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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and you can only see those right here on nbc. >> and that's what's happening here in the bay area, and you know what, we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local update, leaving you with a live look at christmas in the park in san jose, should be a great time to enjoy that starting tomorrow. have a good thanksgiving. see you back here next. time. time. time. time. orning. good morning triumphant return after two long years. the crowds are back, balloons are inflated, as millions get set to celebrate the holiday tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it's about celebrating the >> our team is spread out along the iconic route with special guests and surprises in store. we will talk to new york city police commissioner about all the efforts under way to make sure it is festive and safe. guilty as charged. the defendants in the murder of ahmaud arbery now facing life in
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prison reaction pouring in from the white house to the streets of georgia after good morning triumphant return after two long years, the crowds are back, the balloons are inflated. the floats are ready to go as millions get set to celebrate a holiday tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade >> it's about celebrating the return to new york >> our team is spread out along the iconic route with special guests and surprises in store. we will talk to new york city police commissioner dermot shea about all the efforts upped way to make sure it is festive and safe guilty as charged. the defendants in the murder of ahmaud arbery now facing life in prison [ cheers and applause >> reaction pouring in from the white house to the streets of georgia after a tense trial. arbery's mother in shock >> i never thought this day would come he will now rest in peace. >> amen. >> fit for duty. the white house physician revealing president biden the oldest american to take office, is good to go after a routine surgery last week. what his doctors are saying they found during the procedure amid increased scrutiny of the president's health count down to black friday just hours until the other big event of the weekend, with millions of americans set to spend billions, with many stores closed today, a new emphasis on tomorrow's sales we'll talk with the c.e.o. of macy's about what to expect and how to find the best deals those stories plus talk and turkey we'll go behind the scenes with a trusty team of experts at butter ball as they help americans pull off the biggest meal of the year today thursday, november 25th, 2021
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, guys welcome to "today. we're so happy that you're joining us it is thanksgiving morning, savannah and i are in our favorite spot at macy's harold square we're getting ready to host the 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade >> we are so thankful the arrayed will kickoff in two hours. we have fun ahead. reports all along the parade route. amazing performers huge surprises along the way >> they're doing a lot of rehearsing the parade will kickoff around 9:00 greg and chanel with our other top stories of the mourning. good morning >> happy thanksgiving, ladies. you look delightful. >> thank you >> lots to cover here in studio 1-a including the big verdict in
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the trial of the death of ahmaud arbery the three men found guilty of killing him now facing life in prison emotions running high there in court, equally outside amid reaction >> it is a busy morning. we'll get to all that in a bit let's get to the big event hoda and savannah, it must be a welcome sight out there. i heard them say this morning the wind isn't quite a factor for the balloons it's a crisp morning >> postcard day perfect for a parade >> if you were going to order up a day this is the one. 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade is about to make the long await the comeback crowds are arriving. new york city is really ready. we're going to talk go it with new york's police commissioner first joe fryer has the details of what we can expect. hey, joe >> reporter: hey there, hoda, savannah, good morning to you. last year's parade was a block
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long in the streets of new york. they were pretty much empty. this year a different story. spectators are already lining up along the parade route a few million people expected here in new york, many more are going to be watching from home yeah, the parade is back in full force with some new safety protocols, but also with all the things we love ♪ with larger than life balloons, dazzling floats and star studded performances, macy's thanksgiving day parade is getting back to its roots and marching on. what does it mean, you think, to new york to have this back in full force >> it's about celebrating the return to new york to be thankful, to usher in the holiday season >> i'm excited to see how cool it's like blowing up >> reporter: wednesday crowds gathered to watch those big balloons take shape and prepare to take flight once again. this year's parade returns to its 2 1/2-mile route, weaving its way to harold square where a live audience awaits the n.y.p.d. is preparing for large crowds while ensuring safety
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setting up concrete barriers and more than 300 extra cameras along the route. >> we are going to have thousands of officers out there to make sure that you don't have to think about security. >> this is a year like no other. >> reporter: in 2020 it was a made-for-tv event with no spectators allowedt participation reduced by 75% this year vaccines are not required for spectat the parade's signatures vehicle balloons were pulled by vehicles with parade participants reduced by 75% this year vaccines are not required for spectators, but all parade participants and staff must be vaccinated the show's packed lineup will feature 28 floats and 15 balloons, with new friends like baby yoda and tip toe the reindeer, the first-ever puppet balloon. popular artists like carrie
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underwood, mikey guide enand more are set to perform along with ten marching bands from across the country joining in on the holiday cheer. 17-year-old marlie watts is part of an all-female band from austin >> it really is like we're representing the entire state of texas. it's a lot of pressure, but i'm very excited >> reporter: her grandma judy who march in the parade in 1971 is ready to cheer her on from the sidelines 50 years later what does it mean to you to know she's in it now? >> i'm excited it's destiny that's what i would call it. >> reporter: time-honored tradition transcending generations for nearly a century, now ready to make its big return to the big apple. the parade is a true labor of love macy's says its studio team of designers and builders and painters put in more than 8,000
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hours of work, and here's my favorite statistic they used about 300 pounds of glitter. and with that, hoda and savannah, i wish you happy thanksgiving and send it back to you. >> i hope they have the world's largest dust buster. thank you so much. we are fired up. somebody who is keeping a watchful eye on this action is new york city's police commissioner dermot shea good morning, happy thanksgiving >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> before we talk about the parade and security prep, i want to ask about two officers shot in the bronx >> they're doing well relatively speaking we anticipate one will get out today. one is probably going to have to spend a couple days. >> send them our best. >> this year's parade is similar to past couple of years. haven't been many spectators 3.5 million is about the max are we expecting that many people and also how is the police department handling the crowd? >> it is a little bit of an unknown. we hope as many people come out and, get the energy going. it's going to be a great day regardless we'll see how many people come out. the energy and always there. i can't wait for the clowns to start coming down the alley. >> i always marvel at what the police department pulls off on this day because we're able to enjoy the parade, but a lot of it is what we don't even see in terms of the security prep and what you're doing. is this something you work on all year long? >> every day, and we refine the plans. we continue to there will be thousands of
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officers out there in the sky, on tops of buildings, walking through the crowds it's going to be an extremely safe place to be, so come out. bring the kids it's such an amazing experience. >> and we saw, of course, tragically what happened in waukesha, wisconsin, this week i know those barricades, you've been preparing for that years and years to do anything extra as a precaution in light of that tragedy. >> we look at events around the world. we certainly have something built into our plans we think we're in a good place so come out and enjoy it >> a lot of crowd will be coming out. i know during new year's eve, the crowds who come have to be vaccinated that's one of the rules. at macy's parade that's not the case i know this isn't your deal. you don't decide what do you think of the idea that the crowds here don't need to be vaccinated >> i think we're in good shape when you look at the vaccination rates, when you look at the outdoor venue that it is today,
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i think we should be good. obviously common sense, keep some distance from people wherever possible. but, listen, it's going to be a phenomenal day i'm waiting for santa to come down, snoopy to see and the winds. >> it's calm, whether the balloons could fly in the winds. i heard good news from you >> i think they would run me out of town if i took snoopy out of the sky. >> so, people are waking up this morning and saying, hey, i think i might want to come to the parade this morning and they live in the area what's good advice >> dress warm but not too warm it's great weather you're not going to get better than this. you can see the sun coming up right there. it's going to be a beautiful day, good energy, one sock day >> the one layer of socks. not one sock thank you so much. happy thanksgiving to you and the entire n.y.p.d so grateful for their service. >> happy thanksgiving to you all the officers away from their families, hats off to you. >> commissioner, thank you so much we should mention, guys, you can start watching the parade. it starts live 9:00 a.m. right
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here on nbc, telemundo, and for the first time ever they're going to live stream it on peacock. >> brilliant >> so you can really see it anywhere we're thrilled to bring it to you. >> again, we'll be there at 9:00 all right, guys, we're going to hand it over to you in studio 1-a. happy thanksgiving >> happy thanksgiving. looking forward to it. never heard of one sock, one layer of sock. >> one sock. he >> thanks, guys >> we'll check with you in a bit. we'll turn to other stories including the big one out of georgia this morning the verdict is in. the jury convicting three white men of murdering ahmaud arbery, an unarmed black man while he was running through the neighborhood nbc's sam brock joins us live
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from the courthouse there. sam, good morning to you it was certainly an emotional day for everyone involved there. >> reporter: no doubt about it, craig. good morning joy, relief, reflection, really a mixture of emotions after the three men who were on trial here were all convicted of murder one faith leader describing this as a history-making moment brunswick, georgia, he says the place where criminal justice took a different turn. >> count one, malice murder, we, the jury, find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> o hks >> reporter: a string of guilty verdicts >> we the jury find the defendant greg mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: for the three men involved in the killing of ahmaud arbery. [ cheers and applause moments later, celebration and relief sweeping through the crowd of hundreds. those who have lived through a lifetime of discrimination, sensing a watershed moment >> i might be crying, but believe me, i'm happy. >> reporter: the jury rejecting the defense team's claims of citizens arrest and self-defense arguments after the pursuit and shooting of an unarmed ahmaud arbery the prosecution team had pushed back hard on those arguments >> i wanted to make sure that
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the jury understood that the self-defense case was absolute garbage. >> reporter: they handed down guilty verdicts on 23 of 27 possible counts. the shooter travis mcmichael convicted on all charges, including malice murder. his father gregory, who drove the truck, found guilty of felony murder and -- neighbor william "roddy" bryan the same he helped pin arbery and film the video. your reaction? >> we're very disappointed with the verdict. >> reporter: all three now face life in prison arbery's mother had waited for this moment since her son was murdered last february >> i never thought this day would come he will now rest in peace. >> amen. >> reporter: president biden in a statement saying the verdicts reflect the justice system doing its job, and vice president harris praising the jury despite a defense that she says dehumanized a young black man with racist tropes >> it shows america that justice
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can be served. >> reporter: now renewed hope in georgia that this verdict will be the start of a new chapter, pushing back on prejudice. >> we have justice for ahmaud, for not just our family, but for this community >> reporter: you will recall that the murder happened in february of 2020, and, guys, it took months of pressure from the arbery family, also video of the shooting that went viral in may to accelerate the investigation. the original d.a. in this case was indicted by a grand jury for how she handled it she has denied misconduct. craig and chanel >> 74 days before there was an arrest made. sam, the jury reached this decision somewhat quickly, some have said, in under two days was that surprising to folks who are watching the case closely? >> reporter: it was a little bit because there is so much granular detail involved, craig, and the fact there are 27 charges at play. nine for each defendant, and you hear a day and a half, 11 hours, it might have felt like a long time in the moment but rile to go through all this from false imprisonment to aggravated assault, felony and
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malice murder, all those different counts and they really came to an agreement pretty quickly. craig? >> sam brock outside the courthouse there in brunswick, georgia. sam, thanks. los angeles police are searching for a group of thieves who rushed into a nordstrom store and ran off with goods it is the latest of a series of robberies by shoplifting groups. police say five robbers wearing masks entered the nordstrom store in canoga park they stole $25,000 worth of purses later they sped off in a get away car l.a.p.d. said it boosted mall patrol due to a rash of robberies in recent days joining us now is nbc senior national correspondent tom llamas he has new information on president biden's health >> good morning, happy thanksgiving to you guys you may remember the president underwent a colonoscopy last week it turns out a polyp removed from the president's colon is benign but a precancerous lesion. that according to 9 physician kevin o'connor he said it requires no further action
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dr. o'connor said the polyp was similar to the one the president had removed in 2008. the doctor recommends what he calls routine surveillance that normally calls for another colonoscopy in 7 to 10 years in addition biden had a physical he said the president is vigorous, fit for duty >> that's how colonoscopies work >> let's go to al roker. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. it is a fantastic morning. 41 degrees, blue skies, no breeze, tom turkey ready to kickoff the parade right behind him the jolly green giant hanging around we have -- hi. prerequisite clowns more than 800 of them, although that probably seems like there are far more than there normally are. there are all the balloons,
7:16 am
starting off with ada twist underneath -- you look at the big puffs of her hair. she's wearing one of the largest hair nets you'll ever see. that's pretty good and, of course, we've got all of our new york city police here getting ready to make sure we're all safe it is going to be a fantastic parade as we reconstitute and bring it back. they struck up the band, yes oh, it's so good let's show you what we've got going on as far as your weather is concerned again, parade forecast is going to be fantastic. we are talking about plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, with sun, clouds, and very light winds rest of the country, we are looking today sunny, mild conditions, heavy rain from the gulf all the way up and little bit lighter as you get to the great lakes. santa ana winds hanging out there. we are looking along i-95, i 71, i should say, i 40, i 10, there's going to be wet weather. the heaviest rain will be the great lakes. the entire country friday,
7:17 am
look at great weather, a little snow in the northeast, new england. saturday looking pretty darn good as well we have lake effect snow above the lake effects more wet weather down through texas. and on sunday, as everybody starts heading home, quiet weather pattern. snow showers around the great lakes. as far as the roads are concerned, the airports are looking pretty darn good on sunday the only real problems might be chicago or detroit otherwise look at all the green as you head your way back home that's what's going on we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds that's your latest weather savannah, hoda coming up in the savannah, hoda coming up in the next half hourrried across all roads and all bridges. john battiste is going to be and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done.
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it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. happy thanksgiving, so according to to al, it's warmer in new york city than it is in san jose. we're at 39 degrees as you're heading out, and i know a lot of people are getting up early to do their turkey trot, to run in their neighborhood and upload their results, and we have that information on, how you can still register but it's going to be nicer as we go into this afternoon. we're headed for the upper 60s for the inland valleys, and we'll see more weather like this for the weekend as well as early next week. that's your latest weather savannah, hoda coming up in the next half hour john battiste is going to be joining me he had all -- he had 11 grammy nominations.
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he's going to be here with us coming up. >> wait, you mean the most grammy-nominated performer of 2021, that john battiste >> that john battiste, yes, baby >> wow, that's going to be cool. >> i mean, al, he's just a magnet for awesomeness thank you, al. >> we've also got mikey giten coming up, too >> and don't you have girls five ever coming up >> we have five girls ever a steady show, baby. >> we have the cast of wicked behind us. we have moulin rouge >> they just strolled by we're fancy, too, al okay >> just like you >> baby, it's back >> it is we're going to talk to the c.e.o. of macy's about today's big parade plus hour they are preparing for the holiday shopping rush. >> and then we're talking turkey with the ace team from butter ball their turkey tutors have been answering desperate calls from home cooks for decades now they're going to help you out with some last-minute tips for your big feast
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show you the distance to the pin. help you cross the finish line. or get your kids moving. whatever your passion, we have your smartwatch. garmin. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm kira klapper. it's been a tough way to start this thanksgiving. multiple deadly crashes overnight. for the very latest we turn to vianey arana. >> and i do have an update on the that peninsula crash along northbound 101 at ralston avenue. crews are actively working to reopen lanes after a deadly crash involving four vehicles. expect to see delays at least until the scene is cleared out. investigators are on the scene. also, we have another crash. it was currently a lane completely blocked in contra costa, south on vasco road south of walnut because of an earlier crash involving three vehicles,
7:27 am
one deadly, and unfortunately two suffering major injuries. i'll have another update on that. over to kari. and we are starting out with some cold temperatures this morning. patches of fog as well in parts of the north bay and inland east bay as our temperatures this morning have now dipped to 35 degrees in morgan hill. very chilly temperatures. we have patchy frost in parts of the east bay as well as the north bay, and below freezing temperatures farther to the north. i know a lot of people are getting up early and heading out for a run for the turkey trot, and you can upload the results online as our temperatures are going to be in the low 40s this morning. we'll see it getting milder by late morning into the afternoon as we head towards the upper 60s. it will be a nice day, and we will continue to see the dry weather continue into the weekend. but we'll also see those temperatures staying in the upper 60s in the valley, while san francisco will have more of the same, highs in the mid-60s as well. mostly sunny skies, and still not tracking any rain here in
7:28 am
the seven-day forecast. here kira. >> we know we'll take the rain and sunshine we can get. thanks for joining us. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me.
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♪♪ ♪♪ and welcome back. it's thanksgiving ♪ ♪ and welcome back it's thanksgiving morning, 7:30, november 25th, 2021. and the cast of "wicked" getting ready for their big debut here in the macy's thanksgiving day parade it's a chilly one, but, boy, you can really feel the electricity out here the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. that was a great formance a moment ago >> we had glenda >> i love that >> we met them before. it's so fun to watch people get ready.
7:31 am
there's a lot of electricity out here the energy is amazing and we're looking forward to all of it those iconic big huge balloons, the festive floats and, by the way, all those high school bands who are performing this year. >> yes so, last year we didn't get to have the full parade with the bands. some of those bands that missed their chance last year, they're back this year >> getting a redo. >> the parade is going to start 90 minutes from now. it is officially kickoff the holiday season joining us now is jeff gannett happy thanksgiving >> happy thanksgiving to you >> you have a big smile on your face the parade is really back. what does that mean to you >> back in full force. on behalf of the thousand macy's colleagues, we love doing the parade we love ushering in the holiday seas phone for america >> every year the parade is a little different obviously this is different from last year that was shortened and all that stuff this year you added new things, new floats what can we expect >> lots of new surprises surprises will be coming in the parade let's start with the floats. disney cruise line with minnie,
7:32 am
captain minnie and balloons. you saw baby yoda, tip toe, the first walking balloon. >> tip toe the reindeer. >> we have jeffrey the giraffe, carrie underwood something for everybody. carrie underwood, john battiste with 11 grammy nominations >> he's having a good week >> this is his week. we have the rockettes and santa claus. >> let's talk about macy's obviously this has been an incredibly challenging year. lots of shoppers, that's the good news. the shipping delays, supply chain, how are you guys hand that will? >> we're going to be ready if you want to shop online, shop in stores, we have gifts for everybody on your shopping list. come and shop with us. we're going to have gifts all the way through the holiday season we're ready. >> what are you finding in terms of shoppers? i know a lot of people are looking did -- some people say, i can't find what i'm looking
7:33 am
for. >> they're finding things. if you want jewelry, cashmere, housewares, we have all the best gifts for america right now. >> and are you telling people you better shop early if you want it to arrive on time? >> you know, we're going to be ready all the way through. if you want to shop online you can shop online later. >> is it all right >> you're still good all those procrastinators out there, we're ready >> are you finding the online shopping is sky high is that -- >> it's going to be a record online year. it's going to be good to see the crowds back in stores. we open tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., and we're going to be ready. shoppers are coming back online or in-store. >> how about the macy's employees? a lot of them got a raise this year >> they did. obviously our colleagues are the best and they are facing, you know, our customers each and every day in our warehouses, in our stores, and we want to make sure that we're the best culture for them to be, want to be a part of to retain all of our best colleagues
7:34 am
>> back to the parade for a second, what are you expecting crowd wise they say max 3.5 million people lining the streets we didn't have that last year. >> you said it the energy for this parade is sky high people are ready to gather again. watch it on tv come it's going to be a very safe parade it's going to be perfect weather. we have sunshine out and it's not 30 degrees >> not a cloud in the skies, maybe a snoopy or two. >> snoopy is coming. >> thank you, jeff >> savannah, hoda, happy thanksgiving >> thank you so much a reminder the 95th annual thanksgiving day parade starts at 9:00 a.m. right here on nbc >> let's go. the turkey tutors from the butter ball hotline helping frazzled cooks create the best thanksgiving treats. coming up after this this friday instore. shop walmart's black friday deals for days.
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turkey panic, fear not you're not alone cooking that big bird for the first time or even the umpteenth time can be a bit stressful, especially if you've got family and perhaps in-laws around >> but for the past four decades, the knowledgeable team referenda butterball has been standing by to talk turkey with anyone who needs it. nbc's jo ling kent has an exclusive look inside their hotline in naperville, illinois. it is tradition at this point for sure jo, good morning >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys happy thanksgiving now, the first thing is i wish you could smell how good it smells in here next door to the call center, they're baking turkeys it smells ridiculously good. but here at the hotline at butterball, the phones are already ringing off the hook it's been ringing for 40 years you can ask any question you like to the experts back here. and the good news so far this morning is no one has had to toss their turkey. >> butterball turkey talk line >> reporter: it all started 40 years ago with just six phone operators who handled a total of
7:40 am
11,000 calls >> merriam's first turkey is america's first turkey, butterball >> reporter: butterball turkey tutors were working through a script we couldn't google our way to a golden bird. it takes 10,000 last minute questions on the phone via text and even on tiktok >> no worries. >> butterball turkey talk line how can i help you today >> reporter: for 37 years carol miller has been saving thanksgiving for frazzled cooks. a mom from cincinnati. she's one of 50 turkey whisperers who graduated from butterball university to help answer questions from all 50 states >> i wanted to get out of the house. [ laughter ] and it was great i have a degree in home economics education. so it was a chance for me to use my education >> reporter: her colleagues are food scientists, chefs and dieticians around here carol is known as the turkey godmother >> one of my very first calls that i do remember in those
7:41 am
first couple years was a young man that wanted to propose on thanksgiving day we decided, he and i, that he should put it on the drum stick and present it >> reporter: that's incredible i can google anything. >> yes >> reporter: why would i call? do you guys have better info than the internet? >> yeah, we actually do. we've done hundreds and hundreds of turkeys, so we know it's going to work. >> reporter: the most common questions she gets, how do you thaw a turkey, and how do you know when it's done? >> you can always keep cooking you cannot uncook. >> reporter: and the questions don't stop at the bird white wine is best to serve, chardonnay sparkling wine should be red champagne and -- >> bougele >> reporter: they operated entirely remotely. this year the team is back in person including director nicole johnson. >> i think there is something to be said about that human connection when they hear our voices on the other end.
7:42 am
we get this a lot on thanksgiving day people are surprised we're not artificial intelligence. you're a real person on the other end. >> reporter: and even if your turkey ends up being a total fail, carol says don't worry about it serve your feast backwards pumpkin pie first, then the sides. enjoy the day anyway >> thanksgiving is family, friends. if it's not perfect, it's still fun. >> reporter: now, picking up some tips while i'm here at the butterball call center, i've only made two turkeys in my life three tips are this. the three ts first temperature. you're going to have to test the temperature in the turkey. the only way that you're actually going to know if it's done, right. other key is tenting put the tent on top to prevent too much browning. you might forget if you have a glass of wine or two, but it's two hours. that is the limit. once you get the bird out of the oven you have two hours to slice it, put it back in the fridge so you can have the left overs.
7:43 am
it's all in the name of food safety, guys >> 40 years of turkey talk line. >> i bet those folks have some great stories, too they probably heard some things. >> i wonder, jo, do they give tips on frying turkey? we're fried turkey fans. >> reporter: yes, absolutely they know how to fry a turkey, how to grill a turkey, how to microwave a turkey they can do it all they have this binder that tells them and edge indicates them on everything it's so fascinating. maybe next year i will host thanksgiving as a result >> it will be your third time making a turkey. third time is a charm. >> i'm not sure you should microwave. >> that's a little rough we want to go back to the pooh raid al is standing by with a weather forecast with a special guest. jean-baptiste. i just heard his album, it is fire, it is so good. >> we love that album and it is so well deserved we're going to talk to him in just a moment. let's show you what's going on right now around the country as we look at the radar, you'll see there is some precipitation out there, especially down,
7:44 am
making its way through the mississippi and ohio river valleys from texas all the way to the northeast back behind that we're going to see colder air and that's going to be bringing in some lake effect snow. before it's all done we're going to be talking about anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow from cleveland all the way up into new england. the highest amount right near the great lakes. and then we've also got heavy rain down to the south down around houston we could be looking at anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain locally even more and out west we've got 17 million people under red flag warnings for fire danger santa ana winds gusting up to 65 miles per hour, rapid fire spread possible due to low humidity that's what's going on aroun good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall taking a look at our thanksgiving forecast, starting out very cold. and it will be breezy today, but we're looking at sunshine and temperatures headed for the upper 60s in the inland areas. over the next few days, we're
7:45 am
still going to see more of this same weather. no chances of rain at least through next wednesday. san francisco is also not seeing much cooler temperatures compared to the inland valleys. we're also headed for the mid-60s and it's going to be very nice into the holiday weekend. ♪ >> oh, you, yeah, baby we have mr. john baptist here. >> hello >> happy thanksgiving, sir >> happy thanksgiving. >> hey, before we talk about your float and everything, congratulations, 11 grammy nominations for "we are. how does that feel >> i am humbled and i'm grateful i thank god, and i thank the community of creators who voted, the recording academy made it so transparent this year. made it about the music, made it about what people feel when they listen and how the music got us through this pandemic. i just am honored to represent that >> well, the album is fantastic. tom llamas loves it, we've been
7:46 am
playing it like crazy. this is not your first time in the thanksgiving day parade. >> i'm looking around. this is an incredible production i'm so glad to be a part of this and representing louisiana, you know it's something that i've always come up doing in parades and mardi gras every year. the whole year >> you know about parades. >> oh, yeah, we spend the whole year working for the one day of mardi gras i love this, it's an incredible tradition. >> the louisiana tourism board what does this mean to you >> it is something special after the pandemic and the lockdown, after hurricane ida to come out and show our resilience and show that we're here, and i'm a representative of my home wherever i go. it's a beautiful thing to be in new york, which is my second home, and to be representing louisiana in that way. >> we are so thrilled for you. congratulations on the grammy nominations. congratulations on your first time have a great time, my friend >> al! >> i need you -- ♪ you, you, you ♪
7:47 am
>> i'd listen to an al roker and jean-baptiste album. love it. >> good vibe >> happy thanksgiving. >> we look good. >> good duo there. thank you, al. >> coming up -- we're just getting started. the special guests continue. al has special friends visiting along the parade route including, there they are, girls of five eva. all right, plus the perfect story to inspire you this morning. >> we'll meet a young journalist breaking barriers at harvard following in the footsteps of f.d.r. and j.f.k. and carving her own path after these messages d carving her own path r these messages
7:48 am
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7:52 am
we are reporting live from along the route. savannah and hoda, the weather seems perfect for this parade. >> it's perfect. >> don't ask our toes. it's super warm. it's sunny there is not a cloud in the sky. >> guess who is behind us practicing now the cast of "annie." >> it's incredible, guys i just auditioned. i didn't get the part. it was sad but it's going to be a mading. >> just try. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ >> today it's come out today! >> you're right. we're back after the local news and weather. [upbeat music] ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning, it is 7:56. i'm kira klapper. multiple deadly crashes overnight, not the way anyone wants to start the thanksgiving holiday. for the very latest, let's check in with vianey arana. >> and we're still seeing some delays. this is the initial crash. this one along the peninsula northbound 101, belmont. crews are actively working to clear out the earlier crash involving three vehicles. it was a deadly crash. seeing crews working to clear out the southbound vasco road in contra costa, south of walnut creek, expect delays through those areas. kari, how is the weather going to be today? >> starting out so cold out there, and there's not a lot of people out, but visibility has been pretty clear, as we take a
7:57 am
live look outside at emeryville right now, and then as we step out the door, this is what you'll encounter, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s for many of our micro climates, headed for the upper 60s today, we do have some nice thanksgiving dinner weather, and our temperatures will be more of the same going into the weekend. chilly mornings and some mild afternoons. we will continue to see sunshine in the forecast through at least the middle of next week no rain headed our way, and san francisco is also looking at temperatures in the mid-60s. great shopping weather this weekend. kira. >> i love great shopping weather, kari, thank you so much. and thanks to you for joining us. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. until then, have a great thanksgiving morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up it's a happy thanksgiving the macy's thanksgiving day parade is back in full force, starting in less than an hour. we're kicking off this year's celebration with some of the show's biggest stars, and the first crowds in two years. >> it's about celebrating the return to new york to be thankful, to usher in the holiday season >> we're live from the parade route with the latest. plus, a shot of hope as part of our thanks and giving series. harry smith introduces us to a young athlete beating all the odds in her battle with cancer >> you can't think about the rest of everything you have to focus on what you're
8:01 am
doing or you're not going to hit the targets. >> just ahead, her inspiring journey and the olympic surprise we had in store. then get ready for the biggest shopping time of the year to jump start holiday season jill martin joins us for a special edition of steals and deals. we'll break down all the ways you can score big for your loved ones and rocking around the christmas tree, dwayne "the rock" johnson gives a veteran a holiday surprise >> happy birthday. how are you, bro >> the heart warming reaction you do not want to miss. today, thursday, november 25th, 2021 ♪ >> and minnesota up early to celebrate. happy turkey day >> we are the booths >> from price city, washington >> celebrating the first thanksgiving >> kicking off our thanksgiving
8:02 am
with you >> from nashville, tennessee >> from jonesboro, arkansas. >> we're thankful for the health care workers working today and every day. happy thanksgiving >> syracuse, new york. happy thanksgiving from our family to yours. >> at the plaza before the parade happy thanksgiving [ cheers and applause >> hey, everybody, welcome back to "today. we are so happy you're with us it is thanksgiving morning it's a beautiful thanksgiving morning. savannah and i are so excited to be here in harold square we are smack-dab in the heart of new york city where it beats we're getting ready for this iconic macy's thanksgiving day parade you can feel the juice out here. >> oh, my gosh, so incredible. we just saw a rehearsal for "annie" live harry connick, jr., unrecognizable as daddy warbucks incredible
8:03 am
>> happy thanksgiving, ladies. good morning >> you, too. >> it's really exciting here kristen dahlgren has a great spot she's along the parade route good morning >> good morning, ladies. excitement really building here. you can see the crowds just pouring into this area to get a glimpse. this is the first time they're going to see the parade in two years. it is back last year it only went about a block because of covid, so we are at pre-pandemic levels coming about 2 1/2 miles down to finish up near you there are going to be 15 giant character balloons making their way down 6th ave. here 28 floats. 800-plus clowns going to be coming down. so a lot of excitement also going to be security in ut 360,000 pounds of concrete barriers
8:04 am
along the route and 300 extra cameras. so people are going to be safe and the weather looking great. not as chilly as we've seen a lot of thanksgiving, ladies. >> kristen, thank you. oh, my god, strike up the band >> yes this is the perfect timing kristen, thank you so much they are just about to rehearse the open that will be for everyone in about one hour so, it's parade time, guys 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade here on nbc >> we have to go we want be to say good-bye >> good-bye. >> happy thanksgiving. bye-bye. >> happy thanksgiving. good rehearsal there >> you have to feel the energy coming back, right >> our hearts need it. we'll certainly have a good time we'll be watching. let's get to your news now at 8:00 the mother of ahmaud arbery says her son can now rest in peace after a jury returned guilty verdicts for the three men
8:05 am
involved in his murder the shooter travis mcmichael convicted on all charges including malice murder. his father, gregory, the neighbor, william "roddy" bryan found guilty of murder and aggravated assault arbery's mother said she has waited for this moment since the day her son was murdered >> i never thought this day would come but god is good. you know him as ahmaud, i know him as quez. he will now rest in peace. >> all three men face life in prison the attorney for bryan says he plans to start the appeal process next week. as so many families gather for the holidays, there is frustrating potentially dangerous development now. covid cases are rising again this thanksgiving. nbc national correspondent gabe gutierrez is here with that story. gabe, happy thanksgiving good to see you. >> good morning. >> great to be here in person. the biggest covid wave in this country was last winter. all signs pointed that there not being a resurgence this year but unfortunately the numbers are going in the wrong direction. the reason not so simple.
8:06 am
this morning as americans gather for thanksgiving, covid is on the rise again now topping 48 million infections in the u.s. cases surging 30% nationwide this month the midwest seeing the biggest uptick in michigan, cases have spiked nearly 70% >> we're looking at 2 to 3 times the number of covid patience we had going back a month or two. >> it is definitely very frustrating. we were hoping that we would be approaching this holiday season where all of us would be able to enjoy the company of our loved ones >> reporter: parts of the northeast also hit hard. erie county, new york, just recorded its highest daily number of new cases since the pandemic began >> i wish i had better news, but unfortunately we are going in the wrong direction and this is the worst direction we've ever had. >> reporter: but hospitalizations among those whd are vaccinated and younger are extremely rare in minnesota, for example, the death rate for fully vaccinated
8:07 am
people under 50 during the delta surge was 0.0 per 100,000 people >> i can't stress this enough. the biggest key is to stopping what you're seeing the most effective means is vaccines. >> reporter: so why the new wave >> there's three driving factors for the increase in cases. a high unvaccination rate still in parts of the country. number two, a majority of the new cases are children who are also unvaccinated. and then three, we're seeing these cases cropping up in social settings. >> reporter: what are you telling people who are getting ready to see their family members for the holidays >> yeah, if they're going to or from an area with high cases, which is now becoming a large part of the country, i'm telling people to try to isolate their movements in advance of traveling. try to do a test before they travel >> so public health experts say it is safe to travel if you're fully vaccinated and that is the biggest change between last year and this one the availability of vaccines despite that, though, the u.s.
8:08 am
is still seeing about a thousand deaths a day from covid. >> still >> still >> we just have to be careful. put on our masks, older relatives, you can buy those kits of rapid test, just another layer of protection for your family members that's important >> thank you, gabe try and enjoy your thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. after that are news are we ready for a boost? >> we need it. >> an american woman has been reunited with her family just in time for thanksgiving after being stuck in australia for almost two years >> 8, 7, 6, 5. >> oh, let me tell you her story. her name is suzanne a foremoon she was greeted by her family here at the europe in springfield, missouri. she moved to melbourne just before the pandemic hit. due to the lockdown, she wasn't able to make it home until now she said she was planning to surprise everyone. she told one of her sisters she was coming home. you know how it works in families
8:09 am
word traveled, they couldn't wait so they were all at the airport to welcome her home. they haven't seen her in years moved to australia right before the pandemic lot of reunions i'm sure >> as part of our thanks and giving series, the legend harry smith is in the house, he introduces us to a young athlete who overcame incredible odds in her sport. >> cancer couldn't stop her. we might have found a way to leave her speechless the emotional surprise right after this deals for days. ♪ ♪ so i called back? same state farm agent.
8:10 am
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[giggles] goodnight grandma. she called me grandma? ♪ it's walmart's black friday deals for days. score $69 air fryer and get other huge deals this friday instore. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪ we have a little thanksgiving tradition around here it's a series thanks and giving. it highlights work at saint jude's hospital. >> harry has the story of a remarkable athlete who takes everything thrown at her >> the last couple days have been so good i have to tell you the moment i met this young woman, i was gob smacked. she is the definition of fortitude.
8:13 am
steady hands keen eye and pinpoint timing. all required to hit a small disk flying away from you at 40 miles an hour. 20-year-old emily ferguson is about as good as this as any young woman in the country do you feel like when you're in your zone you can just kind of do it forever >> oh, forever when i shot my first 100 straight, i walked off the line. dang, that was easy. >> reporter: for emily, maybe, the sport at which she has become so proficient, she discovered at a high school activities fair. first her coach had a question >> do you know what your dominant eye is? i'm pretty sure it's my left eye. you're pretty certain. what makes you say ha? well, it's the only one i have, so -- >> emily lost her right eye to cancer, retinal blastoma when
8:14 am
she was just a toddler what she gained, though, was pluck, spirit, determination what does it mean to you to be able to have the disability that you have and be as good as you are? >> i think it's proof that it's not a disability >> pluck, grit, emily ferguson has spent much of her young life battling cancer, a second bout when she was 11 called ewing sarcoma. can you remember what it's like to be 11 years old and go through something like that? >> i remember not fully grasping what was going on. i was still at the age where, like, oh, cancer, i've done that before and like i'm fine now, so why won't i be fine again? >> why not alberto popo is emily's physician at saint jude. >> she had a very long period of time when she was in remission from the ewings. and almost at the five-year mark we were actually going to transfer her to what we call a.c.t. which is where long-term
8:15 am
survivors go after therapy >> but when emily was a sophomore in high school, she knew all was not well. >> i remember going down stairs with my parents. hey, something's wrong it's weird it's a bump. >> imagine cancer three times, and not yet out of high school do you ever have why me days >> yeah. i've had quite a few yeah i'm not going to pretend i haven't. it's frustrating i mean, i've done every genetic test that saint jude has offered me, and they say i'm fine. i disagree at least as far as i'm aware, there's no genetic test on earth that could tell me what it is that has caused this >> so as anomalies go, she is at the top of list? >> absolutely. she's an exceptional human being and i'm sure that you're familiar with everything that she has done and every time i see her, i get goosebumps she's someone that i look up to. she's one of my heroes >> as heroes go, emily has a few
8:16 am
of her own, especially kim roadie who medaled in six consecutive olympic games including three gold so we thought maybe they should meet guess what, if you want to turn around to your left [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't miss it for the world. >> hi. nice to meet you >> nice to meet you. >> your story was so amazing and so incredible. i'm here for you, and we're going to have some fun we're going to shoot some and just kind of hang out for the next couple days >> all right, sounds good. >> off to the range we went so kim could watch emily in action. kim was impressed. >> nice, that was beautiful. i said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it she hasn't missed one yet. i think she's doing great. she's got great form, great technique, i mean, obviously
8:17 am
she's had some great coaching. doesn't get much better. >> in the end we realized emily is so good because she's found a place where she can keep cancer at bay >> i think for me it's like a minute to be away from everything where it's just me, myself and i and we're focused on one thing instead of focusing on what's coming up tomorrow, what just happened, what i'm doing later you can't think about the rest of everything. you have to focus on what you're doing or you're not going to hit the targets. >> so she's now on her college trap team, right, at tennessee southern and the whole team was around that day we just could feel the vibe. she's so happy to be a part of that community >> right >> it's not -- it's nothing to do with her other life she has this special place where she can be >> and i'm sure it's peaceful and serene out there when you don't hear anything else it's green, a beautiful space. >> it's kind of interesting, right? >> it's true, right?
8:18 am
>> there's that. you have your headphones on. >> you're in this zone i can only imagine >> pop, pop, pop >> it's incredible on a lot of levels vision is the most important thing when you're shooting, and she's doing it with one eye and she doesn't miss, you were saying >> it's interesting she found out about this at her high school activity fair she said, what, girls can shoot? her father is a physician and a sportsman. she said, if i do this, i'll get to spend more time with my dad >> that's amazing. i want to bring in marlowe thomas, the national outreach director for saint jude children's research hospital you've been doing this now for 18 years and these stories are just -- >> i'm inspired every time >> i can only imagine. >> i can't complain about a thing and i want to have all the energy and the optimism of these kids it's great and you know, it's very unusual for a child to have retinal blastoma and then they get ewing sarcoma, and so our scientists thought maybe this is a genetic thing. and so now emily is in a program, a special program that we call -- have, called saint
8:19 am
jude family where we're studying to see the unknown causes of hereditary cancer. i get so excited to meet these kids and see them and to learn from them. >> ewing sarcoma, it's an especially vicious form of cancer i know firsthand how aggressive it can be. you've been doing this, as chanel pointed out, 18 years, marlo. what are you thankful for? >> what i'm thankful for is all these kids that we featured on the "today" show they're doing well and in memphis right now, the kids of saint jude are watching. >> hi, guys. >> they're excited to see their friends' stories it's just a great day for the children of saint jude >> how about you, harry? >> i tell you what,s i spent time about her that day, i thought about her every die, almost every day since talk about being able to overcome these enormous odds >> absolutely. >> she's an anomaly.
8:20 am
why this has happened to her all these times. >> she said, i don't have a handicap >> right >> it's not a handicap >> thank you for all the kids watching this morning had a chance to go there and walk to the hospital, and it's such a place of love and warmth and, you know, just well wishes it's a phenomenal place. >> it's one of the places you get better you get healed by love >> saint jude always needs help. >> the great harry >> holiday morning >> say hi to phil for me >> see her back here tomorrow. >> here for the holiday. >> it's worth it as we wrap up the week, we'll officially kickoff the thanks and giving shopping season, and thanks to harry as usual >> yes >> happy thanksgiving. >> all right let's ahead back out to the parade route, mr. roker. who do you have this time with you? >> hey, guys perfect morning here we're about to chat with the girls five eva ladies. let's first of all show you what we've got going on as far as your weather
8:21 am
it is a gorgeous day here, 41 degrees, plenty of sunshine for the parade 41 to 49, sun and clouds, little light wind baby goo-goo, love you heavy rain, winds out west heavy rain down through texas, and then lighter rain as you get into the ohio, mississippi river valley friday snow on the leeward side of the great lakes sunny and comfortable in the gulf coast rain in the pacific saturday we have more rain in the pacific northwest as well. as we move on into sunday, sunday we are going to be looking at that travel weather that is not all that bad near record highs in the plains, quiet weather pattern in the south, some snow showers in the northeast. for all the airports, everything good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at our chilly temperatures, we're starting out this morning in the upper 30s and low 40s as you're heading
8:22 am
out. and then we'll see it warming up, turning out to be a really nice thanksgiving day. a lot of sunshine and our valley temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. we'll do it all over again the next several days. no change in this weather pattern. we'll continue to see sunshine. san francisco will continue to see highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s throughout the week. hey! and we are back. joined by girls five eva they're here again rene, elise, we have ms. hala, busy philipps. how are you ladies doing >> we're so excited. >> are you really? >> yes >> well, thank you you look fantastic as well rene, you've been on a float before this is your first time being in the parade, ladies >> first time seeing the parade in person, first time -- yes >> i'm very excited. >> me, too >> there couldn't be a better day for them to see the parade >> it's gorgeous
8:23 am
>> it's so beautiful >> i don't know if you're aware of the weather but it's lovely. >> a little birdie told me congratulations on the success of the show. you guys are already -- you've been renewed for season two. have you started working on it yet? >> oh, yeah. >> how's it going? anything you can tell us about it >> it's like all of the best things about season one have been amplified and we're just doing -- we know what works now and we're kind of like getting to know the characters we're so bonded. we really do get along it's not just for tv >> you guys are on the peacock float, streaming with the peacock. >> yes, singing a little song. >> can you give us a little preview? ♪ gonna be famous five eva because forever's too short, too short ♪ >> you guys have a great time. >> sneak preview >> so good to see you. happy thanksgiving >> thank you happy thanksgiving hi, family happy thanksgiving >> girls five eva. >> thank you, al
8:24 am
thank you, sir we'll come back to you in a little bit you have pop start >> shall we dance? >> do it >> first up, cardi b and ciara facebook watch the super stars are get being a lesson of how to prepare a full thanksgiving dinner by the james beard award-winning chef he was here yesterday. and the two novice cooks handled it just like anyone tackling the turkey day meal for the first time with a few tears and laughter >> there's no stress in kwame's kitchen. first -- >> that's raw. ooh hoo hoo! >> that's raw, raw >> that's a big one. >> i'm tired >> tired tired? >> you know, after like >> you know, after like learning how to cook a little bit, i just feel like, you know what, maybe it's just laziness maybe i just have some laziness and i got to get over my fears >> may be. >> may be. you have to watch.
8:25 am
guys, kwame was just here like i said, yesterday on our plaza with the great last-minute thanksgiving dish. you can make today or even with your left overs. you can head over to to check that out. next up, dewayne johnson we know there's one fan out there today who is extra thankful for the hollywood megastar on wednesday the rock popped into a screening of his latest film red notice to surprise navy veteran oscar rodriguez. johnson was so moved by his work as a personal trainer, advocate for women battling domestic violence, leader in his church, and caretaker for his elderly mother the actor decided to surprise oscar with an early christmas gift that just took his breath away look at this >> i want to show you something real quick >> yes >> i got this for you. a little thing >> what the heck thank you for your service,
8:26 am
brother. enjoy your new tru -- i thought this was your truck, bro >> it is my truck. now it's your truck. this is my personal truck. it's yours now >> awesome >> i just got chills that was amazing >> i love the rock i really do. >> happy thanksgiving. good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marcus washington. and a tough way to start out the holiday. multiple deadly crashes overnight. for the latest on the current road conditions, let's go to vianey arana. northbound 101 an earlier crash involving three vehicles was a fatality. we're seeing delays, in one in contra costa, discovery bay. there was, unfortunately, a deadly crash through there as well. details in another update.
8:27 am
and this morning we're waking up to chilly temperatures as we take a look at our seven-day forecast. some upper 60s for this afternoon. we'll continue to see those 60s going into the weekend for highs but expect those chilly mornings. we are still not looking at any rain as we go into the next week. we'll see more of these highs in the mid to upper 60s. a very quiet weather pattern. san francisco seeing more of the same with highs in the mid to upper 60s. marcus? we'll have another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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♪♪ back at 8:30 on this thanksgiving morning happy thanksgiving, everybody. we are certainly -- i'm amazed we have a crowd this morning because we're in, you know, new york city where everything is -- the roads are blocked off. >> most of these folks are going to the parade. this is the preparty thanks for prepartying with us >> coming up, one of the nation's top student newspapers
8:31 am
gets a new president and she is the first in their 150-year history. tom talked to her about her remarkable journey to harvard and the importance of representation >> looking forward to that story. >> you guys are going to love that story >> looking forward to that look who is here on thanksgiving morning. our friend jill martin jill martin is here with the special edition of steals and deals from comfy loungewear and snuggly slippers, some statement jewelry, travel accessories. she has the entire gift list covered. >> people are so excited about that segment they are screaming -- >> that's right. >> disclosure. i like walking by. today it's really worth it >> and then a heart warming story about a group that's been gathering for turkey and a big family football match going back almost 100 years i love a good turkey bowl. they're reuniting after missing the thanksgiving tradition last year and, boy, did we help deliver a huge surprise. >> i love that, my home state of kansas
8:32 am
and it is that time of year when football is everywhere coming up tomorrow on "today," we're going to introduce you to an undefeated high school football team making history out in california. all of them are deaf the all-deaf squad they are breaking records and stereo types as they head to the championship this weekend. >> we've been following this story for a while now. not only are they breaking records. they're blowing teams out. >> they're good. >> this all-deaf squad, it's a remarkable story so we'll have that for you tomorrow right now, mr. roker, on that parade route for one more final check before the parade starts, how are we looking, buddy? >> it is fantastic, guys 41 degrees, no wind, blue skies. it is going to be beautiful. let's show you quickly what's going to be happening right now and going into the weekend again, gorgeous for the parade tomorrow some snow showers around the great lakes northwestern storm comes in, some more rain down through southern texas and louisiana then sunday, sunday! we are looking for some snow showers around the great lakes quiet pattern through texas into the mid section of the country,
8:33 am
near record highs as you get into the western plains. all in all, not too shabby happy thanksgiving. we're waking up to chilly temperatures but clear skies across the bay area. it looks good for travel. wanted to check if there are any travel delays at our major airports. we are looking good with quiet weather for most of the country. and here in the bay area expect temperatures in the upper 60s for today. we'll see more cold mornings and mild afternoons as sunshine continues into our weekend forecast. also looking dry at least through the middle of next week. that is your latest weather. and joining us now, milky geiten how are you? >> happy thanksgiving. i am blown away. the balloons, right. we see this on tv and to be here feels so cool. >> and i know you're thankful. we talked about your little boy was ill.
8:34 am
>> yes >> how is he doing >> he's doing so much better he was in the i.c.u., he's out, he's home with my husband right now. as soon as the parade is done, i'm getting on a flight to go back to be with him for thanksgiving >> this is going to be your first parade >> my first parade, yes. >> is this a pinch me moment >> this is 100% a pinch me moment the last parade i was in was the tyler rose parade when i was 7 i'm so excited >> out of the pandemic, you wrote this terrific album, remember her name. it is a huge hit besides your son's health, what are you thankful for >> i'm just thankful for family, i'm thankful for my son. this is my first thanksgiving as a mom. and that's just changed my life. so i'm really thankful for that. and family and life. >> yeah. i tell you what, enjoy the parade >> thank you so much >> take it all in. enjoy it >> thank you so much >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> good to see you >> good to see you
8:35 am
>> guys, starting this parade off in les than a half hour here at 77th and cpw. are you ready? >> i'm ready >> she's ready >> we're all ready, we're all ready. so glad to hear her little boy is doing okay. >> yes, we are >> it's the macy's day parade. >> yes, yes. >> not lost on anybody coming up, how a colombian immigrant became the first hispanic president of harvard crimson. she sat down with our guy tom llamas to talk about following in the footsteps of jfk and f.d.r. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm.
8:36 am
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8:37 am
back now with a young journalist who is leading a wave of change in america's newsrooms starting with one of the most famous college papers in this country. you sat down with her, the unstoppable new president of the historic harvard crimson >> that's right, craig i can't stress enough how important a moment this is in journalism because people that lead that paper end up leading bigger newsrooms
8:38 am
she becomes a trail blazer as we are about to see and her biggest story may be her own going to the harvard crimson is taking a trip in time more than a century catalogued so many by lines from journalist whose would make history, presidents like fdr and jfk. michael creighten. and nicolas greenhouse in its nearly 150 years of publishing, there's never been anyone like raquel uribe >> i was so shocked that i didn't even know to scream i was just sitting there shell shocked. >> shell shocked because raquel, a colombian immigrant is the first hispanic president of the
8:39 am
crimson. >> people who have stood in my shoes before me are some of the best journalists and some of the biggest leaders that this country has known. >> journalism runs deep in her blood. her mother, maria christina uribe is a former television reporter, and her father daniel coronel recently ran univision news and remains a prominent columnist. this family's story starts back in colombia where raquel's father had to flee his reporting led to death threats. people wanted to kill your dad because he was a reporter. >> people wanted to kill me because my dad was a reporter. the threats centered around him, but they also centered around my mom and me >> for your family, journalism, the news is so important it's worth risking your life for. >> yeah, absolutely. and i think that's ultimately what it means to me because i think exposing the truth and holding people accountable is as important in colombia as it is in a university like harvard >> but living through that scary time is only part of raquel's story. at 16 she was diagnosed with
8:40 am
leukemia >> she never complained, you know all the time she was very positive, and she had the best attitude toward the treatment. >> she battled the disease and came out on top, excelling in school, getting into harvard and earning a job at the crimson soon raquel was breaking news. her by line becoming a staple for the crimson, reporting on issues from campus scandals to police accountability. now she'll transition into leading the newsroom >> i hope that this is leading a change or helping to lead a change along with many other people and kind of making that representation equal >> and we hope so. you know, guys, raquel also says she hopes her own story symbolizes a change across the country for both student and national newsrooms for hispanics and immigrants are under represented.
8:41 am
i've got to tell you, i got to spen a bit of the morning with her. she is very impressive i had to ask her, do you want to be a journalist? and she said, she may go to law school she's not sure, but she's interned at nbc before she obviously has it deep in her blood. i really hope she pursues journalism and maybe one day works at "today" show. >> she has options she'll be fine inspiring on so many levels. >> good story, buddy >> thanks. >> are we ready to shop now? i am jill martin is here to jump start your shopping with steals and deals. you don't have to run anywhere, knock any doors down look at that shop with your comfy shoes on. she has something for everyone on your list we'll get to that in just a moment but first, this is "today" on nbc. just a moment. bu
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8:43 am
we are back with a special edition of steals a we are back with a special edition of steals and deals, life-style contributor jill martin is here to help you
8:44 am
kickoff your holiday shopping for the season let me tell you something, today is a good day. you're going to love today in fact, if you want to shop right now, you'll see the qr code at the bottom of your screen it's so easy if you haven't done it before. you literally take your smartphone, hold it up to the little square, do we have it that little qr code there, and it will pop right up >> even my mother can do it. >> it's dangerous. >> happy thanksgiving. so grateful to be here with our family i am here to give you a head start. there's no need to be in the crowds i'm wearing our second item which always sells out so i'm giving you a heads up >> let's start with these. >> the '80s trend that's back, the terri cloth jogger set, very popular loungewear all the rage. super soft terri it's a lightweight, you can wear it around the house. the retail is 150. the deal is $59 for the set. that's up to 61% off >> stop it you can't beat it. >> the lemon collection slippers we have three pair
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i'll come over here so you can see. three different pairs to choose from you can check to check the options. they sell out every time they have faux fur, some are lined with sherpa. they retail 30 to 35 >> how much?alpaca canyon throw >> 15 to -- >> these are alpaca. our costume designer's wife got married in them.upermodel caree dancing in your future. the acqua candles.
8:46 am
brighten up t these throws are unbelievable. alpaca canyon throw, they're oversized. you can wear it as a wrap, use it as a blanket. 24 different colors. this is a major statement gift look hour great that looks retail 495 the deal is $85, 83% off you can find these all in high-end department stores a supermodel career, you have dancing in your future the acqua candles. brighten up the holiday season, always popular comes in a set of two. check for the combinations and the scents. retail 50, set 24. that is 54% off. >> fill the entire room without being too strong >> that's the key. it's not overwhelming when you walk in. the jennifer medallion necklace
8:47 am
collection, i threw on the eagle eye. talk jewelry, popular gift four different motifs. butterfly, heart, star or evil eye. really a beautiful statement gift you can layer each available is yellow plating. the deal 59.50 that's 76% off >> these are really nice you can't have too much of these. >> this is really a beautiful thoughtful gift that will arrive in time and everyone loves stationery studio gift sets. looking for a personalized gift, this is it they'll use it, i love a handwritten -- al roker loves handwritten notes. each set comes with 60 personalized flat note cards in three different designs along with 60 envelopes. in the box, add the bow, retail 105. the deal 42, that's 60% off. >> i love it >> last up, i am so grateful to give the gift of adventure olympia usa matrix, three-piece luggage set. 21 inch, 25 inch and 29 inch checked bag. >> all three pieces? >> all three pieces. the retail is 920. the deal is 249. that's 73% off it's nice to be able to start over with everything anyway -- >> give the gift of adventure, i love that. >> i love that craig even loves it, too >> home run today. >> that wraps up our steals and deals. let's go through the products one more time. the terry set. the candle set jennifer medallion collection. stationery gift set. three-piece luggage set. and just a reminder "today" works with affiliate partners on purchases made through our links
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at >> the check goes back to the company. thanks >> a girl's girl >> always. scan the qr code and get those deals. coming up next, a reminder, you're special first of all, peacock presents holiday steals and deals we'll be running an all-day marathon with great deals on gifts tomorrow so make sure you check that out. just head to which is what i was trying to say. to watch. up next a family who take the tradition of thanksgiving and football to a new level. as they gather together the first time in a couple years, we helped coordinate special prizes this is a good one we'll have it in just a moment first, this is "today" on nbc. happy thanksgiving mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> announcer: thanksgiving 2021, together again, is sponsored by
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>> announcer: thanksgiving 2021, together again, is sponsored by walmart. this season let's joy fully. >> and on this holiday we are back with a story that's close to home for you, chanel. >> a state with a lot of people i love >> it's an inspiring thanksgiving tradition out of kansas >> my home state we all know that turkey and football go together like mashed potatoes and gravy and for generations the conrow family has gathered each year for an epic thanksgiving reunion and big family football match. but the pandemic forced them to cancel last year's festivities something that's only happened three times in almost 100 years. >> wow >> so, we helped bring the family back together and we brought along a couple of big surprises. for jen and her extended family, what's been said about kansas holds true. there's no place like home >> ever since i was a little girl we've come to manhattan every thanksgiving for a great meal and then a football game. my earliest memories were my dad bringing us cleats changing
8:52 am
before the game, cousins hustling each other who was going to win >> the family has been rooted in manhattan, kansas, the little apple since 1913 apple since 1313 family records go back as far as 1929 when jen's great-great aunt hosted thanksgiving for her nine siblings followed by a game of touch football and so a tradition began in nearly 100 years they've almost never missed a game until last year when the pandemic kept the family apart >> my dad said when he was two or three years old, in the 1930s, he had the chickenpox and the measles. so they canceled it that year. in 1952 there's what a big snowstorm, and then in 2020 during covid was the last time we were unable to have it. >> this year is different. the gang is back together again to celebrate their thanksgiving tradition, and we wanted to be a part of that
8:53 am
so we gathered them here to reunite on the campus of their beloved kansas state university where four generations of conrows have attended to see their favorite family pass time in action. >> let's go! >> after a tough year, the family didn't miss a beat, and the joy was easy to see. >> huddle up >> somebody go deep. >> wild! >> but there's more than football on the menu what would thanksgiving be without a shared meal? with the help of our sponsor walmart, a thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings was in the works. >> wow >> oh, my gosh >> amazing >> whoa! >> wow >> i am so grateful to have my health i came through a rough bout with covid, and i'm able to be here with all of you today. and it means the world to me >> and for a bit of extra
8:54 am
sweetness, walmart providing everyone in the family with $300 gift cards to ease holiday shopping >> oh, my gosh wow. happy thanksgiving >> somebody mention saying grace, a family tradition has been singing the doxology. ♪ praise god from whom all blessings flow ♪ ♪ praise father, son and holy ghost ♪ >> gather around the table together after so many months apart, there was much to be grateful for >> life starting to feel like it's getting back to normal and getting to see all you in person for the first time in a little while. it's good to see everybody >> i'm just grateful for a family that values tradition, getting to bring my kids here today, just how special thinking about my great grandma and my grandpa who we lost. >> what are you grateful for >> i'm grateful for football [ laughter ]
8:55 am
>> hike. go get 'em >> happy thanksgiving. >> that just made my day, the 18th time today. they are such a gracious and kind family. and the funny thing when we asked what year the tradition began, everyone had a different answer some said the 1920s. some said the 1930s. in the end they agreed on 1929 because one of the oldest living conrow descendants who they call junior said it began that year so if that relative says that's when it started, that's when it started, right later sent a text, this is now my favorite thanksgiving memory. that is so special on this day, especially coming out of a pandemic, it just reminds you how important it is to, you know what, be together, you have to your family, you don't need a lot of money. just be together >> and football. >> especially in kansas. >> by the way, in honorer
8:56 am
thanksgiving, our streaming channel all day today airing a 24-hour food marathon. back to back episodes of our show, cooking up a storm, and special thanksgiving episodes of "today" food all-stars and salsey it started at 8:00 a.m. friday all day. >> that wraps it up from here, 1 a. now savannah starting in a few minutes. headed down there with the family let me in. all right. right after your local news. good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. and we are tracking multiple deadly crashes across the bay area. the latest in the east bay. at least one person is dead following a crash on southbound vasco road. this is south of discovery bay. chp says the crash was first
8:57 am
reported just before 6:00 this morning just south of walnut boulevard. up to three vehicles were involved in this crash. and about an hour before that in the north bay another deadly collision. about 3:00 this morning a fatal four-car crash tied up traffic for most of the morning on northbound highway 101 in belmont. we're still working to learn more what led up to the crashes. happening minutes from now the 95th annual macy's day parade.
8:58 am
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♪ ♪ >> it was really quite a spectacle, this great big 33rd macy's thanksgiving day parade >> macy's 50th thanksgiving day parade what a parade it's going to be >> you've got it all this is something you should not want to miss


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