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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 24, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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presence by ahmaud arbery, even though it was perhaps their suspicion and it wasn't even a felony. the only thing they could say for certainty is that mr. arbery was on the construction site of a home. well, that's not good enough to think somebody may have committed a crime. you heard that 911 call there. up heard it from greg mcmichael's mouth himself, he called 911 because there was a black man running down the street. that is not as enough probable cause if you will for implementing that citizen's arrest law and you saw the defense attorneys make motions for mistrials, likely there will be an appeal in this case, but i don't think they will win. >> caroline pelosi, thank you for joining us. we're joined by "washington post" columnist and nbc political news analyst eugene
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robinson. i would like to get your thoughts on not only this verdict, but the impact and how it will be received in different circles in this country. >> well, lester, i have to say -- what i'm feeling is an enormous sense of relief that what i -- what i always saw as clear justice in this case has in fact been done. you'll recall that after the initial -- after the killing, the local authorities initially decided not to prosecute at all. they didn't charge the defendants with anything. when in fact what we saw on that videotape, taken by roddie bryan, now one of the three convicted murderers, was a modern day lynching. that's what it was. pure and simple. and i don't know any other way to describe it. i certainly don't know any more succinct or more accurate way to describe what we saw. a black man running down the
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street, get him. and kill him. and that's what happened. and i think that the jury -- the jury verdicts were fascinating to listen to because the jury obviously took its charge very seriously. they made fine distinctions between malice murder and felony murder and who was guilty of what, but in the end, all three participated in this lynching of ahmaud arbery. and while -- it is true that criminal trials don't make social policy, but they do tell us something about the country and they tell us and they told us something about georgia and the year 2021 today, and i think that news comes to the enormous relief of a whole lot of people in this country who were
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watching this -- this jury and this trial on pins and needles. and hoping that the arbery family would get -- would get justice. >> this verdict comes in -- at a time that i think things the jury doesn't know about in terms of the efforts to prevent members of the black clergy from being in the courtroom, they did hear in one of the closing arguments of a defense attorney, a reference to mr. arbery's physical condition, his toenails. i guess it is hard to know right now, but do you think that sort of thing had an impact? >> you know, it is hard to know if it had an impact on the jury, that disgusting and vile and jim crow era reference to mr. arbery's toenails by the defense lawyer in the closing. you know, it certainly had an impact on me.
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and but who knows how it impacted the jury. from the verdicts, and nuance, i think this jury took its job very, very seriously. and tried to do as a judge instructed and as the law instructed, and they saw -- they saw murder. >> and finally, let me ask you about that 911 call, a black man running, is it your guess that would frame how the federal case would work? >> i certainly do believe that will be a major issue in the federal case. if a black man running down the street is a crime, then this country is in trouble. and that's what he reported on the 911 tape, that seems a clear violation of ahmaud arbery's civil rights, and i'm happy that the federal government is going to pursue the case. i'm even happier, however, that justice was delivered.
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>> eugene robinson, thanks very much, on the right side of your screen you get the crowd on the courthouse steps in brunswick, georgia, celebrating the verdict. and, again, all three men guilty of murder, all counts guilty for travis mcmichael, who actually pulled the trigger, fired the fatal shot. gregory mcmichael, his father, also found guilty on murder charges. william bryan guilty on murder charges. and we'll, of course, be hearing more about malice versus felony murder, but as the point was made, there will not be a huge difference in terms of the potential fates these men face. there is a lot to talk about here, a lot to cover. we'll be working the story throughout the day. that concludes our coverage right now, the trial in the killing of ahmaud arbery. more reaction tonight when i see you for and we continue that
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and we continue that breaking news. all three men charged in the death of ahmaud arbery have been found guilty of his murder. travis mcmichael, who fired the deadly shot, was found guilty on all nine counts and faces up to life in prison. gregory mcmichael and william bryan could also be sentenced to life in prison. the jury deliberated for about a day before coming to a decision. the defendants were found guilty of shooting and killing ahmaud arbery while out jogging last summer. the defendants claimed it was a self-defense act and that is what they were trying to make a citizens race at the time. that's what they were claiming. these are live pictures from outside the courthouse right now. this story has caught the attention of people across the country, of course. we'll continue to follow that and have more for you on nbc bay area news coming up at 5:00 as well as online at "nightly news" with lester holt will also have more. a good morning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. our other top story, the rush to get thanksgiving dinner on the table. and everyone rushing to get to their holiday destinations. we have team coverage for you this midday. mike inouye tracking the roads. first, to nbc bay area's cierra johnson live at sfo. a lot of people coming and going there, but there's also a protest going on. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. you can hear the protesters behind me. we'll get to them in a moment. we've seen a steady stream of travelers, rideshare drivers making the drop-off at the airport. it's a scene playing across the country if you are planning to floi to visit friends and family you'll not be alone. aaa predicts millions of people will travel from home despite the high gas prices. if you are flying, a lot of airports will be seeing a huge jump in travelers. take san jose for example, this time last year, 125,000
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travelers during the holiday rush. this year 400,000 travelers during the holiday rush. but here at sfo, as you can hear behind me, a group of workers gather to protest their jobs, not providing affordable family health care. now just moments ago, you can see on your screen cashiers, cooks, dishwashers, servers and bartenders are among those who gathered to protest. some protesting are union workers who plan they are being kept part time so they don't meet that insurance eligibility. other nonunion workers are being intimidated into unionizing because they say it requires companies to provide family health care, not under the insurance plan. take a listen to one worker explain the situation. >> a lot of us -- since the return from covid-19, they have been, you know, doing some scheduling that's keeping a lot of folks from having insurance. this is very important for
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families going forward. >> you will see those protesters. they say they'll be out here until 3:00 in front of terminal 3. i'm being told they have plans of protesting at several of the terminals inside of this airport. again, until 3:00. the organizers say in all it could be hundreds. right now we're just seeing this one group right here adamant about letting the folks inside know they are not receiving that adequate health care. a lot going on at the airport. if you have plans, you need to get here early because it's quite a busy scene as sfo. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> certainly making their voices heard. thank you. want to take you to a look on the roads. millions will be taking to the highways and freeways. mike inouye has been tracking where you might already see some of the slowdown. >> wee already see slowing in oakland but not because of holiday travel. it's because of a crash.
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880 round 98 just shy of the coliseum. a crash in the middle of the roadway. that's jamming things up. still leftovers from the morning commute which was very light. that's the outstanding issue right now. we're talking about people coming into the area, though. folks who headed out on an early start are just fine. got out of the area. coming in from l.a., a lot of folks travel i-5. and that's over here where some of our sensors dropped out over here. 152 to 101. they left this morning. they'll start making their way up here. 1:00, 2:00 p.m. because the travel time will start to flood the south bay about the same time as the getaway traffic. cross town traffic, people buying supplies. maybe hosting tomorrow's dinner. that will be a lot of complications for the afternoon and evening commute. kris sanchez talked about the big travel time from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. also a smooth drive toward the bay bridge which wasn't a problem. in this area, i-80 moves smoothly but capital corridor may have a problem because of
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the crash monday night in san pablo that's still an issue. about a half-hour delay between richmond and martinez. that will delay the capital corridor trains heading into sacramento. >> thanks, mike. it really is still too hard to see what type of impact president biden's oil reserve release plan will have on gas prices but a lot of those drivers everywhere are certainly hoping that it will provide some type of relief. here's a look at the chevron gas station on coleman near sjc. the regular gas $4.83. the higher octane gas goes for more than $5. right now across the bay area, the average is around $4.70 a gallon. they spoke with one driver who talked about the pain at the pump that he's feeling. >> too much, man. too much. a lot of money. >> and if you are getting ready to drive somewhere for thanksgiving, here is how much that trip could cost you. according to gas buddy, if your car gets 40 miles a gallon, it
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will cost you $48 to drive round-trip from san jose to lake tahoe. san francisco to los angeles, it's about $82. and walnut creek to palm springs, most in that list, just over $100. let's take a look outside for you this midday. a live look in walnut creek. looking nice and clear and beautiful time to get out and just enjoy the day. kari hall has a look at the forecast. a great way to start off the holiday weekend. >> there's a lot of people out there on the roads. i was also noticing what mike was talking about with the jam up of the cars. let's talk about the flights across the country because there are a lot of people also heading in or heading out and going through some of these major airports where now we don't see any delays across the region. it's overall a fairly quiet weather pattern. we're seeing that right now as our temperatures started out cool this morning. we're headed for the mid-60s. we'll stay here for the next several hours. breezy wind. you've probably noticed that if
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you've been out later this morning into the afternoon. that will continue. for some of our top destinations around the bay area, san francisco will continue to see temperatures in the low to mid-60s over the next few days and thanksgiving is looking nice in oakland as well as santa rosa. we'll talk more about what's ahead and even looking into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. in a few hours a number of people who were arrested last friday during the series of smash and grabs in union square, and other locations, they are expected to appear before a judge. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live. there was also another retail theft just last night. >> reporter: correct. we've had a number of these since last friday night. the nordstrom behind me was hit saturday night. broadway plaza, the road is shut down. now we've got another report of another significant retail theft. this one in the south bay taking place last night at valley fair mall. san jose police tell us four men
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went into the macy's women's store there. stole about $2,000 in merchandise. officers were able to catch two of the suspects. they face felony charges of burglary and grand theft. the other two suspects got away. in downtown oakland, new video from a strike on a mom and pop shop that took place monday night. this is store security camera video from the prime 356 clothing store. at least 30 people rushed in. they cleared them out of the inventory on the shelves. the store owner tells us this is the second time they've been robbed in a month at a cost so far of about $180,000. in a news conference yesterday, san francisco district attorney announced he would formally file felony charges today against those nine people you mentioned. these are people who were arrested friday night for robbing the louis vuitton store in san francisco. a cannabis dispensary and a walgreens. that kind of behavior will not
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be tolerated and these people will be punished. the san francisco police officers association, however, said it's going to be following these cases closely to make sure bodine keeps his promise. he's facing a recall for not being tough enough on crime according to his critics. >> unfortunately, he has a track record of offering extremely lenient plea deals to repeat and chronic offenders that allow them to be released with little to no consequences. >> and they will face serious consequences when you commit serious crimes in our city. >> reporter: yesterday boudin announced a new alliance with other local prosecutors. this is an alliance aimed at combating retail theft so the das from san francisco, alameda, contra costa, marin, santa clara, san joaquin and san mateo counties say this partnership will allow them to better share
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information and successfully prosecute anyone involved in these mob burglaries. reporting live in walnut creek, bob redell, nbc bay area news. we are asking the question on instagram. what do you think authorities should do to prevent those crimes at bay area shopping centers? head to our instagram page, @nbcbayarea and make a comment. more evidence that the economy is doing very well. new data showing the fewest number of americans applied for first time jobless claims. this is since before the pandemic started. in fact, scott mcgrew, the fewest in a very long time. >> 1969, if you can believe it. just under 200,000 americans, marcus, told their local unemployment offices they lost their jobs last week. it's an extraordinary low number by any standard, much less considering where we've come from. and the tough economic times during the height of the pandemic. also we got the latest consumer
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spending numbers showing a 1.3% increase since last month in spending. that's seasonally adjusted. we expect people to spend more money as the holidays approach. some of that is extra spending. some of it is due to inflation. the market is not moving much on the news. wall street slows down just as much as the rest of us during the thanksgiving holiday. they'll be closed tomorrow. half day friday. the dow down about 122 points. the nasdaq down about 23. marcus, investors aren't necessarily going to see all of this as good news because they're weird, investors are. they worry about interest rate hikes and good economic news, low employment, high spending, that will inspire the fed to move rates higher and that's why you see negative numbers on positive news this morning. >> and you look at that, you think the higher rates, would they fight inflation? >> they certainly would. that's what has to happen.
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inflation is the one negative out of all of these great positives. and we do expect the fed to raise rates at some point. that's going to be tough medicine to swallow because high rates cost more for your house, that kind of thing. but inflation is so dangerous. >> and then right here in the bay area, housing prices, already up there. scott, thank you. coming up for you, the theranos fraud trial on hold today because of thanksgiving. but everyone watching the elizabeth holmes trial, they watched her on the stand. we'll tell you the admission she made in court.
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we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. prosecutors will have to wait until next week to cross-examine the defendant elizabeth holmes in her criminal fraud trial. this week's testimony wrapped yesterday due to the thanksgiving holiday. and for a third day, it continued with defense attorneys sks the theranos founder questions about the company's failures. holmes took some of the
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responsibility admitting she used some of the logos from the pharmaceutical giants without permission. let's get a look at the forecast. a lot of people try to head out for the holidays. kari, shaping up to be beautiful. >> we're seeing a lot of sunshine. it's starting to feel really nice. just taking a live look at live view. the trees set up for christmas in the park. i believe it opens on friday. that will be something you can do this weekend with the family in town. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we zoom in to the south bay. take a look at where we're headed for today. some of these spots already there. we'll see these temperatures hold steady for the next several hours with gilroy looking at a high of 65 degrees. we'll see some low 60s today in oakland. a high of 62 in vallejo. pleasanton, 64 and 62 in san mateo. palo alto, 63 degrees. also 63 in the mission district and north bay highways in the mid-60s as well. a lot of sunshine for today as well as tomorrow. you might want to get up early
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in the morning and head out for your silicon valley turkey trot and do your virtual run in your neighborhood. anywhere in the south bay we're starting out with temperatures in the low 40s. if you're going out early in the morning, it's going to be very cool. jacket weather. but then the rest of the day, around the thanksgiving dinnertime, it will be in the low 60s for tomorrow afternoon. looking at what's happening across the region, it is all dry, and we've seen some of those showers moving up around denver and some of the states across the great plains. but for here we're just seeing scattered showers up around seattle and we'll continue to develop. but not expecting a big storm there. but all of this wet weather heading to the north of us and then on around. we're missing out on quite a bit of rain and we've seen this trend for the past week or so. it looks like it will continue as high pressure blocks any chance of us getting any rain in this seven-day forecast. and possibly beyond. so we're dry and we're going to have more of these chilly
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mornings and mild afternoons. temperatures just getting slightly warmer for the weekend but not by much. and then by early next week, temperatures come back down a few degrees. so san francisco also experiencing much of the same weather with highs in the low 60s and that continues through at least next tuesday, marcus. but we're in this quiet weather pattern. and i think we'll take it with all that's going on for the holidays. >> i agree, kari. i like that forecast. next, music's biggest night coming up. grammy award nominations are out. and a bay area native has eight of those big nominations for the big night. and happening now for you, we've all heard of black friday and small business saturday. well, maybe you didn't know but today is being called green wednesday. marijuana dispensaries in the bay area and across the country are getting ready for what some are calling the busiest day of the year. that's because of historically high pot sales before the four-day weekend.
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one marijuana tracking form expects more than $90 million in sales today. that would be the second highest day of sales. we'll be right back.
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grammy nominations are out. and among the nominees, a bay area native. the r&b singer snagging eight nominations. h.e.r. is the name she goes by.
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her actual name is gabby wilson. she's considered by many an industry veteran. she's already won four grammys and an oscar for a song she broet for a movie. she grew up playing with her father's band and got her first recording contract at just 14. she's not the only one. san francisco symphony has two nominations. they've now had 26 grammy nods and 16 wins over the years. we'll find out the winners at the end of january. last look at that forecast, kari. >> i think this one is a winner. it looks pretty nice. we'll continue with temperatures in the 60s for highs. just cold in the morning but in a dry weather pattern that looks to continue into next week. >> thanks, kari. that does it for our midday newscast. the next one at 5:00. and the latest information at any time you want. have a great day. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning for thanksgiving starting at 4:30.
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♪ california california california live ♪ good morning, everyone. and happy day before thanksgiving. over the last almost three years, we've shared some really good times together, and this morning, we'd like to share some of our thanksgiving day traditions with all of you. after all, you're part of our "california live" family, too. so malou is kicking it off with a gingerbread house tradition. >> i'm at taste bud kitchen in san jose. usually i like to


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