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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 16, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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. right now, retiring from congress. jackie speier is retiring from congress. what's behind her retirement and what's next. >> thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. she's a legendary force in bay area politics. congresswoman jackie speier's announcement took a lot of people by surprise. >> we have so many questions. the congresswoman is here to answer them live. thank you for taking the time to
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join us. i'm sure you've got a busy schedule today after that announcement. >> yeah, it's been busy, marcus. there's always time to talk to you. >> i love that. nbc bay area, but you know, i want to ask you about that announcement. you said on twitter today that you wanted to spend more time with your family, more time with your friends and not just have those moments on the weekend. was there a specific moment that you knew that you wanted to take that step back? >> well, i've been mulling this decision for probably close to four years, and my husband retired about a year and a half ago, and when i complete my term, it will be 2 1/2 years. so i think that it was crystal clear that he wanted us to have more time to do the kinds of things that you know, families do when they have the luxury of retirement. i have served 39 years in public life. and it's been a privilege beyond
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compare. and i have enjoyed representing my constituents, and i have enjoyed making laws. so it's a great time to say that -- it's time to say good-bye or farewell, and to pass the torch to a new generation. >> let's talk about that. of course, we've seen your long career as a public servant, state assembly, senate, representing congress since 2008. but this morning on your announcement you said something really interesting. you said when you were saying you weren't going to seek re-election is twitter you said democracy is fragile and vulnerable. now given the state of our nation in recent years and the white house's dip in popularity right now, what did you mean by that? >> as you remember, probably, i was in geana in 1978 when i was shot and left for dead. then i was on the house -- in
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the house gallery on january 6th, and lying on the floor in one of those gallery tiers when the shot rang out, and i thought, my god, i'm going to lose my life not in the jungles of gaiana but in the tabernacle of democracy here in the united states. we came so very close to a coup, and had those insurrectionists brought their guns into the capitol, they left them in backpacks outside. but had they brought them in, we could be living under an autocracy today. >> you've called for, you know, more diversity in public service. so the next person that will fill the 14th district, do you have someone that you would like to see in that seat or even someone would be a good choice? >> well, there's lots of great people that i have served with on various levels of government. i'm going to allow them to throw
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their hats in the ring and then make a decision. i do think that as we go forward, it's important for young people to recognize that this is their time. they are inheriting a planet that is heating up. we haven't been as good as we should be, as guardians of that planet, and more steps need to be taken to deal with climate rise. our families here in the united states don't have the same benefits that families in many countries around the world have, whether it's parental leave or child care or pre-k. hopefully we'll fix some of that in the build back better act this year. but gun violence continues to be a serious problem. our overdependence on gun ownership, not having gun safety programs in place. another issue that needs to be addressed. and the need to make sure that
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we're inclusive in our opportunities for the lgbtqi community and making sure that there is diversity in the hiring of people on every level of government is also very important to me and hopefully will be to whomever takes over this seat. >> a lot of issues to tackle there. what about you, though? what do you want your legacy to be as you exit this realm of public service? >> well, i hope my legacy will be a reflection on the legislation i've carried. 300 bills signed into law by mostly republican governors in the state legislature. a number of bills here in congress that have changed the way we look at military service and the service members and their families making sure that service members are safe, that sexual assault in the military is dealt with in a fashion that allows people to come forward and the perpetrators are actually held accountable for
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their conduct. and making sure that we recognize that when the service member serves, so does his or her family. so we've got to be better at identifying mental stress, suicide prevention say key component of that, and making sure that we have adequate child care at military service bases as well. >> you've always been cognizant of the need for the military. thank you for your service. congressman jackie speier, and for joining us as well. >> and best of luck with everything. >> thanks, laura. thank you, marcus. good to be with you. >> good to see you. >> now we want to bring in scott mcgrew. you were listening there. what did you think the congressman had to say as well as she doesn't give a name about her replacement but a lot of people are starting to think, can i do this? >> a lot of people waking up saying, oh, this seat is going to be available a year from now. i think there were two interesting points she made.
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one obviously about the capitol attack and i'll get to that in a second. but the other that whoever she does endorse, she did mention she would like to see the next generation. remember, this is -- this endorsement from her, who should take over her seat will be such powerful weapon for the person who gets that endorsement. tom lantos who used to hold that seat endorsed her and she won the special election to replace him after he passed away in the 14th district. whoever it is who gets the endorsement will probably win because 80% of the vote in her district went to democrats. and that's what she was elected on. they haven't elected a republican representative there, i want to say, since the early '90s. now as for her announcement this morning, we have more video of that that she posted to twitter. 2:11, and laura's question about, what about the attack on the capitol and her experiences where she compares that to when she was attacked at the people's
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temple. >> the office holds the power, not me. as i leave, i want to convey my deepest appreciation to you and urge you to protect our precious democracy. it is fragile and vulnerable. >> that's as close as she came to criticizing the politics in the prerecorded speech. whether it's speier or any other member of congress in california, remember, want to redraw the district. speier went from the 12th district to the 14th with redistricting and we're going to lose one district and one member of congress with the next redistricting. not necessarily it's going to be speier. we don't know yet. but there's a lot of change ahead. and there will be a lot of politics ahead as well. >> as there always is. especially in the bay area. >> thanks, scott. you know what, parents of more than a dozen children who
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received vaccinations in the east bay, covid vaccinations, this is a vaccination clinic. they are raising some concerns this morning. >> according to health care providers, they received the wrong dosage for their pediatric dose of the covid vaccine. nbc bay area's cierra johnson joins us to break down what they are saying and what parents considering the vaccine for their children what they should keep in mind. >> yeah, good morning. it's a story we've been following all morning long. here is what we know from sutter health about that misdosage of the pediatric covid-19. we've learned that it's impacted about 14 patients who received covid vaccinations at the antioch pediatric pop-up clinic at sutter health. right now organizers are not saying whether they were given too much or too little of the element that dilutes that vaccine concentration, but the clinic says they have reviewed the process to prevent it from happening again. we had a chance to speak with
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uscf infectious disease expert who cert if it's the case where the children received more than the recommended amount, he says parents shouldn't be overly concerned, explaining during clinical trials, some children were actually given more than the recommended amount and they didn't show any ill effects. but in light of the recent dosage mishap we are hearing from parents of those children in that eligible age group on whether or not it will impact their decision to vaccinate. >> my 5-year-old is going to get vaccinated today. you know, obviously, have to be a little diligent and as a parent, it's good to be aware and do what you can to see that they are doing things right. but i'd rather my kid is safe and, obviously, having them get the vaccine is the most important thing for him. >> so he's getting his 5-year-old son vaccinated today. this comes right after that news. this situation was pretty isolated. just 14 children. but if you recall back in march, 6,000 individuals, 6,000 adults,
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older people, rather, at the coliseum vaccination site were given a little less than recommended by the cdc of that pfizer vaccine. so that 6,000 at one location, this again a smaller isolated situation, but sutter health has been reaching out to those families. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a new milestone here in california. 70% of all californians now at least partially vaccinated. that's according to data compiled by the l.a. times. the number jumps to 75% among those over the age of 5 and a little less than 10% of children 5 to 11 have received their dose. the elizabeth holmes trial, this is the criminal fraud trial, it's back under way inside a san jose courtroom this afternoon. prosecutors are aiming to wrap their case this week. i want to show you new video of holmes walking into the courthouse. things got heated on the witness
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stand yesterday. this is when the defense cross-examined an early investor who lost more than a million dollars. allen linesman actually talked about misleading information and elizabeth holmes not returning his calls. the defense then got him to admit that he recently contacted prosecution team outside of the courtroom, which is forbidden. he actually said he didn't think his communication had anything to do with the testimony but admitted the fbi did tell him not to contact prosecutors. you can follow reporting of the theranos trial online at just click on the elizabeth holmes trial coverage section. kyle rittenhouse's case now in the hands of the jury. what we know about the 12 people who will decide his fate. plus, development or disasterous movie? 125 acres of land the subject of a big vote in san jose today. we're tracking the back and forth as neighbors and commercial development go head-to-head.
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kyle rittenhouse fate now in the hands of the jury. they were randomly reduced from 18 to 12. rittenhouse himself chose who would decide his fate out of a tumbler today. rittenhouse is charged with killing two men and injuring a third after violence broke out in kenosha following the police shooting of jacob blake last summer. president biden on the road today selling his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. as the legislation includes billions for california as well. among the projects, $5 billion to update the power grade. this is to boost fire safety and prevent future shutoffs. $25 billion for highways and more than $4 billion for bridge replacement and repairs. vta says it includes funding to extend b.a.r.t. into silicon valley and caltrain will receive money for its electrification
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project. >> happening today, oakland leaders weighed two possible development deals for the site of the coliseum and arena. both deals involve memorandums of understanding, locking in an exclusive negotiating agreement to develop the site. council members each have potential deals in play with developers. regardless of which deal is approved, developers will have to work with the oakland a's to purchase alameda county's share of the land back in 2019. also today, a critical vote on plans to develop a large chunk of open space in the south bay. they'll weigh plans to add about 125 acres of warehouse space in coyote valley area south of san jose. >> it's a very slippery slope. as soon as you allow one particular development to move forward, there's no principal basis for drawing a line anywhere else. and you'll see the entire valley get developed. >> supporters say that they
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would like to see more jobs come to that area. and opponents are saying they need to preserve the land. as you heard from the mayor there, city leaders have to work on rezoning that space, including commercial industrial use. that meeting will take place this afternoon. we'll continue to follow it. and a follow-up this midday. two lake tahoe ski resorts have to wait a bit longer before they can reopen. warm weather forcing heavenly and north star to delay their opening dates. both hope to welcome those visitors back this friday thanks to the early snowfall but, of course, warmer weather now causing more snow melt. both resorts are hoping to have better news next week. all right. let's check in with kari. we'd love to see some snow, rain come to our area. but the chances are getting slim? >> we've seen some warmer weather coming in. people may have packed up the car yesterday and are unpacking today. like can't go skiing. and we're dealing with all of this tule fog we've seen moving
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into the bay area from the central valley. and storm ranger picking up on that. may be misting in some spots. clearing out around santa rosa. south of there, around novato and marin, seeing some of the fog into san francisco and all the way down the peninsula as well as the east bay. but as we look at the bigger picture, as far as the clouds higher up, quickly moving away. once that fog clears out we should get a nice sunny afternoon. but we've been waiting on that. and looking at our visibility at the ground. still pretty good. once again those clouds have lifted up. looking at walnut creek and it does so that we'll see mostly sunny sky going into the afternoon but right now we're at 55 degrees and that warm-up, it's going to happen fairly quickly as we're looking at temperatures headed for the mid to upper 60s. up to 67 in napa today. livermore reaching 66 degrees and 67 in palo alto. so as we look at this forecast overall, we are only looking at one slight chance of showers in the forecast.
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it comes in late thursday night into early friday morning. and a lot of the models were only showing that we could have maybe 0.1 inch of rain. not a lot of rain in the forecast considering we're looking at drier conditions for the weekend and those winds may be picking up and blowing offshore. so any of that moisture still left on the ground with vegetation may be drying out over the next several days. and then it's also going to be staying cool here. temperatures in the low 60s, even in the inland areas. for san francisco, expect low 60s but it does show a better chance of at least getting more measurable rain. once again late thursday into early friday morning and san francisco and areas to the north will see possibly up to 0.1 inch of rain but much less elsewhere. and the weekend is looking very nice with highs reaching into the low to mid-60s. it will be dry into the next several days and looking at this during our rainy season. not good news but hopefully down the line we'll get some better rain chances in here. but as of now, all we have are
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some spotty showers between thursday night and early friday morning. marcus and laura? >> we know you'll keep watching. thanks. thanksgiving just a little more than a week away. bay area food banks are working hard to make sure that everyone can actually give thanks around a traditional meal. >> we here at nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are kicking off the nourishing neighbors food drive at local safeway stars. kris sanchez shows us how far the food bank really stretches each dollar it receives. >> reporter: the volunteers here at second harvest of silicon valley are busier than ever. this food bank alone is serving almost double the number of people they were before the pandemic and the same is true for food banks all around the bay area. the need has simply exploded. prepandemic, serving about 250,000 a month. right now serving about 450,000 people every month. that's 80% more.
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you'd think that maybe we would have seen that number decrease since maybe the economy is getting better, but, really, the need is still very high. >> but with your help, they can work miracles. covid protocol makes it impractical to accept food donations but look at second harvest can do with the money you donate. they can turn each dollar into two meals and in 2020, you donated $3 million through our nourishing neighbors drive. that's 6 million meals total and 12 million pounds of food each month. this year the need is even greater. >> we have to raise $81 million this year to support the 450,000 clients we're serving every month. that's a big list and about half of it is done during the holiday season. >> when you go to your local safeway, donating is simple easy. there's a tear sheet at the cash register to make a $10 donation. for about the price of two pumpkin spice law tays you can provide 20 meals for our families not just for the
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holidays but for the months to come. kris sanchez. >> the need is so great here in the bay area. yesterday i came upon a woman who was homeless but she recognized me and she had watched our newscast and she's like, laura, laura. it just shows you they are our neighbors. it was someone who had a home last year and is now homeless and needs a hot meal. i think it's very interesting that, you know, think about it. at some point she was able to sit somewhere, live somewhere and watch. >> so she really touched me. i wrote about it yesterday on facebook. just shows a difference of what these food drives can be to so many people. and that's why we're so excited here at nbc bay area to be able to help out. >> one person can do a lot. laura and i will help kick off the month-long drive this saturday at the rivermark safeway in santa clara. we'll be there with bay area and
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telemund's 48 colleagues at 7:00 in the morning. come by, say hello and help out a neighbor. >> exactly. coming up -- he's a sports legend. the place in south bay history one 49ers coach is expected to receive tonight. an investigation now under way in uganda's capital after two explosions killed at least three civilians in what police describe as a coordinated attack by extremists. those explosions occurred within three minutes of each other. three suicide bombers also died in the blast. ugandan officials have now been urging vigilance in the wake of the recent bombings. the allied democratic forces and affiliated of the islamic state group in central africa have claimed responsibility for some of them. we'll be right back.
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a super bowl-winning 49ers coach among the four people being inducted to the san jose sports hall of fame. george siefer coached stanford before moving on to the niners. he'll be joined by nfl wide receiver james jones. also olympic swimming gold medalist summer sanders who went on to stanford and mercury news columnist mark purdy. big congratulations to them all. it was week two of "the
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voice" live rounds. these contestants did not come to play. >> stealing the show was team ariana's father/son duo with elton john's hit song "your song." ♪ hope you don't mind that i put down in words ♪ ♪ how wonderful life is ♪ >> sasha in the pink is the first trans person to make it to the -- this round. this is past the battle round. we want to wish him and his father good luck tonight. you can help keep your favorite team, your favorite contestant on the show. live rounds continue tonight right here on nbc bay area. a winning moment. our investigative unit is diving deep into a major problem we all know about. during the pandemic, car break-ins hit record lows. they're skyrocketing especially in tourist spots. tonight at 11:00 our team asking
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city leaders about the surge in the smash and grabs and why the city has more than three times the incidents reported in los angeles. >> thank you for joining us. next newscast at 5:00 p. see us at we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," we're taking you to a place that is out of this world. and we spotted an alien in oakland. then, kim is introducing us to an inspiring mom on a mission. >> my heart is full of kindness and courage. >> today we are celebrating mindful riddles affirmation cards. best gift ever. >> plus aloha from santa monica. a taste of the islands without ever leaving l.a. cheers. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."


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