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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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not guilty in kenosha. the impact felt here in the bay area. we're having a discussion about what this verdict says about our justice system. and vice president kamala harris making history again. by doing something no woman has ever done. we'll tell you about the 85 minutes that broke barriers. good evening.
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a protest beginning right now in the streets of oakland. this is all about kyle rittenhouse. the verdict in kenosha, wisconsin. we'll take you to oakland in a few minutes. we start with the stunning development in san jose. a courtroom late today elizabeth holmes the super-star of silicon valley took the stand in her defense. no cameras allowed in the courtroom. scott was there and live weeting it. she talked about her time at stanford. it started from humble beginnings. she's walking into court with her mother. she spoke in her distingive bar tone voice. and will be on the stand next week ask and prosecutors can cross examine her. did she mislead investors knowing the technology didn't work. was there fraud involved? scott has been in the courtroom. you were there today. was it a ho hum friday and she takes the stand?
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was anybody expecting this? >> they weren't. yesterday and into this morning the prosecution finally wrapped after three months. so the defense gets a chance. after a couple witnesses they went by quickly. she to do up and it was about 3:15 p.m. total surprise. not even all that many people were there. and it just took everyone by surprise. and all of a sudden, wow, there she was testifying. >> we have spoken to people saying she's very charming and commanding. she has a presence. how did that translate. did it translate into the courtroom? what was the jury looking like? >> it translated well to the witness stand. she was poised -- she had the baritone voice. how would she sound. she stood very erect and took the seat. took off the mask. there was a gasp. no one had seen her without the mask in the courtroom. she was professional. she handled the questions well. the science came very natural to her. clearly she doesn't stumble and
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smiled and laughed. made eye contact with the jury. granted this was her side of the story. this is the defense. not the cross-examination. so far she did come across very well and very professional. >> you sat there. two quick story lines or bullet points that stood out. and the jury as well. >> there's a myth to holmes. she tried to get rid of that. saying i dropped out of stanford at 19. i thought i had great idea. my parents were behind it. they took some of the money they were going to spend on college -- parents money. and funded my company. that's how it started. she started getting investments and also talked about the early days of hiring people. the early days in the lab. getting her first patent and how proud she was. and how proud they were as a small scrappy start up. and i think that resonated with the jury. remember, most of us if we didn't follow the company from the beginning. know her as notorious.
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as things crumble. this was the origin story. and it's a much scrappier happy story. >> what's the strategy? to make her as a successful businesswoman. that didn't succeed and not fraud. >> lawyers tell me this is why it started 45 minutes before trial ended for the entire week. it's to give her a chance to tell a little bit of the story. so smile and be seen and make eye contact with the jury. on her terms. and on the terms of the defense. and then everybody goes home for a weekend thinking what a lovely person. what smart person. >> monday tuesday next week the prosecution gets in there and things get spicy. >> efbtly. that's a big risk. there's a lot they have to cross examine about. >> you will be there. every step of the way. thank you. scott has been following this case from the beginning. broke the news on twitter holmes was taking the stand. caught a lot of people off guard. he's a good follow.
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>> all right: also tonight the verdict with emotion and soul searching in the country. it happened in kenosha. it has national implications. whether you agree or not, the jury ruled kyle rittenhouse was not guilty on all counts against him. last summer during a racial justice protest, rittenhouse killed two people with an ar 15 rifle and injured a third. he claimed self-defense. and the jury agreed. tonight there's a protest happening in the bay area. it started about 30 minutes ago. downtown oakland. about 100 people now. it could grow. near oakland city hall. they want the department of justice to step in and take a look at the case. >> can you tell me how you feel about the decision? >> definitely mixed feelings. disappointment. not a lot of surprise. this is something that we have grown up with in our i have lived with my whole life. i can see how we moved forward
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as a country. as a community. cases like this and events like in remind us how far we have to go. >> emotional for a lot of people. they plan to march to the federal building. that's coming next in the next 30 minutes. we'll be watching this protest. and bring you any updates as we get them. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> and that's it. earlier today the 18 year-old broke down after he learned he was cleared of all five charges against him. this was from august last year. rittenhouse traveled to kenosha. during protests over the police shooting of black man. the defense argued he only pulled the trigger of the assault rifle in self-defense. after being attacked. here's what his lawyer said after the verdict. >> he had as much business being there as any of the demonstrators or rioters.
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that's all i can say. there's going to be people who will never agree with that statement. >> what happened inside that courtroom? did the jury get this right? we asked retired bay area judge. >> what's important to understand is what the law is. and how it was carried out in the courtroom. the burden was on the prosecution. and the prosecutor tried to convince the jury that kyle rittenhouse was an active shooter. and they failed to do it. because kyle rittenhouse defense was self-defense. in wisconsin, the law requires that when a self-defense claim is raised the prosecutors have to disprove self-defense. beyond a reasonable doubt. in most states it's just the opposite. if you claim self-defense the burden is on you to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was self-defense. and also what happened in this case is that there was a jury instructions. that said in this case, that the jurors had to look at what
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happened through the eyes of then 17 year-old kyle rittenhouse. it wasn't in hindsight. they had to assess the reasonableness of the actions and decide whether or not his belief was he had to use self-defense was reasonable. apparently the jury bought it. every part of the legal system is has bias in it. in this one, i saw the bias really from the judge. i saw a judge who was very biassed in favor of mr. rittenhouse. and really against the prosecution. and there are just a lot of indications this judge was really in rittenhouse's corner. that bias was just absolutely improper and inappropriate. to never have been there. >> interesting perspective from a retired judge. with so many emotional verdicts it's challenging to think clearly and think fairly. this case sparks so many issues of race, self-defense, what's
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right what's wrong. and really our justice system. joining us now. james taylor. professor of politics at usf. professor, nice to have you back on the program. if you can be honest and clear, it's hard for us who aren't professors of law or lawyers to separate emotion from a verdict. legally speaking, was this a just trial? >> i think the judge did a great job of explaining the legal aspects of this in terms of the jury instructions. the judges role and the deliberation process. so i think again given what the court what was in the courtroom i think the implication of it and what we can -- is in the case of wisconsin vs. rittenhouse. in its own right. anything beyond that again would have to be looked at in the more broader sense of criminal justice reform. or where we are in terms of group and race relations. i think again on a micro level you have to keep the case in its
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courtroom. but then we can ask questions about the application of and the implication for the larger social issues in question. >> stick to the legal issue. when you review the case, look at it in realtime. like today in the past several weeks. what stands out in terms of how this played out? >> i think one of the leading comments was that people aren't surprised. the way the judge and fullfied the lower charges. nullified. and eliminated the media. the way the judge referred to the victims as rioters and looters and not victims. that tilted the balance in the young man's favor. and out of everything for most people, and is the sort of general double standard. many people use this is what i call a black standard in a case like this. you sort of say what if we changed the variable in race and put an african-american young
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man in the whose mother drives across state lines and do a drive by. and see how the average american feels about that. change some of the factors. and you would see sort of how this the system works on two different levels for different groups of people in society. that's the major contradiction. >> that's what is so emotional for people. three white men in georgia on trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery. accused of gunning him down while he was jogging in the neighborhood last year. what do you see happening there? any impact any link to the rittenhouse trial. >> i think it has direct impact. in the level of public discourse. i think a lot of people are making comparisons and actually i think this is more of a ominous out come. than the verdict we got today. i think this one is more pretentious. jackson and sharpton and ministers where there to support the family.
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you have the words from the defense attorney asking for their removal from the court. this is directly people being accused of killing a black young man. directly. as opposed to the kenosha case indirectly related to the shooting of jacob blake. in this case, i think african-americans rit large. whatever that means. have more at stake in georgia than they did in kenosha. and so that is what i'm more concerned about any sort of benefit of the a doubt self-defense argument that can be made for the defense. the prosecution originally refused to charge the father and the son because they said they were engaging in self-defense activity. there's all right the at the county level support for that defense. >> so much pressure put on the the jurors. in all of these cases. professor, we appreciate your time. have a good friday. >> thank you. still to come. kamala harris the vice president making history yet again.
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she did something today that no other woman has done in the country. we'll tell you about it. and how many times this happened historically in terms of what she did. also getting a booster shot just got easier. the move today by the fda and cdc the clears the way for any adult to get that booster. that includes your local pharmacy. on]
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get ready more than 50 million people are expected to hit the road and sky for thanksgiving and a lot of people making the break tonight. here's a live look at the bay area roads. oakland traffic is pretty thick. actually the bay bridge coming into san francisco, the upper left of the screen. that's easy. all the other traffic cams showing a lot of congestion. and traffic around the bay area. and the east bay and dublin. and the san mateo bridge. both directions. people heading out or into town before thanksgiving. which is next thursday. a live look at sfo. today and tonight the busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic. we also checked in with san jose and oakland airport. they are busy on this friday night. you might have noticed we -- you might not have noticed. we had 85 minutes of history today. vice president krars became the acting president. the first time in our country history a woman had presidential
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power. from 7:10 a.m. to 8:35 a.m. pacific time. here's what happened. tomorrow, president biden turns 79. this morning he went to walter reed for a colon os copi. a routine medical procedure. but did require an stee sha. he temporary gave power to the vice president. house speaker nancy pelosi rose to second in command. so for 85 minutes of american history, two women from the bay area were at the top of the executive branch. by the way, this isn't the first time a vice president was named acting president. 1985, ronald reagan had surgery. george h.w. bush took over. and twice during george bushes presidency. dick cheny took over.
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>> i want to catch up on other stories tonight. a sad one. the family of jasper woo. they should be preparing for their son's second birthday. instead they gathered for his funeral. that funeral today. the mountain view cemetery. in oakland. where they watched a home video of the little guy. from a newborn to videos of him learning how to walk. you see them there. oakland police chief. deputies with the alameda county sheriff department and officers with the chp. the agency in charge of the investigation. you'll recall jasper was riding in his families car along 880 in oakland. police say a stray bullet struck him in the head. following today's service. his parents and grandfather took part in the chinese tradition involving burning paper made offerings. like toys. so he can enjoy them in the
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after life. you can see them there. outside the funeral home. with the ceremony. >> you typically hear cries from the family members. because that's the last chance they can express their love to their loved ones. >> we have done everything we can to try to identify the vehicles involved in the incident. we have tracked every step along the way and continue to do that. >> fremont vice mayor also attended the service. he's calling for tougher gun laws. and more support for police. authorities haven't made any arrests yet. and haven't released any names of the suspects. >> another story we're watching on this friday. a little more covid confidence heading into the holiday. booster shots now available to all adults. no matter where you live or what the risk level might be. no matter what type of covid shot you already have. approving the move today.
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up until today some confusing on who could get one. because different places had different rules. for example some county health departments and the state of california are already allowing all adults to schedule a booster. if you checked in with your local pharmacy. you hit a roadblock. they had stricter guidelines. requiring you to attest to other preexisting conditions. to qualify. now 18 and over you can get that booster. all right. tomorrow is the 124th big game. 124 years old. cal at stanford. the big concern is cal going to be able to field a team. the answer is yes. despite the major covid out break. cal says the team should be at full strength tomorrow. for the 4:00 p.m. kick off. at stanford stadium. covid handicapped the really the golden bears for most of the month. they lost to arizona while missing 24 players. then had to postpone last weekends game. against usc. after 44 players and coaches
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were placed in protocol. the game is on tomorrow. the big game rivalry started in 1892. before forward passes or even huddles were allowed in football. this years game comes during the 100th anniversary of stanford stadium. >> big game tomorrow. we head into the weekend. jeff will join us next with the weekend forecast.
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jeff take a look. >> beautiful. >> the holidays are here. tree lighting at the hillsdale mall in san mateo. santa is there. in san francisco, macy kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting at union square. this was last night. it was closed to the public in effort to avoid crowds. tonight and every night they say please go to union square. >> i love the macy's tree. >> beautiful. >> we can all use a little cheer. >> so many people are leaving town. >> we have a little bit of drizzle tonight. be careful on the roadway. as we move through tomorrow morning the big warning i want to get out it's going to be cold. plenty of low to mid-40s to start. just a little bit of isolated fog. rolling through the day, sunshine is back. holiday shopping putting up the christmas lights doing the tree. we got great weather with afternoon highs in the 60s from the north bay to the south bay. 7-day forecast slight chance of shower next tuesday.
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dry on thanksgiving. and will be at 62. so far, so good. especially this weekend. >> happy friday. that'll do it for us at 7:00. happy friday. have great evening.
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also in giving tuesday. is the november 30th the tuesday after thanksgiving. in this is an opportunity for people to really double their impact. >> all right. thank you very much. the other thing people can do to help, partner or team up just like truffle shuffle is doing with the community food bank. >> how are you doing? >> great. tell us about your partnership with truffle shuffle. and the alameda county community food bank. >> our partnership starts with my own experience growing up as a kid i dealt with food insecurity. i was 16, 2008 hit.
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my dad lost his business. i was in house that had a foreclosure notice on the door. my mom called and was really excited. she told me she had entire dlufr delivery donation of food in her car. the entire car was filled with food. she was so excited. i remember it as clear as day. and we got home and it was the day before my 17th birthday. there was a cup cake mix in the donation and made me a cake. and that moment forward i said i'll find a way to make sure i give back. >> you are definitely giving back. what are you -- food for a cause? right? coming up for thanksgiving. with the side dishes. >> we do amazing virtual cooking experiences and every single we donate a meal. and come down once a month and bring a team. and help pack up. right now what we're doing to
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help help the mission over here for the holidays is a cook for a cause. and you can go on the web site and purchase it. donate as much as you would like. all the proceeds go to the community food bank and all the recipes you need this thanksgiving season. we have the truffle whipped mashed potatoes. brown butter bacon glazed brus sell sprouts. how to cook a perfect turkey. >> thank you for all you do. >> thank you. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey.
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♪ what did you think of the whole super bowl fallout? >> uh. >> people are crying. someone thought this would be a good idea. and it backfired. >> so was it justin's idea or not? only three people know for sure. will we timely uncover truth? >> there was a secret meeting that took place. >> when it comes to love i never lie. >> gaga in valentino for hollywood's gucci premiere. >> no britney on the red carpet but sam showed up in style with an update. >> we're living our life by the


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