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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aquirre. at the peak of the pandemic, outdoor parklets were key to san francisco businesses surviving. but new rules on now permanent parklets could create an eatery crisis. ginger explains that the city is citing and fining businesses to get the parklets up to code. >> this parklet has been cited for seven violations. among the issues, having a roof. encroaching on the sidewalk, and not providing drainage by the curb. and if it's not all fixed within two weeks, the city will hit them with thousands of dollars in fines. elaine chu has relied on this parklet to keep her 15-year-old chinatown restaurant, grant place, afloat during the pandemic. >> i don't know how we do it. >> now, a new issue is threatening to derail her
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recovery. last month, elaine was told by the city her parklet was not up to code. she had 14 days to fix the violations or else face hundreds of dollars in daily fines. next door, washington bakery also received multiple citations. >> we got cited and then the week after, we got cited by the fire department, and the week after, we got an email saying we can only take one parking spot. >> chelsea has spent thousands of dollars improving her parklet to bring it up to code throughout the pandemic. she says she's willing to continue doing that, but wants a less aggressive approach from the city. >> they gave us 14 days to fix it before we get fined every single day. when we didn't even know about these changing regulations. >> there's no clarity between the departments and nobody knows which way they're supposed to go in terms of how they're going to conduct business. >> sxit rr easy to see why they're frustrated. today, we reached out to the city to find out what the current rules are for parklets
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and we're told different departments have different requirements. >> every week is just something new. >> in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> a lot needs to be sorted out. within the past hour, we heard from supervisor aaron peskin who said he's going to introduce legislation that would actually delay the start of these fines until july of next year. >> well, it's getting worse. new data obtained and analyzed by our investigative unit put san francisco at the very top of the list for car break-ins when compared to several major cities around the country. nearly twice the rate of car break-ins in san francisco as atlanta or washington, d.c. and almost triple the rate of los angeles and houston. san francisco business owners say this car break-in problem and the crime wave is crushing the tourism industry. >> we want visitors and locals who come down to the wharf to feel safe here, and it's unfortunate that it feels like sometimes city leaders aren't looking out for the same thing.
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>> tonight at 11:00, we zero in on one of the hardest hit areas in fisherman's wharf. sources tell us this one block of beach street has seen up to ten car break-ins on a single day. >> so are they connected? police investigating a possible link between a bold smash and grab mob robbery at a concoward jewelry store and other similar crimes throughout the bay area. we now have security video of the latest heist that we told you about last night. look at that. nine masked men armed with hammers storming into iceberg diamonds in sun valley mall around 7:30 monday evening right before closing, going to work on the jewelry cases. they were in and out in 30 seconds. got away with an arm load of jewelry. there was another smash and grab at sun valley mall jewelers just a month ago. >> basically, six guys with hammers came in and smashed out the windows of our neighbor and left with lots of jewelry. >> that was on october 14th. the owner of st. andrew's
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jewelers told us his employees were able to shut their security gates before the thieves could get into their store. there have been a number of these large organized smash and grab robberies at other bay area jewelry stores this year. concord pd says detectives are investigating whether they could be connected. >> for decades, she's been a champion for gun control and women's rights. she also survived and thrived after being shot several times in jonestown in 1978. and now, after more than 40 years of public service, bay area congresswoman jackie speier said she will not seek re-election next year. here's nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> jackie speier says as she was left for dead, bleeding from gunshot wounds after the jonestown massacre in 1978, she vowed to dedicate her life to public service. and that's exactly what she did. >> these are the facts. >> in a career that took her from congressional staffer to congressional leader. today, she began explaining why she's retiring from congress.
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>> it's time to say good-bye or farewell, and to pass the torch to a new generation. >> as a peninsula representative, the now 71-year-old democrat fought for millions of dollars in compensation for the victims of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. on the national stage, she called attention to sexual assault in the military, fought for more benefits for military members and their families, and was a vocal champion for gun control. she also fought relentlessly for women's rights, sharing her own abortion story before congress. >> she was an absolute lion when it came to working on women's rights. every aspect of it she worked on. she cared about the equal rights amendment. she worked on reproductive freedom. she cared about sexual assault. she went as far as telling her personal story about being sexually assaulted. >> today, house speaker nancy pelosi called her an extraordinary member of
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congress. adding, her courageous and values-based leadership particularly on behalf of women, survivors, and the vulnerable, has made a difference in the lives of countless americans and has strengthened our nation. we also asked the congresswoman how she wants to be remembered. >> well, i hope my legacy will be a reflection on the legislation i carried. 300 bills signed into law by mostly republican governors in the state legislature, a number of bills here in congress that have changed the way we look at military service, and the service members and their families. >> in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> remarkable career. we'll continue our coverage on right now, we have a link on our trending bar about representative speier's retirement and our full interview. >> san jose is about to decide between open space or jobs. key vote by the city council tonight that could answer that
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question. now, the sprawling coyote valley along santa theresa boulevard in south san jose has been a battleground between developers and environmentalists for decades. now, a texas-based developer wants to build warehouses on hundreds of acres of farmland. supporters say it's a jobs creator. critics say the plans threaten critical open space. >> well, despite the early season rain, experts warn we're still a long way from being out of this drought. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is along the guadalupe river in san jose with a look at where things stand and why conservation remains critical. >> the water is pretty stagnant along the banks of the guadalupe river, it's not really flowing at this time, and experts warn it's going to take a long time and a lot of water to get out of the dry hole we're in. experts like seeing water flowing on the quadaleapy river, but they warn despite a few good storms, the south bay is very much in a water emergency. >> we're in a drought.
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>> levels at south bay reservoirs remain at historic lows, averaging only 11% of capacity. state reservoirs aren't doing much better. >> we import much of our water through the sierras, through the reservoirs in the northern part of the state, and they're all low or no snow pack or minimum amount. >> just over a month until winter arrives. valley water is treating for conservation, an alert we normally see in late spring, and they're showcasing this home in morgan hill as an example of how homeowners can help. >> they have taken out their high water using lawn and replaced it with low water using plants. >> the family got a $3,000 rebate for their lawn transformation. >> our water bill did go down. i was looking for, yeah, the water savings. and it's good to use less water. plus, you know, front lawn is very not useful as all. >> valley water says there is no way to sugar coat it. the water crisis is severe.
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the agency has called on all residents, businesses, and farms to cut water use by 15%. and experts warn another dry winter might mean some residential wells could go dry. forcing even more drastic measures. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> another giant investment in theranos, another investor on the stand, claiming that elizabeth holmes lied to him about what her company was doing. today, san francisco investment fund manager brian groceman told the jury he was so impressed by what theranos told him it was doing that he and his firm invested $96 million in the company in 2014. he testified he was told by holmes and her partner that theranos had a major contract with the u.s. defense department. and that theranos machines were being used in the field of battle. none of which was true. >> saying you have $200 million from department of defense contracts when you don't is flat
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out fraud. and that's very different than saying, here's the potential of our product, or here's an upside we think we can achieve at some point. >> grossman also testified that at one point he went into a walgreens for a theranos test and was surprised that the test used a needle and took four hours to show a result. theranos had said that was the kind of testing the machines would make obsolete. >> we're following developing news in contra costa county. crews are mopping up after a fire in concord. our sky ranger is overhead. these are live pictures now, again, in concord. this is on detroit avenue and walters way. just east of 680 and that 680-242 intersection. not a residential area, this is business area. stay tuned to our digital platforms for any updates on the fire in concord. >> up next here at 6:00, an update on the palo alto yoga instructor accused of sparking a
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wildfire. >> two groups are competing for the city of oakland's 50% stake of the coliseum site. they both have plans, but who will the city pick? that story coming up on nbc bay area news. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll continue our climate coverage and we had extreme rainfall lately, but it's also happening on other parts of the map. we'll talk more about what's contributing to this. i'll have the latest update in about seven minutes. >> minutes away when we're joined by our viewers in the west, despite high vaccination rates, the unvaccinated driving covid case counts upward in new england. we'll take you there. also, our exclusive look inside gm's factory zero, the company's ceo tells us about gm's ambitious electric vehicle goals on nightly news.
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oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. coliseum competition. two developers vying for the city of oakland's 50% stake of the coliseum site. they both have bold plans to revitalize east oakland. one group wants to bring a wnba team to the arena. the other is led by former ace pitcher dave storch, but as melissa colorado found out, one city employee is already raising serious doubts about both plans. >> two development groups are facing off against each other, and this is what they're after, the city's 50% stake of the
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coliseum complex. the other half is owned by the a's, so who are they? one of the developer, the african-american sports and entertainment group, led by east oakland native ray bobbitt, teaming up with former wnba star alana beard in hopes of wooing a professional women's basketball team to play here in oakland. >> we're going to dive into the market research and understand there is no better place in this mope nlt in time than to have a wnba team within this market. >> the other group, stewart property group, is led by dave stewart and baseball agent lonny murray. the group wants to restore the coliseum for youth sports. supporters for both groups logged on to today's city council meeting. >> the stewart murray group has four strong point in their proposal. one, financial stability. >> so i urge you to vote for the project. >> the specifics of what the developer is proposing have not
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been released yet. city leaders are looking for a number of things, including affordable housing and jobs. but according to the director of the city's economic and workforce development, both groups may not be ready to develop a project as big as this. in a letter to the city's administrator, the director writes, the teams have not shown strong evidence of extensive experience with building comparable large scale multi-phase real estate projects, similar in size, scale, and cost, as what is being contemplated for the coliseum complex. tonight, the city council could decide between the two groups or wait until january for city staff to continue evaluating the group's finances. in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we have new details involving a palo alto woman accused of starting the fawn fire, that was in shasta county in september. alexandra has been deemed incompetent to stand trial after being evaluated by two court appointed psychologists. the case will not be put on hold
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while she undergoes treatment in the hospital. the 31-year-old is accused of starting the fire after she was seen walking out of a forested area near the fire starting point. this was near shasta lake, 8500 acres were burned. ultimately, and 185 structures destroyed. three firefighters were injured. >> helping those who need it the most. american house, san mateo, started giving out food for the thanksgiving holiday. workers expected to help twice as many this year as they did before the pandemic. organizers say this year, we don't have to tell you, the need is great. >> so many people who even working full time were not able to put food on the table for their families. now, many of them have no jobs still or are not able to work full time, and have a steady enough, large enough income to do that. >> the american house used to only help set aside for two saturdays for this holiday food distribution, but the need is so high right now, it will take a week to serve all those people who have asked for help.
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now, we're starting our annual food drive this week. officially begins this saturday, but you can start donating right now. you can make a $10 donation at your local safe way store and it will go right to the local food banks. >> jeff ranieri is here talking about this situation. how are we looking? still kind of gray outside. >> we have a window of sunshine and clouds coming back, in and tomorrow is the same situation, then eventually, we get rainfall in here once we hit thursday night and friday morning. a weaker storm system but at least a few showers. i want to continue our climate coverage to start off, and we, of course, had our extreme rain, especially in the end of october. where we picked up over one month's worth of rainfall in many locations in just 24 hours. but look at this map here. you can see, we're not the only one seeing some of this extreme rain. out of 246 locations that were looked at in this data, 72% of
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them had increased rain on their annual wettest day. so in the blue dots here, that's cities making it in their top ten wettest on record. and in the green dots, that's locations with the wettest day on record. and of course, we had many cities here in northern california seeing that, as we went through october. so a closer look at that, and you can see the most rain ever recorded, sacramento and livermore in 24 hours for those specific locations. but as we know, the most rainfall went right up towards the north bay with 6 to 12 inches. marin reservoirs. that was the good effect, 23.7% boost. where does all this tie into climate change? with warmer air, it holds more moisture. when we get storm systems, they can provide some of these extreme rain events. so that's your climate change link here. warmer air holds more moisture and can bring stronger storms. now, i do want to also say remember you can lower your
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carbon footprint. that's one way we can avoid these consequences getting even worse as we look ahead towards the future. you can head to to get more on our climate stories anytime. let's take you to tomorrow morning's forecast. starting off with temperatures in the 40s with some areas of patchy fog to start. 48 here in the east bay and the north bay coming in with 46. daytime highs as we roll through tomorrow, no big changes here. 60s across the board for many of us. 68 in san jose, right through the east bay, 66 in concord. peninsula coming in with some afternoon sunshine and 65 in san mateo. san francisco, we will have some 50s right there in the outer sunset with 59. and for the north bay, 66 in santa rosa. 67 in napa. my seven-day forecast, a chance of showers thursday night into friday morning. only trace amounts to about .2", and across the inland valley, we will see those numbers go to 67 by sunday. so get over that shower bump, we have a nice weekend coming our way and some more rain chances, it looks good for december.
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so not a bad week coming our way. >> looks good. now we have to start prepping for thanksgiving week and all that stuff. the turkey, everything. >> a lot on the to-do list. thanks, jeff. >> for your wife. >> no, i'll be on the roof with the gutters. >> all right. >> up next, planning a walk-out tomorrow at cal. and all the other uc campuses. why teachers are fed up. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years.
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discussion under way right now at the walnut creek city council meeting about a new buffer zone being planned around planned parenthood offices. the goal is to cut down on confrontations between protesters and patients at the site on oakland boulevard. now, since the beginning of last year, walnut creek police have responded to more than three dozen altercations and made four arrests. complaints have included verbal, physical harassment, intimidating patients, blogging sidewalks. other bay area cities including san francisco and oakland already allow for buffer zones. and in pleasanton, city leaders
6:25 pm
are debating the role of police provided school resource officers. program started back in 2002, two officers are employed, but the program is under scrutiny ever since the murder of george floyd. council members are considering an agreement to formalize the relationship and outline the expectations. a survey earlier this year found a majority of parents, students, and staff there support keeping the program. >> it's going to be an active 48 hours ahead of us. a two-day strike at all nine of the uc campuses, and that includes cal. tomorrow and thursday, more than 6,000 lecturers will walk off the job. they have been negotiating for a new contract for more than two years. lecturers are nontenured faculty who teach nearly half of all the undergrad and many graduate level classes. their union has filed seven unfair labor practice charges. a uc spokesperson tells us the state employment relations board has made no determination of unfair labor practices against
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uc. >> okay, put the gear away. up next, ski season delay. the resort will not be open this week weekend after all. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at
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that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. okay, literally speaking here, the weather needs to chill out before anyone can go skiing or boarding in lake tahoe. >> the two popular resorts were supposed to open friday, but then last night, they announced
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it was too warm for any snow to stay on the ground, so no word yet on when they'll welcome back skiers, but they hope to have some good news next week. we'll have to check with jeff about that. >> tonight at 7:00, the headliner of the day will be joined by congresswoman jackie speier, also with us, former san francisco mayor willie brown. his thoughts about who could replace the congresswoman and how to solve san francisco's break-in problem. that's coming up on our 7:00 newscast. >> up next on nightly news with lester holt, a day ahead of president biden's visit to gm, tom costello speaks exclusively with ceo mary barra as she opened factory zero, an all new plant that will only make electric vehicles. lester joins us from new york next. >> breaking news tonight on covid booster shots as cases rise from coast to coast. the new reporting the fda could green light booster shots for all adults this week. giving tens of millions of
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americans extra protection as we head into the holidays. it comes as cases rise in 24 states and major news tonight on fooisz's covid bill. also, the state of emergency in the northwest. dangerous flash floods facing evacuations and high water rescues. a baby among those airlifted to safety. submerged, mudslides shutting down a major highway. powerful winds nearly blowing a semi off a bridge tens of thousands without power. our team is in the flood zone tonight jury deliberations beginning in the kyle rittenhouse trial. rittenhouse himself randomly selecting seven women and five men, nearly all white who will decide his fate president biden hitting the road to tout his new infrastructure law and his next challenge getting his massive bill to expand the social safety net over the finish line. the major roadblocks it still faces the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein associate ghislaine maxwell getting under way.


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