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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2021 7:00am-7:30am PST

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because the school is in campbell, the parking lot is in san jose, san jose police respond. they tell nbc bay area two men
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were shot, both have non life-threatening. here is what one man watching game experienced. >> buddy and i standing at the hill, we saw pop, pop, we saw the dirt kicking up behind us. good thing we felt it hit us. i don't know. >> it's unclear if only one person was doing the shooting or an exchange of gunfire. police are looking what led to that. we'll turn to from delta to omicron. it was reported by south african scientists. two cases of the variant were identified in britain. the cases appeared to be linked together.
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"today in the bay" reports what we are knowing tonight. >> reporter: shopping and food, a tradition people we spoke with people walking around the day after thanksgiving. what started out of a variant of interests have become a concern identified half way across the world in south africa. >> it's concerning. i hope that we would be done with this all now. the omicron reported by the south african government is something experts are looking at closely. >> it could be more transmissible than delta. >> reporter: the delta variant has been the dominant concern in recent months. this new variant is raising red flag. there is a key difference you
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see dr. ghandi is saying. >> it had 32 mutations which is more than the delta variant which it had 11 mutations. however, vaccines are going to work. >> reporter: those who were not vaccinated, had symptoms. covid-19 not going away, golden gate restaurant association exec executive director lauren thomas is encouraging everyone to get their booster shot. >> we are concerned of the well being of our staff and family and businesses and our physical well-being. the best thing to do is reboost that protection. >> reporter: the bottom line is experts say be careful but there is no need to panic.
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cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. pharmaceutical companies are working to test their new vaccines against this new variant. johnson & johnson also is testing the efficacy of its vaccine against the new variant. moderna is testing three booster candidates against omicron. prior to this morning's announcement of those two omicron cases in the u.k. it had been fairly isolated to portions of africa. president biden ordered travel restrictions from eight african countries. the ban starts money and had many travelers scrambling for options. >> the family is excited for their trip kenya.
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>> it's so sudden. >> reporter: the ban takes effect on monday gives people little time to make life-changing plans. >> it's so sudden. >> reporter: it's not enough time for people to make that. gabriel says the president should reevaluate his order, president biden calls the ban a precaution measure with the spread of omicron in africa. the president did not say how long the ban will last. >> you can't fly back. >> correct. >> you never know when the border will close when you can't come back home and especially with work, you don't want to be stranded with some where. >> reporter: the country on do not travel lists are south africa, namibia, mozambique.
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>> this is cing from africa, i don't know where we'll headed to. >> reporter: they have to test negative for covid before reentering the country. nbc bay area news. dr. fauci was on the "today" show discussing the new variant. it had not been detected in u.s. but dr. fauci suspects it could already be here. >> when you have a virus showing this degree of transmissibility and you have travel related cases that's noted in israel and belgium and other places. when you have a virus like this it's ultimately going to go all over. the issue of blocking travel from a given country is to just give us time to access it better. that's the reason for doing that. not any reason to panic but we
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want to give it time to fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. >> dr. fauci added there is no need to panic but it's a good time to get vaccinated if tough not already. the virus mutates and changes in unvaccinated people. >> we'll continue to follow the changes and developments of the new variant. you can find all of our reporting on our website including an explainer of omicron. click on the story of the trending bar at the top of the home page. shifting gears now, we have new details of a construction fire in the east bay. you can see flames destroyed in addition to the saint james cathedral of faith. crew say construction materials fuelled the fire itself. nol word on what sparked that fire. 7:09 right now. we have much more ahead on
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"today in the bay," coming up small business saturday, bay area businesses need your help keeping afloat after a pandemic shutdowns. >> it's the last weekend of november, downtown san jose looking beautiful. we do have a couple of changes you may want to know about. a full look at your forecast and what to expect the first week of december, coming up.
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welcome back at 7:12 on this
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saturday morning. the sun rise over our storm ranger in the foreground there. it's giving us a hint of a beautiful saturday we have. it's a perfect day to get out. today is small business saturday as today in the bay kris sanchez shows us bay area shops are hoping people to get a local alternative from big bucks stores suffering from shipping delays. >> reporter: whatever happens during this holiday, retail season could make or break for the year. >> at the boutique in san jose, they're rolling out the matt. >> we have been busier the last several months. this time last year we were allowed to have three or four customers in a store at a time. that was difficult during the holidays. this year we don't have that limitations so we can gear up
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with extra staff and people to accommodate our customers during the holiday shopping. >> reporter: there will be covid protocols in place like wearing masks indoors. customers say with vaccinations they feel safe shopping in person and the bonuses avoiding those shipping delays. >> noting the store has inventories and online there is always delays. you don't know when you will get the items you are going to purchase. >> reporter: many businesses ramp up their ecommerce site. some people did plenty of online buying during the lockdown last year and now they're looking to get out and about. >> that's what i am looking to like maybe finding good deals or planning for a road trip for christmas if there is any deals about traveling. >> reporter: as far as the supply chain issue goes. the problem they are running
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into is when they try to reorder something. if there is something you really like, get it early. >> kris sanchez "today in the bay." people packed for black friday. mastercar is tracking retail sales across all payment types and even checks. sales were up more than 12%. online sales were up 5% compares to last. more people do appear to b hitting stores in person since the pandemic in store sales were up 40%. as concerns spread of the new covid-19 variant, we are learning of an experimental pill that could be used for ppatient. merck says its pills have been effective. their pills can reduce hospitalizations and deaths
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that's down to 50%. the number the company previously reported. u.s. health leaders are raising questions of the safety of the pills during pregnancy. advisories will meet on tuesday and whether to recommend it for high-risk patients. a different type of rescue. they save a coyote in the bay. the coyote ended up in the water and struggling to stay afloat. several people noticed and got the attention of firefighters near by. they made a lasso and able to keep the coyote's head until ma the marines arrived. we are told the coyote is expected to be okay. it's now named phoenix. help is coming to a rescue center that's been aiding a cub who barely escaped a wildfire.
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we want to introduce you to tamarac p you can see his paw is covered in those orange bandages, he's been staying at a rescue center. yesterday private donors gave $500,000 to that rescue center to help tamarac and other animals in need. this comes after a devastating year of wildfire in northern california. better news now after taking a break for a year since the pandemic, christmas in the park in downtown san jose is back. the tree was illuminated earlier and you can barely make out the lights right now. it's a little dark there. yesterday's opening was packed full of people there for the lighting of the massive tree. there she is, what a beauty. there is so much to see in downtown. christmas decorations and carnival rides and new this year, a tunnel through a
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christmas tree. that sounds incredible. back by popular demand, the drive-through christmas lights display made its debut, it was in history park last year, this time it's in lake cunningham park. just like christmas in the park, the drive-through lights will continue through the new year's. you can get tickets online, it starts at $30 per car. i already got tickets, my kids love it so much. we go across the bay area to find all the light displays we can find. let's check in with our meteorologist vianey arana who joins us with our full forecast. it will be a great day to get out. >> that's a good question. i don't know if it will scare him or mesmerize him. >> i will keep you posted. great day to put up your christmas lights. if you are thinking it's still
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november. right, but it's the last weekend of november. if you have the day off, the weather is going to be fantastic. a beautiful shot of san francisco. look at that. now we are seeing a couple of below 40s so it's chilly out there. san francisco is about 52 degrees in the south bay. low 40s for san jose. morgan hill about 40 degrees. what are we expecting for today? well, we are seeing temperatures dominating. it's chillier in some spots and by a few degrees. by the afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine. fog is not a factor this morning, we are expecting to see a little bit of haze potentially and air quality expected to be moderate at times. it's going to be in the upper 60s. you can see the temperature in your neighborhood. 71 degrees in san jose, hayward 70s. san francisco 67 degrees.
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up through napa and santa rosa also mild in the upper 60s. now if you are going to be heading to tahoe, it's going to be so beautiful for something nice, maybe like a hike, great walk, breakfast for some coffee. look at this shot. not much in the way of snow, not a lot of snow left there, we have not seen the snow storm for a while. the elevation still gets really cold. if you have never been up there, the over nights do drop down into the 20s and 30s. if you are heading the big sur, it's going to be a beautiful weekend for that. temperatures in the 70s and clear skies, 74 degrees. that's a beautiful temperature there. if you are traveling down to southern california. los angeles has been dealing with santa anna winds. upper 70s. warmer than we are expecting up here. however we are going to stay dry. the reason for that is well, look at this. you can see how active the
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weather pattern is. that's sticking to the pacific northwest. we'll stay dry and high pressure is going to dominant and taking over the next couple of days. dry weather will continue. we'll see slightly warmer temperatures because of high pressure. as we head in the the over night hours. tomorrow, expect to see some fog. upper 60s and heading into monday and tuesday and wednesday, we really stay dry. no rain in the future forecast if you don't have a chance to put up your christmas lights this weekend and you are like me where you have a monday off, monday will be great. this is the first day of december. >> can't believe it. the year has flown. >> beautiful forecast though. thanks vianey. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." it started as a rejection from misboss but it created a nonprofit organization that's helping students. that story is next.
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welcome back, it may be hard to believe in the mid silicon valley. there are people who made it their mission to put the right tools in here hands. garvin thomas shows us in this morning's bay area proud. >> those are the refurbished
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computers. >> reporter: the story of why though goes back many years into a single computer. the first one hu ever used, a radio shack trs 80. it was hu's introduction. >> i was in school. i did the extra work. i went to eight periods and started programming everyday. >> reporter: hu fell in love with programming and is to this day an i.t. consultant. you can say one computer changed his life. which brings us back to the reasons of all those other computers in that store unit. >> reporter: hu is the founder and president of triple r computer. a nonprofit that takes donations of used laptops refurbishes them and donates them for students
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who could not afford them. >> reporter: on this day, 50 computers are going into the hands of freshmen at hayward high school. >> reporter: in the past six years, hu and his team have been able to give out more than 200 computers. >> those computers are worth $149,000 to the students. >> reporter: the laptops a new years old may have out lived their usefulness to companies but to students it opens a world of possibility. >> reporter: leigh says it will change how she does her school work. >> my homework. >> reporter: hu believes these computers taken good care of will take these students all the way to the doorsteps of college.
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it's a key to unlocking a brighter future. >> garvin thomas for us. what a story. it's just shy of 7:27. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, shots fired at a high school football game, the frightening moment that had players and fans dropping for cover. the new omicron variant has the world on alert. where it has been detected and what that company is doing to pivot the fight. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again.
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good morning, it's saturday, november 27th, the final weekend of november. oh, picture perfect as we look out in san francisco towards treasure island and the bay bridge. that lone walker starting the morning how i wish i was starting it. we appreciate you are starting your morning with us. i am kira klapper. meteorologist vianey arana joins us with our forecast. >> we are seeing a cold start in the 40s. dublin, we are seeing a little bit of fog in the central coast area right now. current temperatures in low 40s. cold morning, really nice sort of crisp start, it's the last weekend of november. we are expecting a lot


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