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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 19, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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breaking right now at 11:00, kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts. nbc news brought you that verdict in a special report. rittenhouse breaking down as he hears the verdict. >> the information -- we the jury found kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> members of the jury, these are unanimous verdicts? >> yes. s. there anyone that does not agree with the verdict that's read? >> he was accused of shooting three people, killing two of them during protests following last year's police shooting of
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jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin. the defense said that rittenhouse acted in self-defense. the jury's not guilty decision comes after four days of deliberations. we'll continue to follow this decision and the aftermath later this afternoon. >> and also breaking, a man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. that investigation shutting down streets right now as you can see. police officers were called to respond to a man with a knife this morning. officers made contact with that man and that led to the officer firing his gun. that man was taken to the hospital where he later died. he has not been identified at this time. this is happening on 5th and folsome streets. police are asking feem avoid the area as they continue to gather information. we'll continue to get more details for you. stick with us on air as well as here on your television for the latest updates. a lot going on this midday. thank you and good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington.
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our other top story for you, this morning, we are hearing from the mother of the latest victim in a freeway shooting right here in the bay area. only on nbc bay area, that mother recalls the conversation she had with her daughter just minutes before that tragic shooting. she even spoke about how she wants her daughter remembered. today in the bay's cierra johnson joining us right now. and cierra, another case of senseless violence here. and this all happened while her family was in the car with her. >> yeah, that's exactly right, marcus. that mother says her daughter was heading to a job interview in san francisco before that deadly shooting. morris was in the passenger seat when chp says someone fired at the suv. it was headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza. her fiance and two sons, 3 and 5 years old, were also in the suv but they were not hurt. we had a chance to speak with her mother and in an interview you'll only hear here, alisha butler who lives in georgia is remembering her daughter as a dedicated mother. she says she facetimed morris
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just 20 minutes before she was shot and killed. >> it was my husband, myself and our grandkids were all on the phone. and she said i'll call you later. and then i started getting phone calls, and i didn't want to believe it was true. they were her world. she did everything for them she was a good mom. >> chp is not releasing any information. this has as family and friends prepare to say good-bye to toddler jasper wu. we have a crew at the funeral taking place at mt. view cemetery in oakland right now. that 1-year-old was killed when a stray bullet hit and killed him along i-880 in oakland nearly three weeks ago. little jasper was in his car seat at the time. a $10,000 reward is still on the table to anyone that helps track down jasper wu's killer. and to give you an idea of the prevalence of this type of
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crime, there has been at least 77 highway shootings, including the shooting along i-80 yesterday. that all happening in the past year. >> sad. every time you hear about this. it's happening too often, and so many people are hurt in the process. cierra, thank you. this is a developing story for us this midday coming out of the north bay. we've been following this one all morning long. a big rig crashed in novato. this is really making for that commute to be difficult for some this morning and possibly for those over the weekend. mike has been tracking this. any updates? >> yes, really good updates. this is a big problem. compared to those cierra was talking about, this is nothing but an inconvenience, but let's talk about the issue. let me show you this video from the morning. a big rig crashed into the center divide tying up lanes of northbound and southbound. the entire multi-lane freeway was shut down because of cars that were on the back of this
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big rig. strewn across the freeway on both sides. the center divide was demolished. they had to repair it. now back to the maps because we're talking about no more slowing in the last ten minutes i've heard the northbound lanes are completely opened. we still have one lane southbound that's closed. a little bit of slowing there. instead of doing what was going to take hours and hours to get the right equipment and materials to repair that guard rail, they are just putting the cement barrier. we've seen those in construction areas. they're putting those barriers down for safety. they've got them on the northbound side. cleared the side southbound. this was the long work around because we had that big backup but now things are clear. the good news is folks traveling north after this afternoon should probably not have to use the detour we were prepared to show folks. northbound 101, all lanes reopened. southbound should reopen soon. as we know this friday before thanksgiving week is going to be a big travel day on the roads. >> a lot of people expected to be on the roads.
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mike, thanks. happening now, bay area kaiser facilities dealing with what may be the widest strike so far this week. more workers on picket lines to show solidarity with striking engineers. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is in san jose with a look at what this could mean for you if kaiser is your health care provider. >> kaiser engineers are entering their 63rd day on the picket line. today they are joined by nurses and also by mental health clinicians who are helping them in their call for what they say is a fair contract, which just keeps up with the bay area's cost of living. kaiser management claims that their engineers earn an average of $180,000 in wages and benefits a year but after two months, negotiations seem to be at an impasse and patients are in the middle of it. >> we're ready to go back to work. we're hard workers. we don't want this. we just want what's fair. that's all. >> we have contingency plans in place to continue to provide
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care despite the union's call for staff to walk, way from their patients. >> if kaiser permanenty is your health care provider, the ers and hospitals will remain open. managers and contingency staff will be providing care. some nonurgent appointments will be rescheduled like radiology and lab work and some patients may be transferred. the picketing is going on here in san jose but also it's planned for locations in oakland, san francisco, santa rosa and other smaller locations all around the bay area. kris sanchez, nbc bay area. developing news. fda regulators have now given emergency authorization to both pfizer and moderna covid booster shots. that means americans 18 and over will be able to sign up for an appointment, although california already got that early start of this. the cdc advisory panel is picking up that discussion today. and more health leaders believe it's likely the term
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fully vaccinated may soon evolve to cover that third shot. but when it comes to enforcing mandates, one bay area infectious disease expert says that may get tricky. >> you have two doses there and then you have one like eight months later, are you eligible? i think it's very, very difficult to enforce. >> california is one of a handful of states already expanding booster shots to cover everyone over the age of 18. if you still have any questions, our consumer team has broken it all down for you. you can find the full walk-through video about the booster shot and the vaccine right now at it's right there on the trending bar. a live look outside in san francisco. and, oh, a familiar sight there if you have been around the city. some fog still lingering. meteorologist kari hall is looking at how the rest of the weekend and the day shaping up for us. hope it's not going to look like that. >> yeah, it will look like that and not for the whole weekend
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although across the bay area. we did see some early morning spotty showers passing by. and so kind of misting in quite a few spots and also seeing where we have the low visibility and fog lingering as we showed that spot in san francisco and that view, that visibility has been really low in parts of the north bay where you can see low clouds, especially over santa rosa. as you are driving around, still dealing with this in some areas, but then we have this. it's all bright and sunny in san jose. so it's hard to tell that, yeah, just a few miles away you can barely see right now. so we are seeing things clearing up here and temperatures are warming up a little more quickly. right now we're at 64 degrees. we'll see those temperatures throughout the rest of today. kind of staying in the mid to upper 60s for a high and it's going to be slightly cooler compared to some of the weather that's normal for this time of year but we will warm up a little bit more for the weekend with more sunshine. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> more sunshine. looking forward to that, kari.
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only on nbc bay area, an east bay family tearfully pleading for the return of their dog stolen from their yard. want to show you surveillance video. this was a video of that theft. it happened november 8th near kennedy high school in richmond. they say the dog, fluffy, got out of the yard and when it came back in that woman followed. the dog eventually goes back into its kennel and that's when you see that woman taking the dog. making matters worse, the family says that fluffy is 18 and needs medicine. >> he's only had one family. we want him back. i'm sorry. he's just a cool family dog, and we want him back. >> the family doesn't know who that woman is. they filed a police report and have checked with multiple shelters and animal hospitals but so far no sign of fluffy. nbc bay area teamed up with your local safeway store to nourish our neighbors during the holiday season. nbc bay area's bob redell
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joining us live in pleasanton. and bob, talk to us about how people can help out. a lot of people want to do something this time of year. >> and we're making this really easy for you, marcus. the food drive kicks off with safeway. something we do every year. come into safeway, find one of those bar codes, swipe it, pay the $10 and that $10 goes to your local food bank. that $10 can go a long way. the food banks use that money to buy 20 meals for those in need for ten bucks now. unfortunately there are a lot of people who can use our help. roughly 1 in 4 people in the bay area experience some sort of food insecurity and in alameda county, where we're at right now, the community food bank, pre-covid, that food bank was providing 30 million meals a year for those in need. now 50 . >> a lot of times people think about that we're in a recovery
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state. i'm from houston and obviously from my perspective, it's like a hurricane. we're still in the midst of the storm and need to be diligent in the way we're allocating resources to community members because many people have not recovered. >> we do literally millions of transactions across our 160 scores every week. so it's just a fraction of them, if they can open their wallets a little bit harder and help with a donation, it does a lot of good in the community. >> so last year, we raised roughly $3 million to help local food banks. obviously, we're trying to beat that number this year. we're officially kicking this off right now for the thanksgiving holiday. it will be running through december 25th. come in. look for the signs at your local safeway. find one of these. it's $10. swipe it. in the old days, a few years ago, you had to pick up a bag of groceries and donate it in the bin. we don't do that anymor going t
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the food. $10 for 20 meals. marcus? >> eliminating picking up that big bag made it easier to give and help out a lot of families. bob, thank you. and laura and i are going to be out there on saturday at the rivermark safe way in santa clara. early in the morning. we hope to see you there as well. we're going to be broadcasting the action starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." check us out and come out and donate. coming up for you -- bitcoin made regular people millionaires. what a new study telling us what you would have made if you sold your bay area home back in 2019 and purchased crypto currency. it will make you shake your head. plus, an historic transfer of power. the reason president biden made a temporary step back to focus on presidential duties. on]
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the house approved a sweeping $1.7 trillion build back better bill. the social and environmental bill includes significant changes in taxes, health care, energy, climate change, education, housing and family services. that bill now heads to the senate where it will likely undergo some changes before the vote is held in that chamber. and also in washington, president biden temporarily transfer of power of the presidency. it made kamala harris acting president of the united states. this is both historic and routine. >> yes, historic because a woman is in charge. routine because presidents do this because it's the responsible thing to do. president biden undergoing a routine colonoscopy as part of his regular check-up which all men of a certain age do. this means he'll be given some drugs that may affect his reasoning so he's temporarily transferred power to harris. this happens pretty regularly. president reagan did it as he
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underwent cancer treatment. president george w. bush did it twice, once in 2002 and in 2007 for the same colonoscopy president biden is undergoing. the white house is understandably not specific when it happens but that's what we have vice presidents for. >> all right. thanks, scott. so what's worth more to you. your home or bitcoin? a new lending tree survey says if you sold your home in 2019 for crypto currency, you would likely be a millionaire today. probably some of you sold your house in the bay area. but the average price of bitcoin back then was about $7300. it's nearly $46,000 now. san jose, san francisco and los angeles are the top three cities where sellers stood to make the most money there. oh, to have been the one to buy, buy, buy back then, kari. now just living for the sunshine
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here. >> yeah, we're paying for that, too, and we're seeing still some clouds in parts of the east bay as it's still been pretty cloudy and misting at times. but we haven't yet seen the sunshine. and it will eventually break out as we go into this afternoon. right now temperatures are in the low 60s. as you get ready to head out, we'll see some peeks of sunshine. not expecting it to be the bright sunny day. you'll get more of that as we head into tomorrow. it's keeping the temperatures down as we head to the south bay. this is where we're seeing a slightly milder day thanks to the sunny skies that we're seeing and in morgan hill expect a high of 64 degrees today. we'll see low 60s for much of the east bay reaching 59 in vallejo and upper 50s in oakland and upper 50s for san mateo as well as san francisco. we are going to have a cool day with need for a jacket, maybe even at times just putting on the hood because it's drizzling at the time. we're also seeing the dense fog in parts of the north bay and
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that will keep it in the 50s. as we look at this forecast, clearing out for the weekend and then take a look at the next storm system that comes in next week. it doesn't look like a really strong one but maybe cold enough to give us some additional snowfall in the sierra which is definitely what we need at this point. for the bay area it looks like another light -- slight chance of rain. so if you have family coming in town, maybe heading to the beach this weekend, it's going to be so much nicer than today. so santa cruz will head up to about 70 degrees. we'll see some mid-70s for santa cruz and monterey. by the end of the weekend. and stenson beach will be very nice with a mostly clear sky for saturday and sunday. a hike in the woods will be a pleasant way to spend the weekend with family with low 60s and start out the mornings in the mid-40s. if your weekend plans -- if you want some warmer weather, head to passo robles. highs in the low 70s for saturday. 76 degrees for sunday. and then if you're going to see
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family, maybe around l.a. area, it's going to be cool today when you get there, but we're going to see a pretty significant warm up by the end of the weekend reaching into the low 80s by sunday. as we bring it back home, we are going to continue to have some really pleasant condition once again we're just watching out for the onetuesday. going into wednesday, it's going to only reach into the low 60s. and in time for thanksgiving day. we have highs in the low 60s. keep in mind if you will be traveling over the sierra on tuesday, it will be a little treacherous due to that snow. but other than that, we have a pretty clear forecast here. cool temperatures will continue and we're at the peak of fall color around the bay area, marcus. so it's going to be a nice one to spend outside. back to you. >> sounds good to me. thank you. coming up -- you know what? we just heard kari's forecast. the weather did not make that lunar eclipse exciting to watch. but we've got you covered.
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♪♪ duh as billie eilish likes to see. she and paul rudd are set for the final "saturday night live" hosts of the year. eilish will host as well as perform as musical guest on december 11th. and this weekend, you can catch one of the bay area's own saweetie on "snl." that's tomorrow night at 8:30 on nbc bay area. happening now, the u.s. capitol christmas tree has arrived in washington, d.c. this is to help bring in the holiday season. the 84-foot tall white fur is actually coming from california. it actually has been nicknamed sugar bear. this is -- it was harvested on october 24th and made that 3,300-mile journey from the west
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coast. that tree will be decorated with handmade ornaments and tree skirts especially created by californians. it will be lit in the west lawn of the u.s. capitol on december 9th. we'll be right back with more.
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so if you missed that partial lunar eclipse, you're not alone. the historic moment was over
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before many of us got to see it because of the weather. bay area cloud coverage not helping out here. this is new video that shows just how it looked elsewhere where skies were clear. the earth's shadow blocked almost all of the earth's light from reaching the moon. scott budman captured this from his home. the clouds not making it easy, and this is the longest eclipse in centuries. lasting almost 3 1/2 hours. and trending this morning, will smith plays the father of venus and serena williams which many are calling an oscar-worthy role. >> the chance of achieving the kind of success you're talking about is very, very unlikely. >> i'm venus. >> i'm serena. >> so what did you think? >> a lot of buzz around this one. the movie begins with a look at the family's humble upbringing in the streets of compton, leading to their reign of success. combined venus and serena have
11:26 am
won 122 titles, 30 grand slams and both have won four gold medals. you can watch "king richard" in theaters now. it's also streaming exclusively on hbo max. can't wait to watch that one. well, trending this thanksgiving, a growing debate. which do you prefer, canned or fresh cranberry sauce? well, delivery service instacart looked at delivery store orders to determine which one people like better. they found that people in the northeast and southeast like canned while on the west coast, people mostly like fresh. and when it comes to what people don't want on their thanksgiving plates this year, topping the list, candied yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole. i like most of those things. and kari, you and i are both from the south originally. so canned is the way to go in our families. >> yeah, canned is the way to go, but, you know, as i've gotten older and have had fresh
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cranberries, i kind of like that better. i think we'll have both this year. >> the west coast now, too. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. yeah, whether you're prepping the food, going shopping, doing all of that stuff. we're going to have some sunshine for the weekend. and as we go into next week, i'm just watching tuesday because i know we have busy travel days ahead. and that's when we could see scattered showers moving in. but look to clear up by thanksgiving day. >> thanks, kari. tonight, convicted murderer drew peterson will speak out in his first network tv interview in over a decade on "dateline" at nbc. peterson continues to maintain his innocence in the death of his third wife kathleen savano and the disappearance of his fourth wife stacey peterson. also speaking out for the first time is drew's brother. you can watch the "dateline" nbc exclusive, "infamous" right here on nbc bay area at 9:00 p.m. thanks for joining us for
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our midday newscast. the next one coming up at 5:00. and you can always get the latest at have a great weekend. see you back here tomorrow at feeding the need. get out and donate and help nourish our neighbors.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," ross is ready for liftoff. then i'm going to take you to a special spot where you can freeze and sweat all in the same place. >> and got a bucket list? get a bigger bucket. >> it's a bird. it's a plane. it's chicken boy. and i've got 100 things to do in l.a. before you die. this is danny jenson. he wrote the book. >> oh, yeah. >> all that and a whole lot more right now on "california live."


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