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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 24, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good! ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ right now at 4:30, thieves out in full force once again. this time, targeting a department store in santa fe. major concerns about safe holiday shopping now. the response from police to stop the chaos. >> it's not just big retail stores being targeted. new video shows dozens of burglars ransacking a small business in oakland and the move they made to keep police off their tracks. this is today in the bay. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're going to get a look at --
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>> i'll be here. >> he's got that covered. let's start off with the forecast. the two of you look like you're matching. >> the color of the day. >> pumpkin vibes. >> thinking about thanksgiving. and it's going to be nice and cool, as you're heading out. i think you can pretty much just put your turkey outside and let it thaw out as temperatures are in the mid 40s right now. we have had some cool mornings for the past couple days. take a look where we're headed. a nice afternoon, reaching to the mid-60s by 3:00 to 3:30. it will be cool even into the afternoon, but we'll have lots of sunshine. we'll talk about our thanksgiving forecast and beyond coming up in a few minutes. how are things for the early morning commuters? >> pretty good, here, a good drive expected. lighter traffic early in the commute. afternoon and evening, we talk about the shift in the pattern expected for today.
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but right now, we have a tree reported dow on north 13 as you head to redwood road. that's just after the split with 580 and the warren freeway. one lane is blocked and light traffic, but watch for crews. we'll let you know if they have a traffic break. this crash right off the caldecott is off the side. >> thank you very much. 4:32. developing news. a department store now targeted by thieves. the macy's women's store in santa fe. four men tried to steal merchandise from the store last night. officers caught two as they tried to run away. suspects will be charged for burglary and grand theft. both felonies. we're told they took about $2,000 worth of merchandise. it is the same pattern as a recent rash of thefts across the bay area. security has been fight at valley fair mall, and they have also been patrolling inside. in the east bay, vandals
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breaking into a mom and pop business in downtown oakland. at least 30 people rushing in, trying to clear out inventory. >> like a group of 15 cars and 30 people, and they just somehow all opened, just ripped open the gate and got in the store. >> a security camera capturing a swarm of vandals grapping hats, clothes, and shoes in downtown oakland. the alarm blaring. about 30 seconds in, someone covers the camera. >> just trying to come back from the first incident was tough, so now this one is like really going to set us back. we don't have our security of our gate anymore. >> we talked to the owners of the store. high school friends who grew up in alameda. went to college to come back to open a store in oakland. >> we have built this thing with our hands, literally.
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like, and so like this is our baby, and so just to see it violated is just crazy. >> right now, a lot of attention is being placed on cities like oakland, walnut creek, and san francisco, but the alameda police department is putting out specific information to help keep small businesses safe. police recommend putting shatter resistant security film on all windows, adding motion sensor cameras and taking valuable items out of public display cases to prevent a smash and grab like this. toy safari has all of the new measures in place, and it cost about $5,000. >> each time something happens, we respond as well as we can. >> the owners plan to respond, being hit twice in a month by retail thieves cost them about $180,000. >> people are hungry right now, and we know what's going on, but we didn't expect it to happen to us. >> sheryl hurd, today in the
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bay. >> now in response to the growing crime in the bay area, prosecutors have announced a new alliance made up of district attorney officers from alameda, contra costa, marin, santa clara, san francisco, san joaquin, and san mateo counties. they say that partnership will allow them to share information and successfully prosecute anyone involved in the mob burglaries. and the crime plaguing san francisco and other bay area cities. you can visit us as we update the stories, every arrest that is made as well as the timeline of when and where those smash and grabs happen. >> 4:35, the dry weather not helping those wanting to hit the slopes this thanksgiving weekend. sugar bowl is the latest resort in the sierra to delay the start of its ski season. it was scheduled to open friday but just can't due to the conditions. we reported heavenly, north star, and palisades tahoe resorts are also closed this weekend. forced to delay the seasons due
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to the snow. let's get a look at the holiday forecast in the bay area. >> we have one more day of people cooking and prepping and all of that stuff, or maybe just even heading out for work. as you're stepping out the door, it's another chilly start. we have been focusing on the temperatures because that's the main story for the start of the day. as you're heading out in fremont, heavier jacket needed with temperatures in the mid-40s. as we go into today, another nice one. a lot of sunshine and getting milder for the afternoon as we head for the low to mid-60s. it's very much like yesterday. so we are going to stay in this pattern for a while. we'll talk about what's ahead and if there's any chance of rain coming up. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> very calm right now. we're looking at no problems approaching the bay bridge and the crash still on the shoulder at the caldecott, and no slowing through the caldecott. a smooth drive for the north bay. even places like vasco road,
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probably not as significant. volume should be lighter. you talked about prepping for thanksgiving. that may mean folks may be leaving the area, heading to the central valley, that would start perhaps earlier in the afternoon, late morning, early afternoon, so things will be crowded getting out of town, but smooth traffic through the south bay and the peninsula without any delays. >> coming up for you on today in the bay, a minor setback. the reason apple delaying a key feature that would have made your travel a lot easier. >> plus, president biden promising relief when it comes to high gas prices. ahead, we break down how much you're paying this year just to get to those holiday destinations.
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ good wednesday morning. right now at 4:40, we have frost advisories in effect for parts of the north bay as well as the east bay. some of the wind sheltered valleys are also dealing with frosty conditions this morning. a mild afternoon ahead. we'll talk more about of this and the rest of the forecast coming up. >> and we're looking at the bay bridge from the san francisco side. look at the bottom, just above where it says nbc in the lower right, there's a crew going on, as usual, for the lower deck, nothing major on the roadways but we expect a big commute build, a different pattern today. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check in with cnbc. >> wall street set to open lower following a two-day sell-off in
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tech stocks. that sector has come under pressure from rising yields on treasury bonds, which tend to lift banks and energy stocks and crush tech and other high-growth companies. yields have been rising since president biden nominated jerome powell for a second term as fed chairman on monday. and focus today will get reports on unemployment, gdp, economic growth, personal income and spending, consumer confidence, and the minutes from last month's fed meeting. jam-packed day. meantime, gas prices remain high as americans hit the road for thanksgiving. aaa says the national average for regular unleaded is $3.39 a gallon, that's up from $1.18 a year ago. gas prices have been a big contributor to inflation which is at its highest rate in three decades. oil and gas production is lagging behind coming out of the
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pandemic. president biden announcing yesterday plans to tap the nation's emergency oil reserves in a coordinating release with five other countries. crude oil accounts for about 50% of what we pay at the gas pump. >> and gap joins a growing list of clothing chains struggling to keep their shelves stocked, even as retail giants like walmart have been able to secure inventory for the holidays. gap says its brands, gap, old navy, and banana republic, have been unable to meet strong demand from shoppers amid continued fallout from covid related factory closures and clogged ports. about 30% of gap's merchandise is produced in vietnam, which has had massive shutdowns this year. gap says supply chain disruptions have also shaved about $30 million in sales and added about $100 million in air freight costs. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm bertha coombs. >> thanks, bertha.
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>> coming up next on today in the bay, real or artificial? no debate over the problem here. what is dashing many bay area families' christmas dreams and why you may not be able to get your hands on one this year. >> plus, reducing your water usage. why some san francisco residents will see an increase in bills if they don't. >> fog has been an issue for the past several mornings but not so much this morning. it's clear and also chilly. we'll talk about this, and as our temperatures warm up, what to expect. >> the roadway is clear also in palo alto. i saw flashing lights, but i think these crews may be trying to get out of work early, get a start on the weekend. we'll talk about your roads coming up.
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here we go. wednesday morning, as we get started with the day. one day closer to thanksgiving. gobble gobble, turkey turkey. eat it up. i like the food. and the family. >> what's your favorite dish? >> the turkey and dressing. >> really? i like the dressing. >> macaroni and cheese. >> i like the one in front of me. whatever dish is in front of me. yes, please. yes, please. >> all the today you can see. all right, everybody is getting ready. >> a lot of people are traveling today. one of the busiest travel days of the year. i'm going to be checking in on the airport delays all throughout the morning. as of now, it looks really good.
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there's not a lot of big storms across the country, so it's a quiet weather day once again. and even looking regionally, it is all good as you're heading out early this morning. we'll see if that changes as the day goes along. taking a look at our forecast for this afternoon. we're up to 65 in san jose after this chilly start in the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen. check that out, not a lot of changes as we're going to settle into this pattern, high to mid-60s for the east bay. we're up to 62 in san mateo, and in san francisco. 60 in ingleside district. we'll see the temperatures, 61 in the outer sunset, and sonoma reaching 66 today. so pretty comfortable. i know a lot of people will be getting up early tomorrow morning and doing your virtual turkey trot. wherever you are in silicon valley, temperatures in the low 40s. i would probably wait until 10:00, 11:00, maybe even noon where the temperatures will be
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much more comfortable. of course, you can do it at any point. we're going to see all quiet weather here. we're not even seeing rain anywhere across the region. farther out into the pacific, there are some showers that are starting to move closer to the pacific northwest. you can see all those clouds. but a lot of the rain will continue to just fizzle out, fall apart before it makes it to the bay area. there's still some active weather out there, but it's just not reaching us. and that's going to be the case over the next several days, as we -- excuse me -- run to the computer models out about ten days. it stays dry even into the start of december. of course, if we're not getting any rain, the sierra is not getting any snow, so we're not seeing anything happening there as well, at least into the first week in december. so we're stuck in this dry weather pattern. it would be nice to see some rain moving through, but we have sunshine in the forecast, which is good for all the travel and
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outdoor activities you have, and temperatures will stay comfortable, reaching into the mid to upper 60s. and mike, you have clear driving too. >> we are looking at lighter volume of traffic, starting last thursday or friday, things got lighter. the later build and the earlier clearing for the morning commute, but it's still there, looking at the bay bridge, it's still there as well. a clear drive, smooth, easy flow. the crew on the lower deck, that's typical this time of morning. we still have a crash in a ditch outside the caldecott tunnel. no problems to the north bay or the east bay, although that tree is till down, highway 13, just off the split. one lane is blocked there. that's the only problem as far as incidents go. we have a crash down here on 87, near the off ramp, but not a major problem for the freeway. light, light traffic expected. back to you. >> thanks. >> 4:49 right now. a real downer ahead of christmas, people are urged to do thag christmas shopping early, not just for presents to put under the tree, but shopping for the tree itself.
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>> look, no matter if you prefer natural, artificial, there may be none left if you way too long. today in the bay has the story. >> the graph family, ted, corey, ellis, and thea checked out their christmas tree, just like they do every year. >> price has gone up a little bit, a couple bucks more this year than last year. >> it's good they got their tree now. transportation costs up 20% to 25% are pushing prices higher and climate change is threatening the christmas tree supply. >> that's what happened in five hours. >> in five hours. >> five hours. >> john has been growing and selling christmas trees for more than 50 years. he has lots of pictures of trees at his oregon farm that were killed or damaged by last summer's heat wave. >> we had weather that went from 112 to 114 degrees and it lasted for four days. we never get that type of warm weather like that. it went from corvallis all the way up to almost seattle, washington. >> some tree growers lost almost
4:51 am
25% of their crop. this tree lot has been operating in san francisco formotor than 40 years. they're seeing an unusual level of demand. >> we're getting a lot of phone calls, so we opened a few days earlier and it's been a great response. everyone is happy we're back. >> maybe you're thinking this is the year you get away from the real tree and go to the artificial tree, but the news there isn't good either. experts say in a few weeks, they'll be in short supply too. the ceo of a company that wholesales artificial treesicize the crimp in the supply chain is a problem and demand this year is going to be extremely strong so from the consumer perspective, people definitely shouldn't wait. consumers should buy now. it's possible natural and artificial christmas trees could be hard to find by mid-december. terry mcsweeney, today in the bay. >> san francisco is declaring a water shortage emergency. the city's public utilities commission is asking all of its nearly 3 million customers to cut back on their water use by
4:52 am
10%. it is a voluntary request, it goes into effect immediately. if this applies to you, you're asked to cut back 10% of what you used from july of 2019 to june of 2020. the declaration also means your bill is going up. the commission issued a temporary drought surcharge and says the average customer will have to pay about $6 more a month starting in april. >> hopefully soon some relief at the pump. president biden made history by approving the largest single release of oil from the nation's oil reserve. right now, the average gas price in the bay area, $4.70 a gallon. some commuters, they tell us they're spending about $300 a week in gas. uber and litt drivers are also feeling the pinch. president biden says he's releasing 50 million oil barrels. >> it will take time, but before long, you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. and in the longer term, we will reduce our reliance on oil as we shift to clean energy. but right now, i will do what
4:53 am
needs to be done to reduce the price you pay at the pump. >> okay, listen to this. here's how much you will pay for your holiday trip. but it might cost you, this is according to if you're driving a honda civic and it gets 40 miles a gallon on the freeway, it will cost you about $48 to drive round trip from san jose to lake tahoe. san francisco to los angeles, $82. and walnut creek to palm springs, $101. >> coming up next on today in the bay, music's biggest night coming up. grammy award nominations out and a bay area native has eight. the big recognition for a local favorite artist. >> and happening now, we have all heard of black friday and small business saturday. today is known as green wednesday. marijuana dispensaries in the bay area and across the country are getting ready for what may be the busiest day of the year. this is because historically, high pot sales before the four-day weekend. one marijuana tracking firm experts more than $90 million in
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4:56 right now. grammy award nominations are out, and among these nominees, bay area native h.e.r. the singer snagging a total of eight nominations. now, h.e.r. is her professional name. h.e.r. is her professional name. she's from vallejo. her birth name is gabby wilson. at the age of 24, a lot of people are calling her an industry veteran. she's won four grammys, an oscar for a song she wrote for the movie judas and the black messiah. she grew up playing with her father's band and got her first recording contract at 14.
4:57 am
>> san francisco symphony has two grammy nominations. they have now had 26 grammy nods, 16 wins over the years. the awards show airs january 31st. >> 4:56 right now. coming up next on today in the bay, ready to make contact. nasa says its mission to knock an asteroid off course is on target, so far. >> when the spacecraft is actually expected to hit the asteroid.
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right now at 5:00, another night of store chaos and big retail or luxury stores are not the only victims. we're learning of small businesses hit ahead in the live report, the latest targets and some of the first consequences coming for a suspect. >> before long, you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. >> president biden promising some relief when it comes to high gas prices. ahead, a closer look at how much you may benefit if you drive in the bay area. this is today in the bay. >> wednesday morning, thanksgiving eve. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. it is wednesday, november 24th, we have a lot to cover for you. one of the things we're closely following, nasa's dart mission. this is short for double asteroid redirection test. i think the movie armageddon is real life? well, without the threat of
5:00 am
earth. so this is a first ever test that we're going to see here. this is ahead, we'll talk about that and explain the spacecraft's mission. >> first, let's get to the thanksgiving holiday forecast. meteorologist kari hall is here. >> it looks good. a lot of people still have to work today, and they're out on the road in oakland. as you're getting ready to step out the door, a chilly morning. we don't have issues with fog. it's all clear and temperatures in the mid-40s and trenting to the 60s by this afternoon. take a look at what we're seeing. we have frost in some of our inland valleys. from the north bay to the east bay, you may have to scrape it off the windshield and then the rest of the day will be sunny but kind of cool. and mike, your commute is a little different today. >> a lighter volume as we have been seeing for the last five days on the commutes here. we see a clear view, so that's a little different. golden gate bridge,


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