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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this wednesday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. so what exactly was going on? surveillance cameras appear to capture a burglary going on right in front of police. and they did nothing to stop it or make any arrests. we have more on what happened and what police are saying tonight. >> so here you see one of the suspects coming out of our business, holding two bags of product. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capture a burglary taking place at bossa, a cannabis dispensary. this is the fifth burglary at their business. and she says it's the police response or lack thereof that
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angers them more. >> why aren't they working hard to keep our business safe, to keep us safe, to intervene when a crime is in progress. >> reporter: 5:37 a.m. you see them get into the suspected get away car. about two minutes later another suspect runs out of the building. >> if you look over here, that's the first officer arrive. >> reporter: the thief get nervous. at this point, a second police car is in view but no one in view of them. as the get away make as three-point turn before getting away, anisa says after the suspects drive away is the first time we see a police officer outside their patrol vehicle, and the officer doesn't appear to move with anyurgency.
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>> we feel that we are very close with the community, and we care, it was sad not to see that care reciprocated when we in the time of need. >> reporter: this thanned just days before the recent retame theft at louis vuitton where officers are seen using force. >> we should see that kind of perseverance and hard work. especially in our neighborhoods and our communities, where these people have been, like i said, the anchors of san francisco. >> reporter: she says the suspects got away with thousands of dollars worth of product. in the meantime, we did hear from the san francisco police department. they have reached out to the familiarly to facilitate a complaint to the department of police accountability. they say an investigation into the incident and the department response is now under way. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. several of those people accused in connection with the
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flash mob burglary last weekend in the city were formally charged today. nine people face felony charges, including grand theft and receiving stolen property. prosecutors said one of the defendants was caught with more than $13,000 of stolen merchandise. video of those retail thefts went viral. you've probably seen them by now. dozens of people rushing into that louis vuitton store and other high-end retailers. today we spoke with the mother of one of the people charged. she's concerned with the amount of force police used when they arrested her son. >> i want to see my son. because the last time i seen him, his face and everything was fine. he came over for a minute and didn't, you know what, i don't ask them where they going or nothing. he just came over, seen me for a minute and he left. >> most of the defendants were denied bail. two were granted bail of $5,000 with a series of other conditions. police have said they anticipate many more arrests in this case.
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a shooting involving a security guard for a bay area tv news crew happened near 14th and webster just before 12:30 this afternoon. a news crew was covering a story when a group tried to rob them. the security guard is in stable condition after emergency surgery. >> as you know, it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking if you are in the area, have a business or live nearby to police check your surveillance footage, as you may have captured the crime before, during or after it occurred. >> most of the time we are traveling with armed, private security. over the past few years, thieves have increasingly targeted our news crews for camera equipment. in fact, one of our own crews
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here at nbc bay area was robbed at gun point earlier this year during an interview outside of city hall in oakland. crime stoppers and oakland police are offering a reward for any information leading to an i rest. you may have heard about the great resignation across the county. it includes oakland pd as well. officers, including rookie cops are leaving the struggling police department for other departments across the bay area. in fact, the staffing is so low, it's putting millions in tax funding in jeopardy and couldn't come at a worse time. melissa colorado with the plan to try to fix it. >> we appreciate their sacrifice and service so much. >> reporter: on the day before thanksgiving, oakland mayor libby schaaf is thankful for the hundreds of police officers who are still showing up for work, in light of a violent week that included organized retail thefts, carjackings and two cases of suspects shooting at
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officers. >> they're leaving in numbers we've never seen before. >> reporter: officers were so inundated with 911 calls this weekend that the union says police had to call in off-duty officers for backup. >> we were entirely overwhelmed with the staff that we had, even by bringing in those officers, it didn't fully stem the tide of violence. >> reporter: this morning union president barry donnellen wrote this op ed, saying too many were dropping out of the force because of low morale. by the time we caught up with him around noon, the number also sunken even further. >> we had another seen year officer retire over the weekend . >> reporter: where are they going? the santa rosa police deechlts >> now i will be calling on the governor for more external
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resources, as very before. >> reporter: the mayor says she wants the council to come up with a hiring plan so that the city can keep millions of public safety funding that is tied to keeping police staffing levels at a minimum of 678 officers. >> i'm furious that we are even in this position to begin with. >> reporter: in oakland, colorado. it appear one more thing is on the list for shoppers this year, a covid test. today a last-minute rush to get tested in santa clara county. shaw of milpitas was among them to. she brought her parents to the testing site. >> my family is visiting from india. and i wanted to make sure they okay after the travel. so i wanted to bring them here to get their test done. >> this week santa clara county saw a 70% increase in people getting tests at the
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fairgrounds. the cdc recently approved the booster shot for everyone over the age of 18. did they fake it? our investigative team has learn learned that pg&e is reinspecting thousands of power poles because the original ones were either done improperly or faked. jaxon van derbeken has the story. >> they did say it's not uncommon because these poles are very old. >> reporter: you may remember bob chase from the summer of last year when a rotted pg&e power pole fell next to his back yard, dropping an electrical line into his pool, luckily, no one was swimming at the time. >> we thought that was fairly normal for an old pole like that. >> reporter: turns out that severely rotted pole was not the only one the inspector had give and 100% rating.
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they missed other poles nearby. so bad they should have been blatantly obvious if they'd actually been checked. so the utility was just ordered to reinspect nearly 5,000 poles that questionable inspector had vouched for back in 2015. including 200 in high-fire-threat areas. >> that's a huge danger. >> reporter: kathryn sandoval says they need to set a firm timetable for the utility to deal with the risk and make sure customers don't end up paying the tab. >> so this risk is so much bigger than the work of one inspector who did a really bad job for the danville circuit. >> reporter: we've learned that pg&e told officials they fired an inspector earlier this year after an audit found he faked some inspections this year and last. he had been taking
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fatigue-inducing medication and simply marked some inspections as complete without completing the work. the utility is now scrambling to patrol and inspect 3,000 electrical assets that the worker had vouched for. pg&e sent us a statement that says in part, we acknowledge that we fell short of meeting our own standards, and we working hard on controls to avoid these types of gaps in the future. >> how did pg&e create a system that allows for falsification? >> reporter: state regulators said they are looking into the matter and enforcement. jarksen vander beckon, nbc bay area news. up next at 6:00, the mad rush to get out of town and see your friends and family. i-80 in emeryville, we'll show you how busy things have been on the road and at the airport. high-end san jose malls were hit again by retail thefts. the district attorney says it
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could be part of a nation wide crime operation. and i'm chief meerlt jeff ranieri. i'll update you on any airport delays and what you could face if you're traveling here in california, i'm back that in about eight minutes.
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it's a promise south bay leaders making a very public commitment tonight. they will come down hard on anyone connected to those organized retail robberies. the most recent happened last night at 2:00 at a san jose in macy's. here's robert handa. >> reporter: the westfield oak ridge mall is trying to get back to business as usual, but police and local leaders say for them stopping these retail thefts is going to take a much tougher approach. >> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: a lot of 40i8d shoppers flock to the oak ridge mall today, many unaware of the retail theft tuesday evening. police say the macy's store here and the macy's at valley fair mall were targeted by thrice two men who stole about $2,000 worth of netherlands at oak ridge but later were caught with similar goods and arrested at valley
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fair. despite the arrest. some shoppers we spoke to were disturbed about the trend. >> makes you wonder whether you want to leave your kids at the mall by themselves. >> reporter: the mayor, district attorney and assistant police chief held a news conference. >> i'm releasing proposal with several colleagues for investment and technology, including license plate readers. >> that's a force multiplier for us. it includes us being able to do more without more officers. >> reporter: they or two tee worry it could lead to copycat crimes. >> they are hires individuals to go and steal from stores. >> reporter: the d.a. wasted no
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time in getting tougher on these crimes. the suspects are held on $2 million each. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. well, we have the green light to move about the country. this is one of the busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic. they're expecting twice as many travellers compared to last year. >> it's such a happy thanksgiving. because we know, especially compared to last year, that means there's a lot of folks here traveling to see family, here picking up family. it's just really exciting to see. >> things aren't quite back to normal. oakland international expect this is weekend to be about 80%
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of pre-pandemic levels. okay. what about the roads? we talked about the skies. aaa saying something like this right now. this is the busiest time to travel, between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. >> yeah. >> but i could have told you that. here's a live look at i-80 in emeryville. a lot of people on the roads trying to get home or get to their vacation where they're seeing their friends and family. not just heavy traffic but record-high gas prices. look at the chevron on coleman, $4.83 for the cheap stuff. >> yeah, i know. >> and then if you're fancy, $5.25. >> i think no one's going fancy anymore. >> that's a lot. >> the average price across the bay area is $4.80. >> do you get supreme? >> i did regular, filled up my tank for $75. >> once you start putting premium in, it's hard to go back, right? >> not when you see the final
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price tag. >> if the engine starts clanking. let's get you ready to go as we take you out throughout california. if you are in the car headed out, the bay area is okay weather wise. we clear, dry, and also chilly through the central valley. in southern california, very strong santa ana winds into tomorrow. 30-70 miles per hour, especially over the pass levels. so please, please be careful, again, if you're headed down there towards southern california. the airport delays, we've seen improvement. a little bit of rain from the midwest to texas. we have delays in new york, but those have also cleared. so no delays due to weather right now. from the east coast back off to the west coast. hopefully that elps your stress out a little bit if you're headed out to the airport
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tonight. mostly sunny skies, you got to get up early, get whatever done, maybe some last-minute runs to the grocery store. we've got nice, bright sunshine moving in. make sure to have the jacket and sunglasses. 37. daytime highs tomorrow, i think you're going to be happy with this down through the south bay. we are close to 70 degrees. i know it's not the rain that a lot of would you really like to see, but this is beautiful weather if you've got family, friends coming in. 68 in san jose. 64 in oak hand. through the peninsula, we also have some light winds and sunshine. 65 in redwood city. 59 in the marina, and maybe you're going to napa or sonoma. you could even be on a flight tomorrow. maybe a last-minute flight to get wherever you need to go.
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we tracking some of that rain continuing from the midwest to texas. i'm seeing the possibility of flight delays in houston with thunderstorms. we have a lot of sunshine from the east coast to the west. safe travels if you're headed out tomorrow. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, it looks like this. no big changes, 60s for highs, 40s for the morning lows. nothing really of big concern over the next few days. it's just what's happening over my shoulder that is a big concern. we keep seeing this. i'm glad i'm not in that. >> the payoff is grand. when they get to where they're going. >> eventually. right? >> we're getting there. up next, not so fast, speaking of going places. the new speed limit for the golden gate bridge, but it's not for cars.
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a driver hit a pedestrian in
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mountain view around 11:30 p.m. on east camino real. paramedics did rush her to the hospital. she in stable condition. the driver did stop, cooperated with police. they tell us drugs and alcohol did not play a role in this crash. we have a new speed limit on the golden gate bridge, not for cars, it's for bikes, and it's expensive, real expensive if you get caught. not much traffic at all. here's the new speed limit for bicyclists. it starts next year. next year's like five or six weeks away, so really, it starts in weeks. no more 40 miles per hour. it's now 15 miles per hour. 15. bridge leaders approved the change earlier this month and imposing the same fines that apply to drivers of cars.
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they had be fined between $238 and $490. the chp will be in charge of the enforcement. there is a protest to be aware of. dozens of cashiers, dishwashers, bartenders picketed outside terminal three. >> a lot of it has been since the return of covid-19, they have been doing some scheduling that's keeping a lot of folks from having insurance, which is very important for families going forward. >> now some of them are protesting and are union worker whose are kept part time so they don't get insurance eligibility. others say they are intimidated to not unionize. up next, something to be thankful for. we'll show you how thousands of
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okay. we are in the thick of it. right now, the commute to get home or get to your thanksgiving destination in full swing. the golden gate bridge actually looked wide open. other bay area freeways are somewhat smooth, but this is interstate 80. you can see in both directions
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it is pretty thick. so just take your time as you're heading to your thanksgiving destination. tomorrow is the big day, but dozens of people and family in need were able to get a hot meal today. >> an early thanksgiving meal was served in san mateo. people we spoke to are grateful for the holiday meal. up next on nightly news, with so many retailers offering early deals, jolene kent explains what to buy and when, given the supply chain issues. lester holt joins us with what you should be doing to get your gifts for christmas day. tonight, the verdict now in all three defendants found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery the dramatic moment in the courtroom. >> we, the jury, find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> whoo!
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>> after ten hours of deliberations, the jury convicting three white georgia men for killing arbery, a black man prosecutors say was out jogging. all three led away in cuffs. how long they could spend behind bars. outside the courthouse, celebration and the reaction from arbery's family. also tonight the travel rush on the eve of thanksgiving. more than 50 million on the move near pre-pandemic levels. travelers braving crowded airports and the highest gas prices in nearly a decade. the surge in covid as we head into the holidays 30 states seeing a rise in cases. some breaking records. hospitals sounding the alarm. the sixth and youngest victim to die from that christmas parade rampage in wisconsin. now identified an eight-year-old boy his brother and other kids still hospitalized. black friday almost here. how the supply chain prices is putting the squeeze on shoppers this year. and when to shop for the best deal. and they're back in full force, the balloons, the floats and the crowds
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the final preps for


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