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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 22, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, chaos at stores across the bay area this weekend. seemed like no place was safe from targeted robberies. the new details about the latest acts that have police and shoppers baffled. it's been an intense weekend forarea's bob redell is live at stoneridge mall in pleasanton. police are telling us more about the attempted robbery there. >> reporter: correct. many more details now. good morning to you, marcus and laura. i spoke with pleasanton police about 90 minutes ago. they tell us overnight around 1:20 this morning, nine people
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broke into the stoneridge mall behind me in pleasanton. and we're going to send it back to -- >> this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good day. we're coming on the air because authorities in waukesha, wisconsin, are giving an update on the tragic incident at a christmas parade there last night. a red suv drove into a crowd killing at least five people and leaving more than 40 injured. police currently have a person of interest in custody. the chief there dan thompson, i believe, speaking now. >> on sunday, november 21st, 2021, the lone subject intentionally drove his maroon suv threw barricades into a crowd of people celebrating the waukesha christmas parade which resulted in killing five individuals and injuring 48 additional individuals. i just received information that
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two of the 48 are children and they are in critical condition. we have information that the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance which was just minutes prior and the suspect left that scene just prior to our arrival to that domestic disturbance. when the suspect was driving through into the crowd, one officer did disc at the suspect to stop the threat, but due to the amount of people had to stop and fire -- did not fire any other additional shots. the officers on administrative leave as part of the department protocol. no one was injured as a result of the officer firing his -- discharging his firearm. the subject was taken into
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custody a short distance from the scene and we're confident he acted alone. there is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident. due to the wind yesterday, there was a power outage downtown waukesha that further complicated our emergency response. i want to identify the victims that we have -- that we know of at this time. i say this with great sorrow. virginia thornton, 79-year-old female. leanna owens, 71-year-old female. tomorrow derand, 52-year-old female. jane koulish, 52-year-old female. wilmelm, 81-year-old male. the suspect involved in this tragic incident identified as daryl e. brooks, male, 39 years
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of age, who was a resident of milwaukee. at this time, the waukesha police department is referring five counts of first degree intentional homicide with additional charges based on the investigation. but those will come in time. there are many roads in the downtown area that were closed as investigators worked through the crime scene. those roads have since been opened. i'll say this. minutes after the incident occurred, i responded to the scene. and what i saw out of chaos and tragedy was heroes. first responders and the community coming together and working together on triaging victims, the fire department working in partnership with the fire department getting these victims to the hospital. fire department transported
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multiple victims. the chief will talk about that. officers picked up victims and put them in the squad and rushed them to the hospital and citizens also picked up victims and rushed them to the hospital. there's also off-duty law enforcement, fire and ems personnel that were attending this event who immediately got involved and took part in saving lives. i want to thank our community partners. i want to dispel some rumors. there's no pursuit that led up to this incident. this is not a terrorist event. i want to thank our first responder partners. it is a long list, and i apologize, we apologize if i forgot anyone. waukesha fire department.
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no words can express the partnership that we have with the waukesha fire department and how we work together as one in this incident. mavis mutual box alarm system. the chief will talk about that. suburban mutual aid response team which we call smart. fbi, atf, the state division of criminal investigations, school district of waukesha, the milwaukee police department center, wisconsin state crime lab, wisconsin state patrol. after this press conference, we'll provide a link on our website for any questions regarding witness information. if there's any additional video
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a citizen might have that can look at this link or any family members or individuals that need to recover property. the waukesha police department website is only source for information. do not release information from any other source as it has not been vetted and could lead to false information. thank you. >> chief. >> thank you, dan. before i get started, on behalf of the men and women of the waukesha fire drnths i'd like to say our prayer goes out to the families and the whole community that was affected by yesterday's tragedy. on the city waukesha fire department responded to a mass casualty incident yesterday afternoon. all 26 on-duty personnel responded to the incident from five stations. our closest downtown station was within sight of the parade route. our units started to spontaneously respond based on
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radio traffic and dispatch information. we immediately activated our utilized the mavis, our mutual aid system box alarm system to the second level to provide us with additional resources to treat the victims. we received resources from 12 area fire departments. we were also aided greatly by off-duty firefighters and ems personnel. medical personnel and just civilian bystanders. they greatly assisted us with their initial treatment and triage of patients. patients were transported to six area hospitals with fire department ems transporting 22 patients. law enforcement personnel, bystanders also transported additional personnel or
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additional victims to the hospital. at this time we believe that 48 people were treated at local hospitals. although this number might increase based on information being gathered. like chief thompson, i also had an opportunity, i did respond to the incident. got there just a little bit after the chief did, and based on my observations, very, very overwhelmed by the response of the community to this tragedy. people banded together to do the best they could to deal with this incident. last night going out and visiting the fire stations and the people that responded overwhelmingly, our personnel expressed their sincere thanks for everyone who stepped up and assisted with the treatment of the citizens that were injured. again, our heart goes out to the families and the victims of the
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senseless tragedy. nvd we appreciate all the assistance and support that's been offered to the city of waukesha fire department. >> mayor sean riley. >> thank you. last night we experienced a senseless tragedy. many of us were participants in the parade and witnessed thesew process whatrefighters, partners and so many others sprang into action immediately last night to help the people that were injured. for those of you do not live in waukesha, you need to know that waukesha is a community that helps their neighbors. waukesha is a community that takes pride in its identity and has a wonderful spirit. waukesha looks after each other. waukesha enjoys its celebrations and the entire community joins in those celebrations. we are a close community.
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waukesha is a community where many of its residents have lived for generations. waukesha is the type of community where new residents tell their friends to move here because it is so special. waukesha has held what could be described as a norman rockwell type of christmas parade for almost six decades. last night, our wonderful waukesha parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. last night that parade became a nightmar severely injured. last night lives were lost during the middle of what should have been a celebration. last night many were severely injured, lost their lives and all who were there were traumatized. we experienced a horrific tragedy. we have so much healing that needs to occur. waukesha, though, will not be defined by the horrific events
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of last night. we are a community that will come together. we will help those who experienced the loss of a loved one or were injured. we'll work together to bring healing. the healing needs to begin now. with that in mind, i share the following. our prayer vigil will be held tonight at 5:00 p.m. at cutler park. the waukesha public library, which is immediately adjacent to it will be closing at 4:00 p.m. so the public can utilize that parking lot. the downtown south street parking ramp, which is also immediately near it will also be open for free parking.w that me community want to help out and help the victims. the waukesha county community foundation and united way of greater milwaukee and waukesha county have joined together to create the united for waukesha community fund. this fund will support the needs of the family's impact and there
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will be a website on our page that will tell you how to access that fund. many people witnessed traumatic events last evening. if you need talk to someone, you can call or text 800-985-5990 to be connected to a trained caring counselor and they are available 24/7. that number will also be on our website. please only call 911 for true emergencies. there will be a resource center set up at carroll university for all victims from 2:00 to 6:00 tuesday and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. that information will be placed upon our website. the district attorney victim assistance program is also available to provide assistance and an that service will be shared on social media.
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our community needs to heal from physical injury and emotional trauma, and what was taken from us by this senseless act. what we do today and the days ahead is what will define us as a will come together and help waukesha heal. >> dr. jim sievert. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm deeply saddened by yesterday's events and the tremendous impact they are having on both our school community and the larger waukesha community. i want to begin by thanking our partners at the city and the police and fire departments for their leadership and partnership. we are focused on our kids, our staff and our families and making resources available to them. we stand with our community and are one of the resources for support as we navigate this tragic event. the school district of waukesha is providing internal assistance as well as resources outside of
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the district to support kids, staff and families. should families need guidance on how to address trauma with your children, please do not hesitate to reach out to the student services staff at your child's school. we are actively dispatching additional stop the our schools for staff and students. your school administration and student services team can connect you with our crisis counseling staff in a very timely manner. school psychologists, social workers, school counselors and community mental health providers are available and trained to support children and families in crisis today and into the future. i also want to thank our surrounding school districts, waukesha county, our local health care partners, the department of public instruction and the governor's office for their support of the school district of waukesha during this time. we also provided meals today from noon to 1:00 p.m. across the district and we will do the same tomorrow at the following
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sites via their main entrance. butler, horning and les paul middle schools and north, south and west high schools. >> we're listening to officials in waukesha, wisconsin, with the latest after that deadly crash. a vehicle plowing through a crowd that gathered for a parade in that community yesterday. you can hear in the voices of the officials, still the community deeply in shock but officials there doing their best to rise to the moment to attend to those who have suffered a loss or injury. and what we have learned now the dead, five people dead. they range in age from 52 to 81. four of them women. we also learned the number of injured now at 48. 2 of them are children listed in critical condition. the other major piece of news coming out of this news conference is the suspect. mr. daryl brooks. and officials say he will be charged with counts of homicide there. we'll learn more about that a bit later. want to go to tom llamas, anchor
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of "top story." he's in waukesha right now for us. what have we learned about the motive? we heard that there had been some kind of a domestic disturbance that mr. brooks was a part of. do we know how he got from there onto this parade route? >> we still don't know that, lester. that's the big unknown. and also the motivation to sort of floor it once he got on the parade route. this is main street where the parade was taking place. where we are right now, this was one of the impact points. the extreme dance team, that youth dance troop was out here. somebody is racing by now. that youth dance troop was right here when the car came rushing by. it was headed in this direction. an owner of a bakery over here said it was so chaotic. children all over the street. parents were screaming and then when the officer opened fire, it led to a theory out here that
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there was an active shooter. people ran to the storefronts and sheltered in place while they tried to figure out what was going on. other parents picked up their children and ran to the closest hospital. five people have died so far and two children are in surgery right now and the entire community is praying for them. from what we understand about the suspect right now, the man you mentioned, daryl brooks, from what we understand, he had gotten an insufficiently low bond so he had been incarcerated. able to bond out on what some are calling, especially district attorney here in milwaukee, an insufficient bond. he was able to get out. that might have been part of the motive is why he was running because he had a domestic violence incident and a prior one before that. that was one of the reasons he was locked up. he had used his car as a weapon before he had run over a woman he shares a child with at a gas station. so this man from his history, his criminal history was incredibly violent but now he's behind bars and more charges are on the way. >> tom, thank you.
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let me bring in retired seattle police chief carmen best. thank you for being with us. we're hearing tom's report and i apologize. we're going to cedric alexander who is a former director of public safety in dekalb county. apologize for that. let me put the same question to you. we understand that an officer did discharge their weapon in an effort to stop this car. how difficult is that in an environment where you have so many people around? >> certainly any time that you fire a weapon you always have to be aware of your backdrop. in this particular case where you had a speeding vehicle that was clearly causing death and mayhem in front of witnesses that everyone could see and the officer clearly must have felt he had an opportunity to fire rounds without any innocent person being in his line of fire. but i can only imagine, too, that that firing had to stop
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immediately, really because it was still a moving vehicle and you still had people on the scene. so usually your training will assess that you don't shoot at moving vehicles but in the case, in an extreme case such as this, this is entirely different and the justification of it based on what we know was well within his right, and he tried to do everything that he could to stop that vehicle from hurting and injuring others. >> the police chief there noting that the officer did fire and then stop firing because of concern for the surroundings and the chaotic movements around him. but clearly a lot of questions that will continue to be asked about the police response and what is known about this suspect and his time in the criminal justice system that led up to last night's tragic event. that concludes our coverage. we'll have much more tonight on nbc "nightly news." i'm lester holt. nbc news new york. good day, everyone.
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>> the special report from nbc news. but you really felt the heartache all of those officials from waukesha are feeling with the loss of those five victims. >> we'll continue to follow that. you can find it here at nbc bay area online as well as tonight at 5:00 for you. back to bob redell. he was giving us an update on the string of robberies we've seen. armed robberies into a lot of businesses over the weekend. bob is in pleasanton at stoneridge mall. you had an update from police. >> correct. police told us earlier that about -- not about, that nine people entered the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. they broke in. this was around 1:20 this morning, and the way they entered, they took one of the sliding glass entryway doors off the rails. they entered through that way. that was by the men's warehouse entrance. they believe the suspects tried to break into a jewelry store inside the mall but couldn't because of the metal rollaway gate. they left after about two minutes. police don't know if this is related to the other recent mob
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robberies but they are definitely looking into whether there's a connection. we also have new video in of cell phone video that a customer shot of eight people in hoodies robbing sam's jewelry at the southland mall in hayward. happened last night around 5:30. other customers were still inside the mall. the suspects were able to escape with the merchandise. on saturday night, around 80 people stormed the nordstrom department store in walnut creek. it appears to be very organized with cars blocking traffic, waiting to make the getaway with bags full ofise. police arrested three people. two for robbery. of a gun. last night walnut creek police about the possibility of another robbery in its shopping district. nordstrom's remained closed yesterday. tiffany jewelry store asked customers to leave so they could close early. asked the customers to leave early. as far as we know yesterday and last night was quiet. in san francisco, police
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arrested eight people in connection with the robberies of nine stores in the city. friday night. including a number of retailers in or around union square. some were burglarized. others vandalized. at a press conference saturday, mayor breed says her police department will flood union square for the foreseeable future and there could be changes for the drivers, traffic in or around the square. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> very aggressive attacks there. also new at 11:00, the violence continuing in oakland. police tell us a suspect fired shots at officers early this morning. no one was hit. >> police say those officers responded to a robbery just before 3:00 a.m. on macarthur and 81st. when they arrived, the suspects were already leaving. police have not said what type of business the suspects hit. about an hour earlier, at 2:00 a.m., oakland police responded to a marijuana dispensary seemingly targeted by thieves. this new video shows police
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investigating eco cannabis on telegraph. officers can be seen entering through broken steel gate 24 hours after police say that more anke into a overnight saturday. they tried stealing a large amount of marijuana. when two security guards confronted them, shots were fired. one suspects the thief was shot and is now in stable condition. the other suspects ran off. police say the dispensary was one of several targeted. it's unknown if the cases are related. at 3:00 today, oakland police chief armstrong plans to address the recent increase in crime including more details about the deadly police shooting in rockbridge saturday afternoon. it started with a carjacking in east oakland on fisher avenue near macarthur. officers later shot the suspect on ocean view and broadway.
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the suspect initially fired at officers and at the end of the chase tried to ram police patrol cars before officers killed him. no officers were injured. the suspect has not been identified. a lot of heavy news. now we want to take a break that. a refreshing look at our forecast. it was a crisp start but sunny now. >> it's sunny now. hopefully a chance to get out and enjoy that sunshine. get some fresh air as our temperatures are starting to warm up. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. seeing a lot of people just walking across and enjoying the views. a lot of people have people in town or will be celebrating the holidays with some extra days off. right now santa rosa is at 55 degrees. it's all clear and sunny but it's going to warm up quickly here over the next few hours. headed for the mid-60s there and a look at all of our high temperatures this afternoon. up to 66 in concord and livermore. we'll see a high of 67. and 72 in san jose. i do think the temperatures here
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will be slightly warmer across the south bay after starting out with some milder temperatures this morning. but we had a lot of work to do in the north bay because the temperatures in some of those spots were in the upper 30s. if you will be going out this afternoon into the evening for the downtown ice in san jose, opening ceremony in the circle of palms, our mike inouye will be there. it will be at about 66 degrees at the opening ceremony. and then going into the evening with some upper 50s. so hot chocolate will be perfect along with a couple of layers of clothes. if you will be having people coming in, traveling, here's a look at the current airport delays. it doe 30-minute delay but and it's also looking good, traveling across the region, across the west. we will have to watch out to see if the showers that we're seeing along the east coast do have
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more of those delays forming as we go into this afternoon. looking to see what else is coming our way. it's all nice and quiet out there. except for a long line of clouds that we're seeing. weakening system will be approaching the bay area. and giving us more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures. but still no rain as we go into the rest of the week, even into the weekend. it's going to be pretty dry here as our temperatures stay very seasonable. taking a look at our seven-day forecast. for the inland areas, once again a little cooler tomorrow. but even as that system moves by, no showers. just maybe a few more clouds. thanksgiving is looking nice whether you are having dinner outside. shopping this weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s. and san francisco will continue to see a lot of sunshine in the forecast. and some slightly cooler weather looking at some low 60s for the next several days. marcus and laura? >> thanks, kari. thank you for joining us as well. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00 tonight. >> you can always get the latest
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information at thanks for joining us. join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 for "today in the bay." >> 4:30 to 7:00 if you need to sleep in. you can also takous the road.
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right now on "california live." >> i'm with some surfing santas who are riding a wave of humanity. >> ho, ho, ho. >> and then a chef to the stars is sharing his thanksgiving recipe secrets complete with the best deep fried turkey. >> and malou is taking us on a safari that's going to blow you away. >> and check out this life-sized giraffe. >> ever wonder what thanksgiving is like with america's favorite crazy family? pull up a chair. the chrisleys are about to tell us. >> you don't cook at all, todd? >> notifornia live."


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