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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we don't get the snow here. >> look at this sunrise that we're leaving you with on this monday morning. a nice way to start our day. thanks for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with live local news updates. >> the "today" show coming up next. go good morning. breaking overnight, parade tragedy. a holiday celebration near milwaukee filled with families turns to terror and bloodshed. an suv suddenly plowing into the crowd at high speed. at least five people killed, more than others injured. this morning, police questioning a person of interest in custody and our live interview with an eyewitness, just an arm's reach away. finally free, two of the missionaries held hostage in haiti for more than a month suddenly released. safe now and in good spirits. but what about the 15 others
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still being held and how did two get out? the latest, just ahead. crowds and chaos, the thanksgiving week travel rush under way after the busiest day at the nation's airports since the start of the pandemic. this morning, the massive storm complicating that trip home for millions across the country. al has the forecast. new questions, new concerns, the tennis star who vanished after accusing a top chinese official of sexual assault resurfaces. straight ahead, her message to fans in a new video call and why top tennis officials are still not satisfied all is well. all that, plus out of bounds. the lakers lebron james ejected after elbowing another player in the face, setting off a bench clearing rumble. >> we've got isaiah stewart and lebron. >> the question this morning, will the nba's biggest star now face suspension?
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and back in the swing. tiger woods seen playing golf for the first time since his devastating car crash nine months ago. the video clip that has fans buzzing today, monday, november 22nd, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." it's good to have you with us on moa nday morning. >> yeah. we do want to get right to that breaking news out of wisconsin. officials say at least five people killed, dozens more injured after an suv plowed through a holiday parade in a milwaukee suburb. >> that chilling scene captured oren camera. a person of interest now in custody. law enforcement officials say he may have a significant criminal history and was possibly fleeing an early incident. >> in a moment, we're going to talk to an eyewitness who was right there at the parade. but first, nbc's national
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correspondent tom llamas is there with the very latest for us. tom, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning to you. this is very much still an active investigation. as you mentioned, police are trying to figure out the why, why this happened. they tell us around 4:30 yesterday, a car broke through some barricades, not unlike these, got into the parade route and hit several groups including a children's dance troupe, another group called the dancing grammys and a marching band. there were so many victims on the ground, parents had to pick up their kids and rush them to the hospital. the cheers and marching of a wisconsin christmas parade, a tradition here for nearly 60 years turning to screams and chaos. >> oh, my god!
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>> reporter: that speeding red suv ran in through a barricaded street and plowing through a sea of people, injuring more than 40 people many of them children. officials confirming five people have died as they worked to notify loved ones. >> we have multiple casualties, please. multiple casualties. >> reporter: the terrifying scene unfolding sunday afternoon just west of milwaukee in waukesha, wisconsin. the suv careening down the street at a high rate of speed. one video showing the car nearly hitting a toddler, the suv slamming through barriers. striking parade marchers and spectators. terrified onlookers scattering in all directions. >> i saw people on the ground and there's blood. it was really bad. >> parents separated from children desperately trying to find them. >> one officer opening fire in an effort to stop the vehicle. >> shots fired.
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shots fired. >> reporter: four senior law enforcement officials briefed on the matter tell nbc news that authorities in wisconsin are questioning a person of interest and that he may have a significant criminal history. those sources also say they believe the driver may have been fleeing an earlier knife fight. officials issuing a shelter in place order as they continue to canvas the streets. >> every continue to stay away from the scene. >> reporter: now this beloved holiday tradition on main street marked by ribbons of police tape. >> today our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news at this point, it's still very early, it appears terrorism is not part of this case. terrorism is not the motive here. but police are going to get to the bottom of it. there is a news conference later today. we hope to learn more. there is also a large digital billboard that has a message
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shared by the country. our hearts are with you. >> good morning. a lot of people are now coming forward and sharing harrowing stories. among them is thomas luka jr. he was watching the parade with his wife and 14-year-old child. good to see you. we're so glad you're doing okay. i know you were just an arm's reach away from everything that happened. can you tell us what you witnessed? >> so basically, we were sitting in our normal spot we sit at every year for the past at least 14 years of her life and then i -- we've been coming since 1998 when we moved here. and i noticed him coming through the crowd and i noticed something was not -- not right. and then i seen kind of, like, just people flying as i stood up i'm like, oh, no, my daughter stood up. i threw her out of the way and
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then i basically yelled get out of the way and my wife got out of the way and by the time she did, the car came right past me within at least two feet. i could have touched the car going by. >> wow. you said you picked up your daughter and put her aside. i know that your brother was there and thankfully he wasn't injured. what did you say to your 14-year-old when this moment had passed? what did you say to her? >> i just -- i wanted to get her out of the way. that was my main concern is just to get her out of the way, just to make sure she was okay. her and her friend. and then everybody got out of the way. if i had to get hid, i had to get hit. i was just making sure they were out of the way. >> what a trauma for you and every person who was there. this community parade that you go to every year. there was one witness who said it almost looked like this driver was intentionally hitting people. you know, when you have something like this happen, you have different accounts, what's your impression about that? >> that was his intention.
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i mean, where we were sitting and there was a float between us and the curb, he made it an effort to come towards us because he wanted to get around the float and just -- i don't know if it was to hit as many people as he can or -- i don't know what the senseless intention was, other than just, you know, going the speed that you did. >> there was so much loss in that community and it seems like such an intimate community do you know anyone who was injured? have you been able to speak with them or their families >> nobody from my family that i know of was injured or friends they were just luckily to get out of the way >> this is just -- it's so shocking, thomas how are you doing? how is your family >> we're rough, but we'll make its, you know? it's -- without quick thinking, you know, we may not have been here >> well, we're grateful that you
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you could to get your daughter out of the way we're happy that you are with us this morning thomas, thank you so much. >> not a problem let's move on now to new details on the story we've been following for more than a month now. 2 of the 17 members of the u.s.-base dollars missionary group held hostage since mid october have been released andrdrea mitchell has the very latest andrea, good morning >> reporter: good morning, hoda. this welcome news coming from a statement released by the u.s.-based christian aid ministries proves that as we rejoice in this release, our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held overnight, two missionaries taken hostage in haiti last month now free christian aid ministries now confirming the two individuals are safe, in good spirits and being cared for. the ohio-based nonprofit withholding any identifying details about the two for
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security purposes. 16 u.s. citizens and one canadian were abducted more than a month after ago visiting a orphanage in port-au-prince. among the hostages, children ranging from 18 months to 15 years old. it asked for a $17 million ransom, $1 million for each person this video posted last month shows the leader of the gang threatening to shoot the hostages if his demands were not met. while u.s. federal agencies have been working closely with haitia the safe release of the hostages, the white house has cited long standing u.s. policy not to pay ransom. mass abductions for money has become widespread in haiti in port-au-prince, it's estimated that gangs now control half the city. security in the country breaking down and violence spreading following the assassination in july of the country's president and a massive earthquake in august
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now with two people freed, the hope is the rest of the hostages will be released without incident in recent weeks, the american and canadian embassies have both asked their citizens to leave haiti due to a surge in violence today, the white house and state department are withholding further details about the hostage release, clearly concerned about any comment that would impact the release of those still being held >> andrea mitchell for us in d.c., thank you. now to the latest on the pandemic, with family and friends getting set to gather together for thanking this week and covid vaccine booster shots now available for all adults, there's a big push to get more americans to get that extra dose nbc's kathy park has that part of the story >> reporter: good morning to you. ever since the signoff from the cdc this weekend, major pharmacy chains like cvs to get a booster for those 18 and older and with growing concerns about another surge, health officials say it's not too late to get vaccinated with covid boosters now available to every adult in the
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country, this morning, some states are looking to raise the bar on vaccine status. the governors of connecticut and new mexico say three shots, including a booster, are needed to be considered fully vaccinated >> if you are vaccinated more than six months ago, you're not fully vaccinated >> reporter: top health experts say similar federal guidance could come further down the line >> i think eventually, this will be considered a three-dose vaccine, but i would be hard pressed to believe cdc is going to make that recommendation anytime soon >> reporter: the debate coming amid a race to boost immunity before thanksgiving. >> if you're vaccinated, and hopefully you'll be boosted, too, and your family is, you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving meal >> reporter: last week alone, more than 3 million americans rolled up their sleeves again. >> i don't want to give anyone
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else covid and my six months are up so this is my last st.ho >> reporter: health experts say get ago booster sooner is better and the bonus dose will become effective immediately. >> we know that just getting a booster alone the same week of thanksgiving will reduce the chances of your infection even if you've been previously vaccinated in half >> reporter: the white house says there are enough shots for all adults, but access to open appointments may vary. doctors say you may want to mix and match with pfizer's more widely available booster since moderna and j&j doses may be harder to find and with more americans getting ready to attend thanksgiving gatherings, officials hoping they get that extra shot first and the cdc is also reporting an uptick in flu activity in recent weeks. so health officials are saying it's important to get your flu shot and your covid-19 vaccine and it is safe to get both at the same time. savannah >> one-stop shopping thank you. it is 7:13 we have a lot more to get to
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>> good morning to you, as well. folks, the start of the holiday's week traveling issues are under way. a pandemic record number of passengers flooding the nation's airports and in atlanta, a scare at the airport there when a gun went off in a checkpoint creating a chaotic moment there in the terminal we're covering all of it including mr. roker's forecast in just a moment but first, tom costello joins us from atlanta hartsfield-jackson airport. tom, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. on saturday, this was a very different scene, indeed. this is the nation's busiest airport brought to a stand still on saturday by that gun that discharged at a tsa check pointed. the gunman grabbed the gun, ran out the door he's still missing, a known felon. today, this morning, the nation's airports and skies are filled with millions of passengers yet again in atlanta this morning, the nation's busiest airport is back
7:15 am
to normal after gunfire and panic on saturday. >> i don't know what's happening. everybody is running >> reporter: thousands of passengers running for cover the faa issuing a ground stop, temporarily pausing all aircraft operations on the ground it happened at a tsa checkpoint at 1:30 p.m. the tsa says an officer spotted a prohibited item in a passenger's carry on bag and pulled it aside. >> during that secondary search, the passenger lunged into his property grabbing a firearm that was located inside and it ultimately discharged. >> the suspect was 42-year-old kenny wells, a convicted felon he fled through an airport exit. while no one was injured by the discharge, three people suffered minor injuries during the evacuation >> came flying through and just were like, run, run. >> reporter: atlanta leads the nation in tsa gun confiscations, a record 450 so far this year
7:16 am
were more than one every day saturday's chaos coming at the start of what's pacific northwest expected to be a record pandemic travel period. more than 2 million airline passengers traveling each day over the thanksgiving period >> one of our first trips since the covid pandemic so we're excited about it and also a little nervous. >> reporter: while wind and rain could slow operations in the northeast, three airlines are feeling the pressure to perform after suffering operational meltdowns in recent months, spirit, southwest and american all say they're ready after amreniling their schedules and staffing up. southwest offered its crews frequent flyer points to work over the holidays. american has offered financial incentives to pilots and flight attendants, although american's pilots rejected the offer insisting mismanagement and antiquated scheduling systems are to blame >> history shows we're in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. >> reporter: weather and passenger volume will be the big variables today. american and southwest really had those stumbles irentce months because during the pandemic, they lost pilots
7:17 am
they lost flight attendants. united and delta didn't. united and delta have been struggling now they're in the week in which they're willing to prove it. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you. the forecast is the story here and, al, i think you have some good news. >> i do. by the way, flew this weekend to by the >> i do. st. louis and back american airlines, perfect weather, no problems, everything got through. everybody had a good time. and we've got some good news for you. here is this frontal system. it will be pushing through pretty rapidly we have some lake-effect snow. maybe 4 to 6 inches of snow on the lee ward side of the great lakes. that's the worst of it we'll get rid of that. let's move on into wednesday it's going to feel like december, but plenty of sunshine
7:18 am
we have some showers in the central plains, some light snow in the rockies again, not going to be a problem. look at the airports on wednesday. minor delays for seattle denver, maybe a little bit because of snow. detroit and chicago, maybe some winds. but look at this, up and down the eastern seaboard, and we've got plenty of sunshine macy's thanksgiving day parade, 9:00 a.m. to noon. mostly sunny, cool, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. should be lovely and for your thanksgiving day, sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard some showers and storms down through the gulf into the mississippi river valley out west, things look pretty good rain and snow in the pacific northwest. that's going the be the worst of it and we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:19 am
good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. even though it's a cold start, we're all clear. we'll continue to see sunshine, and our temperatures are warming up. we're headed to the low 70s, but most of our microclimates will be up to the upper 60s. going through the forecast, expected to stay nice and comfortable, and our dry weather continues at least for the next seven days. >> and that's your latest weather. guys still ahead, the tennis star who vanished for weeks after accusing a top chinese politician of sexual assault is back in the public eye what she is saying in a new video call that made ongoing
7:20 am
questions and concerns for her safety and well being. plus, inside the race to deliver during this holiday shopping season. this morning, our exclusive interview with the ceo of walmart u.s. on how the retailer is handling the supply chain crisis the higher prices facing consumers and what you can expect in stores and online in but first, this is " to
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we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. this is what it means to be more than a car company. this is what it means to be subaru. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. more retail stores targeted by thieves. that includes a break-in at pleasanton stoneridge mall. it's not clear what was taken there. there was also a break-in at the lululemon store. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. president biden will renominate jay powell for another four-year term, the white house announcing
7:27 am
that a short time ago. wall street seems happy with that decision. his main rival for the job will get the nomination for vice chair. powell was originally hired for the job by donald trump, although, trump later said he regretted that decision. powell and biden appear to see eye to eye on both issues. i think we'll all agree it's a chilly start in the bay area. let's check in with kari and a look at the forecast. >> after a chilly start, a nice and mild afternoon. expect more days like this going into the week. still not expecting any rain over the next few days, so good travel conditions ahead of and after the thanksgiving holiday. going into the weekend, shopping, or whatever you have planned, it will be in the upper 60s for inland areas. and for san francisco, we'll continue to see temperatures in the 60s with a lot of sunshine in the forecast going at least into the next seven days.
7:28 am
laura? >> all right. looks nice. thanks so much. thank you for joining us. another local update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
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7:30. this is the morning of the parade is thursday and guess what we did? some of its magic right here on our plaza. it's sprinkled. it's drizzling outside. and they're still riding high, including tiptoe, the reindeer, the parade's first ever balloon puppet. hats off to the handlers, man, that's work. >> al's forecast is real good for the parade. >> it's going to be great on thursday. let's get to your headlines. 7:30 monday morning. kyle rittenhouse is speaking out
7:31 am
for the first time since he was acquitted on friday in the fatal shooting of two men in kenosha, wisconsin. it happened last year. rittenhouse tells fox news host tucker carlson that he supports the black lives matter movement. >> this case had nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating. >> a crowd gathered in kenosha yesterday to protest friday's verdict. closing arguments are set to begin today in the murder trial of the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. they are facing murder and aggravated assault charges. defense attorneys argue the men were attempting to detain
7:32 am
arbery. they said they believe he was a burglar. if convicted, the three men face life in prison. to the nba, lakers superstar lebron james was ejected from a game sunday night after a bloody confrontation with pistons forward isaiah stewart. take a look. >> they're looking to get something in the way of shooting. uh-oh. we've got isaiah stewart and lebron. isaiah wants some of him. isaiah is not going away. >> no. isaiah stewart not backing down. repeatedly trying to shake off his teammates that were trying to hold him back so he could not go after james. the brouhaha all stems from an incident a few seconds earlier from a free throw. there's the free throw there. the two men got tangled up when lebron walked stewart in his face causing him to bleed. both players were ejected. eventually, peace was restored and the lakers would go on to win that game, 121-116.
7:33 am
>> not a good look. meantime would be there are still more questions than answers centering around the chinese tennis star who vanished after accusing a top politician of sexual assault. >> she's now resurfaced in a video call, but the women's tennis association says that does not alleviate the concern. janice mackey is in beijing with more on this. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the world has been asking where is peng shuai. over the last few days, the tennis star has been seen, but there is serious concern around her safety and her apparent silence. this morning, lingering questions around chinese tennis star peng shuai who dropped from public view weeks ago when she accused a communist party member of sexual assault. the ioc saying peng told thomas faust that she is, quote, safe
7:34 am
and well, but would like to have her privacy respected at this time. the ioc statement doesn't refer at all to the sex assault allegation or why there was concern for her in the first place. china's government has said nothing about peng's accusation or her miss serious absence. over the weekend, a handful of state twitter media account offered a parade of images that peng was fine. in videos that cannot be verified, peng is featured he at a kid's tennis tournament. another video appears to show peng at a restaurant with a group. in the video, there was a lot of talk about the date. yet in the blitz of being seen, peng is never heard. this forensic expert thinks the videos could have been manipulated. he sees variations in shadows and skin tones >> the only way i can verify is seeing that person in real life. other than this, multi media
7:35 am
doesn't mean anything. >> reporter: the women's tennis association says it cannot reach peng while it's positive to see her, a statement says, illustrate remains unclear if she's free. the wta is threatening to pull all its tournaments from china the ioc has been under the microscope to pressure chinese authorities to guarantee peng shui a i is safe a question that for many remains unclear. what is certain, though, is one of china's most praised athletes has been largely erased from the internet here and there's barely a whiff of news coverage of what has become an international scandal. >> interesting developments, janice thank you very much. when we come back, with the holiday season in full swing, will retailers be able to keep up with command? >> look who is here. steph ruhle with the interview with the ceo of walmart, prices and what it all means for your family, coming up.
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your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. we're back 7:39 with our network wide series, race to deliver focussing on the many issues facing holiday shoppers this year >> and this morning, an exclusive conversation with the ceo of walmart u.s., offering his take on what we can expect as we shopping for thanksgiving staples and those black friday deals. with him good morning >> good morning, guys. for tens of millions of americans planning to shop in stores or online, this week you could be worried about whether discounts are going to be deep enough but here is the good news. the supply chain crutch appears
7:41 am
to be easing, and america's largest retailer wants you to know they are stocked and ready. this holiday season, consumers nationwide but will retailers be able to keep up? the head of walmart u.s. says they're ready. >> our team has been extremely creative the last few months figuring out how to manage the shortages. >> walmart, among other retail giants like target and costco, chartering their own ships to get around historic congestion at cargo ports, helping to take control of cost pressures throughout the supply chain. >> you're at walmart, you can expect for a family to be able to buy a thanksgiving meal for about $39. that's about $14 less on average than what customers around this country. >> is it more money than that same family paid last year >> this morning, they have turkeys for 87 cents a pound so we're still in really good shape
7:42 am
on price relative to where we were a year ago. certainly there's a bit of inflation that has come through. for the most part, we're going to fight hard to ensure we have great value for our customers. >> nationwide, the average cost of a thanksgiving dinner is up 4% compared to last year if you're buying online, apparel prices are up nearly 10% tools and home improvement a popular gift giving category are up more than 4%. so far, price hikes aren't scaring shoppers away. last month, sales far exceeded expectations rising at their fastest pace since march how much do you think we're struggling if you're saying demand is there and prices aren't up that much >> we see a strong consumer around the country certainly we see strong demand we know that incomes are higher than they were a year ago. we think that customers are generally in pretty good shape as we go into the holidays
7:43 am
>> we're proud of the fact that we source about two-thirds of what we sell here in the united states that is sold to us from that is sold to us from suppliers that range everything from large multi national companies to start-ups and very smart companies. we're bullish on the position of small business here in the country. >> good news, supply chain woes are about to ease up >> we have a strong consumer we have a strong economy but we've got a lot of work to do we've got six important weeks ahead of us as we get into the christmas season >> the bottom line here, it will certainly be harder for many people to afford the kinds of things they bought in the past for the average consumer, you should not be panicked and the supply chain challenges
7:44 am
have meant that big companies like walmart are now turning to domestic manufacturers and producers and that is great for american business. the big question now, how can the corner retail store compete? >> you could start to see small american manufacturers make a real come back you don't need a cargo ship to get something from tallahassee it's good to see walmart is interested in that, as well. let's go to the weather and see what's going on. >> we've got a. >> green bay, 6. single digits in chicago columbus, 29 degrees for tomorrow morning, it's going to feel awfully chilly here in new york city. 25 degrees 23 down in washington, d.c pittsburgh, air temperature of 24 windchill of 18 degrees. and that's going to be finally starting to moderate as we get into the middle of next week
7:45 am
now, out west, we've got a real fire danger out there. 12 million people impacted, dry air, warm temperatures, low humidity and strong gusty winds, including southern california. those offshore santa ana winds, temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above average tomorrow, those winds shift, come more on shore and it's cooler and temperatures get back to normal, cooler than average that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as you're heading out the door this morning, it feels very chilly. we've had temperatures starting out in the upper 30s and low 40s. and then going into this afternoon, it will be a comfortable one with high of 68 in oakland and san rafael. reaching 64 in livermore. our dry weather continues at least into the weekend.
7:46 am
>> and that is your latest weather. guys coming up next, a swing that has the golf world talking, folks. the first video of tiger woods playing golf since that february car crash. what he is saying about his recovery we'll have that for you, right after this
7:47 am
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7:50 am
has posted a video of getting back into the swing of things. the golf legend sharing this hopeful video with a two-word message, making progress the short clip shows the 45-year-old wearing a black compression sleeve on his right leg, a reminder of the long recovery still in process. in february, woods flipped his car after driving nearly double the speed limit, colliding with a tree at 75 miles per hour. >> we have a rollover with someone trapped. >> woods was hospitalized for three weeks. the accident leaving him severely injured
7:51 am
surgeons stabilized his right leg and foot with a rod and screws for months, the golfer has been undergoing physical therapy. in april, he shared this photo appearing in crutches and last month he was spotted at his son's golf tournaments standing on his own this new video sparking hope and hype >> it may be the single most significant golf swing of 2021 and now the speculation will begin. >> woods has beaten the odds before, winning the u.s. open in 2008 with an injured left leg and returning after multiple back surgeries to win his fifth master necessary 2019, one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the sport many now hopeful he can do it again. >> we didn't see him at max speed with a driver, but it looked good. so i think at a minimum, it signals that he wants to play again and he's capable of playing again. >> in an interview earlier this year, tiger said he's taking his recovery one step at a time and wouldn't comment on any future golf plans, but some are
7:52 am
speculating whether he might appear at a father/son golf tournament scheduled for next month. >> that's a very good. >> he'll be back tiger always comes back. >> a nice entry. nice entry we'll see what happens guys, still ahead, we have steals and deals with professionals and everyone you need to shop for jennifer lopez appeared wedding ready at the amas. we'll have much more on her standout performance and the nice other highlights. woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪
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a very good morning to you. it's 7:56, and here's what's happening right now. president biden will renominate fed chairman jay powell for another four-year term, the white house announcing that a short time ago. wall street seems happy with that decision. powell is a known entity. his main rival for the job will get the nomination for vice chair. powell was originally hired for the job by donald trump, though trump later said he regretted that decision. powell and biden appear to see eye to eye on most issues. let's get a look at the forecast for this monday morning. a chilly start, kari. >> chilly, but there's sunshine.
7:57 am
as you're stepping out the door, you do need a heavier jacket. a little bit breezy at the golden gate bridge. we'll see our temperatures headed for the upper 60s for the inland areas. all good for your holiday travel. in to the weekend, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s if you're headed out shopping. san francisco will see temperatures continue to reach into the 60s. a little bit cooler for the next couple of days. laura? >> thank you. thank you for joining us as well. we'll see you in another half hour.
7:58 am
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! s mrs. claus the shopping longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, breaking overnight, parade tragedy at least five are dead, more than 40 injured after a crowd plowed through a wisconsin parade >> tragedy in what should have been a you community celebration. >> a person of interest now in custody. we've live with the latest plus, out of this world. >> three, two, one -- >> as we kick off our thanks in living series, we'll take a look back at hayley arceneaux's story.
8:01 am
>> i know someone that is an astronaut, they lived similar experiences i have, that makes me think i can do anything i want >> then, blown away. the countdown is on for the macy's thanksgiving day parade just three days from now just ahead, a sneak peek at some of this year's balloons live on our plaza. and music's big night. a look at last night's american music awards from the big winners. >> oh, my god. this is so cool. >> to the major moments. >> could you please come see my daughter you've got to see what i can do and i'm going the try to make christmas happen, i promise. >> we have it all today, monday, november 22nd, 2021. >> visiting the holiday week in
8:02 am
new york >> from the woodlands, texas >> celebrating haley brooks sweet 16 >> good morning to our sister, livi, we love you. >> hello, arkansas >> traveling all the way from honolulu, hawaii, to be here >> today >> aloha, good morning >> welcome to "today." it is nice to have you along with us on a holiday week, monday morning >> how about those macy's balloons out there on our plaza. pretty cool. >> we have parade level crowds out there. but it's 8:00 now, monday morning, lots to get to. and the violent end to a holiday celebration in waukesha, wisconsin, has authorities searching for answers. killed, dozens more injured when an suv barrelled through a community christmas parade tom llamas is there and he has the latest on what's happening and the suspect in custody
8:03 am
tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you police are still on the scene here this entire main street area is closed this morning. the schools here are closed, as well, because so many children were affected, so many children were unfortunately hit in this accident been we're getting some new reporting about some of the victims. the arch dioceses seas several schools kids from their school was hit and a priest, as well. also the dancing grannies, one of the groups marching in the parade, we have a statement from their facebook page and it's very sad the screen reads those who died were extremely passionate grannies their eyes gleamed the joy of being a granny they were the glue that held us together so one of the groups affected at least among those killed were those dancing grannies we know a children's dance troupe was affected. it was so chaotic, parents had to literally picked up their
8:04 am
kids and rush them to the hospital we spoke to an eyewitness earlier who says without a doubt, the person who was driving that car, the man now in custody, definitely was trying to hit people. >> that was his intention. where we were sitting and there was a float between us and the curb, he made an effort to come towards us because he wanted to get around the float and just -- i don't know if it was to hit as many people as he can or -- i don't know what the senseless intention was, other than just, you know, going the speed that he did >> now sources who have been briefed on this investigation say on thor onset of this right now, it doesn't appear that terrorism, right, is part of this, the motive but everyone wants to know why this happened, why this driver did that, why they would go into this parade that is part of this community. there will be a press conference later this afternoon we hope to get some answers then savannah
8:05 am
>> tom, thank you. now to atlanta and the search for a suspect who caused mass chaos at the airport just as the busy holiday travel season gets under way. nbc's tom costello is at the airport for us right now tom, what is the latest? >> yeah. well, the airport is operating normally today, but this happened on saturday and it did bring this airport, the nation's busiest to a stand still 1:30 in the afternoon. the tsa says they were screening bags and an officer spotted something in the bag that doesn't look right he pulled that bag aside sudden lay suspect lung dollars for that bag and inside that bag was a gun. the gun discharged the tsa thinks it was accidentally discharged, but the suspect then grabbed the gun and ran through an airport exit. the police say they know who that suspect is. 42-year-old kenny wells, a known felon here in the atlanta area he has multiple warrants out for his arrest still missing. at the airport saturday, it took
8:06 am
hours to recovery and bring the operations back to normal. many passengers were delayed today, though, operations are normal and now expecting nationwide this week more than 2 million airline passengers every single day that will be a post 2019, a pandemic record with airline passengers coming back in a big way. >> we'll have much more on the holiday rush at the airports tomorrow on "today" when the ceo of united joins us right now, the taliban rulers are trying to project a confident moderate image to the world, but there is no denying . troops were pulling out and it's humanitarian crisis there. richard engle has more on that story.
8:07 am
good morning >> reporter: good morning. it's been 100 days since the taliban took over as u.s. troops were pulling out across this country, it's clear afghans are suffering and remain largely isolated from the rest of the world bamiyan is afghanistan's grand canyon here, along the ancient silk road, buddhist monks over a thousand years ago carved a sanctuary into the sandstone cliffs the caves remain, but the colossal statues of the buddha are gone erased six months before 9/11 when the taliban condemned the pre-islamic idols to dust. now the taliban are back and trying to make the site a tourist attraction how much per person? so about $5 each this is one of the great wonders of afghanistan, one of the marvels of central asia or at least it was until the talibanoe
8:08 am
what is left >> reporter: the only visitors blew it up and it is beyond ironic that they are now charging tickets to come and see what is left the only visitors today are a few taliban.'s destroyed i'm here to see the ruins actually, he said, but the new governor, who served nearly four is everything in the shot, one asks, as a friend snaps the photo. what do you think of the fact that it is destroyed i'm happy it was destroyed i'm here to see the ruins, actually, he says. but the new governor who served nearly four years in guantanamo bay says the taliban will now preserve monuments we want to show the world that there is peace and security in afghanistan, he says the taliban need allies. in part because they need money. just yards away, afghans live in poverty. which is spreading rapidly since
8:09 am
the taliban took control 15-year-old najiba misses going to school. the taliban stopped schools for girls in many districts. i'm feeling very bad because our fate is uncertain, she says. we should go to school across afghanistan, people are withering away from hunger medina is 9 months old she's been in the hospital for ten days, but she's still losing weight unicef says a million children are at risk of dieing without urgent action. the taliban is largely cut off financially, especially from the united states. but there are still several aid organizations operating here, providing direct relief to afghans who are starving, including doctors without boarders and the world food program. >> chief foreign correspondent richard engle, thank you >> it's important to look into those organizations. it's hard to get aid into afghanistan right now, but those are two organizations that are doing good work there and i know a lot of people, we've been covering this story, their hearts go out to those folks there is a way to help, so check that out i think it might be a good time for a morning boost >> yes >> all right let's do it. a young british man had not seen
8:10 am
his mother in two whole years. she had moved to australia when travel was shut down here is what happened when she flew to london and surprised him. >> that's a hug right there. no need for words. a lot of people who viewed this on instagram said it really made them look forward to reunions with their own mom during the holidays >> that's a good hug >> that's the best kind. >> i love how she holds his face like look at that face that's so sweet. coming up, we are going to thanks and giving with marlow thomas and a former patient turned astronaut hayley arceneaux. the many way her trip to space are helping the kids at st. jude's, coming up after this e tn egg mcmuffin sandwich things? night, or the next morning, you've been loyal. mymcdonald's rewards is for you.
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8:14 am
♪ ♪ back now, 8:14 for 18 years, our thanks and giving series has highlighted the exceptional work done at st. jude children's research hospital >> and this year, we're kicking things off with hayley arceneaux. she was part of the first all civilian space crew. it's inspired the children there and in particular one 14-year-old boy battling cancer.
8:15 am
kerry sanders has kerry sanders has that story >> reporter: when inspiration4 lifted off, it not only took four civilian astronaut toes space -- >> main engine cutoff followed by space separation. >> reporter: it launched dreams. >> the inspiration 4 crew are now on their way to space. >> reporter: and one 14-year-old boy who watched in awe was for a moment distracted from his cancer >> oh, my god. >> jackson, what did you think >> i thought that was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen >> reporter: jackson, diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. >> what were you feeling right after you escaped the atmosphere >> reporter: he and other kids with cancer thrilled to talk with hayley who was 367 miles from earth >> hello, everyone, and welcome to our dragon capsule here in space. >> reporter: mission medical officer hayley arceneaux, one time cancer patient at st. jude, not only surviving cancer, but now thriving
8:16 am
hayley's day job, physician assistant at st. jude. among her patients, young jackson. >> i was like, wow, i know someone that had cancer that beat cancer that is going to space. >> and she's sitting right here. >> yeah. and she's sitting right here >> nowhere i'd rather be space travel at the historic 39a both say the two topics could not feel further apart did you even know what the word leukemia was >> no, i did not i did not at all >> reporter: and when they explained it to you, your worst fear was >> i could die >> reporter: hayley, take me back to your childhood >> when i heard the word cancer when i was 10 years old, the first thing i thought was i don't want to die. i thought a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence >> reporter: like the news to land humans on mars, st. jude has its own laser focused
8:17 am
mission, to find treatments that can cure childhood cancer and every day save lives it happened for jackson. his oncologist doctor, dr. jeff. we expect him to lead a normal healthy life and if he wants to go to space later on, there's no reason he won't be able to >> reporter: jackson joined hayley and got a taste of her six months of extreme astronaut training >> it was weird doing flips and whatnot. >> reporter: and here at the simulated space station, jackson and hayley experiencing the sensations of repairing the space station in weightlessness. >> do you feel like an astronaut right now? >> yeah. >> reporter: being a regular kid, not thinking about cancer for parents who feared the worst, every day is a celebration. >> literally started off in january not knowing if we would still have our son at this
8:18 am
point. and here we are today at kennedy space center getting to watch him interact with hayley and do all these amazing things >> i know someone that went into space that's an astronaut and they had very similar conditions to what i was going through. to think i can go to space and do anything i want >> reporter: for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news at the kennedy space center >> so happy because hayley is with us now along with marlow thomas with st. jude's hayley, it must be mean so much to you to see the people that you've touched and inspired. >> and looking back and seeing jackson. when we got to go to kennedy space center together, he had hair it was my first time seeing him with hair, indicative that his journey is ending, he's doing so well >> so glad it's so interesting because there are a lot of eyes on st. jude, but this, marlow, put another spotlight. it raised a ton of money, $240 million. so what did this do for your
8:19 am
hospitals mission? >> it allows us to further expand our mission, which is to save children's lives and to find cures so now we can do that globally so we're going to be training and educating doctors all over the world and seeking to provide access to life saving drugs to children and low and middle income countries when my father said no child should die in the dawn of life, he didn't mean no american child. he meant any child anywhere. this is the fulfillment of that dream. >> hayley, you have been on cloud 9, literally, for about a year now, but are you excited to get back to work >> i can't wait to get back and get to share this with them. >> marlow, i loved when the phone call came because you heard someone was going to go up in space what did you think >> i said i'm not going. and they said you're not
8:20 am
invited. hayley is going. >> have you anecdotally, just talking to the patients, the kids, the families, what has this space mission meant to them >> i think it's given them a new -- renewed hope. they're already there because they're so excited to know that there's a place that can take care of them that's what st. jude stands for. >> i wanted to ask you, because there was an early recently that was pretty tough on st. jude it suggested only half of its $7.3 billion was spent on research and care and there's the reserve fund that st. jude has that has grown by 58%, but it's not being spent on more generous benefits. i want to give an opportunity to respond. >> what st. jude pays for is exactly what my father promised when he founded the hospital 60 years ago, that no family who ever came to st. jude would pay
8:21 am
years starting with the very first patient through hayley and through every child who will ever come to st. jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. and we have done that for 60 years starting with the very first patient through hayley and through every child who will ever come to st. jude children's research hospital. >> it was such a relief for my family to never receive a bill >> and that's a promise that we are proud to have kept >> when you have a humongous fund-raising have i vehicle as a trip to space, does that allow st. jude to expand its benefits? >> globally. now this new building is just for research as you know, st. jude a world class pediatric cancer hospital, but it's an advanced research center so this is just going to be for research scientist less come from all over the world to investigate, to collaborate, and to initiate new scientific discoveries and just pushing the boundaries of scientific discoveries. that's the very exciting part about it >> we've just falling in love with hayley. we know what good work you're doing there because she's sitting rights here. it's so wonderful to see again >> and you know what i love about hayley she didn't tear up once until she saw jackson watching you go
8:22 am
up in space and that's your moment >> i'm so proud of him and all my patients and i see how hard they fight they just keep the best attitude >> hayley and i traveled around the country when she was a little bald girl and we would talk to the different companies and we were a great team i would talk about the hospital and she would talk about the story of the children. >> she's a great ambassador. >> thank you >> thank you >> thank you, marlow within, thank you, hayley and marlow is back tomorrow with another incredible story let's get a check off the weather with al. >> a new storm coming into the pacific northwest. mild day from the northern plains all the way down into texas with plenty of sunshine. but an arctic chill coming across the great lakes and eventually making its way east by tomorrow. we do have some showers along the mid-atlantic and southeastern atlantic coast. a few raindrops coming down through florida. lake-effect snow, eastern great lakes and some showers lingering still in new england
8:23 am
good monday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we start out with sunshine across the bay area. it is also chilly out there, but it is going to warm up this afternoon. upper 60s, near 70s. a few more clouds tomorrow, slightly cooler. it stays dry going through the next several days into the thanksgiving holiday and even for the weekend, it will be sunny but also slightly warmer compared to middle of the week. san francisco also will see temperatures in the 60s. >> and that is your latest weather. time to start the week off right. >> monday morning, guys. first up, we have the 2021 american music awards, cardi b. took the stage as host of the show that saw major wins for bts and megan thee stallion. after last night, taylor swift
8:24 am
now holds 34 lifetime ama wins, taking home titles for favorite female pop artist and favorite pop album thanks to ever more. but before the performances, big ones, miss jennifer lopez brought out a show stopping wedding ensemble to sing her new song "on my way. on her new sound track "marry me." take a look. ♪ i was never lost, i was just ♪ i was never lost, i was just passing through on my way to you ♪ >> the microsoft theater from the television debut of my universe, it was almost hard to hear coldplay and bts from the stage over the cheering fans and the crowd. crowd. ♪♪ ♪ you can't overstate their stardom, if you will and country music start mikey guyton joined the show after
8:25 am
sharing the story that her baby boy, grayson, was isn't to the hospital for dehydration after suffering from a stomach bug she posted this cute snap snuggling with her little guy. after last night's show, she's on stage and you know that's where her mind is. we're certainly happy that he's better and a big congrats to all of last night's winners it was quite the show. >> thank you, sheinelle. still ahead, our countdown to the macy's thanksgiving day parade with a special sneak peek live on our plaza. but first, your local news
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. ee liz betd hoechls trial resumes. at the end of the day friday, they called her to the witness stand. she started by talking about her time at stanford, how her early career took off. most experts didn't expect holmes to risk testifying on her own behalf. prosecutors will have a chance to cross examine her about her failed company and its faulty blood testing technology. we'll continue to follow that.
8:27 am
kari has a look at the forecast this monday morning. >> it looks really nice out there. sunny but chilly. we can see that as we start out, not a lot of fog in much of the bay area. patches in the north day. san rafael, 68 degrees. 67 in livermore, 72 in san jose. going into the rest of the forecast throughout the week, no chances of rain. as we go into thanksgiving, the holiday will be cooler but overall pretty nice at least into the weekend. >> get a walk in to walk off the turkey. thanks, kari. thank you for joining us. another update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
hello, guys. we are back. it is 8:30 in the morning. it's a monday. we are kicking off thanksgiving with you guys. what a fun, fun group. we brought a sneak peek of the may macy's thanksgiving plaza right here we're excited. we've got all -- look at this. wait >> look at her she's so pretty. look at her eyelashes. >> and jill will be here in a bit, some insider stuff on the holiday steals and deals
8:31 am
>> by the way, matthew mcconaughey is going to shock an unsuspected elementary school music teacher. erin mclaughlin standing by in los angeles with a truly inspiring story. and then actress june diane raphael is live in studio to tell us about her christmas comedy costarring neil patrick harris one away people celebrate is friends-giving we decided to give it a try this year we all got together. remember this guy? we did a pre holiday family pot luck with some recipes handed down in the ages from >> ages. ages >> from the 1800s. >> good food our favorite holiday, memories and traditions can't wait to share it all of you. our favorite, al roker's sweet potato poon. >> i don't know, craig melvin's mac n cheese >> hit it, al. let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is
8:32 am
concerned. we are looking for the week ahead. lake-effect snow showers around the lee ward side of the great lakes. fire dangers down in the southwest and rain in the midwest coast. by the time we get into midweek, right before thanksgiving, it will be feeling like disease travel impacts through the rockies, and then on friday, blustery conditions around the great lakes. plenty of sunshine in the mid section of the country some rain and snow makes its way i am meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures will reach into the upper 60s. we will see a lot of sunshine in the forecast and it will be dry throughout the week. shouldn't have big issues in terms of travel ahead of or after thanksgiving. we'll see temperatures in the valleys reach into the upper 60s for shopping this weekend and
8:33 am
san francisco will see temperatures in the 60s, just a little cooler between tomorrow and wednesday. that cool weather sticks with us into the weekend. now to our little taste of the 95th annual thanksgiving day parade we're just three days away and would he have got the man behind the magic with us executive producer will cot. hi, will, good morning >> hi. how are you? >> you're very important, but we just need an entry with this >> where did you get those lashes >> the coolest that's new we've never had a puppet balloon, have we >> tiptoe is our first puppeted balloon. >> last year, we had the parade and it wasn't at full strength and full speed this year, it is tell us about it >> we're so excited. we're back on the streets of new york city. our full parade, 15 character balloons, 28 floats. it's going to be an exciting
8:34 am
day, tons of people on the streets of new york city we're thrilled to bring this great tradition back to the streets of new york. >> one of the things that i always admire about the parade on thanksgiving morning, the preparation that it cleared must take how do you guys even begin to >> we'll start 22 on friday, the day after thanksgiving it's a year-long process we are constantly talking and developing and working with our team across -- our creative team, our logistics team it's a big feast excited to be here and bring the festivities back to the streets of new york. >> you and i were just talking you grew up in new york, grew up with the parade. what does it mean to you to now be at the helm >> it's a special day. fist time i was on the streets of new york city with my parents, my sisters. so to be in this position, to bring it back after the 18 months or so that we've had is a really exciting time and a really special one for me.
8:35 am
>> will, can we do a hats off to all the balloon handlers yeah >> we want to say thank you. we cannot wait don't forget the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 9:00 a.m nbc, telemundo and it's streaming on peacock >> good boy.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
in my family, when something doesn't work, we unplug it, plug it back in, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but i put the work in and i'm grateful and thank you, everyone, for your well wishes >> thank you >> thank you very grateful after this past 18 months silver lining. >> love. let's get stealing and dealing >> yes i have some exciting news because i'm so pumped today. our special ayers, peacock presents holiday steals and deals. it's streaming on today all day. i've got gifts for everyone, 40 products, up to 80% off. the kiddies will love this that's a karaoke machine jay and his beautiful wife, ready for the chaos and they're beautiful tea to shop along, you know i love a qr code. scan it at the bottom of the screen i have my it list. everything is in inventory everything is going to ship. >> i was about to ask you that >> yes, it is. we're so grateful. and i want to start with one that i think you two are going to love. it's the artifacts podcast retail is $119 my mother did this for me about
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her childhood. it creates an instant audio heirloom with any story of your choosing you visit their website. you pick a topic and they handle the rest they called my mother for a half an hour, interviewed her she sent pictures and they edited it and that was her way of telling me about her childhood. and it was very emotional. what a beautiful gift, right they send you an edited 20 minute podcast to enjoy now and for years to come. >> cool. >> retail is $119. the deal is $79. 34% off. it's a link you can share with everyone >> you're right. that is a beautiful idea >> now this is a literal gift. the wrapped paper trays. retail $59.95. 15 inch round lacquered deck reactive round serving trays they're easy to clean. moisture resistant and makes a great gift deal is $25. >> that's great.
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you can set it up as a decoration, too. >> nice. >> holiday decor >> this one is amazing because everybody could use this the portable wireless charger and power bank it's a wireless charger kit using a magnet to rapidly charge your device anywhere compatible with apple and android devices. you can use a usbc cable to plug into charger >> why do they always glue it down >> i'll start ungluing >> wait a minute, what if you have a case on your phone? >> it depends on the case, so try it out but it works through my case >> you can take selfies and hold it >> if you're cooking and you need the recipe, yeah. retail, $109.95. the deal is $35. that's 38% off great stock stuffer. this is just awesome the swell eats this is a two in one food and bowl set that fuels all your food needs
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designed to keep food cold for 12 hours and hot for 7 hours >> why do you have two bowls do you get two >> dishwasher safe the inner pretzel is fridge and freezer friendly and safe for the microwave. >> but you literally get two bowls. >> you prep it in this and put it in this it makes meal prep easy, comes in more than 10 colors retail, 50 deal is 25 and that is 50 percent off everybody is on peacock presents holiday steals and deals the wrapped power paper trays, smart tech portable charger and power bank and the s'well eats >> your fiancee should do a podcast story. >> i did one as a holiday gift for him, but he's not watching so that's okay scan that qr code and tune into
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8:45 am
access to music education and its benefits >> education through music is a nonprofit that brings music classes to schools that don't have resources for the arts. nbc's erin mclaughlin visited one elementary school reaping the benefits of that music program. this is a cool one, erin >> reporter: good morning, guys. research shows the link between academic achievement and music education. but the teachers and parents say they don't need studies to tell them what they already know. their music program has changed the lives of their students. with repercussions reaching far beyond the classroom inside mckinley elementary in southeast l.a., the sound of mr. kim's rock band. the class is one of the secrets to the struggling school's new found success. each note played is potentially life changing. 13-year-old isaac lopez is the band's pianist >> it makes my anxiety better because school is kind of stressful. and i walk in after school, rock band on friday i'm like wow
8:46 am
i'm actually enjoying music for the first time >> has this made you a better student? >> yeah. i had, like, four fs >> and now what are they >> straight as >> oh, my goodness that's incredible. >> yeah, i know, right >> isaac is one of many children who say they've been inspired. >> i feel safe here while i play on my keyboard >> even helping them get through the darkest days of the pandemic >> i use it as a break to get away from all the stress i had from quarantine, being inside the house all day every day. >> six years ago, mckinley ago, elementary was failing >> we were one of the lowest performing schools schoolwide, state testingwide. and attendance was one of the
8:47 am
lowest >> reporter: then something incredible happened. at a time of cost cutting when arts programs were being stripped from public schools across the country, mckinley elementary went the other way. thanks to education through music, a nonprofit that provides inner-city schools with access to music education programs. teachers say within months, the school was transformed principal monique pugh >> i just find that music primes their brain for learning and it settles their spirit. and it just gets them in the right frame of mind. >> reporter: the popularity of the music program solidified mr. kim to rock star status. >> mr. kim is awesome. >> kids telling me that music them be more responsiblesay, yo. like you get it.
8:48 am
there's so many things you have to think about when you are singing a song, when you're playing an instrument, when you're keeping the beat. and there's so many fields that you can't really replicate another subject. >> i have to say, in speaking to these kids, you are a complete rock star. >> i love and care for these kids and i'm glad they see me as someone like that in their life that they can feel the empathy and care that i have for them. >> this special teacher and his students caught the attention of the folks at sing 2 and illumination part of our parent company nbc universal. >> mr. kim and students. >> sing to celebrate how the power of music can actually change people's he lives and mr. kim, that's exactly what you've done for these children because we're proud of you guys, we are going to fulfill your entire music education program
8:49 am
wish list. thanks to spend your play foundation >> this is a gift. this is a blessing we're grateful we don't take it lightly an >> it's incredible what a huge impact a little music can have mr. kim and his students will be attending a special early screening of "sing 2" before its wide release on december 22nd. that's thanks to the folks at illumination part of our parent company nbc universal. and if you want to help support education through music and do a little singing of your own, head to for more on the sing2 tiktok challenge >> tiktok, love it >> we love it, erin. sounds beautiful >> beautiful >> thank you >> i'm loving these once in a lifetimes. >> thank you, erin we will be right back on this monday morning monday morning but first, this is "today" on r9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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just in time to celebrate some birthdays, mr. roker >> always a nice way to start the week spinning those smucker's jars and see whose birthday it is so first up, it is a happy 100th birthday to marian salisbury from loundon, tennessee. walks up and down three flights of stairs to her apartment every day. wow. and howard stokes of jessup, maryland 100. i like that hat. there is nothing he would rather do than sit on a boat and fish happy 100th birthday to edyteh leupp from portland, oregon lelay stewart from indianapolis, indiana. she's 100. she says the secret to longevity, treating folks with respect. author thee lee-vines of
8:53 am
conyers, georgia, 100 and another fantastic hat. worked at a piano teacher for five decades and last but certainly not least, happy 102nd birthday to edwin malikowski, a hard worker from chicopee, massachusetts still works six days a week at the auto body shop he founded after world war ii wow. all right. if you've got a loved one turning 1 or 100, let us know at >> that will be you working at 102. >> much to dylan dreyer's chagrin. >> it's funny because it's true. >> so bad. coming up, we've got the legendary dionne warwick she's going to join us she has a new song out what's coming up next hour >> third hour, we've got more holiday steals and deals from jill got a special dad's got this with the guy they call him mayor marty, but he's doing some really great things in his community right here in new york especially the week of thanksgiving we've got a lot more
8:54 am
this is just the halfway point for the "today" show right? >> it's nap time >> that's it your local, news, some weather and these messages >> and then you can download the podcast and spend all day with us
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8:56 am
good monday morning. it is 8:56. investigating more bay area retail stores targeted by thieves, including a break in attempt at stoneridge mall.
8:57 am
happening now, follows saturday's organized theft at nordstroms in walnut creek. some police departments are taking new steps in the wake of that incident. bob redell has a live report at midday. also, potential snags for holiday travelers. today is the deadline for federal workers, including tsa agents. an update from tsa on the midday news.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today," november 22nd. we're kicking off thanksgiving week. >> true. >> thanks so much for starting your week off with us. i'm al alongside sheinelle and craig. dylan continues on maternity leave and we have a big monday lineup. we're going to start off with jill martin who has a special holiday steals and deals. if you know somebody who loves starting their morning with a cup of tea, she has the perfect gift


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