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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 21, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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breaking news tonight two hostages kidnapped in haiti more than a month ago have been released. their church announcing they are safe and being cared for. the other 15 are still being held. their captors demanded $1 million ransom for each. the man hunt for the passenger who fired a gun inside atlanta's airport sending travelers fleeing and grounding flights while across the country today long lines as americans who skipped the holidays last year head home in record numbers. the race to get boosted before thanksgiving. appointments to get the third shot before
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the holiday already booking up. the booster kicks in within days. plus, how long seen tifts believe the extra dose will last. the missing chinese tennis player speaking over video to the president of the olympics. what she told him. getting to america. our behind the skoens skoens -- the scenes look at the challenge of delivering products made in asia. the toys piling up. the video tiger woods has released that has people wondering has the comeback begun? and a family tradition lives on. how the next generation stepped up to save thanksgiving for hundreds. good evening. it was a brazen kidnapping ha captured worldwide attention against the back drop of an increasingly unstable government in haiti. 36 days ago one of the most notorious gangs there captured a group of american missionaries and their families demanding
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$1 million in ransom per person. today we learned two hostages have been released. 15 are still being held. monica alba starts us off. >> reporter: two hostages held in haiti more than a month free tonight according to the missionary group who organized the trip. christian aid ministries confirming they are safe and in good spirits and being cared for. their names, reasons for release, and where they are kept secret for security purposes. the ohio based organization pleading for prayers and writing, our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held. 16 u.s. citizens and one canadian were abducted 36 days ago after visiting an orphanage outside port-au-prince. six men, six women, and five children the youngest of which is 8 months old all kidnapped at gun point by a notorious street
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gang. the fbi, state department, and other federal agencies dispatched a team to help haitian authorities with the investigation and negotiate the safe release of the hostages. but they declined to pay a $1 million ransom for each person following long standing u.s. policy. in recent weeks the american and canadian embassies both asked their nationals to leave haiti due to a surge in violence and severe fuel shortages in the impoverished country. still recovering from years of natural disasters and political unrest. >> monica is with us from the white house. any comment from the u.s. government about this tonight? >> reporter: kate, the white house is following the situation very closely with a spokesperson telling me tonight they welcome the reports but they can't comment any further at this time. authorities in georgia are still searching tonight for the passenger at the atlanta airport who fired a gun after being stopped at a tsa
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checkpoint. three people were injured in the chaos that followed. it comes during what is set to be a record week for travel. in the past three days alone more than 2 million passengers have flown each day. kathy park has more. >> reporter: one of the busiest travel days of the year spiraled into moments of panic at atlanta's international airport. flights temporarily grounded and hundreds diving for cover saturday afternoon when a passenger's gun went off at a security check point. >> everybody is running. >> reporter: officials say the passenger identified as 42-year-old kenny wells, lunged toward the weapon and grabbed it in his bag accidentally discharging the gun. >> people just came flying through and were like, run, run, run. then people were just running. >> reporter: tonight wells is still on the run with multiple warrants out for his arrest including possession of a firearm by convicted felon. the chaotic scene happening as millions across the country
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were flying to their destination saturday the tsa screening more than 2 million people for the third consecutive day. do you usually travel around thanksgiving? >> i try to except of course last year with covid i didn't go. i'm going this year. >> reporter: the tsa saying operations will stay smooth ahead of monday's vaccine mandate for all workers. >> we are going to be staffed enough to handle the surge. i expect no impact whatsoever with respect to the vaccine. >> reporter: but already travelers sharing a bumpy start to their getaways with long lines at airports in hawaii, d.c., and boston. >> honestly did not plan this in my time. >> i don't know if i've seen it that long even pre-covid. i think a lot of people are traveling because of the holidays. >> reporter: soon traffic on the roads will pick up too with wednesday afternoon expected to be the busiest time. >> about 90% of the folks traveling will go by car. >> reporter: with wet weather on the move, more travel troubles
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could be on the horizon. from the roads to the skies. >> kathy joins us live from new york's laguardia airport. i'm flying out of there wednesday. like everybody i want to know who is at risk for delays. >> reporter: well, kate, you should be m good shape. folks are flying in and out of the northeast tonight and early tomorrow morning could run into some delays with storms rolling through but, fortunately, this is a fast moving system. kate? >> thank you. now to the other holiday rush. adults trying to get a covid booster shot before gathering with family and friends this week. experts say the third dose ramps up immunity almost immediately. but in some areas it is hard to get an appointment this week. >> reporter: tonight a different type of holiday rush is under way. long lines for vaccines from new york to denver. >> relax, relax. >> reporter: some governors across the country urging the fully vaccinated to get boosters as
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millions prepare to gather. >> get it before thanksgiving. make sure when you sit down at that thanksgiving table with people you love you have the highest level of immunity to protect them. >> in west virginia only 41% of the population is fully vaccinated. >> if you are 18 and older, absolutely you ought to be getting a booster shot right now. >> reporter: with the cdc making booster shots available to all adults, americans are rushing to get their shots. the number of daily vaccinations nearly doubling over the last month. >> i'm here to get my booster vaccine to stay healthy and protect people around me. >> reporter: health experts say the boosters should take effect quickly but many wonder how often they'll be needed. >> we would hope and this is something that we're looking at very carefully, that that third shot not only boosts you way up but increases the durability so that you will not necessarily need it every six
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months or a year. >> this holiday season in addition to being vaccinated americans have more options like rapid take home tests, now widely available. avoiding the long lines seen at testing sites last year. >> we're planning to take a rapid test the morning of. >> reporter: though at home tests aren't always reliable steven kissler and his friends hope to add an extra layer of security. >> since we are all vaccinated it definitely helps but it is still possible for people to have breakthrough infections and spread infection to others. >> so enough vaccine for everyone but hearing that not always enough appointments for everyone for boosters? >> kate, one of the major national pharmacy chains says there is an increase in demand and appointment availability will vary by region. the advice is not to wait and get your appointment now. >> thank you. in europe today, protests against new covid lockdowns turned
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violent. in brussels, rioters set fire and threw objects at police as tens of thousands protested new covid measures there. yesterday saw similar violence in the netherlands. protests have sprung up across the continent as countries impose new restrictions to stop rising cases. austria enters a nationwide lockdown tomorrow. back here in the u.s. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of three men charged in the shooting death of ahmaud arbery in georgia last year. it comes as tensions remain high around the country following the kyle rittenhouse verdict. catie beck is following the trial. >> reporter: the final moments of ahmaud arbery's life captured on video. the case has captured america. monday attorneys will make closing arguments. >> you're going to hear two different perspectives on the exact same video. >> reporter: prosecutors will likely tell the jury the story they have during weeks of witness testimony, that 25-year-old aubrey was jogging unarmed in a residential
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neighborhood when greg mcmichael and his son travis began an armed pursuit, cornering arbery with the help of neighbor roddie bryant who filmed the deadly moment travis mcmichael shot arbery after he had made multiple attempts to get away. >> didn't pull out any gun. >> no, ma'am. >> didn't pull out any knife. >> no, ma'am. >> never reached for anything did he? >> no. >> he just ran. >> yes, he was just running. >> reporter: the defense claims self-defense, that the three defendants were being vigilant neighbors, had spotted arbery walking through a house under construction, and followed him to investigate. they claim arbery tussled with mcmichael for his gun and that is when fatal shots were fired. >> the most dramatic event i have ever been through in my life. i don't know how, i've never been through a situation like this. >> reporter: deliberations in georgia will begin on the heels of another controversial case closed. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not
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guilty. >> reporter: friday kyle rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges after killing fwo men and shooting a third during civil unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. the veteran prosecutor says while the facts are very different between the two cases the heart of the case is much the same. >> the key part of this case, what people will be arguing about, vigilanteism, self-defense, that is going to be at the core and what is going to be front and center from the argument from both sides. >> reporter: the final chapter in the case begins when court resumes. still ahead tonight the head of the olympics says he has spoken with the missing chinese tennis star but it is raising more questions than answers. is she really okay? also we go behind the scenes with the chinese manufacturers the scenes with the chinese manufacturers battli supply chainng to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor
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which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. we're beak with part of the mystery solved surrounding the disappearance of the chinese tennis star. officials at the international olympic committee say they have made contact with peng shuai who had gone missing after accusing a former chinese government official of sexual assault. there are a lot of questions still about how she is being treated. >> reporter: missing chinese tennis star peng shuai speaking out for the first time in a 30-minute video call with the president of the international olympic committee on sunday. the ioc saying peng is safe and well, adding
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she appeared to be relaxed. the ioc did not provide nbc news a copy of the video. it is peng's first known contact with anyone outside china since she disappeared three weeks ago after making sexual assault allegations against a former senior communist party official and comes hours after chinese state media released videos allegedly showing her at a tennis tournament this morning. she smiled for the cameras but said nothing. a similar video put out last night showing peng at a restaurant with her coach and friends. nbc news has not independently verified the footage. the ioc call doing little to ease fears. what did you make of this call? >> i thought it was a sign that the ioc is willing to do what it can to make this issue go away and to side with the chinese government essentially there is nothing to see here. >> reporter: unlike the women's tennis association which has threatened to pull out of china all together, the ioc statement
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doesn't mention peng's allegations of sexual assault. relations between the ioc and china especially sensitive with the start of the winter games just weeks away. >> their statement really sounded like something that would be issued by the chinese government. >> reporter: the outcry now coming from the white house, the united nations, and the biggest stars of global tennis. >> we just have to unite and stand together. >> reporter: with few convincing answers the ball is still very much in china's court. nbc news. we'll stay in china for this next story because that country produces so many of the products we buy here in the u.s. including toys. we focused a lot on the backlog at american ports but there are major supply chain challenges in china, too. janis mackey frayer takes us behind the scenes with chinese manufacturers as they rush to send toys here in time for the holidays. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season is all but here. a lot of what people may be looking for is not.
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the global supply chain crunch creating shortages and higher prices for most things. including toys. factories here in southern china make more than 80% of imported toys on store shelves in the u.s. from digital stuff to dolls to dinosaurs. but here is also where the world supply chain problems began. there are more challenges this year, says this man, who owns a trading company. raw materials are costing more. micro chips are hard to find. our power crisis means electricity is being rationed. the impact is actually big to us, says this factory owner. and the pandemic pushed shipping rates through the roof with no guarantee of timely delivery. everything is taking longer. toys that would typically need just a few weeks to reach stores in the u.s. now taking nearly three months. like these shipments of e-blocks to get from the factory in
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china to a port in the u.s. and into jim seymour's e-blocks warehouse near chicago should take ten weeks. his last shipment? nearly eight months. now it is tough to keep up with demand. >> we're seeing this increase in spending right now from our customers so they can stock up and hold on to the inventory so they'll have something by christmas time. >> reporter: back here in china some factories have a new supply problem -- too many toys piling up. >> we export many, many toys every year, so please tell people in america, please don't worry about this. >> reporter: don't worry about toys for christmas. >> yes. >> reporter: exporters are now turning to costly air freight to ship toys so that christmas isn't stuck in trans is. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, china. >> yet we are still worried. we're back in a moment with the shot being shared around the world. is tiger woods ready for his comeback?
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as we head into thanksgiving week publix one of the largest supermarket chains in the country is putting purchase limits on holiday staples like cranberry sauce, jarred gravy, canned pie filling, even bacon because of ongoing shortages. but there is good supply chain news. walmart says they'll have plenty of turkeys to go around for all their shoppers. there is big news tonight in the sports world. tiger woods back on the golf course sharing a video taking a full swing months after a devastating car crash put his life and career in jeopardy.
3:52 pm
>> reporter: tiger woods is back on the green. the 45-year-old golf legend tweeting this short video on sunday wearing a black compression sleeve on his right leg the caption making progress. the video teeing up rumors of a comeback. >> we're in play for maybe another all time great sports comeback. >> reporter: this is the first time woods has been spotted swinging since his high speed car accident in february. that caused severe injury to his right leg and foot. woods has offered no medical updates in months. in april he posted this photo. last month he was spotted standing freely at his son's golf tournament. woods had bounced back from injury before returning to the links to win his fifth masters in 2019 after major spine surgery. how far along in his progress did he look in the tweet? >> we didn't see him as max speed with a driver, but it looked good. one swing, two words, three seconds. that's all it took for
3:53 pm
woods to turn the sports world upside down. >> reporter: the latest video offering fans three seconds of hope that tiger could come roaring back yet again. nbc news. when we come back, how two siblings stepped up to save your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork.
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plus get bonus savings with a wayfair credit card and free shipping on thousands of products. don't miss our black friday happening now through november 27th. only at traditions. there is good news tonight about taking notes and passing down traditions and the power of a single act from one generation to the next. this family has always had a special thanksgiving tradition. a family affair right?
3:56 pm
>> it is a family affair. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years ruth and buddy have organized a turkey giveaway in two ft. worth neighborhoods. their kids gabby and dash tagging along. >> we are out on the stage at the age of 4 handing out turkeys. it is always known for the longest time. >> reporter: this year a huge wrench. >> we were two weeks away and i started not feeling well. >> reporter: ruth and buddy tested positive for covid. the kids tested negative and went to their grandparents next door. was there a moment where you thought i don't know if this is going to happen this year? >> there was a moment where someone said we should just reschedule. i said, that's not an option. >> for sure. >> reporter: that is when 21 darryl gabby and 17-year-old dash stepped up. >> we just said no. there is no way we can reschedule this. the families each year are counting on us. >> she stuck her hand out and we shook hands and we said, we looked at each other and said we got this. you know? >> we've been watching y'all all this time. let us take care of
3:57 pm
it. >> reporter: through the nonprofit ft. worth metro they collected turkeys. and one week ago with the help of a lot of volunteers they distributed over 500 turkeys to families in need. >> get you a butterball, sir. >> we are trying to hand out a turkey and make a connection. >> we make it very clear to every single person out there that they are not just a number. they are seen and loved. >> reporter: their parents couldn't have been prouder. >> to have people there with my kids just sending me messages saying how proud they were and how awesome my kids were doing. my kids were soaring and helping people. >> helping people. >> every single kid. >> reporter: a reminder all of us have the power to make a difference this thanksgiving. >> if you start in your own little world and you start changing things one by one and every single person does that, then the world will be changed all over because we're all doing our own things. >> you don't need to
3:58 pm
get overwhelmed by the big picture. just one act of kindness every day can make the world a better place. >> gabby and dash's parents have fully recovered now and are already looking forward to next year. one last note tonight my digital series "the drink" tells the stories of people at the top of their game. the latest actor jeff daniels currently starring on broadway talks about taking risks and working hard. also why he didn't listen when his agent begged him not to do "dumb and dumber." that is at or on the nbc nightly news podcast. great to be back in person with people. i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news stay safe and have a gat night. re
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