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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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soon to be a free man. a san jose judge orders a man convicted in a thrill kill to be released. >> a monster. i have, i have nothing for him. he's disgusting. >> the recent california law that will allow the killer to walk out. fighting back against the growing number of retail thefts. the costly measures one police department is recommending. and an admission on the witness stand, a question that got elizabeth holmes to say "i wish i had done it differently." the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. change of law, change of fortune. jay williams was 15 when he and a friend brutally killed their
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classmate. they admitted they did it to see what it would feel like to kill someone. williams is now set to be released after only doing 12 years of a sentence. a flu law overturned williams' conviction. nbc bay area had the only reporter in court. damian joins us with how he could stoon walk. >> reporter: he is a grown plan now. he was here inside juvenile court today to find out he will soon be set free after the heinous murder 12 years ago. this was jay williams as a 15-year-old. today he's a 27-year-old, a grown man. the d.a. stared him down often as they met in juvenile court today. >> we're in juvenile court. and the person that was sitting 12 feet from me is a man, with a beard and with big muscles. >> reporter: williams heard the judge order him released today. back in 2009, williams and a friend lured a classmate,
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michael russell, to russell's own home and stabbed him to death. the boys said they wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone. both were tried as adults and convicted. >> this horrific crime that they committed was planned and premeditated. they began by torturing animals, rabbits and cats. >> reporter: but in the years that followed, lawmakers passed a bill prohibiting 14 and 15-year-olds from being tried as adults, and since he was 15 at the time of the murder he was ordered released. while he was ordered freed too, today, it was stayed for a month. the new law angered the family which could be heard hissing sometimes in court. >> this was a guy who started killing animals, first and moved to a human being.
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>> reporter: in court, williams' lawyer has argued his client has already undergone counselor and therapy and earned a high school diploma. i asked the family what it was like to see one of the killers in court. >> he's a mondayster. very nothing for him. he's disgusting. >> reporter: for now, williams is back in his maximum security cell in the jail. he'll find out if he will be set free and under what conditions. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay air news. the district attorney announced charges against nine people. ginger conejero saab was there as chesa boudin tried to answer some critics who say his policies are part of the
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problem. >> reporter: you know, some of those critics are right outside and you can hear them outside the d.a.'s offense as he made the announcement of the felony charges. that was the focus of his press conference this afternoon, announcing felony charges for nine individual whose have been arrested in connection with friday night's burglaries. five of those people are connection with the louis vuitton and one for the walgreen's. among the charges, grand theft, second degree commercial burglary. a question was repeatedly asked, is there a guarantee that the suspect also remain in custody until the trial. >> look, we all know that we're
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here because of crimes that occurred a couple days ago, that are outrageous and unacceptable. we cannot, we will not, and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. i cannot tell you that, because i don't control it, and i don't know. we have not yet had an opportunity to even appear in court to address these charges to the judges. it's a really important question, i'm glad you asked it. when someone gets arrested in san francisco, there's a process, a legal process in which judge review those requests and authorize release in some cases. my office is not present, we're not part of that conversation, we don't have a chance to make arguments in front of them. it's entirely possible one or more of these individuals has been released before we have a chance to go to court or in many instances before the police department has finished their
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investigation. >> reporter: and that's really part of the reason why, you know, some people are angered with this process, because some criminals are let go before, before the trial even comes. more arrests are expected to come as the investigation continues. nine have been arrested, but 20 to 40 people are believed to have been involved in those thefts. while the d.a. is working on charging more individuals, we also saw the mayor and police chief earlier today who are working very hard to reassure shoppers that they can continue on with their shopping this holiday season. they talked about more police presence in union square as well as using some state resources and working with federal authorities to continue on with this, these investigations many the chp will also have more of a presence around freeways, patrolling freeways close to major shopping centers. what we really heard a lot today
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was the push to reassure san franciscans. a lot of people are looking for more accountability, including the protesters you hear tonight. ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area news. >> that is still an active scene. they are pledging to crackdown on these burglaries and smash and grabs. the chp will increase patrols adjacent to major shopping centers. its organized retail crime task force helps local police departments get the crooks. the unit has helped recover nearly $19 million in merchandise. >> police departments across the county are telling business owners that they also have to be alert this shopping season. but as nbc bay area's thom jensen found out, they're also
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telling them that the stores should make thousands of dollars in security improvements. >> reporter: safety is definitely on the minds of shoppers and store owners in alameda. they're seeing a steady stream of smash and grab videos as the holidays approach, in each case, gangs of thieves storming through stores. >> it's a lot, it's not the sort of thing we're used to around here, it's a little upsetting. >> reporter: and now the police department is telling business owners to take specific steps, measures that could include putting shatter-resistant security film on all windows and adding motion sensor camera systems and alarms. >> we bear the brunt of the cost of all of this. >> reporter: and the costs do add up. shatter-proof them, $250 per roll for 3 x by 25 feet. and for motion sensor camera systems, about $1300 to $3,000, plus the $30 a month for the monitoring of that security system. and added onto that security
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system they're also recommending that you get the glass break alarm sensors installed as well. they also recommend taking valuable items out of display case and keeping them locked up away in safes, making it harder for thieves and also potential customers. toy safari already has the measures in place and say it is costs about $5,000. >> each time something happens we respond as well as we can and we put in any measures that are applicable. >> reporter: one of the most recent thefts happened after they installed security film on the windows. while it slowed the intended thief, it didn't stop him, but the camera system did help lead to his arrest. down the stree glass break cameras are already in place. >> reporter: thom jensen, nbc
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bay area news. >> online we break down exactly when and where that theft happened. you can watch the surveillance video that shows you a lot of what happened. they want to see her. they want to hear her. crowds started lining up at 4:00 a.m. at that courthouse in san jose as theranos' elizabeth holmes testified in her own trial. you see her there entering court as she usually does, flanked by her husband and mother. she say it is was her idea to use unauthorized logos from pharmaceutical companies on tests. she addressed some of the doomed rollout. at issue, did she defraud her investors while knowing that the blood testing did not work?
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>> she's beginning to explain to the jury what she did and taking responsibility for certain things and other thing she's saying other people were responsible for. >> reporter: the big part of this trial presumably, will be next wheek she gets cross examinationed. she regretteds how one theranos employee was treated. she talked about her ex-boyfriend seen here, sun eye sunny balwani. that's coming up at 7:00. a shooting investigation under way in san jose. the gunfire broke out just before 2:30 this afternoon on story road. we do know paramedics rushed two people to the hospital. one with life-threatening injuries. at this point unclear what led to that shooting. up next here at 6:00, just in time for thanksgiving, the move president biden just made to lower gas prices, but really,
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will we see an impact? a tangible impact here in the bay area? >> plus holiday savor returns. we'll show you what's different about this year's christmas in the park. 58 in san jose and later on tonight, lots of low 50s. we'll show you how cold for tomorrow morning and take a look at rain chances ahead in about eight minutes.
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lot of talk today from the white house about gas, but the bottom line, will our gas prices here in the bay area actually get any lower. today president biden made history by approving the largest single release from the nation's oil reserve. a lot of people are on the move this thanksgiving week but traffic is flowing pretty well. the average price in the bay area is $4.70 a gallon. other spots are $5. some say they're spending $300 a week in gas. think about uber and lyft drivers feeling the big pinch. president biden say the he's releasing 50 million oil barrels, but once it hits the market, price also drop likely evening few cents. >> now the price of oil is $77 a barrel. that could go down to maybe $75. and roughly speaking, we may get
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$54, $60 a gallon. >> i suppose anything helps. experts say any price drop will be short-lived unless oil companies dramatically increase their supply over the long run. christmas in the park is back in san jose, and this year you have two options. you can do the pandemic drive-through style or the old-fashioned walk through. you won't need a mask at either one, but you will be seeing a lot more staff working to keep everyone safe. we have more on what you'll notice starting friday. >> reporter: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, before the pandemic hit. >> we are still decorating it. we're not fully done yet, but this is our tree. >> i was excited, because we got to decorate the tree. >> reporter: crowds of people walking turned into thousands of cars driving through a display with millions of lights at lake
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cunningham park. that exhibit is now here to stay. but this year families are also getting back the in-person experience. >> every year we do something different now. so i'm really happy that it's here back in the park. >> reporter: organizers are expecting pre-pandemic crowds. to keep everyone safe they'll provide hand sanitizing stations, signs listing covid precautions and santa will stay socially distant. >> it's a new outdoor setting, something we've never done before. >> reporter: both events will have extra volunteers and police presence at all times. also knew is what organizers call the world's biggest bounce house that will serve as a bar, so it won't have an actual bounce floor. >> that would be bad with people drinking beer and wine. . >> reporter: and of course there will be a tree. >> it's wonderful, because it feels like we're back to normal. >> reporter: bringing back the
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magic to the community. nbc bay area news. >> it's fun, you have two options. >> what are the two options. >> you can go to the drive-through or the old fashioned walking one. it's fun. >> it's great to see a lot of people smiling. >> you could always do both, too. >> we could. how we lookin'? >> hey, you guys, we are looking really good as we head through the next couple of days. the big thing we're always getting asked about is rainfall. we started off so strong with storms in september. of course in october as well, with that storm system that brought us so much rain in just 24 hours, and i wanted to show you where things are ed hadded for us. i see dry weather staying with us. but, as we look into december, specifically, december 6th through 10th, i'm still calling for 60% chance we could get a moderate storm system with a half to one inch. still looking like some rainfall. we have la nina with us, but it
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doesn't always guarantee rainfall. only 27% of the time does it bring us above average rain. can you get more on our climate story anytime. go to it is going to be chilly, jackets out begin. mostly sunny skies, so you'll also need sunglasses as you start down to the east bay, 39, the north bay at 38. daytime highs are going to shape up pretty good. sunshine for the afternoon, and look, there's really not too many differences. it's going to feel pretty much the same across the bay. 65 through the east bay. 64 in concord, the peninsula, also 64 in redwood city, san francisco, 59 in the marina, and through the north bay, 65 in nap at that and mid-60s novato to santa rosa. if you're not here but heading in a car or plane, i have you covered. as we roll through the next couple of hours, a few spotty
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showers in the southwest. no airport delays due to weather. good news at the airports tonight. i do see wind here through the midwest. also the central u.s., over wyoming, also the dakotas. down towards oklahoma. but dry conditions, los angeles right on over to atlanta. now once we hit thanksgiving, i'm seeing a system develop here with rain from texas to ohio. best bet is some rain delays in texas especially in houston with thunderstorms. on seven-day forecast in san francisco, sit back and enjoy your thanksgiving. we have sunshine and low 60s in san francisco. lower temps in the upper 40s. going down to chilly lows, 39 thanksgiving morning. >> woo! >> yeah. and the afternoon will be 60s. perfect weather for everything thanksgiving. >> that is classic. usually jessica doesn't each very much, but thanksgiving you
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do let loose, right? >> countin' down the days. >> first, second and thirds. >> all of it. up next, grammy nominees announced today and big awards, hopefully for the san francisco symphony. stay with us. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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high schoolers in the south bay making sure families have a meal for thanksgiving. presentation high school donated nearly 900 turkeys this morning. they with hoping to set a record for donations, but they really want to help families as much as they can. >> i certainly probably couldn't buy a hundred turkeys myself, but knowing i can contribute the hours or i can drive them around or i can buy a couple, i think that's the end goal. so we're trying to do the betts best that we can. >> we told you they've been giving away food all week and
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they're going to have another give away tomorrow. we're doing our part, too. we kicked off our nourishing neighbors program. we seemed up withsafeway to raise money for local food banks, we nearly raised 230 23230, $000,000. justin bieber has something in common with the san francisco symphony orchestra. they both were nominated for grammys. they are the 25th and 26th grammy nominations for sfs which has won 16 grammys over the
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well, even with the fears of this winter surge that might be here possibly, b.a.r.t. riders can breathe easier during the
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holidays. >> b.a.r.t. gave us a demonstration in its workshop, the new filters will bring in fresh air every 70 seconds. the system b.a.r.t. installed has a rating of 14. are things going to get any better in the bay area with these crimes? the district attorney promising to follow through after the smash and grab burglaries. that story and more coming up on our 7:00 newscast. next on nightly news, tracking the toys. we take you along the lincoln logs journey. lester holt joins us from new york. tonight, the suspect in that parade rampage charged with five counts of intentional homicide as the death toll rises. the suspect making his first court appearance accused of plowing a red suv into a christmas parade near milwaukee. the new doorbell video
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appearing to show him being arrested, and late word, a sixth victim, a child, has died al tonight, jury deliberations under way in the ahmaud arbery case. in the courtroom today the painful moment for arbery's mother. president biden taking on soaring gas prices announcing the largest ever release from the nation's emergency fuel stockpile. it comes as millions travel for thanksgiving will it ease pain at the pump and how soon? the push for boosters as covid surges the u.s. now averaging a million shots a day and what to know about rapid tests before holiday gatherings the verdict now in how much the organizers of the violent charlottesville rally were ordered to pay. the deadly home explosion, among those killed, a 4-year-old girl the cause of death for brian laundrie, the fiancé of gabby petito revealed. holiday shortages. the iconic american toy and supply chain snags keeping it off


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