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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 26, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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thank you so much for joining us. >> tonight the world is racing to contain a new covid threat. it's called the omicron variant. it carries a number of mutations that could allow it to spread quickly. even among people vaccinated. how worried should we be? >> we spoke with health experts. >> at hospitals like this one across california, it's the delta variant that is the main concern right now. the state reports that out of samples from covid tests taken this month, 99% of them were the delta variant. still the experts that i spoke with today said we should still be keeping an eye on the new variant. >> this represents a new challenge do us. >> his good mood was spoiled once he learned about the spread of the variant. >> it's important for people to
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realize that these new variants they have genetic rk physical structures that suggest that it might not respond to the immumty from the vaccine. >> it's not time to panic. >> we can deal with this. but i wish we didn't have to. >> we don't know yet if existing vaccines will offer protection against the new variant. he thinks they probably will. >> most important threat to us right now in the bay area remains delta. >> public health officer says a quarter of all positive covid tests get sent to a lab for sequencing. in the last two months, all of those tests were delta variant. >> we know how to control that. vaccines are the most important thing to do. and every day behaviors we have learned and adopted. >> he believes the same technology that lets up track delta will help us tell if the new variant pops up here.
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>> if we see the variant we will be able to detect that early on. >> the state reports that there are currently more than 100 patients with covid-19 in hospitals around the county. experts said that's all the more reason why people should be getting vaccinated. if they haven't already. >> thank you. vaccine manufacturer already working to adapt the shots to the new variant. pfizer says it's testing the vaccine against the variant. and can adapt the vaccine within six weeks if needed. johnson & johnson also testing the efficacy of the vaccine against the variant. moderna will test three booster candidates against the variant. to plan to develop a booster that is specific to this variant: >> the president issued a new travel ban for eight south african countries. the variant is spreading fast in that region. the ban takes effect monday.
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and has travelers scrambling to react. >> you can bet a lot of people are booking flights out of the eight banned countries tonight. before that ban takes effect. many people here say the ban took them by surprise. saying it's not enough time to react. >> this family is excited about their trip to kenya. then got word about the travel ban from southern africa. >> i think it's so sudden. >> the ban which takes effect on monday gives people little time to make perhaps life changing plans. >> it's so sudden. >> not enough time. >> he says the president should reevaluate his order. president biden called the ban a precautionary measure. with the spread of the variant in southern africa. the president didn't say how long the ban will last. only to add he will be guided by science and by his team of medical experts.
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>> fly somewhere and can't fly back. >> correct. you never know when the borders will close. or board a flight coming back home. especially with work. >> the countries on the do not travel list are -- >> it's scary. coming from africa. i don't know where we're heading to. as a nation. >> the ban doesn't apply to american citizens. and lawful permanent residents. they have to test negative for covid before reentering the countries. >> a lot to take in. if you have questions we have answers. with e posted an explainer ability the new variant on ore web site. >> plywood, armed security guards. police everywhere. san francisco union square. shoppers and the retailers say
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they are feeling safer. but that all the security is taking the joy out of the holiday. >> for some of the shoppers the pli wood deck kated store fronts and heavy police presence is making it hard for them to get into the holiday spirit. >> decoration. and this place that makes you feel want to buy something. >> businesses say the recent rash of thefts in walnut creek and oakland. san jose and san francisco left them no other choice. >> we're just limiting how many people are allowed to be in the store at once. >> police officers are also doing their part. to help get the stores and shoppers back on their feet. they increase ds their presence significantly. and collaborating with private security companies hired by stores. >> if you walk arnds and see an officer on every corner. >> san francisco police chief says there's been no trouble
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since thanksgiving. and he's hoping the focussed police presence helps it stay that way. >> we'll have it for the fore seebable future and regroup. >> some shoppers say they feel safe now. but when it gets dark they'll think twice. regardless of police presence. >> you never know what can happen. you can get shot or brutalized. >> a somber day for the families. six months ago today a rail employee shot and killed nine coworkers. the agency hosted a day of remembrance today. a second ser moeny just now wrapping up. lighting a candle in name of each of the lives lost that day. the group recognizes this could be a particularly rough time for the still grieving. >> please reach out. we're here as you navigate the ups and downs of the coming season.
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and there are resources. know you are not alone. we're here to walk through the time together. >> the center for living with can be reached through san jose bill wilson center. >> a fire that broke out in san jose. it's a large brush fire. happened over night. near o tool circle near the onramp for 880. investigators say there was this happened near a homeless encampment along the freeway. fire crews had a tough time due to water supply issues. it burned an acre and unclear how it started. fire destroyed a building under construction in pittsburg. it happened this morning. >> you can still see his paws
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covered in bandages. he's been staying at a wildlife rescue center. private donors gave $500,000 to the rescue center. to help the animals in need. this comes after a devastating year of wild fires in northern california. >> up next. it's not all about today. when it comes to shopping. how small businesses are gearing up. for big saturday. >> no sign of santa here in the downtown walnut creek shopping district. we're certainly spying a lot of officers and private security. how police are trying to stop a caravan of thieves before it's too late. that's coming up.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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broad way is tonight mourning the loss of a musical giant. he helped create some of the musical theaters most beloved
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hits. west side story which will be released next month as a film. first broad way project. he did the same for gypsy and after that wrote both words and music. into the woods and sweeny todd became films. he died today at age 91 at his connecticut home. >> police officers in the wake of last weekends smash and grab robberies. that startled shoppers and workers. police are ramping up presence around the busiest shopping district. we have the story from downtown walnut creek. >> walnut creek police are beefing up presence at popular shopping districts like this one here in downtown walnut creek. it's the way to deter any would be thieves and it's a comforting presence for shoppers and retail
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employees who do not want to be caught in the middle of a chaotic situation. >> i think the pandemic is putting stress on people. and so the crazy get crazier. >> florida college student is visiting her parents for the holiday. and she saw our viral video of dozens of thieves storming out of the store in walnut creek. >> we're getting robbed. it's horrible. don't know why people need to do it. they need to come up with new laws to stop them. and discourage them from doing that. it hurts everybody. >> authorities say 90 thieves used three separate entrances and ran off with more than $100,000 of high end merchandise. three people were charged with felonies for the alleged role in the spree. >> it's unnerving. >> he was helping customers pick out kitchen ware at the store next door. and locked his staff inside until the chaos subsided. >> what happened last weekend. it was a short time frame that
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it happened. it's not something you can really anticipate. >> police say they are for any intelligence that tips them off. if another roving caravan is heading their way. police are not encouraging shops to boards up, police say if they do receive a tip of another targeted theft they will leave it up to businesses to decide if they want to close early. police say they have a dedicated team of uniformed and under cover officers patrolling busy shopping centers. like the stone ridge mall. >> i feel safe here. i have been coming here for years. >> this weekend you are asked to shop local. tomorrow is small business saturday. bay area shops hope to give people a local alternative to those big chain disruptions and shipping delays. >> three out of four small businesses say whatever happens during holiday retail season
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could make or break them for the year. >> they are anticipating better holiday sales than 2020. when they fell 60% of normal. >> we have been busier. this time last year we were actually only allowed to have three or four customers in the store at a time. that was difficult during the holiday. this year we don't have that limitation. we can gear up with extra staff. and people to accommodate our customers. >> there will be covid protocol in place. like wearing masks inside. customers say that with vaccination they feel safe shopping in person. and the bonuses avoiding the shipping delays. >> knowing the stores have inventory. online, there's always seems to be delays. and you don't know when you'll
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get the item you purchased. >> many businesses ramped up their sites through the pandemic. so they can compete in that space this year. but some people did plenty of online buying during the lock down last year. and looking to get out and about. >> i think that's why i'm looking to maybe find some good planning for christmas. >> as far as the supply chain issue goes, the folks at this store have been able to get the inventory they want. the problem is when they try to reorder something. so if there's something you really like, get in early. >> that's good advice. all right. some customers plan to head out to shops. many americans are choosing of course to avoid stores. shop from home. consumers are expected to have spent up to 5 billion online. thanksgiving day. which would be a record. shoppers have spent 75 billion online since the start of
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november. up 20% from last year. also more than a third of the total 270 billion in online spending they expect through november and december. >> speaking of your money. it feels like everything costs more these days. because of supply chain issues or inflation. there are some somethings that managed to dodge inflation and actually cost less than they did 20 years ago. >> even though the inflation has gone up 56% since 2001, the price of domestic airline ticket dropped 19%. so find out why airline prices have dooped. and see what other items cost less than 2001. >> busy thanksgiving across the bay area. volunteers spent the day giving back to those in need. san francisco volunteers of course prepped 2,000 meals for people in need.
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salvation army 4,000 meals delivered to seniors across san mateo. family after family lined up to get a hot plate. 300 thanksgiving dinners handed out in san jose. >> here and our sister station we teamed up again with safe way to make sure nobody goes hungry this season. super easy. make a $10 donation when you are checking out. it goes to the local food bank. nourishing neighbors food drive. because thanksgiving is over doesn't mean you shouldn't be donating. this runs through christmas day. >> we have breaking holiday news. >> they lit the tree. >> look at that. >> it needs a sounds track. >> the crowd enjoying the weather. we have dry conditions not too much winds. and the christmas in the park tree officially lit here within
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the last half hour. the light show urnds way there. 56 degrees. northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. another view of light of a different kind. around the bay bridge. not much wind there across the water. the nice mirror like reflection below. 57 northwest wind at ten. 54 degrees east wind at 3. watching out for patchy fog. setting up towards tomorrow morning. 56 currently for walnut creek. as high pressure sticks arnds for a while, the things will have to watch will be fog for the inland valley and air quality moderate to start the weekend. if you have asthma or any other respiratory conditions that are more sensitive to smoke pollution. you may notice more sundays and monday. the numbers will go up more. we'll see early next week. if you have high clouds pass by this evening.
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no rain chances behind those. 40s to start. lower 40s around the north bay. and afternoon temperatures very similar to the weather we saw today. mostly mid to upper 60s around the bay area. warmer locations should be from san jose south. a very similar forecast for sunday. mid-70s. san francisco and oakland. perfect football weather out there. kick off 1:25. sunday afternoon. 70s to start the game. with vikings and 49ers and low to mid-60s towards 5:00. not much chance of rain. strong high pressure locked in over the bay area. sendsing the storm track to the north. the main concern is that valley fog. and the air quality issues early
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next week. temperature wise really can't complain. the night shouldn't be as cold. we're not talking about frost anymore. focusing more on fog. daytime highs this weekend for many locations especially around san jose. will be in the 70s. so, that's california weather for you. christmas in the park. 70s. football vikings in town. 70s. beautiful weather outside. >> with a disco tree. >> google tried and didn't stick. why does apple think their glasses will work? the reason, next.
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i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too.
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2021 jeep compass. and has a readable license plate. check it out. >> a prediction tonight from a top tech analyst. who believes apple glasses will be a hot item next year. we recall years ago google glass was a thing. briefly. they never took off. from what the analyst says apple version is more of a headset. for augmented reality. similar to what gamers wear. the version is expected to be as powerful as a mac computer. built with apples own processors. so in the fall of 2020 we may see ceo introducing them as a big apple event. >> someone in concord very thankful. he or she picked up the winning numbers in the thanksgiving day fantasy five state lottery. cash prize, $175,000. would have been twice as much money. but second winning ticket was
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sold. >> up next. a surprise from the rock himself. what he gave a family in need to kick off the holiday season. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year...
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he's such a nice guy. the rock johnson gave a bus full of tourists in los angeles a star sighting. >> he pulled up alongside the parked vehicle and said hello. he wished them a happy thanksgiving.
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and the rock also recently gifted one of his fans with a new custom truck. after a special screening of his new netflix film. he was touched by the fans story. the fan is a navy vet. who works as a personal trainer and volunteers at a domestic violence shelter. >> coming up at 7:00. we're answering questions about the new variant. stocks took the biggest tumble of the year. we're breaking down what it means for your money. join me tonight at 7. >> up next on nightly news. members of america's most iconic dance group. to find out what it's like to bring high kicks and magic on stage. tonight, the new covid variant raising alarm around the world. the u.s. banning travel from eight african countries after the world health organization labeled the new omicron variant found in south africa as a variant of
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concern. the fears triggering the worst day of the year on wall street. the dow plunging 900 points president biden spending thanksgiving on nantucket his new message to all americans. and the question: is the highly new mutated variant more transmissible and can it evade the vaccines? dr. fauci is here. shots fired at a mall filled with holiday shoppers the images of shoppers fleeing. what police just revealed black friday is back crowds returning to stores but finding rising prices and limited supplies our exclusive behind the scenes at best buy where some big holiday shopping changes are in store. red flag warnings in the west. tens of thousands without power due to the powerful santa ana winds. we're on the front lines. the president of ukraine accusing russia of plotting a coup. how the kremlin is responding celebrating


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