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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> it's a holiday tradition. city leaders gathering to both welcome shoppers and urge them to spend in the city. today, that message seemed to be a bit more urgent. after a weekend that saw more than half a dozen mob retail robberies. the crowds seem to be staying away. >> we're hopeful we will turn the image around. >> what's worse. smash and grab images and nine stores made headlines nationwide. tourists maybe rethinking their trips to places like union square. the mayor says she gets it. >> there is tough talk. talk doesn't mean anything unless we can demonstrate that we have actually followed through on what we say we're going to do. >> eight suspects have been arrested for the involvement in friday's theft. some of them repeat offenders. at least 30 people are believed to have been involved. the police chief is confident more arrests will be made.
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wants to see more accountable when it comes to prosecution. >> if i'm doing these things and i'm allowed to get away with it over and over again, what's the incentive to stop? >> also adding state resources and federal authorities are also involved in the ongoing investigation. they will increase patrol on freeways closer to major shopping centers. more police will be stationed in shopping areas. and changes will be made to make it harder for thieves to stage get away cars like friday. >> all right. another breaking news to tell you about opt on the peninsula. and attempted one. police confirm it happened at the real real. along university avenue in downtown. just before midnight sunday. 30 people were involved nd this one. this time police say the thieves didn't get away with anything. would be burglars started to break the windows. you can see it's boarded up. security managed to call 911.
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and police were able to make two arrests after stopping two drivers trying to get away from the mob scene. meanwhile. police say thieves did break into a nearby jewelry store. making off with $50,000 worth of valuables. this past thursday. no arrests in connection with with that. police stepped up the security as a result of the theft. >> we can continue to track the story on or web site. we have a time line of all the recent robberies across the bay area. in addition we have exclusive video of some of them in progress. you can see it all. how it happened on our home page. >> so, this leads us to our question of the day. this is it. we're asking, what do you think authorities should be doing to prevent crimes at bay area shopping centers? >> feel free to respond on twitter, facebook or instagram. and we may use your response at 7:00 p.m. >> other top story tonight. for a third day, holmes on the witness stand. a packed courtroom watched her testify in her own fraud trial.
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her defense team led her through a series of questions about how the company grew, and how it struggled. we're at the federal courthouse in san jose. >> reporter: another big crowd met elizabeth holmes on way to testify. not just press. dozens of people curious about the case showed up. >> this is historic trial. >> some even opened a boutique. offering the items needed to dress like holmes. >> as for holmes herself, she addressed issues brought up earlier in the trial. by the prosecution. saying it was her idea to use unauthorized logos from big pharmacy companies. on tests. saying she wished she had done it differently. >> you want them to admit to the bad stuff. >> she also addressed the goals and stumbles of the doomed roll out of the machines at walgreens. >> she's getting to explain to the jury what she did. and taking responsible. for certain things. and other things she is saying
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other people were responsible for. >> so far, holmes defense is basically come down to yes she made mistakes. but she believed in the technology. testifying that she didn't knowingly deceive investors or patients. because she thought it would eventually be a success. >> the trial resumes next week. thank you. a story we broke on saturday night. arrest of the men accuse of robbing and shooting a former oak lands captain. the men learned the charges they'll face. camera captured the october shoot out. three men approach him as he pumps gas. after they search him for valuables they check the car. which is when she pulls a gun. shooting and killing one of the suspects. they fire hitting him six times. the two surviving suspects and the get away driver are now charged with the murder of their accomplice and second degree robbery. one of the two armed men is
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charged with premeditated attempted murder. joiner was hospitalized for weeks but is finally recovering at home. >> announced on twitter today. peninsula assembly member mullen is running for spears congressional seat. >> i want to fight for the future of democracy and the planet. we need help as climate change brings rising tides. >> mullen has a lot of company. in running for the open seat. san mateo county supervisor. state senator josh becker and several more expressing interest. >> how the bipartisan infrastructure bill will impact the bay area. and we're getting it from the very lawmakers who passed it. house speaker nancy pelosi and four bay area congress members met with reporters. and union members today. at the plumbers and pipe fitters local in san francisco. representative lee had a specific example of how the federal dollars will impact her district. >> construction of the 980
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freeway. in oakland. isolated the historically black neighborhood of west oakland and cut it off from the cities economic center. we're now making progress to towards addressing challenges. >> this is about good paying jobs. for america's working families. it's about clean air, clean water. for our children. >> peninsula congresswoman talked about how the $25 billion california will get in highway funds will erase the potholes that she hears so many complaints about. >> a live look at the evening commute. the bay bridge. a little busy through 101 on the right. despite the record high gas prices millions of americans are hitting the roadway for thanksgiving. to ease the pain at the pump. president biden made history today. approving the largest single release of oil from the nations oil reserve. will that relieve gas prices in the bay area? if so, when.
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>> we got answers. >> i don't know. >> reporter: the president says he'll bring it down now. officially releasing 50 million oil barrels from the nations emergency reserve. >> to help provide a supply we need as we recover from the pandemic. in addition, i brought together other nations to contribute to the solution. india, japan, republic of korea kwa. united kingdom. >> it a promise of a global collaboration. that the commuters are hoping will help ease the pain of filling up. >> two hours. from my work. just going crazy. >> right now, the average price per gallon in the bay area is $4.70. for those who commute long distance on daily basis, like junior. that's about $300 a week. >> we can't go nowhere.
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>> economists believe we'll see relief at the pump. but will take about five weeks. >> now the price of oil is about $77 a barrel. maybe come down to 75. and roughly speaking we may hit hopefully $4.50 a gallon. >> and only temporary. >> the amount for oil is up. the supply on the other hand has been low. it will continue for a while. and release of the spr is not going to solve that problem. >> president biden also said he's asking the federal trade commission to look into the sizable gap between wholesale and retail gas prices. to make sure these gas companies aren't simply keeping prices high to increase profit. >> thank you. san francisco today declared a water shortage emergency. the city public utility commission is asking all three of nearly 3 million customers to cut back water by 10%.
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it's a voluntary request. goes into effect immediately. if it applies to you. cut back 10% of what you used from july of 2019. to june of 2020. declaration means your bill is going up. they issued a 5% temporary drought surcharge. the average customer will have to pay $6 more a month. beginning april. >> still to come. bart is trying to make it safer for those riding trains. how it plans on protecting you from covid-19. >> also. >> i wasn't really going for it. it just happened. it just one year went into the next. >> meet the woman who has been a part of the bay area tradition for 75 years. and counting. what she did last year during rt pandemic to keep the streak going. part of the bay area proud series. >> i'm chief meteorologist already a chilly 59 in walnut creek. and look at this.
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40s by 11:00 p.m. we'll talk about the cold temperatures and the travel forecast.
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we're back with the live look at sfo. the airports are busy. the roads are filling up with families trying to get to their loved ones for thanksgiving. san jose international says it's already seen a jump in passengers. the tsa expects 400,000 people to come through this holiday weekend. that's a lot more than last year the airport saw 125,000. also in the middle of the winter surge last year. the 400,000 number is still
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lower than prepandemic travel. it's a sign things are picking up. 54 million people nationwide are expected to travel this year. >> the clean up continues today after an am track train crashed into a truck in richmond. that collision happened last night. the train was traveling from bakersfield to oakland. it hit a big rig carrying cars. 30 people on the train at the time. luckily nobody injured. three people were in the truck. and the driver did suffer minor injuries. the train engineer also suffered minor injuries. >> bart is prepping for holiday travel. trying to stop covid from spreading on its trains. bart replaced the air filters with models that can capture viruss. it gave a demonstration today. they bring in fresh air every 70 seconds. general manager put that statistic in context. >> if i'm taking bart and i'm getting on it west oakland and going to embark. i'm taking that short ride.
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that means in that trip, the air in the car will be changed out five times. >> the epa says any filtration system with rating higher than 13 is good enough. the filters they instaled has a rating of 14. >> one of the greatest you will find anywhere in the country. why else would they call it the big game. >> exactly. it's a tradition that means a lot to many. for one cal grad, it means a lot more. she's been going to the games a lot longer than most. >> a lot longer. >> her amazing streak in bay area proud. >> just for those keeping track, this year was 124th time kag and stanford played the big game. the first one i went to. which means i am way behind carol's streak. >> then these are from the 1950s.
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>> when it comes to the big game, it's hard to imagine there is anyone out there with a longer history than carol. >> i remember every one of these. >> she was ten in 1946. when her father a stanford grad returned to the bay area. after serving in world war ii. >> he was given some tickets to go to the game. so my mom and i would go with him. and then later on in years later, it was just dad and i. and the score. >> they went to the big game in the 50s. 60s and 70s. they were there when lt band was on the field in 82. >> it shows -- >> she didn't even realize she had a streak going. until the 50th straight big game in the 90s. >> i wasn't really going for it. it just happened. it just one year morphed into the next. >> well, with this years big game, those years now add up to
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75. consecutive games. each year there's a tailgate. one that now includes carol's grandchildren. >> this is funny. >> it has become as much a family tradition as celebrating a loved ones birthday. >> fast forward to 2020. >> even last year. with no fans allowed in the stands. she found a way to continue the streak. >> i put my foot under to say i had actually gone to the stadium. >> she loves everything about the experience. particularly when cal, her alma mater is doing well. but perhaps the most important part of the tradition is remembering how and with whom it started. >> absolutely. he was a great guy. we had a lot of fun. and he instilled this game in me. i'm just so thrilled to be a part of it.
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and have lived long enough to enjoy so many great games. >> now for for those paying attention. you hear i said her dad went to stanford. when it came time for college, she went to cal. one of the things she said that led to was decades of good nature ripping and back and forth. she showed me the stack of envelopes. they send each other mail. write poems about why they team would win. unbelievably bonding thing for carol and her dad. that obviously lasted for decades. >> we can all learn a lesson from that. we don't always have to agree on something. or root for the same team. we find the commonality and the fun. it's like the games are the nostalgia through which he sees her life. >> it's the best of a rivalry. it's not the negative stuff. it's the good natured, my team will win. just gives it an extra level of energy. >> beautiful story.
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thank you. incredible tradition. cal biggest fan. thanks. the dry weather not helping people wanting to hit the slopes this thanksgiving. it's beautiful outside. however, sugar bowl the latest resort in the sierra to delay the start of the ski season. it was scheduled to open friday. it can't. it's too nice outside. conditions aren't favorable. north star and resorts are also closed this weekend. forced to delay the ski season. none of them have set a new opening date. maybe someone joining us now in the studio maybe able to give us insight. >> maybe the second week of december. or by the end of december. we have to get more rain and snow. that's really looks like when the pattern can change. really right now into thanksgiving. we're looking all good here across the bay area. through california and i want to give you a look at the national map. just in case you are heading to the airport tonight. we have a few spotty showers out here ray cross the southwest.
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storm system in the east coast. that has cleared out. couple days before the holiday, and this is great to see. no weather delays here at the airport. we'll get you a look at tomorrow forecast. i want to take it into the bay area tomorrow morning. and if you are up early, jacket weather. sweater weather. in effect. we'll be going down to chilly upper 30s in the trivalley. peninsula 42. and south bay at 43. more of the 30s over the east bay at 39. san francisco 47. and north bay 38. we start off on the cold side. i'm seeing the area of high pressure moving in for the afternoon. and this is what what's really going to give us nice weather. bright sunshine. we are getting wind though building in across the mountains. 15 to 35 miles per hour. i think over all this is going to be providing us some nice weather. moving into your thanksgiving. it's frustrating. it's keeping this storm track off to the north.
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let's bring it into tomorrow. south bay temperatures are similar. to matter where you are headed. we have the low to mid-60s. and not too many differences as you drive around. 62 martinez. back to hayward. low 60s peninsula. 59 half-moon bay. redwood city 64. san francisco chilly air. right over to the marina. 59 down to the mission. 63. maybe up to the north bay to visit family. ahead of thanksgiving. 65 here in napa. 64 clear lake. maybe you are also getting on a plane tomorrow. the national forecast in here. there's a lot of sunshine. no big storms on the map. we will have to watch out for maybe wind delays in wyoming. denver. also the dakotas and oklahoma city. you can see sunshine and los angeles. up to boston. washington. also new york city. i'm seeing rainfall once we hit thanksgiving from texas up to
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ohio. with the best possibility of delays over houston. with thunderstorms that could develop. back here in the bay area. 7-day forecast in san francisco. 60s for highs. 40s for the morning temperatures. next couple days. and right through the inland valley. not too much of a difference. notice thanksgiving. turkey day. we have temperatures down into the upper 30s. widespread. a cold start. hopefully you got something warm to keep your belly nice and full. and everything else. >> stuffing. >> gravy. >> sounds good. governor newsom taking time off for thanksgiving. he's not vacationing in california. where he is his family are spending the holiday. and who's in charge while he's gone.
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that's mad dam governor. there's a woman in charge of california today. governor newsom is in mexico on vacation. until sunday. in the meantime lieutenant governor is in charge. in his absence. the office announced the trip yesterday. after a visit to san francisco. earlier this month the governor was criticized for holding no events for 12 days and cancelling an over seas trip. he said he wanted to be with his children on halloween. and chose to work in his office. >> apple is taking israel company to court for creating a hack that could spy on iphones. apple filed a lawsuit today against nsa group. selling spy ware that can hack iphones for government agencies and law enforcement. this year the spy ware infected phones. activists and human rights and journal u.s.s. the lawsuit seeks damages and wants to block the group from using apple software or devices.
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>> high schoolers in the south bay making sure families have a meal for thanksgiving. collecting hundreds of donated turkeys this morning. had a big turn out. collecting close to 900 birds. higher than the last two turkey drives. they will send the food to san jose. the group is holding a give away tomorrow to provide meals on thanksgiving. and a friendly remindser we are asking for help from you. when need donations for nourishing neighbors food drive. we teamed up with safe way. to help put food on the table for families in need this holiday season. now it officially kicked off saturday. we'll did it every day all the way through christmas. this weekend alone the past weekend, we raised nearly $230,000. donated by you. this is how you can help. $10 donation at any safe way. it goes to the local food bank in your area. it lasts through christmas. >> nominations for the grammys
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. grammy award nominations announced today, and a bay area
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native has eight. >> her. yeah, her. at the age of 24, she's an industry veteran. got a recording contract at 14. already has four grammys and an oscar for the music she wrote for "the black messiah." joining her, justin bieber, billie eilish and john batiste. the awards air january 31st. >> i saw the rock 'n roll hall of fame inductees, that was a great performance. what's coming up next at 5:30? >> we've got a lot going on. the move by president biden to lower gas prices but really by how much? >> it's a problem, not just in the united states but around the world. >> why critics say it's more of a political gesture rather than
5:30 pm
a real solution. and new video showing what happened before a man barrelled into a christmas parade in wisconsin. >> everyone's just kind of showing support for each other and being there for someone who may have lost someone. >> we're going to show you a smash and grab robbery at a high-end store in los angeles. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> the price of groceries. the price of gas, that's something almost all of us have in common. a story that touches almost every driver in the country. today president biden did something about it, but how much will we benefit here in the bay area? let's bring in alice barr. >> reporter: as tens of millions of holiday travelers hit the roads this week gas prices are hitting the roof. >> they are really high.


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