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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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nation playing out locally? a new message this morning from bay area local experts. and then one neighborhood's unusual connection to the break-in surge and how some are trying to help. >> we will break down if the latest efforts to cut gas prices are working. this is "today in the bay." okay, reduced gas prices, that would be a good thing. >> the relief is riding your bike. >> i don't know how relief that would be at 5:00. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's start with a live look outside in san josé. a beautiful start to our morning. kari has a look at the rest of the day? >> we will start out with clouds in spots. you may head out the door and head to the car and it's a little wet because there were spotty sprinkles moving through and that's about it. this system is pushing to the
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south as we are seeing it clear. as you are heading out the door in martinez, temperatures in the low 50s. we will see the temperatures in the upper 50s late morning into the afternoon. early clouds and then afternoon sunshine and a nice day ahead. we'll talk more about what you can expect where you live going into the next few days. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thank you so much, kari. there's a new milestone in california. 70% now at least partially vaccinated, according to data compiled by the "los angeles times." the number jumps to 75% to those over five years old. some bay area health experts right now are trying to down play concerns about a covid winter surge locally. no doubt it's happening in parts of the country ahead of
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thanksgiving weekend. nationwide covid cases are rising in more than 20 states. more than 1,000 people are dying every day. this is all in the holiday travel season about to start. despite the alarming trend, local health confident the bay area is still headed in the right direction. >> i really don't see a lot of evidence for the start of a winter surge here. it may come later or may not come at all or it may be a elevated baseline that we have been following. >> some of the reason for hope is linked to california's recent booster shot rollout. ours is one of three states along with new york city offering boosters to all adults. the fda is still debating authorization. and biden will hit the road one day after signing the bill to improve the nation's infrastructure. today in the bay's chris chmura live for us in washington. chris, this is an opportunity for the president to build support for the next part of his
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agenda? >> it certainly is, marcus. good morning to you. the president is taking advantage of that. he will be in new hampshire today and heading to detroit tomorrow selling the top accomplishment of his administration so far. >> good morning to you, mr. president in beijing. >> president biden ending one of the most successful days of his presidency meeting with china's president. he confronted president xi on human rights and fair trade. >> all the countries have to play by the same rules of the road. >> it happened hours after biden's biggest accomplishment, signing into law a bill that will spend 1 point $2 trillion that will replace dangerous lead pipes and expanded broadband in rural areas. >> my message to the american
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people is this. america is moving again and your life is going to change for the better. >> the president hoping to harness momentum from this bipartisan success to pass another bill that will help families. >> it's about giving people more opportunities, about providing universal child care, pre-k and so much more. >> republicans warning more spending now will cause higher prices for everybody. >> speaker nancy pelosi said she hopes to hold a vote on the build back better act by the end of this week. she also vows to keep house members in session and not allow
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them to leave for thanksgiving break until they vote for that bill, marcus. >> we'll see how that works out. chris from washington this morning, thank you, chris. among the projects, $5 billion to boost fire safety and prevent future shut offs, and more than $4 billion for bridge replacement and repairs. it includes funding to extend bart into silicon valley, and cal train will receive the money for the electrification project. bart will use the money for track and car replacements. we're keeping close tabs on the story you are probably following as well, especially if you drive for that commute. the near-record bay area gas prices. this is some of the gas prices we found in milpitas. americans are spending more every day than they were for gas
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than this time last year. >> the high price of gas may force the government to tap into the oil reserves. but it probably won't lower the cost in time for the holiday travels. >> reporter: here in california, that's a reality. almost $6 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas, and all of this has to do with supply and demand. it hurts a lot when you couple that with rising food prices and inflation. lawmakers calling on president biden to tap the strategic petroleum reserve, but it all depends on global supply. >> it's hard to catch back up and it's going to take time. unfortunately we may not see sizeable relief in the price of oil until 2022, and by them opec's increases will have went
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to half a million barrels a day. >> on the "today" show, we will show you what you can expect as you plan your holiday budget driving, guys. >> thank you. walnut creek counsel members will create a new buffer zone around planned parent hood offices. from the start of 2020, walnut creek police responded to more than 3 dozen calls there and made four arrests, and it included blocking sidewalks and intimidating patients. pleasanton leaders plan to discuss the role of resource officers. the program started back in 2002. two officers are employed, and the program has been under more scrutiny since the murder of george floyd.
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the survey earlier this year found a majority of parents, students and staff there support the program. new details this morning on the surge in the smash and grab robberies in san francisco. people in one neighborhood are helping the victims retrieve belongings. believe it or not, the richmond district, it's a popular dumping spot for those items discarded by thieves. they say the tourists are commonly the targets here. >> these people come to our city, our neighborhoods on their vacation and this is how we treat them. so this is the least we can do as neighbors. >> yesterday we were telling about the visitors from kentucky and tennessee who were targeted by the thieves over the weekend at lands inn. among the stolen items, the army
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backpack. neighbors helped return that bag. our investigative unit is diving into the problem. car break-ins, they are skyrocketing in san francisco's tourists spots. tonight at 11:00, our team is asking city leaders about the surge in smash and grabs and why the city has now more than three times as many as los angeles. two lake tahoe ski resorts will have to wait to open. warmer weather is now causing more snow-melt. both results are hoping to have better news next week. just yet we said, hey, they're opening, and now they are not. >> we will keep waiting. this is walnut creek this morning. not as foggy as yesterday. you can see a little bit better out there this morning.
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meteorologist, kari hall, has been monitoring that, and kari, it's looking better when it comes to the fog this morning. >> yeah, it's still bad in parts of the north bay where the sky is clearing and we are seeing the fog settle in. visibility down to half a mile or less depending on where you are, and we are seeing it clearing in some spots that had fog yesterday. take a look at our fremont camera, and we will see clouds over the next few hours. temperatures in the mid-50s, and a slow warm-up today. overall it's going to be a nice afternoon as we look at our temperatures headed for the mid and upper 60s. we will see cooler weather in like this for the next few days. from emeryville we can see the span itself here. noticing over on the san francisco side from time to time in the last few minutes, i have not been able to see the flashing lights at the top of the towers, and we are watching for fog to develop, and yesterday it got really thick by
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6:00, and right now it's novato and north where kari's readings have been showing that. same thing, portions in contra costa county, but so far speed sensors still in the green. back to you. >> thanks, mike. one of the hottest holiday gifts could be delayed. we will tell you why you may have to put your plans for that i-13 on hold, unless you order sooner than later. >> suddenly, hope again, live for the 49er faithful. the huge bounceback for the 49ers that have the team and fans believing again. if you like football, you can buy stock in one of them. stick around and find out about that. >> forget the pumpkin pie, the all-new dessert is from one of your candies. a new audit tied to a
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and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at happy tuesday. it is right now 5:14. as you are heading out in san josé, not a lot of fog downtown. you can see the fog over the foothills. it is going to be drifting around as we start out our day. temperatures in the mid-50s
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right now but slow to warm up. we will see more sunshine this afternoon. we'll talk more about all of the changes and when we could see rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. looking at the future but worried about the present. no worries for palo alto. we did see flashing lights in the last few minutes. probably just the crew moving around. we'll talk about that, coming up. a lot of companies are telling us about business is going, businesses like home depot and business is good. walmart also reporting better sales than expected. a little money came off the money on the stock markets. futures calling for a lift on the open. tesla shares fell again on monday as elon musk filed paperwork showing he sold more stock. more than 7 million shares in the last week or so. this most recent sale was of existing stock, which means he's
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going to be taxed hard, billions and billions, which is welcome news to those that say we should tax the rich. it does have our colleagues over at cnbc scratching their heads. from a financial view, it doesn't make sense. and then looking for a new ceo after the current one quit at splunk. president biden should announce pretty soon who we wants to lead the fed soon. powell's biggest competitor for the job, brainard, has the same idea. the green bay packers are offering stock for the fourth time in the history. while you can own a piece of the team, it's not stock in the way
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we think of stock. you don't get a dividend. you don't get a vote. you can't sell it without the packer's permission, and you can't sell it for more than you bought it for. so for $300, mostly a piece of paper. shares go on sale at 6:00 a.m. today. marcus and laura, what is happening here is the packers are using a word differently than the rest of us use the same word, different meaning. is it to mislead? no, but they had to clarify their statement for us a little bit. >> i think for fans they get a little piece of it and get that ownership, you know. >> yeah, to go on the wall. >> yeah. if you ordered an apple iphone 13, it's harder to get at the iphone 12 this time last year. delivery times are reaching ten days for a 13 pro or pro max,
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the wait is nearly a month. apple does not expect the supply to catch up with demand until february. if you do not get one of these, it's already too late. i saw it online. this is a thanksgiving pie from reese's. this is the latest reese's peanut butter -- no, the largest they have had, ever. it adds up to more than three pounds of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. >> you need to weigh before and weigh after. pie season is upon us. >> yeah, it is. sweet potato pie, which i will make one. apple pie, but i don't know how to make that. you know how to make one? >> yeah, sure. >> i know how to make a pie --
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disappear. >> you know with the reese's pie, couldn't you get a bunch of reese's and stack them up. >> let's do that and compare. >> they are sold out, so if you are trying to make one of your own, yeah. we are seeing changes here as yesterday it was so foggy at this time. we had all the clouds up above and that keeps the fog from developing at the ground, so with the system sweeping through now we are starting to see the sky clearing once again and the north bay, and that fog is settling right back in. maybe a little later than yesterday, but it does look like we will see fog through the next several hours. then looking at the overall picture, this is actually a part of the atmospheric river over the pacific northwest and by the time it gets here it's barely anything. now we are looking at low visibility down to a quarter of
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a mile, and napa, visibility at about a mile. for most of the east bay, we are seeing some low patches of fog but it's not too bad as you are heading out for work. we start out with patchy fog for the east bay. if you are planning to head out for a hike we are looking at temperatures in the low 60s, but there will be more sunshine in the mix today. overall, really nice. in the south bay, we're headed for 68 degrees in cupertino, and slightly cooler in some of the spots where we have seen some of the clouds rolling by this morning, the cold front sweeping by. looking at 64 in san mateo, and san francisco, we have upper 60s from the marina district to the outer sunset. for the north bay expect highs up to about 67 in napa and claire lake reaching 66 degrees. we are all clear for the next day or so and there will be another system quickly moving through and looks to bring us only spotty and light showers,
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and it could dry out the ve even more. we are reach into what should be the peak of our rainy season, although we had a lot of rain to start it out in october, it has not been too much. some of the next few months is when we normally see the most amount of rain and we're still at a surplus right now but that did not do a lot for the overall drought picture. with the water year starting in october, we are still at about a 10-inch rainfall surplus for the north bay, and it's dry for the next few days except for the light rain we are expecting thursday night and friday morning. mike, you are expecting a lighter traffic flow? >> yeah, as we are talking about, thanksgiving is next week, and folks get across town for their errands and what not. the fog this morning will be a
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factor much like yesterday, developing and continuing to build. 680 could be a problem for that corridor. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. a lot of fog through tracy, and for vasco and on 580 in dublin, no problems for visibility. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> the host only let's her stay three days after she booked a week in paradise. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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thanks for sticking around. it's 5:25 this morning. "nbc bay area responds" to a woman whose vacation was ended early. >> when she got to hawaii, the host only had her staying there for three nights. she says the host stopped communicating so she checked out after three nights and stayed elsewhere at her own expense. airbnb gave her a refund to cover the four remaining nights, but that did not add up because the original was $431 a owed m
5:26 am
$1,000 and she could not get airbnb to budge. we stepped in and they sent her an additional 1,143 bucks, the full amount of what she was owed. airbnb said it removed the host. speaking of shady hosts, one of the rules for cameras and videos and how to find hidden cameras. we have that on our youtube page and just look for the list. after the 49 faithful, after the big win nobody saw coming.
5:27 am
they dominated the l.a. rams. they went 93 yards and evened with a jimmy g pass. 31-10, the 49ers won. >> i watched it last night with my mom on the phone. >> you were cheering. >> yeah, she was going for the 49ers. she said, yeah, i know somebody that lives in that area. the top stories we are following today includes out of reach, all new for you this morning, why more experts now believe herd immunity will never happen and covid is here to stay. and reducing police presence.
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right now at 5:30, some children given an incorrect dose of the covid vaccine. the new response from health providers on the mix up and if parents should be concerned. we have answers ahead in the live reports. shattered glass and missing jewelry. a late night smash and grab robbery that caused a stir at one bay area mall. a proposed development taking center stage. will san josé leaders approve it. a critical decision on a plan some farmers call unfair. this is "today in the bay."
5:31 am
good tuesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. time to look at the forecast and get started with the day. meteorologist, kari hall, looking at that. looks like fog is here for the morning? >> yeah, especially in the north bay, visibility down to quarter of a mile. santa rosa, half a mile there. we have seen light fog in parts of the east bay. it's not as dense as yesterday but may redevelop over the next couple of hours, especially in pleasant hill. as you are heading to work around 6:00 to 7:00, temperatures in the low 60s. we will see a slow warm-up but there will be sunshine. hiking day forecast, nice to be outside, anywhere around the bay area pretty much the same temperatures and low to mid-60s this afternoon, and we could see some changes, and that's coming up in a few minutes.
5:32 am
police are investigating a bold smash and grab at iceberg diamonds in concord's sun valley mall. a group of about ten people rushed into that store smashing glass cases and took off with an undetermined amount of jewelry. police are investigating. the holmes' trial, the defense cross examined an early investor that lost more than $1 million. he actually talked about misleading information and the defendant, holmes, not returning his calls. the defense got him to admit he contacted the prosecution team outside of the courtroom, which is forbidden.
5:33 am
he admitted the fbi told him not to contact prosecutors. you can follow the trial by going to and clicking elizabeth holmes trial. and then parents were told their children received the wrong dosage of the covid vaccine. >> and cierra johnson is live with what parents need to know. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. i can imagine the parents were pretty concerned to learn their child received the wrong dosage of the pediatric vaccine at one of the pop-up clinics, and we are giving you more information on what you need to know if you are one of the impacted families. we learned the formula issue impacted about 14 families. 14 pediatric patients received the covid vaccine at the antioch
5:34 am
sutter pop-up vaccine site, and the clinic says they reviewed the process to make sure it doesn't happen again. nbc bay area reached out to an infectious expert for insight into the impact on the vaccine itself if some of the components are incorrect. take a listen. >> if vaccines get drawn up for kids or adults, et cetera, you get it in a concentrated form, just like concentrated orange juice, for example, and then you dilute the concentrate and draw it in the syringe. >> reporter: that expert said if the case is that the children received more than the recommended vaccine, he said parents should not be concerned because some children were given
5:35 am
the incorrect amount and showed no ill affects. if you recall back in march there at the coliseum, as many as 6,000 individuals were given less than what was recommended for the pfizer vaccine, so this, of course, is a story we will continue to follow as it impacts a little more than a dozen children receiving a different dose of the vaccine. covid is here to stay and herd immunity may never happen is what some experts are saying. a pandemic to an endemic, like other covid illnesses. >> i honestly think the delta variant changed everything.
5:36 am
it's so much more infectious and looks like it's a little more severe and it slidely evaded our vaccine. >> experts believe the key to beating covid starts with vaccinations and also includes following simple steps like wearing masks in high-risk situations. most bay area counties using pepper spray in detention centers for minors is banned. child advocates argue it's excessive, and in a hearing later this morning they plan to ask alameda supervisors to ban it there. the idea is to limit the response from uniformed officers in situations that do not pose immediate safety threats. san francisco and oakland are among the cities that already
5:37 am
launched similar programs. and then san josé city council members will weigh plans to add about 125 acres of warehouse space in the coyote area of south san josé, along santa teresa boulevard. not everybody is onboard with that, and that includes the mayor. >> it is a very slippery slope. as soon as you allow one particular development to move forward, there's no principle basis for drawing a line anywhere else, and you will see the entire valley get developed. >> city leaders will have to weigh rezoning that space to include industrial use. that meeting takes place this afternoon. time to take a live look this morning over san francisco. right now you can look at the bay bridge this morning as we get started with our day. you see the fog still sticking around this morning.
5:38 am
meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at what we can expect throughout the bay area this morning. how is it looking out there, kari? >> yeah, we have fog and we are seeing it mainly in the north bay as the sky is clearing and the system pushing to the south and in vallejo, still cloudy. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today and temperatures reaching up into the mid-60s. we will see dense fog in the north bay, but the rest of the day is looking pleasant with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. mike, you are counting the lights on the bridge? >> yeah, i am counting these lights, kari. the top of the towers usually have the blinking red lights, but we can't see them. it's not a problem for visibility across the span. as kari said, the north bay in towards santa rosa, more limited
5:39 am
visibility and an issue for those coming out of tracy and perhaps folks from discovery bay. vasco moving smoothly. so is 580 through the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:39 right now. oakland leaders ready to play ball when it comes to developing the coliseum sports complex. coming up, a vote today that could green light the major overall and competing proposals on the law. we'll tell you about the new signature on the bill that we had been waiting on for so long. and then filling the warehouses of the food banks around the bay area. we'll tell you how much greater the need is, even now, and what you can do with the price of about two lattes.
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right now at 5:42, we have really dense fog once again back in the north bay where visibility is down to quarter mile or less. elsewhere we have seen not so much in the way of dense fog, but we are going to see more sunshine in the afternoon forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up. more traffic over at the bay bridge was the metering lights have been on less than ten minutes, and the lanes backing
5:43 am
up here. we will show you how it's developing for folks heading to this area, coming up. >> thank you so much, kari and mike. one major piece of legislation down, one more to go. >> president biden signed the infrastructure bill and now he has to convince congress to move to the build back better. >> he's having a tough time in congress getting it done. it could get tougher. we'll talk more about that in a second, but first after months and months and months of effort the president signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. it's not as much money as he hoped, half as much, but it's a bill that turned into law and bridges will get fixed because of it, and people will get clean water and access to the internet. remember, this is how it used to be, two parties came out and worked out their differences and
5:44 am
it's not everything one party wanted or the other party wanted, but it's progress. here in the corner is rob portman. it's okay to show up at the white house to support a bill you voted for, regardless who you supported as president. >> despite the cynics, republicans and democrats can come together and deliver results. we can do this, we can deliver results for real people. we see in ways that really matter, each and every day for each person out there, and we are taking a monumental step forward to build back better as a nation. >> partisanship, not bipartisanship seems to be carrying the day in wyoming.
5:45 am
the wyoming republican party voted to no longer recognize cheney as a republican. to her party she's not a republican. the next task for the biden administration convincing his own party to pass build back better. that just got way more complicated. democrats said they would pay for it by strengthening the irs to collect taxes, and the congressional budget office will look into this as it scores the bill on friday and tells us whether the math adds up, but the early indication says it doesn't and that could give moderates cover to vote against it. follow me on twitter or
5:46 am
facebook, and i don't mention facebook that often, but i'm on facebook at scott mcgrew tv. and then locking in an agreement to develop one coliseum site. there's potential deals in play with developers. developers will have to work with the oakland a's who purchased that land back in 2019. thanksgiving is over one week away and bay area food banks are working hard to make sure everybody can give thanks around the traditional meal. >> yeah, such a treat. we at nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are kicking off a food drive at local safeway scores. kris sanchez is live at a food bank in san josé. they manage to stretch every
5:47 am
dollar they receive. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. you can see the warehouse looks busy and packed behind me but there's so much more to be done ahead. we have katherine here from second harvest from silicon valley. tell us about the need. >> the need exploded since the start of the pandemic. 1 in 4 people needed our support, and we are serving 450,000 people every month. >> reporter: that's more than prepandemic? >> yeah, 80% more than free pandemic. what we have seen is that it spiked right after shelter in place and it has not gone down, and our clients still need a lot of help. >> we have had a lot of our seniors and kids at home a lot more, so they were not necessarily getting fed at school, so that plays a factor, too? >> absolutely. a lot of seniors did not feel
5:48 am
safe coming out so we started a program to deliver groceries to their homes which our volunteers are still busy doing. >> reporter: a lot of times volunteers want to drop off a ham or turkey but it's difficult to do that right now? >> yeah, we are renting a fourth warehouse to meet the need. we are distributing 12 million pounds of food every month, and so everybody can donate, and 95% of the contributions goes to the clients. we can scratch the dollars pretty far. >> we get our produce for free. all we have to do is pick it up. it's a great savings. really, donating to your local food bank is the best way to go and that can be done on the website easily. >> reporter: last year, you helped us with $3 million in our
5:49 am
nourishing neighbors drive, and that's 6 million meals. they can taking a $1 donation and turn it into three meals. make a donation with just $10 at your safeway supermarket. rip off the tear sheet and they can take that and turn it into so much more. go to to find out more information. >> it's so easy to do that, too. >> yeah, and you see how far those dollars go. good illustration there. thanks, kris. laura and i will kick off the month-long drive in santa clara at safeway, and we will be there with some of our colleagues starting at 7:00 in the morning. >> get up early! >> if you stop by and say hello, make sure you donate as well. >> that's actually sleeping in time, so come on down. >> no problem. trending for you this
5:50 am
morning, a marvel superhero movie special to san francisco. a muni bus even makes an appearance. take a look. "shang-chi." >> action thriller. it's out of control, and one muni driver going viral for his critique of that scene. he's offering a play by play of fiction versus reality. he points out some geographic differences, and the fact that the fictional driver was not wearing a seat belt. he's, like, hey, get it right. >> it's all fun, though. i remember when they were
5:51 am
filming that. >> yeah, we were watching that, and the action sequence was, oh, that's a good kick, and i chimed in, how long until the broadway tunnel? >> for those that don't know. we know somebody that knows a lot about the forecast today. meteorologist, kari hall, she's been tracking the weather this morning. >> it's looking foggy for some of us heading out. look at the visibility some of us have to deal with in the north bay. a dense fog advisory there. for the north bay, we have seen it in patches but this is what we call the tule fog, and usually after the rainfall and the water soaks in and we have a calm wind and the visibility drops to 600 feet or less. in that bay area that fog drifts from the central valley and makes it into the south county,
5:52 am
and it's light fog right now and it could be patchy fog moving through the tri-valley as well as the bay. we are seeing some of the fog once again this morning with our temperatures headed for the upper 60s, and it will clear out later for today. it will be a little nicer than yesterday. danville headed up towards 68 degrees. 64 in san mateo. in the outer sunset, 65 degrees. it's clearing out today. there's another storm system heading our way, and this one looks weak and may bring in a few spotty sprinkles, but we have dry weather this weekend that may dry up a lot of the vegetation, even more with the lack of rainfall we have seen recently. looking at our temperatures it does stay cool throughout the week and for the weekend more sunshine, highs mid to upper 60s. in san francisco, more jacket weather and more clouds especially by the end of the week. mike, you are seeing the
5:53 am
commute starting to build? >> yeah, more cars at the bay bridge toll plaza sz where things are packing in now. highway 4, just in the last few minutes, the fog in the north bay has not presented a problem but it's there and will be a factor for highway 101 especially in the north bay and also for tracy come into the altamont pass. we talked about the volume around vasco, and it will ease starting wednesday through thanksgiving, but this morning it's here. uc schools prepping for disruption. 6,000 lecturers working without a contract and accuses uc in acting in bad practices.
5:54 am
3g service going away? it's not just an issue for cell phones, but the impact it will have on things from medical devices to car assistance programs. we'll talk more about that. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:56 am
the time is 5:56. we will come back.
5:57 am
you're watching "today in the bay." world leaders and scientists are back home after gathering for the climate summit in glasgow. one of the biggest deals was the global methane production pledge where 100 countries agreed to cut emissions by 30% by 2030. one doctor talked about what we could expect from those commitments. >> americans can help production for electric vehicles, and we would expect fossil fuel vehicles to phase out, and we expect improved conditions for transportation in minority and low-income communities and have been disproportionately hit by adverse exposure. >> go to and click on the climate in crisis
5:58 am
tab for more about this. for americans that still rely on a 3g phone, so more 3g devices will stop working. more than 1 million of its customers could lose service, and it's pressuring t-mobile to extend service. some medical alert devices for seniors will stop transmitting as well as some roadside assistance systems in older models from toyota. thanksgiving is next week, of course, right? many people are bracing for the shortages due to ongoing supply chains. >> according to the u.s. department of agriculture, oceanspray is being affected by
5:59 am
supply chain shortages which could impact the availability and costs of cranberry sauce. there's an 80,000 additional drivers needed. >> we could see it coming prior to the pandemic and now it's been exacerbated. every other mode of transportation has a role in making trucking efficient. they have to make us be able to load and unload quickly, and how to keep the drivers productive and the company's profitable. we just need to find young people and another generation to get behind the wheel. >> watch the full story at 11-5, xfinity channel 185 or to find out more about how the supply chain crisis will affect
6:00 am
you, head to our website and fill out a survey about how it will affect you. is what is going on around the nation playing out locally? the new measures this morning and the message from bay area health experts and what you need to know if you are planning to travel. car break-ins surging in san francisco. one neighborhood's unusual connection to the increase and how people there are trying to help. paying at the pump. there could be relief in sight for us. we are breaking down if the latest efforts to cut gas prices are working. this is "today in the bay." >> oh, let the efforts work. let them


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