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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai, and next up on the bay area, what will be done a the bay area, and how the are the stores adjusting the hours? union scare, and the southland mall in hayward and others. >> as the shoppers, this is kind of a shocking thing here. >> what can be done to hold the criminals accountable? one-on-one interviews with the san francisco d.a. and the santa clara d.a. and the mayor of walnut creek. >> also, their nose founder back on the stand. the courtroom was packed and we were there. we will tell you what elizabeth
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holmes said. this is nbc bay area news, and i'm raj mathai. not the holiday mood that any of us wanted on thanksgiving week. it is not often that we have a series of crime like this that impacts so many families and businesses and yes, even the police department. the primary what are we going to do about it? there is a bigger society question, but in the near term, organized gangs and what do we do with the flash mob robberies as they descend on the stores. you have seen the videos of them in the chaos making off with millions of dollars of merchandise. we have seen nearly a dozen stores hit including a dozen high-end stores in union scare. you have probably seen this friday night as the crews saw this unfold not at midnight, but 8:00 p.m. with families in union square under the glow of the
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christmas tree. louis vuitton with one of the many stores and burrbarry and today, louis vuitton is by appointment only, and you can't just walk in. and many luxury stores have boarded up or modifying the hours and the security measures. in san francisco, they are looking to change the rules of the road and making it hard forethieves to park so close to the stores. saturday, another big robbery at nordstrom store, and about 80 people storming into the store at nordstrom, and then ran out with a lot of merchandise. this is exclusive video showing it all go down. today, walnut creek is blocking the cars from driving across broadway plaza, and the police officers are in heavy pa el tro, and nordstrom is now closing earlier tonight at 8:00 p.m. yesterday, a few more robberies as they hit sam's jewelers
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inside of the southland mall in hayward, and this is a shot by a witness here. you stee jewelry and the chaos inside and this is shot by a witness at the shop next door. in the south bay, the police say a group of eight people robbed a lulu lemon at santana row, and we spoke to the security guard who saw a group rush out of the store and jump into the getaway car. >> it could have been a cutlass or oldsmobile, but everything was blacked out and i could not see a license plate number, because it was painted or removed. >> and across the street at valley fair, the police say that they noticed several cars with the license plates blacked out and the group scattered as the police officers is arrived, however, they say that the police as part of the group did manage to steal about $7,000 worth of merchandise from the sun glass hut. this is a bay area-wide problem. in san francisco, the break-ins
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are much common and the national face of the problem, and many people, and the sfpd are pointing the finger at the d.a. joseph bowdoin so much that he is facing a recall. he says that the crime wave has nothing to do with his policy. now, we are joined in union square with ginger, and what is that looking like now in union square with that louis vuitton shop behind you? >> it is much different than years past, raj. you have seen this area, and i have seen it is plenty of times, and right now, it is all boarded up, and the store is closed. they had one door that opened to customers who had appointments to let the people in, and they were very strict and diligent about letting the appointments in, and for those had them, they had to turn away who didn't have
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them, and different from the holiday spirit, and the christmas tree is up, and the holiday spirit is not really there, because so many people are outraged by the videos that we have been seeing over and over again, since friday night and over the weekend, and the armed retail robberies have the governor and the d.a., and all of them are outraged. we spoke the d.a. today, and that is exactly what he said, but, you know, he is staying very firm on his stance that he and the office have been doing everything to prosecute the criminals, and since he took office less than two years ago, and he has strong words for criminals who are planning to come back to san francisco. listen to this. >> if you are coming to san francisco and you commit crime, there is going to be consequences. from day one when i took office i have made it clear, serious crimes have serious consequences, and when the police bring the arrests and investigations that we can bring to the court, we can, we will,
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and we do file criminal charges against you. >> and so, ginger, there is a nuance to what his office can do and what the sfpd does and does not do. for so many people, his policies and decisions on who to prosecute, and who to let off, and does he shoulder any of the blame? >> well, you know, frankly, raj, in our interview, when we spoke to him, he said that he has done everything and his office is doing everything and using all of the resources they can to really prosecute the criminals. he reiterated the fact that he has filed more than 8,000 new criminal cases since he took office more than two years ago, but those are the critics, and those who have spearheaded a recall effort against him say something completely different. they say that it is the soft stance on crime, and the faux prosecution of some of the criminals and especially in the past year that we have seen that are attracting more of this type
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of the crime into the city. the d.a. is completely denying it. >> and it is simply divorced from the fact, and look across the bay, because we are seeing these crimes occur in san jose, in hayward, walnut creek, and so the reality is that i am charging the criminal cases at a higher rate than alameda, and criminal cases higher rate than my predecessor in 2018 and 2019 and it is nothing to do with the policies and the challenges that we as a country are facing. >> you know, raj, we asked him directly, you know, is there anything else that is left to be done, because the crime still keeps coming into the city, and mr. boudine said that the more arrests, the more he can prosecute, and so there is a
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push and pull as to who bears the responsibility, and are they making enough arrests and who they can prosecute. >> yes, a push and pull. so ginger at a quiet square which should be hustling. and a rare conference call involving the top city leader brass, and the city leaders discussing a game plan of how to stop this madness. i talked to jeffrey rosen about this. >> i can say that in the past we have had organized gang like this before who have targeted the retail malls in our country, and through analyzing social media, and other forms of intelligence, we have pretty quickly been able to identify who the individuals are, arrest them, prosecute them, and put them behind bars, and the same thing is going to happen here. >> you think that we can avoid what goes on in the shopping
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center, and most recently in the santana row? >> yes, as a matter of fact, there were a number of attempts to commit crimes like this in c some of them prevented by the police works in palo alto and around the county. we have put together a plan this morning to begin identifying and arresting the individuals, and prosecuting them, an shutting down the operation, and we will be successful. >> that is the game plan in santa clara county. and we talked about the criminals and just about the people out holiday shop, and this is supposed to be family time, and how do we instill confidence for families safe to go shopping? and it is nice to have the mayor on the program, and how disheartening for you to see what happened in your city over the weekend?
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>> what happened is not going to be tolerated. my family has lived here and my kids have grown up here, and anybody who comes here and shops is and dines here should feel safe. whatever we can do to make people feel safe will be done. and there are more police, and we will make sure that we do whatever needs to be done. >> what else can be done, there because we see the bare barriers there, and the barriers on broadway plaza, and is that the immediate measures to be taken place? >> yes, we have police out there in the shopping districts and blocked off plaza drive, and coordinated efforts in working with other chiefs and communities and city leaders throughout the region, because this is a regional issue. if it happened in walnut creek,
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kit happen anywhere, and we need all of the d.a.s to prosecute to the fullest extent to the law, and we want these criminals to be held to the fullest extent of the law, and for these serious crimes of the weapon held by felons and possession of the stolen goods as well as working in the organized fashion to commit these heinous crimes. >> and mayor wilk, would you take a long term solution to just block off the traffic, and make it foot traffic? >> i would say right now all options are on the table. and walnut creek has taken an aggressive approach to have dealing with the pandemic to have more outdoor dining, and so we want to take aggressive measures to have people's safety in account, and we are committed to it, have given the police all measures available, and we will look at everything to make sure
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that people's health and safety are being discussed right now. >> and what is your message to the people in the city who love walnut creek, and people in the bay area who want to come there? >> we will do everything that we can to make you feel safe and comfortable in walnut creek. we will have more police than you have seen before in the downtown area, and to community at large, i will say that if you see something, say something, and call the walnut police department and call 911 or whatever you need to do, because we need to find these people, and we have made arrests and we are going to be making more, and as we review the surveillance as well as from the indoor, outdoor, and cell videos and we will make more arrests, and say something. >> and we know you are passionate about your community, and thank you mayor wilk. thank you. that is bringing us to the question of the day asking on facebook, twitter and instagram. do you feel safe shopping in the bay area.
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polly marble says no, not safe. i will shop online and even driving around is scary. people are stealing and getting hurt. kelly harrington says, i'd prefer shopping online, because of the holiday fear. and this one says that holiday mobs reinforce my choice to shop online as well. california has to make the criminals accountable again. we will see what happens in the near term and longer term from there. still more to come at 7:00. in line to get in the courtroom in san jose and we will take you to the trial of elizabeth holmes, the owner of their -- of theranos, and what she said and what might come tomorrow. and also, what gold medalist
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kristi yamaguchi was doing in downtown san jose tonight. you are watching nbc bay area news night.
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and getting a picture of you? >> that is elizabeth holmes silent leaving the courtroom in san jose, but she had a lot to say to the jurors. the theranos founder was
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testifying for the second day in hopes of convincing the jury that she did not defraud the investors. and really it was the hottest ticket for people trying to get in today, and close to 100 visitors and media hoping to get one of the 60 seats inside. scott budman was inside and covering the trial since day one. before we get to the testimony, how hard to get a ticket inside? >> it is first come and first serve. >> and it does not matter that you are a local guy and you have been covering it since the first day. >> right. and there are about 30 seats inside of the courtroom and an overflow room of about 30 seat, and really, the overflow room is spacious, but now it is very crowded. >> what time do you get there? >> 4:30 a.m. >> what did she say today? >> well, it is her side of the story, and the team is leading
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her through the early origin of theranos, and the goals and the early scrappy days, and interestingly, raj, she started the talk about the early days of talking about the deal with the department of defense, and interesting, because she said that she had a deal with the d.o.d. which did not exist. and she talked about the deals with the theranos and the pharmacy companies which are going to come into play, because a couple of them with sheerer plow and pfizer are saying that she did not have permission, but it is opening her up to a lot of cross-examination. >> and elizabeth holmes said to the investors that things are going great, but the prosecution says that she knew that things were not going great and still trying to get money from them. >> that is why we are in court, because did she know that things were not working while she was telling the investors that things are very bright, an invest in our company. >> and what is the guess about tomorrow? >> it is the first full day of testimony for elizabeth holmes
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and a shorter day today, and the guess is that it is going to be going very long with her side still allowing her to tell her story, and the reason being that tomorrow is the last day of court before the thanksgiving holiday and the lawyers tell me that the lawyers for elizabeth holmes want her to go home thinking about positive thoughts about her and the origin story before they take the day off. >> i thought today was cross-examination, but that is not the case? >> no, they can't cross-examine until the defense is done, and it could happen as early as tomorrow, but they want to get to thanksgiving break on a positive note? >> likely. >> that is interesting, and legal strategy. >> we are learning a lot. >> as am i. thank you, scott. we want to catch you up on another story, and yet another surge of violence in oakland. and this is not just the retail thefts and robberies that we talked about earlier, but it is an extended series of thefts. it all started friday night with more than 100 cars racing through the city of oakland and
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some inside firing guns. the city shots fired registered about 175 round, and there an officer-involved shooting on saturday of a carjacking suspect. the oakland's police chief says he thinks that he knows what is behind all of the violence. >> i need help from the leaders of this city that in 124 homicides not one call for emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the city of oakland. i need some city council members to step up and talk about the loss of life in the city beyond the politics the of whether you support the police or not, there is a clear problem in this city that this city had to deal with overwhelming violence in the community over the weekend and it is unacceptable. >> as the chief said, 124 homicides in oakland so far this year. the chief says he is working on more staffing to cover the streets in these coming weeks. let's take you outside to a live look at sfo, and another busy day and evening at the
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airport as we head toward thanksgiving, and jeff is going to update with us this holiday forecast. stay with us. ersation]
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okay. we need a reason to smile here and nothing says holidays like ice skating and the kristi
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yamaguchi ice rink in downtown san jose is open. and now, the opening celebration, and he is our morning traffic guy. >> we have reindeer. >> and these are the good skaters, and not talking about you and me, jeff. the rink is a one of a kind ice track, and you can skate in and around the 32 palm trees right there in downtown san jose. >> beautiful. >> the rink is going to be open through january 29th, and the proceeds will go towards yamaguchi's "always dream" foundation which supports childhood literacy. >> and ice skater, and you are doing good, and the confidence is good, and then whoa! >> jeff is here, and talking the travel week, and live look at sfo and i flew in last night and it was busy at 10:00 p.m. it was busy. >> always busy. and it is going to be busier. looking at the weather map, and there is a weaker system on the west coast and no big deal with the travel delay, and the east coast system is moving out.
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so looking at no delays right now. >> we have not done this in a long time for a holiday weekend. >> fantastic with no weather delays a. and we will go ahead to get you into the forecast tonight. and look at what we are tracking back here at the bay area, it is a system that is moving in, and a little bit of cloud cover for tomorrow, and really a reinforcing shot here of some colder air. so as we are heading through tomorrow morning, certainly some sweater weather in effect. make sure to have the jacket, and the temperatures are in the 40s, and also a light wind. again, the sunshine to start, but as we head through the day, i am expecting some clouds through the afternoon. now, no matter where you are across the bay area, the temperatures will not vary too much. 64 in santa rosa, and 64 in concord and down the morgan hill, and mid-60s to the peninsula, and half moon bay coming in at 60. the seven-day forecast is looking fantastic, and whatever you have to do whether it is a road trip in northern california
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in the next seven days wesh don't have any storms coming our way, so that means that tomorrow, 66 for the average, and thanksgiving is 63, and we are dry with sunshine as we are moving into the upcoming weekend. once we roll into next monday, the temperatures in the low 60s. looking at maybe the possibility of the rainfall for first or second week of december, but it is going to be perfect, raj, if you have plans. >> thinking of the zero traffic delays, and thinking of that air traffic with no delays. >> so good. >> thank you, jeff. a decline in cases as the holiday season is here, and several bay areas are in yellow tier while other parts of the country are seeing the surges, and what is the reason, and will the downward trend continue in the bay area? we will talk to the infectious disease expert, and we will see you at 11:00. get ready for two hours of "the voice" kicking off at 8:00, and then "ordinary joe" and then the
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11:00 p.m. news. so for everybody here including the directors, thank you for joining us. enjoy the evening. we will see you at 11:00. moving the bay area forward. that is why we investigate. >> it is about helping people. >> digging deeper to expose the truth. >> it is about challenging power, and making sure that your voice is heard. >> and finding solutions. >> because progress means a better future for everyone. >> nbc bay area's investigative unit is moving you forward week nights at 6:00 and 11:00 and on all of our digital platforms.
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it was never supposed to be lingering. >> the blame game is starting. three people in this world know what happened. >> far beyond the bombshell documentary, only "access" has wayne scott lucas behind the so-called malfunction. >> ready for this? >> waited for this for like two years. >> talk to me about your best. >> as bts dominates the amas, there are so many more moments. you better believe it is down to the wire picking t


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