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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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season of giving back. we are live at glide memorial church in san francisco where volunteers are preparing their annual tradition of giving out thousands of meals. >> millions are on the move. the pandemic is not over. the precautions experts suggest you take before tonight's thanksgiving meal. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. laura garcia has a much deserved morning off. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> not that you don't deserve it. >> okay. thank you. look, happy thanksgiving to you all. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we want to give you a live look out in new york city this morning because this is where the -- is this new york city? >> that must be it, carl. >> not the picture -- >> not manhattan. >> right. not the manhattan skyline. >> the macy's thanksgiving day
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parade will be happening in new york city this morning. we'll be airing that on nbc this morning! looks like the bay. >> that's what i thought. speaking of the local area, we'll get to vianey arana who's tracking the traffic this morning, and unfortunately a sad start to thanksgiving, a deadly crash on the peninsula. >> it is a sad, you know, start. it's involving three vehicles. this is on the stretch just north of rolston avenue. the northbound 101 lanes completely closed right now. no estimated time right now on reopening. a sig alert has been issued and of course investigators are on scene assessing what happened there. aside from that, we're not seeing any impacts on the southbound lanes, but again, that stretch along northbound 101 in the belmont area, if you're traveling through here, they are diverting traffic off of rolston avenue right now. no e.t.a. on when this is expected to reopen. i was checks the impacts of the
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southbound lanes. s latest details does show they are currently on scene and no delays on bridges. i'll have another update in just a few minutes. and we're starting out this morning with chilly temperatures, and in some spots in the inland areas, we have some patchy frost. so we're seeing those temperatures dipping into the mid-30s, and this afternoon is going to be nice. we'll continue to see these chilly mornings and mild days for shopping for the weekend or all of your outdoor activities. as we are heading out in pleasant hill, take look at where we are now in the next couple of hours, some upper 30s. we'll be at 38 degrees at 7:00 and then slowly warming up today. a mix of sun and clouds. cold start, but mild afternoon. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend, that's coming up in a few minutes. thanks. it is 5:02, and of course it is thanksgiving day, which means
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one san francisco tradition is just a few hours away. every year, glide church provides hundreds, maybe even thousands of turkey meals for families in need, and this year is no exception. that's where we find "today in the bay"'s sierra johnson who's going to show us what guests can make, and all that goes into making this a success. happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: behind me, you can see the white tents, that's where the meals will be served. thousands of meals will be served. turkey, ham, all of the good stuff, we're seek some volunteers making their way down to set up the tables, and putting the center pieces down, and like last year, the meals will be served in tents to reduce transmission of covid. they will serve as many as 2,500 turkey and ham meals today, and will deliver 200 meals to homeless encampments around the
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city, and later today, glide will host the virtual church celebration. that kicks off at 10:00. again, it is virtual. you can watch it there on facebook and you tube, and you can kind of feel the excitement brewing further down. folks already lining up. they're closing off the roads, they have the white tents and in just a matter of hours, we will see all of those volunteers, dozens of volunteers out to serve those in need. some good looking food. i was here last year, and that good looked good. we'll be out here all morning showing you what san francisco is doing for others, as well as glide, what they're doing to feed others this holiday season. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." taking a live look outside sfo, a lot of people will be landing there, expecting to see family for thanksgiving. good news here, experts are saying while covid is still with
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us, you can gather safely. while much of the country has high levels and in michigan, cases are spiking around 70%. so to prevent the spread of covid here, infectious disease experts say that talking openly about covid and vaccine status with your family really can help reduce safety concerns. >> what's the vaccination status of everyone, if most people are vaccinated or boosted or all of them, number two, did anyone get tested recently. i think testing is not, you know, the holy grail, but it does add a confidence in that group getting together. and number three, based on those answers, should i open the windows, do i need to have a filter. >> we know it seems people are adhering to this guide, and all week long we have seen a last minute rush to get tested or to get a booster. santa clara saw a 70% increase
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of people getting tested. we have been reporting on a recent string of robberies across the bay area, and it comes as we approach one of the biggest shopping days of the year. >> after a tough stretch last year. because the pandemic locked things down, retailers are hoping to return to black friday bargain hunters. for the serious black friday shoppers, some are already waiting for the big sales over at best buy as well as target bargains, but this year, the outbreak of flash mob robberies, has a lot of shoppers making additional plans, so one man we spoke with, he says that he is actually going to do most of his shopping online this year. this is to avoid the crowds. for those who decide to brave black friday conditions, here's a little bit of advice. >> don't go it alone. be careful. go in groups. shop with at least one other person if you're out. certainly take safety into consideration. >> one expert with the coalition of law enforcement and retail says that shoppers should be aware of stolen merchandise online. so if shoppers see high end products on sites like etsy, amazon, even ebay at deeply
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reduced prices that item could be stolen or even counterfeit. city officials shuts down the temporary site on sunday because they say that everyone who had been living there either left on their own or found other housing opportunities. several now former residents were displaced following the closure of a homeless encampment, following months of protests from nearby residents over safety concerns and claims of lack of communication by san jose city leaders about that rv park. look, this is a big time of the year. a lot of people love that new york city macy's day parade, the thanksgiving day parade, it's a tradition that will take place in a couple of hours for you, and actually, we're talking about the 95th, yes, macy's thanksgiving day parade. a bit of normalcy this year. this is after last year's event
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went social distancing, related to the changes. while the 2020 parade was a made for tv spectacle, the 2021 parade is once again a public party in the streets. nbc's jay gray is in new york with a preview for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, happy thanksgiving from the start of the 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is going to be quite a show this morning. we've got the balloons lined up including six new giant characters that will be a part of this year's parade. the floats lined up here along central parkway. tom turkey always leads things off on thanksgiving. he'll do it again this year. we've got 28 floats in all, more than 800 clowns, ten marching bands, nine performing groups. it is going to be quite a show this morning. the star, though, of this parade has to be the crowd. we've got people back this year after last year's parade, which was really just a made for tv show that covered a couple of blocks. this year they're back to the
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2 1/2 route and it should be a fantastic morning. we hope to be watching. that's the latest from here in new york. i'm jay gray, back to you. >> jay, thank you so much. back here locally, a live look over walnut creek. a little bit of cloud cover. it is cold out on this thanksgiving morning. we're going to check in with meteorologist kari hall who has a look at what we can expect for the day today. some people like to get out before they eat or after they eat. what can we expect out there today? >> a really nice afternoon. it's going to be very much like it was yesterday. we're seeing some of these same numbers where we begin yesterday as our temperatures have now dipped down into the mid-30s in the south county. check out morgan hill, 36 degrees. we're at 39 in concord. 38 degrees in dublin, and santa rosa also in the upper 30s. a chilly morning. take a look at santa rosa from
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the mid-30s to slowly warming up. a mix of sun and clouds, 65 in livermore and award and san jose we'll talk more about what's ahead for the weekend. also i'll check to see if there's any flight delays for early morning travelers, and vianey, it's been a tough go on the peninsula with that breaking news. >> definitely has. a sad way to start a thanksgiving morning. there is a stretch along the belmont area. this is just north of rolston avenue because of a deadly crash involving several vehicles. right now, the sig alert has been issued and that hard closure has no estimated time as to when they will reopen. investigators are on the scene of that. throughout the rest of the bay area, northbound 101 to highway 85, no delays to the south bay. overnight crashes have cleared, and look at the bay bridge, usually thanksgiving is when we can count the cars heading into the bay be bridge, we'll hope there are no metering lights on for today, holiday lights.
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i'll send it back to you. coming up, for some, the count down to christmas has already begun and jimmy fallon for one is very excited. we have a sneak peek at a new nbc special based on his children's book. plus, elon musk making moves, selling shares of his company, the reason why the mogul made that drastic selloff. and pg&e under fire once again, this time for potentially falsifying 3,000 electrical inspections. our investigative unit breaks down the latest details surrounding this report, and you can find it right now on
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happy thanksgiving, the time is 5:14, as you're getting up and heading out this morning, low 40s in fremont, we are going to have a chilly start to the day. take a look at the trend, we go from the low 40s to the low 60s. not too bad. it's still going to be a nice afternoon. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. and a sig alert remains in the peninsula belmont area along northbound 101 just north of ralston avenue following a deadly crash involving several vehicles. no estimated time of reopening. expect major delays through that stretch. southbound lanes are not being impacted. full details are coming up. vianey, thanks, it is 5:14,
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new this morning, elon musk selling another $1 billion in tesla shares. the tessa ceo has unloaded nearly $10 billion in stock over the past two weeks. some of the shares were sold in part to satisfy tax obligations. despite that, musk still holds more than 169 million shares in tesla. shares of tesla were up about 1% yesterday. and trending this morning, we have a sneak peek of tomorrow's prime time animated special, five more sleeps until christmas. >> i like the sound of that, five more sleeps. >> we have a little more of that. >> this is based off the tonight show jimmy fallon's children's book. it's about an eager boy who was looking forward to christmas morning but just has so much trouble containing that excitement. >> sledding is very dangerous but i had reached the age and skill level of a master sledder so i knew i could handle it.
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>> that's not good. sorry, pull the power slide. >> okay. that was cute. i enjoyed that. i might just watch that one. look, so five more sleeps until christmas premieres tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. right here on nbc bay area, that's after our original "how the grinch stole christmas." >> that does look cute. my kids are going to love that. >> that looks good. here on "today in the bay," we want to know what you are thankful for for this thanksgiving. >> one of our viewers already submitted this, writing my baby
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is all grown but i'm very thankful for our close relationship and mutual add adoration. i realize i did something right when a parent always wonders: i cherish her and i'm thankful god gave her to me. we want to know what you're thankful for ahead of this thanksgiving. post a photo or video sharing what you're thankful. we'll share them on "today in the bay" this week, be sure to tag nbc bay area in the post. >> and we want to share a little about what we are thankful. i'm so thankful for life every day, and knowing that i have family and friends that i can call on whenever i need them. >> yes, that's such a gift, and life is something to really be thankful after this past year. i'm thankful for my kids. i told our producers i can't go on because i'll probably cry, so i'm also thankful for all of you, and let's go to vianey because i work with her every weekend. i'm thankful for her, i'm
5:18 am
thankful for kari. >> kari and i work together as well all the, and kari, i haven't had a chance to work with her since the start of the pandemic. being able to see you guys again is really nice, and also, i think, the pandemic taught me how to slow down and appreciate certain things that maybe i was taking for granted. that's another thing i appreciate. but yeah, family, friends and having that support, you're right, marcus. >> and your dog. >> yes. >> what about you, kari? >> it's always great to wake up early with you guys, i know the hours are crazy, but when you're around people who you really truly enjoy their company, that makes it really nice, and then of course my family who, you know, at this time, just two years ago, you think about how many loved ones we've lost. so i cherish all of those memories we have had with people we lost long the way, and being
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able to appreciate the simple things. you realize all that other stuff really doesn't matter. it's really just love, health, family, that you want to make sure that you're cherishing at this time of year, and hopefully we're all enjoying that today, and also health. let's talk about the turkey trot today because you can run and make it count for something today, so sign up for the turkey trot. i posted how you can get to that link on my web site. and then you can also donate to help someone else and they'll have something to be more grateful for. we're starting out with temperatures in the low 40s this morning as you're heading out for that run around your neighborhood, 5 k or 10 k, and you can also see those temperatures that will be really nice. we have had some great weather for the past few days, and fairly quiet, whether you have family who's coming in town or you're heading out this morning. looking at all of the travel delays across the country, we are seeing a storm system moving across the midwest, but as of now, hasn't caused any problems for the major airports, and even
5:20 am
here locally, it looks good as you're getting ready to head out. football part of thanksgiving, and we have a home game for sjsu, and kick off at 12:30. 61 degrees at the start of the game, and once again, really perfect football weather with highs reaching into the upper 60s for today. san francisco up to 64 degrees, and 61 at half-moon bay. for santa rosa, look for a high of about 64 degrees. really nice, just cold this morning, and we can see across the region, if you will be driving, traveling, never the next few days, we have seen showers moving across the midwest, and across the region, out looking in the pacific, there's more rain for the seattle and portland area. this is not a strong storm system and it weakens before it gets here. time after time, we see these storm systems reaching closer to the bay area, and then just falling apart before they get
5:21 am
here. i'll have an update on the drought monitor, excuse me, coming up in the next 30 minutes. as we get a look at the way it has been, we have seen possibly minor improvements in our drought situation for the north bay. we'll tap into that a little bit more coming up in a few minutes. taking a look at our forecast, it is really nice to see this. of course we need the rain, but we are still early in our water years so as we go into the month of december, hopefully things in terms of storm systems headed our way. for now, we can enjoy the sunshine and temperatures that will reach into the mid- to upper 60s over the next few days. and vianey, one of those reminders of why we need to be grateful, we did lose someone this morning, and so that's what you're covering. >> yeah, it's a really sad way to starts our traffic report morning. we had a fatality involving several vehicles. this in the peninsula belmont area along the northbound 101 stretch north of the ralston avenue exit. as of right now, it remains a
5:22 am
hard closure, which means all lanes are completely closed off within that stretch. investigators are on the scene of that accident, and there is no estimated time of reopening. they are diverting traffic off the ralston avenue off ramp, but aside from that, this is going to remain closed for quite some time. no impact to the southbound lanes, so a sad situation through there. we start noticing some slowing around this time. from westbound 580. grant line road to 680 right now. only about 16 minutes. no delays reported through that area, and a quick glance, again, at your bay bridge. no delays on any of the bridges and the toll plaza is a smooth commute heading in right now. no metering lights to report. i'll have another update in a few minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay," if you're a pup lover, you want to stick around for the next story. ahead for you, we have a preview of the dog, the national dog show, you don't want to miss that. plus, nbc bay area responds.
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short supplies and long delivery times, how do you beat the supply chain this holiday season? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, we'll show you how, next.
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. welcome back, 5:25, for a lot of us after today, the
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biggest question is typically what's in that beautifully wrapped box. but this year, the big question is will supply chain even get your gift to you in time for the holidays. >> it's so stressful to think about it. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to help us navigate around the detours. >> the usual pipeline of presents from factory to store to home isn't flowing as usual. not enough chips for electronics, not enough people at ports. not enough truck drivers, what can you do, here's our bottom line device, if you have something specific in mind for someone, consider grabbing it now before it's possibly out of stock. also, ship it now. i have good news. the gift people want the most is not in short supply, and ships pretty easily. gift cards, you can buy them online, and they deliver almost instantly, electronically. as for good old fashioned gifts you can hold in your hands, we have seen some stores showing out of stock messages. to guarantee you get your hand on an item, you can buy locally
5:27 am
in a shop and ship it yourself. you have to do that earlier than usual. if you want a priority box to arrive in time for christmas, you have to ship by december 18th. ideally, wrap up your shopping and shipping even earlier this year. >> chris chmura for us this morning. thanks, chris. the national dog show is back and a whole lineup of well-trained, well groomed pets are set to compete. the event is hosted by the kennel club of philadelphia. only purebreds can take part. last year, no fans were allowed because of the pandemic, and this year, only fully vaccinated will be allowed in the stands. watch the national dog show at the nbc bay area, it's after the macy's thanksgiving day parade, and that's at 9:00 this morning. >> so much excitement this morning. 5:27, the top stories we're following, including shopper safety, the new parking options shoppers will have if they actually plan to head into the city. plus. >> and we are in front of glide,
5:28 am
where they're preparing to feed thousands here on thanksgiving. coming up, we'll break down what you need to know if you're coming out to volunteer or to receive a meal. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, giving the gift of a warm meal on thanksgiving. we are live at glide memorial church as volunteers get ready to hand out thousands of meals. plus, the latest information on the arrests made in the flash
5:31 am
mob thefts in union square last week. the amount of merchandise that was recovered. a security guard shot while on the job. new details about the attempted robbery of a tv crew and the way oakland leaders, they plan to address the city's growing violence. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thank you so much for starting your thanksgiving morning with us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia this morning. >> and i'm marcus washington. happy thanksgiving to you all, and you know what, it's a good day out there, but you know, we do have some news we have to talk about this morning sad news to report, a deadly crash this morning on the peninsula. vianey in for mike, and vianey, just a tragic start. >> yeah. and unfortunately, you know, what makes this so sad, it's a crash involving four vehicles, and this is along the belmont area stretch, northbound 101, just north of the ralston
5:32 am
avenue. it was populating here, and this is in realtime. i will check traffic reports right now. chp was active on the scene investigating to find out what happened along that area. for now, the sig alert was in place. i'm going to check that because the latest update did reveal they might be work to go hopefully reopen that soon. no impact to the southbound lanes but definitely a tragic way to start our morning. no delays around westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. toward the san mateo bridge, only 12 minutes. i want to give you a shot of the san mateo bridge because i'm noticing cars, those who have to get to work on this early morning, drive safe. i'll send it back to you. and we'll be looking for that update, as we get a look at temperatures that are starting out chilly this morning, yeah, some frost in some of the our inland valleys heading out early this morning. it will be a nice afternoon. more great weather for shopping or whatever you have planned for tomorrow. into the weekend with some very
5:33 am
seasonal weather as we reach into the 60s. take a look at where we are now, 36 degrees in morgan hill. 38 in san jose. heater is on full blast this morning, and after this chilly start, we'll be able to enjoy milder weather for the afternoon. i just got the update of the drought monitor and it shows some positive improvement. we'll break that down in the forecast in a few minutes! it is cold out there. i was wearing my ugg boots earlier, but i put on professional heels for work. >> very nice. >> for you. >> let's talk about this, because today we give thanks for everything that we have. for some, it really is a hard time of the year. >> it is, and hundreds, thousands, actually, are expected to attend the yearly glide turkey give away. it's a wonderful event. they magically make it happen every year for those in need. and "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live at glide in san francisco to tell us all about
5:34 am
it. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: >> good morning, happy thanksgiving. you're talking about how they pull it together. i cannot imagine what type of organization it would take to be able to feed 2,500 people, hundreds of volunteers, i would imagine are required. to get into the specifics, i'm joined by jean cooper. i know we have the tent set up. i guess, walk us through the planning process. i would imagine it would take weeks, maybe months of planning to pull something like this off. >> we start planning in the summer, so august is when we start planning for the holidays, and so our teams at glide have been working diligently to put this together. you know, this is not how we've done thanksgiving for the last 40 years, and so this last year, and this year, we have had to transition to outside in order to, you know, enable -- the protocols around covid, and so actually it's a really fun event. they put up the tents last night, and brought in the
5:35 am
tables, and we'll set it up for our meal today, and it will look really festive today. >> talk to me about what's being served. i'm imagining a traditional thanksgiving meal. >> we have a regular meal, which is turkey and ham with sweet potatoes, we have fresh vegetables, rolls with butter, it's a traditional stuffing, i knew there was something i was missing, and we've served it every year for the last 40 years. it's something that people believe it's like being at home. it's a great meal, and we're serving breakfast today. we'll have breakfast going out earlier this morning, and our teams are taking outs about 250 meals to people on the streets and in encampments in san francisco. >> reporter: sounds great. it starts at 11:00, and runs until 1:00. on a personal level, how does it feel seeing these rows of tables filled with folks enjoying their thanksgiving meal. >> this to me is like family. like i said, i have been here for 17 years. this is my 17th year doing this,
5:36 am
and there's such joy and happiness, and we have so much fun out here, and you know, it's really, it means a lot to me that we're able to share this with the people in san francisco, and also i think it means a lot to them to be a part of our family. we're excited to see them, and all of our friends in the media, we see each other on thanksgiving and christmas. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you, and it's been a year since i have seen you all. today will be a great day. it's already a little warmer than last year. you all have a head start closing off the roads, setting up the tents. in a matter of hours, we'll see the guests sit down with the tables decorated beautifully with the center pieces and delicious food. we are live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you, we'll see you again soon. 5:36 this morning, and crime in oakland hitting us at nbc bay area, and close to home. a private security guard working with another station's news crew
5:37 am
was shot during an attempted robbery in oakland. police say he is in stable condition. right now, there's a 17,000 reward for information for the person or persons who shot that guard. that shooting happened at 14th and webster in front of prime at 3:56. a crime reporter and guard were there to interview the store owners about the smash and grab, and the owners, they came back to their store for a food give away. this is when those thieves arrived with guns and started shooting. >> somebody rolled up, bribery gone bad. he started shooting at everybody. the dude didn't even take the camera. it was senseless. you know what i'm saying, senseless attempt on multiple people's lives. >> the oakland police department asking for the public's help. this isn't the first time a security guard protecting a tv news crew has been shot or shot at in oakland. that's part of a reason crews sometimes travel with those
5:38 am
guards. in fact, one of our own news crews were held up at gunpoint in front of oakland city hall back in june. also in the east bay, we have new video of a pharmacy on piedmont avenue being ransacked. you can see in this video, does offense people grabbing drugs and other things off the shelves. this is wellspring pharmacy. they give us this sped up video of the break-in. according to the time stamp, it happened just before 8:00 p.m. on saturday. police have not released any information about the thieves. to hopefully keep shoppers safe, the city is offering free two-hour parking near union square. it starts tomorrow at three garages, according to the chronicle, this applies to the sutter-stockton garage on stockston street, the ellis ofarrell garage, and some of the streets will be closed off to vehicles from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. during that time,
5:39 am
although it's unclear whichg, t big deal. and from san francisco to now san jose, taking a live look at christmas in the park in downtown. everything already set up, hard to believe thanksgiving is almost in our rear view mirror. it is a chilly that cameraman out there, and meteorologist kari hall is tracking our thanksgiving forecast. i just couldn't crank the heat fast enough in my car this morning, and then defroster, all of it. >> right. it's so chilly, but i think this is perfect weather for ice skating, so tomorrow night when you go to christmas in the park, you can also enjoy ice skating. just get a hot chocolate, right, so our temperatures will be very nice, and we'll see temperatures going from the low 60s around sunset to quickly dropping off to the low 50s. so we will have some cool temperatures for those early mornings and late evenings.
5:40 am
if you do plan on hitting the road heading out to see some family for this holiday, today we see temperatures in the mid-70s, and it will get a little bit warmer by the end of the weekend. really nice weather there, they're watching out for high winds and the fire danger. some of the places you will be headed for. it will be warming up by the end of the weekend. head to santa cruz for the day. san francisco will also have some jacket weather but a lot of sunshine. that's going to make it feel nicer. some of the places you may be headed. oakland in the mid-60s and upper 60s for saturday. santa rosa also milder. vianey, you have been watching the breaking news, has it cleared on the peninsula now? >> we're seeing some hopefully confirmation from chp in a little bit. i did notice on my speed sensors, northbound 101 near the
5:41 am
stretch in belmont where the fatal crash involving four vehicles caused a hard closure and a sig alert. it does show open. we are waiting to see the official chp report. it does look like movement through the area. westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, only 17 minutes. a quick reminder, if you're traveling to l.a., check the grape line, and it's always a mess. you don't want to get caught in that this afternoon. send it back to you. >> good warnings. thanks. it's 5:41. coming up, santa is returning to malls across the country. we'll tell you about the steps he's taking to keep kids safe. a nearly all white jury convicts three white men in the death of ahmaud arbery, and the mother of ahmaud, she's speaking out. s emotional response ahead for you.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ happy thanksgiving. the time is 5:44, and it's going to be a cold morning, but a mild day. here's a look at our high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s as we top out at 67 degrees in antioch a nice one for dinner outside. we just got the update of the drought monitor, and i'll break it down coming up in a few minutes. and i do have news, a crash in napa along state route southbound 221 in napa, another
5:45 am
deadly crash, there is lanes closed, recommended to use alternate route, the this is napa southbound 221. i'll have an update on that in just a bit. 5:44 right now, reaction pours in following the guilty verdict in the murder trial of ahmaud arbery, the unarmed black man shot to death in brunswick, georgia. his mother, wanda cooper jones, appeared to be in silent prayer and sobbing aloud as the first guilty verdict was read. the all white jury convicted travis mcmichael of all counts, his father gregory mcmichael and neighbor william bryan were acquitted of the top charge but face life in prison. for ahmaud's mother, the decision means her son is receiving some type of justice. >> i never thought this day would come, but god is good. you know him as ahmaud, i knew
5:46 am
him as quez, he will now rest in peace. >> the original district attorney handling this case was indicted for the way he handled the case. after spending last year behind a face mask or inside a snow globe, santa is back seeing children in most local malls, and joly st. nick is taking precautions to keep everyone safe, that means getting vaccinated and getting his booster shots. >> we'll be doing weekly covid tests just to make sure we keep mrs. clause safe. and i'm always wearing gloves to minimize contact. >> because everyone is ready to party, and because everyone wants to see santa and get back to normal. >> i want to be on the good list, not the naughty one. health experts say that children who have not gotteneir masks whg santa. >> i actually was shopping yesterday, and saw santa behind
5:47 am
a plexiglass window and the kids were in front of the window, and santa was opening his arms to them. >> kind of like a confessional. >> exactly. i'm not catholic, but i'm just saying. >> you're definitely on to something. >> you're going to be able to say you spent more than half of your life helping others, that's a good resume for being a good person. >> the one thing that may make it impressive is if you're only 11 years old. we want to introduce you to callie martier is donating hundreds of toys so other kids can have one on christmas morning. >> it's now her 6th year doing this. >> reporter: our story begins in a spot that many a parent have found themselves, the toy aisle at target, saying no to an unhappy child. >> i was 5 years old when he we started, so 2016.
5:48 am
>> callie martier, now 11 was the child wanting a barbie. her mom sabrina, the one saying no. >> i told her no, and i said there's kids who have nothing in this world, and you're complaining about not getting a barbie. >> reporter: it was then that callie took the negotiation in a different direction. >> when i heard that, i felt really bad, i told my mom, how about we do this drive where we could donate the teddies and toys, and then christmas morning, they can see the toys and they would be happy. >> reporter: it was in retrospect, sabrina, and callie agree a fitting thing for her to say. >> my 5-year-old me was very kind. i am still kind, but still. >> reporter: and so that year, thanks to callie's wish, she and her family collected 400 toys, and delivered them to lucille packard children's hospital stanford, and they haven't stopped collecting since. >> over the last six years, we have collected over 3,000 teddy
5:49 am
bears and toys. recently during the pandemic, the hospital has paused accepting the donations but not deterred, callie and her teddies for tots program is giving to foster children instead. every year her parents say callie has the option of not undertaking the collecting and storing and giving, and every year, callie says she wants to tackle it again. if you look at it one way, she has spent half her short life helping others. thank goodness for all of us, she has such a long future ahead of her! >> garvin thomas for us this morning. it is 5:49. and did you know the macy's thanksgiving day parade will be back today, and it's supposed to be bigger and better than ever, after last year's slim down festival. the balloons will be flying high this year, and there will be new ones that your kids will recognize immediately. we talked to the "today" show's al roker about this year's big
5:50 am
comeback. >> we're back. last year we had to do a truncated compact version of the parade. well, this year everything is back, the marching bands, the floats, the balloons that will travel from the upper west side, 77th and central park west all the way down to herald square where hoda and savannah will be. i'll be uptown getting things kicked off, and we've got new balloons including baby yoda. >> baby yoda is making an appearance. if you want to see all of that and so much more, tune in this morning as "today" kicks off thanksgiving with their special live event at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay" and then full coverage of the macy ice thanksgiving day parade followed by the national dog show at noon. you can only find all of that right here on nbc bay area. time now to check in with meteorologist kari hall. we'll get to vianey with the traffic in just one second, but kari has a look at what we can
5:51 am
expect this thanksgiving day. a lot of people like to get out, play football, go for a run. how is it going to look? >> we have some great weather for all of that, especially this afternoon. i think new york sent us some of their temperatures because we're starting out in the upper 30s this morning. take a look at how cold it is in morgan hill. 36 degrees, and some of these valleys that are not here at the airport locations in the north bay have dipped into the mid-30s and below freezing farther to the north. as we take a look nationwide at what's going on with travel delays, airport delays, that are all good right now, even though we have a storm system moving across the midwest, i should say, across the pacific northwest, we are seeing good travel conditions in seattle, with some of those scattered showers moving in here locally. we are all seeing clear conditions for now, but as we go into the next few days, we're still going to see those rain
5:52 am
chances continue for seattle and portland. by the time the rain gets here, it falls apart, we know we have had a couple of weeks of dry weather, and that looks to continue, going into next week. we can see all of the active storm systems out there that will stay well to the north of us, and just got the update of the drought monitor. this is what it looked like last week, and the update that we had from yesterday. so you can see all of the dark reds that includes the highest level of drought, the exceptional drought, for napa county, solano county, and much of contra costa county. we did see improvements for lake and mendocino county, and now look at the changes we have for this morning. so actually, they have seen some improvements, and they've taken about 10% of california out of that highest drought category in to still some extreme drought, but we are seeing that some of those improvements for parts of the north bay. notice the dark red is still over the east bay and the
5:53 am
tri-valley. that means were in a critically dry condition, even after that historic rain last month. we are seeing some improvements despite the lack of recently rainfall, and now as we go into our forecast. we are still once again looking at a surplus of that rainfall. this is for the water year that reset on october 1st. going into the forecast, those numbers will continue to decrease for our surplus, and rainfall because we don't have anymore rain headed our way. hopefully after this time period, we can get some rain in december, but we're going to wrap up the month of november will still some very dry but seasonal conditions. and vianey, how is it looking ahead out on the roads this morning? >> well, unfortunately i now have a new crash to report about. this one in napa along southbound 221. a deadly crash as well. a sig alert has been issued. you can see a couple of delays through there, the yellow where the speed sensor is located. this is a deadly crash in napa,
5:54 am
emola avenue, southbound 221, several lanes blocked. a sig alert has been issued because of that crash. a quick update on the earlier crash, this one along the peninsula in belmont, northbound 101 lanes were completely closed because of a deadly crash. we're still showing slowing. waiting on chp to confirm if they have reopened. happening now, some people down in southern california, well, they might be dealing without power this thanksgiving. this is because of a red flag warning caused by the santa ana winds. we're talking about 60 mile per hour wind gusts, and low humidity levels leading to high fire danger. power companies down south are considering cutting power to 2,000 homes and businesses to prevent live wires from sparking blazes. protecting mother nature during the holidays, coming up, the small step you can take to stay ecofriendly this holiday season. where did they come from, and how did they get here?
5:55 am
the mystery behind these dumped fedex packages, and what the company is now doing to get the shipments back on track. and ahead at 6:00, safety concerns ahead of black friday, people on edge amid the rising crime at bay area shopping areas. the way local law enforcement is planning to keep shoppers safe. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
welcome back, you're watching "today in the bay," and now to our climate in crisis. with the holidays here meteorologist vianey arana has a hack that will help all of us reduce the amount of waste we put out into the world this season. >> it seems like there's always some sort of celebration, whether it's a graduation, a birthday or a wedding. that means buying gifts and wrapping paper but it can be recycled because it's paper, right? think again, the oregon environmental council says that because gift wrap is made with plastic, yes, even paper wrapping has some sort of plastic fiber in it. some of the shiny holiday wrapping is made with tiny misses of aluminum or metal, not to mention the glitter that has the potential to end up in waterways causing big problems for fish and birds. it's time for your climate hack. i learned this from my mom a long time ago. save the bags you have been given in the past for future
5:59 am
gifts. another great one is to buy cloth bags that can be reused for multiple purposes. here's the payoff. earth 911 estimates 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper are produced in the u.s. each year. only about half of that gets recycled. by making a change when we wrap gifts, americans keep more than 2 million pounds of gift wrap out of the landfill each yore. >> that was vianey arana, for more hacks and other stories like this, visit us online at, and click on climate in crisis. now to a follow up for you. today fedex crews in alabama were sent to a ravine where hundreds of packages were found dumped and abandoned. i want you to check out this scene right here. definitely not what you want to see or even hear was happening near the holidays. investigators say 3 to 400 packages were found scattered along a county road. fedex says it is sending trucks
6:00 am
and drivers there to start picking up the packages this morning, and hopefully they'll get them back on track to be delivered. officials are still trying to figure out how this all happened, and how they ended up in the woods: >> wow. hopefully everyone gets what they ordered. >> especially with the delays going on right now. quickly approaching 6:00 this morning, and it is the season of giving back. we are live this morning at glide memorial church in san francisco. this is where volunteers are preparing the annual tradition. this is of giving out thousands of meals. and we're going to tell you the changes residents can see this year as covid restrictions ease. >> and millions of americans reuniting and celebrating with family today. the pandemic isn't over, though. the precautions experts say you should take before tonight's thanksgiving meal. plus. they're going to have more security guards just roaming around, keeping an eye out. >> bracing for more mob burglaries. the measures bay area malls are
6:01 am
taking to keep shoppers safe


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