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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 26, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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coming up on nbc bay area news tonight, a new covid variant detected. should we be concerned? we're asking one of our covid experts. and then the biggest drop we have seen all year. we explain what happened on wall street today. and we're breaking down what it means for your money. people have to feel safe. >> even san francisco as's chief is patrolling union square. we're shown what else is being done to make shoppers feel safe during this string of smash and grabs. good evening, everyone. this is nbc bay area news tonight. and i'm jessica aguirre. okay. worries over a winter covid surge growing, not just here but across the globe. right now concern is being fueled by a new variant of
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covid. it's not just spreading rapidly. it's spreading exponentially. it's known as the omicron variant. it was labeled as a variant of concern. because it seems to spread easily. omicron was detected in south africa. the country went from 200 cases each day a few weeks ago then 2500 cases yevd alone. omicron has been detected in belgium botswana, hong kong, israel but not yet here in the u.s. now the white house says it's not taking chances announcing new travel restrictions for travelers from eight african countries including south africa as well as botswana, zimbabwe and malawi. starting monday travelers from those countries will not be allowed to come to the u.s. unless american citizens or permanent residents. we send nbc's dame yn trujillo to sfo to understand. >> there are no direct flights
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from sfo to johannesburg but several connecting flights and some people are traveling to the african continent. those who we spoke with say they are concerned because what if they leave the country, will they not be allowed to come back? those traveling to other than western african countries tell me at sfo that they will make it a point not to travel to those seven other southern african countries aside from south africa. there is a concern about what they might come home with. >> i know most people are scared because they don't want to bring something to the united states. so i totally agree. yeah, it's something that's really scary soo. >> reporter: it's unknown how long the travel ban lasts. but the folks, international travelers here at sfo are bracing for what may be an extended period of time. there is a covid frustration. they're saying here we go again. but it is what it is. the president has issued his order and it takes effect on monday. at sfo, damian truly yo.
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>> that's totally a frustration thank you. i want to give you a better understanding about why world leaders scientists and watching this closely. to walk us through is our covid expert. dr. monica gandhi with ucsf thank you for being with us the >> thank you. >> we have spent so much time honing in on the delta variant variant. but there were a bunch of variants before that, alpha, gamma, how does that st. croix up against those and what do we know about how dangerous this could be. >> you're right only alpha, beta, gamma and delta have taken hold. delta has been the dominant variant in the world since the beginning of march when it arose in india at a 4% vaccination rates. there were others lambda, no one paid attention to because they went away. why are we concerned about
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omicron? two reasons, one it could be more transmissible than delta. even though we have to wait a while to determine that for sure. because once you look for something you find it. and it's -- i think it's important that the w.h.o. has not said that definitively. the second is that it's spike protein which is the little piece that sticks out. it has 32 mutations on it which is more than the delta variant which has 11 mutations. however, the important thing is vaccinations are going to work against in variant. they working against the variant. people who are totally vaccinated in south africa who are preparing to travel, if they had it in the noeds they were asymptomatic. it was the people unvaccinated that were symptomatic. so it's vaccinations -- if vaccinations work the trick is get south africa more vaccinated than 23% which is where it stands. >> triple the amount -- almost the triple the amount of spike proteins. what about the booster, should
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this put an emphasis on people on the fence about getting the booster that with the variant it's not here in the u.s. yet but potentially out there, you really need that booster? >> you know, the thing is actually that's not even clear. because there are two doses of the vaccine in south africa. and those who are two-dose vaccinated are completely protected. they are asymptomatic with this variant. no, i don't think it necessarily makes the booster even more important. the booster is important for 65-year-olds and immunocompromised and medical conditioned be if you are traveling go ahead and get it. it's not specific for omicron i'm not worried about people needing the booster. >> you heard damian say it a lot of people's reaction to this is oh my gosh, here we go again. it's feeling like we play covid whack-a-mole. every time you get one variant another one pops up. is this just a way of life for us moving forward?
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>> i really don't think so. i think we should, like, essentially -- there is a lot of worry about it because we were getting to a good place. and then there is the new variant, however, this was always the risk with global vaccine inequity where it was was to get a new variant. but at 75% vax ace rate whereo everywhere worldwide who is at that rate including the bay area is doing well. low rates of severe disease including in europe where the variant is probably there. low rates of vaccination higher rates of hospitalization. 75% and above, low rates of severe disease. so i don't think it's going to be more than that. maybe it needs 80% vaccination. the point is we can get through the variant too. as lopping as vaccinations work which they do. we have to increase vaccinations for those still declining vaccinations and increase it worldwide. >> so we asked. >> not back to square one. >> good to hear. we asked some viewers if they had question. we posted as the question of the
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day on facebook, instagram and twitter. morning ohs wrote to us i'm curious to see how previously recovered infected folks compared to those vaccinated but without a previous infection. so i think what he is asking there is the difference between people who had, you know, immunity on their own and are vaccinated and how this is going to stack up. >> so it's a great question. because it's true that those are recovered will have seen the entire virus. they will have a lot of immunity against the entire virus and they should be able to fight omicron. however, so are those who are vaccinated. and i think that's tremendously important. i think we're getting more and more data that those recovered or vaccinated have equally strong persistent protection against reinfection. and so it's true. if you are recovered i'm going to be fair about it. you have good immunity. >> okay. and do you anticipate we don't have a case of this variant yet
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in the u.s.? do you expect at some point we are going to see it? >> yes, you know, the thing about closing borders is it doesn't work. and this is a very transmissible respiraty virus. people tried to close borders it don't work. and the w.h.o. is unhappy with the u.s. and uk position of closing borders. i think it will get in. but as long as vaccinations cover it, we know what to do. and we have to increase our vaccination rate. this is going to hurt places like michigan at a 54% vaccination rate. much more than california or the bay area at very high vaccination rate. everything is about vaccination. >> dr. monica ghani, appreciate i don't wish expertise. >> do you still have questions about the new variant we may have the answer. head to click on explainer covid-19 variant on the trending page. the stock market did tumble drastically following this news.
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in fact the worst day of the year for the dow dropping 900 points. the s&p and nasdaq also significant tumbled. each down more than 2%. so what does it mean for your money? joining us now is david barsen. a financial planner and founder of barsen financial planning. thank you so much for being with us today, especially after thanksgiving. so david to talk about the relationship between this new variant to the possibility that this is obviously related to the tumble. but is it specific to the variant? or is it in a headquarter crisis looming? or is it just because people feel exhausted that here we go again and stuck in with the round about the variants? >> that's a good question. jessica, good to be back. yes, one of the big issues is we don't know why markets move each day. but the uncertainty around this
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particular virus and whether the antibodies will be effective, the vaccines will be effective, the anti-virals will be effective, that is what contributed to the market selloff today. it's really the uncertainty around what this new variant is going to do. >> because it feels like we were down almost rounding the corner and here surprise we get this other one. usually financial people like yourself usually tell unsophisticated financial people don't panic stay the course, don't do anything. is that still the advice right now for all of us? >> yeah, i mean, it depends on baier -- the particular client and the particular situation. for short-term investors who have, you know, immediate needs, maybe buying a car or paying the ren, yeah, certainly keep your money where it's at. and in the checking account for stock market investors and long-term investors, yeah, we have seen other strains as you
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mentioned at the beginning of the hour. and that really hasn't knocked this market off its run this year. so there is a likelihood that this won't either. so that's why you stay the course. that's why you stay in it and you make sure you have a properly built portfolio to deal with the ups and down in the market. >> let's talk about gasoline prices. we those skyrocket and now we see president biden trying to mitigate this by releasing millions of barrels of crude oil to bring the price down. most analyst say it's not making that much of a difference. where do you see gas prices going? what kind of relief do you anticipate this to have and how does that impact people's portfolios long-term? >> if you think about from the beginning of the year the price of oil was below $50 a barrel. then skyrocketed up to where we're at and had it come down rabbit. a lot today actually. probably tied to what's going on with covid. and the new variant. but -- but i -- you know, it
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really depends where things go with the new variant. you know, i think that if things continue on in the fashion of, you know, the economy recovering and we continue on in this fashion, eventually new supply comes on the market and prices will come down. you know, janet yellen, the former federal reserve said probably middle of next year is when we see inflation pressure subside. i think that's probably realistic. >> let's totally hope so. i think everybody needs a break at this point. david thank you for being with us again. . we love when you're on with us. >> thank you, jessica. still to come, police officers stationed at every corner. it's just one of the extra security steps being taken. we'll show you what's else is done to ease fierce after the spring of smash and grabs across the bay area. and then putting a focus on native american cuisine. something not many chefs do in
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the bay area. but we are introduction to the woman behind a new restaurant in the east bay.
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it's back. black friday. check out the lines earlier today at the san francisco outlets in livermore. a lot of people willing to go, stand in line to snag a good deal. also plenty of police out there as well. this comes after the recent string of smash and grab robberies and burglaries across the bay area. in san francisco officers stationed at every corner around
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union square, including the police chief himself bill scott. he says the department plans to keep up heavy police presence at least through the holidays. what about other parts of the bay area? here is nbc bay area ace nelcea colorado from walnut creek. >> no sign of santa in the downtown walnut creek shopping center but lots of police officers as well as private security personnel. monitoring shoppers. trying to deter any would be thieves. now we spoke to several shoppers today. those we spoke to say like millions they saw the virile video of the incident last saturday night at the nordstrom walnut creek police say they are ramping up presence this weekend. broadway plaza remains shut down to vehicle traffic. police say if they receive credible tips insofar caravan of nieves it on the way they are giving the downtown business association a heads up. police, however, are not encouraging these shops to board up and they say if there is a tip they're also going to leave
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it up to the businesses if they choose to close early. in walnut creek, melissa, colorado nbc bay area news. >> let's hope it stays quiet. you might be stuffed from last night. we are sfiking on the food focus a bit but on a kind we haven't seen a lot. a new restaurant debuted in the east bay called wapipas kitchen native american cuisine. joining us tonight is the chef and other than crystal. a member of a tribe. you grew up in oakland on aloni land. i don't really know and i'd love to know what is the essence of native american food? >> oh, it's definitely the culture and where the food comes from and how it's harvest, and how it is made and brought on to a plate. >> tell me a bit about the menu. what kind of ingredients do you use?
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give us a flavor of what we get if we went to your restaurant? >> oh, you'll definitely get blue corn and definitely get a smoked cedar sweet potato on a tostada and we specialize in blue corn bison meatballs and hand harvest wild rice cakes. >> bison meatballs that sounds so delicious, i got to say. where does the passion for your food come from? >> oh it definitely comes from my grandmother and my tribe which i'm kikapoo from oklahoma. and it's something i have seen missing especially here in the bay area. it's something vital to our community and so beautiful. i love presenting native american foods just on a plate and letting people taste different culture of the foods and different tribes. >> and crystal, i have to say i've never heard like when they mentioned about native american food por a restaurant, and see
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common that you see that in other states? i mean, why am i just hearing about this now here in the bay area? >> well, if you were in arizona or new mexico it won be uncommon. but especially here in the bay area, yes, it is very uncommon. and all over, it's something that has a lot to do with historical trauma. i speak and how the foods got lost and how they're coming back to the native community. >> so when someone goes to your restaurant, what's the experience you want them to have from, you know, tasting that food and visiting your restaurant and meeting you? what do you want them to walk away with? >> i want them to walk away, let them know like -- let them think about whose land they are on, where the foods come from, how beautiful our native culture is. >> that's a beautiful thing to say. that's beautiful. give me a couple of more things i might want to order when i go there. i want to hear some of the
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favorites. >> so definitely right now weaver been -- everybody loves our blue corn waffles. and of course our blue corn blueberry bison meatballs and our harvest sauce salads. right now we have fresh persimmon, we have pomegranate. and how it's made with the maple vinaigrette. and then we always add that little maple cedar and sweet grass all. >> sounds olave. >> everybody enjoys that. >> sounds wonderful thank you for being with us and sharing this with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. so her kitchen is open wednesday through sunday, 9:00 to 2:00. thank you for joining us this evening. all right you are looking at our live camera of downtown san jose, christmas in the park officially under way. yes the tree is list. meteorologist rob mayeda with your weekend forecast. . i love s a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me.
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okay. there it is. a live look right now at the christmas tree in christmas in the park. i call to it disco christmas tree. but more than that, rob, people. >> i know having a great time. >> people out. >> and the merry go round, the little shrunken down version of the ferris wleel in the background. >> are the people cold. >> not bad. the temperatures -- i'm sure there is a music sound crack. numbers in the upper 50s outside. pretty snis 58 degrees current on our way tomorrow to temperatures i think that should
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drop into the 40s. so a nice night. few areas in the inland east bay valleys may wake up to patchy fog. low 40s around the trivalley towards the north bay. look at the highs tomorrow. very similar expected for sunday with lows 70s around san jose, mid-60s from san francisco to oakland. and near 70 in santa rosa. if you like the temperatures, odds are sunday will be a bit warmer. parts of the south bay could climb into the mid-70s to wrap up the weekend. so a sunny and mild finish to the weekend. san francisco seeing upper 60s to wrap up the weekend. and valley temperatures. staying? the 70s sunday. a little cooler but as we move from november now into december, speaking of christmas in the park, no real changes in the weather. more sunshine along with the cool mornings ahead. jessica back to you. >> thank you, rob. coming up in primetime sticking with the holiday cheer. watch ou the grinch stole christmas at 8:00. five more sleeps until zrms at 8:30 pl holiday inn harmony at
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9:00. batch the "snl" christmas special at 9:30. and then of course you have to watch me at 11:00. okay. that does it for us at 7:00. have a great night. get a hotted toy and snuggle up to the sofa. i'll see you at 11:00.
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>> we'll see you again next week. >> from the emotional to the triumphant to the down right terrifying, 2021 had it all. collusive ed sheeran on courtney and harry. '90s style is huge right now. one of the most popular pant of the fall season. >> ryan reynolds came and visited. >> he's worked with blake and now gladly gave sarah jessica parker a lift. >> okay, that was quick. >> the good guy wins and the bad


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