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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us at 11:00. and the "today" show is next. have a wonderful monday. good morning breaking overnight, sounding the alarm. the world health organization declares the new covid variant omicron a very high global risk, first known cases in north america detected and u.s. travel restrictions take effect today just ahead what the president will say as he addresses the nation this morning and health officials warn, again, get vaccinated now >> this is a clarion call as far as i'm concerned >> we'll have the very latest. what a rush. tens of millions head home after the long holiday weekend, the
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biggest travel day since the pandemic began airports and airlines now gear up for the christmas season. what you need to know. ready, set, shop retailers rolling out the big deals for cyber monday, expected to set a new online shopping record after black friday in-store shopping disappoints. >> it is emptier than i expected it to be. >> will the online surge make a bad supply chain situation even worse? our one on one with the man in charge at amazon royal bombshells, inside look at the highly anticipated new book with the lives of princes william and harry, the rift between the brothers and an alleged snub by the queen herself. this morning, the author joins us exclusively. those stories, plus failure to launch. matthew mcconaughey makes a big announcement about his political future overnight >> it is a humbling and inspiring path it is also a path that i am choosing not to take at this moment >> why the oscar-winning actor says he won't run for office yet.
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and flying high. >> put it up for grabs and it is a touchdown! >> the ravens hold off the browns to win a sunday night nail biter, capping off a frenzied weekend of action and the playoff picture takes shape today. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today. good to have you with us on a monday morning after a nice long holiday weekend. >> great to see you guys it is a busy travel and online shopping and, of course, we have all that covered coming up we begin with another story dominating the headlines worldwide. the omicron variant. you can add canada to the growing list of more than a dozen countries where that variant has been detected. a case in ontario is now the closest it has come to the u.s.
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so far. >> meantime, new restrictions taking effect this morning for international travelers to the united states, south africa, and seven other african nations. >> the question everybody is asking this morning, is this variant omicron more transmissible, will current vaccines be effective against it, and how does it affect people how sick does it make them we have a complete coverage of these fascinating developments let's start with nbc's gabe gutierrez, good morning. >> reporter: here in new york, the governor declared a state of emergency taking effect later this week to increase hospital capacity and in just a few hours, president biden is set to speak and provide an update on the u.s. response. with concerns growing about the omicron covid variant, this morning the w.h.o. saying the global risk from the strain is assessed as very high.perts stit to learn about symptoms and stress that vaccines are the best prevention. the u.s. starting today restricting travel from south
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africa and seven other surrounding nations, while there are no confirmed omicron cases in the u.s., it is now detected in canada, and health officials say the spread here is inevitable. >> if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. if you're fully vaccinated, get boosted. >> reporter: president biden giving an update from his covid response team on sunday, the white house says dr. fauci told the president it will take about two more weeks to know more about the transmissibility and severity of omicron. dr. fauci saying existing vaccines do provide protection against severe cases of covid. still, for now, there is a lot we don't yet know. early data from south africa indicate the strain is highly contagious, this south african doctor was one of the first to sound the alarm. >> currently there is no reason for panicking as we don't see severely ill patients. >> reporter: new omicron cases now confirmed in canada,
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australia, denmark and suspected in france, adding to a growing list. in the netherlands, 13 cases of the variant have been confirmed among passengers on two flights. south africa's president is calling the global response an overreaction. >> these restrictions are completely unjustified. and unfairly discriminate against our country. >> reporter: dr. fauci insisting the u.s. had to act, given the sudden spike of this new variant. >> clearly it is giving indication that it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. >> reporter: israel, morocco, overnight japan have banned foreign travelers. as for the u.s., restrictions, they don't apply to american citizens and lawful permanent residents trying to get home, savannah. >> gabe, thank you so much. let's bring in dr. ashish jha, the dean of the school of public health. good morning. wish we were here under better circumstances. overnight, canada announced it has detected two cases of this omicron variant. do you assume that the omicron variant is here already in the u.s. and why haven't u.s.
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surveillance -- why hasn't it caught it yet if it is? >> yeah, so i do assume that it is already in the u.s. and we will catch it in the next few days. i would be surprised if we make it to the end of this week without identifying it. we're a big country, we have a lot of surveillance happening. we could be doing more surveillance for these things, but i think we'll have an answer on the question of whether it is here certainly in the next few days. >> the key questions are, how transmissible is it, how severe is the illness that you get from it, and most crucially will our vaccines work against it? they say it is going to take a couple of weeks to know that, why does it take so long and how do they figure that out? >> yeah, so we can look at the data from south africa and see the virus really take off, this variant take off and transmissibility, but we have to do much more careful studies to really understand if that's the case. i think by the end of this week we will have some data on whether -- at least from laboratory data on whether our vaccines are holding up or not. but really careful studies just take time.
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you got to grow the virus, you got to run the tests, you got to see what's happening in people. there's no way to go any faster than that. i think we'll have some data relatively soon. >> and that seems to me the most important question, the worst case scenario would be if somehow this variant evades ational -- natural antibodies. so my question to you is, dr. fauci and nih director have suggested that probably the vaccines will have some protection, do you agree with that, and how would you know that? >> yeah, i do agree with that. i think the chances that these -- this variant will completely evade our vaccines is extremely unlikely. really hard for me to imagine under what scenario that could be the case. i think that our vaccines will hold up. the question is how much. how much? is it a little less effective, a lot less effective? we will have that data, laboratory data and clinical
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data in the next week or two at the most. >> anecdotally, some have suggested that perhaps this omicron variant also is -- doesn't cause as severe a disease as other strains have. and that's because we haven't seen hospital admissions really spike in south africa, even though this variant is certainly on the rise there. does that give you any comfort really look at that data. i've seen that and wish that that was the case. we don't know. remember hospitalizations always lag infections. usually by a couple of weeks. and so we have seen the spike in the last week, ten days. we don't know if hospitalizations are going to rise or not. obviously i hope it turns out to be a mild variant, but we don't have that data yet. >> it seems like the whole world is sitting here with bated breath to find out is this another variant that is problematic, but you should get vaccinated or is going to be potentially catastrophic in the sense that the vaccines wouldn't work at all? how should people conduct
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themselves over the next few days? should we be wearing our masks more, double masking? what do we do as we approach the holidays? >> there is no doubt in my mind if you're fully vaccinated and especially boosted you're going to have more protection against this variant. if you're not yet boosted and certainly if you're not vaccinated yet, you need to get the shot. there has never been a more urgent time. other than that, i would not do anything meaningfully different. we just have to wait and see and unfortunately we can't go any faster. but i think we'll have data in the next week or so and certainly well before the holidays really kick in. i wouldn't make any major changes to plans. i would just wait and make sure you're vaccinated and everybody around you is vaccinated. >> dr. jha, you always make us feel a little bit better. thank you for your time and expertise. appreciate it. >> thank you. of course all this comes as millions are headed home after the long holiday weekend, the pandemic record number of passengers filling the nation's airports and tens of millions took to the roads. nbc's tom costello at reagan
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national. the airlines were in the spotlight for the past couple of weeks. how did they do? >> reporter: absolutely. listen, we had the meltdowns of southwest and american and spirit in recent months, all of them seemed to perform very well over the last ten days or so. i just checked. we have very few cancellations and delays today. very few cancellations over the entire ten-day period. most people arrived at their destinations on time. the thanksgiving 2021 travel rush now in the rear view mirror with airlines celebrating their heaviest passenger loads in two years. on sunday, the biggest travel day yet, the tsa estimating 2.4 million flyers took to the skies. >> when you haven't seen family in two years, sometimes you mask up and do what you got to do. >> reporter: over the entire thanksgiving travel period, an average of 2 million passengers and more traveled each day. the most since 2019. to avoid a repeat of a mass cancellation that began over the summer, and extended into october, airlines streamlined operations and staffed up. air travelers and road warriors also benefitted from blue skies
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and clear weather across most of the country. though on sunday, rain showers in the northwest and snow flurries in the northeast delayed some flights, while traffic volume slowed travelers at critical airports in florida, including tampa, orlando and palm beach. here at denver international airport, the nation's third busiest passenger traffic is surging. 69 million passengers in 2019, 80 million expected in 2025. denver, a key hub for united and southwest, operates six runways, critical to remaining open during any looming snowstorms this coming winter. >> having the flexibility to keep runways clean, keep the airport open and moving through and keeping planes de-iced is really key to making sure that all of our flights are operating as on time as possible. >> reporter: looking forward to the christmas holidays, travel experts advise booking now and pad your itinerary with plenty
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of time. >> there are just so many people traveling, planes are going to be packed, airports packed. you should leave early, build in some buffer time. i don't recommend 45 minute connections these days because then you're just asking for things to go wrong. >> so on top of all of that stuff, tom, the new covid variant is the big story this morning. so how worried are airlines about that travel that is upcoming for the christmas holidays? >> reporter: well, they are watching it very closely. listen, over the summer you know we had travel rebounding dramatically and then the delta variant hit. and suddenly we did see air traffic passenger volume start to decline here in the united states. so, yes, going forward, concern about the new delta variant, will that also become a problem here in the united states? so far no, and passenger volume continues to surge, hoda. >> all right, thank you, tom. tom costello for us at reagan national. another holiday rush, the race to shop until we drop. tom llamas is in for craig this
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morning. >> after a below than average turnout in brick and mortar stores on black friday, businesses are hoping for a record-setting day of online sales ahead. nbc's business and tech correspondent jo ling kent joins us from amazon's air hub in texas. the planes right behind her. jo, good morning. >> reporter: hey, tom, good morning. yes, this is going to be a very busy day. we're at the largest, the busiest amazon air hub in the country. they process more than half a million packages every single day. this is going to be a very busy cyber monday here. but that comes after in person, in store shopping traffic was down significantly compared to prepandemic levels, putting new pressure on cyber monday. cyber monday is upon us, and today is expected to break records, with around $11 billion set to be shelled out online as retailers drop digital deals on big wish list items. all in the hopes of bouncing back after a dismal black friday
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turnout. >> it is emptier than i expected it to be. >> reporter: with smaller discounts on fewer items, this year's food traffic failed to reach prepandemic numbers. and in a black friday first, shoppers actually spent less money online compared to last year. the sales slump comes after a slew of smash and grab robberies, hitting high end and big box retailers across the country. in los angeles, a string of heists put police on tactical alert. >> i haven't been coming out as often, like, to this area, just because i know stores have been getting hit. >> reporter: outside of concerns over shopping safety, industry insiders say discounts posted in the days and weeks before black friday had consumers checking off their gift lists earlier than ever. one survey found almost two-thirds of people started their holiday shopping before thanksgiving. >> i started my holiday shopping back in july.
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>> reporter: today's deepest discounts will be on clothes, toys and electronics. but the online shopping surge may trigger christmas chaos, with delivery delays and a backlog of orders because the supply chain is in crisis. and with shipping containers backed up in ports, some big names like gap and target are now flying in products from overseas factories to meet holiday demand. meanwhile, from the air, to the ground, it is a mad dash to dodge delays and get those gifts out the door. best advice for those with a must have item on their list, buy now before it is too late. you can see behind me packages are now going on to these amazon prime airplanes. as i watched the packages go into the belly of the plane, i can't help but think about deadlines. the first major deadline you should know about for shipping your gifts is december 15th. that is for usps ground shipping. that's only two weeks from now, basically. guys? >> two weeks. jo, thank you so much for that. >> we're going to have a lot more on cyber monday in those holiday shopping and shipping
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concerns in our next half hour. when we have the head of amazon's worldwide consumer business joining us live. let's get our first check of the weather right at this time. al. >> good to see everybody. i tell you, if you want to hang on to a little springtime, head out west. they had record-breaking temperatures out there. the big area of high pressure pushing the jet stream up to the north, record highs, temperatures in 12 different states yesterday. and today we're going to be looking at more record highs again. look at the temperatures, anywhere from 10 to 15 to 20 degrees above average, from rapid city, las vegas, reading, helena. today we could see another set of records across 12 different states from lake havasu city, reno, casper, sioux falls, selena. we're looking at this, making its way to the east. the warmer temperatures, chicago into the 50s. same in new york. down to raleigh, 70s, same in atlanta. little rock and dallas, touching near 80 degrees. unfortunately we are going to see another atmospheric river moving into the pacific northwest this is the third one to hit that area in the last
7:17 am
week. next round of rain moves in tomorrow, into thursday. some places picking up to 4 inches of rain and that is a big problem because they have been seeing so much rain. seattle is going to have its wettest fall ever. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. nces up to 40% off rugs up to 80% off and lighting up to 65% off. plus get bonus savings with a wayfair credit card and free shipping on thousands of products. don't miss our cyber monday happening now through november 29th. only at >> good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we look outside at the bay bridge. a bit of a hazy sky. we're going to see some moderate air quality today. as that smoke just settles in. but our temperatures heading up. it's a cold start this morning.
7:18 am
dense fog in the north bay, but we'll see those temperatures making it into the low 70s today. reaching 70 in hayward and 71 in livermore. then going into the next several days, more of the same. cold mornings, hazy skies and a lot of sunshine with temperatures reaching into the low 70s for the inland areas while san francisco will see highs in the upper 60s. getting stranded in a pub over the weekend? >> did that happen to you? >> that didn't happen to me. happened to 60 people. we'll show you >> that would be fun >> not a bad place. >> thank you still ahead, opening statements getting under way this morning at the long awaited trial of ghislaine maxwell jeffrey epstein's long time companion and alleged recruiter. we'll get the latest from the federal courthouse in new york. plus, the author of a bombshell new book on the royal family and the rift between princes william and harry and their wives. he'll join us in studio 1a for an exclusive live interview. st e exclusive liv
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don't be frustrated! okay. ♪ show me what you got there. ♪ wow... absolutely beautiful. good morning. 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. here are today's top stories including new concerns about the latest covid variant which president biden will address later this morning. >> i'm bob redell. black friday online sales have dipped for the first time compared to the year before. according to adobe analytics this past friday, shoppers spent $8.9 billion online. that's $100 million less than what they spent last year. adobe suggests this dip in online spending splay been caused by an uptick in early spending as some stores started sales and promotions as early as
7:27 am
october. global supply chain issues could have been another contributor. good morning. i'm cierra johnson in burlingame. today is officially cyber monday. right now i'm in the four-star amazon store. a lot of their deals reflect what you can see online. had a chance to speak with a spokesperson who says there are some deals up to 50% off and don't worry about the item not being in stock. they have a lot of third party sellers so you can ensure you'll get your gift by december 24th. and a look at the forecast around the post holiday slow maybe? >> you want to get outside, get some sunshine. that will help pick you up. our temperatures will be warming up for the inland areas reaching into the low 70s. we'll see our weather on repeat going all throughout the week and into the weekend. still dry here across the bay area. we're hoping for some rain but looks like it will be at least another week before we get it once again in the forecast. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half
7:28 am
hour. we hope to see you back here then. have a great morning.
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back now, 7:30, with the lighting ceremony of the national menorah in washington to mark first night of hanukkah. >> doing the honors right there, doug inhofe, husband of vice president kamala harris, and the first jewish spouse of an american president or vice president. look outside our window. look, they took down the scaffolding. there is our tree. it is all ready for the tree lighting we'll bring you that moment live wednesday night. it will be a star-studded christmas in rockefeller center special here on nbc. we'll get the crowds back, the
7:31 am
vaccinated crowds back >> it seems like the crowds are gathering. >> you got to get your spot. we turn now to your 7:30 headlines, we begin with a tragic story out of las vegas where a college student died after taking part in a charity boxing match held by a fraternity 20-year-old nathan valencia suffered brain injuries during the fight which happened on november 19th, and he died four days later over the weekend, a group of friends and family gathered at unlv for a candlelight vigil to honor him on what would have been his 21st birthday the university's president says they are shocked and heart broken and he says the school will make all the resources available so the incident can be fully reviewed. actor matthew mcconaughey says he will not run for governor of texas.
7:32 am
the 52-year-old academy award winning actor making that announcement in a video posted last night >> as a simple kid born in a little town in texas, it never occurred to me i would one day be considered for political leadership it is a humbling and inspiring path to ponder it is also a path that i am choosing not to take at this moment >> mcconaughey says he will instead focus on supporting businesses and foundations that create pathways for others to succeed. the texas governor's race is shaping up to be one of the nation's highest profile contests in 2022 to sunday night football now, it was a rough night for ravens quarterback lamar jackson. he threw a career high four interceptions, but came up big when they needed him the most. check this out >> made the big play on this drive. third and ten. whole bunch of browns coming after him. jackson trying to keep it alive. put it up for grabs. and it's a touchdown andrews! wow! >> jackson finds mark andrews for the touchdown in the third quarter. the ravens go on to beat the
7:33 am
browns 16-10 baltimore moves to 8-3 on the season, atop the afc north and one more note, college football, i don't know if you saw it saturday night, university of alabama, auburn, the iron bowl, four overtimes. it was wild. >> we were watching that >> lived up to the hype, yeah. >> all right turning now to the start of a highly anticipated trial here in new york. >> yeah. ghislaine maxwell is accused of helping jeffrey epstein recruit and abuse underage girls now, nearly 17 months after her arrest, opening statements in the case getting under way this morning. nbc's stephanie gosk is outside u.s. district court here in manhattan. steph, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. it has been more than two years since jeffrey epstein took his own life in a manhattan jail cell facing sex trafficking charges. while it will be ghislaine maxwell in the courtroom, for many of epstein's accusers, this is going to feel like the trial he never had ghislaine maxwell, the once wealthy jet setting companion of jeffrey epstein will now be tried as his conspirator in an alleged scheme to recruit four underage girls for sex >> have a look at what's happening for first time in history. >> reporter: the six criminal counts are focused on a decade long period between 1994 and 2004, when prosecutors say maxwell, contributed and
7:34 am
facilitated by helping him recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims. in some cases maxwell allegedly was present for and participated in sexual abuse of minor victims, according to the indictment prosecutors say the scheme involved getting the alleged victims to travel to maxwell's personal residence in london, in epstein's residences in new york city, florida and new mexico maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all counts. the four unidentified victims named in the indictment are expected to testify. two of them were just 14 years old when they allegedly met maxwell, according to prosecutors. in recent years, several women have shared their stories publicly in 2019, one of epstein's accusers told savannah what she witnessed when maxwell allegedly brought her to epstein's palm beach home >> i followed ghislaine up the stairs through jeffrey's bedroom and into a bathroom and there's this man laying naked on a green massage table in the middle of
7:35 am
the room. >> reporter: that same year, jennifer rose told savannah she massage table in the was just 15 when she was raped by epstein. >> did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> yeah, he raped me forcefully raped me, knew exactly what he was doing. what hurts even more is if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. >> reporter: rose has separately sued maxwell claiming she facilitated her alleged abuse. she is not expected to testify during the trial maxwell denies the allegations in that lawsuit in this case if she's found guilty, she faces up to 70 years in prison, savannah. >> stephanie, do you have any idea what kind of defense strategy we might see?
7:36 am
>> reporter: we do from the motions in the pretrial hearing, savannah the defense said basically this trial wouldn't be taking place if jeffrey epstein hadn't taken his own life you can also expect them to go after the credibility of the four accusers in this case memory and specifically the limits of memory will be a big part of this defense guys, back to you. >> stephanie gosk at the courthouse for us, thank you coming up next, from higher prices to out of stock items, we have been tracking the impact of inflation and the supply chain issues on your holiday shopping. and on this cyber monday, we are turning to a man who knows all about them, one of amazon's top ceos we'll go one on one with him live coming up right after this. . oh nice. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. i'm gonna cashback on a gingerbread house! oooh, it's got little people inside! and a snowglobe. oh, i wished i lived in there. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition!
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when you give the gift of ancestry®, you give the gift of family. ♪ we're back with "in depth" today. on this cyber monday, we're focusing on your holiday shopping when it comes to finding gifts this year. several factors including the supply chain crisis are making things more complicated. it is all top of mind for dave clark, the ceo of amazon's worldwide and consumer business. good morning, dave good to see you. so, here we are, we're at the peak of holiday shopping, we have got inflation, we have got all these supply chain issues. so should consumers expect to pay more and find fewer things >> well, good morning and we're here in texas and the sun is rising on another cyber monday at amazon. and i think, you know, it has been a challenging year, but our teams have done incredible work getting ready for today. and consumers should expect great low prices we get over 20% more inventory than we had a year ago
7:41 am
so selection is in a good place. i think consumers as they come back together this first sort of post vaccine holiday, should feel good about the shopping experience and about what they're getting to bring together with their families. >> it is cyber monday and a lot of folks are going to be shopping online. black friday wasn't so great, but people are hoping cyber monday will be good. the other big question is are the gifts going to arrive on time so how are you feeling about that >> well, we feel really good about it we spent tens of billions of dollars building out the transportation infrastructure, some of what you see behind us, all to deliver for days like today and for the weeks to come between here and christmas so consumers should feel good about shopping today, consumers should feel good about shopping the days and weeks ahead we're set to deliver another great holiday season >> well, you know, i feel sorry for small businesses
7:42 am
i look at you and you're sitting there with this big plane, cargo ships, you can distribute and hire thousands of workers. some of the small businesses are getting squeezed i wonder if sometimes you're benefiting off the backs of these smaller businesses >> what i tell you is this plane back here is probably half filled with small business packages our job is about enabling small business over half the items sold on amazon on a regular basis and through the holiday season are going to be those small businesses that's what we do. we spent all this money and all this time for decades building off the infrastructure that powers small business. it is enables them to compete with the big box retailers, like giving them the logistics and technology infrastructure to compete both nationally and globally so, no, i feel great about small business in america. i feel great about what we have done to help empower it. and i think what you see behind me and what you see us execute too the next week is all about delivering for those folks >> let's talk about the omicron variant. it is spreading around the globe.
7:43 am
and it was covid that actually sort of initially started this supply chain crisis. are you worried with this new variant now in place it may add to the problems? >> well, you know, this new variant is very new. i think we'll learn over the next couple of weeks what it means going forward. i have a tremendous amount of faith in the scientists and these companies that have provided these vaccines for us over the last year and i think they'll adapt quickly and i think we're not -- i don't see us going back to a place that we were, you know in 2020, with the pandemic. and so i'm optimistic about '22 and what's ahead for us. >> cases are up of covid-19. and i know that you guys don't have a vaccine mandate there at amazon what percentage of your employees are vaccinated >> well, our vaccine rates tend to follow whatever the community rates are. while we don't have a vaccine mandate, what we have done is we
7:44 am
had over 1800 on site vaccine clinics, we do a lot of incentivization for people to try to get the vaccine and we're doing a lot of education to help our people understand why they shouldn't be afraid of the vaccine, why they should get the vaccine, the reason why i got it and my kids have it. and i think that's the path forward to getting people to increase the rate of vaccination around the u.s. >> if you don't get vaccinated, do you have to get tested to work at amazon >> well, today you don't today, if you are unvaccinated, you need to wear a mask at all times. if you are unvaccinated depending on local legislation you do not if the ets continues and that rule goes through, then, yes, we'll move to mandatory testing or vaccination at the point at which that becomes the law. >> thank you, dave clark, the ceo of amazon's worldwide consumer business. good luck on cyber monday today. >> thank you >> all right, thanks, dave. it is, what time is it
7:45 am
7:45 >> time for al's forecast. >> that's right. imagine you go to a little pub, tanhill inn, in yorkshire, england. 200 miles north of london. and this is what you've got. you've got three feet of snow. you can't even get out the door. so 60 people, 61 people were stranded inside. some were staying the night. some had to stay the night these are all the folks enjoying what's going on. there was an oasis cover band performing so they're all rocking out, some of the folks had to sleep in the lobby and within the bar itself. but they had a great time. they made the most of it that's right i can't name an oasis hit, but i'm sure many of you can savannah >> i can "wonder wall." i feel like i'm on "jeopardy". >> this is my wonder wall. we have a clipper coming in, lake-effect snow coming in -- sorry, didn't mean to put you on the spot. >> i don't know where it came from deep recesses. >> anyway, let's show you, this clipper is going to come across, alberta clipper, quick one, is
7:46 am
going to make its way and bring with it a little light snow, scattered snow showers here in the northeast today. the next system moves through pretty quickly across the great lakes. and then it is a faster one. it is going to be weaker not a big problem. little lake-effect snow, maybe 1 to 3 inches generally. for the most part, highest totals expected across michigan, rest of the country today, record warmth in the midsection of the u.s through the southwest, into texas, lots of sunshine, on into the mid-atlantic states and the of the u.s. through the southwest, into texas, lots of sunshine, on into the mid- >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. take a look at our temperatures after this chilly start. we'll see our highs reaching into the low 70s for today. it's going to be nice. oakland reaching 70 degrees. 63 -- 73 in san jose and upper 60s for napa. going through the forecast, our
7:47 am
weather is stuck at repeat. we're going to see more highs in the 70s. chilly mornings and a hazy sky to go along with it. still no rain in the forecast at least through the next week or so. and that is your latest weather. >> you should have asked tom llamas, he deejays on the weekend. >> i do. my wife shows up my three kids. it is the craziest party you were on the spot, you hit "wonder wall". >> you probably know two or three more. >> "champagne supernova". >> now you're showing off. >> "bombo genesis. al, thank you. still ahead, we're going to take a pause and remember a towering figure in the fashion world, trail blazing louis vuitton director who died far too young after a private battle with cancer >> so many mourning this loss. the star studded tributes honoring virgil abloh. first, these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ olive: wait wait wait! ♪
7:48 am
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7:51 am
born in 1980 to african immigrants, abloh's mother was a seamstress who taught him how to sew. he became friends in his 20s with kanye west. he became the musician's artistic director, earning a grammy nomination for the 2011 jay-z, kanye album "watch the throne". >> he saw everything that could be designed as an opportunity to express himself. >> reporter: kanye west mourning his collaborator, his sunday services choir covering adele's "easy on me" in a moving
7:52 am
tribute. lvmh, the parent company of louis vuitton, posting, virgil was not only a genius designer, a visionary, he was a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom. abloh passed away on sunday after the age of 41 from cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer affecting the heart his family saying he chose to endure his battle privately, he is survived by his wife shannon and children lowe and grey for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news >> we thank kristen for that louis vuitton announced it will pay tribute to abloh with a showing of his new men's wear collection tomorrow in miami. >> what an impact. still ahead, tributes pouring in to another icon as broadway stars come together to honor stephen sondheim who died unexpectedly first, a check of your local news and weather
7:53 am
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good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm kris sanchez. a new covid variant, omicron, has the u.s. restricting travel from south africa and other countries for non-u.s. citizens. omicron is spreading faster than other variants, however the symptoms seem to be mild. some of them are the same we've seen like fatigue, body aches, headache but omicron also seems to make people's throats scratchy instead of sore. no reports, though, of cough or loss of smell. medical experts say keep doing whatever you did to avoid infection from the other covid variants. as we're waking up and heading out this morning, we're seeing mostly sunny sky across the bay area with the exception
7:57 am
of some patchy dense fog in the north bay. once that clears out, we'll see sunshine and temperatures reaching into the low 70s this afternoon. more 70s in the forecast throughout the week of our dry weather continues and above normal temperatures, breezy winds also in the forecast for today and then for the weekend, some mid to upper 60s for the valleys while san francisco also has some warmer temperatures reaching into the upper 60s through at least friday into the weekend. but it looks like still no chance of rain here for a while. scott? >> i know we need it, but it looks great. we'll have another local news update coming for you in a half an hour. you can always check
7:58 am
7:59 am
small businesses like yours make gift-giving possible. now, comcast business has an exclusive gift for you. introducing the gift of savings sale. for a limited time, ask how to get a great deal for your business. and get up to a $500 prepaid card with select bundles when you switch to the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses.
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or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. it is 8:00 on today. coming up, high alert after pandemic travel broke records over the thanksgiving holiday, and with many americans still on the move, health officials sounding the alarm over the new omicron variant. >> if you are not yet boosted and certainly if you're not vaccinated yet, you need it is 8:00 on today. coming up, high alert after pandemic travel broke records over the thanksgiving holiday, and with many americans still on the move, health officials sounding the alarm over the new omicron variant. >> if you are not yet boosted and certainly if you're not vaccinated yet, you need to go get the shot there has never been a more urgent time. >> international travel bans now taking effect in an emergency attempt to slow the spread we're live with the very latest. plus, royal rift explosive details revealed in a new book on prince william and harry's falling out and including those controversial
8:01 am
comments about race. we'll speak exclusively with the author live in studio. then, musical monday the legendary rita moreno is here to talk about her return to "west side story" in a brand-new role, her legacy on broadway, and turning 90 plus, with only days to go before the premiere of "annie live," a behind the scenes look ahead of the big night. >> i never even thought i would be here. >> but look at you, you are. >> i just -- it is a dream today, november 29th, 2021 >> on jenny's birthday trip -- >> from dallas, texas! >> one month until my big day. s
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
still be entertaining 100 years from now, still have something to say ♪ >> reporter: at 91, sondheim was still working, writing a new musical, and despite all the awards and celebrations of his work, sondheim always felt he had more to write, more to say and, guys, how lucky we were to hear it.
8:11 am
>> yeah, he said it will live on for 100 years or more. it will. >> especially also with the people he mentored, you know >> extraordinary. >> incredible. >> jonathan larsson, lin-manuel miranda. >> the way he took time for young playwrights and lyricists and musicians is incredible. >> thank you, anne. >> thank you, anne. let's get a boost. >> a boost for you employees at southwest airlines at the counter in new orleans found a way to make flying a little more fun. they put a sign on the counter that said if you want to ask a question, you have to sing a song first here's what happened ♪ ♪ i like the way you work it back it up ♪ >> that's a good one it got everybody singing along we didn't find out what the question was, but who cares.
8:12 am
>> something tells me that's not the first time he did that. >> he deserves an upgrade. that's an idea you know how mad people get, they want to ask a question. >> it makes you consider, is my question really that important am i willing to sing coming up next, the author behind an explosive new book about the royals, their relationships and the sources of several rifts inside the family. christopher andersen is with us next with an exclusive live interview next [upbeat acoustic music throughout] ♪ this holiday, let them shine like never before. ♪
8:13 am
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starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ (lightning strikes) we took the truck that helped build this country. deals for days. and made it so it can power our homes. we took the vehicles businesses use to keep the lights on. and made them run on the same thing that turns the lights on. we took the original zero-to-sixty head turner. and gave it zero tailpipe emissions. we took the familiar. and made it revolutionary. welcome back. the relationship between britain's princ welcome back the relationship between britain's prince william and prince harry captivated the world for years and now a bombshell new book is diving deeper into that relationship. and the events that led harry to break away from royal life. >> it is called "brothers and wives: inside the private lives of william, kate, harry and
8:17 am
meghan," the author christopher andersen is with us exclusively. >> we'll chat with him about the book first, nbc's kelly cobiella joins with us more on the waves it is already creating across the pond good morning >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. the royal family pushing back hard against some of these explosive claims in this new book, a spokesperson for prince charles calling them fiction this morning, another bombshell for the royal family, the new book "brothers and wives" claiming prince charles asked about the skin color of prince harry and meghan markle's future children on the day of their engagement charles asking, what do you suppose their children's complexion might be? an innocent conversation, the book's author says, that was twisted into something toxic by royal advisers and shared with
8:18 am
harry and meghan a spokesman for prince charles telling "the new york post," this is fiction and not worth further comment. meghan and harry accusing the royal family of racism in their tell all interview with oprah earlier this year. >> there is a conversation with you -- >> with harry. >> about how dark your baby is going to be? >> potentially and what that would mean or look like. >> reporter: the couple adding they never revealed who said it, but later clarifying it wasn't the queen or prince philip at the time, the queen said the allegations were taken very seriously, and would be addressed privately. prince william just days later publicly defended the royals >> the royal family -- >> we're very much not a racist family >> the book's author christopher andersen covered the royal family for decades and his publisher says he has multiple sources for all of his reporting.
8:19 am
in the book, he describes william's concerns about harry rushing to the altar, saying william's advice to harry was take whatever time you need to really get to know this girl harry's alleged reaction, who the hell do you think you are, brother? the author says the situation became more strained in december 2019 after harry and meghan chose to spend the christmas holiday in canada. and that before the queen recorded her traditional christmas message, she asked that a portrait of harry, meghan and archie be removed. the book claims william was shocked when he realized the photo was gone and told kate, harry would be terribly upset. it cites an unnamed confidant of harry's as saying harry felt as he, meghan and archie were being erased from the family a spokesperson for the queen told the "new york post", we don't comment on books of this kind as to do so risks giving it some form of authority or credibility. we also reached out to prince
8:20 am
william and prince harry's spokespeople, so far, guys, no comment from either of them. >> all right, kelly, thank you we want to welcome in the author of "brothers and wives," christopher andersen good morning to you. >> great to be here. >> the palace has gone out of its way to say either it is fiction or they won't dignify it because it is not based in reality. what do you say to that? >> first, it horrifies me i've been covering the family for 50 years. i went to the silver jubilee of the queen, and covered that, i ran people's coverage through the '70s and the '80s. our sources are solid, i've had them for decades and tended to them very carefully. whatever is in the book, there are multiple sources for this. i think their response is predictable, but i don't think they know what the book -- i
8:21 am
doubt if they looked at what is in the book itself what i'm saying is that on the morning that the engagement of william -- of harry and meghan was announced, and very kind of benign way, prince charles started to muse on what their future grandchildren might look like here is a beautiful biracial american woman and the world's most famous red head, i'm a grandfather, we all do this, you know, speculate on that. but it was turned into something very toxic it was weaponized really by the men in gray who run the palace, you know, organization. >> saying charles was the one who said it was kind of the big revelation, charles who said it. >> right and unfortunately the time it got to harry, that's the way he took it. >> why would the men in gray, that's how you describe the bureaucrats and people who run the royal family, why would they want to do that? bring us inside. why would you stir the pot why would you spread a falsehood? >> these three factions, it is not a unified entity there you have various teams for the cambridges, the sussexes, the queen, prince charles and camilla. and they're all in competition
8:22 am
behind the scenes. and constantly pulling the rug out from each other and constantly leaking information it is a toxic environment. >> let's talk about that scene in 2019 when the queen was giving her holiday address and is sitting at this table and there are pictures of all the kids and grandkids and she, according to your book, basically says something like about the picture of harry, meghan and archie that one, that one i suppose we don't need that one. >> that's right. they were in the -- >> it seems petty for her. it seems look a strange thing. >> she loves all of her children and grandchildren, no doubt about that but when it comes to the firm, as they call the royal family, she is all business. that's why she wouldn't allow harry and meghan to remain as part time royals on the terms they wanted. that one gesture, however, you know, william knew it would hurt harry, and it did. harry did feel as if he was being erased, according to a friend of his, erased from -- as being erased slowly from the
8:23 am
family quite the signal the queen was sending. >> can we return to this comment that you say got kind of twisted out of proportion. meghan mentions it, this comment in that interview with oprah, when she's talking about it, she's saying it is when she was pregnant, you report that this comment which started innocuously according to your reporting was the day of their engagement, so was she talking about something else or do you believe she was describing this comment that you now say is -- is from prince charles >> in that interview, she says it was much earlier than her pregnancy, before their marriage i believe she is referring to this particular remark. >> the more you hear about this, the less you think those two brothers will ever be able to be together again >> it is sad, isn't it i think about what diana would have thought here is a woman who, you know, she said, you know, i'm raising them to be prepared for this, i don't want them to be hurt the way i was. well, they are being hurt. there was nothing she could do to shield them the whole dynamic pits one brother against the other. >> i think the perception up until this whole, you know,
8:24 am
megxit thing is that the brothers were very close you report that the rift between them actually started much younger, when they were toddlers. >> there is a poignant photo in the book, harry's first day of school and he arrives and he sticks out his hand to greet the teacher and the teacher reaches over him to shake william's hand and charles' hand. he always knew that he was second best and would be for rest of his life in william's shadow. >> christopher, thank you so much we appreciate you coming to see us we should mention "brothers and wives" is out tomorrow. >> sisters is the sequel >> thank you very much we'll turn to the weather. mr. roker, what you got? >> we're looking at more rain moving into the pacific northwest. some record warmth in the midsections of the country, sunny skies through the southwest. the snow showers with this quick clipper coming right across the great lakes, no big problem. sunny skies through the golf,
8:25 am
. good morning. i'm kari hall. live look at the bay bridge and san francisco. you can see light patches of fog. it's been thick fog. visibility is still down to zero around novado. so be careful heading out the door and on your way to work. after that clears out, sunshine in the forecast today with temperatures in the low 70s. we'll see weather like this continue for the next several days. we need to stand we need to stand for this. >> yes, standing o >> she's here. >> rita moreno >> she is a legend of screen, broadway, hollywood. rita moreno and is in our presence we're so grateful. we'll talk to her coming up right after this an hour every day.
8:26 am
it can be hard to keep up so let's get started now. >> hallie jackson on nbc news now. good morning, everyone. it is 8:26. just into our news room, a surprise shakeup at san francisco's twitter. within the last few minutes the company announced co-founder jack dorsey is stepping down immediately as ceo. the new ceo has been announced. he's been with twitter for more than a decade and has been chief technology officer since 2017. dorsey will remain a member of the board until his term expires next year. twitter shares jumped some 10% on the news. i know we'd be in trouble if we lost kari hall.
8:27 am
she joins us with an update. >> we'll see what's going on with that. let's get a look at our temperatures today, reaching into the low 70s. reaching 73 in san jose. after this chilly start, it will be a very nice afternoon, and a lot of sunshine in the forecast throughout the week. really no changes here. we still don't see any rain in the forecast as high pressure heats our chances of rain farther to the north. so the bay area is missing out. and san francisco is going to see some sunshine. warmer than normal temperatures that will continue throughout the weekend. scott. >> thank you. we have another local news update coming for you in a half hour and a full newscast at 11:00 a.m. we'll see you then. mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon! i promised i wouldn't miss the show
8:28 am
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. hola, estamos de regreso, we're back it is 8:30 it is a monday morning we got a big crowd we are pumped up, guys we got a real busy half hour and savannah and i are bursting and tom's bursting and al's bursting the legendary rita moreno is here >> yes >> yeah. we're going to talk about her legendary career, her return to "west side story" in the new steven spielberg movie and a lot
8:31 am
more. >> i don't know if we'll be able to get through it. we're slobbering all over her. >> we're going to gawk. >> speaking of musicals, we're going to take you to the set of "annie live," another all-star cast taking on a classic story with a modern twist. >> plus, it is cyber monday. and jill martin is here to launch an epic week, a week of holiday shopping, five full days of gift ideas and epic savings, steals and deals style, you know it. >> it is going to be huge. coming up in the third hour, we got modern family star julie bowen live in house. she'll be in studio 1a talking about her new movie. that is a throwback to the 1990s. >> and get ready for tomorrow on "today," because our dear friend kathie lee is here yes, dear. she's coming back to her old stomping grounds, first time since the pandemic she's been working on something very close to her heard, perfectly timed for the holidays she'll have a lot to talk about. two kids that are married, a lot going on. >> klg in the studio, i'm excited. get the shard ready. chardonnay let's get a check of the weather, al. >> that gift. >> buttery shard.
8:32 am
>> all right let's look at the week ahead, show you what we have got. sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard to begin the week we get to the midweek period and we're going to be looking at a little light snow from the great lakes into northern new england. plenty of warmth through the gulf, staying dry in the west. rain continuing in the pacific northwest. toward the end of the week, we are look at more snow around the great lakes, northern plains, warm and dry out west, bright good morning. we're still watching that dense fog in the knot bay. else where it is mainly clear. we have a lot of sunshine. although a hazy sunshine in our forecast today. moderate air quality as our temperatures head to the 70s. looking at temperatures in the 70s as we go all throughout the week. even the weekend, still no rain here. temperatures remaining about the same. san francisco also slightly
8:33 am
higher than normal with temperatures in the 60s for the rest of the week. how excited are we >> coming up, you guys, a tricon rita moreno in studio 1a she's going to share her legendary stories from her incredible career. first, this is "today" on nbc. welcome back incredible ca the classic hollywood sto. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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8:35 am
welcome back rita moreno is the definition of a superstar. she's an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony winner. she first lit up the big screen in "west side story" 60 years ago. >> she's now returning in steven spielberg's reimagining of the iconic love story as the new character valentina. >> with a new color hair. >> new color hair. valentina steps into offer advice. >> i want to be with you forever. >> you don't want to start maybe with i would like to take you out to coffee?
8:36 am
>> no. come on. >> i want to take you to shop? >> this ain't casual like that. >> oh. >> rita moreno, we are so overjoyed. i mean, looking at that scene, what do you feel like to be back >> unbelievable. but you know what was really eerie? almost creepy? the scene in the drugstore -- in the candy store, where anita almost gets raped, to suddenly come in and do doc's part in a way, to say, stop it i mean, that was -- and then i'm looking into the face of another anita. it was -- i can't tell you how strange that was and it never -- it never stopped being strange. i could not get myself -- i kept saying, that's not me.
8:37 am
>> it is incredible because it is 60 years since the original "west side story" film. >> how many? >> 6-0 we could do an entire segment on your beauty. you're incredible. but we want to talk about -- >> i'm going to be 90 in a week. >> i can't believe it. i hear you throw a good party too. >> i do. >> not only do you come back and do "west side story," it is steven spielberg, he creates this role for you, but you're executive producer. >> tony kushner created the role. >> the writer. >> that's right. he said instead of doc, why don't we have rita moreno play valentina, which i think is such a beautiful name. >> the trajectory of how far hollywood has come, how far you've come, i mean -- >> executive producer.
8:38 am
how about that it is just -- it is ironic, and delicious, and something mischievous about it and there was something really kind of bittersweet about meeting my anita >> what was that like? >> that was -- well, she was very, very nervous and i took her to lunch the very first day we were there, i was there, we were just rehearsing and doing costume -- look at her. isn't she gorgeous look at her. she's afro latina, really meaningful before this time is up, because i know how quickly time passes, it is important to make a note of the fact that kushner and spielberg made a huge deal of the fact that every person playing a latino had to be a latino and they did something insanely brave and almost haphazard, they went to the university of puerto rico, and did a panel, twice, on what was great about the movie, originally, and what was not because they told them, they said, you know, some people were not thrilled about it, you know. they forgave rita moreno, but they were not forgiving about the movie at the time.
8:39 am
but, you know, a lot of us had all colors in puerto rico. we are colors because of the spanish were there, the dutch were there, the french were there. so we are this color and we are coal black and they -- it meant a great deal to steven to get this right and to tony kushner to get this right at the very least. and they did. >> what do you think of the movie? >> i love it >> you do? >> i just heard steven spielberg exhale in relief >> i -- well, he did, as a matter of fact he did when i went to see it the first time, he was apparently -- i'm told he was pretty nervous. >> i bet >> and you love america. ours is so -- i say ours, it is so iconic. >> you sing in this as well. >> i didn't expect that.
8:40 am
didn't expect it when i saw that in the script, i was -- i could not believe it. but that's tony kushner. he comes up with the damnedest ideas. >> i find your career incredibly fascinating. you talked about the moment that you -- that may have been the moment you won the oscar, you remember from this scene in "west side story," and it is so moved and struck me and i was unaware of this story, but we have a minute, will you tell it? >> which story >> you were in a group of men and they were -- >> they were almost going to rape, assault anita. and calling me terrible names like pig and bernardo's tramp and messing with me and throwing me on the ground, pulling up my skirt, and you always think that
8:41 am
your wounds are healed and apparently these wounds were not and i just suddenly started to cry and i couldn't stop i could not stop crying. i went to the candy store counter and put my head down and couldn't stop crying it brought up all of the terrible things that have happened to me in my life, you know, where i was called dreadful names by all kinds of kids and in fact robert weiss who is directing had to say, okay, let's do an early lunch and, rita, go to your dressing room. >> there was a line there you said at the end when you wanted it all to stop when you wanted them to quit and that was the line that you talked about you said that it was just, you know, you said that's enough. like, stop >> what? >> something like that >> in that scene >> yeah. >> what did you say at the very end? >> well, i say -- well, i don't want to give it away, but i talk about anita. about maria. and i tell them something that is absolutely not true but i'm so angry and so hurt and
8:42 am
it is like an animal hurt. >> yeah. >> but i still feel that here is the interesting thing, there were certain things you never get over it is true it is true i have wounds that are really still rather -- i'm touchy and i will -- i will cry i will cry i had an experience a couple of years ago where i thought all of that was over with, and suddenly i was reminded that i was puerto rican and that was not a good thing to be, by an institution and i can't mention -- i can, but i don't want to. >> well, you have an incredible, incredibly beautiful life. and this right here, this moment that we're about to see you on screen again is going to really just take people's breath away. >> i am beyond excited >> we're so grateful thank you, rita moreno you're incredible. you're so captivating. you are really incredible and we're just so honored by your
8:43 am
presence >> rita, thank you so, so much. >> oh, my goodness. >> we adore you. >> "west side story," i get to go to the premiere tonight i get to see it. >> you're going to see steven spielberg. you're going to be -- isn't it nice i feel very confident in saying that you are going to be stunned and, by the way, the sets are unreal >> i can't wait. and now everyone can see it. it hits theaters december 10th thank you so much. what a pleasure. >> thank you so much >> i'm thrilled. so happy. >> yea. >> we told you we would gush all over you sorry. normally we're more professional coming up -- not really, though. jill martin is ready to kick off an entire week of holiday steals and deals. >> any shoes >> rita wants shoes. >> we got them we got them for you. >> this is "day" on nbc. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you.
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it is 8:45 we're back with a very special "steals and deals". >> jill martin kicks off our holiday gift guide, five days of bargains, everything you're about to see is over 80% off we got to boogie because we were fan girling over rita. >> i don't have shoes, but you like my dress. this week we're giving you all the gifts and then i'm done. you're rid of me everybody can cross off their list, get everything done in time and it will ship. let's start with mila cross body bag, retail $598 it can be worn as cross body or shoulder bag what i like about this, you will too, the drop on it has padding and it is a long drop. meaning if you're wearing a puffy jacket, you're not like struggling to get it on. comes in luxurious leather or suede. organization inside. check out the retail, $598 the deal, $89. that's 85% off everything has been selling out. so i'm giving you my warning the cz kenneth j. lane jewelry,
8:47 am
retail 80 to $229. nobody will know, if they do, you shouldn't be friends with them totally real to me you can do a tennis bracelet, super on friend, i layered that up you can do studs, hoops, all the options. look how beautiful this is just simple. even when you layer, you have a lot going on, you can put different things to get that look >> look at those. >> you know who would like that? craig. >> craig needs this. he needs to bling it up. >> the retail $80 to $229. the deal, $15 to $34, 85% off, beautiful stocking stuffer always popular, we saved them for this week, the triple barrel waver, $269 to $399. this will give you those beach waves. the other day you wore your hair and it had a little bit -- >> i don't even remember this morning. >> you did the other day i saw it it will give you the instant beach waves. or a speedup blow dry. >> that would be a good travel
8:48 am
blow dry too it is not so big. >> it doesn't give you that much heat, so it won't burn your hair check out for all the styles retail 269 to $399 the deal, $49 to $59, up to 85% off. >> is this necessary >> yes, it comes with it i should say it is necessary but i do not use it. full disclosure. the trust md 24 carat gold rejuvenating face cream. there is a purpose it is great for the winter months, it has 24 carat gold and peptide face serum, face cream and a gold body oil. this is giving someone a new sort of, like, habitual -- >> you get all three >> everything in the set $296 the deal, $48, 84% off it gives you the shimmer. >> i like it >> the true buds air wireless earbuds with charging case by gava goods self-explanatory, this always goes retail $109.99
8:49 am
12 hours of full play time when fully charged. so you know how much you have. the retail $109.99 the deal, $21.89 >> it is not shoes, but -- >> last up, this always flies. the power up shine usb backup battery. who doesn't need a backup battery. $99.99 dual usb ports and wireless charging technology, charge up to three different devices at the same time. you're not struggling with wires. retail $99.99. the deal, $19, that gives you to secret santa world, 81% off. under $25. you're in. >> you're in >> all right >> that wraps up my cyber monday gift guide the items, the cross body handbag, cz, the waver and blow-dryer, the skin care trio,
8:50 am
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8:53 am
celina smith is never without a smile. >> oh! i'm just -- i don't even know how to act i'm just, like, bouncing up and down the walls >> it is fair to say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, isn't it >> i never even thought i would be here. >> but look at you you are. >> it is a dream >> when you found out you got picked after this nationwide search, what was that like for you? >> i was just so -- it is like a weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders. i was so happy you could swore there was a kangaroo in the house. i was, like, hopping everywhere and i was screaming. i was just acting a fool blubbering idiot >> in this version of "annie", the hard knock life will come courtesy of taraji p. henson,
8:54 am
cast as miss hannigan. >> she's the villain you love to hate she's quirky for me, she's the total opposite of who i -- we don't have much in common. i love kids. it is a role i get to lose myself in. you know, i get to have so much fun with her ♪ some women are driving with diamonds ♪ >> a role made iconic by carol burnett. >> for me, it is life full circle i really love carol burnett. i studied her. she kept me out of a lot of mischief growing . i hope i make her proud. >> you think she'll be watching? >> i hope so i'm sending her flowers, everything, to sit back and enjoy the show. >> how did she keep you out of mischief >> i would rather watch her or lucille ball than go outside and play with my friends i was studying her this was before i knew i wanted to act she just did it for me she made me laugh. she was more than a star to me my mother raised me. definitely kept me out of mischief
8:55 am
she had carol burnett's help and the entire cast of the carol burnett show ♪ the sun will come out tomorro ♪ >> we got a taste of what's to come when the cast performed at the macy's thanksgiving day parade and celina belted out her version. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow i love you ♪ >> such an easy song to sing it is a comforting one so -- >> and she has the pipes. >> do you give it your own little twist >> i try i always try i try to add a little bit of a run or something in there. but, you know, sometimes you can't do that. >> castmates say bet your bottom dollar celina will steal the show. >> i'm tired of talking about it i want you to see the talent of this great young woman here because she is -- she'll be around for a long time we're watching her grow as a star right before our very eyes. >> oh. >> get used to it.
8:56 am
>> what do you think when you hear that? >> i don't even know how to feel. >> just accept it. >> i might as well >> accept it. >> it is >> exactly ♪ it's a hard knock life ♪ >> this thursday night 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc >> harry connick was at the parade and sang too. he could not stop talking about little celina smith. he said she's amazing. i guess she's hearing it from everybody. that's thursday night, right >> thursday night. right here. coming up on "hoda and jenna," brooke shields and her favorite traditions of the season. >> and vanessa lachey serving up a festive bunch after your local news and weather good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. any time now president biden will address the nation on white house efforts to attack the omicron variant. he is meeting with dr. fauci.
8:57 am
so far there are no recorded cases of the variant in the u.s. that we know. still travel restrictions for non-u.s. citizens from south africa and seven other countries began today. early data in those first cases shows that the variant spreads faster than other variants and the symptoms are mostly mild. happening now, whenever the briefing happens, nbc will take it live and we'll the latest for you wrapped up in our midday newscast. also at 11:00, retailers are hoping for a big bounce from cyber monday holiday shopping sales. [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] lisa looks like you've...
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allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the "3rd hour of today" on monday, november 29th. i'm al and i have all my pals here. i like it. this is -- it is like thanksgiving. tom, jill and joe fryer hanging out with us. i got to tell you, we got a packed table as well. >> a lot going on here. >> and you bet your bottom dollar, we got a great show filled with a lot of star power. joe is sitting down with the cast of "annie live", that's going to be exciting. >> absolutely. they're really fun together. their big


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