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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 18, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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. next on nbc bay area news, a shooting in the east bay. a mother killed while her two kids were in the car. tonight, her family speaks to nbc bay area. >> somebody saw something. i mean, come on, guys. it was in the morning. he's going after facebook and instagram for harming kids. california's attorney general with the big announcement today. he'll join us tonight. in san jose, the jury gets to hear elizabeth holmes speak. we'll tell you why. a recording of her was played in court today. good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. might be david versus goliath, but it's happening.
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our exclusive interview with california's attorney general. he's going to join us in just a few minutes as he launches a nationwide investigation into facebook, or the newly named meta. we start with this. if you've been around here for a while, you know we had violent periods across the bay area for decades, oakland, san francisco, back in the day, east palo alto and east san jose. but when the shootings happened on the freeways, it gets everyone's attention because any of us could be an innocent victim. this morning a woman was shot inside of her suv with her fiancé by her side, and her two kids in the backseat. they were about to cross the bay bridge heading into san francisco. the shooting comes less than two weeks after the death of 23-month-old jasper wu. that boy was hit by a stray bullet on 580 in oakland. he was caught in the cross-fire in that shootout. jasper's funeral is tomorrow. his killer still hasn't been caught. back to this morning.
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it was the 77th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past 12 months. the victim, a woman named amani morris who lived in antioch with her 3-year-old and 5-year-old boys. the chp says somebody shot all their burgundy suv after 9:00 a.m. her fiancé was driving. the mother of amani's fiancé says the shooting was a random attack. worst of all, the little boys saw it all. >> the 5-year-old actually saw it and he asked me -- he said -- as soon as he walked in the door, he said, have you ever seen anybody die before? and i didn't really respond. and then he said, he said mommy had blood on her, and the police asked me some questions. and he's 5, so he's going to remember. the 3-year-old, i don't know if he saw anything. he didn't really say anything. but the 5-year-old is definitely going to know. he's going to remember and it's going to be hard to him, real
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hard for him. >> she was doing, i guess, the car thing, she tried to keep herself going and keep her boys happy. >> the only way that i think that it can be solved is if the public gets involved. somebody saw something. somebody -- i mean, come on, guys. it was in the morning. >> first we want to say we appreciate those family members speaking with us on this difficult day. also back to jasper wu, he was actually killed on 880 there in oakland. whatever the case is, clearly this is a huge problem. we keep talking about it, but what are we doing about it? with us tonight is carl chan, the president of the chinatown chamber of commerce in oakland, also a leading voice in making oakland safer. nice to see you this evening. sorry we have to meet on these terms. you're one of the most influential community leaders in the east bay. you've been asking for help for months. is anyone listening to you?
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>> raj, you know, it's so surprising. but to many people, it's not surprising to see another shooting on the freeway. you know, our condolences to the family. this is not right because we've been calling to have more public safety, you know, not only on the street, but on the freeway. you said it earlier, and you're right. any one of us could be the victims. any one of us. on the street, on the freeway, especially now that this is the 77th shooting on the freeway. now, we're talking about the shootings. will there be more? i think so. now, i think what we need to do is not just focusing on the problem itself now. i think, you know, the leadership from all government levels, city, county, state, federal, we got to do something. just like, you know, what you were saying earlier.
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somebody saw something. please come forward and work with the authorities because we need everyone to participate to stop this violence. >> carl, we say that after every one of these shootings. in the time of these defund the police, you have asked for more money and more police officers in oakland. what's the response you're getting from the elected leaders? >> well, the thing is, you know, we got a lot of new service, i don't blame them. remember, to handle this problem, i think the majority of the city and people are saying we want more police. so what we're hearing is that, you know, there are other programs. we support other programs in addition to the police that we are supposed to have to protect the community. so what we're hearing, will we get it? well, some, but not all.
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but i also want to advocate for all communities. they deserve the public safety measure and they deserve the police service that they really need because these are all taxpayers and these are the people that we need to protect. >> you obviously have a deep stake in the chinatown community, but we know you speak for the communities here. carl, you've been around for a while. how bad is it right now historically speaking, the crime problem in oakland? >> you know, when i was growing up as a kid in oakland, we are seeing things good and bad. we saw things turning around and getting better. well, you'd be surprised. i think this is the worst year when all the homicides, all the robberies, and all the incidents happening, i just want to remind us, you know, all the elected officials in our city at all government levels, you should take responsibility and you should own whatever is good happening in our city, but also what is bad happening in our city. so this is our city. we must work together and make
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those hard changes. we're sick and tired of seeing all this killing. >> we all are. the mayoral election is next year in oakland. any candidates you're supporting right now? >> right now we got to question ourselves. we're going to have candidate forum for the mayoral candidates. they have to tell us what they want to do. so for us to select the next mayor, we want to talk to you. we want to know your policy, and we want to know what you want to do for us, especially on the public safety issue. >> carl chan, appreciate your time and appreciate you being a leading voice in oakland. have a good evening. >> thank you. our other big stories tonight we've been following this trial from the beginning. today the jury heard that distinct voice of elizabeth holmes. a recording was played during the trial. a journalist wrote a cover story
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on holmes for fortune magazine. he wrote a follow-up article how theranos misled him. holmes was speaking with that deep voice. if holmes testifies, she may find herself battling her own public perception. >> i think it's a very dangerous gamble on behalf of the defense because if the jury is sitting there and they see such a duality between elizabeth holmes the persona and elizabeth holmes the person, that's very close to seeing someone as a fraud. >> we're not sure if she'll testify. also on the stand today, erin tomkins who was told by a theranos test she had hiv. further testing on nontheranos machines showed that that wasn't true. she did not have hiv. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. i remember i did an event with her. i walked in and i heard that
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voice behind me. i turned around, she can really captivate a room. >> she cap invaded a lot of big donors and she got a lot of money and captivated a lot of press. that's what we heard from the witness today. >> what was the response in the courtroom? how did the jury respond? and >> first the jury was very quiet and respectful. they were waiting to hear her voice and granted it was recorded, but it was sort of almost a preview like, hey, maybe we'll hear the real thing. after all, the prosecution is hinting that maybe they're going to be done soon and then it goes to the defense and they might -- we don't know yet -- call her to the stand. elizabeth holmes is still masked in the courtroom, but she made eye contact with the jurors a little more than usual. because of the mask, not all that much reaction. >> you've been to this trial almost every day now. was it one of the most notable days? >> it was. not only did we have the voice of elizabeth holmes with the
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interviews, but we also had more of the people who took the theranos tests. they talked about what it felt like. >> hearing i have hiv or any virus and i really don't, that's impactful, i would imagine, for someone on the jury. >> t to make it faster to get accurate diagnoses from the tests and we found out the tests were not accurate. >> when do you think this is going to wrap up? weeks or months? >> hard to tell. we really don't know what the defense has planned, and we will find out probably starting if not tomorrow afternoon, early next week. but then again, the big question is will she testify in her own defense? >> that would be big news. thank you so much scott. you can keep up with every twist and turn in the trial. we post updates each day on our website, scott budman also tweets from the federal courthouse in san jose. still to come, is social media harmful for adults and
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kids and young adults? california's attorney general joining us -- joining a nationwide investigation into instagram. rob bonta joins us for an exclusive interview next. also, sorting out that booster confusion. we have some places for you if you're having trouble booking an appointment. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight. baunt abundant bon on] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly.
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. welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight.
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is this just symbolic or can he really force facebook to make serious changes? california's attorney general says facebook and instagram are dangerous for kids and young adults. so rob bonta is launching a nationwide investigation. today's announcement comes after that when their leaked thousands of documents from facebook. among the allegations the company promoted its platforms to kids and young adults even research showed that they had negative health impact on mental health for kids and young adults, especially for teenage girls. attorney general rob bonta is with us tonight. nice to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. is this a david versus goliath court case here? >> i don't think so. this is an investigation, by the way. we're investigating exactly what you mentioned, whether meta,
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provided a platform to children and young adults knowing that it provides physical harm or mental health harm to the children, things like suicide, things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders. and these are very serious allegations and it's a large group across the state. it's multistate, it's bipartisan, and it's national. so our attorneys general and the california attorney general, our office, we have excellent resources and tools to make sure we're getting to the bottom of this investigation, learning everything that's material, everything that's relevant, everything that's necessary to make a decision on whether we move to the next step. >> attorney general bonta, what does a win in this situation look like? forgive the , but i but what would a good outcome by "b" in this investigation for you? >> well, we're at the early stages. we're investigating an early win, if you want to call it that, it would be to get the
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material, documents, information we're seeking so that we can make a sound decision about what meta has been doing or not been doing, what it knew or didn't know so we can take the next steps from there. we want to do everything in our power to protect, support, defend your children. as people's attorney for the state of california, it's my job to stand up for the most vulnerable, especially from any abuse from the most powerful. that's my role, that's my job, and we all love our children across the state, across our nation. they've been through a lot during this pandemic. we want to make sure that there aren't added challenges and threats to their mental health and physical health. so defending our children, protecting them, keeping them safe is also clearly a win. >> any conversations with mark zuckerberg or any other executives from meta? >> i can't comment on any of the details of the investigation at this point. i will say that we're eager to get more information from meta
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in the weeks and months ahead. that's the next step, to engage with them and get the relevant material we're seeking. and then to get questions or get answers, rather, to the questions we are asking and get to the bottom of this matter to make sure we know that what was being done to our children and making sure they're safe. >> will you come back on this program whether it's successful or not and keep us posted? >> of course, that's my job. i'd be happy to keep the public informed. thank you for your interest in this. honored to be with you and we'll come back anytime you want to have me. >> rob bonta joining us from the east bay. what does meta say? they sent us a statement. it says, in part, quote, these accusations are false and demonstrate a deep misunderstanding of the facts. the statement goes on to say we've led the industry in combatting bullying and supporting people struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and eating disorders. we continue to build new features to help people who might be dealing with negative
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social comparisons or body image issues. some other stories tonight. you might not have been around 43 years ago, but it is story t massacre. more than 900 people died, including many children in this murder-suicide. it's the largest single loss of american civilian lives in a nonnatural disaster with the exception of the september 11th attacks. jim jones moved his people's temple, a church from indianapolis, here to the bay area in san francisco. he actually started to drift away from christianity, urging his followers to worship him. he started jonestown in guyana in the jungle of south africa. soon claims of human rights abuses got the attention of
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jackie speier who was shot several times as she tried to leave. jim jones led that mass murder-suicide. the congresswoman recounted the day. >> it was a day that he was allowed to start his so-called church and then do so much in terms of destruction, killing 900 people in that jonestown settlement. we did take defectors out. he didn't want us to be able to tell his ruthless story. so he decided to assassinate the congressman and many others. and i was just lucky. i was shot five times but survived. and i did make that commitment then that if i survived i would spend my years in public service. >> congresswoman speier joining us a couple nights ago on the 7:00 p.m. newscast. 11 years after that jonestown tragedy was the loma prieta
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earthquake. keep in mind more than 900 people died in that mass murder-suicide. another story we're watching tonight, getting a booster shot just got a little easier, at least a lot of people think so. today the state's my turn website began allowing anyone 18 or older to book an appointment for that booster shot. all you got to do is go online and book it. previously you could only book on the site if you could attest you were part of that high risk group. california formally dropped that criteria last week. >> almost everybody is eligible for this booster, so come to the county site and look for an appointment. and then hopefully the rest of the sites will open up very shortly. >> remember doing all this last year trying to get the booster shots?
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the fda and cdc are poised to follow california's lead in a matter of days, but not quite yet. as of right now, private businesses like walgreens and cvs stores and walmarts are operating under the federal glierngsz which means you can only get a booster if you're in one of the higher-risk categories like 65 and older or you have a weakened immune system. if you go to your county website, you have a much better chance. our question of the day, are you running into issues while trying to get that booster shot? keep in mind a lot of people are trying to get that booster before thanksgiving and as we head into the holidays. we asked on facebook, twitter, and instagram. john tweeted no availability at my preferred location based on my eligibility. again, try those county sites instead of private cvs or walmarts. but the majority of you telling us you were having no trouble at all. the santa clara fairgrounds seems to be a popular spot.
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denise writes no issues in santa clara. went to my appointment and i was in and out in about 30 minutes. in fact, some of our producers just did it via the santa clara site. they said it was very easy to book an appointment. if you need help, our consumer team broke it down for you. find our full walk-through guide, video guide right now on it's right there on the front page on our trending a bar. take a look outside on this thursday night. speaking of thanksgiving and the holidays, a lot of people heading to sfo in the next few days and oakland and sjc. jeff ranieri with the forecast as we head into the weekend. princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians
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. welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. jeff is with us as promised. we are seeing a scattering of showers. >> we got a little bit here tonight. as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll also keep that chance of spotty showers. let's show you as we head through 11:30 this evening. there will be a second batch to the north. it breaks apart. so for the commute, best chance of showers would be over the north bay to san francisco. not much left after that. totals on this one really low. trace amounts to 0.2 inches in the north bay. light rain chances to a few sprinkles. as we head through tomorrow morning, it's going to start chilly. temperatures in the 50s. hard to warm up through the day as well. upper 50s and low 60s across the bay. so likely going to have your jacket all the way through the day tomorrow. seven-day forecast, we get sunshine this weekend. looking really good, a bit of
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wind on saturday. slight chance of a shower next wednesday. so far dry on thanksgiving. raj, haven't gotten the christmas lights up. this weekend is a good weekend to get up on the lard. >> i don't have time this weekend. it's going to be next weekend. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. from everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ increased transportation benefits. one more thing you can rely on.
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29 years and the only word i know to call it is hell. >> i felt like i had to do it. >> 13 kids held captive by their parents for decades. and the incredible inspiration for their escape. >> i don't know where we would be if we didn't watch justin bieber. >> this is life. >> yes. >> a few times. >> i'll marry you. you. >> is it art imitating life for j. lo? her new marry me revelation. is jen now ready to do it again? >> we wanted to do something fun for the kids. >> she's talking archie, but her
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surprises don't end there. >>


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