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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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armored car spilled all the money. several people jumped out of their cars just to try to collect the cash. >> i pulled over to find all these $2,000 bands and all this -- all these bands and stuff. i was like, where's the money? >> where's the money? right. this morning the california highway patrol is warning people to return the money. and they are working with the fbi to identify people spotted on social media videos. two people were arrested at the scene for blocking traffic trying to scoop up all the cash. >> keeping the money doesn't pay off. 6:00 this morning, a new round of retail thefts. the latest happening overnight in the east bay. we're following those developments and looking into if this may be tied to what was an unnerving weekend for holiday shopping. >> and up in the air. the key deadline tsa workers must meet today or risk the possibility of losing their jobs. a live report on the impact it
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may have on the holiday travel rush. >> plus, water woes. san francisco residents may soon have to cut back on their water use. and the drastic changes customers may soon be asked to make at home. this is "today in the bay." and a good morning to you on this monday. we are broadcasting on television and also streaming at if you have to head out, take us with you. good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. a look at our morning commute just ahead. first a live look outside. look at that. starting to put up the lights. christmas around the corner. meteorologist kari hall is here tracking our forecast. it's a chilly start. >> yes, it is. it feels like winter out there. and so we're starting out with a clear sky. just waiting a beautiful sunrise over the south bay. as you're stepping out the door we've seen some of those temperatures in the upper 30s in santa rosa.
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parts of the north bay, concord dropped into the upper 30s. also 39 right now in morgan hill. and then after this chilly start, really mild day reaching into the upper 60s, low 70s. it's going to be nice and we'll see this weather on repeat as we go throughout the week. we'll talk more about that. it's coming up in just a few minutes. new overnight, word of more robberies and break-ins around the bay area adding to what's already been a very hectic few days of organized thefts that have been targeting retailers. bob redell will dive deeper into the latest cases coming up in our next half hour. >> police respond to an apparent robbery at an oakland walgreens. this video just into our newsroom. you can see police are actually taking a person into custody. this happened around midnight at walgreens on high street near macarthur. video shows broken glass door. we've reached out to oakland police and we're still trying to get information about what happened here. about two hours later and
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five miles away oakland police responded to a marijuana dispensary seemingly targeted by thieves. this is new video showing police investigating at eco cannabis on telegraph. officers can be seen entering through a broken steel gate and still not clear if anything was actually taken. and this all happening about 24 hours after police say more than ten people broke into a dispensary on pendleton way. this is overnight saturday. they tried to steal large amount of marijuana when two security guards confronted them. shots were fired. one suspect and the suspected thief was taken -- was actually shot and is now in stable condition. the other suspects, they ran off. police say that the dispensary was one of several that were targeted. it's still unknown if the cases are related. today oakland police chief leron armstrong plans to address the recent increase in crime
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including the deadly police shooting in rock ridge saturday afternoon. it started with a carjacking in east oakland on fisher avenue near macarthur. officers later shot the suspect on ocean view drive near broadway. the suspect initially fired at officers and that the end of the chase, they tried to ram a police patrol car before officers killed him. no officers were injured. the suspect has not been identified. 6:04. now to a live look at sfo and the travel rush is on with thanksgiving just three days away. there are growing concerns about shortage of security screeners at our nation's airports. today in the bay's -- today is the deadline for federal workers, including tsa agents to show that they are fully vaccinated. and with covid cases already rising in some parts of the country, the nation's health officials worry about another holiday surge. chris pollone live for us in washington this morning. those officials are actually really urging people to get that
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booster shot. >> yeah, especially since this announcement friday from the cdc, marcus. good morning. with 50 million americans set to travel this week, the nation's top health experts are hoping that many of them plan to head in to get their vaccine shot either a booster or their first shot as they head to the airports and then hit the road. across the country, the push to get americans vaccinated, either through first shots or boosters. health officials are still hoping to head off a winter holiday surge. >> get it before thanksgiving. make sure that when you sit down at that thanksgiving table with the people you love you have the highest level of immunity to protect them. >> reporter: new covid cases are up 50% since late october. >> 11 yeses and zero nos. >> reporter: and friday the cdc-approved booster shots for all adults over 18. >> the vaccines themselves clearly are still highly
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effective, but you want to make sure the durability of that protection is longer. and that's the reason why you get boosted. >> reporter: today is the deadline for federal workers to be vaccinated. low immunizations in the tsa have fueled fears there will be a shortage of security screeners at the nation's airports but the transportation secretary says those fears are unfounded. >> i have seen no indication that vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way. >> reporter: the number of daily vaccinations in the u.s. has nearly doubled in the past month but more than 60 million americans still remain unvaccinated. the president's top covid adviser says those who are should enjoy a traditional thanksgiving celebration. >> if you're vaccinated and hopefully you'll be boosted, too, and your family is, you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving meal, thanksgiving holiday with your family. there's no reason not to do that. >> reporter: longing for normal at a time that's been anything but. and a sign of the confusing times that we're living through.
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today here in washington, d.c., they are dropping their indoor mask mandate while just a few miles away from where i am in a county nearby here in maryland, they put their mask mandate back in over this weekend. back to you, marcus. >> very interesting because a lot of people work in one county and live in the other and go back and forth all the time. chris, before you go, what about what happens to those federal workers and the contractors who are not fully vaccinated just yet? >> so today is the deadline to be fully vaccinated for federal workers and federal contractors. but there will not be any immediate action. people who did not comply with the rule will go through a process of discipline that could lead to suspensions or firings but it's not going to be immediately today, marcus. >> all right. good to know. chris pollone in washington, thank you. the mask mandates changing, well, happening today, santa cruz officially going back into
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mask mode. requiring everyone to mask up indoors regardless of their vaccination status. you might recall back in september, santa cruz dropped that mandate thanks to the slow spre cruz county has a high enough spread that it's firmly california as a whole is really hovering between high and substantial on the cdc's map. we're starting to see some progress right here in the bay area. five of our nine counties are now in the moderate tier. moving in the right direction. this includes san francisco, san mateo, contra costa, alameda and marin counties. that means for at least a week they've reported fewer than 50 cases per every 100,000 people. the rest of the bay area is orange which means substantial. the second worst criteria. >> with the statewide drought wearing on, san francisco is the latest bay area city asking people to cut back on water use. tomorrow the city's public utilities commission will
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discuss asking customers to reduce water use by 5%. this is compared to what they were using two years ago. it also plans to asking communities that buy water from san francisco to slash their use by 14%. the reductions won't be enforced, and no penalties will be applied. >> still take a shower, just take a shorter one. >> please. >> on behalf of your co-workers. let's take a live look outside from the south bay in san jose. it's a chilly start across the bay area. maybe take advantage of the black friday early sales. get yourself a coat or sweater. >> going to need it. >> all right. let's get a look outside as we check out our visibility. we've had some at times patchy dense fog, especially for these early hours. but as of now, it's all clear for many of the microclimates. good drive to work as you head out in dublin. mid-60s. headed for low 70s this afternoon. a great day to enjoy some time out there, especially later on today. but we are going to be looking
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ahead to see if there's any issues whether you'll be hitting the road or you have family coming in. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking in san jose. >> we had that slowing for 101 and that did clear up. so that indicates lighter volume of traffic. that's the first. but we have a crash just before you get to taylor street. that may be a factor. two cars reported in the roadway and haven't had an update in the last few minutes. that may be early slowing just north of 280. meanwhile, everything else looks really clear right now as far as the flow. minor slowing out of the altamont pass. no major problems for vasco or through contra costa. typical spots, lighter volume. even at the bay bridge, lighter volume but no backup. holiday shopping about,he k retailers are making to eninsure your items arrive under the christmas tree on time. >> we got word president biden has made a decision on the fed chair. we'll try to update that and get
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it confirmed in the next two minutes. in the meantime, you can see futures beginning to react to that news. i'll have the very latest coming up. plus -- ♪♪ >> and a big night for olivia rodrigo. her new title and the pop sensation and what she's holding. we'll tell you how she is cementing her breakout status. and a new civil lawsuit filed in federal court accuses law enforcement officials from at least four different agencies of conspiring to steal marijuana, cash and guns during routine traffic stops. our investigative unit has broken down the left investigation. you can find it all online at a lot more news ahead. 6:11. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning. you may want a warmer coat for the start of the day. we're feeling temperatures right now in the upper 30s. but it's 52 in san francisco. so a big contrast already. we'll talk about what's ahead as we warm up this afternoon coming up in a few minutes. and we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where things are slowly building. the metering lights weren't turned on until 20 minutes later than your usual monday. that happens about this season. we have a backup, of course. we'll talk about when you might not see the backup coming up. good morning. very happy monday. a few minutes ago we received word from the white house that
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president biden will renominate jay powell to the post of fed chair for another four years. his other choice was to nominate lael brainerd. she was remain vice chair. their economic approaches were pretty similar. brainerd is seen as more of a dove perhaps, less likely to raise interest rates. powell was originally nominated by trump who chose to replace the then fed chair janet yellen. trump seemed to think powell would do what trump wanted. he was wrong about that. yellen now the secretary of the treasury. it's a shortened week for markets. the stock markets will be closed on thursday. they'll close at 10:00 a.m. our time on friday for a half day. market got hit pretty hard on friday. pa concern is coronavirus. more shut downs like austria. large silicon valley companies, mostly taking this week off, not that that many people go to the office in the first place. san francisco described is the most recent company to say it's
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going to sublease its headquarters. and spotify removed one of the shuffle buttons on artist albums after the singer adele objected saying her album was meant to be listened to in order, as are most albums. you can still shuffle her new release "30" if you really wanted to. looking at the statistics, most people stream a single anyway, "easy on me." one third of the way to "rolling in the deep" which is quite old. you can listen tune artist's album the way they wanted you to or the way you wanted to. the same way you can have a jackson pollock painting but turn it upside down. who would know? >> jackson pollock. >> yeah, that's true. >> thanks, scott. 6:16. hopefully you've started, maybe finished your shopping for thanksgiving. if you haven't, prepare for some sticker shock when you're at the checkout. the ceo of walmart points out it seems like everything is costing more.
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>> is it more money than that same family paid last year? >> the store this morning has turkeys for 87 cents a pound so we're in good pace as far as price. certainly a bit of inflation has come through. >> that interview is coming up on the "today" show, part of the series "the race to deliver." also online, we've got a variety of data to see what you can expect from the global backup. you can find all of that and more on the holidays will be a bit more enjoyable for a lucky couple of lottery winners. so this happened at the bay area. while no one hit the jackpot in saturday night's super lotto, someone did purchase a ticket at the chevron on berryessa road in san jose. they got five numbers right worth nearly $39,000. check your ticket. maybe you won something. the numbers are -- 2, 27, 28, 35, 45 and 3.
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so last week a mega millions ticket worth $400,000 was sold in mountain view. well, if you win, then the music will be playing loud because you're probably excited. it was also playing last night during the american music awards. >> this year's new artist of the year olivia rodrigo is someone your kids probably have playing all the time. >> writing songs is my favorite thing in the whole world. and i am so grateful for everyone who has embraced my music. >> quite the talent there. korean supergroup bts taking home artist of the year and favorite pop star. other winners included ed sheeran for favorite male pop artist, and taylor swift for female pop artist. the weeknd and becky g also won awards. >> all right. congratulations to them all. congratulations to us because it looks like a nice forecast. >> look at the sunrise. >> kari hall is looking at that p. this is my favorite time of day. looking at all the cameras, the
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beautiful sunrise. another nice one for us. and it's going to shape up to be a nice day, too. then when you step out there you're like, oh, let me run back in and get a warmer coat because it's 46 degrees. we'll see our temperatures slowly warming up as we go into late morning into the afternoon. you won't need that coat later on today because we're headed for 73 degrees in east san jose and morgan hill. cupertino, 70 but may want some light long sleeves for antioch reaching 65 today in fremont. 70 for a high. san mateo, 68. up to 66 downtown, 65 in sonoma and in ukiah today, 68 degrees. and, of course, it's going to be perfect this evening for downtown ice. mike inouye will be out there with kristi yamaguchi for the opening ceremony. it's going to be light jacket weather and, yeah, always perfect for hot chocolate, too, going into this evening. i know a lot of people are traveling or maybe have people
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coming in town. looking at the airport delays, there are none anywhere across the country. it's fairly quiet weather, except for the showers that we're seeing all up and down the east coast. but that's going to be clearing out soon. so we'll see some dry weather continuing. there is a weak storm system off our coast that we'll see coming in for the next couple of days. the rain dries up before it gets here. there may be showers up around seattle, but not much for the bay area. even going into the weekend, we still are seeing some dry weather in the forecast and unfortunately that's not good for our drought but, of course, good for all the holiday activities you have going on, including shopping on friday. going into the weekend, we have some upper 60s, reaching 68, 67 degrees and we'll see more of the same in san francisco as well. not a big range in temperatures. whatever we're feeling for the coast will be about the same. you're seeing less traffic, mike, but still backed up in oakland. >> we'll get that on typical days. right at the holidays,
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thanksgiving and then, of course, as we get close to the end of the year. we'll get almost no traffic and sometimes no metering lights. here traffic being metered because the volume is picking up on your typical patterns there. 37, highway 4. what do you notice? much less slowing than we typically see on a monday. crash clearing 580 at 24. no major issues. and that should be clear from lanes right now. smooth flowing traffic throughout the bay including the south bay. don't have that second burst just yet. lighter traffic, later build. back to you. 6:21. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> cashier says buy now, pay later. what should you say? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. and first our team here at nbc bay area and our partners at telemundo 48 teaming up with safeway to help fight hunger in the bay area. we kicked off this weekend our drive. laura and i, we spent the
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morning at the safeway. you can see right here helping collect those donations. so far we've collected nearly $230,000 in donations thanks to you and can make that number even greater. go to a safeway, make that donation and you have until christmas day to do so. the money will go right to our local food banks.
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welcome back. it's 6:24. you're watching "today in the bay." if you wonder how you'll pay for everything this holiday season, many of those stores will say that you have -- they've got you covered. this is with a small loan right there at the register. >> but consumer investigator chris chmura says stop and think. >> good morning. we're here to talk about a wave of new buy now, pay later offers. they talk up easy payback like three or four payments and even offer to finance small purchases like 30 bucks. but let's call this what it is. it's an old-school loan in new wrapping. you still have to pay it back on time or else you might pay interest. and you might face fees. it's a loan, folks. in some cases info about that little loan might be sent to the big credit bureaus. that might help your credit file but not if you miss a payment. also carlos medina from scoresense says watch out for a surprise if you return something. that you took home with buy now, pay later. >> you only get credit for the
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principle amount which is the cost of goods. if you incurred any type of interest rates that you would still be responsible for those interest rates. >> don't just blindly buy in at the register. stop for a second. read what you really are getting into. and get answers to two fundamental questions. what is the real cost? what is it actually going to cost you? and second, what happens if i miss a payment? if you have trouble with buy now, pay later, tell us, whenever. go to click the response option or call us at 888-996-tips. >> thanks, chris. 6:26. after being reimagined because of the pandemic, a south bay holiday tradition is getting back to normal this year. christmas in the park at plaza de cesar chavez will return this friday. it features a new 65-foot walk-through christmas tree. last year san jose's christmas in the park had to be changed to a drive-through experience. people seemed to enjoy it so it will be offered again this year
6:27 am
at lake cunningham park. that opens friday as well. coming up, the top stories we're covering for you today, including a surprise on the witness stand. disgraced theranos founder elizabeth holmes taking the legal risk many didn't expect. the move that has some sensing possible fireworks in the courtroom. plus -- >> after a string of retail robberies this weekend, it appears there's been an attempted break-in here at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. i'm bob redell live on the scene coming up. heartbreak in wisconsin. several people killed as a car plows through a christmas parade. new details emerging overnight about how the suspect is now in custody. rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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ling available in stores and online. anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support.
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. right now at 6:30, organized retail robberies. multiple locations targeted across the bay area. dozens of thieves stealing luxury items terrorizing shoppers. this morning, more stores hit. we're live with the changes bay area retailers are quickly making to boost safety ahead of the holiday shopping rush. plus -- >> i saw people on the ground and blood. it's really bad. >> a christmas parade tragedy. a car plows through a crowd in wisconsin. the new details on the person now in custody. this is "today in the bay." welcome to monday morning.
6:31 am
we start with a look at the highly anticipated art of banksy exhibit. it's set to open today. cierra johnson is there showcasing what visitors can expect. kind of moving you around there. >> a lot to see there. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a lot to get to. first, meteorologist kari hall who is taking a look at the forecast. how is it looking? >> another work of art here. we're starting out with a clear sunrise and also very chilly temperatures across many of our microclimates as you head out the door. santa rosa, 39 degrees. also 39 in concord. some upper 30s in morgan hill as well but mostly some low to mid-40s. this is where we're headed for today with hayward reaching 69 degrees. 66 in concord. half moon bay looking at a high of about 65 today and low 70s from morgan hill to san jose up toward palo alto. we'll talk about what changes we have for the workweek. that's coming up in just a few
6:32 am
minutes. >> we'll check back with you, kari. developing this morning, retailers on edge after large mobs of people stormed stores this weekend robbing of merchandise. and there's word of another attempted break-in just last night. bob redell joins us live outside the stone ridge mall in pleasanton. what are you learning now, bob? >> good morning. well, a few hours ago around 3:00 this morning, pleasanton police arrived at the stone ridge mall behind me in pleasanton. as you can see in this video, the squad cars lit up one of the entrances to the mall. this was the entrance by the men's warehouse if you're not familiar. this is after someone broke the glass on a door that was nearby that entrance. it appears to possibly be an attempted break-in. it's not clear if anyone made it inside the mall. last night, walnut creek police north of here posted on social media a warning about the possibility of another robbery in its shopping district. this was after the nordstrom's there was ransacked saturday night. nordstrom remains closed today.
6:33 am
and yesterday. some high-end shops asked customers to leave yesterday so they could close early. yesterday, last night was quiet. on saturday night around 80 people went into that nordstrom department store. it was like a well-organized operation. people sprinted to waiting cars carrying bags full of merchandise. three people were arrested. all were charged with robbery. one of them is also charged with being a felon in possession of a gun. nbc bay area obtained a still image from inside that nordstrom. it was taken during the robbery. according to a company spokesperson, five of their employees were assaulted and injured. police say one was pepper sprayed. broadway plaza which runs past the nordstrom and other retailers remain closed. police in hayward investigating a smash and grab at sam's jewelry at the southland mall in hayward. and they say this happened around 5:30 last night. at least nine people broke into
6:34 am
that store. they used hammers to smash display cases. they grabbed the merchandise, drove off. in san jose, police are looking for a group of people who ronned the lululemon at santana row. and in san francisco, police have arrested eight people in connection with the robberies of nine stores in the city friday night including a number of retailers in or around union square that were burglarized or vandalized. at a press conference saturday, mayor london breed says her police department will flood union square for the foreseeable future and she said that there could be changes for drivers in or around union square. reporting live in pleasanton, bob redell. >> so much going on. really across the bay area. thank you, bob. 6:34. developing in wisconsin, waukesha police say at least five people are dead after a car ran into a crowd of people during a holiday parade. >> we need to warn you, we're going to show you some video. we'll freeze it before the
6:35 am
impact, but you still may find it disturbing. this is an overhead shot showing the moment a vehicle ran into the crowd of people last night. police do have a person of interest in custody. he's been identified as 39-year-old daryl brook. as nbc's tom llamas reports, terrorism does not seem to be a motive. >> reporter: marcus and laura, good morning. as you can see, police are still on the scene here trying to figure out the why here. why someone would do this. they tell us around 4:30 yesterday as the streets are packed with families, packed with spectators for this holiday parade, a driver broke through barricades not unlike these and got right onto main street, started plowing into people, hitting all types of different groups including kids dancing and marching in the parade and another group called the dancing grannies. a priest from the archdiocese of milwaukee was also hit. and so many victims here that people had to just scoop up their loved ones and rush over to the hospital because there were not enough ambulances.
6:36 am
right now we're being told by several people who have been briefed on the investigation that terror -- terrorism does not seem to be a motive here. it appears maybe the driver was fleeing some type of knife fight from earlier in the night but police are also trying to figure that out. there will be a press conference later this afternoon where we'll have more information. unfortunately so far five people have died. and there are 40 people injured and all across this community they are praying those people in the hospital survive. that's the latest here from waukesha. back to you guys. >> simply tragic there. thank you. 6:36. here's a live look at the federal courthouse some san jose where elizabeth holmes' criminal fraud trial is at a critical and surprising stage. happening today, she will return to the stand testifying in her own defense. the end of the day on friday, the defense called the theranos founder and former ceo. she talked about her time at stanford and how her early career exploded. most legal experts did not expect her to risk testifying on her own behalf.
6:37 am
prosecutors will have the chance this week to cross-examine her and her faulty blood testing technology. follow the theranos trial online. just click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. the pandemic and two weeks until the wider covid vaccination rollout. bay area counties have some of the highest rates in the state for 5 to 11-year-olds. looking at the dashboard, about 10% now partially vaccinated statewide. you can see right here the bay area rates are about double that. in marin, it's three times as high at 30%. >> how about a breath of fresh air with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. a chilly one at that. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. think it will warm up later today? >> yes, it's going to be a nice afternoon. you just need a warmer jacket for the start of the day. and visibility for the most part has been good all around the bay area for oakland, as you head out. it's in the upper 40s. we're seeing a warming trend in
6:38 am
the forecast throughout the morning. reaching into the mid60s later today. don't have the dense fog we've seen lately around the bay and there's still some patchy fog around novato. for the most part we do see a clear start and headed for a sunny day. reaching into the mid-60s for dublin. low 70s for morgan hill. santa rosa, temperatures there reaching 70 degrees and we have more sunshine in the forecast for our holiday week. i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you are seeing more of a backup out of the east bay. >> 580. this is 580 at the richmond bridge heading over towards san rafael. the backup forming. looks like quite a volume of traffic but it's really just at the toll plaza itself. that little blip. this crash also off to the shoulder caused a little distraction in richmond. out of lanes now. the bay bridge toll plaza is full but the span moves well and the approach does, too, out of the maze. and slowing from concord back
6:39 am
into pittsburg. took awhile now. it's 6:38 for that build up. a lighter volume all over the bay. san jose just starting slow for 101. much more interest downtown. let's look at what i posted on facebook from a few years ago. kristi yamaguchi and i every year, except for last year, able to be on the ice at downtown san jose rnd the circle of palms. of course, kristi is an olympic champion there. i am standing next to her. as we look at the event for tonight. 5:30 tonight. less than 11 hours to get down there. get ready, folks. bring a jacket. it's going to cool down again. we'll be under the circle of palms across from christmas in the park which is what you talked about opening on friday. tonight, this is the opening ceremony for the 25th year for downtown ice. kristi yamaguchi downtown than practice my skating skills to impress kristi yamaguchi and mike. >> that's right. >> or go buy a pillow.
6:40 am
>> that i will need. thanks, mike. >> 6:39. switching gears. coming up next, a young life taken by a stray bullet. in this case, a boy simply doing what most kids love to do. a heartbreak this morning for one southern california family and the emotional message from a chief of police there. president biden just made a very important decision on the future of the fed. let's take you out to wall street. where the dow is up. they have a shortened workweek this week. plus -- >> i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. coming up, we'll walk you through the banksy exhibit. the mysterious artist known as banksy and his work. we'll show you some of his best pieces.
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it's 6:43. as you step outside, it's a chilly start. some spots in the upper 30s. that's what we're seeing insa. but a mild day ahead. we'll take a look at our forecast coming up. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup. the metering lights weren't turned on until 6:00 a.m. 20 minutes later than usual. just filling in the lanes. not packed in yet. still the backup here and we'll show you where else this pattern is pushing out. it's 6:43. southern california community is mourning the death of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed while playing video games in his home. he died from a stray bullet
6:44 am
through his window saturday night in pasadena. his death is sparking a lot of grief and a growing memorial outside of his home. the pasadena chief of police believes the gunfire may be the product of a recent surge in gang violence in pasadena, including other shootings offer the past few weeks. the identity of the shooter is still a mystery. 6:44. president biden will renominate jerome powell as fed chairman. >> scott mcgrew was originally actually tapped by president trump. >> powell was. he is keeping the fed chair from a previous administration. powell and biden pretty much see eye to eye as best we can tell. biden's other logical choice was lael brainerd. their economic approaches pretty similar though brainerd is seen less likely to raise interest rates. brainerd had support from more liberal democrats. she was under secretary of the
6:45 am
treasury under barack obama. has served on the federal reserve board of governors since 2014. biden will probably be very well aware that no matter who he picked, it was going to be something that came -- upset one side or the other. also the decision comes at a time he's trying to unify democrats around build back back, not split them apart. now that build back better has passed the house, satisfying conservative democrats probably more important than making the liberal wing happy. "the washington post" reports biden has told insiders that he does plan to run for a second term. that raises questions about his age. he would be 81 at the start of his next term if he ran and won. biden is already our oldest president at the time of election. trump was the second oldest. reagan, a spry 69 when he was elected. he gets third place. if you are old enough you'll recall mr. reagan clearly struggled with his age at the end of the second term.
6:46 am
he was 77 that's a year younger than president biden is now. normally incumbent presidents don't talk about re-election this early. first, it's just part of the plan. second it might take money away from candidates that the president wants to win like in the midterms. which is why any talk of a second term seems to be behind closed doors. a lot of people wonder who would run if biden didn't or maybe run anyway. the two top contenders are the obvious, vice president harris and recently transportation secretary pete buttigieg. he was asked about that supposed rivalry on "meet the press." >> has it at all impacted your relationship with the vice president that it seems as if there's this narrative of a rivalry developing between the two of you? >> no because she and i are part of a team that is disciplined. and doesn't focus on what's obsessing the commentators. we're too busy with a job to do. >> congress out for the week.
6:47 am
when it comes back, a lot to do. funding the government. it runs out of money days after congress returns december 3rd. even if congress decides to do this, the government will default on its loans unless they raise the debt ceiling. a reminder, the debt ceiling deals with past debt, same way your credit card bill covers what you already the new infrastructure plan is not part of debt. obviously neither is build medi. president biden expected to speak about jay powell here shortly. we'll tweet about it on twitter, @scottmcgrew. happening today in san francisco, new exhibit is opening up showing off the life and works of an rnd ground street artist who gained game creating really revolutionary pieces. the mysterious banksy. >> cierra johnson is live for us this morning with a look at that exhibit which is located at the palace of fine arts. and has more on what we can expect when the doors open.
6:48 am
>> good morning. i think it's safe to say i have the best assignment of the day. i am at the palace of fine arts here in san francisco. joined by vicente, the co-producer of this amazing exhibit. thank you for waking up so early with us. first question, why banksy? why feature this artist and his work? >> good morning. thanks for being here. we love banksy more than just the artist himself. we like him as a pop icon. and the mystique around the pop icon is these days. we thought it would be amazing to get an original art exhibit of his and, you know, open to the public and have the opportunity to show it to the public around the world. >> and i know some of us have seen some of the work, the girl with the balloon, the flowers. but there's a lot more to this artist than just those two pieces we may have seen. >> absolutely. that's part of the premise, too. we kind of walk the audience
6:49 am
through banksy's timeline of his career. how he got started. milestones throughout his career that really catapulted him to the pop icon status where he is now. so we try to bring that to the experience as well. >> and some of these pieces are thought-provoking but some of them are just funny and creative and colorful. i guess describe the range of this artist. >> yeah, there's a lot of new reverence, a lot of funny -- we have a lot of quotes, too, throughout and those -- some of those are just hilarious. but, yes, all of this is not taken too seriously. and on the other hand we're talking about amazing art worth millions of dollars. it's a very cool experience. >> how many pieces are in this exhibit? >> over 90 original banksy art works here. >> 90 originals gathered from a ton of collectors. >> correct. they belong to our collectors who legitimately purchased the works at any given time and, yes, there are several collectors involved.
6:50 am
>> very lucky collectors. if you aren't a collector n you'd like to see them in person, when does it start? how long does it run? >> we're open november 22nd, today. we're running -- we just extending now through popular demand through february 27th which we're very excited about. banksy is the best place to gather all sorts of information. for ticket purchasing. we're at the palace of fine arts which we're super excited about. so that's the best way to get gallery information on the show. >> all right. i know it will be an amazing show. just walking around here for the short amount of time i've been here, it's been awesome. the city is in for a great treat. we're in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> glad to see it's extended, too. >> a lot to see. something else to see this morning, kari hall, that sunrise is beautiful. >> it is. and it's great to see because a lot of mornings at this time it's been foggy. so we do have a clear start to
6:51 am
the day. it's going to be nice and sunny. into the rest of the day. but it is also very chilly as you step out the door right now. in the mid40s. we'll go into the mid-50s by late morning and low 70s by early in the afternoon. take a look at our temperatures reaching 70 in palo alto. san rafael, high there of 68 degrees. 70 in santa rosa. 72 in san jose. really nice weather for mike inouye and kristi yamaguchi and the opening of downtown ice. nice light long sleeve weather and definitely hot chocolate. it's going to be nice for that as well as whatever you're planning to do throughout the week. we know that a lot of people are traveling. you may have family coming this way. well, i am seeing this one delay at the miami airport for 30 minutes but that's the only one across the country. zooming in a little bit here locally we are seeing no airport delays. so we're looking good. we just have to watch the east
6:52 am
coast because there have been some showers rolling through and maybe that's what's affecting some of those delays around miami. looking at our weather and what's coming our way, well, very weak systems passing by. for the next several days. the rain just dries up before it gets here. would be nice to get a good soaker, but with all the things going opeople would probably prefer the dry weather. that's what we'll see going into thanksgiving. temperatures remaining very comfortable with highs in the mid-60s. upper 60s for the weekend. big shopping weekend. especially if you want to buy local on saturday. we'll see highs in the mid-60s in san francisco. mike, you are seeing some slowing on the san mateo bridge. >> i'm not sure why to be honest. here's the slowdown. it was a little worse a few minutes ago. sometimes someone across the flat section hits their brakes. a little slowing.
6:53 am
what is going on is the backup and the build for the contra costa county area toward the bay bridge. lighter volumes. still a backup at the bay bridge. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:52. happening now, target is anounsing it will close all of its stores on thanksgiving this year and future years. its workers responded well to having the day off to spend with family. target will be open on black friday. and next a quick look at the top stories including a surprise twist initiated by the defendant. theranos founder elizabeth holmes in her own words. the fireworks some expect to see in the courtroom. and smash and grabs. thieves targeting multiple locations across the bay area. we'll tell you about the changes quickly taking place at holiday shopping season hits overdrive. first, i am streaming live for you on facebook. give you a behind the scenes look at what's going on on "today on the bay."
6:54 am
if you were watching you'd see we dropped something. good morning to you. stay tuned. much more ahead this morning right here on "today in the bay." see you then.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56 on monday morning. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at he top stories on "today in the bay" including more stores targeted by thieves after what was already a very hectic
6:57 am
weekend of organized thefts. >> bob redell live at stoneridge mall in pleasanton. this is where another attempted break-in was reported. this is not what store owners really need right now, specially before the holidays. >> or ever, for that matter. good morning, marcus and laura. around 3:00 this morning, pleasanton police arrived here at the stoneridge mall behind me in pleasanton. you can see they lit up one of the side entrances near the men's warehouse. there's also video of broken glass in one of the doors nearby. not clear if anyone got into the mall. could have been an attempted break-in. we have reached out to pd. we have not heard back. up north of here in walnut creek, saturday night around 80 people stormed the nordstrom department store in that town. it was like a well-organized operation. people sprinting to waiting cars carrying bags full of merchandise. three people were arrested. all charged with robbery. one of them is also charged with being a felon in possession of a
6:58 am
gun. last night walnut creek police posted on social media a warning about the possibility of more robberies in its shopping district. again after the nordstrom incident. nordstrom's did remain closed yesterday. some high-end shops like tiffany's asked customers to leave early so they could close early. as far as we know yesterday and last night was quiet. reporting live in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." a live look at the federal course in san jose where elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial is at a critical and surprising stage. happening today, she will return to the stand testifying in her own defense. at the end of the day on friday, the defense called the theranos founder and former ceo. she talked about her time at stanford and how her early career exploded. prosecutors have the chance to prosecute her about her failed company and its faulty blood testing technology. a live look at sfo where thanksgiving travel rush may be ready to collide head on with a shortage of security screeners.
6:59 am
today is the deadline for federal workers, including tsa agents to show they are fully vaccinated and last friday more than 40% were still unvaccinated. it's possible if you travel this week that you may face longer lines at check points but the tsa is confident there will be no disruptions. time to get a look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall. >> a lot of people will be traveling ahead of and maybe after thanksgiving. and we are going to continue to see dry weather in our forecast. temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s. mike? >> better news for the san mateo bridge. whatever we saw that was a problem cleared. that's what we expect around much of the bay. the bay bridge, this is lighter. we see movement in the lanes. i know discriminating eyes william say that it is moving faster than typical. anyone else will say it's still backed up there. both are right. >> a lot of white cars out there this morning. interesting. >> a white christmas.
7:00 am
we don't get the snow here. >> look at this sunrise that we're leaving you with on this monday morning. a nice way to start our day. thanks for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with live local news updates. >> the "today" show coming up next. go good morning. breaking overnight, parade tragedy. a holiday celebration near milwaukee filled with families turns to terror and bloodshed. an suv suddenly plowing into the crowd at high speed. at least five people killed, more than others injured. this morning, police questioning a person of interest in custody and our live interview with an eyewitness, just an arm's reach away. finally free, two of the missionaries held hostage in haiti for more than a month suddenly released. safe now and in good spirits. but what about the 15 others


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