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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 23, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. how do we stop these flash mob burglaries? >> we will do whatever it takes to keep san francisco safe. >> we're breaking down the plan today by mayor francisco bodine. elizabeth holmes is back on the stand. the first time she talks about her boyfriend. the president promising relief at the pump. >> i will do whatever it takes to lessen the price at the pump. >> how much impact will it have here in california? good evening, this is nbc bay area news tonight.
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i'm raj mathai. the question flight, is this just hot air or will things actually change? their meetings, their news conferences, will it lead to action? this evening, more tough talk and promises to end these flash mob burglaries. attorneys across california had a joint conference call, this doesn't happen often, to come up with a plan here. walnut creek, san jose, palo alto, larkspur, so many cities, so many stores and malls have been hit. some of the folks have been arrested but some have not been. consequences, are there enough consequences in the city for criminals? tonight the embattled district attorney says he's charging nine suspects from over the weekend with felonies. >> we stand together united to send a message to anyone who would consider committing these kinds of crimes in san francisco that it will not be tolerated, you will be arrested, you will be brought to justice and you will face serious consequences
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when you commit serious crimes in our city. >> all right, there is a lot to unpack. we're going to go deeper with the d.a. in just a moment. but also today mayor breed and police chief bill scott said things will get better in san francisco if and when they hold people accountable. >> there is a lot of tough talk, but, you know, talk doesn't mean anything unless we can demonstrate that we actually follow through on what we say we're going to do. >> if i'm doing these types of things and i'm allowed to get away from it over and over and over again, what's the incentive to stop doing it? >> that's some frustration there from the police chief. in the east bay, the alameda police department is recommending that the businesses consider security upgrades. that concerns shatterproof film on windows, motion security cameras and alarms. those can be faulty and not always foolproof. >> we were able to catch a
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robber on film, get a very good i.d. and have him arrested. he was caught, but the damage was done. >> we're also learning new information about two other burglaries on sunday night. palo alto police say about 30 people tried to break into the real reel store on university avenue. they broke the glass, you can see there, but weren't actually able to enter the store. police believe the same group was also responsible for a similar retail robbery at the real reel location in larkspur a couple hours before, so two possible hits on sunday, palo alto and larkspur. yesterday the d.a. who is facing i recall went on a media blitz with us here in the bay area, some other local news outlets and even on cnn. he said his policies are not to blame. today he had a message for the criminals. our reporter is in the city with what he said and what he refused to say. >> reporter: d.a. bodine
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announced felony charges for all nine people arrested so far. of those nine people, five people have been arrested in connection with the robberies at louis vuitton, three people for burglarizing a cannabis dispensary and one for burglarizing market street. they will all face felony charges, including grand theft, second degree burglary and looting during a state of emergency. two of the suspects are also being charged for carrying a loaded firearm, one of them in possession of a prior felony. which brings up a question that was repeatedly asked of bodine, is there a possibility that the two will remain in custody until the trial? >> when people get arrested in san francisco, there is a legal process where judges review those arrests and authorize relief in some cases. my office is not present, we're not part of that conversation, we don't have an opportunity to make arguments in front of them. it's entirely possible that one or more of these individuals has been released before we even have a chance to go to court or
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even, in many instances, before the police department has finished their investigation and presented it to us to finish making charges. it's not up to me or the lawyers who make a decision about whether the individual will be held in custody. i cannot tell you if any of these individuals will be held in custody until the trial. >> reporter: more arrested are expected to come as the investigation continues. 20 to 40 people are believed to have been involved in the union square thefts. as the d.a. works to charge those responsible, the mayor and the chief tried to assure shoppers they were working to make sure it doesn't happen again. both the mayor and chief plan to bring the chief to patrol shopping centers and make them patrol closer to shops to make it harder for thieves to get away in a vehicle. it's fortune san franfranciscan
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feel like safety is a priority, but there are those who supported the election outside the mayor's office today. ginger saab, nbc bay area news. >> he said he is working to charge the people involved, but people say that's simply not the whole story. brook, nice to have you on the program. just help us here. in layman's terms, explain it for us. he's charging more people than the previous d.a.s in san francisco? is that true, and why are we still seeing such a crime wave here? >> unfortunately, the statistics that cheza has come directly from his office, and there are questions about the reliability of that data. but at the end of the day, what it comes down to is not simply
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what charges are filed but what are the ultimate outcomes of those cases at the back end. unfortunately, cheza has a track record of offering extremely lenient plea deals to repeat and chronic offenders that allow them to be released with little to no consequences. so the sort of idea of simply charging the crime is a smokescreen at this point. >> brooke, you heard possibly just now about a minute or two ago, cheza boudin pointing the finger a little bit at the police department and the judges. does he have a case there? >> well, first of all, we have seen sfpd make an entire response to these issues. they can only get there as fast as they can, right, as fast as they become aware of what's going on. and they, you know, have expressed over time frustration with the ultimate outcomes of the cases, as i just mentioned, but they are doing their best, as i can tell, to investigate
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these crimes and present these cases to the d.a.'s office. with respect to the judges, one thing that cheza left out during his response in that press conference is that the d.a.'s office is permitted at the time of arraignment to take a position on whether or not these individuals are released back into the public. and he expressed no indication that the office would take that position if it felt that was appropriate. >> you are very passionate about the city. you used to work in the district attorney's office. what are two things, one or two things that you would do differently right now that would help? >> i believe, first of all, charges have to be filed appropriately. we have to give individuals incentive to do something different with their lives. first of all, they have to understand that should they continue to behave in this fashion in this city that there will be consequences. and that if they would like to change the trajectory of their lives that, of course, san
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francisco is a progressive city. we will give them that opportunity. however, if they do not take advantage of those opportunities that we will have to hold them accountable in other ways. and that's simply not what's going on at this point. >> brooke, i want you to listen in with me here. interesting exchange during this news conference a couple hours ago with the d.a. our senior investigator asked cheza boudin about his record of prosecuting. critics say boudin has been too soft prosecuting those types of crimes. boudin referred to the assistant police chief and might have been surprised by the assistant chief's answer. listen in. >> there has to be consequence. if there is no consequence, we'll continue to see things happen. we have to partner to make sure that especially the people that are out there committing it on numerous occasions, that they're held accountable. >> so, mr. boudin, he's talking about a lack of consequences,
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sir. it's your office responsible for not doling out those consequences. what do you say? >> we're going to move on to another question. >> it was quickly halted there by one of his staffers. is the relationship between the police department and the district attorney's office where you used to work salvageable? >> i believe that it is. i believe that it requires a d.a. who is going to take -- make it a priority to build and foster that relationship. however, instead, it appears as though cheza, when he entered that office, took an antagonistic approach toward the police and continues to make disparaging comments regarding the way they investigate cases rather than working with them if he feels there is something that they need to improve on privately. so i think that's going to continue to create a strain between the two agencies that clearly need to work together for what's best for public safety. >> it's really impacting the people, the folks here in san
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francisco. let me end with this. santa clara's county d.a. jeff rosen telling me yesterday he and his various police department, palo alto and san jose, et cetera, work in conjunction and they will squash this problem. will this happen in san francisco? >> unfortunately, unless cheza boudin understands that he needs to completely change that he needs to change the way he approaches crime in san francisco, this will continue to happen. he has simply created a landscape where no one feels there is a consequence for anything they do in this city. >> brooke jenkins, we thank you for your time. you used to work there as a prosecutor in his office, and now part of the campaign to recall cheza boudin. that recall is about seven months away. thank you for your time tonight. we should note on the district attorney's reporting, we did invite him to join us here this evening. we did not receive a response.
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still to come here at 7:00, another packed court day. elizabeth holmes taking the stand in her own trial, and for are the first time she mentioned her ex-boyfriend, theranos. president biden talked about lessening the gas prices, but will we really see an impact in the bay area? you're watching "nbc news tonight." ersation]
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you work to change things. first they think you're crazy, then they fight you and all of a sudden you change the world. >> there you go, that distinct voice, elizabeth holmes circa 2015 defending theranos. this cnbc interview came out after the "wall street journal" published a story questioning theranos and its much hyped blood test, which leads us to this trial here and now. holmes is accused of defrauding her investors knowing her blood testing machines did not work. today at the federal courthouse in san jose, elizabeth holmes taking the stand for the third day. there she is walking in flanked by her mom and her husband. she talked about theranos' partnerships with big companies like safeway and her former boyfriend, theranos ceo sonny bulwani. you were there. okay, let's just start from the beginning here. she's on the stand again. >> right. >> however, not cross-examined.
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this is still friendly fire, so to speak. >> very good way of putting it, raj. it is friendly fire. it is her defense of theranos a little bit more, getting into things like stock options, getting into mistakes she admits she's made, almost taking a little bit of the air out of the tires of prosecution in its cross-examination. >> you're there. you're like a jury, you're watching this transpire. is she fierce, is she bold? what's her demeanor? >> a lot of things. she still has that deep baritone voice she used so effectively as a ceo. she knows her science. she knows she ran a company successfully enough to get nearly a billion dollars of investment from very impressive investors. so she's been able to talk and make a little eye contact with the jury, and i think she's impressing them. >> you mentioned something about trying to hold on to the defense going into christmas break, so the jury has something nice and positive to think about before
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cross-examination starts. >> right, the last deliberation of the week was today. some of the good things they were trying to do, and again, even some of the mistakes she made along the way to perhaps send that jury home for a long weekend of thinking. here is a somewhat sympathetic figure who gave it a shot like so many ceos in silicon valley and came up short. >> her former boyfriend, why was he brought up? he was obviously a big part of this. >> he was the coo, and it came up that he made certain budgetary decisions, and it came up that he came to hire and fire certain employees. she said many times during the trial, hey, the buck stops with me. i was the ceo. but we don't know if she's going to put some blame or whatever on sonny bulwani.
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his name was invoked by her today. >> so in theory, a decision could be made sometime next week. what's the game plan? where are they going with this, the defense? >> the defense is giving her a chance to say, i screwed up. >> and that's not against the law. >> not at all. i was in charge of the logos that we didn't really have permission to use going on the theranos paper that investors saw, logos for big pharma companies like pfizer. i was in charge of creating an environment that some people thought was overbearing and they quit. both times she said, i wish i could do it over again. look, raj, you and i have covered many a ceo in silicon valley that have said those words, i wish i could do it over again. it's creating a sympathetic figure, trying to say mistakes were made, we obviously didn't succeed. it was my fault but i didn't do it on purpose. >> didn't mean to fraud my
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investors. next week it will get really spicy. >> when the prosecution kicks in, they will have a lot of room to run and a lot of ground to cover with elizabeth holmes. >> thanks very much, scott. get some sleep. he's a really good follow. his handle at twitter, @scottbudman. gas nearly $5 a gallon. this is a reality at gas stations across the bay area. many more are more than $5 a gallon. here's a look at average prices in each bay area county. find your county and you might be grimacing here. solanos county, $4 a gallon. president biden is releasing oil from the nation's reserve. >> it will take time, but before
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long you should see the nation's gas drop where you fill your tank. in the longer term, we reduce our alliance to oil as we shift to clean energy. but right now i will do what needs to be done to reduce the price you pay at the pump. >> okay. that's a nice announcement. certainly gets our attention when we're talking about gas, but really, how much of a price drop are we talking about? joining us tonight, sarajo at aaa. let's get to it. how much of a drop will we see specifically in the bay area? >> we're talking, really, it's the price of crude oil we're focused on as to how much impact this might have, currently fluctuating between $75 and $80 a barrel. if we see it go down below $75 a barrel, that's when we'll see an impact on the bay area.
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it's difficult because the san fernando valley has the highest gas prices in the country. >> any idea, any gauge? >> because we still don't know, this is very early in the conversation. it was just announced earlier today. what we're forecasting for the next week or so, we saw today prices kind of leveling off. they might start dropping a couple cents, they might go up a cent or two, week in, week out. really we're just waiting to see how this impacts the price of crude oil which is really what's been the driving factor of what we're seeing with gas prices the last several months. >> is it more than just a symbolic rah-rah answer for the president? >> no, it is definitely a concerted effort not only by the united states but for several other countries that are releasing crude oil as well, trying to add that more supply to the market which has been kind of an issue. the crude oil supply globally has been somewhat short while demand has been very strong. so that's what's led crude oil
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to be more expensive. that accounts for about 60% of what we pay at the pump. when crude oil is getting really expensive, gasoline is really expensive. so if this concerted effort by the united states and several other countries is able to bring the price of crude down, then we'll start to see an impact for sure. >> good information. as we wrap it up here, you work for aaa, you have the numbers, you have the data. are all these high prices really stopping anyone or limiting people to drive down to lake tahoe to see family and friends? >> here's a conversation between a couple of friends. gas prices are so high right now. what are you doing for thanksgiving? i'm driving to l.a. to visit family or going to disneyland. it doesn't really impact a person's decision to travel. what we see end up happening is that people will save money on their trip. maybe they'll stay at a more budget-friendly hotel, eat out at less fancy restaurants, but it does not deter someone going on a trip, especially after the
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last year and a half we had here. >> we certainly had that. sergio, have a safe holiday in the next couple days. >> check out our video explainer. you can see it on or our nbc bay area app. speaking of this holiday week, let's take a live look -- we're past rush hour now, but plenty of traffic in the east bay. this is a live look at oakland on 880. jeff ranieri is going to update us on our forecast. stay with us.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. are we going anywhere? we keep talking about travel. >> i am not. >> nor am i. >> but if you ar -- >> this is picture perfect. >> no delays right now. as we head to tomorrow, high pressure moves in. that's going to bring us some sunshine, also a little wind in the mountains, 13 to 15 miles per hour. what you really watch out for is if you're up early. the cold temperatures to 38 in the tri valley, south bay at 31. chilly, up to 30s in the east bay. your jacket for the morning by the afternoon, no jacket needed. 64 here. tomorrow, thanksgiving, dry and 63 and dry over the next seven days. raj, it looks really good.
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sit back, relax and enjoy it, right? >> turkey, football, family, and just kind of repeat. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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i refer to keanu as dude. i don't know why. >> such a wonderful artist and person. >> that's just the soul of the man. >> the champagne, the truffles. just how close did sandra and keanu come to falling in love? plus a secret wedding with another superstar? >> so i guess we're married. >> are you hoping to see her for the holidays? you are. >> is that really possible considering britney wants mom lynne in jail? >> you grew up not far from here. >> no. just a few blocks. >> exactly. >> it's like the hub for your family in a lot of ways. >> only "access" is with lady gaga's mom cynthia as she teams


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