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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 18, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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i want to thank nate smith and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ developing at this hour, an elderly man attacked outside of a san francisco restaurant. tonight the strangers who jumped into action to make sure the
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suspect didn't get away. also, did their protests pay off? just in, the late night vote. where local schools are on the chopping block. and the search for a covid booster shot. what's happening tomorrow that should clear up a lot of confusion and make it easier to find one. plus the allegations. nothing short of horrific. disturbing investigation that led police to a backyard of a home in the east bay. >> good evening. we begin in the east bay. it's complicated and controversial. at this hour, hundreds of east bay parents are facing the heartbreaking prospect of telling their kids they'll have to change schools and teachers. >> the hayward unified school board facing a nightmaish financial situation that may mean closing schools and moving students all over the district. terry mcsweeney watched that meeting, and the decision just came down? >> reporter: yeah, about ten minutes ago, they finally decided. on the one hand you have the school district saying hey, we
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have way too many schools, way too few students, we're millions in the hole. and you have parents saying do not any about closing my child's school. tonight after all of that talking and wrangling, they decided to meet in the middle. when you talk about closing schools, parents tend to not like it, so it was at birshfield park in hayward this evening. >> we'd like to have a pause button, and a lengthy pause button. >> reporter: this leading up to a birthday meeting, a board proposing schools a close in deficit, though not as many as proposed. the new one closes six. the old one sends students from eight schools to 18 different schools. now students from five schools would go to 21 schools, meaning less travel. parents who called in for the virtual meeting were vehemently opposed to the closing, very upset, saying the board needs to slow its closing. >> it seems like there was no community outreach. we also had a plan to put on hold any discussions of closure.
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and it has not been recognized. >> you're trying to sell us a meal of eating a shoe and tellins it's all we have. it's all we can do. just eat the shoe. we don't like it either. just do it. >> reporter: the district says there has been declining enrollment for years. and the millions they have already cut from the budget are not enough. with 900 million more dollars needed for building repair. >> they won't address either our ongoing budget shortfalls or the facility shortfalls we have. but they will meaningfully hem. >> reporter: the plan dealt with the next three school years, but only the next one school year. that part of the plan is going to go into effect. so bowman and strobridge are going to close. after that, everything is back on the table. people tonight screaming about not being involved in the process. they're going get their chance. they're going to be committing all kinds of meetings, gatherings. the people are going to be heard. when are the final decision
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going to come down? impossible to say. >> a lot of difficult decisions there. thank you, terry. hayward is not the first district to face this situation. last month the cupertino union district approved the closure of myerholz. next year a campus is also being consolidated. the district says declining enrollment there is also the reason. a disturbing story involving a juvenile taken from her home in honduras and ending up here in the bay area. authorities say she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted multiple times and forced into prostitution. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from the santa rita jail in dublin where two suspects are in custody. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right, raj. both suspects are here at the santa rita jail facing multiple sexual assault charges and kidnapping. now it all stems from a human trafficking case involving a 17-year-old girl. it ended here in early october.
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the arrest of these two people in this san leandro home. police say a 17-year-old girl was smuggled into the u.s. from honduras, sexually assaulted and held up in a shed in the backyard. court documents say 41-year-old juan aguilar was in honduras when he threatened the 17-year-old girl at gunpoint, telling her if she reported the crime, he would kill her grandmother. the alleged threat turned into multiple sexual assaults and a kidnapping. police say she was sold in honduras to a human trafficker and later reunited with aguilar in the u.s., here at his san leandro home where he lived with 39-year-old margaret wilson. police are calling her his wife. >> i haven't had time to really process the information, but it's crazy. it's disturbing. very disturbing. >> i have daughters that are getting up in that age. it makes you think twice.
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>> reporter: this place has veteran police officers shaking their head, telling me offcamera it has been tough to investigate. in fact, the case that led them to san francisco, where they say aguilar's wife groomed the 17-year-old to be a prostitute on the street. >> i think it's creepy. very creepy. and i think that something like that don't happen around this kind of neighborhood. >> reporter: now police say that they got a break in the case when the 17-year-old confided in aguilar's niece. both women went over to san francisco to report the crime to authorities there. reporting live in dublin, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. a random attack on the streets of san francisco tonight. a man arrested for attacking an elderly man in the sunset district at ninth avenue and irving. witnesses say the man in custody seemed to be having some sort of psychological episode as he tried to leave after the assault, two witnesses tackled him and held him until police arrived.
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the victim rushed to the hospital with a head injury. sfpd says his wound is not life-threatening. okay. still shaking.3.2 around 7:45 this evening. that follows a 3.9 quake that hit near san ramon right before noon. one man told us what he experienced. >> things started shaking really good. the closet doors were rattling like a crazy. and my dogs started running for the hills. usually the little ones i shake off. this one got my attention a little bit. >> it got a lot of people's attention. bart briefly paused trains to check the tracks. there were no reports of any injuries or damage. if you're wondering why you didn't get the alert about the earthquake? because it was below the threshold for the my shake app to send one. my shake app says earthquakes have to be at least a 4.5 in order for it to send a warning.
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okay. get boosted before you gather. that's the message from health leaders to all of us ahead of the holiday season. and while tracking down one of those coveted appointments is hard, in just a matter of hours, a potential gift for yo nbc bay area's jean elle joins us from san francisco. >> reporter: here at cvs in san francisco, people hoping to walk in and get a booster shot were turned away and told to make an appointment. we checked on appointments at cvss in the area and most are booked through the end of the month. >> well, i'm going home for thanksgiving on saturday night. so i was hoping to get it before then. >> primarily because of the holidays, seeing lots of family who are older. there is a lot more gatherings. >> reporter: for many, part of preparing for the thanksgiving holiday involves getting a booster shot. with covid cases rising in some parts of california, public health officials are recommending it. >> as people gather, engage in
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the holiday season, contact rates are increase. contact rate will increase. and therefore there are more opportunities for the virus to spread. as a result, we could see a significant increase in hospitalizations. >> reporter: a recommendation that is fueling demand. camryn bush tried to walk in and get a shot at cvs tonight. >> they said there is just too much demand right now. they're only taking appointments. >> reporter: we looked for an appointment at nearby cvs pharmacies and found they are booked through the end of the month. the state's my turn website says it will be updated thursday to allow people 18 and over to make a booster appointment. some say earlier in the week they didn't have a problem finding an appointment, but they won't have the shot before the holiday. >> well, i made an appointment yesterday for my husband. and on november 30th. >> reporter: health officials suggest calling your health care provider or finding a walk-in clinic. jean elle, nbc bay area news. now here is another potential boost for boosters.
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moderna is now asking the fda to approve its booster shot for everyone 18 and older. right now the fda and the cdc have only approved the moderna booster for people over the age of 65 or people that are at high risk. if federal regulators approve the drugmaker's request, then it would open the door for millions more americans to get the moderna shot. they submitted the after indication in september. tomorrow president biden will hold talks with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and mexican president andreas . it's the first summit of its kind since 2016. tradition was scrapped during the trump administration. when it comes to supply chain, california is home to two of the busiest ports in the united states, long beach and
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l.a. tonight new efforts to get ships and trucks moving again. governor newsom was at those two ports today. he is issuing temporary permits that should enable trucks to deliver more items. they are usually restricted to 80,000 pounds. now through the end of june, they can carry 88,000 pounds. >> while that might not pose an immediate relief on the retail front, it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo and containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l.a. >> the governor is also addressing the shortage of truck drivers. the dmv is now extending hours on saturdays at 15 locations. the governor says that will allow almost 10,000 commercial driving tests a month, which is nearly double the average of 5,000. we're back in 60 seconds. ahead, a common crime happens in a blink of an eye. the video one bay area sheriff's office wants you to see tonight. also, late nights at levi's
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stadium. the big change the santa clara city council just made that means more concerts, more fun for some people, and more frustrated neighbors. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds are back for tomorrow, and also tracking some shower . all right. take a look. the marin county sheriff's department is hoping you'll recognize these two guys. security cameras caught them
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stealing a catalytic converter from a prius. this is a common crime now. it happened just after 3:00 a.m. last tuesday in the lucas valley neighborhood. it took just two minutes to steal that part off of that prius. the sheriff's department says the catalytic converter thefts are common right now because the metals in the part are worth so much money. vandalized, robbed, and now cleaning up. a chinatown jewelry store owner is out of $200,000 in merchandise. thieves cut through a security gate on tuesday and smashed their way into the grant street store. owners tell us they're too upset to go on camera, but say they've been targeted before. just last weekend someone busted out one of their large windows. the head of a local merchant association says this time it seems different, perhaps pulled off, the heist, by an organized group of criminals. he says police patrols have helped in the neighborhood, but now shop owners need to report those robberies and band together. >> we cooperated for the merchants to the merchants to help each other on it, stop the
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crime. our chinatown is safe. if you're coming in, we're going to report that. that's really imporheare analyzing that surveillance video. a years' long battle over concerts at levi's stadium and a so-called music ban has come to an end. big acts, as we reported before, have pulled out of performing because they're not allowed to go past 10:00 p.m. during the week. that's going to change now. nbc bay area's ian cull has the big development, which might anger some of the neighbors. >> reporter: the week night curfew at levi's stadium has caused finger-pointing between the 49ers and city of santa clara, and even performers like ed sheeran to cancel plans to perform there. for years, nearby neighbors have told us they detest the late night concerts. >> somehow it would be unbearable. >> reporter: so in 2017, the santa clara city council said the curfew would be enforced. no concerts past 10:00 p.m.
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sunday through thursday, and 11 on fridays and saturdays. no exceptions. but on tuesday, the new council voted 4-3 to lift the curfew for special occasions during the week. the change allows for five non-nfl events like a concert to be approved by the city manager so they can go one hour past curfew from 10:00 all the way up to 11:00. and if there are any more beyond those five events, that would have to be approved by the city council. some people who live right near the stadium aren't happy with the move. >> i feel like during the week it's a little too much. emwith younger kids. i do have a younger sister who attends school in the daytime, and i myself work really early in the morning. so try to go to bed early. but it's kind of hard when you have noise from the stadium. >> reporter: the city councilman anthony becker says week night concerts are needed because the revenue from the non-nfl events goes back to the city. >> so my job now as an elected official is to make sure that we are going to make as much money as we can off of the stadium. and that is going to come with very transparent oversight
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that's going to make sure that operations are going smoothly and making sure that the neighborhood's concerns are addressed. >> reporter: the 49ers who run operations at the stadium applaud the change, saying in part this decision will help draw world class entertainment to santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music, but also generate necessary revenue for the city of santa clara, local hotels, and small businesses. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow, and unlike last year, a lot of people are going to be traveling. and there is a looming problem. tsa workers are facing a deadline. get vaccinated or lose their jobs. at last check, more than 40% of those airport security workers may still be unvaccinated. so will there be enough people to help get you through security? on the "today" show this morning, the tsa director says yes. our aviation consultant says that's partly true. >> and i think for the most part in the bay area is probably accurate, because we have a
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higher than average vaccination rate in the bay area. but when you get ready to come back home after the holiday is over, i don't think some areas are going to be as highly vaccinated. so you might see lines of other reports. >> yep, lines at other airports may be the problem. but since the tsa's proof of vax deadline isn't until monday, we probably won't know what the real roll-out will be until right before the holiday. well, it's been two weeks since the cdc gave the green light for younger kids to get pfizer's covid vaccine. the white house says 10% of kids ages 5 to 11 have gotten the first shot. that's about 2.6 million kids total in the united states. the vaccine is a smaller dose, 1/3 the size that adults and teenagers get. it also comes in orange packaging to make sure it doesn't get mixed up with the adult doses. new at 11:00 tonight, some popular spots in yosemite are getting major makeovers, but it's going to be years before visitors will be able to enjoy the changes. 140 acre tuolumne meadows
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campground will undergo the most extensive work including new bathrooms, roads, campsites, picnic tables, food lockers, and fire rings at each campsite. they'll also have improved accessibility for people with disabilities and an updated water and sewer system. tuolumne meadows was built in the 1930s. it sees more than 140,000 people visiting a year. now tuolumne will be closed until 2024, or maybe even 2025, depending on the weather and whatever other delays we might see. two other campsites, though, will be closed until 2023. >> we got to get back to yosemite. >> yes! jeff is here to talk about maybe rain coming in for parts of the bay area. >> a little bit. did you guys enjoy that sun today? >> so nice. >> so beautiful. >> i got to burst everyone's bubble. it's going to be going out tomorrow. >> i know, i know. >> so we've got the storm system approaching right now. and the two things we're going deal with the most here is the cloud cover moving in, and also the cooler temperatures.
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we'll see a few shower chance, but really any kind of widespread rainfall, that's fallen by the wayside here. so no hopes of big-time rainfall coming from that storm. so as we get you ready to go for your thursday morning forecast, no sunglasses needed. again, widespread cloud cover returning back across the bay. and temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. this will put us at 50 in the east bay. san francisco 53. and the north by at 48. those clouds continuing all the way into the afternoon. so our overcast skies are going to help to drop temperatures about 3 to 6 degrees. it puts us with 64 here in san jose. 65 in los gatos. over to the east bay, my friends out in vallejo with 59 degrees. down to pleasanton, 63. oakland 61. the peninsula, we've got light winds and 62 in redwood city. then notice as we head up to daly city, chillier 50s. those 50s staying right up against the coastline into the outer sunset and the marina. at 60 right through napa, sonoma
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and novato. upper 50s and low 60s. so no sunglasses tomorrow. but also no umbrella needed. really, all the way thr am seei talked about beginning to approach. but by 11:30, look at this. it's just a few spotty showers around guerneville and the northern coast. and again, this is just continuing to fall apart. by 5:30 in the morning, a little bit of shower activity over marin, napa and sonoma counties. but as this moves to the south, it just continues to break up. so not much left here for the east bay, south bay, or peninsula. so rainfall totals on this trace amounts to about 0.2. anywhere to the south of the north bay and we are just going to see a few sprinkles. and for san jose, it looks like nothing at this point. again, we may get a few drops, but no accumulations coming towards you. so it's not the big storm system we'd all like to see. but there is more chances coming our way. so here is the deal.
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the weekend sun comes out. also dry into next wednesday. right here through the inland lots of 40s. and we're going to go up to some sun this weekend. 67 on sunday. right now no big storm on thanksgiving. but increased confidence the week after thanksgiving and into early december. >> he is very excited. >> we're going see some rain coming back. the way it looks now. >> increased confidence. >> increased confidence. >> yeah, we like that. >> thank you, jeff. happening now, the u.s. postal service is ramping up for the holiday shipping rush. it's already here. the postal service is hiring 40,000 workers nationwide, and adding more than seven million square feet of sorting facility space. keep in mind this usps shipping deadline. you to get your stuff in the mail by december 15th if you want it to arrive on time by standard ground
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. we're following some breaking news. santa rosa police say they're looking for a 15-year-old girl, possibly taken against her will. her name is georgianna bamboli. here is a photo of her. she may have been forced into a dark gray car at the arco gas station on guerneville road. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon. investigators say someone grabbed her and forced her into that car. the girl is described at 5'6" with long dark hair and a thin build. she was last seen wearing a
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black sweatshirt with green and red cherries on it and black jeans. here is a photo of the car the police say they drove away in. again, it's a dark gray colored car. no license plate information. last seen driving on eastbound on guerneville road. if you have any information, contact santa rosa police. if you use tick-tock or its predecessor musically before october 1, you may be eligible for compensation. it's part of a $92 million settlement. if you're eligible, they want you to know this is a real thing. it's not a scam. tick-tock parent company agreed to pay $92 million as part of a class action payout. it settles allegations about the collecting of personal data without users' consent. a major policy change from apple. it's all about fixing your iphone yourself. previously, apple had strict rules about who could actually repair your iphone and how it could be done. today it relaxed those guidelines, not only letting customerress pair phones
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themselves, but even offering you some instructions and selling you the parts and the tools so you can do the work. the international olympic committee has made changes of how it handles transgender and intersex athletes. the usoc says athletes are no longer required to go medically unnecessary hormone treatments to compete. the old guidelines, an athlete's eligibility focused on testosterone levels. this comes just a few months after the tokyo olympics which saw the first transgender and intersex athletes compete in the games' history. the winter games are next february in beijing. okay. up next we're going check in up next we're going check in with the cal football (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen.
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and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. well, it is big game week in the bay area. cal at stanford saturday. the big question is will the golden bears be cleared to play. >> yeah, this is a big one. last weekend's game against usc was postponed because cal had about 44 players and coaches on that covid protocol list. now despite the team being 99% vaccinated, as of tonight, yes, cal is expected to play at stanford. the big game. let's do it. the buzz from the 49ers today. it appears that starting running back elijah mitchell will be available to play this sunday in jacksonville. he broke a finger during monday's win against the rams and had a quick surgery yesterday. as for the rest of the team, will there be a letdown against the lowly jaguars? especially after the niners' big win against the rams. >> i don't think people let down
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after something like that. but you got realize the emotions that go into a monday night game is a little bigger where we were coming from with how badly we had played before that so the emotions were high. so you got to watch for that stuff. your emotions can't be high every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day and make sure they're ready to go on sunday. >> let's see. niners and jaguars sunday morning. raiders, by the way, host the bengals in las vegas sunday afternoon. all right. san francisco's most famous captain isn't going anywhere. that's first baseman brandon belt. he posted this photo. >> in the captain outfit. >> he loves that outfit. >> like the love boat. >> this caption said daddy's back. belt accepted the qualifying offer from the giants. it's a one-year deal worth $1 million. brandon belt hit a career high 29 home runs last season.
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well, grinnel is one of the peregrine falcons who nest in the uc berkeley tower. he has been undergoing treatment, including surgery at the linsey wildlife rehab hospital since late last month. he was found injured at the berkeley tennis club. experts think he got into a fight with another falcon. he pulled through and now he is a free bird.
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>> i thought you said he was playing tennis when he got zwrired. >> exactly. a bad lob. >> bye-bye. tonight, the surprise turn in the trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery the defendant testifying in his own defense. travis mcmichael accused of firing the fatal shotgun blast taking the stand one of three white men accused of chasing down and murdering arbery in georgia. the moment mcmichael appeared to tear up telling the jury it was a life or death situation. also, day two of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the question the jury asked about videos in the case and the defense motion for a mistrial the evidence they say prosecutors withheld. big news from moderna on booster shots for all adults the thanksgiving rush more than 53 million expected to travel
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long lines at the airport. gas prices at a seven-year high. the president calling for an investigationaker now the first to be censured in more than a decade. over a violent video the capitol rioter known as the qanon shaman sentenced today. the texas schools in a firestorm over race the new civil rights investigation. and the inmate i first met inside america's largest maximum security prison sentenced as a juvenile to life without parole today after 57 years walking free this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. with the country awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial, in georgia another closely watched case took center stage today as the man who shot ahmaud arbery made a surprise appearance on the witness stand testifying in his own defense. travis mcmichael and his father and a


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