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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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on the witness stand. elizabeth holmes breaks down and says she was raped. we were inside the san jose courtroom and have the latest from the theranos trial. the news at 6:00 starts now. thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica agirry. >> if it's not here yet it will be here soon. the omicron variant raising concern among health officials. what we don't know is how dangerous is this new mutation of the coronavirus. and will the vaccines that we have now work against it? thom jensen talked to one of the bay area's medical experts about what you can do now to lower your risk anyway. >> translator: there is so much we don't know about the coronavirus variant omicron and while some medical experts are worried it could be vaccine resistant they are encouraging people to be patient and not panic. >> we need to be responsive and
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be aware. it's important not to overreact. >> reporter: marin county public health officer says people should be prepared and that means doing what we already know works. >> covering our faces in indoor public settings. obtaining the protection of the vaccine and the booster. that's the most important thing. staying home when we're sick and getting testing if we are having symptoms. >> reporter: the chair of uc san francisco school of medicine says vaccines are a top priority. in a tweet he says, if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated. and get boosters within four to five months of your last shot. also prepare mentally for more precautions if the variant proves to be highly infectious and follow the news and science, not hype or myths. both docs agree that we should know much more about omicron's dangers in two to three weeks. >> we are learning more every day. there is some reassuring signs that the omicron variant may not be as severe illness compared to
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the delta variant and again we really just need time to let the dust settle. >> reporter: dr. willis says for more marin county will not revive mask mandates, but will continue to monitor data like hospitalization and transmission rates and reassess as more information becomes available. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> what is the plan in the bay area? we mentioned health leaders are encouraging people to get the covid booster shot. that's what hundreds of people did today at the county fairgrounds in san jose. >> it is one more reason. i mean, i'm sure it's going to effect the u.s. eventually. if we have an opportunity to have access to things like this and protect ourselves, why not, right. >> i think it's just a better chance. it's not a guarantee, but at least give me a better chance. >> playing the odds there. specialists say the omicron variant is different from the dangerous delta variant because it has more mutations and could
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potentially enter the body more easily. santa clara county public health officer dr. sarah cody says even though we don't have a lot of information about the variant yet, booster shots, masking and good ventilation are still proven weapons in fighting any variant of covid. now, our coverage continues on our website. we posted an explainer about omicron. go to click on the story right there on the front page in our trending bar. in spite of the looming threat of that variant, a determined group of east bay parents and kids protested their kids' school districts vaccine mandate. they lined up outside the contra costa county school offices. they are calling on the district to cancel the mandate for statutes. the shoes represent kids who will be forced to leave class and learn from home in the mandate is enforced. >> we stand for medical freedom for our children and that we, as
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parents and grandparents, know what's best for our children. and we want to make this statement. >> students 12 and older in that district must have two shots of the vaccine by december 15. today one of the three suspects arrested in that violent flash mob robbery at walnut creek's nordstrom appeared in court. business leaders say accountability is key in making sure shoppers feel safe this holiday season. sharon was in the courtroom. >> reporter: police units block off the street where the violence and flash robbery took place at nordstrom just before the store closed on november 20th. >> when we were walking up, we made a comment that i would be nervous if it was closer to closing time. >> reporter: police say dozens of organized thieves raided nordstrom. three suspects, dana dawson,
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joshua underwood and rodney robinson, face charges, including robbery and using force and fear against nordstrom employees. in court the prosecutor says robinson had $2,000 of stolen nordstrom merchandise. i spoke with his godfather today. he said he hoped robinson would be released today, but that didn't happen. the judge denied the request by the defense attorney. instead, robinson remains in custody while two other suspects who were released earlier will be arraigned tomorrow. >> the holiday season is a special time. gathering of family and friends and shopping is a significant part of that, and we're taking every precaution in our community to have people feel safe. >> reporter: shoppers are getting the mess and showing support. foot traffic was up 20% this past weekend compared to pre-covid the same weekend. >> we are always thinking about we love this city. >> reporter: in walnut creek. more violence to tell you
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about. a man shot and killed in oakland trying to stop a suspected thief from breaking into a stranger's car. it is the latest homicide on what's been a frightening couple of weeks in oakland. today mayor libby schaaf announced a plan to hire more police officers and to roll back some budget cuts to public safety. as far as the shooting, it happened sunday at 3:30 in the afternoon near lake merritt on grand avenue. police say that a passenger in a black toyota rav4 shot a man as he tried to stop a car break-in. the mayor says she wants to add an additional academy to add more officers to the ranks. the holiday she says always brings more crime, but schaaf says last year zero bail policy is contributing to the avalanche of crime in her city. >> the change in bail policies and we believe that that change is not giving sufficient weight in its consideration to gun-related crimes. >> we have to demonstrate our
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support for those officers who are sacrificing day daily to keep our community safe while, at the same time, investing in replenishing the ranks. >> crime stoppers offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those people responsible for the shooting. expect to hear more about the investigation as well as the victim tomorrow when the police chief holds a news conference. he worked for many local police departments and then as a private security guard for many local tv stations. today sfpd tweeting a message of morning after a former officer was shot and killed in oakland. kevin nish eat a was protecting a tv news crew last wednesday in oakland when he was shot during an attempted robbery. not just sfpd. he also served as a police officer in san jose. the reward for any information leading to an arrest is now more than $32,000. here is something that police
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want you to look at. they believe this is the getaway car used in that shooting. a white acura tl, model year 2004 to 2008. you see the sunroof and no front license plate. in the south bay now, an employee at a daycare facility accused of sexually assaulting a child and san jose police think there could be more victims. the victim younger than 14 reported being sexually assaulted several times over a period of nine years. the daycare is located on mcginniss avenue near story road in east san jose. police have arrested julio caesar diaz. he is now in the santa clara county main jail facing multiple counts of sexual abuse of a child. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. a stunning turn of events today in the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. during testimony this afternoon a tearful holmes told the jury she had been raped while a student at stanford and was
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abused by her long-time boyfriend and theranos co-worker. scott bud nan was in court all day. he zbroins us now. >> reporter: the courtroom got extremely quiet this afternoon as the defense team representing holmes continued to walk her through her side of the story today, including painful and emotional testimony that she was raped at stanford which is why she said she left school at 19. holmes said she processed by focusing intensely on starting her own company. she also started dating sunny balwani when she was 19. she said in court he was extremely abusive, physically and verbally. she says he told her she was mediocre and she needed to work harder while focusing on certain foods and even sleep patterns to help her achieve business success. the emotional testimony comes ahead of the prosecution getting its chance to cross-examine holmes. >> i mean, it's very compelling testimony that she has told us that balwani has been abusive,
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verbally berating her and control her and telling her how to live her life and was forcing, she did talk about that she was forced so have sex with him. >> scott, you can see that the defense here is teeing up the whole idea of humaningizing her, making her seem like the victim, like she is under the power of had svengali style person. but did she actually even address whether he forced her to give misleading information to investors? >> that's a good question. the defense did actually address that saying, okay, he was very abusive, he was very controlling. did he tell you what to say to investors? did he tell you what to say to reporters? she said no. and i think that's partially because what comes next is the prosecution cross examining her. the defense has taken her through the last few days of the mistakes she admits she made i think to try to dull some of the cross-examination that's coming.
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>> it's a risky proposition to put the defendant on the stand. so far she has proven herself at least it seems in court to have been a more endearing witness. but here comes the gauntlet now when the prosecution takes over, no. >> yes, exactly. that's where the risk comes in. she told her origin story. she was able to admit mistakes and say, i wish things went a little better. we hear that from startup ceos all the time. she addressed a very dark period of her own life today. the prosecution has the cross-examination coming. they get to bring those things out and try to get her to admit she knew these things were going wrong while taking money from investors and that's where the fraud charges in. >> gets more interesting every day. up next, is it happening? the new numbers of a bay area exodus and how they compare to pre-pandemic levels. plus, the water restrictions, do they work? we will go out on to the street to see if they are helping with our drought.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i will show you what is keeping the rain away and look at this. temperatures already dropping. how cold it's going to get tomorrow morning in about eight minutes. we are minutes away from joining our viewers in the west. tonight what we have learned about the omicron covid variant, the risk and what an expert tells me is the current best defense. also, we speak to a virus hunter in south africa. plus, we are inside amazon on online shopping's biggest day when we see you back here tonight.
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okay. you thinking about leaving the bay area? you're not alone. maybe checking out houses in other parts of the state or country? about a third of home buyers wanted to move out of their city last month. according to, 30% of the website's users looked to move into a new city in october, down from 32% at the start of the year. san francisco, l.a. and new york are the top cities that people wanted to leave according to redfin's data. shares of tesla were up 5% today as musk urged employees to focus on minimizing costs instead of rushing orders to hit end of quarter sales. he said he doesn't want the company to spend heavily on expedite fees overtime and temporary contractors just so that cars arrive in q4. he said when that happens, deliveries drop massively the following quarter.
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tesla has struggled to deliver new cars on time to customers in the united states. the warnings and restrictions and water rate hikes have been put in place across the bay area as an incentive to get us to save. next in line, san francisco. but do those price persuasions really change behavior? we set out to find out if raising the cost of water really does anything. >> if the rates go up, there is a good reason for it. >> reporter: monica lives in south san jose. her neighborhood has faced water surcharges for a couple of months now. she thinks it works. and it's motivating others like her to invest in native california plants and to switch to low-flow fixtures to use less water. just to be more mindful not to waste it. >> when i rinse off vegetables or fruit, i'll dump the water on the plants and same thing with the dog dish. >> reporter: santa clara county asked for a voluntary 15% reduction in water usage back in
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june. monica's water company, great oaks, says by august a few complied. water use dropped more than 8% compared to 2019. then the extra charge kicked in. >> because of that, the october usage saw a rather dramatic decrease. >> reporter: dropping their usage by 14.3%. and they believe this month it will drop even more. >> we've had people who exceeded it by one or two units, you know. so they're at 7 to $14 more than a normal bill. >> to give you a better idea of how much water we use, get this. i am told if we leave the faucet off while washing our hands and face, we save up to three gallons of water. the message in south san jose to san franciscoans, if you don't conserve water pay $6 more every month after the price goes up in april. >> that's what you don't want to see, those sprinklers.
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>> yeah, we are cutting out the sprinklers and, hopefully, our gardens, too, for future years. let's talk about when we can expect some rain. >> the rainfall chances looked really, really good the beginning of the month. we have been telling you mid to beginning of december. really everything is being pushed to mid-december at this point. for those better chances of some widespread rainfall. so december still has some rain hopes in it. right now we are just stuck in this very calm, still pattern from this area of high pressure. anytime, any time you see high pressure on the maps, it's going to mean some sunshine is coming in and it helps to push that storm track to the north. here's the deal. sunny skies, hazy conditions as we head through this week. also some areas of some morning fog. when get these relatively quiet conditions coming in it allows that fog to form in the morning as those temperatures drop. so you see tomorrow morning around 7:30 we get a little bit of that fog around the bay, possibly there for the east bay, and down towards the south bay as well. if you are up early on a road
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trip headed down interstate 5 or 99, watch out for the fog. by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning no fog and back with the sunny skies for the afternoon. tomorrow morning we have had those jackets out. it's another morning we are down here feeling that chill. 46 in the south bay, peninsula 47. 43 in the tri-valley and coming to 43 as well for the north bay. san francisco 49. the east bay starting off with 44 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow warming up a couple of degrees. good fluff for 70s in the south bay, 73 gilroy, 72 right up to cupertino. not that gusty. if we have dry conditions, thankfully we don't have wind coming our way this week. upper 60s and low 70s through the east bay. into the peninsula, 70 palo alto, 68 in san mateo and half moon bay 64. near the coast, a little bit of that ocean breeze, keeps our numbers down. 59 in the marina, 64 in the mission. in the north bay, 61 in bodega
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bay near that chilly ocean breeze. out to santa rosa at 70. clearlake 72 and down to napa 69. the only problem in the forecast i see tomorrow besides the fact that we can't get rainfall, air quality. moderate from the north bay to the south bay. if you have any kind of respiratory problems, asthma or allergies, you may notice that beginning to act up. might have to reach for that allergy mid sen. the seven-day forecast in san francisco dry through the next seven days. clouds increase next monday. could offer some showers next tuesday and wednesday. other than that, it's a pretty still pattern moving in with low 70s tuesday, wednesday and also on thursday's forecast. so, you know, still feel that turkey hangover. i think maybe thursday or friday it would be gone. >> let's hope so. >> we haven't seen jeff in a few days. he is really getting over it. >> oh, man. every time i open the fridge, i will have a little more turkey, please. >> for me, the pumpkin pie. >> the pumpkin pie is so good.
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>> thank god they only have it one time of year. >> we had pecan pie. that's good, too. >> like a candy bar. >> yes. thanks, jeff. up next at 6:00, that tow truck going the wrong way near bay bridge toll plaza. an update on this crash involving a chp cruiser.
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we are professional grade. gmc adding insult to injury, a boutique hit twice by a mob of burglars. workers tell nbc bay area about a dozen people broke into the fix kicks overnight along el camino real in santa clara. shoes and clothing. you can see the front door smashed. window, same thing. he was hit last week as well. online reporting about another smash and grab at the walgreens in antioch. four people wielding hammers ransacked the cosmetics section on saturday. it's pretty jarring to see.
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we have a follow-up to that chaotic scene on the bay bridge yesterday. an oakland man faces felony charges after ramming his flatbed tow truck into a chp cruiser. take a look at this. the driver going the wrong way through the toll plaza before slamming into that patrol car. the chp says it was intentional. you see that truck right there. another video from a driver who pulled over to avoid the truck shows the truck coming right at him. again, that truck going the wrong way. the chp says it started with some sort of dispute between the driver and workers at the toll plaza. chp says the truck soon crashed into an suv, but thankfully no one was hurt. port of oakland has had a slow year. officials releasing new numbers today comparing this october to october of 2020. they say total cargo volume declined by 20%. import volume dropped 14%. export volume dropped 27%.
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43% fewer ships coming into the port. officials say carriers diverted ships to asia after delays in southern california ports by passing oakland. but they say that is starting to change and cargo volume is expected to increase soon. up next, this is good for your health and your soul. time to hit the trail. you might want to plan a trip to yosemite. we'll explain why. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year
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made for lovers across the world, come to yosemite. new information shows why. a report from outdoorsy reveals yosemite has the third most camp sites in the u.s. yosemite comes in number three with 1045 websites. number two bend, oregon. number three, three rivers in sierra nevada. our bay area leaders are screaming for the omicron variant and we are asking our covid expert how long before that variant arrives in the bay area tonight at 7:00. on "nightly news," inside one of amazon's air hubs to see how your holiday orders are getting handled. lester holt joins us from new york right now. tonight, president biden addressing the american people on the threat from the new omicron variant. the president saying the new variant spreading rapidly around the world is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic and taking new lockdowns off the table for now.
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the cdc showing a new alert to all adults. get a booster shot as soon as possible but questions mounting how soon until omicron is discovered in the u.s. and can it evade the vaccine? also tonight opening statements in the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell, long-time confidant of jeffrey epstein. who is the first witness to take the stand? jury selection on the trial of jussie smollett, the actor accused of staging a hate crime attack on himself. new video of former new york governor andrew cuomo testifying in his sexual harassment allegations. the tense exchanges and what documents reveal about news anchor chris cuomo's role in defending his brother. cyber monday is here our exclusive inside amazon for the biggest online shopping day of the year will it shatter records after a disappointing black friday and how is amazon keeping up with demand celebrating a golf


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