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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. good morning, welcome to "sunday today". i hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving. this morning public health officials are raising concerns over a new covid variant called
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omicron. it spreads easily and is too early to say how vaccines hold up against it. omicron was first detected in south africa and now the united states is among a number of countries restricting travel from southern africa in an attempt to slow the spread. we'll have the latest in a live report just ahead. our sunday focus on this long weekend of post thanksgiving shopping holidays. they seem to add another one a couple years. does black friday mean what it used to and how will cyber monday be affected by shipping delays and inflation. and harry smith looks at shopping the old fashioned way, with the resurgence of the big paper holiday catalogs. including one from the largest online retailer. a new sunday sit-down with an american icon. brook shields on her new netflix holiday movie and keeping her
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bearings during a public life that began when she was a child and had her hanging out at studio 54 after she finished her homework. >> i was home by midnight. and i was at school the next day. there was this weird sense of normalcy. mom would go sit and drink in the roped off section. i would dance like a crazy person for two hours, and go home. >> a sunday sit-down with brook shields. another life well-lived later in the show. let's begin with new information about a covid variant called omicron which experts say likely already is here in the united states. nbc's gabe gutierrez is with us. >> the u.s. state suspect just issued a new do not travel advisory to southern africa and israel has shut the borders entirely. while there's a lot we don't
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know about this variant, more countries are ramping up efforts to stop it. this morning fresh fears over the omicron covid variant are gripping public health authorities around the world. israel banning foreign visitors for two weeks. the uk tightening rules on testing of international arrivals. >> this is the responsible course of action to slow down the spread of this new variant. >> reporter: britain, germany and italy announcing the first omicron cases. more countries are restricting travel from southern africa. 61 people flying from the region to the netherlands tested positive with covid. they are testing how many are infected with the new variant. >> this pandemic is far from over. >> reporter: a british citizen and business traveler is stuck in south africa. >> we found despite a rapid drive to the airport and trying to see if there were any flights
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leaving, now we're in limbo, and trying to get home for christmas. >> reporter: the biden administration new restrictions from south africa and seven other countries are set to take effect tomorrow. and the cdc advising against travel from the region. >> we heard about it. we're hoping we'd be able to get out of there last night. lucky we made it. >> reporter: president biden's top medical adviser appearing exclusively on "today" said omicron is likely already in the u.s. already. >> i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus showing this degree of transmisability, it's invariably going to go all over. >> reporter: there's only about 100 cases of omicron in south africa. officials describe an exponential rise in overall covid cases and blame the new strain. >> i think if you look at the data out of south africa, it appears it's more transmisable
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than delta. i think, again, this is sort of a small sample size. and i think we need to see more broadly what it does outside of south africa. >> reporter: there are still no confirmed omicron cases in the u.s., but in new york the governor has declared a state of emergency taking effect later this week to increase hospital capacity and prevent staffing shortages. >> all right. gabe gutierrez shorting us off at the busy jfk airport in new york nrchlt president biden will head to washington today after spending time away for the thanksgiving holiday. he is being briefed on concerns over omicron, and issued the travel restrictions on friday. kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president on nantucket island off the coast of massachusetts. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. acting with an abundance of caution. me is behind the decision to begin the travel
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restrictions tomorrow. they will not affect american citizens will but still travel from the eight countries and africa. that is an effort to buy more time for experts to learn more about where omicron has spread. mr. biden is facing criticism for imposing a travel restriction now after he had criticized president trump's china flight ban early in the pandemic. the president says this new variant is another sign americans should get boosters and for those still unvaccinated to finally take the shot. president biden is also calling on other nations to match the generosity of the u.s. which has donated more vaccine around the world than all other countries combined. of course, any new covid uptick or new variant poses an economic and political risk to the president, and his stewardship over coronavirus as he heads back to washington later today. with a big agenda and lots of items to tackle with congress during the next month. willie?
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>> a lot waiting for him back in washington. kelly o'donnell, we'll let you warm up with a cup of coffee in nantucket. thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and mad ray or the of "meet the press". the president comes back to this big legislative fight over the social spending package that passed through the house. the mountain to climb in the senate. and the new variant. we don't know much about it yet. no documented cases in the united states. maybe we get lucky. we hope that it passes. but it's a reminder that covid is with us and with this president as he tries to get over things done. >> and it was already on the rise. right? we've been watching a slow and steady rise of covid cases, particularly in the northeast and the upper midwest as winter is getting ready to set in and all of that. look, i think what i'm going to be curious to watch here with the president is i think one of the things about his covid response over the last couple months is one could argue he's
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not been the face of the covid response. not in some time. not since we declared back in july when he declared our independence from the virus, obviously prematurely. does he take this opportunity to sort of push back at all the republicans particularly in various states that have been anti-vaccine mandate, anti-mandates in general? hesitant on the vaccines? because if we do find out that certainly vaccinated individuals have -- are in much better shape with the new variant than unvaccinated individuals, does the president use this as an opportunity to use the bully pulpit, pub back at the vaccine misinformation that's out there and grab ahold of this? because willie, the social spending bill, all the other political problems, none of them can be solved until covid is behind us. and i think this is a reminder that he needs to be more front and center on the covid response than he has been so far. >> we'll see if he changes his
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posture. another busy morning. thank you for taking time with us. we'll look for more on "meet the press" when chuck is joined by dr. fauci. after a long holiday weekend, you may be one of the millions of people hitting the road or the airport today. today likely the busiest travel day since the start of the pandemic. katie beck is at the jackson international airport, the nation's busiest. katie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the day is just getting started and already skies and airports are getting full. good news for passengers this morning as we look at the misery map that trackdelays. it is almost all green out there this morning. very few red spots. so it looks like the day is off to a good start. now, this is a day airline executives call the super bowl of air travel. but that's not all. even more americans are hitting the road. 50 million of them. the great return. millions of americans heading
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home this morning after the 50 million of them airlines called today the busiest travel day of the year triple a predicting more than 4 million people traveling by air over the holidays. >> three kids, a lot of luggage, car seat, busy airport but it's going >> reporter: tsa chief -- >> we're very close to 2019 pre-pandemic levels. >> reporter: and it's not all friendly skies reports of more than 5,000 unruly passengers this year. >> the airport is kind of an emotional aplace some people are running late, some people are delayed. you have people getting ready to leave loved ones for a while and they tend to act out when things don't go their way >> reporter: the justice department stepping up prosecution of unruly air passengers, on-board disturbances and violence can mean steep fines, jail time and getting banned for life by that airline. from the runways to the highways, most americans heading home today will hit the road
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48 million behind the wheel. up nearly 4 million since last year and approaching pre-pandemic levels in 2019. driving into packed highways and sky-high gas prices. a gallon of gas averaging $3.40, up from $2.12 last year when the pandemic was in full swing the highest prices in the northeast and west all of it leaving drivers frustrated. >> it almost makes me feel like i have to go to a bank to take out a loan to pay for my gas. >> they're really high what can we do >> reporter: here in atlanta they expect to see 2.2 million passengers pass through here before the end of the holiday weekend. last year that number was just $1.6 million last year triple a says if you are hitting the road today, they have advice for you. best time is before noon worst time is between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m willie >> katie back in atlanta, thank you so much. now to a remarkable story of
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survival police say a man in guatemala hid in the landing gear of an american airlines jet heading to miami. the 26-year-old was found shortly after the 2 1/2-hour flight landed, was taken in by u.s. customs and border protection officers. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation but appeared to be in good condition. retail stores across the country are on high alert with a recent spike in what they call flash mob thefts the latest incident near the twin cities in minnesota where police say a large group of people walked florida two different best buys on black friday, grabbed as much as they could and took off thankfully nobody was injured. the robberies come on the heels of dozens of similar crimes in california over the past two weeks. many college football's rivalry saturday produced some all-time great games last night in the iron bowl, third-ranked alabama got a big scare. trailing for nearly all of regulation before tying the game and then trading scores through
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three overtimes with in-state rival auburn the tide pulled out the win in the fourth overtime. heisman trophy candidate bryce young tossed in a scoring pass to john meche for the comeback victory.nes routed the ohio state rallied the buckeyes 42-27 thanks to five touchdowns from running back hassan haskins. it is the first time since 2011 michigan has beaten ohio state another cool start to our day. clear skies, live look over san francisco right now. current temperatures in the low 40s down through morgan hill, 42 degrees, 46 for san jose, dublin, 44. for this afternoon expect temperatures to be a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. we've got high pressure in the area, 73 degrees for san jose, 71 in hayward.
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70 for oakland, and upper 60s in through the city, and also up through santa rosa. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including a straight ahead -- the highs and lows of the week, with the check-in on the strangers who quickly became family.t chain a thanksgiving dinner. they were together again for this year's feast. and the emotional return of the long-time voice of college basketball. it's the legendary dick vitale who takes his courtside seat after a recent cancer diagnosis. do the commercial holidays still hold sway over shotters and how has the pandemic affected them? >> black friday isn't going away. even as people do more shopping online, and even as the discounts are spread out, black friday is still this really unique day. it's all coming up on
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bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. by the time you put down your fork after that last bite of pie on thursday, your phone
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already was flooded with your fork after the last bite of pie yesterday, your phone was flooded for shopping deals for black friday and cyber monday. the term black friday became widespread during the 1980s, with big deals on the day after thanksgiving leading to long lines and scenes of retail chaos. cyber monday for online shopping came along more recently, of course how do those long-standing commercial holidays look this year still under a pandemic and now with shipping delays and inflation added to the mix nbc business and technology correspondent jo ling kent has our "sunday focus. >> reporter: after years of shoppers seeing epic lines at local malls, turnout this black friday, a clear shift in what was expected to be a shattering cyber monday. >> wondering if the day of thanksgiving holds the same
6:20 am
weight. >> it's the gone to be the days of the past. cyber monday seems to be the wave of the future. >> black friday still matters and people get excited and ready for the holidays. >> reporter: this black friday customers spent over $6 million a minute for tidal of $8.9 billion online it was just shy of last year's record when most stayed at home and clicked their way through store after store. >> black friday will be the best deals over cyber and mod. >> reporter: long synonymous with shopping and sales-crushing crowds, there are few different versions of the black friday origin story this clipping shows it was first used by philadelphia police officers dreading the problem caused bring traffic jams at shopping centers after thanksgiving another more commonly held belief, it is the day that historically moved retailers' finances from red into black, by racing in leisure profit. >> when people buy things, it's not as simple as saying we were just in the store that day
6:21 am
it's a function of all of the touchpoints that they see. being active on black friday is important for retailers, even if a lot of sales end up online. >> reporter: the numbers tell the story, as our habits change, we're spending fewer dollars at brick and mortar locations travelers are planning to shell out similar amounts online during the holiday season. and today it's a 50/30 split, customers spending $900 million online compared to just $440 in store. >> do you think black friday 45z a chance to make a comeback in future years >> black friday isn't going away even as people do more shopping online and as the discounts get spread out, black friday is still this really unique day. >> we do anticipate this to be a very strong shopping season, both online and in the store we see e-commerce purchases
6:22 am
growing at a rate of 30% black friday will be a significant event but one of many. >> reporter: like black friday's younger online sibling cyber monday, which itself ballooned into cyber week over the year. >> it's a huge week. >> reporter: and many retailers hoping it's the party of the year for nbc "today," jo ling kent, washington. coming up next here -- a new sunday sit-down with brooks shields on the life lived in the spotlight since she was quite literally a baby and why she feels now like she's just beginning. and then a life well lived the unassuming nuclear physicist who turned an investment in a local sand witch shop into the largest fast food franchise in the world. into the largest sandwich franchise in the world. and grogu, baby yoda flying over midtown manhattan during the macy's thanksgiving day
6:23 am
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday. i'm keira clapper. the bay area community is in morning today as we remember former police officer kevin nishita. he died protecting others. nishita was working wednesday as a security guard for kron4 news covering the story of an organized burglary at the prime 356 clothing store in oakland. someone approached the crew and tried to steal their camera. nishita was shot and died yesterday morning. the oakland police department issued that photo you just saw there of what they believed the suspect's getaway car was, a white four-door acura sedan.
6:27 am
investigators are hoping the voto and a growing reward, now up more than $34,000 will help catch whoever killed nishita. he is being remembered as a dedicated public servant who always had a positive attitude and a lot of energy. >> for most if not all the entire sjpd, cops that knew him say he was a great person. and i think a lot of us are in shock. >> shortly after his death the alameda county sheriff's office paid tribute to his procession from the oakland hospital where he died. his family has asked for privacy and we're honoring that request. again, a reward of more than $32,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in this case. we'll continue to share updates on the investigation, on air and on our website time now to check in with
6:28 am
meteorologist vianey arana. if it's anything like yesterday, it'll be a beautiful day today. >> and it is going to be very similar, but the temperature's actually going to be a little bit warmer. it'll be in the 70s today. live look i francisco. look how great this is. right now, though, of course we have another cold start to our day much like what we've been seeing over the last several weeks now. 42 degrees in morgan hill, 46 in san jose. and here's a closer look at what you can expect for this afternoon. because we have high pressure, we are going to be seeing warmer temperatures today in the 70s, even some upper 70s including areas like morgan hill. 76 degrees, san jose is going to be in those mid-70s today. and even in through some of the interior valleys. areas can expect to be pretty comfortable. we're going to keep the sunshine for today as well as as we head into monday. light winds. and we do have a couple of changes, an active pacific
6:29 am
northwest and what can we expect heading into the last couple days of november and the first week of november along with the first weekend of november. i'm going to have all the answers to that of course and more, a quick little look in tahoe coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> looking forward to seeing what december holds for us. it is 6:29 on the nose. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a new contest some bay area health leaders are hoping will boost vaccination rates. we'll have that plus all your top stories, and as vianey mentioned her full forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then. right now we'll send you back to willie geist and a look at christmas in the park.
6:30 am
♪♪ >> ouch. hey. >> it doesn't scare away. it brings them to the top where i can spear them. >> oh, i'll spear you. >> that is a 14-year-old brooke shields in the 1980 movie "the blue lagoon". it helped to make her a global star just as she was entering high school. the term icon has been cheapened by overuse in recent years, but
6:31 am
it applies to brooke shields. in movies, tvs, and famous ads for new jeans, the new york city native has been in our lives since she was child. brooke stood out of her whirlwind career long enough to attend princeton, and found after graduation the world moved on while she was studying. she found a new path. and then another. and another. brooke and i got together in new york to talk about her navigating the life in the spotlight. for nearly all of her life, brooke shields has had one of the most famous faces in the world. >> one thing that i kept doing was not stopping. okay, you don't want me here? that doesn't mean i'm going to sit at home and stare at the phone. i'm going to go over here.
6:32 am
>> an iconic american career began at just 11 months old with a modelling gig selling ivory soap. >> what's this? >> by 11 shields was cast in her first starring role, a controversial one. as a child prostitute in a film "pretty baby". >> i know what to do. leave me alone. >> you've navigated your way through a childhood like maybe no one else has never had in america. seriously. >> ever. anywhere. >> the cover of a magazine and you're in a movie that's highly regarded by also controversial, how did you survive that? >> you kind of have to have this sixth, seventh, eighth sense about you for people. and for b.s. and i always went to school. i never moved up to l.a. and i think that something about not being surrounded by people in the industry. i think gave me a bit of
6:33 am
perspective. >> at 14 shields became the youngest model ever to appear on the cover of "vogue". and posed that famous question for calvin klein. >> you want to know what comes between me and my calvins? nothing. >> she played stars roles in the coming of age romance movies, "blue lagoon" and "endless love". after she finished her homework, she often showed up at studio 54 with friends like michael jackson and george michael. but her mother and manager terry shields never was far. >> the do you look back and go i can't believe that was my life, or does it feel familiar to you? >> it feels extremely familiar, because i was home by midnight. and i was at school the next day. there was this weird sense of
6:34 am
normalcy. mom would go sit and drink in the roped off section. i would dance like a crazy person for two hours. and go home. >> shields wrote a best-selling 2014 memoir about the loving, if complicated relationship with her mother. who struggled with alcohol and was fiercely protective of her daughter. >> she was hated for the most part because nobody could get near me, but she also taught me manners. taught me ethics. you know, raised me as a good catholic girl. hard work was always there, and nothing came without it. i think that kind of work ethic makes you at this stage say i'm going to keep going because nothing undoes you. >> when you went to princeton, were people saying what are you doing? >> it didn't occur to me not to
6:35 am
go, and i had been working for so long by then, it was almost like a vacation. i didn't think about it, thankfully, because i was in for a real shock when i got out of college. it was like who? i'm sorry. what? i also could have easily disappeared right after this. to some freak thing in my trajectory allowed me longevity. >> shields had successful runs on broadway in shows like cabaret and "grease" and a sit come in "suddenly susan". >> is that right? >> after a marriage to andre agassi ended in divorce, she married a prominent producer and frequent comedy partner of will ferrell. they have two daughters. >> your daughter is off to college. we're not going to do it unless you want to do it. because it hurts me, too. >> you have no idea. >> i'm close. >> enjoy the four years. it's going to be like a limb has been cut off your body, and
6:36 am
you'll still feel it. there will be a phantom something, and if you've done it right, they don't look back. >> right. >> and you're like -- >> at 56, shields now is hoping to help women to embrace middle age with a lifestyle brand called beginning is now. >> i feel as if i'm just beginning. i feel stronger. i feel sexier. why aren't we allowed to be sexy in our 50s? why is it that 20s or depends? i thought god, why can't we be celebrated for what our next chapter is? the women i know are self-sufficient. they're not looking to be saved by anybody, and they say oh, god, what's ex-? this can't be it. i'm not done. >> it's a theme shields brings to a new netflix holiday movie called "a castle for christmas". >> what is that?
6:37 am
>> my father. >> that's your father's name? >> mcbeginty. >> she plays a successful novelist and empty nester who travels to scotland to find the next chapter in her own life. >> we were doing a romcom. if me it was like medicine. it was so nice to do a project that was happy. >> your high necessary. >> technically, it's your grace. >> i can think of a few other names i'd call you. >> i love comedy so much. it's like an i.v. and there's something that happens when i'm doing it that i sort of lose -- i'm not watching myself. and that's such a gift to -- because i -- >> you're a hustler in a lot of ways. you are. you could just sit back and be like i got a good life and i'll
6:38 am
do a few things, but i feel like you're always looking for something. is it fair to call you a hustler? >> it is. i think it's a beautiful term, and i appreciate it. i've been pounding the pavement since i could crawl. still hustling. in case you couldn't tell, she's a good friend and one of the funniest, kindest and wisest people i know. her excellent new holiday movie "a castle for christmas" is streaming now on netflix. don't forget to subscribe to the podcast to hear the full length interview with brooke shields. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. next week, javier bardem on playing dezi ar nez, and a career full of oscar worthy
6:39 am
good sunday morning. live look right now in san francisco. beautiful shot there. notice clear skies and, yes, it is chilly as you step out the door this morning, expect low 40s throughout the bay area. we are at about 49 degrees in through redwood city. low 40s down through morgan hill. here's a closer look at your daytime highs. it is going to be a running a few degrees warmer today. plenty of sunshine, clear skies. through the city expect upper 60s for san francisco. ahead. our highs and lows of the week including the nba star whose pregame look really brought out the fashion critics. lebron james among them. up next, harry smith with a look at the return of the old fashioned holiday catalog. just when you thought the world has moved online for good, that big paper wish book of your
6:40 am
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and, get free store pick up. shop cyber deal days at kohl's and kohl' in 19 34 sears published the first wish book. it had kids circling pages of the toys they hoped santa would bring and grownups dog earring the ones with appliances and jewelry and even homes. an unlikely successor picked up the tradition. amazon, the world's largest online retailer began sending out its own toy catalog in 2018,
6:42 am
leading a trend back to the holiday shopping of another time. harry smith has our sunday spotlight. >> reporter: this is a story about shopping. not this kind. not that kind. not even the tv kind. but the sort of shopping we were pretty sure was passe. out of style. hopelessly out of date. well, children, catalogs are back. for reasons that have nothing to do with speed or convenience, catalogs have been creeping back into our lives because, well, we like them. perhaps because after a day of gazing into the abyss of business, via zoom and skype, and go-to, and web ex, we are exhausted. we turn off the blue jeans and put on our blue jeans so we can spend a while in the tactile comfort of the catalog. the analog of the catalog is appealing. the pictures, the narratives. somehow we see ourselves in that
6:43 am
jacket, on that mountain, in patagonia. no ok you lus required. you'd think it's for boomers but it's millennials who find connectively in the commerce of the catalog. go figure. >> something for you. >> the great catalogs of the past are gone. penny's, montgomery ward, and especially sears. >> the wish wook. >> sears was amazon before jeff bezos was born. you could buy a house, and it would be delivered to the address of your choosing. and the christmas catalog, we children of the gifts often dove in and didn't want to come out. we'd send letters to santa, relaying the page number from the catalog so he'd send us just the right gift.
6:44 am
and because our parents often proofread it, it was a sort of version of click and check out. if your favorite catalog did not show up this fall, the reason is simple. demand for packaging and boxes has skyrocketed during the last 20 months. and that has walloped the catalog paper supply. there is a hybrid solution. email santa, though he probably won't read it until next summer, the item you desire will come down the chimney. just imagine it. for "sunday today", harry smith, new york. >> harry, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well-lived. subway has more locations than any other restaurant on the planet. more than mcdonald's, more than starbucks. but it began back in 1965 with just one. that year a man named peter buck invested $1,000 in a local
6:45 am
bridgeport sandwich shop started by family friend, fred deluca who was trying to make enough money to pay his way through college. at the start, buck had no intention of getting into the sa ndwich business. he had a ph.d. who was helping a friend. but pete's super submarines named after buck was a hit. in 1968 they changed the store's name and became co-founders of subway. buck says it took 15 years for subway to turn a profit before the chain exploded in the 1980s. now totaling some 40,000 franchises around the world. buck was born and raised in maine, the son of farmers. he and his siblings worked the farm before peter became the
6:46 am
first in his family to go to college. the success of subway made buck a billionaire. and he dedicated his intentionally low profile life to philanthropy and land conservation. in a 2018 interview with the wall street journal who noted his modest home and 17-year-old car, buck reported proudly that he still ate five subway sandwiches a week. peter buck, who turned $1,000 and a single shop into a global sandwich empire died last week in connecticut. he was 90 years old. wayfair's cyber monday sale is on now! score unbelievable savings with our biggest sale ever! like ge appliances up to 40% off rugs up to 80% off and lighting up to 65% off. plus get bonus savings with a wayfair credit card
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it's time for the highs and lows of the week. the first high goes to the text exchange between strangers five years ago that turned into a beautiful thanksgiving tradition. we first told you about wanda and jamaal back in 2016 when the arizona grandmother typed in the wrong phone number and accidentally texted a stranger to come over for thanksgiving dinner, but that stranger,
6:50 am
jamaal, accepted the invitation with pleasure. jamaal has been celebrating thanksgiving with wanda and her family every year since. they're practically family by now. you may remember last year, he was even there to support wanda as she mourned the death of her husband who died of covid-19. on thursday, there they were again, continuing the tradition with jamaal and his girlfriend snapping a picture with wanda. he shared photos from five years writing six years strong. they spoke about their friendship last week on "today." >> i was telling wanda the other day how it actually helps me get through the year sometimes to see so many uplifting comments and so many people looking forward to our story that i love it all. >> we do too. our first low stays or not thanksgiving theme with an outrageous stretching of the original spirit intent and definition of pizza.
6:51 am
but is it outrageously good? you make the call. feast your eyes on this pile of thanksgiving leftovers dumped on top of a pizza crust. it's all there, friends. turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, corn, even a cranberry drizzle. the creation is from macy's place pizza. the owner says he's been going in overdrive trying to keep up with demand. the people love it. but nick may be pushing it with the new holiday offering. this year is chicken wings drenched in gravy, topped with corn and sides of mashed potatoes and cranberry dipping sauce. i'm afraid there's no place for that in civil society. next up, dick vitale returned to his first broadcast this week since he was diagnosed with cancer. the enthusiastic voice of college hoops took his courtside seat on tuesday night for the highly anticipated game between
6:52 am
number one gonzaga and number two ucla, just one month after learning he has lymphoma and will have chemothere by. he took a moment to express his gratitude alongside his play-by-play partner. >> it's great being here again. i didn't want to cry. i can't believe i'm sitting here. this is really a big thrill for me. on october 12th, i'll be honest with you, when they walked in and told me they had cancer, they thought it was mild lung cancer. it's going to be a serious surgery and all, i never dreamed at 82, i would be here today. i'm sorry. i hope i don't cause a problem out there, but i -- i'm so emotional. >> here is to a full recovery for the man whose passionate voice has been the sound track to college basketball for as long as most of us can remember. we're rooting for you, dick vitale. our final low is an
6:53 am
objectively tragic attempt at pre-game fashion by kyle kuzma. on wednesday the washington wizards forward rocked this oversized pink cable knit sweater. how big is the sweater? well, it swallowed up the 6'10" kuzma. what's worse, he paid a reported $1500 for the designer top. it quickly became a meme online. kuzma took quite a bit of friendly fire after posting the photo on instagram where he was mocked by former teammates lebron james and anthony davis. kuzma defended himself feebly commenting, it's cold out. how dare you blame the weather for that, sir. this morning we have to call one last low on ourselves in last week's highs and lows, we told you about a dog named gun ther. inherited a mansion from a wealthy german countess and was selling it for nearly $32
6:54 am
million. it turns out it was a stunt. the spread, in fact, is owned by the gunther corporation and the story of the dog is a long-running gag to promote the real estate sales. the associated press retracted the story this week. we apologize, especially to gunther who we insinuated was waiting for the next week to clear. shop kohl's cyber deal days! and, take an extra 20% off! get up to 70% off bedding. under armour fleece for $29.99. up to 30% off melissa and doug toys! and, get free store pick up. shop cyber deal days at kohl's and kohl' ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. ♪ best of my love by black pumas feat. sofia reyes ♪ at target, shopping has never been easier — use same day delivery,
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6:58 am
drew and linda cruising the caribbean with their daughters kim, lori and kelly. looking good. hello ellie in kansas city. there the griffin family in san antonio, texas celebrating david's birthday on thanksgiving day. along the bottom, madison, kennedy, julie, craig, dan, and suzy in ohio. big crew there. avery, max and their dog cosmo in michigan. joe and his grand kids in virginia. happy birthday, joe. and the genteel family celebrating thanksgiving together in blue ridge, virginia. remember, you can get that big mug online at thank you for spending part of your morning with us on this first night of hanukkah, we wish a happy holiday to all of you celebrating. we'll see you back here next
6:59 am
one hour, the world we live in, the bay area and farther away. one hour, the stories we're all living through and the changes they bring, all in one hour. ♪♪ the hour that moves you forward, nbc bay area news at 6:00, nbc "nightly news" with lester holt at 6:30.
7:00 am
good morning. it is sunday, november 28th. 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside, a gorgeous view in san francisco. wow, a picture-perfect way to start the day. thank you so much for starting it with us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist vianey arana joins us with a quick look at your micro climate forecast. and i was saying to you, if it's anything like yesterday, it'll be beautiful. and you said it might be a little better. >> yeah, considering the temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer. so if you're a fan like the mid-70s today is going to be your day. san francisco right now beautiful shot.
7:01 am
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