been picking up on all of the rainfall. here's a look at some of the rainfall totals. the highest spot, mount tam, over 11 inches of rain. berkeley hills, over six inches. fremont, almost two inches of rain there. we are continuing to see that adding up. san francisco over three inches. palo alto, livermore and san josé measuring over an inch of rain and it's still falling in some of the spots as we get a look at what storm ranger is picking up now, that red scan. we are also seeing snow over towards mount hamilton, as well
6:50 am
as upper elevations near the santa cruz summit. looking at the storm system, a wider view and we can see a lot more breaks further north. the trend today will be a lot of the rain and snow in the hills to push to the south. by 10:00 we are seeing more clearing to the north. at any point today we could see rain passing by fairly quickly. we will keep a chance of showers in the forecast today. our next system comes in by tomorrow afternoon with the first wave of rain coming into the north bay, and it continues to move through early thursday morning and clearing out by thursday afternoon. so here's what to expect. spotty rain today and colder temperatures and the next storm arriving on wednesday and ending on thursday, but it will be a chilly weekend. let's talk about the water update for san francisco. last year we barely -- we almost made it to nine inches, i should say, for the entire water year.
6:51 am
this year we are at 11 1/2 inches with this storm bringing over three inches of rain, so it has been nice to have a good start to our water year. with additional rainfall in the forecast, we could get an additional three inches in san francisco and an inch or more from the north bay into the santa cruz mountains. there will be a brief break in the forecast between friday and saturday for getting out there and seeing the holiday lights. by sunday another round of rain could be coming in and could last through monday, at least. our temperatures will not warm up. we are looking at highs in the mid to upper 50s, and off and on rain. 680 southbound here. another crash that could be there, and it's 24 through orinda i am worried about.
6:52 am
it's blocking part of the wilder off-ramp. the caldicot tunnel is fine. the bay bridge has the back up at the toll plaza. wet roadways all-around the bay, and san josé starting to kick in. it's 6:52 right now. happening now, santa clara leaders are debating with county owned internet provider. supporters say possibly 680 customers in the county have limited access to zoom calls, digital classrooms or remote doctor appointments. the new timeline that could
6:53 am
be emerging in treating covid patients. you're watching "today in the bay." miss crawly, it's me mr. moon. i haven't heard from you in awhile, i'm starting to worry here. ♪ grab a brush and put on a little make-up ♪ make-up. ♪ hide the scars to fade away the shake-up ♪ you whoo. your destination is on the right. okay. whaaa!
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6:56 am
end of the year. the company released new trial data showing the oral drug is 89% effective in preventing people from being hospitalized or dying from covid. the pill may be a game changer by allowing for treatment at home. the side effects are mostly mild, pfizer says. as of tomorrow california is relaunching ttsor all indoor public spaces. mask will be required for anybody regardless of their vaccination status. that includes restaurants, bars, gyms and retail stores. covid cases have spiked 47% over the past three weeks with hospitalizations rising 14%. the mask mandate will be in effect for at least 30 days. developing in oakland the push to add more police officers in the city facing its deadliest year in now a decade. today in the bay's bob redell live in oakland. what are police saying about the
6:57 am
homicide investigation? >> this is the 131st homicide in oakland. the city has not seen that many murders in one year since 2012. a man was found dead early on the sidewalk. he appeared to have died from blunt force trauma to the head. police have not determined a motive or made any arrests. this is opd's twitter feed. they are trying to get more officers to join their force. this was put out yesterday, trying to let people know they are hiring. you might recall last week the city council approved two new police academies and unfroze 60 vacant positions in the police department trying to get more officers on the street as soon as possible. one thing that the city council might consider in the future is a $50,000 hiring bonus to lure
6:58 am
veteran police officers from other departments to come to opd. later today the city council's special public safety committee will meet and discuss a couple things, one an ordinance regulating so-called ghost guns and assistance for businesses that have been the victims of armed robberies. reporting live, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:58 right now. let's take a peek outside. oh, winter wonderland, this is i-80 up at donner summit this morning. they have had heavy snow come down. 80 is closed at king vale, whiteout conditions. look how white. >> yeah, we were trying to get that interview earlier in palisades tahoe, and they did not have any power and that's probably part of the reason she
6:59 am
couldn't hear us. they are getting a big snowstorm there. we are seeing a little snow for parts of the bay area, and as we look at storm ranger we are seeing on the livermore hills and the santa cruz summit, light snow. rain is tapering off here. as we talk about all of the rain we have gotten here for san francisco, it has been pretty good. we will follow that as we get additional rainfall in the forecast over the next couple of days. mike? >> 101 in san josé, you can see the water kicking up because we have wet roadways in many parts of the bay area. that will be a factor as the sun comes up. silicon valley building. the san mateo bridge did get more recent rain on the lens and on the roadways as well. just continue with caution with the scattered showers. >> that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we will be back at 7:25 with a
7:00 am
live local news update. >> don't forget our midday newscast at 11:00. we will will see you then. the "today" show coming up, next. good morning. breaking overnight, inside the insurrection, a house committee releas text messages sent to president trump's chief of staff during the capitol riot. officials fox news hosts, even donald trump jr. begging him to convince the president to help stop the violence. the investigation now intensifying with a key vote set for today that worked hold that former chief of staff mark meadows in context of congress. we're live on capitol hill. breaking news, new hope.


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