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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, close call. passengers rattled when an amtrak train strikes a semi truck that got stuck on the tracks. a live report on the investigation and the frightening moments for riders. feeling the crunch. prices for gas, groceries and gifts spiraling higher. president biden's new remedies to reel in inflation and the impact on you, the consumer. plus. >> my wife got out of the way and by the time she did the car came within two feet of me. a parade tragedy as new stories of survival emerge in wisconsin. the powerful vigil held overnight as one close knit community grieves together. new information on that suspect. this is "today in the bay."
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tuesday morning to you. and a good morning. thanks so much for making you part of our morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's take a live look at sfo. the holiday travel rush is on. a look at the morning commute just ahead. first, let's check in with kari hall. >> in some spots it's foggy. if you're loading up the car and hitting the road and heading out for this tuesday morning now we are seeing the patchy dense fog in parts of the north bay. look at novato right now down to three quarter mile of a visibility. if you're heading in the north bay petaluma temperatures warming and we will see a mix of sun and clouds and after the fog clears out a really nice day ahead. we'll talk more about what we're expecting with the dry weather and your travel forecast coming up in a few minutes. developing for you this morning a scare for amtrak passengers now faced with
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putting their holiday plans on hold. this after their train struck a truck in the east bay. "today in the bay" cierra johnson at the amtrak center. this could have been a whole lot worse. >> yeah, good morning, marcus. thankfully every one was okay but we do want to set the scene for you. this happened last night around 8:15. one royal boulevard and chelsea avenue. that is in richmond. take a look at this video. we've learned that the people onboard said they were okay. they were inconvenienced and stuck onboard for about an hour before they were escorted off. many tell us they were coming from merced. some passengers appear to be college students on their way home from thanksgiving. here's what fire investigators say happened. >> a little bit steeper going over the tracks. he went over the bottom of the truck and got hung up on the track and got stuck there. probably the back tires came off the ground of the semi tractor
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that was carrying the cars. got stuck there and tried to work it off the tracks for 10 to 15 minutes, according to the driver. unable to do that. train came through and hit the tractor with the cars on it and cars went all over the place. >> yeah, that injuries. once again, no one else was hurt. those impacted were provided an alternate form of transportation. a slow start for those folks taking amtrak home but, again, everyone was okay. again, that truck driver did suffer minor injuries. we're live here for "today in the bay." >> it could have been worse. cierr, a, thank you so much. we sent out a push alert when that breaking news happened last night. you can actually download our nbc bay area app. it is free and that way you can get the updates sent right to your smartphone. police asking for your help
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finding a 13-year-old boy. here's a photo. take a look. union city police say he's 5'8", 135 pounds and black hair and brown eyes. last seen yesterday wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans. if you see him call union city police. president biden making a major new push to ease some of the pain that we're feeling from the rising gas prices. "today in the bay" chris pallone. the president about to make a big announcement that may help everyone at the gas pump. >> that's the goal, laura. the white house sent out a release about an hour ago and we expect president biden to talk about this more later today. he is authorizing the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic reserve in an effort to try and lower gas prices. just another move the president is taking to try to address the economy. leaving the challenges of the
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pandemic and the economy behind for a bit, the president and first lady pause to serve up thanksgiving dinner and gratitude to troops and their families at ft. bragg. >> you are the very, very best. we owe you big. thank you. >> reporter: earlier at the white house the president was serving up economic stability. >> i'm nominating jerome powell for second chair of the federal reserve. >> reporter: originally nominated by president trump. the conditions are there for the economy quickly to reach full employment as the nation emerges from the pandemic. >> i believe jay is the right person to see us through and finish that effort while also addressing the threat of inflation that is our families and economy. >> reporter: despite strong job and wage numbers consumers prices up, too. the average cost of thanksgiving dinner is 14% higher than last year. democrats are pitching their nearly $2 trillion social program and climate change bill as a remedy for the nation's
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economic bill. >> driving down and lowering costs for every day americans in areas like healthcare, housing and education. >> reporter: but despite current challenges the ceo of the nation's largest retailer sees a good year ahead. >> i think that we have a strong consumer, we have a strong economy. you know all the numbers reflect that. the employment numbers going up at a time when wages have risen, i think, is a positive sign for the country in general. >> reporter: a ray of hope for what has been a dark time for so many. and again the breaking news this morning. the white house is authorizing the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic reserve in an attempt to try to lower gas prices over the next few weeks. president biden has a speech scheduled on the economy this afternoon at the white house where we expect him to discuss this further before he heads to nantucket for thanksgiving. back to you. >> chris pollone in washington.
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thank you. new development in wisconsin. this is where mourners gathered overnight following sunday's holiday parade tragedy. people of waukesha held a vigil gathering at a local park to light candles and say prayers. five people died when an suv plowed through a group of people. 48 others injured. that suspect identified as darryl brooks from milwaukee is now in custody. authorities say that he fled some kind of domestic disturbance before that crash and doorbell security obtained by nbc news show brooks after the incident pleading for help and asking the homeowner to let him inside. new details this morning on the response to what was a violent weekend in oakland. it included a deadly police shooting and thieves firing at police officers during a robbery at a pot dispedispensary. not only that, but hundreds of cars involved in side shows. chief armstrong says he's making
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a new call for help. >> i'm asking council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city. >> the chief says he's working on ways to make streets safer including requiring police work extra hours and also exploring new partnerships with the fbi and chp. with the statewide drought showing no let up, san francisco is the latest bay area city asking people to cut back on water use. the public utility commission will discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5%. this is compared to what they used two years ago. to slash the use by 14%. reductions will not be enforced and no penalties applied. 5:08 right now. taking a live look outside. this from the east bay near walnut creek this tuesday morning. another chilly start to the day. kari has a look at our forecast. >> everything is all clear but we've seen the patchy, dense fog
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drifting around especially in parts of the north bay. that is what we were seeing this morning. grab a heavier jacket, too. right now visibility down to three quarters of a mile and about a mile and three quarters in napa and you can see the light touches of fog getting thicker as you head over towards eastern contra costa county. temperature wise in the mid to low 40s and we've seen the temperatures coming down and also have a system passing by. going to bring in more clouds and drop our temperatures a few degrees for our afternoon. going to be breezy. cooler day. but after the fog rolls out of here, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. and, mike, you can see that fog, too, on your traffic map. >> on the traffic map we can see it yellow and on the live camera low clouds right above 580. look how light the traffic is through dublin. this is very light for this time of morning but you know we're talking about a lot of folks traveling out of town or taking a few days off from the workweek and low clouds there, not a
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problem. that is road weather index here shows a clear drive as far and on the deck is just fine. farther out for highway 4 and vasco road and brentwood an issue for fog developing there. the south bay all the way up to the bay bridge not a problem and then in novato and in napa, lower visibility as the fog continues to drift through that portion. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up for you at 5:25. new signs the shipping backlog is clearing in california at least one key part of it. the ongoing response that may help your packages arrive on time. i'll keep the good news coming when it comes to shipping as far as in the mail that's going really well, too. why? because people listen. plus, weed on the go. the new feature from uber eats and why most customers will not be getting or even seeing the green light any time soon. on
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afternoon compared to yesterday. we'll talk about all the changes and take a look ahead to thanksgiving coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. south bay moves smoothly for traffic. fremont we did see a bunch more. headlights coming through the area. not really on the roadways. we'll check out the volume and any clustering going on coming up. good morning and good tuesday to you, as well. we were already seeing oil prices fall and now another move to push them lower. chris pollone was telling you about it. president biden ordering a release to the strategic petroleum reserve and not an unusual move for a president facing high gas prices. we did it in 2016, we did it in 2011 and 2005. in a statement by the white house about an hour ago, the white house said today's announcement reflects the president's commitment to do everything in his power to bring down costs for the american people and continue our strong
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economic recovery. but as we have said many times in the past, no president, democrat or republican or otherwise, has the power to broadly affect prices of commodities like oil. certainly not compared to the power of supply and demand. oil prices were already down. gas prices usually follow but it takes a while. as economists say up like a rocket, down like a feather. tech stocks got shellacked yesterday especially companies new to the market like rivian and roblox. the president would renominate jay powell as head of the federal reserve. we're also getting some good news as far as the supply chain and store shelves. part of that credit goes to you. stores like walmart say they're able to keep those shelves stocked as the supply chain loosens up. we were talking yesterday about how the price of turkey at big stors was not as high as you would expect from inflation.
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you could see video like this. this grocery store was selling turkey for 1.99 a pound. this is not a shortage, it's more of a loss leader. shipping is going well so far anyway. the united states postal service and u.p.s. both telling "wall street journal" running close to capacity now which is good they say because it's evidence that people are listening and getting those presents out early and they should be okay. now, all we need people to do is have their i.d. ready when they approach the tsa checkpoint and get the water bottle out of their duffel bag. all just listen. >> thank you. 5:16 right now. new this morning uber teaming up with a cannabis company to allow people to order marijuana on uber eats but right now the service is only being offered in
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ontario. >> interesting. this is trending for you this morning. much anticipated new dance collaboration. a lot of fun here. get ready. let's groove and get your move on this morning. oh, yeah. look, this weekend we went and played top golf and we were like, hey -- >> was this before or after you played golf? >> this was after. >> you still have moves. >> how is your back this morning? >> my back. but, no, we had a lot of fun. we do those every now and then. look, something to get you up and moving this morning. that's one of those songs, too. certain songs that make you want to move all the time. >> september does that. >> here we go. we're in november right now. >> that was above par dancing just go below par for golfing. it was good. very good. >> yeah, we got to get one with
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this team. i see every head said yes so we're doing it. stay tuned for that one. now we'll get a look at that forecast, ka, are i. >> we need to coordinate what song we're going to do. let's figure that out. let's get a look at our live visibility right now around the bay area airport shows the sensors and how far the visibility is thanks to the fog very low in some spots and, of course, the fog drifts between the airports, as well. so, you may have to deal with that on your way out. in palo alto making plans to go out to the park at 9:00 and 54 degrees and nice day for walking, but you may want to keep that jacket on. temperatures only make it into the mid 60s for today. some upper 60s for the south county, cupertino looking at a high of about 65 today and 64 in hayward. we'll see temperatures in the low 60s from daly city to half moon bay and for san francisco the mission district headed for 63 degrees. 65 in sonoma today.
5:19 am
so if you do plan on heading out, traveling, airport delays right now are looking all good. yet and there aren't too many big weather issues. right here scattered showers across the pacific northwest and snow as well up across the cascades and then we look and see what else is going on. there are a lot of clouds out there and all the weather systems weakening before they move in. so, we're looking at more dry weather as we go through the forecast and still all clear here as we go even into next week. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and now at the seven-day forecast. we see temperatures that will be mainly in the mid 60s. not a whole lot of changes here temperature wise. expect some cool mornings and seasonable afternoons with a mix of sun and clouds and for san francisco we'll see also temperatures in the mid 60s. mike, you're noting one dirty roadway. >> yes, dirty roadway. we're talking about 580. i call it out heading towards that richmond bridge toll plaza because chp gave an advisory
5:20 am
early this morning. sounds like someone may have spilled some dirt across the roadway. good amount reported across lanes from the richmond parkway and that span there, you can see traffic flowing smoothly towards that scene and you are able to get through the area. if there is a traffic break that i'm notified about, i'll let you know. right here getting from the richmond area over towards san rafael and still fine on the span and the fog in the north bay drifting around as kari told you careful for that and also popping up from our dublin cameras and the speed sensors are great all throughout the day's commute right now. back to you. it is 5:20 right now coming up "today in the bay." nbc bay area responds. >> short supplies and long delivery beat the supply chain this holiday season? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. first check out this post from mike inouye saying thank you to our producer tony.
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tony ran and got coffee and tea for our entire team because our coffee machine is done. he said merry christmas to you all. tony, thank you. so happy for that. we want to know what you're thankful for. post photos and videos explaining what you are thankful for and we'll share them right here on "today in the bay." make sure you tag us at nbcbayarea or any one of us and we would love to know what you're thinking about. >> our coffee machine is still down. >> hey, tony. coffee! >> thanks, tony. >> we'll be right back.
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a follow up for you this morning and thanks to feer lingering containers, plans are being delayed again to start implementing fines. port leaders say the amount of idling cargo has dropped since those fines were announced last month. cargo ships by the dozens are still waiting their turn to be offloaded now anchored 150 miles off shore. 5:24 right now. usually the biggest mystery this time of year is what is in that beautifully wrapped box. but this year the big question is will the supply chain even get you your gifts in time for the holidays? >> chris chmura is here to help you navigate around those detours.
5:25 am
>> the usual pipeline of presents from factory to store to home isn't slowing as usual. not enough chips for electronics and not enough people at the ports and not enough truck drivers. what can you do? here's our bottom line advice. if you have something specific, consider grabbing it now before it is out of stock. also ship it now. i have good news. the gift people want the most is not in short supply and ships pretty easily. gift cards. you can buy them online and they deliver almost instantly electronically. as-fashioned gifts you can, to guarantee you can get your hands on an item buy it yourself in the store and ship it yourself. you have to do that earlier than normal this year. if you want a priority box to arrive in time, you have to ship by december 18th. ideally wrap up your shopping and shipping even earlier this year. well, it's not just winter
5:26 am
olympics, we're also counting down until the 2022 paralympics in beijing. today marks 100 days from the start of those games and this morning we're actually hearing from five-time paralympian who actually won ten medals already. but still he says that the opening ceremony will make her nervous. >> and there is nothing like it when you're walking in with usa, your country, your flag right there and then usa surrounded by all these incredible athletes and coaches and just super, super powerful. >> paralympics start march 4th and you can watch them right here on nbc bay area. coming up next the top stories we're following today including california housing leaders calling for answers. why san francisco is being singled out when it comes to the housing crunch. plus -- >> you see us live here at minetta san jose international
5:27 am
airport before but it has not been this busy this early. we'll talk about the projections for holiday travel whether you're headed out by plane or whether you're hitting the road. this is in the criminal fraud trial and how her testimony so far may be helping her case.
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a recent surge in retail
5:30 am
theft. the new security measures at stores in at least one city are putting in place. and all of the bay area now in the yellow tier for covid transmission. will the trend continue? the new signs according to local experts. plus -- >> come two, three hours ahead of time before my flight. that's why i'm here three hours early. >> get there early from the skies to the roads, the holiday travel frenzy is coming up and the best and worst times to head out ahead of thanksgiving. this is "today in the bay." crowds are so much fun. good tuesday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. today is expected to be a bizdy aon the roads right there. we're looking live across the bay area. mike keeping an eye on the traffic for us this morning. he'll let us know what is going on in a bit but first check of the forecast with you.
5:31 am
meteorologist kari hall telling us how it is shaping up for us. live look in oakland right now and it seems like there have been a lot less people out there and a lot less fog, too. we're starting out with temperatures here in the upper 40s and still a cool start to the day and we're headed for the low 60s this afternoon. 63 in livermore. morgan hill 66. so, it's going to be slightly cooler than yesterday as a very weak cold front passes by and doesn't bring us any rain and you'll see a few more clouds in the mix today. we'll be watching that and we'll talk about your travel forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, kari. new call for consequences in the recent organized retail theft fearing shoppers and store owners across the bay area. >> bob is live in walnut creek and leaders want action while malls and stores remain on high alert. >> good morning to you, marcus and laura. broadway plaza we showed you this yesterday.
5:32 am
that road still shut down. this one through the broadway plaza shopping district and where the nordstrom was located, the nordstrom hit on saturday evening. that is when about 80 people stormed that department store and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise and they escaped in get away cars jamming the road out front which is why that road is shut down. yesterday nordstrom here in walnut creek closed early at 5:00 as a precaution. as you can see on this map we put together for you. obbed stores throughout the bay area over the weekend startingsquare in san f friday. walnut creek, nordstrom here on saturday and on sunday there was a location in alameda, southland mall in hayward. police were out patrolling at many malls in the region yesterday. last night extra guards on hand to deter any potential crime at santana road and they even had the guard stationed outside the
5:33 am
lululemon. a group one man with a gun in his waistband made off with $30,000 in merchandise. at the same time across the street $7,000 worth of sunglasses were stolen. the vp security services in san jose said it's seeing an increased call for its guards including from stores and malls. >> a lot of people think that cameras will replace security officers but it doesn't replace the persona and the energy that we give off. it does say i'm serious about my property and i want to prevent losses. >> how to put a stop to the surge in retail theft. governor newsom is directing the chp to increase its presence at shopping centers and increasing funding for the organized retail task force. bob redell, "today in the bay." you can head over to
5:34 am for the timeline of the weekend mayhem. we break down where and when all those robberies happen and there you can also see the surveillance video that shows some of those robberies. as soon as today, the questioning will likely get much harder for former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. she's been on the stand and so far her defense team has been leading her through many of the issues likely to be far more pointed when prosecutors get to cross examine. some of the terrain include efforts to security deals with the department of defense and trials that thernanos led with pfizer and holmes and her team had a desire to succeed and not defraud investors. we'll walk you through the trial as well as continuing coverage on air and online. stay with nbc bay area ahead of today's testimony. 5:34 and moving you forward. covid transmission rates
5:35 am
stabilizing across the bay area. as you can see from the map, a sea of yellow. this is all indicating moderate transmission. it's a variety of cases statewide may surge over the coming weeks especially with the holiday here. >> in fact, the central valley has talked to l.a. over the last day or two to try to get them to have a plan about taking some of their patients during a winter series. so, i think what it means is that different parts of california, same amount of cases but will result in different possible rates in the community from vaccination. >> he said that the number of severe cases in the bay area are likely to stay low because the vaccination rates are so high. live look at sfo this morning travelers trying to get to their holiday destinations already. this year looks more like a return to life before the pandemic with long lines at airports and all the delays in cancellations that seem to come every holiday season.
5:36 am
"today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with a look at how things are rolling out there. look at already the people behind you there, kris. >> i want to ask you to take a guess at what percent of normal you think we are at this year. if you had to guess. >> 80%? i don't know. >> 95%. >> really. >> no. shockingly, we are expecting to be about 90% of normal travel from 2019 this year. believe it or not. that's because this year looks very, very different. people are vaccinated. people are boosted. kids 5 and up have had an opportunity to have at least one shot at this point and there is no shelter order, as there was last year. so, people are feeling pretty darn good about celebrating in person. >> this year we're within 5% of the travel lines that we saw in 2019. when it comes to air travel, for example, that will see one of
5:37 am
the large increases we saw and over 80% of what we saw last year. >> so, here's what that is going to look like. 54 million people to travel and 7 million in california alone. one million say they'll travel by air and 6 million say they'll get there by car. now, however you're going to get where you're going plan ahead so you don't suck the joy out of your holiday. >> ver a little, i mean, you have to be very careful about it. like, you know, more difficult basically wearing the mask but i think we're going to be okay, right? we're so excited. >> all right. so, if you are traveling by car, aaa says the busiest times will be from mid day until 8:00 in the evening tomorrow and noon to 4:00 on thanksgiving afternoon and then saturday and sunday expect the roadways will be packed from 1:00 to 7:00 in the evening. plan ahead. now, according to price tracking site gas buddy, this
5:38 am
thanksgiving we're just cents away from the highest gas prices ever recorded for this holiday. so, it is possible that this year's travel choices may be fueled more by fuel costs than by covid concerns. but, again, if you are making plans, do give yourself more time. i'd like to know what you're doing and what you're up to. join the conversation on facebook and twitter and tell me what your travel plans are and i'll maybe feed the cat for you. >> water the plants. >> helpful. >> i'm staying put. >> i'm staying put, too. the family is coming to my house. thanks, kris. new this morning state housing leaders over recently rejected development plans. a live look at the city this morning. "chronicle" reporting the department of housing and community development is giving the city 30 days to explain why two high-rise propoals were recently blocked. one near sixth street south of market. 495 units.
5:39 am
another in the tenderloin would have added 316 units. the state is seeking the reasoning and evidence why supervisors sided with opponents on appeals after city planners approve the project. city planners chief of staff is among those calling a fair request because his department strongly supported both. 5:39 for you this morning as we take a live look out in downtown san jose getting started with your day on this tuesday. good look at weather and traffic this morning. meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast. cool start. >> cool start and also foggy in some areas especially in the north bay. i've been watching the visibility fluctuate especially around novato where we now see visibility down to a mile. you can see where we do see the patches of fog thicker as you head over towards the delta. as you're heading out in brentwood this morning, 44 degrees. it's chilly. once again, we have temper whiches in the low 40s. wouldn't be surprised to see some upper 40s in the north bay.
5:40 am
in fremont jacket weather needed for pretty much all morning long and we'll see peeks of sunshine. we're only headed for the low 60s for highs today. talk about more changes ahead as we go into the weekend coming up. mike, you have a crash in san jose. >> rainy days or perhaps ice in the north bay, none of that going on right now. there is fog. what we're looking at here north 101 approaching kelly road just before the 280, 680 interchange and a car spun out and hit the center divide and now blocking the fast lane. so you see the slowing from capital expressway and this is right when we have the build for that traffic through that section, as well. bad timing and hopefully no major injuries. we didn't hear about any so far. meanwhile while we track that in the south bay and we're watching that for east. let me show you what we did last night. the honor of being back on the ice with olympic ice skating
5:41 am
champion and we teamed up again outside under the circle of palm for christy yamaguchi ice and they always ask is she going to skate. she got on the ice and her nieces and her daughter and they're out there and she said i have to get out there on the ice with my family and it was a really cool moment and everybody always asked as she was lacing on those skates and she said my feet are sore already. how many years she had on those skates. >> she looks the same. >> exactly the same. that's amazing. that's great. greatperson. >> come on out, folks. christmas in the park. >> i love it. i wonder if one day she's going to go, mike, can you do traffic
5:42 am
for us. >> it happens all the time for him, i'm sure. >> no crashes. coming up, protecting the earth from approaching asteroids. sounds like a theme straight out of a sci-fi movie but it's happening today. we're in texas where the head of scientists at nasa walk us through the mission a year in the making. in washington the president makes a move to lower oil prices. we'll tell you if that will have any effect. plus -- ♪♪ >> back on the big screen. lady gaga biggest blockbuster debut. on instagram we're talking about mask mandates coming back in santa cruz county. our additional journalist abbie fernandez breaks down where people need to wear them. watch the latest episode of synced in by following nbc bay area on instagram.
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tuesday morning. you're heading out to chilly temperatures in antioch 44 degrees and kind of a cool day and we'll take a look ahead to our thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes. and today the metering lights have just been turned on and it's about 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. we did talk about perhaps seeing the heaviest morning commute of the week, if you can call it that.
5:46 am
see how things are shaping up. quarter to 6:00 right now. the white house is doing everything in its power to bring gas prices down. >> but as you said, scott mcgrew, the white house does not have that much power. >> the good news democrats and republicans are off the hook on this. the biggest influence so far on gas prices is supply and demand and not president. that said the white house said this morning that the white house will release 50 million gallons of petroleum from the strategic reserve. this is part of any president's playbook. we did this in 2016 and 2011. we'll talk more about it as we talk business in about 30 minutes, stick around. the president and first lady served thanksgiving dinner t mi and go because to sit down, once again. from there, the president headed to his home in delaware.
5:47 am
there we go. something he does nearly every weekend. now, we certainly noted how president trump left the white house. it was one out of every three days of his presidency at his golf property and mr. biden travels just about as often. not as far away only a helicopter ride and it is a trip home. roughly every ten days for president biden. it may be thanksgiving weekend but the select committee investigating the capitol attack is still issuing subpoenas, including one for roger stone and another for alex jones. jones said on his youtube show back when he had a youtube show that president trump would tell his supporters to march through the capital. he made the prediction several days before president trump actually did that. the select committee said it's interviewed more than 200 people so far. the fellow running for senate in pennsylvania for the republican nomination has suspended his campaign after a judge took away the custody of
5:48 am
his children on suspicion of domestic abuse. john parnel had been a front-runner to replace pat toomey and had president trump's endorsement. >> we're watching what is happening with the strategic petroleum reserve, we're talking about that and talk more about it in business and social media @ scottmcgrew. nasa is trying to do something it has never done before. trying to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to try to change its course. the asteroid does not pose a danger to earth. >> that's good news, right. they hope this test mission could save the planet from future meteor strikes. morgan chesky has more. >> you think about this mission and you say, i've seen this movie before, right. hollywood closer to reality here than anything we could have imagined. today at vanderburg nasa scientists are launching a
5:49 am
mission that has been years in the making. sending a spacecraft more than 6.5 million miles away to collide with an asteroid. all in hopes of figuring out what if any impact it will have on that space orbit. our planet not under any imminent threat or any others. all part of our planetary defense system that nasa hopes to learn a lot more about. >> this is the first test for us to develop a tool to protect us from incoming hazards from deep space. the technology that we're developing here we think in the future could save lives and protect property here on earth. >> now as that spacecraft begins its final approach to hit the smaller asteroid revolving around an even bigger one gathering images with an onboard camera combined with pictures from a satellite in hopes of understanding just how much of an impact this will have.
5:50 am
scientists comparing it to slamming a golf cart into the great pyramid at 15,000 miles an hour. send it back to you. >> thanks, morgan. trending for you this morning, money, power and greed. >> house of gucci set to hit movie theaters today. >> i subscribed to unconventional punishment. >> lady gaga, adam driver, al pacino all star in the film. the movie directed by ridley scott tells the true story of the 1995 murderon heir gucci. social media apps like tiktok. there will inevitably be more memes to come. >> oh, understudy. you were that close to getting that part. >> you know me and lady gaga. >> house of garcia. >> oh.
5:51 am
>> all right. let's get the house of hall. >> take it outside today. let's head over to palo alto. really nice day. we're starting out with cool temperatures and visibility is all good and we're also going to see a few more clouds mixing in compared to yesterday. you'll also see some slightly cooler temperatures today. so keep that in mind. but still really nice day for outdoor activities. reaching 66 in morgan hill and we'll see a high of 63 in oakland and 62 in vallejo and 61 is where we're headed up to for daly city for to seven-day fore near the bottom of the and goin through the next several days and 64 in maybe you're headed out. as of now, the travel delays are at zero at all of our major airports. we're looking pretty good and
5:52 am
not seeing a lot of big weather systems moving in that may impact your travel. looking at what's happening here at home. we have some showers rolling up from the arizona area and maybe heading over towards vegas but we're also seeing some slight spotty showers moving farther to the north and far northwestern california. that's all associated with the weather system that's weakening before it moves in. so, maybe some showers and even snow showers up around oregon, as well as washington. we are going to see this weather system weakening once again before it gets here. we're also looking at more dry weather all throughout the week. so we're not expecting any storms to head in at least for the next seven to ten days. i was even just running out the computer model to see if there is anything here. it is going to be dry. temperatures in the low 60s and slightly warmer for the end of the weekend and little bit cooler from monday. while san francisco will see temperatures in the mid 60s and that continues for the next
5:53 am
several days. mike, there's still that problem in san jose. >> talking about the crash, the single car crash we thought. involved in the original collision and north 101 and may be a box truck involved, as well. one of the delivery trucks and fast lane blocked and jammed up from capital expressway and 87 may see more traffic and folks use that as an alternate and you don't have to use it but keep you clear. mild back up there, as well. headed back almost ten minutes to develop the backup and we only see a few cars waiting at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, an urgent need for blood this holiday season. the red cross needs donors over thanksgiving week and into december. now, a few drives are fewer during the pandemic, of course. donations are down 34% from last year. anyone who gives blood between november 29th and december 16th, they will receive a $10 amazon
5:54 am
gift card and may win tickets to a private screening of the upcoming matrix film. much more no bay area rain in sight, our drought not getting any better. the critical steps you could take for the holidays approaching to help protect our climate. plus, ahead at 6:00, oakland businesses boarded up after a chaotic weekend of crimes. the new form the city's police chief. stay with us, you're watching "today in the bay."
5:55 am
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." let's talk about today's climate in crisis and conserving tips for the upcoming holidays. think about this. we don't have any rain in the forecast and you do want to cut down on how much you're watering your lawn. 50% of the homes water usage comes from landscaping and run full loads of laundry that will really help cut down on how much water your house uses. and thaw that turkey now. put it in the refrigerator and do not thaw it out under running water. that uses more water than necessary. i'll take one of these chores off your hands. >> most modern sinks these days use around like, you know, 1.8 or 2 gallons per minute. so, that's actually quite a bit of water over time. using a dishwasher as opposed to
5:58 am
handwashing can save 10 or 15 gallons of water because it really is more efficient and that is one really nice thing. if you're busy and you have guests, just run the dishwasher. don't worry about washing things by hand. >> you can watch this whole interview and find more on our climate in crisis on and post a link to our website and more ways to keep the drought top of mind this holiday season, laura and marcus. >> good advice. thanks so much, kari. 5:58. developing now in georgia, closing arguments in the trial of three men charged in the shooting death of ahmaaud arbery. prosecutors argue they were the aggressors who chased down an unarmed arbery while out on a jog. pg&e facing new fallout with regulators.
5:59 am
they fined the utility $5 million. this is for failing to inspect a high volten sausalito. another $2.5 million for missing an another deadline. our investigative team first told you about back in may. inspect more than 53,000 power poles in distribution network and pg&e says it reported the breakdowns to regulators and now compiled all of those dlinquent inspections. you can read the full report on our home page. happening now, governor gavin newsom is in mexico on vacation. he and his family will be there until sunday. his office announced the trip yesterday after he visited san francisco. earlier this month, the governor was criticized for holding no events for 12 days and canceling an overseas trip. he later said he wanted to be with his kids on halloween and
6:00 am
chose to work in his office. right now at 6:00, close call. passengers rattled when an amtrak strikes a semi truck that got stuck on the tracks. the frightening moments for those riders. >> my wife got out of the way and by the sime she did, sh car came within two feet of me. >> the parade tragedy and new stories of survival emerge in wisconsin. one close-knit community grieves together. feeling the crunch. gas, groceries and gifts spiraling higher. president biden just announcing the new remedy to reel in inflation and the impact on you, the consumer. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning, thanks so much


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