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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2021 1:37am-2:07am PST

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that's my mom. that's my dad. that's my brother. i want to thank jon epcar and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> right now at 11:00, global stock markets plummeting over fears of a new covid variant.
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a prominent bay area doctor weighs in. >> the stores are closed, there are no long lines of people camping out. >> thank you for taking care of your neighbor. >> a special thanksgiving message for a neighbor, who was giving back today. >> good evening, and thanks for being with us. >> in years past, around this time, people would be lining up in front of stores, waiting to cash in on black friday deals. two primary reasons, the pandemic, and the crime wave. it is all about security. how safe do you feel with the
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recent smash and grab robberies. >> customers are taking notice, black friday bargain shopping used to be a family tradig. >> i see it every time. we started doing things online, too. it is risky, doing door busters in the city. that is why we are not doing it this year. >> she will be doing most of her holiday shopping online. >> police posted aterny corner. the mayor said, it will likely stay that way. >> we have people in the parking garages, in the neighborhood. >> police are on patrol, most
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shopping centers are closed. the mayor wants more license plate meters, to track getaway cars for the mass threat, most retailers are closed thanksgiving day. people would. black friday deals, many of the big retailers aren't reopening 5:00 a.m. or later. closing on thanksgiving day s something that retailers did during the pandemic to flatten the curve. now, a tight labor market, giving employees off with their families. >> what is open tomorrow?
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the ermiest, best buy, kohl's and wal-mart, 5 a.m. what about the the outlets, 6:00 a.m., gill roy, and the great mall. valley fare in san jose, and then, westfield, and the hillsfield mall open at 9:00. a live look in san francisco. what is the city going to do to get people back feeling comfortable? free parking for two hours, the deal is good for these three garages, the stockton garay and the union square until the end of the year.
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>> volunteers helped with the annual event. turkey, stuffing, the works, all 250 volunteer, that helped to put together the meals, there was even an appearance from the mayor. >> last year, we couldn't be here. you know, they were doing what they could to support the community. >> they were giving out covid vaxiation shots. >> the salvation army volunteer, e679 to seniors, in all, were able to get the shot.
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>> hundreds gathered in the bha area, organizers say they spent timeturkeys. >> the volunteers wantheir time. to feed the homeless, that is our goal. >> in addition to the free meals, city tale make a donation at any safe way store. it runs through christmas day.
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>> no doubt it. is a chilly thanksgiving night. christmas in the park is back, downtown san jose. this time tomorrow, the trial will be lit up. how are we looking? chilly. watching it closely later on towards tomorrow morning. fog, not much wind across the bay. you see the haze, outside, that is the one item, see if it makes its way out to concord for the morning, and temperatures, again, cold enough.
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>> valley fog. the rain chances going away, you will be surprised how warm it will be. >> now, a busy way of travel. t.s.a.amies, screened 3 passport 2 million. it is 12% lower than the wednesday before thanksgiving. before the pan dammic in 2019. a crash outside of brent wood, on vasko road. three cars involved. you can see the grewing aftermath. >> nobody has been charged yet in this incident.
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>> this one, after 3. the second driver took off. the honda ended up facing the wrong direction, with the lights off on 101, and the honda was hit, a 41-year-old woman from san francisco, no word if alcohol or drugs. there is a $25,000 reward for at 14th and webster, prime 53 clothing store, the reporter was interviewed about a smash and grab, shot the guard.
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police say, -- >> the v.i.p. >> i am so proud of you. sending all the best wishes for a wonderful thanksgiving to all of you. thank you for taking care of your neighbor. >> cool to get a voice mail like that. >> derrick johnson is a long time friend of the vip. he teemed up from city team, city eats to give out 400 meets. >> thanking the guard of massachusetts. >> i am thankful, i mean it from the bottom of my heart.
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i have watched them in the south china sea, afghanistan, iraq, people wonder what america is, they look, they see that. >> the president met with memberings of the military stationed around the world. >> there is concern overseas about a new covid variant. the world health organization said this may be more vaccine resistant. >> the more the virus circulates, the more opportunities to it has to change. >> reporter: experts expressing concern about a new covidiar,
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the expert,ndi. >> this may are more transmissionable. >> the uk announced plans to block flights from from six african states. >> to understand what impact this variant has on the potential vaccines, for example, there is a lot of work that is under way. >> dr. vondy said she believes that vaccine will remain
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effective. >> some of the variants may not -- it is wide spread, i doubt -- it won't -- it may be a little less vaccine responsive. >> to discuss, what it may mean for vaccines and treatment. this new strain could mean a double -- bumpy day on wall street tomorrow. u.s. futures, offer the new covid strain. the s&p 500, in negative trrt. asian markets. >> there is something to be thankful for, when it comes to vo covid.
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this year, the average is 59. as for hospitalizations, last year, san francisco hospitals were treating 71 covid patient, this year, 18 listed in san francisco hospitals. >> still ahead on the thanksgiving pie. the reason our who is to blame for the outage? >> and we
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>> it is not your imagination, you likely paid more for your pumpkin pie this year. our climate in crisis is partly to blame. foods are pricier, the heavy rains in the mitted west, caused a shortage. >> the average price of a pumpkin, 15% higher. >> more than 3,000 people in the
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north bay were dealing with a power outage. >> pg&e is blaming birds for the turkey day outage. >> i have him sitting here in a marinade. >> serving under cooked turkey is not how she wanted to spend thanksgiving day. >> not included in linda's turkey recipe didn't include this. >> power went out in the mitted of cooking turkey. three, four times today. it was scary. >> why was it scary? >> i didn't think we would have
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dinner. >> birds caughted the -- caused the power outage. >> by 3:18 p.m., the lights were back on. a community that deals with frequent power shut offs. >> had covid not been involved, we would have six more people disappointed in our thanksgiving dinner today. >> it is already, look here.
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>> gusty winds, the turkey on the grill, in the backyard, hoping for the best. they knew about the outages ahead of time. they tried to make the best of it. sharing food and appetizers. >> and football. san jose state got sbak into the game, after a 70-year absence. to watch the spartans play at home for the first time against -- >> i love showing up at things, i can wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. >> great for the football program.
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and the athletic department. great for the community, and show football during this morning. >> the spartans came away with a lot, except for the win. fresno state comes out on top. >> it was a history making year, a scottish deer hound took best in show again in philadelphia. the first repeat champion in the competition history. last year, it would was held without crowds, crowds were back this year. >> go, claire! >> do we have -- yes, we get to go home in 20 minutes and do a double -- >> i am so stuffed, i can't
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consume -- >> i have a plate with a glass of wine. >> at least the weather, that will snap you awake. cooling off in the 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning, still 50 in san jose. 56 in san francisco, and inland, one spot that might have a bit of patchy fog. 47 degrees, walnut creek. if you have your air filters on the autosetting, they may be running faster the next couple of days. we have to get up to an index of a hundred for any wood smoke pollution. stay tuned, the lodger high pressure sticks around, the air quality that go up a bit.
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eventuality, four miles, you may find fog for your morning, and the chilliest temperatures, in upon santa rosa, patchy frost to start the day. and mid to upper 60s by the afternoon. 60s in the trivalley, and areas south, almost the exact same forecast for saturday. things went up a bit more on sunday. the average for the south bay, 70 to 76 degrees, to wrap up the weekend. don't you know it, you have football. 1:25, early game time temperature should be in the 70, and heading to december. there is not much out there. the pacific northwest.
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likely through the end of the week. for the bay, high pressure will be sticking around for a while. at some point, we do need the rain, and snow to make a comeback, for this weekend, it means that temperatures will be warm, mid 70s by sunday to wrang up the holiday weekend. the weather is nice. a picture perfect weekend. >> inform we have to pay more gas to run the ac. >> my goodness. making a wonderful situation worse. >> it is all good. >> hopefully, we will catch up in december. thanks, the holiday shopping season is under way, how much americans are expected to spend in a day on thanksgiving.
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more than 150 firefighters battling a fire in a commercial building, the roof has collapsed. it is the second time this week the building caugh we know this, tomorrow is black friday. we are not waiting around.
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americans are spending now. total online shop for for today is on pace to exceed $5 billion. the company has been aalizing the transactions, they are spending 3.5 million per minute. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade, you watched it here on bay area, today, spectators lined the route. there were six new adigs, tiptoe, a baby reindeer, and baby yoda, and santa, signalling the start of the holiday shopping season. >> i watched it this morning. >> back in a moment to show you what the raiders did to shock the
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sgr a lot of calories cop sumed, and you probably burned a lot off watching the raiders' game. the raiders are back in the playoff picture. to texas, the cowboys and raiders, carr, said his mom's side of the family love the cowboys, his middle name is dallas. and this touchdown, in this set the tone for what kind of game it would be. 30 quarter, the back up qb, coming in. raiders had a lead. the cowboys would come back to
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tie it, and overtime, daniel carlson with the game-winning field goal! what a wild game it was. the raiders win. >> and that is bills' quarterback, josh allen, from the central valley. outside of fresno. >> to. >> the first thing's first. >> what does coach kyle shanahan do on this day? >> when i walk in the door, i see 12 people upset with me and hungry and irritated. they didn't get to do it normally, when they come to visit us, they have to wait
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until i get home. >> he has to work. >> the game as high stakes, they will have a inside spot in the afc. >> catch the pregame show. the whole gang, in the post-game show, on sunday. live from >> okay, about 25 minutes left until thanksgiving is over, we want to thank all of you, our viewers, we are grateful for you, and our producers and
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editors, and behind the scenes. >> the production crew, a small but mighty crew, thank you to the station for dinner, and ran out and got pies at the last minute. . tonight, thanksgiving is back. americans across the country settle in to celebrate what feels like a more normal holiday. but in many parts of the country, covid cases are on the rise with some hospitals now canceling elective surgeries to free up beds. in new york city, the crowds returned for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. there were the balloons and floats and our own al roker who took a surprise call from president biden. >> hello, mr. president. >> hello, al. how are you doing, pal? >> and if today is turkey day, you know what tomorrow is, mapping out a game plan for finding the best steals and deals
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on black friday and beyond. smash and grab, a week-long string of high-end robberies escalates yesterday when a flash mob stormed a nordstrom in l.a. and took off before anyone could stop them. police trying to figure out how to match these thieves as the holiday shopping season ramps up. and giving back. a hospital in new york hit hard by the coronavirus is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into its local community, inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. i'm kristin welker in for lester. on this thanksgiving holiday, people across the country are reclaiming many of the traditions that have been put on pause, even as the nation still battles the pandemic. thousands of people packed the streets of new york city for the return of big crowds to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. while families are
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gathering around the thanksgiving day table, covid cases are climbing once again back to levels not seen since this summer forcing some hospitals from the midwest to the northeast to make drastic decisions. gabe gutierrez leads our coverage tonight. >> reporter: they floated across tightly packed streets, beacons of americana. this year symbols of triumph. >> very emotional. when i saw that turkey come down, i just burst into tears. i thought of everything new yorkers have gone through, everything americans have gone through, but this brings us back. >> reporter: the macy's thanksgiving day parade drawing thousands of onlookers. last year this parade was only a block long and had a very small crowd. things have changed. >> it has been very stressful. and to be here right now is there for me a blessing. >> reporter: and yet for some the stress is not over yet. with covid cases now rising in parts of the midwest and the northeast. in michigan two


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