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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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next on nbc bay area news tonight a lot of shaking in the east bay, a quake and several after shocks near san ramon. >> everything started shaking. >> high dogs were going crazy. >> they happened in an area that's seen a lot of seismic activity. so what does this mean going forward? we'll get some answers. also the future of the oakland colosseum complex. big money is at stake. a group has plans to bring the wnba to town and affordable housing. is this all talk or could it actually happen? and be warned airports are expecting huge crowds. we have some big tips if you run into delays or cancellations. good evening. this is nbc bay area news
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tonight. i'm raj mathai. next week pretty normal. we can all gather, right, and travel. we have some pro tips about taking a flight this holiday season especially because there might be a shortage of tsa workers. that's just ahead. but let's start with earthquake country, right where we are here in the bay area, today not big but certainly notable. a series of small earthquakes around lunchtime and then through the afternoon. good reminder, have that earthquake kit ready. the initial quake struck just before noon and centered around san ramon around 11350 a.m., a 3.9 magnitude earthquake. after shocks followed including a 2.8 at 4:00 p.m. people across the bay area felt that initial jolt. here's nbc's melissa coronado.
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>> reporter: a swarm of earthquakes rattled starting at 4:33 a.m. >> my dogs were going crazy. they freaked out. they were running for the hills. so that got my attention. usually the little ones i just kind of like shake off. this one got my attention a little bit. >> reporter: the 3.9 magnitude earthquake got lots of peoples attention with people as far away as oakland and san francisco tweeting that they felt it, too. >> everything started shaking like all the glasses. everything was shaking and everybody was like what's going on? >> when i looked in the backyard the pool had, you know, the old tidal wave thing going there. >> reporter: as this map showed the jolt was followed by a series of less powerful after shocks in the san ramon area. >> the one that scares everyone, of course, is the biggy. let's pray we don't get any of those anytime soon. >> reporter: a reminder we live in earthquake country. we can't predict when they strike, but we can certainly be
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prepared. >> that comes with living in california. it's part of the program. >> yeah, it's part of our program. jeff ranieri is here. 3.9 and no big deal, but it was -- it kind of jolted a lot of people today. >> yeah. and the reason why a lot of you felt it and seems maybe stronger than the number we were seeing is because it was so shallow, just 6 miles below the earth. so when that hit it gave everybody a pretty big jolt across the bay. >> san ramon, how active is this area? >> this area can be active on the northern fault, but it's usually the southern end of the fault that sees the most activity. we haven't seen anything over the past 2 hours, and magnitude 2.5 and larger we've seen at least three of those, 2.5 and larger with the largest being a 3.0 magnitude. we've had the activity. it seems like things are quiet right now, but of course we'll have to watch out for this a
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couple of days. >> yeah, you're following all these various faults right around here as well. >> exactly. let me show you more about the fault because usually we talk about hayward, we hear a lot about the sleeper fault, also the san andreas fault. this has had more notable earthquakes. back in 2007 in october we had a 5.4. and the 1984 in morgan hill a 6.2 magnitude. with that earthquake no deaths, 25 injuries. based on the size of this fault line 6.2 around that is likely the largest size earthquake we could get into, but i think that's really the kind of thing for everybody around here, it's that feeling we don't know. it's not like a hurricane or tornado, you see it on a map or whatever, it just happens -- >> it pops up.
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>> three minor. now, the energy that released today was equivalent to 1,000 pounds of explosive. so that's why if you live underneath or above the epicenter like we heard in that interview, you really, really felt that jolt with it being shallower. >> yeah, last three years we've seen 3s, we've seen 5s. we don't want to get in that direction. >> exactly. >> a couple of questions and concerns we were taught to ask the usgs. let's bring in the deputy director at the earthquake science center. keith, nice to see you tonight. let's talk about the san ramon, hayward, danville. why this area specifically so prone to earthquake swarms? >> well, some of your earlier interviewees expressed it pretty well. we live in earthquake country. we're right in the boundary of two tectonic plate we call the
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san andreas fault system. >> we talk about in the east bay. there are a lot of other smaller faults, though, in the east bay. are they significant to you in your research? >> well, sure, they're significant. there are many faults we don't even know about. historically there have been a lot of earthquakes in the san ramon valley, and they tend to occur north oos east of the calovera fault. the nice thing is these smaller faults probably don't have a potential to produce very large earthquakes. >> yeah, that's good news there. final question, i guess this is the million dollar question. do today's swarm of earthquakes tell us anything about any future movements or activity
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about that fault? >> well, it doesn't tell us a whole lot, no. but what it does do is remind us we live in earthquake country, and basically anywhere you are in the bay area you have a potential to have a strong earthquake on these major faults we've been talking about. >> it is a good reminder. thanks for your time and insight this evening. we reported the earthquake in minutes both on-air and online. download our nbc bay area app. you'll get breaking news alerts right to your phone. and keith was talking about it. what do you pack in that digital go bag, our digital team put together a list of all essential items. you can click on east bay earthquake on our website, also tonight, what's going to happen with the colosseum complex in oakland? the warriors are gone. the raiders are gone. the a's want to be gone, so who's moving in? this is one of the most historic and valuable properties in the bay area. half of it is owned by the city of oakland, and the city is now
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on the path to sell it. this is not a sports story. don't get me confused here. this all about public money and a piece of land with billion dollar potential. last night a major step, the city council voted to work with the group that wants to redevelop the colosseum site. the group is called the african-american sports and entertainment group. it's led by east oakland native ray bobbitt. he's teaming up with allana beard. the african-american sports and entertainment group wants to land a womans basketball team. they want to build affordable housing and use the land to create a hub celebrating black culture. here's where it gets really sticky. the group would only own 50% of the entire site, so they'd have to partner with the oakland a's which own the other 50%.
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they have one year to come up with a viable redevelopment plan along with the a's. now, knowing what we know about the site and the past politics there are a lot of folks who say no way, this is never going to get done. but maybe there's a chance here. and by the way, that group that won the bid last night is paying more than $92 million to buy 50% of the colosseum site. that money goes directly to the city of oakland. joining us now is the former a's vice president, also a former front office executive with the 49ers. you're well-versed in oakland politics and especially the trials and tribulations of the colosseum complex. is this a good deal for the people of oakland, the everyday people? >> absolutely because the goes down to the fans, raj. 78 million people came to the colosseum to see the a's to this point and tens of millions more to see the warriors and the raiders play. the colosseum is viable, there's no doubt about it.
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and i have to give ray bobbitt and the african-american sports and entertainment group credit for moving ahead in the city for saying, all right, let's try and make it work. and incidentally let me just add, raj, the oakland a's and earthquakes and the giants, when you started off the story my mind went to october 17, 1989, the fals world series earthquake. but we'll leave that for later in the evening. yes, it's viable but lots of complexities as you'ved. >> does it have a chance of happening if we're talking two to three years down the road here? >> first, you've got to identify the players in the program, the city, alameda county, the a's john fisher, major league baseball, the african-american sports and entertainment group, and most importantly the fans and taxpayers. is this going to have to go to
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any type of public vote? and, a's have said they need the entire colosseum to generate revenue to build their new ballpark city at howard terminal. that is a major question. so this is a board game with hundreds of millions and billions of dollars attached to it. i'm not sure anybody has the crystal ball or the stitching on the baseball to know what the future of the a's is really going to look like. >> andy, we've been burned before, people of oakland, the city council and taxpayers when the raiders wanted to redevelop when they moved back to oakland in the mid-1990s. what could blow up here? is there a hidden ball trick at all we need to worry about? >> absolutely. everybody has a hidden ball trick. the color of the fluid that flows through the veins of sports and development is green. clearly if you look at the oakland colosseum, the 155 acres that are there, that could become the miracle the giants built and the warriors were part
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of at mission bay. that could be part of the miracle what emreville has done over the last ten years. the caw coelom has the lowest self-esteem of any sports venue in the country today, and that is self-imposed. if people would just look at the positives as ray bobbitt is doing and others, the colosseum could be a positive sports and entertainment location in california. >> you're certainly eloquent in how you speak there. the group that won would pay oakland $32 million. the group that didn't win the rights agreed to pay $115 million to oakland. why did the city council choose the lesser option here? >> you'd have to ask the city council for that. i'd go with the money and i'm a big fan of dave stewart as are millions of other people. i don't understand that, and i wasn't in the presentation. it had to do in the guts of what the group presented and possibly
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their negotiation with the a's. who knows what's going on. i'm concerned that the a's have so many hidden ball tricks. they've talked about multiple sites in southern nevada. they've talked about howard terminal and all of the challenges there. and they keep saying that the colosseum is not viable. i think many people disagree with that vehemently. does it need to be changed? do they need to build a new ballpark there? absolutely. but again china base in mission bay 32 years ago was absolute chernobyl compared to what the colosseum is today. >> i remember that time. thanks for your time tonight. have a good evening. up next the holiday surge coming to airports across the country. yep, the holiday season is here. will tsa agents be able to keep up? also what happens if you run into travel trouble? he's working the big board right
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there, our consumer investigator chris chimera is here with some travel guidance. and more than a dozen schools in the east bay are on the chopping block. a decision could be made about those schools future as soon as tonight. we've got details. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight. on]
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. you just heard the honey baked ham commercial. that means thanksgiving is here a week from tomorrow. and unlike last year we are free
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to move about the country. a lot of people are going to be doing just that. more than 50 million people according to aaa. but there's a looming problem here, who's going to check everyone in? tsa workers are facing a deadline. at last check more than 40% of those airport security workers may still need to be vaxed. so what's the plan? will there be enough people to get you through security? >> reporter: many travelers took off today to beat the holiday rush. the fact only 60% of the nation's 50,000 tsa workers are vaccinated from covid didn't raise red flags for most travelers we talked to. >> i say make precautions and whatever people want to do is okay with me. >> reporter: traveller daniel roberts agrees on the health aspect but worries about the tsa workers being fired or quitting. >> that's something to take into consideration. not looking forward to that so hopefully they figure it out. >> reporter: the tsa director
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speaking on the "today" show said he doesn't expect problems. >> we are going to be stepping up to handle the surge. and i expect to have no impact whatsoever with respect to the vaccine. >> reporter: the aviation consultant says that's partly true. >> i think for the most part in the bay area it's probably accurate because we have a higher than average vaccination rate in the bay area. but when you get ready to come back home after the holidays are over i don't think the areas are going to be as vaccinated. >> reporter: still the real fallout may not be known until the holiday is almost upon us. in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. the holiday is almost upon us. we need some pro tips here what to do and what not to do when you travel this season. let's bring in some inside knowledge for our viewers. chris travels all the time -- it doesn't matter on the cheap or not. you know the ins and outs here.
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do we believe the tsa, everything is going to be fine? >> i want the glass to be half full, but i want you to be prepared anyway. here's why my glass may be half empty. this is the american federation of government employees which represents 19,000 tsa employees. it's asking the biden administration to delay this to january. this was issued two days ago. that shows me there's possibly a problem we need to prepare for. >> let's drill down. san francisco, oakland, san jose. tsa work at sfo? >> if you look carefully at the uniforms of many people you'll see at the airport at sfo you'll notice they're blue and they have a flag, but it doesn't say tsa. it says cas, that's a private security contractor so we might be in good shape at sfo. there are tsa people around the country and might also be tsa people at sfo. we don't know so again you need to be prepared.
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>> give us some pro tips. what do we do or not do? >> three steps. here's what i want you to do arrive early. >> but let's be honest i've got kids, sometimes i can't get out the door early. >> download the airline app. this is some airline lingo, raj. what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> that means zero value after departure. many airline tickets i would venture most have that buried in them. what that means is if you're on the 4:16 flight and you show up at 4:17, that means what you paid for your ticket has zero bearing on what it takes to get you on the next flight. you'll have to start over again over from scratch. don't just rush to the gate oh, my gosh we're five minutes late. you need to take action before the flight time if you're going to be late. >> get that app, get the backup plan, and finally there's going to be delays.
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are there sneaky delays here or strictly security delays? >> airline melt down delays are on the airline to take care of you. but when there's a security delay that's on you to take care of. get the app, try to take care of it early. don't push it this time. >> actually we haven't traveled the bulk of us for a long time. it's kind of like learning how to travel again. thank you, chris, good to see you. some other news we're watching tonight this is big deal and happening in hayward, but other school districts are keeping a close eye here. multiple school in hayward could be closing. right now the school board is meeting and a vote is expected at any time. for the past few hours families and educators have been protesting the closures. our nbc bay area sky ranger was overhead. we have crews down on the ground level as well. no talk yet of laying off teachers, but parents and students say they're devastated by the prospect of losing schools, programs and other
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facilities. district leaders say families have been leaving the area in record numbers. they predict an all-time enrollment low of less than 17,000 students in the next few years. that's creating a $14 million deficit. so follow the numbers, follow the money. hayward is not the first district to face this situation. you might know this. last month the coopertino union school district board approved the closure of two elementary schools effective next school year. a third campus in coopertino is being consolidated. the district says declining enrollment is the reason. a live look at the bay bridge. jeff is going to return with our forecast heading into -- as we inch toward the weekend. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. after a spectacular day some of us might see some rain the next 48 hours? >> not a big storm system but some sprinkles coming our way as we move through primarily thursday night into friday morning. so it's all going to be coming from this system right here. looks impressive but it's going to break up by the time it gets here, not leaving too much for us, but certainly some changes starting tomorrow. here's the big thing. no need for any sunglasses. we're starting off cloudy and these temperatures in the 50s and those clouds stay through the day so that's going to help
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numbers cool off. 59 in napa, right here to concord 65. more of those mid-60s san jose to morgan hill, headed to half moon bay you're at 59. so cloud cover remains as we roll through tomorrow's forecast. and then again once we hit tomorrow night into early friday morning we'll not only see the chance of rainfall but it's really not much at all. you'll see this blue color here, trace amounts to 0.2 to the peninsula, south bay and east bay, no accumulation at this point. might get some sprinkles in the east bay but nothing going to add up in the rain gauge. sunshine on sunday and dry weather next monday, tuesday and wednesday. so, raj, right now thanksgiving looks so far like no big storm system is going to hit us. and then after thanksgiving, the week after thanksgiving we definitely could be getting into some big time rain full for the bay area. >> well-timed. hopefully it stays that way. coming up in prime time at
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8:00 a lot of chicago tonight, chicago med followed by chicago fire and of course our 11:00 newscast. that's going to do it for us here. thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. on]
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