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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thing. they're not aware of any case of it. in the state. however the experts that i spoke with today said this is something that we're all going to want to watch in the days and weeks to come. >> this represents a new challenge to us. >> infectious disease expert good mood after a thanksgiving meal. was spoiled. once he learned about the spread of the variant of covid-19. >> the first e emotion i had was disappointment. >> it's not time to panic. >> whether or not this variant is going to be as bad as delta. or worse. or just a flash in the pan of no great significance. nobody knows. >> we don't know yet if existing vaccines will offer protection against it. he thinks they probably will. >> we'll wait and find out. >> the most important threat and the bay area remains the delta variant. >> public health officer says a
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quarter of all positive covid tests get sent to a lab for sequencing. in the last two months, all of those tests were delta variant cases. >> we know how to control that. vaccines are the most important thing to do. and every day behavior that we have learned over the year and a half. >> he believes the same technology that lets us track delta will help us tell if om kron pops up here. his department will be talking to people who traveled to areas where it's active. >> remember this is all very new information. both the experts i spoke with today said they only heard about this variant and the concerns around it yesterday. so this will be something that medical facilities like this one in san jose and around the state and country will continue to monitor. >> thanks so much. now there is still a lot we don't know about the variant.
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but there are a few things we know. scientists say its genetically distinct from previous variants. so far there's no indication this variant causes more severe cases of covid. also it will likely take weeks to find out if it is more infectious. experts say it's extremely unlikely that current vaccines won't work against it. now as we mention president biden acted swiftly placing a travel ban on eight african countries. those include south africa and -- the ban takes effect on monday. and has some people scrambling to react. live at sfo. with the latest. >> there are no direct flights to johannesburg. there are several connecting flights to the african continent. this ban has several and many international travelers very concerned. >> the family hadn't heard about
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the new travel ban. they are on the way to kenya. a country that is not on the list. but is still has them worried. >> for sure. most people are scared. they don't want to go over and bring something new to the united states. i totally agree. >> a country on the do not travel list. in africa. >> my concern is being stranded somewhere. not seeing family. with covid you never know. it's a safety issue. >> he is from the western african country of -- >> the president didn't say how long the ban will last. he will be guided by science and team of medical experts. >> it seems like the virus travels faster than we do. >> travelers around the world brace for the impact of the latest travel ban.
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>> the ban doesn't apply to u.s. citizens. or legal american residents. however, they do have to test negative for covid before being allowed to reenter the country. >> thank you. we continue our coverage of the story. on our web site. with posted an explainer about the new variant. just go to nbc bay >> judging from the long lines of traffic. a lot of people went look for black friday bargains today. they probably saved some money the crowds were so big, everything took way too much time for some. this line outside a nike store. was so long, some shoppers gave up. >> did you get in? >> no way. >> how long was the wait? >> probably four hours. >> no way. >> it's long. >> it goes almost half way to
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the out let. >> shoppers will pay 5 to 17% more this shopping season because of the labor shortage and the ongoing back up. in the supply chain. >> across the bay in san francisco. shoppers as well. this year they were accompanied by plenty of law enforcement. the goal was to make everyone feel at ease after a string of smash and grabs across the bay area. how everything played out today. >> many retailers out here have fully armed security guards welcoming guests into the shops. and many tell us they are feeling safe. they wouldn't come out here after dark. >> a little wood wall. you cannot see inside. it's weird. >> it's not crowded. there's police everywhere. it's very safe. >> just like the shoppers, retailers in san francisco union square felt relief when opening this black friday.
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after being a target for the organized groups of thieves. >> i think the city has been responding to it. they have been detouring traffic. more patrol. >> you can see an officer or two in every corner. looking for suspicious activity. to prevent the retail thefts that have store fronts boarded up. among the officers, san francisco police chief. >> people have to feel safe. the employees who work here. who get forgotten about. they need to feel safe coming to work. >> the force is collaborating with private security. city workers and have federal partners supporting them. they say it's a costly but worthy operation. >> we need everybody to know we're open for business. and we'll keep them safe. >> i asked the police chief how long they were planning ton keeping a heavy presence here at union square. he said they are planning on staying here until the foreseeable future. >> outside now. on this friday evening.
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fog and air quality could be a concern this weekend. let's bring in meteorologist rob. i was driving with the kids today. we saw the south bay. immediately they were like is it fog? smoke? what is that in the air. >> a combination of both. good observation. the weather watchers in the car. high pressure above which tends to act like a lid and it does trap some of the low level smoke around the bay area. driving around the bay you are seeing that. nice sunset to the north. walnut creek some of the haze we're seeing now. and there's enough of it that we have moderate air quality to start off the weekend. once the index gets closer to 100. which it may by monday or tuesday. we may see winter time spare the air alerts. high pressure remains locked in and don't have enough wind to push some of the haze out. another thing we're watching into tomorrow morning. patchy dense fog. nothing too bad. like we see over the last couple days we could see fog in the central valley. spilling back t over
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night. you are east bay valleys, to concord. or walnut creek. you might see patchy fog for the morning. and then as we wrap up the weekend a few areas could be climbing towards the mid-70s. closer look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. down load or app to get personalized micro climate forecasts. it will alert you before rain heads your way. get it now for your iphone or an droid smart phone. a somber day today for families in the south bay. six months ago today a employee shot and killed nine coworkers. the transit agency hosted a day of remembrance on the zoom. earlier today. a second ceremony is just now wrapping up. the center for living with led the vigil. lighting a candle in honor of each life lost. it could be a rough time for those still grieving.
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>> please reach out. we're here as you navigate the ups and downs of the upcoming season. and resources are at the site as well. just know you are not alone. and we're here to walk you through the time together. >> the center for living with dime can be reached through san jose center. >> no sign of santa here the downtown walnut creek shopping district. we're certainly spotting lots of police and private security personnel. coming up, we'll tell you how police are trying to prevent another caravan of thieves before it's too late. >> today isn't your only day for deals. how small businesses are preparing for saturday. >> storm ranger not finding any rain drops under the clouds. and you might be surprised by how much longer the dry weather could be sticking arnds.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ . >> broad way mourning the loss of a musical giant. he help create the most beloved hits. west side story. released next month as a film. his first broad way project. he did the same for gypsy. after that he wrote both words and music. most of the shows included sweeny todd and into the woods became films. he died suddenly today at age 91. at his connecticut home. back now to the coverage of black friday. traditionally a day when store owners focus on ringing up as many sales as possible. this year though, with a rash of
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smash and grab robberies. there's another concern. live from walnut creek with the steps many stores took. to keep their merchandise safe. >> you can see the walnut creek police right behind me. some private security personnel. wearing bright yellow jackets monitoring the crowds. the stretch of road this is called broad way plaza. it is shut down to vehicle traffic. the goal here of course to deter any get away drivers from clogging up this street. i have spoken to the police, they are monitoring intelligence. any tips in case another caravan is headed this way. >> it's unnerving. >> last saturday. helping customers pick out kitchen ware. when authorities say 90 thieves stormed into the store next door. using three separate entrances and ran off with more than
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$100,000 of high end merchandise. by the time the staff realized what was going on, they had seconds to lock the doors. and wait for the mayhem to subside. >> what happened last weekend. it was such a short time frame. it happened. it's not something you can really anticipate. >> walnut creek police say they upped staff this weekend to discourage would be thieves. stores like lu lu lemon. have private security guards keeping tabs on who is coming in and out. police are not encouraging businesses to board up. but if police receive any credible intelligence, another roving caravan is on the way, police will give the downtown business association a heads up. >> we're getting robbed. it's horrible. don't know why people need to do it. they need to really come up with some new laws to stop them. and discourage them from doing that. it hurts everybody. >> i feel safe here.
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i have been coming here for years. >> now last check, walnut creek police haven't received any credible tips. another roving caravan is headed this way. police don't want to unnecessarily alarm these retail employees. they are really leaving it up to the stores if they want to close early. >> thank you so much. tomorrow is small business saturday. business owners are rolling out the welcome matts. hoping to make up for last year when sales fell by 60%. this year stores are able to open at full capacity. of course. some covid restrictions are in place. like wearing masks inside the store. three out of four small business owners say sales this weekend could make or break them for the year. supply chain disruptions and shipping delays are causing a few problems. but if you know what you want, by it early. >> we have shown you the black friday sales in stores.
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mastercard is tracking retail sales across all payment types. card, cash and check. the company sed sales today are up more than 12% over the last year. online sales up 5%. compared to last year. more people appear to be hitting stores today. in store sales up 40%. this year. vs. last year. >> speaking of your money. it feels like everything cost more these days. because of supply chain issues or just inflation. there are some things that managed to dodge inflation and cost less than they did 20 years ago. >> even though the inflation has gone up 56% since 2001, the price of domestic airline ticket has dropped 19%. >> find out why airline prices have dropped and what other items cost less now.
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>> take a look at the flames. large brush fire in san jose breaking out over night near o tool circle. near the onramp for 880. investigators this was near a homeless encampment. fire crews had a tough time due to water supply issues. the fire burned about an acre. still unclear as to how it started. >> fire destroyed a building under construction in pittsburg. it happened this morning. the fire department took this photograph showing flames over taking the building. they are investigating there as well what caused the fire. >> help is coming to a rescue center. that's been aiding a cub who barely escaped a wild fire. this is named after the wild fire that severely burned his paws. over the summer. you can see the paws in bandages. he's been staying at the rescue center. today private donors gave $500,000 to the rescue center. to help animals in need.
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this comes after a devastating year for wild fires in northern california. that is so true. what a devastating year for wild fires. it feels like we're obviously now beyond that part of the season. we're not at risk. but what a tough year. certainly in the tahoe area. >> you talk about last year through the summer. and actually on that point, we'll show you the two november views from the satellite. going back to last year at this time. again much of the state was bone dry. one exception the sierra. snow up there. notice as we fast forward to now. and the map is trendsing much more green across north california and the bay area. due to the rain we had in late october. and early november. you put the two side by side. you can see high fire danger. november this time last year. vs. conditions we have now. again that is the big benefit of having rain surplus.
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which kicked in with that october 24 storm we had. double digit surplus of rainfall. and the numbers still above average are starting to come down now. because things have trended much drier here to wrap up the month. 7-day forecast it doesn't look like we'll see much rain. at least in the beginning of december. right now 58 degrees. san francisco a beautiful sunset. 62 san jose. hazy skies. slow traffic still along 580. avoid the area. 58 degrees in dublin. and watching for patchy fog setting up later tonight for walnut creek and concord. hanging onto 60 degrees. and air quality starting to get a little worse. as you lose the winds and high pressure acts like a lid. trapping the air pollution. not quite winter spare the air alert levels that would be 100 on the index. so patchy fog really the top concern of the morning.
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mainly the east bay valley. not quite as cold. most lows in the 40s. chance of seeing 70s. upper 60s from san francisco to oakland. we head towards sunday, a very similar forecast. a few areas around the south bay probably trending warmer. which is perfect if you are lucky enough to watch the 49ers take on the vikings. kick off temperature in the low 70s. cooling into the mid-60s. towards the end of the game. the bigger picture the reason why the 7-day forecast looks dry, is high pressure is diverting all of the rain and atmospheric river rain well off to the north. all the way through december 6. or 7. look at the rainfall projection moving out in time, all the way through the next seven days plus seven to ten day out look. looks dry. on the flip side it's a picture
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perfect weekend. for out door plans. san francisco looking mild. numbers in the upper 60s. patchy fog. you see it the december begins on a dry note. and we're hopeful that a second week of december that high will start to move out of the way. and get the rain and snow going. in the sierra. right now seven to ten days looking dry. >> one of the games i always imagine people in the rest of the country. people in minnesota are watching this game. 71 and sunny. in late november. and they're like, why don't we live there? >> for the fans that travel. they'll love it. >> coming up. a pill to fight covid. why it could be less effective than originally thought.
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experimental covid pill is not as effective as previously reported. the most recent study shows the bright red pill can reduce hospitalization and death by 30%. that's down from the 50% number the company reported last month. u.s. health officials are raising questions about the safety of the pill during pregnancy. fda meets tuesday to vote on whether to recommend it for high risk covid patients. >> another health warning. dee ode rant recalled after cancer causing chemicals were found in them. the company says they contain --
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it will most likely not expose customers. strong enough to cause health issues. >> it was a busy thanksgiving across the bay area. volunteers spent their day giving back to those in need. glide memorial church in san francisco. volunteers prepared 2,000 meals for the in need. salvation army 4,000 meals delivered. san mateo, family after family lined up to get a hot plate. and the south bay, 300 thanksgiving dinners were handed out at city team headquarters. in the district of san jose. we here and our sister station are once again teaming up to make sure nobody goes hungry this holiday season. make a $10 donation at any local safe way store. when you are at check out. our nourishing neighbors food drive runs through christmas day. >> reopening thousands of years
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in the making. the avenue of the sphinx in egypt.
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while americans were enjoying turkey, egyptians revived one of their own traditions.
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one that is thousands of year ts old. with fanfare the nation celebrated the reopening of the avenue of the sphinxes. it's nearly two miles long. 250 feet wide. once named the path of god. it connects two important sites. temple of lux sor and the temple. it follows decades of excavation work. it had been buried urnds sand for centuries. >> that's spectacular. put it on the bucket list. >> right now. a new variant of concern. what we know. we bring in an expert for the answer. plus also new travel restrictions. non-american citizens will not be able to travel from. >> it's black friday. the crowds as big as normal at
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the local shopping mall? >> how long was the wait? >> probably four hours. >> how much shoppers are expected to shell out this holiday season. >> the news starts now. >> scientists are working to learn more about the new covid variant. that is fuelling concerns around lt world. the w.h.o. has named the new strain omi kron. first identified in south africa. health officials reported it on wednesday. w.h.o. says it's concerning because it cares a number of mutations that could allow it to spread quickly. even among people who are vaccinated. >> president biden taking action. the u.s. restricting travel from south africa and seven other countries. the new rules take effect on monday. and will not impact u.s. citizens. president biden called the move quote cautious and said he took the advice of medical experts.


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