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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 24, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, lin-manuel miranda, rachel dratch and mastodon i want to thank jon epcar and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. the audience [ cheers and applause ♪ so many of them it's tough to count. jaw dropping surveillance video of a business being ransacked. new security measures police are
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recommending. also be warned. you might have trouble getting that christmas tree. the reason they may be in short supply. the fresh ones and the fake ones. >> and it's not just the millennial tower. a satellite shows much of downtown san francisco also sinking. we investigate why it is happening. plus -- >> liftoff. >> less than an hour ago, nasa's latest mission to space and it is straight out of a hollywood movie. >> we begin with breaking news. another night, another mall. this time valley fair. police say four men tried to steal merchandise from the store. officers caught two of them as they tried to run. the suspects will be booked for burglary and grand theft. we're told they took about $2,000 worth of merchandise. it was the same pattern across the bay area. security tight now at valley fair.
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san jose police say they're patrolling the mall. >> also new video from oakland. not just the big retailers but mom and pop businesses getting hit. down oakland, at least 30 people clearing out the precious inventory reserved for the holiday season. cheryl hurd said it is the second time. >> it was a group i can like 15 cars and 30 people. somehow they all ripped open the gate. >> reporter: a security camera capturing a swarm of vandals grabbing cash, clothes and shoes at 365 in down oakland. the alarm blaring. about 30 seconds in, someone covers the camera. >> just trying to come back from the first incident was tough. now this sets us back. we don't have the security of our gate. >> reporter: we talked to the owners of the store.
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high school friends who grew up in alameda, went to college to come back to open a store in oakland. >> we built this thing with our hands literally. so this is our baby. just to see it violated is just crazy. >> reporter: right now a lot of attention is being placed on cities like oakland, walnut creek and san francisco. but the alameda police department is putting out specific information to help keep small businesses safe. police recommend putting scattered security film on all windows, adding motion sensor cameras and taking valuable items out of display cases to prevent a smash and grab like this. the owner is putting measures in place. >> each time something happens, we respond as well as we can. >> reporter: the owners of prime 365 plan to respond, being hit twice in a month by retail
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thieves cost them about $180,000. >> people are hungry. we know what's going on. we didn't expect it to happen to us. >> reporter: in oakland. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> could a new partnership stop the crime spree in the bay area? prosecutors announce ad new alliance aimed at combatting these themes. it is made up of officers in many places. they say this partnership will allow them to share information so they can successfully prosecute anyone involved in those mob-style burglaries. a double whammy for the san francisco district attorney. he's not only fighting for his job but now he's fighting to take control of the crime spree. tomorrow the arraignment on felony charges against nine suspects arrested over the weekend. this comes amid heavy criticism and skepticism from the sfpd and the people who want ches amp
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boudin recalled. >> reporter: they have attention of the district attorney. >> this is felony conduct. the charges today are felonies. >> reporter: the san francisco district attorney said he plans to file felony charges against the nine people arrested friday night for robbing louis vuitton, a cannabis dispensary and a walgreens. he had to move a news conference inside when supporters of his recall election showed up. he said his office will held to suspects accountable. >> and he will face serious consequences. >> reporter: the former prosecutor in his office who now supports the recall said she has doubts. >> unfortunately, chesa has a track record of offering extremely lenient plea deals to repeat and chronic offenders that allow them to be released with little to no consequences. >> reporter: the vice president
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of the police officers association says the d.a. policies create a revolving door at the jail. >> the pattern is pleading down obvious serious violent crimes to misdemeanors which basically you get credit for time served. >> reporter: tracy says she will be monitoring the cases in court and she's not the only one. >> my office is personally going on follow each and every individual case to ensure the proper outcome is there. >> reporter: at the news conference, this person said he'll be keeping track because union square represents 37% of the city's retail sales and violent robberies can't be tolerated. >> he said he expects his office to formally file charges tomorrow when nine suspects are expected in court for the first time. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> there was an interesting exchange with the district attorney today. our senior investigator asked
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about his record on prosecuting car break-ins. they say he's been too soft on crime. today the district attorney deferred that question to the police chief. >> there has to be consequent. we'll continue to see things happen. we have to make sure especially the people throughout committing it on numerous occasions, that they're held accountable. >> is your office responsible for doling out those consequences. what do you have to say? >> we'll move on to another question. >> and they abruptly ended that news conference. the crime plaguing san francisco and other bay area cities is the top story on our webb. visit for the latest on the arrest made as well as the time line on when and where all these smash and grabs have happened. new details at a strip mall in san jose.
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it happened outside of a liquor store on story road. paramedics rushed two men to the hospital. one man with life threatening injuries. late tonight, we've learned the victim is in critical condition. court has been adjourned until next monday. before it was, the theranos founder elizabeth holmes was once again testifying in her own fraud trial. people lined up as early as 4:00 a.m. to get a seat in the courtroom. she was questioned about how the company struggled. she also took responsibility for some accusations in the trial admitting that she used logos from big pharmacy companies without permission from those companies. the big question, did she dre defraud investors and mislead patients while knowing her blood test didn't work? >> she's getting to explain to the jury what she did and she's taking responsibilities for certain things and other things
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she's saying, other people were responsible for. >> next week, elizabeth holmes will be cross examined for the first time. another contender in the race to replace jackie speers. kevin mullin announced today he's running on twirt. he said the bay area needs help. he has a lot of support for running. josh becker is also running and several more people are expressing interest. okay. new at 11:00, we might have already been warned. get your holiday shopping done early this year. that also applies to your christmas tree. you could have some trouble getting it. the real ones and the fake ones. >> reporter: this family picked out their christmas tree tonight in san rafael just like every year. >> the price has gone up a little bit. yeah. a couple bucks more this year than last year. >> reporter: it's good they got
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their tree now. transportation costs up 20 to 25% are pushing the prices up higher. >> it could happen in five hours. >> five hours? >> reporter: john has been growing and selling christmas trees for more than 50 years. he has lots of pictures of trees at his oregon farm that were killed or damaged by last summer's heat wave. >> we had 112 to 114 degrees and it lasted four days. we never get warm weather like that. it went all the way up to washington. >> reporter: some tree growers lost up to 25% of their crop. this person has been operating in san francisco no $40 years. they're seeing a very unusual level of demand. >> getting a lot of questions, are we open? we open a few days earlier and it has been great. great response. everyone is happy we're back. >> reporter: maybe you're thinking this is the day you get away from a real tree and to go
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an artificial tree, but experts say in a few weeks they'll be gone too. the crimp in the supply chain is the problem, and quote, the demand this year is going to be extremely strong so i think from a consumer perspective, people definitely should not wait. it is possible natural and artificial christmas trees could be hard to find by mid december. terry mcsweeney. nbc bay area news. >> like everything else, probably more expensive. and here's another thing more spegsive. gasoline? will the gas prices go down? today president biden made history by having the largest increase in oil. right now the average price is $4.70 a gallon. some commuters say they're spending about $300 a week in gas. uber and lyft drivers are feeling the pinch. the president said he's releasing 50 million barrels. >> it will take time but before
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long you should see the price of oil drop. and we will shift to clean energy but right now, i will do what needs to be done to reduce the price you pay at the pump. >> it is getting pricey. so how much would it cost you to take a trip? according to gas, if you're driving a honda civic which gets about 40 miles to the gallon on the freeway. it will cost about $48 to go from san jose to lake tahoe. >> the airports are busy as well. there is a major jump in passengers. the tsa expects 400,000 people to come through san jose international this holiday week. last year, just 125,000. now about that 400,000 number is still lower than pre pandemic levels but it is a sign things are picking up. we'll be back in 60 seconds with a first of its kind,
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mission to space. the target? an asteroid. it's right out of hollywood. and sinking cities. that just the millennium tower. how big cities are putting pressure on the earth. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, temps in the 30s and 40s. we'll get you ready for that morning. also
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police want to you get a good look at this man. police say he rammed two patrol cars on sunday after stealing a car. $2,500 is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. police are warning not to approach perez. just call 911 if you see him. a follow-up to a story we broke saturday night. the arrest of the man accused of shooting a person. surveillance cameras captured the october shoot-out. we can see three men approach him as he gets gas. after searching for valuables, they check his car. they fired back hitting him six times. two surviving suspects and their getaway driver are charged with the murder of their accomplice and second-degree robbery. one of the two armed men charged with premeditated attempted murder. he was hospitalized for weeks
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but is now recovering at home. we've documented the troubles with millennium tower, sinking and leaning for years. our investigative reporter tells us the timing is less than ideal because the sea level is rising at the same time. >> i looked at every building in the bay area. just under a million buildings. >> he is a physicist with the usgs. he studies how seismic stress builds up on the earth's stress and lately he's studying the phenomenon of sinking cities. it turns out the entire bay area sunk as much as three inches on average in the last century. the cause? an extra 3.5 trill pounds of concrete and steel and everything else that goes with 7 to 8 million people living here. >> clearly the most dense
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buildings are in the central bay area. >> reporter: down, of course, is home to the infamous millennium tower, the perhaps most single most recognized tilting building in the country right now. but the millennium has a lot of company. take a look at the ten heaviest buildings in san francisco that exert the most pressure on the earth. at 686 million pounds, millennium is just the third heaviest development. the top nine all weighing more than 300 million pounds. but parson's data suggests they're all sinking, slowly but evenly so none of the others is leaning like the millennium which is sinking primarily on one side. >> it is the biggest example of tilt but generally they go down vertically. >> reporter: the european space agency sentinel satellite actually captured it from space. you can see the financial district and other downtown areas show up in yellow,
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indicating ongoing settling. all that weight, parsons says, is enough to influence an earthquake fault. fortunately the san andreas fault runs offshore before it reaches san francisco. so the billions of extra pounds of development in the city is not likely to impact it. >> if you have a series of buildings, fairly heavy buildings all together, they tend to influence each other. >> reporter: he is an internationally recognized expert on tall building foundations. he says while there may be no seismic concern for san francisco, there is been little research about the collective impact of entire corridors of high rises on the earth below. >> i've been doing foundation design for i guess nearly 30 years now. and it's not something that was actually ever thought of. not on the sort of level that you're talking about. >> anything contributing to 34 ground surface is something to worry about. >> reporter: he is now studying
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manhattan because it is sinking, too, and faces the same threat as san francisco from climate change. he points out, ground level and sea level heading in opposite directions is a dangerous scenario for coastal cities. >> so if you have all this going on right near the water line, in some cases in san francisco, then you have to worry about big storms at sea level, it comes up. >> reporter: san francisco building officials say they have long term plans to protect against climate change by building up the seawall. in the meantime, they say tall buildings should be monitored for settlement for at least a decade after construction. nbc bay area news. b.a.r.t. wants riders to breathe easy during the holiday rush so they are putting in air filters strong enough to prevent covid from spreading. they refresh the air every 70 seconds, making sure the virus can't linger. she gave a demonstration today.
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are you ready for this? this story reads like a hollywood script. within the last hour, nasa launched its first ever mission to redirect an asteroid like the ben affleck movie. >> i think the rock has one, too. there's no danger to earth but it is an important test for the future. it was launched from vandenberg air force base on the central coast. >> and liftoff! >> reporter: late today, nasa teamed up for a mission, a practice run to save earth if we ever need it. it is called dart. or double asteroid redirection test. it is a scene straight out ofrm. but now real life scientists are working on it. it is not heading toward earth. but it is the first test of nasa's planetary technology. >> this is the first time nasa
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has taken a spacecraft and launched it to crash into an asteroid. a pretty cool mission. we're excited to be part of it. >> reporter: it are travel more than 6.5 million miles to reach the asteroids and collide with the smaller one at 15,000 miles per hour. >> our hope is to prove by impacting a spacecraft on to the rock, we change its movement. we change its speed. >> reporter: nasa is clear, the asteroid doesn't pose a threat to earth before or after the mission which starts tonight. and is expected to make impact fall of 2022. nbc bay area news. >> so let me get this straight. they're going to crash the space mission into the asteroid. that's amazing! >> a little scary. >> when you think about it, it is. thank you, nasa. okay. i'll get you to that forecast in the top weather story, definitely about the chill you'll feel if you are up
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early tomorrow morning. down to 41 in the south bay. mostly sunny skies to start. my coldest weather in the north bay at 36. even a chance of patchy frost. so make sure to bring in the pets. still time to cover up the sensitive plants, especially in the north and the east bay. san francisco, 47. and the east bay, going down to 39. now, i'm confident as we head into tomorrow, we have a lot of sunshine moving the with this area of high pressure. and let me put it on pause. i know a lot of you are saying what about rainfall? it is november. we would like to get more rainfall in here. as long as this high pressure is parked here, it will keep the storm track off to the north. we likely won't see rain chances return until mid december, the way things look right now. so high pressure tomorrow, some sunshine. also some wind if you're traveling over the mountains.
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wind gusts at 15 to 35 miles per hour. if you're in the north bay, it will feel like the east bay. if you're in the east bay, it will feel like the south bay. and the same thing in the peninsula. if you're getting in a car or a plane, you're traveling, no major storms to worry about. we're going to get some wind in the central u.s. that could bring us a few delays from the dakotas to wyoming other. wise good. atlanta, 59, down to orlando, 70. once we hit thanksgiving, if you're traveling a little late, rain from texas to ohio could bring some delays. especially in houston where there's a possibility of thunderstorms. on the seven-day forecast, it is simple, easy, you can sit back and relax and enjoy thanksgiving. 60s for highs, 40s for lows. check it out. thanksgiving morning. we've got coming on back.
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>> what happens on thursday? oh, the turkey trot. >> oh, man! >> before the meal. >> i'm not running anywhere before i eat. happening now, not just a problem in the bay area. as many as 20 people smashed through a display window at the nordstrom last night. a smash and grab statewide. chps organized crime task forces to figure out who is behind the crimes. officers are increasing
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fishermen learned today that dungeoness crab season has been delayed again. now some threatened whale species won't get out. way. they've been getting tangled in the crab gear so now the crab traps can't be set out until the whales move on. the fishermen wonder if there will be any crabs for christmas. grammy award nominations were announced today and a bay area native has eight nominations. h.e.r. is the professional name of gabby wilson, and at age 24
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she's an industry veteran already. she's already won four grammys and an oscar for the song she wrote for the movie. she grew up playing with her father's band and got her first recording contract at 14. >> wow! >> incredible. she's not the only one. the san francisco symphony has four grammy nominations. we wish them all the best. up next, drama on the basketball court. we'll show you what happened in college hoops. and a big with so much going on with the warriors and 49ers, college basketball also in full swing. saint mary's is turning heads.
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tonight improving to 6-0. >> how about that? stanford also wins tonight beating north carolina. but the big win of the night, at san jose, the spartans love drama. that's the game winner. time expired. rarely do you see a slam-dunk winner. san jose state beats northern colorado, 75-74. the spartans, 3-3 on the season. all right. guess who is practicing with the warriors? here it is. klay thompson today at chase center. it kind of looks like will ferrell. he cleared for practice after a knee injury and an achilles' injury that side lined him for two years. no timetable on when he will return to the lineup but he can't wait. >> you know, i don't fear getting hurt again.
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the last two times i did get hurt, it was such a freak accident, you could say. and i'm just, i hate to use the phrase can't wait because i love to be present in my life but i cannot wait. >> he does look like will ferrell. you can imagine him with knee-high socks. >> the you know the drill on thursday. thanksgiving, turkey, family, football. this is the dress rehearsal. there are no critical threats. a minor change this year, kids under 12 will not be on the floats. everyone in the parade must be fully vaccinated. that's the reason. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area from 9:00 to noon on thanksgiving day.
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i always have it on while i'm preparing my -- >> you're preparing? are you doing the turkey? the appetizers? >> i just do appetizers. i don't know how to do the bird. >> we'll see you tomorrow. tonight, the suspect in that parade rampage charged with five counts of intentional homicide as the death toll rises. the suspect making his first court appearance accused of plowing a red suv into a christmas parade near milwaukee. the new doorbell video appearing to show him being arrested, and late word, a sixth victim, a child, has died also tonight, jury deliberations under way in the ahmaud arbery case. in the courtroom today the painful moment for arbery's mother. president biden taking on soaring gas prices announcing the largest ever release from the nation's emergency fuel stockpile. it comes as millions travel for thanksgiving will it ease pain at the pump and how soon?
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the push for boosters as covid surges the u.s. now averaging a million shots a day and what to know about rapid tests before holiday gatherings the verdict now in how much the organizers of the violent charlottesville rally were ordered to pay. the deadly home explosion, among those killed, a 4-year-old girl the cause of death for brian laundrie, the fiancé of gabby petito revealed. holiday shortages. the iconic american toy and supply chain snags keeping it off shelves. inside the nasa mission to prevent a real-life asteroid armageddon >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening just a short time ago the suspect in the deadly rampage i waukesha, wisconsin, appeared in court. at the same time, we learned from the prosecutor a child victim has apparently died darrell brooks facing five counts of intentional homicide with a sixth now


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