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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, a security guard shot while on the job. new details about the attempted robbery of a tv news crew, and the way oakland leaders plan to address the city's violence. a rise in crime has many shoppers on edge ahead of black friday. the key things to look out for before you swipe your credit card. this is "today in the bay." good morning, it is 4:30. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia today. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to say happy thanksgiving to you all. thank you so much for making us part of your early morning.
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we have a lot to get to, including that breaking news. what's it looking like. >> a sad way to start out a thanksgiving morning. an earlier crash being reported and this was actually, you know, coming in via siege, you can see the hard closure there. this is a sig alert in the belmont area, northbound highway 101. this entire stretch that you see here is closed. as of right now, pd is estimating a 30-minute time line until it reopens once again. but for now, again, this is northbound lanes. this is in the belmont area. fatal crash involving a couple of vehicles. really sad news to start out our morning here, and as of now, again, this is a 30 minute until estimated time of reopening. for now, it is a hard closure. they are rerouting all of the
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vehicles off on rolston street. if this is part of your commute, take surface streets, before the onramp, before you get stuck on that. our desk is working on it. we'll send it back to you. i know you'll be watching that. let's get a look at what we're expecting weather wise. we're starting out with chilly temperatures this morning, and in some of our inland valleys, we're starting out with patchy frost. as we go into today, it will be a nice one, and that nice weather continues for shopping tomorrow as well as the weekend, with some temperatures that are about normal for this time of year, headed for the mid- to upper 60s. palo alto, looking at a high of 67 degrees. we'll see also mid- to upper 60s for the east bay. hayward, 65, and 65 today in napa. we'll get a look ahead to our weekend forecast and also that draught update comes up this morning. a private security guard recovering this morning. this is after being shot wile on
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the job. he had been working with the local tv news crew. this is when someone started shooting in downtown oakland. >> this is a shooting that hits close to home for us and every other tv station until the bay area. we use these guards many of whom are retired police officers to help protect us. "today in the bay" cheryl hurd shows us how the city is responding. >> reporter: there's a $17,500 reward for information that can help oakland police catch the person or persons who shot a private security guard in oakland. the shooting happened here at 14th and webster in front of prime 356. a crime reporter and guard were there to interview the store owners about a smash and grab involving some 30 people monday night that was captured on a surveillance camera. the owners came back to the store for a food give away when thieves arrived with guns blazing. >> somebody rolled up, said get down, he just started shooting at everybody. >> the security guard was hit by
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gunfire. >> he got shot for no reason. the dude didn't even take the camera. it was senseless. senseless attempt on multiple people's lives. >> reporter: the oakland's police department is asking for the public's help. >> we are asking if you were in the area, have a business or live nearby, check the surveillance footage, you may have captured the crime before, during or after it occurred. >> reporter: it is not the first time a tv crew has been shot the at oakland. it's part of the reason crews travel with guards now. in fact, one of our own news crews was held at gunpoint. >> for decades you would never think reporters who are doing their jobs because they have a camera. >> reporter: oakland city council is holding an emergency meeting about public safety next week. the police chief will tell the city what the department needs to try and stop this unusual crime wave.
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at the top of the list, oakland needs more officers and that can't happen overnight! we're not going to be able to stop all violent crime. we know that. but if we could reduce it substantially in the weeks and months ahead, that would be a victory. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." in the east bay, new video of this, a pharmacy on piedmont avenue being ransacked. you can see dozens of people grabbing drugs and other things off the shelvings. wellspring pharmacy gave us this sped up video of the break-in. according to the time stamp, it happened just before 8:00 p.m. saturday. police have not released any information about the thieves. and this recent string of robberies comes as we approach one of the biggest shopping days of the year. >> yeah, and after a tough stretch last year of course because of the pandemic lock downs, retailers this year are really hoping for the return of black friday bargain hunters. some are already waiting for the big best buy sales and target
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bargains. this year's outbreak, a flash mob, shoppers are making additional plans. one man said he'll be doing shopping online this year just to try to avoid the crowds. for some of those who do decide to brave black friday conditions, a little bit of advice for you. >> don't go it alone. be careful, shop with at least one other person if you're out. certainly take safety into consideration. >> now, one expert with the coalition of law enforcement and retail says that shoppers should be aware of stolen merchandise online. so if shoppers see high end products on sites like etsy, amazon and ebay at deeply reduced prices, it could be stolen or counterfite. going to think about happy thanksgiving. a lot of people going out for a run before they eat their food. my husband is one of them. i am not. first meteorologist kari hall with the turkey day forecast.
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hey, kari, happy thanksgiving. >> hey, happy thanksgiving. a big travel day. there are some people who go catch a flight before thanksgiving dinner and so we are starting out with some nice quiet conditions here in the bay area. it's just cold. take a look at some of these temperatures. we have upper 30s in dublin, as well as santa rosa, and it's 36 degrees right now in morgan hill. you may have to scrape some frost off of the windshield as you head out. as you enjoy the day, we're not seeing a big change in temperatures. napa reaching into the mid-60s. upper 60s by saturday. san francisco will be in the mid-60s and even some low 70s by saturday in santa cruz. we'll talk more about what's ahead in the forecast for the weekend coming up. vianey arana, you have been watching the breaking news, what's the update. >> unfortunately we are waking up to a fatality, along the peninsula in belmont, northbound 101. hard closure because of an earlier crash.
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you can see the red there. because of this, they are diverting the traffic off of rolston avenue, and that is expected as of now, according to the chp traffic reports to reopen within 30 minutes or so. hopefully by the 5:00 a.m. hour, they should have this at least a little bit more cleared out, but for now, again, hard closure along northbound 101 in the peninsula, and if that is part of your morning commute, you want to take some surface streets. also seeing a little bit of a back up near the richmond area just before getting on the bay bring. eastbound 80, there was also an earlier crash that caused lanes to be blocked. those have now reopened. but aside from that, i don't know what that mass transit graphic was doing that, that sig alert, hard closure in that stretch. i'll send it back to you. it's 4:38, coming up on "today in the bay," a woman who has been part of the tradition, 75 years and counting, what she did last year during the
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pandemic to keep the street going. >> she looks like she's having a lot of fun. i can't wait to see that story. look at this, crickets, bay bridge toll plaza pretty empty, people getting up, getting dinner ready. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay" this thanksgiving, we'll be right back. 4:39. p
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. happy thanksgiving. time now is 4:41. as you're heading out in san jose, whether you're going to work or hitting the road to head to family's house, it's going to be in the low 40s right now, and the next few hours. later on today, we have some really nice weather. maybe even you'll want to set up the table outside and enjoy the temperatures in the mid-60s. a look at all of our micro climates in the forecast coming up. heads up if part of your commute is through the peninsula in the belmont area, a sig alert on northbound 101. hard closure, estimated time of reopening is pending due to a deadly crash involving three vehicles around the 3:00 a.m. hour according to chp. traffic is being diverted off of rolston, another update is coming up. thanks. in the history of college football rivalry games, the one between cal and stanford is the
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greatest of all time, pretty much anywhere in the country, why else would they call it a big game. >> it's a tradition that means a lot for so many alumni. for one cal grad, it means even more. she has been going to the game for more than 75 years. garvin thomas introduces us to her in this morning's bay area proud. >> these are from the 1950s. >> reporter: when it comes to the big game, it's hard to imagine there's anyone out there with a longer history than carol leslie. >> i remember every one of these. >> reporter: she was 10 years old in 1946 when her father, a stanford grad, returned to the bay area after serving in world war ii. >> he was given some tickets to go to the stanford game, and so my mom and i would go with him. and then later in years later, it was just dad and i. and the score. >> reporter: they went to the big game in the 50s, in the '60s and '70s.
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they were there whether the band was on the field in 82. and through it all, carol said she didn't realize she had an attendance streak going until about her 50s straight game in the '90s. >> i wasn't going for it. it happened. one year morphed into the next. >> reporter: well, with this year's big game, those years now add up to 75 consecutive games. each year, there's a tailgate, one that now includes carol's grandchildren. it has become as much a family tradition as celebrating a loved one's birthday. >> and then fast forward to 2020. >> reporter: even last year, with no fans allowed in the stands, carol found a way to continue her streak. >> put my foot under to say i had actually gone to the stadium. >> reporter: carol says she loves everything about the experience, particularly when cal, her alma mater is doing well. but perhaps the most important part of the tradition is
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remembering how and with whom it started. >> absolutely. absolutely. a great guy, and we had a lot of fun, and he instilled this game in me. and i'm just so thrilled to be a part of it and have lived long enough to enjoy so many great games. >> garvin thomas, what a story. >> i love her. >> what a woman. >> how do we get to meet her. >> i want to go to the game. >> you know where to find her. it's 4:45. on the race to the bay, black friday less than 24 hours away and with so many retailers offering early deals, shoppers have to be smart, especially with the chain supply issues, when we come back, we'll break down what to buy and when.
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happy thanksgiving. the time is 4:48. whether you're up early to prep or get ready for a run, you can do your silicon valley turkey trot in your neighbor and just upload your results. we're going to start out with chilly temperatures and low 40s if you want to do it early as we go into the rest of the day, we'll see those temperatures reaching into the low 60s.
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overall, very much like it was yesterday with some mid-60s for the afternoon, after a chilly start, and then as we go through the forecast, it's been fairly quiet here, as we look to see what else is going on out there in the pacific. we are seeing some dry weather. some of those showers reaching over towards seattle right now, but that all weakens before it gets here. we're seeing a lot of dry air in place over the bay area, and that's going to keep any storm systems from moving in as we go at least through next week. all of the rain that we're seeing will continue to stay to our north, which is not good news for our drought, but of course with all of the holiday travel and everything going on, it is good news for people who are heading out. so our temperatures stay in the mid- to upper 60s and we'll see more of the same as we go into next week while san francisco will also see more of the same. highs in the mid- to upper 60s into next week. you have been watching that breaking news. what's the update now. this is on northbound 101.
4:50 am
if this is part of your commute near the belmont area, there's a hard closure due to a deadly crash involving three vehicles. as of right now, investigators are on the scene, so again, hard closure, they are diverting traffic off of rolston avenue, and also no delays right now to the southbound lanes, so northbound lanes is where the hard closure is, but the southbound lanes are moving along van ness avenue. and westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. i'll have another update on the crash and what's going on in the rest of the bay area in minutes. some of the families are going to be planning the holiday shopping strategies, this is ahead of black friday. >> when should you shop to get the best deals. this is what i was talking to you about before the commercial. nbc's jo ling kent shows us.
4:51 am
>> as retailers try to capture your spending and make up for a tough 2020. >> everything we're buying this year is 75% in person, 25% online. >> reporter: the rush for discounts comes as a clogged supply chain continues to trigger delays on scores of gifts, motivating some shoppers to get going early. on average, consumers plan to spend $998 on gifts. >> despite the rising cost of living, shoppers are expected to show up in droves. it's the same story here at the mall of america in minnesota. the national retail federation estimates 66% of shoppers nationwide will spend this holiday weekend. to here in maryland where shoppers are hunting for clothes, toys and gift cards. >> with so much demand, shoppers should expect to see weaker than usual discounts this weekend. >> we're seeing discounts in the
4:52 am
range of 5 to 25% this season. that's different than previous seasons, they have gone down as much as 10 to 30%. >> reporter: those driven by display chain issues and retailers having to pay more to get products on shelves. >> retailers are struggling to keep popular products in stock, and ship them out on time, and consumers are going to start feeling that, especially if they're shopping at the last minute. >> what should you buy and when? >> the biggest sales will happen tomorrow on thanksgiving day. the biggest discounts on tvs, shows, and beauty are expected on black friday, and look for the best price cuts on electronics and travel cyber monday. >> if you're shopping tomorrow, be sure to check store hours, the pandemic has changed things. major retailers like best buy, target and macy's will all be closed on thanksgiving day. jo ling kent, thanks for that. 4:52, coming up on "today in
4:53 am
the bay," our climate hack, the small step you can take to stay ecofriendly this holiday season. and happening now, some people down in southern california might be dealing without power this thanksgiving. it's because of a red flag warning caused by the santa ana winds. 60 miles per hour wind gusts and low humidity levels leading to high fire danger. the power companies down south are considering cutting power to 2,000 homes and businesses, this is to prevent live wires from sparking blazes. we'll be right back.
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4:55 on this thanksgiving morning. welcome back. thanks for watching "today in the bay." with all the presents and the meals, what really can be a very
4:56 am
wasteful time of the year. >> in today's climate crisis. vianey arana has a hack that will help reduce your waste this holiday season. >> it seems like there is always some sort of celebration whether it's a graduation, birthday or wedding. that means buying gifts and wrapping paper but it can be recycled because it's paper, right. think again, the oregon environmental council says because gift wrap is made with plastic, even paper wrapping has some sort of plastic fiber in it, some of the shiny holiday wrapping is made with tiny pieces of aluminum or metal and the glitter with the potential of ending up in waterways. it's time for your climate hack. i learned this from my mom a long time ago. save the bags that you have been given in the past for future gifts. another great one is to buy cloth bags that can be reused for multiple purposes. here's the payoff. earth 911 estimates 4.6 million
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pounds of wrapping paper is produced in the year. americans can keep more than 2 million pounds of gift wrap out of the landfill. >> for more hacks and other stories like that, visit us online., and click on our climate in crisis tab. coming up here on "today in the bay," safe holiday shopping, the way local law enforcement is making sure shoppers are safe ahead of black friday. first, we have turkey, and chilly temperatures as you're getting ready to held out for work or hitting the road. we have some upper 30s right now. we'll talk more about what's ahead coming up. a sig alert remains along the peninsula, northbound 101, hard closure right now because of a deadly crash. right now, no estimated time of reopening if you are traveling
4:58 am
through the area, avoid it and use surface streets. more details coming up. and a live look for you over new york city where preparations are now underway for this year's annual macy's thanksgiving day parade, back in person for the first time since the pandemic. we have much more coverage on this coming up.
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season of giving back. we are live at glide memorial church in san francisco where volunteers are preparing their annual tradition of giving out thousands of meals. >> millions are on the move. the pandemic is not over. the precautions experts suggest you take before tonight's thanksgiving meal. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. laura garcia has a much deserved morning off. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> not that you don't deserve it. >> okay. thank you. look, happy thanksgiving to you all. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we want to give you a live look out in new york city this morning because this is where the -- is this new york city? >> that must be it, carl. >> not the picture -- >> not manhattan. >> right. not the manhattan skyline. >> the


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