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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 22, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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tragedy in wisconsin at least five people are dead and dozens injured after a red suv plows into a holiday parade. police are investigating at this hour we've got the latest two american hostages held in haiti have been released. closing argue ams later this morning in the ahmaud arbery
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trial. months in rehab and tiger woods back in the swing. >> starting to show an early looks at how the playoffs will play out good morning i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena >> we should warn you, some of the video we are about to show may be hard to watch an suv drove through an holiday parade in waukesha, west of milwaukee, killing five people and injuring 40 others a person of interest who may have significant criminal history is in custody and is being questioned they believe that person may have been involved in a knife five before that here is what the police chief
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had to say. >> t officer did discharge a weapon at the subject vehicle. nobody was injured as a result of the discharged. >> a spokesperson said, some students and parishioners were injured as well as one catholic priest some roads will remain closed and classes are canceled for waukesha public schools. two hostages in haiti have been released. christian aid said the two individuals are safe, in good spirits and being cared for. their names and reasons for release are being kept secret for security 16 citizens and one canadian were kidnapped by a notorious street gang. federal agencies are working
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with authorities to negotiate the safe release closing arguments are set to gib in the next few hours of ahmaud arbery. the death has put a nation yl spotlight. the out come may be another test for racial justice in this country. travis and gregory mcmichael and bryant are facing multiple charges. after 10 days of deliberations, the jury will be handed the case the holiday shopping deadline and the deadline for tsa employees and vchl nations the deadline is causing concerns of save shortages during the busiest travel week of the year. the tsa screened millions and travel records will break records this week. we'll go to newark's laguardia
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air airport. >> the travel rush is under way here and beyond. more than 53 million americans plan to travel 4 million plan to fly. numbers we haven't seen since the star busiest travel days of the year spiralled to moments of panic at atlanta airport. flights grounded and a passenger's gun went off at a security check point >> officials say, 42-year-old kenny wells lunged towards the weapon accident ally firing it. >> people came flying through. wells is still on the run with multiple warrants including possession of a firearm by convicted fell on. the scene happened as millions
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were flying to their destinations on saturday the tsa screened millions of people operations will stay smooth ahead of monday's vaccine mandate for all workers. >> i expect to have no impact whatsoever with respect to the vaccine. travelers sharing a bumpy start with long lines in hawaii, d.c. and boston >> i honestly did not plan this in my time anticipations >> a think a lot of people are traveling because of the holidays >> wednesday afternoon expect it to be the busiest time >> remember 90% of those folks will go by car.
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>> wet weather on the move, more travel troubles will be on the orrizon from the roads to the skies. >> folks traveling in and out of the northeast may run into some flight delays with storms rolling through but this is a fast-moving system back to you. over the weekend, clashes erupted in several european cities as thousands took to the streets to protest against new covid lockdowns. some of those turned violent in the netherlands, several injured as police opened fire on protesters tens of thousands protested there. >> thousands of protesters also in vienna, austria as the sit wri goes into an imposed lockdown most restaurants, bars, retail
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and entertainment will be closed and people will only be able to leave their homes for essential needs. >> back here at home, covid deaths continue to break records. the number of 2021 coronavirus deaths has surpassed last year's total number the milestone comes as dr. fauci is refuting the idea that the definition of fully vaccinated should include three doses he appeared last week to discuss the issue. >> we want to go with the science. right now, if you look at the data right now, fully vaccinated is the original two doses with the mrna with pfizer and moderna and a single dose with j&j
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we'll continue to follow this year has been the deadliest year on record for the transcommunity according to the human rights campaign at least 46 nongender and gender none conforming have been killed remembering those lost on the transgender day of remembrance brooind released a statement calling transpeople some of the bravest americans and paid tribute to the countless number of black and brown transgender women and girls who face brutal violence and harassment. the international committee said peng shuai is safe. some including the chairman ofeg concerns over her safety and freedom. we have the latest >> missing chinese tennis star
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peng shuai speaking out in a 30-minute call with the president of the international olympic committee. adding she appeared to be relaxed. the ioc did not share a copy of the video. it is her first known contact after she disappeared three weeks ago after she made a statement of sexual assault allegations. she smiled for the cameras but said nothing similar video showed her at a restaurant with her coach and friends. nbc has not verified the footage. the ioc call doing little to ease fears >> what do you make of the call. >> i thinkto
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do whatever they can to make this go away unlike the women's tennis association which threatened to pull out of china all together relations between the ioc and china especially sensitive with the start of the winter games just weeks away. >> their statement really sounded like something that would be issued by the chinese government >> the out cry coming from the white house, and the biggest stars in tennis. why with few convincing answers, the ball very much in china's court. let's turn now to your thanksgiving week weather with janessa webb good morning >> the storm systems we are talking about continue to get weaker that is a nice change as we go
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to the start of the week this will be quick movers making your way across the nor'easter it is just wet weather we'll have to contend with later this afternoon behind it is lake enhanced snow and gusty winds. the cool down will be the big weather story in the rest of the weekeratures factoring in the winds, it will feel like the midteens across spots of texas a chilly week ahead but we'll look at that thanksgiving forecast coming up
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p on the hollywood walk of fame selma hyak and talked about her struggles and encouraged everyone to work hard and find joy. coming up, tiger woods returns to the green months after his car ascrh. and night late-night nail biter. we are back in one minute. if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season. what makes febreze air effects different? if it's while cheaper aerosols rely on artificial propellants... febreze uses a 100% natural propellant. check it out! pressure created by what's in your air makes the bottle spray. which means freshness everyone will love. febreze. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure.
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williams with that go ahead touch down that gave l.a. a 41-37 win. >> around the nfl, back and forth in minnesota rogers through two passes. the vikings stormewnd the field giving minnesota 34-31 win. in kansas city getting off the ground against the chiefs. enough to hold on to a 19-9 victory. >> the saints tried clipping the lead with an explosive start new orleans would pull within 11 that 24-yard touch down run would seal it eagled win 40-29 what a game for jonathan taylor rushing for four touchdowns and
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caught another one in the stampede over the bills in buffalo. monster game landed him amid the week's top performers list a big weekend in women's college hoops. down to the wire smith lead all scores with 30 points number 3 maryland with a late come back. handing baylor their first loss of the season 79-76. the action continues today with a show down in the bahamas in the battle for the final one south carolins leaves theie american award >> adele and spotify shuffling
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♪ ♪ go easy on me, baby ♪ ♪ ♪ i was still a child ♪ >> adele asks fans to take it easy on the shuffle button when you play an album, it won't shuffle the songs. adele says care goes into choosing the track orders. american music awards kicked off. cardi b hosted the show and won for her favorite hip hop song, up and bts won fory universe."
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♪ you are my universe ♪ >> the group took home the win for artist of the year along with favorite pop duo and favorite pop song. >> carry underwood won best country artist and inspirational artist of the year olivia rodrigo snagged new artist of the year and performed her song "traitor. >> new awards, favorite trending to meg stallon for "body" and winning favorite female. favorite gospel artist to kanye west a first look at jennifer lopez and owen wilson's new
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dawn antibacterial. an easy way to clean your dishes... a smart way to wash your hands. happy monday watch this lake effect snow for the northeast to the great lakes later today. this front will move out but temperatures will really drop behind that. get prepared for windy conditions even in the upper midwest. still watching fire danger in california into the southwest with above normal temperatures we have another front that will be a big talker going into your wednesday. this will move out quickly minor travel delays. then things start to get great for the east coast a ton of temperatures in the 60s and sunshine for the west. tiger is back in his natural habitat.
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in today's top story breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin. this video may be hard to watch. five people killed more than 40 injured. a person of interest who may have significant criminal history is in custody and is being questioned they believe that person may have been involved in a knife fight and fled that scene before crashing into the crowd. some roads will remain closed and classes canceled for
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waukesha public schools. a press conference expected later today. reporting that the marine corps has the lowest amount of vaccines in the service. 90% of personnel have met the requirement or are on path to do so tiger woods is back in action the golf great tweeted a video taking some practice swings. the first we've seen since a devastating car crash that put his life and career in jeopardy. we have the story. >> reporter: tiger woods is back on the green the 45-year-old golf legend tweeting this short video on sunday wearing a black compression sleeve with the kopgs, teeing up progress.
4:28 am
with rumors of a come back >> we are in play for maybe the all-time greatest sports come back >> the first time he's been seen swinging since his car crash in february woods has offered no medical upda updates in months. in april, he posted this photo and this month, standing freely at his son's tournament. returning to the links to his fifth masters in 2019 after spine surgery. >> how far along did he look in that tweet it looked good one swing, two seconds that's all it took to turn the sports wourld upside down. >> offering fans three seconds of hope that tiger could come roaring back yet again
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>> that was less than a year when we saw the e surprised he and here he is >> and who knows what other strides he'll make >> nev underer
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right now, organized retail robberies. multiple locations targeted across the bay area with dozens of armed thieves making off with luxury goods. the changes stores across the bay area are now making in the aftermath of these heists. plus -- >> on the ground and blood. it was really bad. >> a car plows through a crowd in wisconsin killing five and injuring at least 40 others. the disturbing details on the person now in police custody. also key deadline. tsa workers have to meet today or risk the possibility of losing their


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