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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 28, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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that's all for now i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. chaos on the bay bridge. a truck plowing through traffic going the wrong way. how it all started. they were in business for a decade. but a break-in threatens the future of this mom and pop jewelry store. we're one hour away from a travel ban taking effect here in the u.s. >> news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. more discovers cases of the
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omicron, just as investigators look to ban travel to stop the spread. japan has stopped all entry of foreign visitors. >> cases of the variant has been confirmed in 13 countries, canada, australia, france and botswana, all reporting confirmed cases today. >> reporter: so many international travelers say they are getting they're getting on planes now, they fear it's a matter of time before other countries issue travel bans. this family is about to board a plane to india. she admits the omicron variant is concerning. >> we will stay home and not going outside. just the family. >> reporter: because of concerns the omicron variant, first discovered in south africa, may be highly transmisible, the u.s.
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will ban travel from seven african countries. >> i'm going back to my country. >> reporter: she is worried she could catch a flight to kenya before more travel bans are implemented. the vendor says he supports travel bans. >> it's good we don't have to suffer as in the past. we should have done it. >> reporter: but the world health organization, criticized travel bans being placed on african countries, saying not enough is known about the restrictions may place a heavy burden on lives and livelihoods. israel moved to ban foreigners from entering the country and is mandating quarantine for all israelis arriing from abroad. morocco suspending incoming
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flights for two weeks. dr. anthony fauci explained why the omicron variant is so concerned. >> it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. that's causingtous be concerned and to put the pressure on ourselves now to do something. >> reporter: canada's health administer said the first two cases were found in ontario, when two people who traveled to nigeria, tested positive. >> a lot of things changing. in the meantime, health and human services secretary spoke with the south africa minister of health today. they praised south africa for its transparency. he told south africa's minister of health, the u.s. is committed to ongoing collaboration in the fight against covid-19.
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other officials were on call. president biden met with dr. anthony fauci and members of the white house covid response team today for a briefing on the latest developments. fauci says he believes that the vaccines will offer some protection. but it will take weeks to get a grasp of how it's transmitted. and he recommends all vaccinated adults to get the additional shot as soon as possible. the president plans to give an update on the variant tomorrow. if a new vaccine is needed, moderna could have it ready by next year. it's a dangerous-looking virus but they are optimistic they can fight it. >> we have cause to be hopeful. we learned a lot about this virus in general. we learned about how to deal
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with covid, as well. until we see how the virus behaves in populations, we will not get a handle on how severe the disease can be, i think. pfizer saying it can adapt to the vaccine if needed. there's a lot to learn. our coverage continues on the website. click on the story of the trending bar. a live look on the bay bridge. you can see a flat bud truck going the wrong way.
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slams into a chp patrol car, pushing it backwards. this happened after 4:00. here's another video we obtained. it's from a driver that had to pull off the road to avoid the truck. details are limited. but chp tells us there's a dispute between the workers and drivers at the toll plaza. the driver took off. he turned around and came back going the wrong way. it's not clear if anyone was in the cruiser. police arrested the truck driver that was not hurt. next with a developing story in oakland. police are looking for a car burglar who shot and killed a man after 2:30 this afternoon. this is on grand avenue. the victim was trying to stop a car burglary when the suspect shot him and ran away.
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the victim was taken to a hospital but died shortly after. police are look at what led up to that shooting. earlier today, oakland police said it was enlisting additional officers to look at the increase of violent crime. this includs teams that are highly skilled in de-escalating situations. new information on kevin nishita going. he us killed protecting a news crew. here's video taken by his colleagues. he died at the hospital. officers followed his body from oakland to the alameda county corners office. dozens of officers were waiting to give his coffin a salute. now, $32,000.
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hery r retired in 2018. looking at the car, that police think the suspect drove away in. it's a 2004-2008 acura dl. $32,000 reward in this case. we're going to share updates on-air and on our website. now, to an nbc bay area follow-up. china town business owner says she is calling it quits after a burglary earlier this month. she doesn't feel safe doing business in the city anymore. sergio quintana spoke to her tonight. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere. 80% off. going out of business. you're trying to -- >> to sell what i have. >> reporter: the store's owner is concerned for her safety and wants to sell what merchandise
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she has left, to recoup the costs on what she lost in the burglary. >> this incident pushes you to decide that you don't want to keep doing this? >> yes. i told my husband, it's too dangerous. >> reporter: when thieves broke into her store, they sawed through the steel gate outside. the team of burglars made off with $250,000 worth of jewelry. the pandemic, break-in, and fears of burglaries at other stores have taken their toll. one of the big concerns from business owners in china town, all of the resources being focused on union square, when they can still use some help here. >> downtown has a large preps of law enforcement because of all of the money involved. the high-end stores. they're the ones that are demand ing and being heard.
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>> reporter: there's a collaborative in parts of the city but it's not enough. they are worried that more small business owners will do the same, pack up and close. how long have you been in business? >> 40 years. >> reporter: she is happy the landlord is letting her rent month-to-month. she can close without having to get out of a lease. after nearly drowning in san francisco bay, a coyote is ready to go back into the wild. look at phoenix. firefighters and animal control workers helped rescue phoenix from the bay on friday. he ended up in the water of the marina. but struggling to stay afloat. not much of a swimmer after an effort to get out of there. he was taken to a veterinarian hospital and checked out. he is released into a natural area near the waterfront earlier today. we worked so hard to get
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things to provide for our community during covid. this is a real setback for us. a dismal start to the holidays for this nonprofit. it's asking the community for help. and side shows going full-throttle on bay area streets. the concern after a wild scene last night. we're seeing warm temperatures by day and patchy fog, now, setting up at night and in the morning. visibility less than a mile in the north bay. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants.
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so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ a big side show in san francisco, in a neighborhood you might not expect such a thing. hundreds of people got together and did this. driving stunts, doughnuts. these things are dangerous. lots of commotion. no arrests or citations.
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the tires marked up an intersection. the neighbors want the city to do something about this. >> get the guys who did it. get them out here without knee pads and start scrubbing. i doubt they do it again. >> police responded to the sunset district, not far away, after breaking up this one. to solano county. a small organization that deliberates food and diapers to families, finds itself needing help. someone broke into their storage container in vallejo. >> i was sad. i was angry. just disbelief this was happened. heather is the founder of food is free from solano. >> apparently friday night,
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someone broke into our storage container. and they helped themselves to our stock of diapers and hygiene supplies and formula. >> about $4,500 worth of supplies. >> we work so hard to get things to provide for our community during covid. this is a setback for us. families may not have diapers but will have food. >> it will set us back a while. well have to try to collect donations to replace it. i'll need to put in a couple of orders. >> we do a pop-up once a week distribution out of our house. we start off in the neighborhood watch area. >> reporter: the neighborhoods distribute in southeast vallejo.
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>> it's a shame that what they took is probably what people are dependent on stuff like that. they can't afford the diapers. little tiny kids. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is investigating. we learned someone stole motorcycles from the fairgrounds, too. it's unclear if the two crimes are connected. more help for afghan refugees in hayward. city leaders are setting up a new hub to help refugees as they resettle in the bay area. the new hub is at the community center in south hayward. they need toiletries, diapers, tooth bushes and everything else to get going.
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it's been one week since a driver plowed into a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin. the city council held a moment of silence. tonight, the mayor is asking that everyone keeps a blue light outside of their homes. the driver is facing five counts of first-degree homicide. he is due back in court in january. broadway stars turned out to pay tribute to a man behind some of the greatest musicals, stephen sondheim. they performed "sunday in the park with george." six of sondheim's musicals won
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tonys for best score. he received a pulitzer prize and academy award and the presidential medal of freedom. he was considered the greatest composer and lyricist. >> we couldn't keep him forever. this is a punch in the gut. i think there's a lot of emotions going on. i think people are drooefing. there's a lot of joy because of what he gave us. >> sondheim died friday. he was 91 years old. in union square, people celebrated the first day of hanukkah with the lighting of the 20-foot menorah. the celebration of light celebrates the rededication of the temple in jerusalem.
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children are going all-out to celebrate. the kids club using 4,000 lego bricks. they let the menorah at the festival celebration tonight. the attorney general was on-hand to help. great night to light a menorah. >> so nice out there. the only concern could be return of patchy fog. pretty view around san francisco. in san jose, also looking nice. nt much wind outside. it's light winds and high pressure. not right now in dublin. starting to form above subrise.
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walnut creek, it's 49. air quality is not that great around the bay area. you probably noticed the band of haze in the sky. we got moderate air quality levels again. the highest concentrations of air quality will be in the north bay. also, fog. watch what's happening here. i think it will be the best bay and north bay valleys. 40 toss start the day. watch the temperatures considering that our average highs are about 60 to 63 degrees.
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mid to upper 60s. and north bay dependence in the upper 60s. >> you see the fog there. another round for tuesday and wednesday. above all of the action, high pressure here. it doesn't allow the lower levels of the atmosphere to mix well. and the storms are way off to the north. there's hope by late next weekend, we'll continue to see this high move into the west. we hope that will bring us a chance of rain. it's an inland storm. that should bring snow to the sierra. want to maximize the rain chances on monday.
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about eight days from now, could see gusty winds following that. this is what we talk about this weekend, as you see san francisco, looking nice weather-wise. the patchy fog and more 70s across the board through the week. we're going to start a new month. december, it's already here. wednesday, we will keep the warm temperatures going, with cooling next weekend. and hopefully rain chances, the next time we look at the seven-day forecast. >> seeing all of the big games in college football. here and 73 degrees. >> eight days for a chance of rain. >> counting down. a christmas tradition is coming back to daly city with a change this time around. we'll have a preview up next.
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. it's crunch time for mail carriers. the postal service says it's going to deliver close to 1 billion packages over the next month. how many are coming to me? i don't know. usps says the carriers will start earlier. 12 billion letters, cards, packages, will be processed. the dickens christmas fair is back. instead of wondering around london on foot, you have to imagine your car with a carriage. >> we can do that. the holiday version is pivoting
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to a drive-through version. day can order the fair's famous food and looking at these performances. "a christmas carol" is being depicted that. >> you get to see the story. and there's music you can play on your radio, from two, live stages performing all day long. >> he had me at food. >> the rest is just a bonus. >> three weekends, starting this coming weekend. >> anthony flores is here with great news for bay area sports fans. a great day for the fans of the 49ers. all five teams in the playoffs all lost. the differencemaker, testing one pass. what the wide receiver did to
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and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. welcome back. putting their best foot forward. 49ers run by the vikings at levi stadium. the 49ers had the answer on the ground. samuels gets the rock and the roll. had only one catch but 66 yards rushing. the momentum changed just before the half.
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garoppolo hits jennings for the touchdown. it's tied 14-14 at recess. the niners had 208 yards rushing. debo had his second rushing touchdown of the game on the second half. the defense was then coming up big. aziz picked off kirk cousins. that leads to a short touchdown run. 14-point 49ers lead. the rookies, 27 of the team's 39 carries. he rushed for 133 yards. fourth and goal inside the 4. cousins incomplete. the 49ers beat the vikings. they move into sixth place. we played our best football the last three games. just in all three phases. this is a huge win.
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it's different than the last two. our team didn't hesitate. they went in there and stepped it up. >> we're trying to take it week-by-week. we have to do that going forward. the warriors playing a day game against the clippers in los angeles. second half, warriors on the move. steph curry, the handle, behind the back to draymond green with a finish. curry wants the foul here. the ref says play on. curry got 13 points. he was fueled up not getting the call. he says, hey, take that. there's your "t." here's steph how the no-call fired him up and the warriors.
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>> you have to direct that energy to putting the ball in the basket. i fell like we do it well. you don't let it become a distraction for the rest of the game. it helped open up the game. the sharks on the ice to take on the blackhawks. james reimer was solid between the pipes. timo meier adds an empty-netter. they are in new jersey on tuesday. a couple injury notes. samuel hurt his leg. and warner hurt a hamstring. we'll see if they're ready to go sunday. >> thanks for that great news.
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we'll be right back. mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon!
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i promised i wouldn't miss the show and mommy always keeps her promises. seriously? oh. - what the- i don't suppose you can sing, can you? watch the full story at opening statements in the case of maxwell begins tomorrow. she is charged of helping jeffrey epstein to obtain sex acts. the four girls are going to take the stand. it's just a slice of what she was involved in. the trial is expected to lost six weeks. the supreme court is going to weigh in on the most serious challenge to roe v. wade in 30 years. the case will be heard on wednesday. the high court can reaffirm the constitutional rights on abortion or wipe it away
11:35 pm
altogether. with six conservative justices, many are concerned that overturning of roe v. wade would turn to a ban on restrictions. the ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy. previously, the supreme court only allowed bans on abortion after 24 weeks, the point when a fetus can survive outside the womb. we mentioned in the newscast, countries are closing their borders to prevent the spread of the omicron variant. a ban on all foreigners makes israel the first country to shut its borders to try to contain the spread. the ban, pending government approval, will last 14 days. officials hope there will be more information on how covid vaccines are against omicron. travelers at johannesburg
11:36 pm
airport were trying to make it back to their countries. britain has banned flights from south africa and its neighboring countries. people who booked flights out of the airport say they are stuck. >> we can't get on the plane for amsterdam because they are taking us because we're not members of the e.u. >> heads-up, the u.s. begins its own travel ban tomorrow. it will not alie mrooi to those that are citizens or have a green card. northern peru was rattled by a powerful earthquake. look at this video showing the aftermath of a 7.5 trembler that struck early this morning. you can see people getting out of their homes. falling stones blocked highways. the quake's epicenter was in the amazon region.
11:37 pm
it was felt in parts of colombia and brazil. no reports of injuries. in north carolina, a wildfire in a popular state park continues to grow. it's almost december. the campground was evacuated when the fire broke out. no word on what fight have caused that fire. virgil abloh died after a battle with cancer that he kept private. he served as men's artistic director at louis vuitton. many are remembering him as not only a genius designer but a trail blazer and a man with a beautiful soul. he designed the dress that kid cud di wore on "saturday night live" in april.
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getting on the bus is a lot more enjoyable for a rhode island boy. >> reporter: for the past few weeks when ryder gets ready to head to school, a bus hut -- >> it's his ford. >> reporter: that's where he waits to get picked up. >> with ryder being in a wheelchair, it's 75 feet from the door to the bus. he can't just run out when the bus comes. >> reporter: initially, an umbrella was used to keep him dry. but his family asked him to get something more suitable. >> we put up a post for friends that knew somebody that had one that they were no longer using. >> when word got over to westerly high school -- >> i think the first e-mails were in. >> the construction class. >> the construction class at westerly is the best class at
11:39 pm
westerly. >> reporter: went to work to ruf that true. >> i think it's important for my students to learn not only the aspects of construction, but being involved in the community. >> nathan made it his senior project. >> it's not just a shed. i'm helping out somebody. >> he drew blueprints and made everything ada accessible. >> it worked really closely together. they all worked together for a common goal. and they really enjoy that. they know the end result. they know where it's going. >> it made it special. >> it was cool to do something like that. >> a former student volunteered to drop it off. now, getting picked up is something ryder looks forward to. >> they are incredible. they have come forward to see ryder. >> reporter: ryder hasn't met the class that rallied around
11:40 pm
him. >> the one photo that the family sent me made it worth it. >> and what they have built goes beyond the classroom. >> i want to thank them very much. it's a great thing they did for ryder. >> reporter: showing you something good. the big game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. what you might not know, is what one fan has when it comes to the showdown between cal and stanford. no rain in the forecast for now. instead, we're on fog watch around parts of the bay area. not much right now. dublin, it's 47 degrees. we may see fog tomorrow morning and when the rain chances come back. we come back in a couple minutes.
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in the history of college football rivalry games, the one being cal and stanford is the big game. >> it's a tradition that means a lot to alumni. for one cal grad, it means a lot more. he's been going to the games longer than most. we have more on her amazing streak in tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: this year, with cal and stanford's 124th big game. it was the very first one i ever went to, which means i am way, way behind carol's streak. >> and then, these are from the
11:44 pm
1950s. >> reporter: when it comes to the big game, it's hard to imagine there is someone out there with a longer history than carol. >> i remember every one of these. >> reporter: she was 10 years old in 1946 when her father, a stanford grad, returned to the bay area, after serving in world war ii. >> he was given ticket and my mom and i would go with him. and years later, it was just dad and i. >> they went to the big game in the '50s. in the '60s and '70s. they were there when the band was on the field, in '82. she didn't realize he had an attendance streak going. until her 50th-straight game. >> it just happened. one year, mar fs into the next. >> reporter: with this year's big game, the years now add up
11:45 pm
to 75-consecutive games. each year, there's a tailgate. it ooze as much a family tradition as celebrating a loved one's birthday. >> and 2020. >> last year, with no fans in the stands, carol found a way. >> i put my foot under to say i had gone to see them. >> reporter: she loves everything about the experience. particularly when cal is going well. the most important part of the tradition is how and with whom it started. >> absolutely. >> great guy. he instilled this game in me.
11:46 pm
i'm thrilled to be a part and having to live long enough to enjoy so many great games. >> reporter: for those of you paying attention, carol's dad went to stanford but she went to cal. she says that set up decades of good-natured rivalry and ribbing between the two. they would send each other notes and letters and poems explaining why their team was going to win. >> fantastic. >> that's really cool. i love that it's become a family tradition. my fave is that she put her foot under the gate so she could go to the game. so good. let's check in with rob right now. a gorgeous, clear night. >> the tree is up with us. you can see. didn't turn off the lights yet.
11:47 pm
heading to the north bay, we see patchy fog. not right now, in the trivalley. a little bit of haze to the north. focus your attention here. the visibility really drop off in the last half-hour. half-mile and just under a mile in the north bay. this is going to be a trend for the better part of the week. temperatures in the 40s. could have reduced visibility at times. hazy afternoon sunshine. highs around the santa clara valley. oakland about 70. trivalley in the 60s and 0s.
11:48 pm
the pattern giving us the tag and the strong high pressure, not a lot of wind. that breeze will settle in. as long as the high is around, the forecast is not changing much. the numbers are trending warmer. and we're hoping by this time next weekend, a high scoots out to the west. hopefully bringing us some rape. the latest mod thele is not keeping it as high to the west. they don't bring a lot of rain. a little less than we saw in the
11:49 pm
evening. you see how the system moves through. really need to get a little rain on monday. a reminder this, is like the second quarter of the rainfall season. we shouldn't see 60s in san francisco. again, we should be seeing more rain. average of about every two or three days, should have a storm. maybe it's a little more wind eight days from now. the storm is trying to open up. >> if there's anything i can do to open up the storm door, let me know. thanks. comic-con fans finally had a
11:50 pm
chance the bring back the costumes and masks. the famous event brought some joy to fans and business owners. on my travels across the country i came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage.
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now if i had to guess i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance at ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ wizards, superheros and villains. that's a saturday night at her house. >> you know it. the daughter is always dressing up as wonder woman. the baby boy pretends he is a cat. we're talking about comic-con at san diego. not my house. it was a bit scaled back. but fans pulled out all of the stops. >> reporter: it's not the usual summer classic. >> we had no idea what to expect. it is half the size. >> reporter: after being replaced in 2020 and 2021.
11:53 pm
>> we got tickets for july comic-con in 2020. superheros and villains flocked downtown. >> it was hard to picture we get back to this point. the fact we are, is something to celebrate. >> yeah. it hit us hard. marquis says this weekend was worth the wait. >> it's comic-con. it's helping out. >> reporter: a specialty shoe store off the bench. >> my second day being open. the owner is reaping the rewards. >> this one is a bit smaller. but the foot traffic and
11:54 pm
everything is great. >> inside the convention center -- vendors patience rewarded after having to rely an online sales to stay afloat. >> it's been very, very tough. >> reporter: the spokesman says two-consecutive cancellations of the event, that brings in 135,000 people and $160 million every year, had major kongs consequences. >> had an economic impact on the city and our organization, as well. he says he is confident that this weekend will build a better foundation for next year. >> things will be more normal. >> all attendees had to prove vaccination status and wear a mask at all times.
11:55 pm
we're back with more in two minutes. oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc
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welcome back. it's all for the annual craneway craft fair. this year was the 50th anniversary. the fair showcases more than 200 exhibitors. deejays, food vendors, also ahead. >> what a fun time there. here's one of the traditions for the holiday season. santa is back in town, folks. >> nice. >> about a month early. the los altos festival of lights parade. you can see why they call it the
11:58 pm
festival of lights. the video courtesy of our very own, the main man, raj mathai. he was there. this is a tradition going back to 1977. last year, they had to keep the tradition alive during the pandemic. it was in the park last year, and people drove by. this year, things are back to normal. glorious, gorgeous. thanks for helping us out. >> looked good. wow. kind of a pro. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night and a great week.
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