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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, security tightening at bay area malls. the extra steps being taken in response to recent retail robberies. all of the bay area now in the yellow tier for covid transmission. will the trend continue with the winter and holidays coming? the new hopeful signs according to local health experts. >> they come two, three hours ahead of time before my flight. that's why i'm here three hours early. hopefully you'll get there early, too. from the skies and the roads the holiday travel frenzy is under way. the best and worst time to hit the roads and the skies ahead of
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thanksgiving. this is "today in the bay." i got to say frenzy before it's 4:30 in the morning. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> going to get a look at that commute with mike but first the forecast on this tuesday. getting close to thanksgiving, kari. >> starting out with some fog this morning especially in the north bay. novado right now that sensor down to zero. the fog is really thick in that area. patches of fog through the east bay and south bay san jose is all clear and temperatures in the mid 40s. chilly start, but it will be a partly cloudy day and also slightly cooler temper whiches compared to yesterday with some mid 60s for our afternoon highs. we'll talk about our thanksgiving holiday that is coming up, but, mike, you saw flashing lights on 101. >> flashing lights getting my attention. over here, there it is. 101 heading north through palo
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alto through san mateo county and now a whole bunch of construction going on because of that express lane they continue to work on and make advancements with and a traffic break and head up towards that area in the next few minutes from palo alto because the crews should start moving. keeping that in mind you have mostly green and the nongreen is some fog over there and back to you. >> thanks, mike. we know the recent string of organized retail robberies leaving shoppers on high alert across the bay area. >> many asking what is being done about it. in some cases stores are now closing earlier for some shoppers to change their plans. >> the security is tighter than usual at santana road tonight. officials here doing everything they can to keep the customers and employees safe after one of its stores became the latest victim in a string of organized
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retail robberies. extra guards are on hand to deter any potential crime, including one station outside lululemon that was hit. police say a group including one man with a gun in his wasteband made off with $40,000 in merchandise. >> eight people run out to the cars across the street. i tried to stop one of them, but they kind of indicated that they'd be willing to hit me if they wanted to so i backed off. >> reporter: at the same time across the street, $7,000 worth of sunglasses were also stolen. police were patrolling malls around the bay area. the nordstrom in walnut creek closed early at 5:00 as a precaution. prevent this from happening again. 80 people storming into the stores saturday night and robbing thousands of dollars in goods. >> the police were called in. >> reporter: the vp security services in san jose is seeing an increased call for its guards including from stores and malls.
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we were there as they rolled out for the night shift. >> you want to get your uniforms out there and even heightened police activity. >> limit the number of entry points for the criminals and put a guard at the doors that are still open. >> a lot of people think that cameras will replace security officers but doesn't replace the persona and energy that we give off. but it does tell people, hey, i'm serious about my security. i'm serious about my property. >> reporter: this family at santana row spent the day shopping in san francisco saying the increased security helps. >> literally every block there was police cars and police on motorcycles and bikes. >> reporter: patrols that will continue indefinitely. >> ian cole, today in the bay. >> the timeline of the weekend mayhem. online we break down when and where all those robberies happened. there you can also see surveillance video that shows
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some of the robbery. as of today the questioning will get harder for elizabeth holmes. she's been on the stand since last friday in her trial. some of the terrain includes efforts to secure deals with the department of defense and test trials. ran theranos ran large companies and a desire to succeed and not fraud investors. continuing coverage on air and online. stay with nbc bay area ahead of today's testimony. moving you forward. covid transmission rates are stabilizing across the bay area. as you can see from the new map, it is now a sea of yellow indicating transmission is moderate. ucsf infectious disease expert says the severity of cases statewide may surge over the
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coming weeks, especially with the holidays here. >> in fact, the central valley has talked to l.a. over the last day or two to try to get them to have a plan about taking some of their patients during a winter series. so, i think what it means is that different parts of california, same amount of cases, but will result in different possible rates in the community from vaccinations. >> he also says the number of cases, the severe cases here in the bay area will likely stay low because the vaccination rates are so high. >> let's take a live look at sfo where the next two days will be the big crunch when it comes to thanksgiving travel both in the air and on the roads. even the experts are surprised at the number of americans traveling given the pandemic is not over. terry mcsweeney has some expert tips to avoid the rush. >> the battle against covid-19 is far from over. but tonight here at sfo, the wait to see relatives for thanksgiving apparently is.
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for the first time in two years, san francisco's with her two daughters and her mother for turkey with family. >> they told me to come two, three hours ahead of time before my flight. so, that's why i'm here three hours early. yeah. >> where are you going? >> vegas. vegas is always bad. >> it's a scene that's happening across the country. >> we're predicting about 53.4 million people are going to be traveling. that's 13% up compared to last year. >> reporter: in california, 6 million people expected to hit the roads this week, so plan ahead to avoid the rush. aaa says the heaviest traffic will be on wednesday from noon to 8:00 p.m. so leave later. thursday and friday the worst time is from about noon until 3:00 or 4:00 so hit the road early. saturday and sunday the worst time from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. and plan accordingly. good news for fliers which is the deadline for tsa officers to
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comply with the vaccine mandate. 93% are vaccinated or requested exemption and they screened a pandemic record 2.2 million people on friday. molly and her two girls are flying to florida for thanksgiving, excited but cautious. >> very exciting. a little, i mean, you have to be very careful about it. but, you know, wipes and more difficult basically wiping everything. wearing the mask. but i think we're going to be okay. >> "today in the bay." let's take a live look out this morning at san jose. live look dark and early this morning as we get ready for this tuesday. you know what, kari, today feels like wednesday which will be hump day because thursday is thanksgiving, which is kind of like a friday. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're hurting my head. >> basically, sort of week four. >> it's a terrific tuesday. it's tuesday. >> yes, i had to think about that for a second. all right. let's get a live look outside.
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>> confuse you a little bit. >> it is clear as you head here, but we had to deal with some fog in parts of the north bay and, yeah, it's cold again. so, the heater blasting, once again. we had temperatures at about 42 degrees in santa rosa and 42 in dublin and also 42 in morgan hill. those cooler spots. take a look at our high temperatures today. we're not going to see 70s like we did yesterday in parts of the south bay and drop it down a few degrees with a weak system passing by before we bring in more clouds and also slightly cooler temperatures. i'll keep an eye on this and we'll talk about thanksgiving coming up. mike, what are you watching? >> as you're talking about thanksgiving coming up and i'm watching lighter traffic and tends to be the trend and we'll see the same today and your biggest volume of the week will be today. fog in novato and zero mile visibility and we have on the road we want no problems reported but keep that in mind as we've seen over the last couple weeks through that portion of 101.
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farther down here on the peninsula no problems for 101 aside for the crews for their safety watch out for the flashing lights, especially through san mateo county. a lot going on there. dublin a clear view and clear drive for friday. back to you. >> thanks so much. well, with no rain in sight, our drought unfortunately not getting better. coming up later on "today in the bay." the critical steps you can take to help our climate. the electric chips causing shortages when it comes to the cars and phones and all the tech gadgets. we looked at the major step one tech giant is taking. make sure you get the items you need. shopping on twitter. the new item in time for the holidays and the celebrities getting in on the action. bay bridge moving along quickly this morning. how will it shape up for the rest of the morning, stick around, we have your weather and your news coming up on "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning. it is 4:43. as you're heading out, temperatures are chilly. right now 44 in antioch and we will see these cool temperatures through at least the next few hours up until 8:00. clearing today but we'll also have cooler temperatures. we'll take a look at that in our forecastoming up. we're looking at the san w over the hill or the high rise. over the san mateo county where there is still work going on for
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101. typical overnight crews and watch out for their safety and for our advisement let's check in silvana. >> good morning. wall street openlower. the markets reversed course late in the day as yields on treasury bonds rose dragging down tech and high-growth stock. the nasdaq closing down more than 200 points. in focus today, earnings from several retailers including dick's sporting goods, gap and nordstrom. samsung plans to build a roughly $17 billion semiconductor plant in texas. reports say an announcement is expected as soon as today. the facility about 30 miles from austin plans to create around 1,800 jobs although production isn't expected to start until the end of 2024. samsung also looked at sites in
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arizona, florida abehind in global chip manufacturing accounting for 12% of production last year down from 37% in 1990. twitter is hosting its first shot this sunday at 7:00 p.m. becoming the latest social media platform to embrace the trend. the cyberdeal sundays event is in collaboration with walmart and hosted by jason derulo. surprise special guest and more. already this month facebook announced and youtube expanded its live stream shopping with its own week-long event. guys, back to you. >> shop, shop, shop. >> a little variety show. >> you had me at variety show. >> thanks, silvana. 4:45. in some cases mid term elections
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are already heating up. ahead on "today in the bay" the candidates now jumping in to ouse seat. in the wake of-day halloween hiatus, governor gavin newsom stepping out into the spotlight. the reason you probably won't be actually seeing him for the next few days and who will be in charge. and it's hard to see with this fog drifting around parts of the east bay and the north bay. visibility up and down and you'll encounter that on your way out the door. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead coming up. you might not encounter so many cars on the roads the week of thanksgiving. this morning commute looking great across the golden gate bridge. not foggy here. we'll watch that and check on 101 where there was a lot of work going on.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. welcome back. 4:49 right now. as we take a live look outside. it's time near richmond folks headed out the door this morning. >> looking nice and easy out there. look at that commute for you. mike inouye taking a look. >> let's show you how things are from those maps because kari also talking about what i'm going to talk about in this first part of the report. we look on the left side of the screen. the blob over novato. highlighting novato. kari had readings zero mile
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visibility up to three miles visibility and fluctuated and fog doesn't stay in one place. we know that even if you're not a meteorologist. fog moves around. moving through this portion right here highway 4 and discover the overnight crews there also had that closure and should be picking up soon between stockton and discovery bay and that is going on tomorrow night, as well. should be clearing up and that does not affect the drive for vasco and kari flashing lights in palo alto and they just cleared and the crews highway 101 all good right now. >> all good there and all good, too, in the east bay as we get a live look at walnut creek. we haven't seen the fog developing here and 44 degrees right now. and we'll see the temperatures go from 44 in the next hour to 50 at 9:00. not much of a warm up. it's going to be slow to happen today and it will actually be cooler this afternoon.
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reaching 66 degrees in morgan hill and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. check that out. we're starting with a look at the south bay as we move over towards the east bay. danville will be up to about 64 today. also 64 in hayward and 62 in san mateo. we're seeing mainly upper 50s and low 60s for today all across the bay area, even for the north day. but a look at the bigger picture changing weather just to the north of us with scattered showers starting to creep in but this will just bring us more clouds. this is all part of a bigger system that continues to weaken and we'll also see some of the showers that move nearby just bringing in clouds and maybe some breezy winds. going even into the weekend it looks very clear for us for travel, going outside, any outdoor activities are looking pretty. in fact, i just ran the computer model out about ten days to see if there is any chance of rain and really not showing much of anything at all, which is not good news, especially seeing we
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had such a great start to our water year. well now as we go into at least the next week or so, we are not expecting any rain chances. as we look at our temperatures we're going to stay cool here. morning temperature in the upper 30s and low 40s and highs reaching to the mid to upper 60s and even next week fairly cool and sunny and all dry weather continues and we're looking at san francisco with our temperatures in the mid 60s and that continues into the holiday weekend shopping or whatever you have planned. it does look good and shouldn't run into any issues. now we turn into our climate in crisis. let's talk some easy tips for conserving water for the upcoming holidays. i know it's a busy time of year, but think about this. we just said there is no rain in the forecast and we're in this very extreme drought and 50% of our home's water uses actually comes from landscaping. so turn the sprinklers off and
4:53 am
run full loads of laundry that will really help save water and make sure that turkey is in the refrigerator now. do not thaw it under watt runni water. i'll take one of the chores off your hands. >> usually use around 1.8 or 2 gallons per minute. that is actually quite a bit of water over time. using a dishwasher opposed to hand water can save water because it is more efficient. that is one really nice thing if you're busy and you have guests, er. don't worry about washing things by hand. >> you can find out more about a our climate in crisis. go to and i'll post a link to save our water website. keep that drought top of mind this holiday season. >> great ideas there, thanks so much, kari. 5:53 right now. potential candidates already lining up to replace peninsula
4:54 am
house member jackie spear. two candidates have thrown their hats in the ring. the latest emily beach who tweeted her intention to run. this follows the recent announcement from san mateo county supervisors david caneppa. more names will follow in the weeks ahead. happening now, governor gavin newsom is in mexico on vacation. he and his family, they will be there until sunday. his office announcing that trip yesterday after he visited san francisco. lieutenant governor will be in charge in his absence. earlier this month, the governor was criticized for holding no events for 12 days and canceling an overseas trip. he later said he wanted to be with his kids on halloween and chose to work in his office. making it in the bay in some cases may be getting slightly easier. coming up, the shocking new trends in san francisco when it comes to the direction of monthly rent. first happening now. an urgent need for blood this
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holiday season. the red cross needs donors thanksgiving week and into december. donations go down 34% from last year. anyone when gives blood between november 29th and december 16th will receive a $10 amazon gift card and may win tickets to a private screening of the upcoming matrix film. we'll be right back.
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♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. some good news if you're looking to rent an apartment in san francisco. according monthly rent remained flat. one bedroom $2,800 and two bedroom to $3,800.
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possible signals the rental market is cooling off. the 49ers is partnering for a food holiday give away. takes place this afternoon at 3:00 and will benefit more than 750 families. each grocery bag will include turkey roast and fixings for thanksgiving meals. coming up for you at 5:00, how you can actually help one east bay family now looking for their young boy. plus, oakland businesses boarded up after a chaotic weekend of crime. the forceful plea from the city's police chief.
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right now at 5:00, close call. passengers rattled when an amtrak train strikes a semi truck that got stuck on the tracks. a live report on the investigation and the frightening moments for riders. feeling the crunch. prices for gas, groceries and gifts spiraling higher. president biden's new remedies to reel in inflation and the impact on you, the consumer. plus. >> my wife got out of the way and by the time she did the car came within two feet of me. a parade tragedy as new stories of survival emerge in wisconsin. the powerful vigil held overnight as one close knit community grieves together. new information on that suspect. this is "today in the bay."


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