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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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than others. omicron has 50 mutations, while the delta variant has less than 20. and many of omicron's mutations are local indicated at the business end of the virus. >> if this looks so different to the antibodies we have developed from the vaccine or from natural exposure, they may not recognize this new enemy in town and the fact that many of the mutations on the end here means it could potentially be stickier and enter the body easier compared to even delta. >> reporter: santa clara county public health officer dr. cody says though we don't know a lot about the omicron variant yet, vaccinations, booster shots, masking and good ventilation are solid sweps in fighting any variant of covid. in san jose, maryann favreau. i know you are tired of hearing me say this. the best protection against this new variant or any of the
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variants out there, the ones we have been dealing with already, is getting fully vaccinated. getting a booster shot. >> president biden making that push for the bautista. he says this new variant is cause for concern but not panic. why he thinks cutting off travel from eight nations in africa is the right move. we will look more on that tonight at 5:30. the positivity rate is climbing. >> this is a snapshot of the past few weeks. we are hovering around the 2% mark for the past two weeks and then today our positivity rate jumped to 3%. hospitalizations are starting to tick up slightly but way down from the summer surge. in august we saw 8,600 cases. largely due to the delta variant. it dropped in september to 30--
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3,400 patients. in ten minutes hear from dr. john torres about the omicron variant. what doctors are saying on this new mutation and what precautions you can take this holiday season. bombshell testimony in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial today. holmes broke down in tears when she told the jury that she was raped while a student at stanford. she then explained how later her long-time boyfriend and theranos co-worker abused her. more from downtown san jose. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes walked into court as she has dozens of times, but inside things took a very emotional turn. holmes testified she left stanford because she was raped as a student. she also testified she was later abused physically and verbally by her long-time boyfriend and
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theranos co-executive sunny balwani. >> it's very compelling testimony. she told us that balwani has been abusive, berating her and controlling her and telling her how to live her life and was forcing -- she talked about that she was forced to have sex with him. >> reporter: the testimony came after holmes told the jury she was largely responsible for what went wrong at theranos, but testified that she constantly felt under pressure because of balwani's controlling ways. >> they are putting it on to show how she was controlled, told what to do, and a lot of this abuse, the violence took place at home, not at the workplace, which is very classic, very typical of what happens. >> reporter: holmes says she ended the relationship and moved out of balwani's house in 2016. balwani, by the way, has not testified in this trial so far. he has, though, responded to allegations of abusing holmes in the past calling those
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allegations untrue. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. you should know that scott has been following this case from the beginning. you can get the latest scoop on the trial by following him on twitter. get live updates from inside the courtroom and the latest business and tech news as well. well, a shake-up at the top of twitter. co-founder jack dorsey has stepped down as ceo of the social media platform. dorsey isn't offering any specific reasons, saying that twitter should break away from the founders. this is the second time he left the job. this time he said it's by choice. dorsey was twitter's first co-in 2007. he was forced out the followinger year and then returned in 2015. he will remain ceo of his other company, square. so who will replace him? 37-year-old parag agrawal. up until today he has been chief
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technology office, developing twitter's a.i. technology. he joined twitter a decade ago and got his ph.d. from stanford. dorsey described his trust as bone deep. scott peterson has left death row in san quentin and has been moved to the san mateo county jail. he was convicted of killing his wife and unborn son connor in 2004. he transferred ahead of his re-sentencing hearing next week. the california supreme court overturned his death sentence last year, the trial judge said that the trial judge excluded potential jurors opposed to the death penalty. peterson fighting his conviction saying a juror was untruthful when she filled out her juror questionnaire. he is expected to face family and friends of his late wife
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lacey for the first time since his conviction. crimes of opportunity are picking up during the holidays. how do you explain the wave of violence in oakland the last couple of weeks? deadly freeway shootings, mob-style retail thefts and yesterday police say a man was shot and killed after trying to stop a thief from breaking into a car. the mayor says she has got a solution to the crisis. and it begins with more police. melissa colorado. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> reporter: thanksgiving morning this was the carefree and joyful scene in oakland. hundreds of families taking part in the turkey trot race around lake merritt. by sunday afternoon, what was once the finish line for runners along grand avenue became a crime scene with officers investigating the city's 127th homicide of the year. police say a man followed and confronted someone he suspected was breaking into cars. >> the victim interrupted an
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auto robbery in progress and was shot by the passenger in the suspect vehicle. we do foe that the suspect vehicle is a toyota rav4, black in color. >> there is nothing progressive about unbridled gun violence. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf says the perfect storm of circumstances is contributing to the mayhem on the streets. >> the lowest police staffing for more than a decade combined with the aftereffect of pandemic interruptions to our criminal justice system. >> reporter: the mayor wants to add at least one more police academy, maybe more. at the same time, she says the city is continuing to invest in violence prevention measures. mayor schaaf says she also wants the city to roll back some of the public safety budget cuts that were approved by the council earlier this year. >> that budget currently freezes an additional 50 positions in the police department starting
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july 1st in 2022. and we will be proposing that we cancel some of those cuts. >> we have an attrition problem that we can't ignore. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. while the search continues for whoever shot and killed a former police officer who was working a as a security guard for a tv crew. he worked at the san jose and komo police departments. the reward load to go an arrest is now more than $32,000. police believe this is the car the shooter got away in. a white acura tl, year 2004 to 2008 with a sunroof and no front license plate. a disturbing arrest in the south bay. san jose police took into custody an employee at a day care facility for sexually abusing a child. the victim younger than 14
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reported being sexually assaulted numerous times between 2011 and 2019. now that day care is located in the 1000 block of mcginniss avenue in east san jose. police arrested the man. he is now in the santa clara main jail facing multiple accounts of sexual abuse of the trial. investigators are asking anyone who knows anything to come forward. new guidance from the cdc. what the head of the agency is saying about booster shots as cases of the omicron variant are detected worldwide. and the drought having a bigger impact than we first thought. could snow in the state become a thing of the past? what new study is saying. as that sun sets we have some hazy skies. look at the air quality and fog that could get in your bay tomorrow morning. i'm back with that in about seven minutes. the omicron v
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probably here, but not yet detected in the rust. there are precautions we can take as we gather with more friends and family this holiday season. i spoke with dr. john torres this afternoon about this new variant. hi, dr. torres. thanks for joining us. let's talk about this omicron variant. what do we know about it? how does it differ from the other variants we have seen? >> what we know now with omicron is it actually was detected first in south africa and they reported it to the world health organization last week that they had some cases there. they were not the typical cases they have had with covid which raised alarms going this might be a variant. they looked into it and, yes, it's a variant and looking at the variant at the spike
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protein, where the cell attaches to the virus, the virus attaches to the cell, they found 30 plus mutations in the spike protein and that caused concern because that could make it more infectious, could possibly make it more dangerous and some might possibly e -- we have no idea if these are going to happen. these are possibilities that need to be looked into. >> will the vaccines protect us? i remember when the delta variant came up there was cause for alarm, but it seemed that the variants, the vaccines were working against delta. cases seemed pretty steady. do you think that will be the case with omicron? >> so the vaccines will protect us. what we don't know is how much they will protect us and whether some of that protection is going to drop down because of this new variant. if you remember with delta, before delta, with the alpha variant as we called it, we were 95% protected from it. with the delta it dropped down to 70, although it was high 90s to protect from serious illness,
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hospitalizations or death. similar things may happen with the omicron variant. it will pro sect us from serious illnesses, but if you get the becauser that is the best protection. now get that. >> has omicron reached the u.s., do you believe? >>et data is not showing it in the united states. we think it's here. we are just not detecting it. they are finding it in countries around the world. south africa reported it. it's almost like the horse got out of the barn when the barn door was closed. it's out there. it's spreading to other countries. if it's as contagious as we think it is it might become the dominant variant. we think it's in the u.s. just have not detected it. don't be surprised in the next few days it's here. that's expected. >> what precautions can
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americans take especially in the holiday season? travel has picked up since last year. getting the booster, getting vaccinated, any other tips, dr. torres? >> make sure you are vaccinated, make sure you get the booster when it's time, but on top of that putting masks back on. especially when you move indoors. there are not mask mandates everywhere. the vast majority of places probably don't have mandates. put those on. that protects you and those around you, especially if you are in a crowded indoor place, masking, social distancing, working your hands, ventilating areas. double down on those now into this new variant is here to keep this under control to get a better handle on it, better understanding of it. >> dr. john torres, thank you for your time. and coming up "nightly news," hear from a moderna executive about the vaccine and the new variant. richard engle speaks with a
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south african virus hunter as that country is one of the epicenters of this new worry. "nightly news" begins at 6:30. as the omicron variant continues to spread across continence, the cdc here in the u.s. is pushing for eligible americans, all of us, to get our booster shots. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky said every adult should get a covid vaccine booster. previously the agency had said adults may get the shot. it's a slight but powerful change of language. last week the agency did expand booster eligibility to 18 and up. a carjacking in the east bay. a 12 and 13-year-old were arrested. the carjacking happened last friday on lexington avenue near east 14th street. police say the victim was delivering pizza when four people forced him from his car, flashed a gun and took his keys. yesterday officers found the car with the young suspects inside
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near the walmart on his peerian boulevard. now what could be a startling new normal. california's snowpack could be gone in 25 years. the snow in the mountains they say will be replaced by rain. we have already seen a change in recent decades as the snow season has been shortened by a month. at the same time know levels have moved up by 1,200 feet. no snowpack means california would be without spring and summer melt-off that fills the rivers and streams which the state relies on heavily for our water supply. we have not had much rain, but a lot of sunshine this past weekend. shorts and t-shirts. the nights were still chilly. hi, jeff. >> are you still full from thanksgiving? >> overly full. >> i know. it's like the turkey hangover happening today. we got to get back in the grind back to work.
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everything you need to know here to get you going for the rest of the week. yeah, beautiful sunset out here tonight. we got some orange in the sky and a lot of that is from some of the pollutants that are in the atmosphere right now. very calm conditions. we will get a check on that air quality. here is what we're looking at. if you want that rainfall, it's high pressure. this is helping to steer that rainfall, unfortunately, off to the north. so we are looking at sunny, hazy skies. this also brings us some fog tomorrow morning. that fog forecast, where it could get in your way to start. a little bit of that fog towards san jose, also right near the bay, and certainly the thickest here down through the central valley. now, this should clear out by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. and there you go. we got that sunshine back as we roll through tomorrow afternoon. other than some patchy fog, we got that typical jacket weather coming back with widespread 40s through the bay area. this will put us at 43 in the
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tri-valley, peninsula 47 and the south bay at 46. 40s in the east bay and the north bay at 43. that area of high pressure staying stubborn. warming up a couple more degrees. in the south bay it will be good for more of those 70s returning. lots of low 70s, gilroy, morgan hill, san jose 72, milpitas 73, los gatos at 70. not quite as much low 70s through the east bay because we will have some of that cold morning temperatures, a little bit harder to warm up in apt yauch with 69 for a high. vallejo 67 and martinas 68. those 60s through san mateo and redwood city, palo alto 70. san francisco no 70s tomorrow but 65 in downtown and right through the north bay going up to 69 in napa, 72 clearlake and 74 ukiah. beautiful temperature-wise. if you suffer from asthma, any
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kind of respiratory problems, we will see the air quality suffer. right now moderate air quality from the north bay to the south bay. through the midday airs it could step into unhealthy. again if you have any respiratory problems, limit that outdoor exposure. i know we all want again some rainfall, but you will see, unfortunately, again on my seven-day forecast we are dry the next seven days. next monday there will be a system near the coast that could offer us some spotty showers once we hit next tuesday and wednesday. temperatures here for the inland valleys also staying very nice here. tuesday, wednesday, thursday we've got those 70s with us and then some 60s for this weekend and that continued sunshine. with we have been look at my long-range forecast. it looked like the beginning or mid dees could offer rain chances. it's all being shelved and pushed towards mid-december. so we're still holding on to some rain coming but it's kind of getting pushed and pushed
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back at this point. >> gives us time to get outside, do walking and running to get rid of this turkey i am wearing. >> or we will put on more weight. >> got to get back to baseline. >> good game flan. >> i like that. >> thank you. coming up, have you got your christmas tree tree yet? no. if not, you we are going to have to shell out a lot more money this year. we'll tell you why. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too.
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small group of parents and children rallied in the east bay to protest districts, school districts, covid vaccine mandate. they lined up calling on the district to cancel the mandate for students.
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the shoes represent children forced to leave class and learn from home if that mandate is enforced. >> we stand for medical freedom for our children and that we, as parents and grandparents, know what's best for our children. and we want to make this statement. >> students 12 and older in the district must have two shots of the vaccine by december 15th. well, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. this year it will cost you more to get that lost. the price of christmas trees up. this is why. climate change and supply chain issues. unusual heat waves dried out trees ro grown in oregon and wildfires burned through farms in california and then there is the supply chain. the cost of trucking the trees has doubled in some places and that cost is passed on from tree lots to you, the consumeer. advice, get your tree early. let's take you outside, a nice look at the city right there. this is from the bay bridge.
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we are 30 minutes away from a special holiday event that will take place in san francisco. the mayor will be among those on hand to light the castro holiday tree. local lawmakers, castro merchants and the gay men's chorus will take part in the ceremony at 6:00. the dickens christmas fair in daly city is back. instead of wandering around on foot, you have to imagine your car is a carege. >> because of covid concerns the annual holiday tradition is privating to a drive-thru version. they are bringing it to the cal palace parking lot. as visitors drive through, they can also sthop, order the fair's famous foods and listen to performances. the story of the christmas illustrated along the drive. >> it will be like being at disneyland on a drive. you go by and see the things, see? little small world. >> exactly. fun. get ready to rock out again in napa. >> very soon.
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it just happened a few months ago. it's come back. bottlerock. we will tell you about it.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the way things were. the bay area favorite festival bottlerock napa returning next year to the usual memorial day
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weekend spot. >> so happy about this. festival organization nicers announced the new date. bottlerock happened this year over labor day and a little bit more scaled down. still great. first major festival in northern california to offer live performances since the pandemic. no word yet on who is going to perform on memorial day but tickets go on sail tuesday. it cost you $369 for a three-day pass. >> three days? we got to find out who the lineup is first. >> i am sure they will release it. i have an app. >> i know one of you two are going for sure. >> for sure. she loves that festival. i will have to check it out. i have never been. at 5:30, how concerned should we be and what can we do about it in the bay area, this omicron variant. president biden is urging people to wear mask indoors and get vaccinated as scientists race to figure out how dangerous this is. >> this variant is cause for concern, not a cause for panic. >> we are going to tell you how drugmakers are responding to the
5:30 pm
new variant. plus, stepping down. ceo jack dorsey is leaving twitter. so who is his replacement and how does silicon valley companies fare when a high-profile leader moves on? and could it be the law to overturn? roe v. wade. >> the new abortion challenge facing the u.s. supreme court and why it's so consequential. good monday, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> things are changing rapidly. the immediate impact is travel. foreign travelers from several countries in south african are now banned from entering the united states. president biden says it's not a matter of if the omicron variant is coming here, but when it will arrive. here is chris pallone. >> reporter: president biden sounding a cautious alarm over the latest covid-19 variant omicron. >> this variant is


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