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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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stanford at 19, so she testified that some of the money her parents saved for college actually went towards the company. she then started hiring people and most importantly meeting investors. those investors who would fund the company from the very beginning all the way up until the bitter end. she was very poised and like you said, her voice did not change. it was the same tone we have gotten used to all these years. one note, this was her team talking to her, the defense team, and they took the whole hour. certainly no cross examination today. they want the jury to have a poised holmes, a holmes who smiled at the jury and made eye contact with the jury and told a positive story as they go for the weekend. we won't hear any cross exam into sometime next week. >> scott, quick question here. the jury saw her today, but the voice is the same, but the look is so different. we're accustomed to seeing
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holmes in the black turtleneck, stark clothing. now she has a more warm, inviting look. how do you think it played with the jury? >> reporter: it seemed to play well with the jury. a lot of people in court and obviously we weren't allowed to talk to jurors, but a lot of people in court noticed for the last three months exactly what you just said, jessica, that she's adopted a different look and that she comes across very friendly, still makes eye contact with jurors, even with the mask on. so it is not that much of a surprise when she took the stand that she felt somehow personable to them and i think that's the goal, to try to humanize her, make her personable to the jury as opposed to the very severe ceo that people saw in years past. >> now, did she, you know, refute any of the things, we had so many witnesses on the stand talk about how she convinced them that theranos machines worked, that they had a military
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contract. did she talk about any of those things, rebut any of those things? >> reporter: that did not come up yet. again, i think the defense just wanted to talk about the origin story and sort of introduce the new elizabeth holmes to the jury before they went home for their weekend. obviously it is a risky move, like you said at the top, because of the cross examination that will bring in those things that holmes told investors and others that turned out not to be true. there's a lot more to go in her testimony. >> a lot more for sure. thank you very much, scott. >> scott has been following this case from the very beginning and broke the news that elizabeth holmes was taking the stand on twitter. he live tweets from inside the courtroom so you're always in the know. we have been following him all afternoon. be sure to follow him on twitter. @scott budman. he was supposed to be celebrating a second birthday in a matter of weeks, today, the family of baby jasper said their
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final farewell. the toddler killed by a stray bullet two weeks ago. along with family, friends, chp officers in attendance. there was a family that tried to say good-bye to a child taken far too soon. >> reporter: a family's cry for their baby boy spilled out of the mountain view cemetery in oakland earlier today. >> the mother told me personally that she was completely overwhelmed. >> reporter: during the service for baby jasper woo, they watched him grow up on screen from his first photo as a newborn to a video of him smiling in his car seat. nearly two weeks ago they were driving when a stray bullet struck the toddler's head as his family was driving on interstate 880 in oakland. his grandfather gave an
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emotional eulogy in chinese. >> one point i start crying. how he could sustain this kind of impact of a bullet. >> reporter: the police chief paid respects to the family as well as members of the alameda sheriff's office and california highway patrol. the agency in charge of the investigation. >> often times realize it is happening daily, some family is burying a loved one. >> reporter: referring to the death of a mother and two shot and killed yesterday morning driving on interstate 80, headed to bay bridge toll plaza. >> the family want to express that they do not wish to see any more of this kind of killing, not only for little jasper but for any innocent people driving on the streets. >> reporter: at the end, the family took part in chinese tradition that involves burning offerings so that their little boy can enjoy them in the afterlife. >> they were burning paper made
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houses, toys, even money. fake money, of course, as if they can be delivered through the flame to the loved ones in heaven. >> reporter: the reward for any information that can lead to an arrest is at least $10,000, and according to oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, that reward will likely get a lot higher and could be a game changer in this investigation. police still haven't released the name of a suspect or a description of a vehicle that was involved. in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> heartbreaking. thank you. growing questions and grief as chp investigates the latest freeway shooting. amani morris was killed near the bay bridge. shots rang out. her fiance was driving her to a job interview with her two young children in the back seat. morris was killed, her five-year-old was the first to
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realize it. tonight, her mother is flying to the bay area to try to get more answers. this afternoon, she spoke with us by phone, made a plea directly to her daughter's killers. >> whoever did this, consider the fact that if this was your mother, your sister, your daughter, how would you feel? turn yourself in. >> california highway patrol says it is not releasing any new details at this time. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear more from the victim's family and from the mayor on steps that should be taken to stop deadly shootings on the freeways. the vaccination effort is getting its own boost ahead of the holidays. the cdc expanded eligibility for boosters to anyone 18 and older and urge those over 50 to go ahead and get that booster shot. making it easy to get the shot before thanksgiving. california has been offering boosters to any adult that wants
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one. now you can get them at walgreens and cvs. my turn website was updated to make it easy to book appointments as well. tsa agents expect to screen some 20 million passengers by end of thanksgiving weekend. so they have advice to speed things up before you go to the airport, have proper id or aren't going anywhere. wear a mask, it is required. and tsa suggests to enroll in or renew precheck membership. the rush is on the next ten days, more than 50 million people expected to take the roads and skies for the holiday. it is going to take a bigger bite out of the bank account to get where you're going. ian, so different than a year ago, so much more expensive than a year ago. >> reporter: absolutely. another tip to add there, once again, get here early. this is the busiest i have seen it here at sjc in the past year.
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you can see dozens of people being dropped off here at departures. experts say thanksgiving travel will be nearly what it was before the pandemic but will cost you a lot more. today at sjc, families taking off, excited to get back to old holiday traditions. it is a major milestone for this san jose family going to denver. >> going to see her grandparents for the first time, it has been a good year and a half since we've seen our family. >> reporter: they'll be celebrating thanksgiving early, coming back before thursday to beat crowds and lower the costs. >> you save a couple hundred dollars, we have family members that are driving because due to the cost of the flights. >> reporter: that's partially because jet fuel prices are the highest they have been since 2014, leading to expensive tickets. but it is no better on the
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roads. gas in california hit a record this week, on average $4.68 a gallon. here in the bay area, 5 bucks a gallon is the price another more likely to see. this group of college buddies pulled together cash to pay for the trip for thanksgiving. >> i don't know how much it will cost, hoping it is not a lot. we stopped once when the tank was halfway, cost like 50. >> reporter: aaa estimates 53 million will travel thanksgiving week. for some, seeing family around the table again feels priceless. >> renting a car, paying for gas here, fuel prices are really high. >> reporter: still worth it? >> yes. >> reporter: officials say get here early. it will be crowded and because there are tsa staffing shortages expected that could make things even worse. ian cull. traffic is looking --
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there's slowing on the san mateo bridge, steady when it comes to palo alto and golden gate bridge. people are planning trips this weekend ahead of thanksgiving. there was fog over most of the bay area today. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. you have been tracking everything we need to know into the weekend. how is it looking? >> that's right. we have you ready to go for that. as you head out, watch for traffic in contra costa and alameda counties. we're seeing fog and areas of drizzle. worst corridor is through wall -- walnut creek. we hold onto 50s rolling through tonight. here's the change coming our way that you'll like. we have clouds staying with us tonight. you can see as we roll through tomorrow morning, we're going to begin to see clouds move on out and sunshine returning. i only see a little chance of isolated fog as we start off tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.
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with 51. then as we move through the day, that sunshine is back. a full look at the forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. >> see you in a bit. thank you. download the nbc bay area app. you'll get up to the minute weather updates right to your phone. it is simple. you can track live radar during a storm. not guilty on all counts. that's the verdict a wisconsin jury reached in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the 18-year-old charged with killing two men, injuring a third at a protest in kenosha last year. the teenager broke down in tears as he listened to the verdicts. the defense said he only pulled the trigger in self defense after he was attacked. you may remember the protest broke out following the august, 2020 shooting of a black man, jacob blake. rittenhouse said he went there to protect local businesses and offer medical assistance to anyone in need during demonstrations. his uncle among those outside the courthouse when the verdict came down.
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>> he was out on the street, he was a provocateur, and he had people come to him. check the videos. >> he wishes none of this would have ever happened but as he said when he testified, he did not start this. and we're thankful in more ways than one that the jury finally got to hear the true story. >> wisconsin's governor deployed 500 national guard troops in anticipation of a post verdict protest. so far things have remained peaceful. former quarterback colin kaepernick tweeted after the verdict came down. it reads we witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate terrorist acts of a white supremacist. this only further validates the need to abolish the current
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system. white supremacy can't be reformed. we'll take you live to kenosha, speak with a retired judge about what she thinks about the case. still ahead, a new lawsuit aimed at tesla's fremont factory. the reason one employee says the factory is dangerous for women. and san francisco unified might get a $26 million loan forgiven. the city says it could wipe the slate clean, but only if the district does one thing.
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a tesla employee is suing the company claiming women that work at the fremont factory face rampant sexual harassment.
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this comes a month after a federal jury awarded a black former worker $137 million for enduring racism. tesla is appealing the verdict. in the new lawsuit filed yesterday, a female worker says on night shift she experienced lewd comments, gestures, and aggressive touching, but her complaints were ignored. "the washington post" says tesla did not respond to multiple requests for comment and hasn't had an active pr department since last year. san francisco school district could get some financial relief as it tries to get its budget out of the red. the school district faces $125 million shortfall heading into the next year. today, mayor london breed and the supervisor offered to forgive a $26 million loan the city gave the schools in 2019. however, it has to be under terms the direct must adopt a plan to get the budget under control. already monitored by state department of education because of financial troubles. we are less than a week from
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thanksgiving and we at nbc bay area and our sister station are doing our part to be sure everyone has food on the table. >> so important. kicking off a food drive at bay area safe way stores. we are live to explain how you can get involved. tomorrow is the real kickoff. >> reporter: that's right. we are kicking off with a ton of wonderful people at safeway. kiwanis volunteers, say hello. her friendly face will be around safeway, you can find those posters. here to tell us why the campaign is important for volunteers and the community is freddie from kiwanis club. how long have you been doing this, why is it so important for the community? >> the community needs volunteers, when volunteers come out and work, we have food to give to the kids. kiwanis is a global organization, serving one child
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in one community at a time. >> how many years have you been doing it? it has been awhile. >> kiwanis, tv channel and second harvest has been doing this over 20 years, and tomorrow we're going to have 8 or 9 safeways, they're going to have fantastic people there, we're going to be cheering and try to get more food for the kids that need it in this world. >> and only ten bucks. you'll find white slips at the register. a monetary donation. for $10, it translates to 20 meals. it really makes a huge difference. the campaign will run through december 25th. christmas day. and just to give you an idea, these are some of the items, essential, proteins, cereal, there you go, thank you for the show and tell. a pumpkin. but again, smiling faces tomorrow across safeways.
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check out there's a full list you can find there. i'm also going to be here with candace saying hello. stop by, say hello to me. you can wave bye. back to you in the studio. >> looking forward to the cheers and smiles. the photos look amazing. all good. >> thank you so much. we are kick starting that annual food drive tonight, it officially starts tomorrow, but you can donate now. make a $10 donation at any safeway store. that money goes right to local food banks. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. dreary outside. >> i know. it was kind of tough. look, i have great weather coming your way saturday and sunday if you want to head out to the safeway stores, do the donations. nothing will stand in the way of getting out there. as jessica mentioned, dreary out there. we have areas of fog. the thickest through contra
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costa county with some drizzle. you have to watch out for that tonight. visibility is down to a mile or less in some locations and roadways slick, quite a few accidents in the past couple of hours. again, continue to watch for that on the roadways this evening. as you move through tomorrow morning, i am seeing increased sunshine. you know that heavier jacket you bought and haven't been able to wear it yet, tomorrow morning that will be the morning for you. if you're up at 6, 7, 8:00, we have the widespread 40s coming back to the bay, even mid 40s over to the tri-valley. south bay, 48. there's a chill in the east bay. 44 tomorrow morning. san francisco 49. north bay dipping down to 43. as you move through the day, seeing high pressure nose its way in. that will give us night, bright sunshine saturday and sunday. one thing we have to watch here is wind coming down with that
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area of high pressure. 20 to 40 miles per hour gusts in mountains out of the northeast. thankfully, we had wind on and off the past couple months. we're not looking at high fire danger. if you have plans in the mountains, traveling the passes, you have to watch for that. you can see tomorrow morning up towards napa in the mountains, east bay and south bay, gusts of 20 to 40. then we'll see that continue into saturday night. then as we head into sunday, wind will be calming down. moving through the day tomorrow, temperatures will cooperate with you as we get sunshine returning. looking at lots of 60s in the south bay, 68 in san jose. moving to the east bay, 65 in livermore, 65 in martinez, mid-60s in hayward. the peninsula, light winds. looking perfect in palo alto at 66. san francisco, 60s across the board. move off to the north bay.
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sonoma, 68. seven-day forecast, look at this. the sunshine again, not only saturday but sunday. slight chance of a spotty shower tuesday. look at this. awesome on thanksgiving, 62 degrees. inland valley forecast is not much different on temperatures. 60s for highs. 40s for morning lows. you know what i am thinking about now, some pumpkin pie. >> i was going to say. a pie with pumpkin latte. >> all pumpkin all the time. >> and whipped cream on top. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, they're out on the picket lines, thousands of kaiser health care workers across the state ditching their jobs in solidarity. who they're supporting next.
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bay area kaiser facilities saw what may be the biggest strike this week. nurses and mental health clinicians joined striking engineers on picket lines, a show of solidarity. engineers are 63 days into the strike, asking for pay that keeps up with the bay area cost of living. management says engineers earn an average of $180,000 a year when you put wages and benefits together. if you're a kaiser patient, you can expect the er and hospitals to stay open. managers and contingency staff will be providing care. nonurgent appointments may need to be rescheduled and some patients may be transferred. convicted killer drew peterson giving his first interview in more than ten years. friends and family share details of the ugly divorce that led to the murder of ex-wife kathleen savio and fourth wife's unsolved disappearance. >> she called me, said i got a letter and it said he was having an affair, she was a laughing
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stock. >> the anonymous letter included a shocking tidbit, drew's other woman was still in her teens. >> the thing that really stood out with kathleen is that she was a baby. she said i don't understand why he would do this. >> come to find out, that was stacy. >> right. right. >> and you're going to hear from drew peterson tonight only on "date line." watch it here at 9:00. >> i remember that case well. >> looking forward to seeing that. we're back with a stanford alum making history among the stars. stay with us. we learn about covid-19,
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this is pretty awesome. a stanford university grad heading to the international space station. >> making history doing it. she will be the first black woman to join a long term mission to the space station. sally ride was the first person in space, and may gem son are grads. next april, she will be headed to the iss on spacex capsule. congratulations, jessica. jessicas all do great things. i am kidding.
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that jessica does great things. >> that's awesome. >> rub elbows in there with her. >> all rooting for stanford in the game tomorrow. >> of course. from space eventually, too. a lot of reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict, nothing on all counts. that wisconsin jury aquits the teenager for killing two protesters during a racial justice rally last year. >> the move by minority leader kevin mccarthy that made democrats wait a long time for


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