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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2021 1:37am-2:07am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, bill murray, dan aykroyd, ernie hudson, and ellie kemper i want to thank nate smith and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. the audience, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ breaking news in the south bay, breaking news at a south bay football game. players and fans dropping for
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cover. we'll take you live to campbell. the new covid variant that has the world on alert. and it's already prompting change. the new travel restrictions because of the new variant. and celebrating old traditions and new ones. tonight how christmas in the park is doing something it has never done before. >> we begin with the breaking news out of south bay. excitement turning to panic and fear after a shooting outside the championship football game. that game being played at west mont high in campbell. the shooting happening in the parking lot but the gunfire could be heard in the stadium. >> sergio quintana joins us live. a scary situation for so many. what do you know right now? >> reporter: i can tell you that right now there are a lot of
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police officers out here trying to piece together exactly what happened. the school is in campbell but the parking lot where it happened is in san jose. the game was in the final minutes with witnesses telling us several shots were fired outside in the parking lot of the stadium. >> my buddy and i were standing on the hillside near the parking lot and we their pop, pop, pop like a firecracker. we saw the dirt kicking up behind us. >> reporter: we might have to step away in a moment. in the meantime, with 2:18 to go -- something has happened here. we won't speculate on it. in the meantime, the two-point conversion is no good. >> reporter: now this is video from the live broadcast of the game. you can see after people realized shots were fired outside, players got on the ground for cover and people in the stands were told to remain calm and in place as police arrived on the scene outside to
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figure out what happened. one person was injured in the gunfire and self-transported to a local hospital. it looks like the shots were fired near the entrance to the stadium. but it's not clear if this was an exchange of gunfire. after about a half-hour pause in the game as police officers decided it was safe, the game continued. some of the people we talked with who were at the game didn't their gunshots and were confused about why it stopped and why they had to get on the ground. for those who did hear the gunshots, there was some confusion because they were trying on figure out why the game did not stop immediately. lots of police officers out here still. we actually saw some people being interviewed and they are still assessing the scene itself. they are trying to figure out what happened. reporting live on the border of campbell and san jose, sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. thank you. what a crazy scene. stay with us.
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our twitter page is a great resource for breaking news. our handle is at nbc bay area. the top story from delta to omicron. a new covid variant that has experts sounding the alarm. it was found by south african scientists. what do we know about this new strain and could it ultimately end up in california? >> reporter: in downtown pleasanton tonight -- >> we just had some dinner and we're looking around. >> reporter: shopping and food, a tradition for people walking around the day after thanksgiving but what started out as a variant of interest has become a variant of concern that has been identified halfway around the world in south africa. >> it's concerning. i was really hoping we would be done by now. >> reporter: the omicron variant reported by the south african government is something experts are looking at closely. >> it could be much more
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transmissible than delta even though we really have to wait a little while to determine that for sure. >> reporter: what we do know for sure is, the delta variant has been the dominant concern in reason months. now, this new variant is raising red flags. there is a kae difference that ucsf infectious disease expert explains. >> it is a spake protein which is that little piece that sticks out, it has 32 mutations on it which is more than the delta variant which has 11 muteations. however, the important thing is vaccination there's work. >> reporter: that's because she said vaccinated south africans being tested before travel came up asymptomatic. those who weren't vaccinated had symptoms. with the holiday season getting underway and covid-19 not going away, the golden gate restaurant executive director laurie thomas is encouraging everyone in the
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san francisco fad industry to get their booster shots. >> we're very concerned about the financial well being of our staff, our families and our businesses as well as the physical well being. and right now the best thing to do is to reboost the protection. >> reporter: the bottom lane is experts say be careful. there is no need to panic. nbc bay area news. >> vaccine manufacturers are already working to department their shots to this new omicron variant. paf says it can adapt within six weeks if it needs to. dr. hong said the best way to protect yourself against this is to get vaccinated. >> you see a vast insurance policy, not only what we know about it now but what is in the future like this new vairn. it has a lot of mutations.
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some of them are on the end of the spike to potentially make it stickier. but the vaccines gave as you wide array of main cells that will be better than maunl from natural infection. >> now, johnson & johnson also testing the efficacy of its vaccine against variant. moderna plans to develop a booster dose specific to that particular variant. >> as wave noticed, it is limited so far to only africa. tonight plb -- the ban starts monday. that has some travelers already scrambling. >> reporter: this family is excited about their trip to kenya. then they got word about the travel ban from southern africa. >> i think it is so sudden. >> reporter: gabriel says the
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ban which takes effect on monday gives people little time to make perhaps life changing plans. >> not enough time to make with. >> he says the president should re-evaluate his order. president biden called it a precautionary measure with the spread of the omicron variant. the president says he will be guided by science and his team of experts. >> you play the in and you can't play the back. >> correct. you never know when you can come back home. >> the countries on the do not travel list are south africa, malawi, mozambique and other countries. >> this is coming from south africa. i don't know where we're headed
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to. >> it does not apply to american citizens and lawful permanent residents. but they have to test negative for covid before reentering the country. at sfo. nbc bay area news. fathers of this new variant are affecting wall street. the dow fell northern 900 points for its worst day of the year. travel related stocks suffered some of the worst hits while vaccines are making gains. we will continue to keep track of this and you will find all of our reporting on our webb. we've posted an explainer. go to and click on the story at the trending bar. new details of a construction fire. flames destroyed a church in pittsburg. firefighters got the call this morning. when they got there, they found
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it engulfed in flame. crews say construction materials fueled that fire but they were able to keep the flames from reaching the existing church. >> it was may, it was may building in the back. i give god the praise that it was not in my regular church. >> pastor says there was some water damage to the main sanctuary but at this point it is not clear what start the fire. sad news in the east bay the morning after thanksgiving. a bicycler was hit and killed outside a shopping center. you can see damage done to both the car and the bank. chair not sure how it happened. a somber day for family in the south bay. a person shot and killed nine workers. there was a meeting on zoom this
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evening. they lit candles for each person lost that day. this could be an especially rough time for those still grieving. >> please reach out as you navigate the ups and downs of this season. there are resources as well. just know that you're not alone and we are hear to walk through together. >> the centers of living through dag can be reached. a fair broke out near o'toole gnaw. investigators say this was near a home of encampment along the freeway and fire across. no word yet on how it started. some developing news out of mexico. at least 19 people are deadar a
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crash. authorities say the bus was taking people to a religious site. the bus reportedly lost its brakes, causing the crash. 20 other people were also hurt. no word on their conditions this evening. tonight broadway is mourning the loss of a musical giant. steven sondheim wrote some of the best beloved hits. he did the same for gymcy but after that, he wrote the words and the make to many award winning shows. some of miss most well known like sweeney todd and into the woods became films. he died suddenly today at age 91 at his connecticut home. we're back in 60 seconds with an unusual rescue in the bay. how people rushed to rescue a coyote but ended up in the water. plus, it is back.
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san jose's christmas in the park. we'll fill you in on all the fun that will have you making plans. and we're watching the patchy clouds. patchy clouds. mi (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. a very different type of rescue for the san francisco fire department. they saved a coyote from
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drowning in the bay. the department is sharing these photos with us tonight. the coyote somehow ended up in the water at the marine green and was struggling to stay afloat. fortunately several people nearby noticed and got the attention of firefighters. they made a lasso and were able to keep the coyote's head above water. a veterinary care unit took over from there despite nearly drowning. we are told the coyote was named phoenix and is expected to be okay. armed security guards and police everywhere in san francisco's union square. shoppers and retailers say they are feeling safe but they also say these extra security measures are really taking joy out of the holidays. stephanie joins us from south africa. for so many shoppers, the plywood decorated store fronts and police presence is making it hard to get into the holiday
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spirit. >> all the decorations, this place that makes you want to buy something. it sucks. >> reporter: businesses say the recent rash of thefts in so many places left them no other choice. police officers are also doing their part to help get these stores and shoppers back on their get. they've increased their presence significantly and are collaborating with private security companies hired by stores. >> you walk around. you literalory satisfy an officer on every corner. >> reporter: the police chief says there has been no trouble since thanksgiving and he's hoping the focused police presence helps it stay that way. >> we'll have it for the foreseeable future. we'll see how we can sustain this time of presence. >> reporter: some shoppers say they'll feel safe. they will come to union square regardless of police presence.
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>> you can get shot, brutalized. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> okay. are you ready to shop small? tomorrow is small business saturday and business owners say they're hoping to make up for last year when sales fell by that 60%. now, three out of four small businesses say this holiday weekend could make or break them this area. they say supply chain disruptions and shipping delays are still causing problems. if you know what you want. they say you should go out and get it early. judging by the crowds we saw today in shopping centers across the bay area, it looks like shopping is off to a good start but we have the numbers to back that up. mastercard and all kinds of payment. online sales up about 5% compared to last area. more people appear to be heading back to brick and mortar stores. in store sales are up 40% this
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area versus last area. >> we're learning more about the covid pill that could be used to treat covid patients. drug maker merck is walking it back and saying the pill is not as effective as previously reported. the most reason study shows the bright red pill can reduce hospitalizations and death by 30%. while encouraging, that's down there 50% reported last month. and they are concerned that the safety of the pill during pregnancy. advisers will meet tuesday and vote whether to recommend it to high risk patients. let's take you live now to sfo. holiday travelers have set a new record. tsa says 2.3 million people passed through security check points nationwide wednesday. that's the most since april 2020. and the day before thanksgiving
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one of the busiest travel days of the year along with after the holiday. >> christmas in the park in down san francisco is back packed with people. the lighting of the christmas tree, the official start of christmas in the park. a lot of people bundled up and happy. people very excited at the tradition in person is back. christmas decorations galore, carnival rides and this year a tunnel through the christmas tree. and more, back by popular demand. the parade made its debut yesterday. this time it is at lake cunningham park. >> wonderful. it was great to bring the kids. >> it was good! we had fun! >> it was beautiful. a lot more than last area which is really nice. we miss the christmas trees. it is really fun. the music that they put on that matches the light.
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>> look how pretty it is. just like christmas in the park, the light display will continue until the new year. after christmas, the music will change. you can only get the tickets for the display online them start at $30 but that's for the whole car so you can pack a bunch of people in. you can do the drive-through or the walk-through. >> and people out there had their jackets on but you are telling us to dress in layers. >> by lunch time and the $gentleman, you could be in t-shirt weather. in downtown san jose, the christmas tree lights are still on. 51 degrees. not too chilly outside around the santa clara valley. and another pretty view. no fog around r. 54 degrees and then inland.
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not too much in the way of clouds and fog. with high pressure around and not a lot of wind, the air quality, you might notice, a little more haze in the skies. so moderate air quality for tomorrow. these numbers, the aqi index for now is below 100. it gets closer to 100, especially in the east bay valleys. monday and tuesday, stay tuned. we may see that we're getting closer to some westbound time spare the air alerts. fog probably the top concern weatherwise. right now, the visibility looking just fine. but stay tuned. solano county, contra costa county, maybe more so sunday night and monday night. notice the temperatures. not quite as cold as the last few nights. most of it staying in the low to mid 40s in the morning hours. and for the afternoon, temperatures as warm as 70. upper 60s around oakland, upper 60s around the north bay.
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we'll fast forward to the sunday forecast and watch the temperatures right there from palo alto into santa cruz and morgan hill. the range should be 70 to 75 degrees. perfect for football weather out of levi stadium. the game should start off, the temperatures in the 70s. and then mid 60s toward the end of the game. the other side of the coin, really the lack of rainfall as we move from november into december. typically we should see storms arriving every two to three days. but high pressure around, we'll see clouds at times. but for now it looks like the storm track is to the north. this forecast as you can see, take us through next weekend as well. if you like the weather pattern, you will like the weekend into next weekend, too. san francisco seeing highs in the mid to upper 60s and sunday, partly sunny of sun to go
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around. especially at levi stadium, maybe even a little warm there with the temperatures in the mid 70s. >> and some main maybe by the end of next week? >> yes, maybe at the end. you may need toss out a popular brand of deoderant. and a cub who barely escaped the wildfire. his paws were burned in south lake tahoe. you can see him there on the screen. look how cute he is. he's been staying at a wildlife rescue center. today private donors gave
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you'd better check your bathroom. some warnings about popular deowed rants. it is the old spice and secret air deoderant. they have an ingredient that can cause cancer. they say customers will likely not be exposed to benzine that is strong enough to hurt people. a top tech analyst who believes apple glasses will be a hot item next year. we recall years ago when google glass was a thing briefly. they never really took off
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though. from the, from what the analysts say, it is expected to be as powerful as a mac computer, built with the processor. they'll be introduced at the next big apple event. it is your chance to have big a moment like in the movie. tom hanks did it in the iconic movie and you can have the world's famous toy store all to yourself. throughout the holidays, fao swartz is offering private access to the store. you can dance on the private piano. the cost? $260. as in $260. for a good cause. the money goes to a charity that then supports children with cancer. so $260 gets you the private time and then you have to buy the toy. >> and that's something that would have been a dream to a 10-year-old. to an adult? you don't have to wait in line to buy my kids a toy.
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coming up in sports, the warriors with their chance to win the tenth straight home game. okay. they have been on fire since the season began last month and they're starting to look like old time warriors. >> and it's so much fun to watch. >> so much fun. >> excuse me. with the best record in the nba, the warriors hosted the trail blazers in san francisco tonight. there's steph curry. he currently leads the league in points per game and he quickly shows us why. deep three from steph. that's like a layup for him. but it wasn't just steph. the warriors were firing on all cylinders. draymond green lobs to it andrew
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wiggins who hammered it down. it was that kind of night for the warriors. they improved their record to a league leading 17-2. let's head to the south bay. the toronto maple leafs were in town. they have the best record in their league. they have improved to be too much for the sharks. they tip it into the net and give toronto the lead and the maple leafs never look back. the sharks lose 2-1. a critical game coming up. every game is critical, obviously. the niners bounce back after a four-game losing streak this season but they played the vikings at levi's. both teams have even records at 5-5. the winner of the game will be on track to a wild card bid in the nfc. if the niners will win, they might have to do it without their lead running back. elijah mitchell has been eliminated in practice this week and the team listed him as
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there were some vip guests in the small town christmas tree lighting ceremony tonight. president biden and his family were there as the town of nantucket lit up its tree. many gathered by the motorcade before it pulled away. the first couple have visited there for thanksgiving for the past 46 years. right now they're staying at the home of the billionaire david rubenstein. instant and his helpers can be found pretty much everywhere, even underaware. this is scuba santa in kentucky. he was accompanied by some of his elves with sharks and stingrays. don't worry, you won't have to get in to give scuba santa your
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holiday wish list. he is all knowing. isn't it the holiday season only when there is scuba santa? thanks for joining us. >> have a good weekend. we'll see you. tonight, the new covid variant raising alarm around the world. the u.s. banning travel from eight african countries after the world health organization labeled the new omicron variant found in south africa as a variant of concern. the fears triggering the worst day of the year on wall street. the dow plunging 900 points president biden spending thanksgiving on nantucket his new message to all americans. and the question: is the highly new mutated variant more transmissible and can it evade the vaccines? dr. fauci is here. shots fired at a mall filled with holiday shoppers the images of shoppers fleeing. what police just revealed black friday is
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back crowds returning to stores but finding rising prices and limited supplies our exclusive behind the scenes at best buy where some big holiday shopping changes are in store. red flag warnings in the west. tens of thousands without power due to the powerful santa ana winds. we're on the front lines. the president of ukraine accusing russia of plotting a coup. how the kremlin is responding celebrating stephen sondheim. tributes pouring in for the man behind some of broadway's biggest smashes. and shake the holiday season into high gear with the return of the famed rockettes. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening we're going to tell you what we know and what we don't know tonight as a worrisome new covid variant rears its head labeled with the greek


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