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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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vaccinated as fast as we can. >> the new variant has been fourth in south africa. doctors with the w.h.o. say work is under way to understand how the mutations will impact the behavior. >> it will take a few weeks to understand how this will have an impact on potential vaccines, for example, but there's a lot of work under way. >> she believes the vaccine will remain effective against the new
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variant. >> some of our antibodies we developed from the vaccine may not work as well. luckily the t-cell response is very widespread, so i doubt it will at all completely evade our immunity. it will not completely evade our vaccine. it may be a little less vaccine-response irv. >> some good news there. the morning after thanksgiving, the time for bargain hunters to find deals, but for a second year in a row, most retailers won't open until later this morning. this is a move they made last year during the height of the pandemic in order to flatten the curve. but now a tight labor market is also part of the reason, and giving retailers time with their families is a good idea. there's been a recent rash of flash mob robberies. those concerns are something the city leaders are hoping to ease. >> the police, even though the
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stores are closed, are still out there. we are going to continue to make sure there's a large police presence, that ambassadors can help those who come to the city, that there are additional resources and folks who are out there, and it's 24/7. >> san francisco mayor london breed says increased police presence through the shopping continue through the new year, possibly beyond. she's asking for additional resources. it is 4:36 right now. speaking of black friday, how will the weather be? thanksgiving turned out to be quite gorgeous. you had a well-deserved day off. >> yes, i did. >> meteorologist kari hall has more on what we can expect.
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>> let's watch out as we're heading out. overall, pretty nice as our temperatures are starting out in the low 40s, 50s in san francisco. here's a live look outin san jose. we're feeling temperatures heading out in the mid-40s. we'll go from 46 this morning to a few clouds and sunshine and temperatures warming up into the low 60s. not bad at all. we'll see this weather continue into the weekend. we'll take a look ahead and see if there's any rain coming down the line. vianey, how is it looking for the update with the breaking news? >> we do couple of incidents that may impact your morning commute. the first is a brushfire down in the south bay. it looks like a couple of trees are onfire along south 880 south of montague expressway. the calls came in at 3:17. we have our own see cierra
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johnson heading there. a sig alert was issued for this entire stretch because of a single vehicle crash that resulted in a deadly situation, and they are actively on the scene investigating that as well. no eta on when this will reopen. you will definitely want to avoid this area and take surface streets. back to you. next on "today in the bay," the major update from apple on its new mixed reality headset. also how the product will stand out from the rest. plus, the all-new feature coming to spotify. we'll tell you how it works. stay tuned.
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the time now is 4:40. it's another chilly start, and as we take a look at pleasant hill and our temperature trend, we have low 40s for the next few hours, but once the sun breaks out, we'll see warmer temperatures. we're heading into the 60s for today. we'll see this weather into the weekend and take a look at whether we can expect any rain down the line. this's coming up in a few minutes. i do have an update on the sig alert and the deadly crash sound of vermont. the number two lane is now open and traffic is starting to move at a slow pace. i'll have another update of the brushfire as well in the south bay coming up.
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good morning on this black friday. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. stocks certainly on sale. they look to be. wall street sharply lower. global markets tumbled overnight. concern? a new covid variant found in south africa that could be even more transmissible. it has like 30 different vary yags on the spike protein. britain has halted flights from six african countries as a result. oil prices are falling, down 6% on worries that the energy demand will peel back. one thing to remember, it's a light trading day because it's the thanksgiving holiday. we've got trading ending at 1:00
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eastern, just a half day. so take that with a grain of salt. meanwhile apple's mixed head set may be a standalone. it will run on a semi-conductor chip that runs on the same power as a mac. it will be able to provide both augmented and virtual reality experiences, and they expect the headset to arrive sometime late next year just in time for christmas 2022, and apple said it will make sure it can support a range of apps with the ultimate goal of replacing the iphone in about a decade. i still can't wrap my head around that. meanwhile spotify is testing a new feed. the video feed is available from a new tab in the navigation bar called discover.
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spotify has confirmed the task but hasn't said if or when it will roll out to wider audiences. it comes as netflix has been testing a new item. we also have to be watching a video on our phones. scott and kira, back to you. >> we were watching bertha instead. >> good for us. >> bertha, thank you so much. it is 4:44. a major obstacle. did you hear about this? some faced this on thanksgiving day, no power. plus -- >> and it is too cold for that. we're starting out with temperatures in the mid-40s in anioch this morning. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. and i do want to show you a clear shot of a very open bay
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bridge toll plaza. no meters lights on. i do have two incidents to tell you about. updates on the brushfire in the south bay and the deadly crash in san francisco coming up.
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happy friday. the time is 4:47. hopefully you had a great thanksgiving. maybe you're heading out shopping or enjoying the day out
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with family. here's a live look outside in san francisco. it's another chilly start. and for those of us heading back to work this morning, it's going to be very cool. we're watching out for some patchy fog. i know a lot of people are going shopping today, whether you're going early or heading out later in the afternoon. paolo al toe will see the temperatures going from the upper 40s at 8:00 to mid-60s for today. so it's going to be very comfortable. here's a look at all of our high touches, reaching 68 in san jose. in concord today, we're heading up to 64. also 64 in napa. a few low 70s in spots like morgan hill and santa cruz. for the most part we'll see hazy dry conditions and showers across the pacific northwest. this is the part of another storm system that as it moves closer, weakens before it gets here or passes to the north of us. that's been the trend we've seen recently, and that continues even as we go into next week.
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what we're looking at here is the continuation of more of this dry weather for the bay area. we've also at times seen the winds pick up, especially as we get some of the santa ana winds over southern california, and we've got breezy winds as well. got word on the drought yet. this is what it looked like last week where you see exceptional drought from the north bay into the east bay. notice the change in the color for the north bay where we're now seeing the drought conditions improving temporarily, and it's only for some of those spots in the north bay. we still have the highest level of drought in the east bay extending into the central valley. it will go back to that exceptional level, especially after a week without rain. warm temperatures into the weekend as well as early next week. and san francisco will also have fairly mild weather. upper 60s for all events going
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to on around the city. you've been tracking breaking news on two spots in the area. >> that's right. i have an update in san francisco. sadly it's bad news. it's still going to be backed up. also northbound 101 is where the incident initially happened. now they have reopened the number two lane and they are starting to let a slow flow of traffic push through the area. we're also noticing delays backed up along the side roads as well. expect to see delays until that area is fully reopened. also we have our very own cierra johnson heading to a report of a fire. this is southbound south of montague expressway. a couple of trees were on fire through this area in this stretch, and there are, of course, fire crews on scene, so we could see delays pulling through the area. i know we'll have the latest details and updates as we get
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through the scene. we are noticing the drive times are doing pretty good. a lot of people are usually off after thanksgiving. the san mateo is moving along quite nicely. the power is back on for most people. yesterday, 3,000 people without power. not good when you're trying to cook thanksgiving dinner. pg&e is blaming birds for the outage. >> reporter: serve undercooked turkey was not how linda frankel was wanting to spend thanksgiving day with her husband. >> it's not bouncing back very well. >> reporter: not included in linda's turkey recipe, the oven losing power not once, not twice, but three times? now we're going to have tough turkey. >> reporter: pg&e said more than
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3,000 people lost power. >> the power went out in the middle of cooking a turkey. it went out three or four times today. it was a little scary. >> why was it scary? >> i didn't think we were going to have turkey dinner. >> reporter: in an ironic twist, pg&e said birds caused the problem. >> they should not cause interruption for so many people especially on a day of celebration, a holiday. >> reporter: the lights went back on in a community that's already dealing with high fire danger and frequent shut-offs. >> my dad is 80 years old and he bought a generator because he's worried about it. >> reporter: there's something they're thankful for. >> due to covid, we had six fewer people to be disappointed.
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welcome back. in oakland, there was a food giveaway for a homeless encampment, and the good deed did not go unnoticed by vice president harris. >> i'm so proud of you. i'm sending all the best wishes
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for a wonderful thanksgiving for all of you. please take care of yourself, and thank you for taking care of your neighbor. >> that was the vice president herself on the phone of derrick johnson, the owner of chicken and waffles. he's a longtime friend of the vice president. he teamed up with a christian nonprofit organization to hand out 400 meals. >> that's great. dwayne "the rock" johnson gave a tour. he pulled up alongside the bus and said hello. the rock recently gifted one of his fans a new custom truck after a special screening of his new netflix film. he was touched by oscar. he's a navy veteran, works as a personal trainer and works at domestic violence shelters.
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>> that's beautiful. >> it is. well, we continue to follow breaking news at san jose. fire crews are on the scene at southbound 80. look at that. we'll have an update ahead in the next hour. on this black friday, i know a lot of people are heading out shopping. also just enjoying the day and heading to the beach. temperatures in pacifica heading in the low 60s. we'll get a look at our microclimates coming up. southbound 680, a solo vehicle involved could be causing a delay. the impact of the bus fire could be hurting your morning commute. details coming up.
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right now at 5:00, ready, set, shop. the mad dash for deals is on. we have a live report on what you can expect if you're planning to go black friday shopping, and also the increased security being put into place at bay area malls after those recent smash-and-grab robberies. plus, rising concern over a new covid variant. the reason global leaders are worried about it spreading out of control, and the impact it's already having on things like the stock market this is "today in the bay." good friday morning. thank you for joining us on this black friday, the day after thanksgiving.
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i'm kira klepper. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. you're looking at live pictures of a fire in san jose. this was a brushfire that was burning really big. it was bad for quite some time. as you can see, the san jose fire department is on the scene taking care of it near o'toole. you can see the earlier pictures. one of our producers spotted this fire at about 3:00 this morning on the way to work. we don't know if it hit nearby buildings. you saw the video live where it's ow. cierra johnson is headed out to the scene. we'll have a live report when she arrives. vianey arama is tracking the commute. >> that's right. any time you see fires around highways and freeways, there could be an impact on delays. i'm not seeing any


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