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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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farewell and to pass the torch to a new generation. >> reporter: as a peninsula represent testify, the now 71-year-old democrat fought for millions of dollars in compensation for the victims of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. on the national stage she called attention to sexual assault in the military, fought for more benefits for military members and their families. >> i have a me too story to share. >> she was an absolute lion when it came to working on women's rights. every aspect of it she works on. she cared about the equal rights amendment, she cared about sexual assault. she went as far as telling her personal story about being sexually assaulted. >> reporter: today spier reflected on her own career.
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> president of the san mateo board of supervisors praised jackie speier saying she a hero for the ages and never gave up on herself, her family or the constituents she serves. >> veteran congresswoman says she is a fierce advocate tor women's rights. her voice, and passion will be missed. who is ready to step in and fill her shoes? larry gerston has his eye set on two candidates. we have a link on the trending bar that tells you more about
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representative spier's retirement. a different smash and grab robbery, this involving a mob at a concord jewelry store all caught on security video. nine masked men walked into the store with hammers. walked out with handfuls of jewelry. it was not the only time this has happened recently in the bay area. >> reporter: it was a terrifying sight. a mob of nine, storming an iceberg diamonds and started shattering jewelry cases. >> some people inside the mall called the police reporting what they thought were shots fired but it was the sound of the hammers hitting the glass. >> reporter: the whole crime took about 30 seconds and the thieves got away with armloads of jewels before security or police could get to the scene. i did a little digging, and there have been a number of
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these jewelry store smash and grab robberies around california this year and a handful in the bay area. but what's unique about this one is the sheer number of robbers involved. nine of them in what concord police says looks like a very well-planned crime. >> having seen this before in other cities in the bay area. i've seen it before. >> reporter: one of the stores hit was in the same mall. six masked thieves smashed the cases inside and outside the jeweller and ran next door to st. andrew's jewelers, but the security gates were quickly shut. they are concerned this is a trend involving organized groups. >> i guess could you say it's a red alert. >> reporter: like the latest smash and grab it also happened close to closing time. >> the mall has beefed up security, reached out to concord pd to have additional exposure.
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>> reporter: they are investigating possible links between the sun valley mall heist and others in the region. >> there's always a possibility that they're connected. we're doing our best to talk to other law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: workers at a few other jewelry stores are worried, too. exotic custom jewelry's owner says he keeps a lookout watching for an approaching mob. >> we have customers that come in, we id them before we sell them merchandise. a 40-year-old jewelry store in san francisco's chinatown has been cleaning up all day after being robbed again. thieves broke into long boat jewelry and smashed the display case and got away with $250,000 worth of goods. this comes after a window was
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shattered saturday. investigators are looking at surveillance cameras at the store. the delta variant of the covid virus now makes up 99% of all covid case around the world. world health organization says almost all of the 900,000 cases sequenced worldwide over the last two months originated from the delta strain. that variant was first detected less than a year ago in india. the news comes as covid cases are surging again, most notably in europe. europe accounted for more than 60% of the 3.3 million new cases in the world. dr. anthony fauci says the u.s. has a long, long way to go to gain control over the virus. he says we need to fall as low as 3,000 cases per day. in order to do that, as of yesterday the u.s. averaged nearly 85,000 new cases per day.
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he wants 33,000. valley water is offering rebates. money is given to turn landscapes into low water landscaping. if you want to learn more about the program and if you qualify, visit water we've been telling you for weeks la nina is here. it could deliver lower than average rainfall. we usually think there's going to be more, not less. >> i think it's way too early to
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write off the entire winter season just yet. but i think for southern california they're definitely going to be in for lower rainfall chances when it comes to la nina this year. let's fwef you a refresher. it can hit southern california, even the bay area really hard with storm systems. we've got cooler than normal pacific waters. this is how our rain season has ended up. over all la nina events, you can see less here down towards southern california, 70% of the rainfall season historically. around the bay area, we've been around 90% of normal rainfall season. then you go north of the by area, it's about 100% of normal. for us, to get a 93% chance here
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for average rain this season. receipt now things are still looking up for us as we move into december. san jose is about to decide between open space or jobs. a key vote by the city council tonight could answer that question. the sprawling coyote valley along santa theresa boulevard has been a battleground for decades now. but now a texas-based developer wants to build warehouse on hundreds of acres of farmland. supporters say it's a job cretary. critics say it's threatening open space. a search warrant was served at the home of dominick foppoli. they were searching for pictures
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of two women. at least six women have come forward with a variety of sexual misconduct charges. he resigned as mayor in may and denied all allegation. lives, lawsuits and nearly $100 million down the drain. that's what jurors heard from another big investor in the theranos trial. this is another blow. this witness really bolstered the prosecution's case. >> reporter: yeah, we've talked a lot about investors lately, jessica. good evening, and we know investors from san francisco to sand hill road put money into theranos through the years. today one of them got to testify that he believed what executives told him and he paid a big price. >> ryan grossman told the jury he was so impressed by what theranos was doing he and his
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san francisco investment firm invested $96 million in the company in 2014. but elizabeth holmes and her partner, sonny balwani told him they had a major contract with the defense department and that theranos was being used in battle. it was more fake it until you make it. she says in her mind, holmes crossed a line. >> saying you have $200 million in department of defense contracts when you don't is, you know, flat out fraud. and that's very different than saying here's the potential of
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our product. >> reporter: grossmann's firm sued theranos in 2016, settling for $46 million. his testimony is part of a trial she says will affect how people see silicon valley for years. >> you want it to be known as a place that does that in all the best and most ethical ways of doing that. >> reporter: one final note about bryan grossmann. he testified at one point he went to a walgreen's himself to get a theranos test and was surprised they used a regular needle and it took more than four hours to get his results. scott budman, nbc bay area news. a jogger at the right place at the right time. the unusual way he was able to notify a stranger that her house
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was on fire. my 5-year-old me was very kind. >> and she is still kind. we introduce you to this young girl's holiday mission and how it all started in the toy aisle.
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more than 17,000 car break-ins so far this year. >> san francisco has become completely lawless. it's really breathtaking. i don't see it in any city that we conduct business in. >> data obtained and analyzed by
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our investi shows san francisco has triple the break-in rate in houston and los angeles. we look into what police and the district attorney are doing and what they're not doing to tackle the latest car break-in crime wave. a woman grateful to have one of those video doorbells. even more grateful to the jogger who offered to help. >> hi. >> hello? hello. there's smoke coming out of the top of your house. >> yeah. smoke coming out of her house. so homeowner courtney wasn't home. she gave him the code to go in and save her pets. he came out with two dogs, went back in for a rabbit and cat. they were able to confine the
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fire to just the garage and he saved the house and the pets. if you are able to say you've spent more than half your life helping others, it's a good resume. >> while it may not be all that many years, perhaps it's what makes it even more impress ever. our garvin thomas joins us with our bay area proud. half is half. >> she's 11 years old. but this year, callie plans on donating hundreds of toys so children in need can have one on christmas morning. the fact that it's her sixth year doing it, even more special. our story begins in a spot many parents have found themselves in. the toy aisle in target saying no to an unhappy child. >> i was 5 when we started. so 2016. >> reporter: callie, now 11 with a child wanting a barbie.
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her mom sabrina, the one saying no. >> i said no. there's kids that have nothing in this world, and are you complaining about not getting a barbie. >> i told my mom hey, how about we do a drive where we could donate the teddys and toys, and christmas morning they can see the toys and they would be happy. >> reporter: it was in retro spekt a fitting thing for her to say. >> my 5-year-old self was kind can. >> reporter: she and her family collected more than 400 toys and delivered them to lou seal packard hospital stanford. >> over the last six years we've collected over 3,000 teddy bears and toys.
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>> reporter: recently during the pandemic, the hospital has paused accepting the donations, but not deterred. callie and her program are giving to foster children instead. every year her parents say she has the option of not doing the giving and every year callie wants to tackle it again. when you look at it one way, callie has already spent more than half her short life helping others. thank goodness for all of us she has such a long future ahead. >> yes, lucky for all of us and so many children. >> did you hear what she said? my 5-year-old self was very kind. >> going back. >> her 5-year-old self against almost anybody. >> when i reflect. great story. >> great hearing about children like that. we weren't all that way. to say the least. let's check in with jeff
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ranieri, see if we're going to get something out of this next system. >> yeah, we're going to get a little something in the way of showers coming our way. but what i did want to start off with after talking about la nina is a look ahead into december. because i know everybody is wondering when are we going to get that next widespread chance here of rainfall that's going to add up over a half inch. and the way we see it right now it really looks like it could be active here for the first and second week of december. i'm calling for a 60% chance here. we get a moderate chance. first and second weeks of december things are starting to look up for us. let's go ahead and get you ready for tomorrow morning, and i do see patchy areas f fog returning to the north bay, east bay, also the south bay and by the afternoon we'll get another break here of sun coming back
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in. widespread 40s. another morning with a couple of layers. 48 in the tri valley. daytime highs tomorrow looks like it's going to stay pretty much the same. we're not seeing any big changes up here. 69 in morgan hill. right through the east bea, 65 in vallejo. the peninsula, sun, very light wind out of the north at 3 and 67 in palo alto. 59 for the outer sunset. let's move it off to the north. 67 in ukiah. what about those rain chances later on this week? it's nothing big. we'd like to see more rainfall than this, but hey, at least it helps out that immediate fire danger. once we hit thursday night we can see showers starting to
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return. trace amounts to about .2. you can see we will have that chance of rainfall again, not big here as we head from thursday night into friday morning. this weekend looking pretty good here. we'll see wind on saturday, 10 to 25 miles per hour and dry into next tuesday's forecast. right across the inland valleys, we are looking like this. 67 on sunday and we'll drop it back into some low 60s through early next week. so hang on. better batch of rain coming in december. >> that sky behind you is not bad either. >> picture perfect. ? . >> it is picture perfect. coming up. thousands of uc lecturers about to walk off the job and what uc is saying about it.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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nine of california's uc campuses are bracing for upheaval. more than 6,000 lecturers will walk off the job. lecturers are non-tenured faculty who teach nearly half of all undergrad and many graduate level classes. they have filed seven unfair labor charges. making it in the bay can be difficult, especially when the housing inventory is so low. rent recent le found out how many apartments were built over the last five years. san francisco has put up 9300
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apartment units. san jose about 6,000. helping those who need it the most. samaritan house started giving out donations. they used to only set aside two saturdays for the holiday food distribution, but the need is so high right now it will take a week to serve all those who have asked for help. we are starting our annual food drive this week. you can start donating as of today. you can make a donation at your local safeway store and it will go right to the local food bank. it is beginning to look a lot like the holidays in the city. a great tree will go up in union square for everyone to see. >> you're so happy about this. >> i am happy about this.
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okay. christmas going to the dogs in san francisco, in the best possible way. >> it certainly is. at san francisco's union square, the puppies and kittens, also known as the puppies and kittens. >> are coming back. >> are coming back to the macy's
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windows. pre-covid days they had these all the time. the adoptable pet kos be seen virtually. you can still see them virtually if you want to see that. see them from your home computer. the windows will be unveiled next wednesday. >> it's a tradition in the city. >> they do such cute things. and on the day after thanksgiving santa is going to be there. >> in-person santa. >> yeah, santa's going to be back at macy's in person. advanced reservations can be made on the store's website. >> that's a really good idea instead of standing in line for hours and hours. >> there's a santa shortage around the country. true story. >> i can take care of that. >> we've got a lot going on here one of the most well-respected politicians of our time is calling it a career. her life story fascinating and political career influential. >> it's time to say good-bye or
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farewell and to pass the torch to a new generation. >> jackie speier now talking retirement. who's going to take her place? we'll bring in larry gerston. plus we're waiting president biden hits the road. >> it is time to rebuild the backbone of this nation. >> now the next challenge facing the biden administration. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. good evening. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aquirre. passing the torch. legendary congresswoman jackie speier surprised many by announcing that she's not running for re-election. at 71, she is stepping away from politics. publ


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