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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thatan lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. right now at 4:30, some kids given an incorrect dose of the vaccine. should parents be concerned? we have answers. the late night smash and grab robbery that caused a stir at a bay area mall. plus -- >> it's a very slippery slope. >> it is also a sprawling space of open land in the south bay, and the reason some farmers say transforming the land is unfair. this is "today in the bay."
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very good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are going to get a look at the commute with mike in just a bit. kari, hopefully your blue is a sign of blue skies today. >> we will hopefully see that later on today. if you walk out and your car is wet that's because we did have spotty light sprinkles moving through, and not enough to water the lawn. we are seeing the clouds pushing south of san francisco, all part of a bigger storm system and we'll continue to move away today and give us those clear blue skies later this afternoon. first we have to make it through the fog and that's what we are seeing, especially in the north bay, since the skies are clearing we are going to see more of the humidity settling in and giving us dense fog so watch for that on your way out the door. we'll talk more about that coming up i mike, looking at the
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same drive situation as yesterday. >> yeah, because i look at your notes. right now it's clear seeing across the span, and you notice the tag. the index showing you down to san rafael and novato will be a factor. the earlier crash cleared from over near novato, and be careful through the area despite that no real slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a scary scenario for parents. more than a dozen kids got their vaccine in a pop-up clinic over the weekend. >> cheryl hurd has more from antioch. >> it was a mistake that had to be addressed. more than a dozen kids receiving the wrong dose of the covid
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vaccine at a pop-up clinic at sutter health in antioch. pediatrician released a statement saying this weekend 14 patients at our antioch pediatric vaccine clinic received vaccines with a different amount. >> as vaccines get drawn up for kids or adults, et cetera, you get it in a concentrated form, just like concentrated orange juice, for example, and then you dilute the concentrate. >> the statement says they immediately reviewed the processes to make sure this doesn't happen again. the doctor further explains what
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can happen if you don't dilute the vaccine enough. >> you will get something more concentrated in the same volume of syringe and that's probably what happened. >> according to the cdc, patients receive the incorrect amount of vaccine could have side effects like a sore arm. more than 6,000 received less than what was recommended for the pfizer vaccine earlier in the year. during the kreupb khrul trials children were given more than the recommended dosage and showed no ill affects. >> one theory now becoming more and more accepted by the medical profession is that covid is here to stay and herd immunity may
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never happen. also, health leaders say more potent variants are making covid harder to eliminate. >> the delta variant changed everything, because it's so much more infectious and looks more severe and it slightly evaded our vaccine. >> experts believe the key to beating covid starts with vaccinations and wearing masks. look at your video right now to see the aftermath. nine people rushed into the store smashing the glass case holding all of the energy. the robbers got away with whatever they could grab. no word on any arrests so far.
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>> in most bay area counties, using pepper spray in detention centers is banned, but not in alameda county. trial advocates plan to give arguments on banning its use there. opponents argue it's excessive. there's an idea to limit response from uniformed officers. san francisco and oakland are among the cities that have already launched similar praplgz. prosecutors in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial plan to wrap up the case today. the defense cross examined an earlier investor that lost more than $1 million. allen eyes amen talked about
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holmes not returning his calls. he said that he did not think that his communication had anything to do with his testimony but admitted the fbi did tell him not to contact prosecutors. follow our reporting on the theranos trial on when you click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. and then developing a large chunk of space in the bay area in the coyote valley area in south san josé. supporters say the commercial development could mean 5,500 new jobs, and not everybody is onboard. >> it's a slippery slope, as you allow one particular development to move forward there's no principle basis for drawing a line anywhere else and you will
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see the entire valley get developed. >> the meeting takes place this afternoon. 4:37 this morning. want to take a live look outside over san francisco. looking at the golden gate bridge this morning. the fog is still lingering this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, has been checking that out for us. yesterday the fog was all-around. i saw it pretty much throughout the day. will we see the same today? >> we will see the fog developing. what is happening now is we see fog overhead and it's keeping the clouds from developing across the area. here's a live look outside at walnut creek with our temperatures in the low 50s. we will see that fog around 6:00, and clearing out quickly we will see more sunshine this afternoon. take a look at our temperatures for later today. we still can enjoy time outside, windows open and fresh air coming in and temperatures in the upper 60s, but we will see
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more weather like this go into the end of the week. we'll talking about when we could possibly see more rain coming up. looking at the peninsula, the south bay, all over the bay green sensors show speeds are great, except for right by the "t" in fremont here. we have not seen that for over a month, i think. we're looking at 680 and mission boulevard as your alternate to or from that area. locals know about that. and then there could be a closure for 84 to 680 for hours past the commute, and the fog is the issue, as kari said, like yesterday. coming up next on "today in the bay," if you are expecting a brand new iphone for christmas, you could be waiting. time for action.
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the time is 4:42. as you are head out in vallejo, we will get more sunshine as we get into today. let's check in with silvanna. >> good morning. wall street is set to open slightly lower after stocks ended the day with a little change yesterday. the dow was up nearly 140 points and closed down at 13. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are coming off their first negative week in the past six. in focus today reports on retail sales, import prices and industrial production plus earnings from home depot and
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walmart. the iphone 13 went online weeks ago, and it's still hard to get. if you want a 13 pro or pro max, you may have to wait almost a month. jpmorgan said supply is not expected to catch up with demand until february. a week-long sale starts early sunday morning and ends on saturday, november 27th. target stores are closed for a second straight year on thanksgiving day,
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>> thanks, silvanna. 4:44 for you this morning. the end of the line for millions of devices. the companies set to end 3g service, and the impact it will have to not just cell phones but on medical devices. more sunshine for the afternoon as the system moves to the south. we will take a look at our forecast and also our climate in crisis, coming up. of course, always following the traffic here, the taillights are going west across the peninsula. we'll talk about how your drive is shaping up, coming up.
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tuesday morning, here we go. it's going to be a terrific day. we're going to claim it, oh, yes. taking a live look in san josé where it's looking cheerful for you. >> yes, waiting for the sun to rise. >> downtown san josé, folks are probably just heading back after a nice night out -- no, i don't know. >> the 49ers won. >> we're looking at smooth and slow traffic at the bay bridge. look right here. see these. we talked about the numbers and that's the speed number and not a lane number. remember, these are plastic,
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they don't stop anybody if you hit them but i would not drive through them for the heck of it. the bay bridge has a smooth drive. a little fog still registering -- potentially a lot of fog registering in the area. here, we don't have as much fog coming across the antioch bridge. still so far no problems from chp. kari, no major problems? i guess that's to develop over the day, right? >> yeah, once you get over the altamont it clears up. for the north bay we have had the dense fog problems, right now down to quarter of a mile. be careful on your way to work. in oakland, we will start off with clouds and temperatures in the low 50s. much more sunshine today as we will see our highs reaching into
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the upper 60s, reaching 67 in los gatos, east san josé up to a high of 69 degrees. more of the same for morgan hill and gilroy. for the east bay we are seeing mid to upper 60s. danville headed towards 68 degrees. 64 in san mateo. for san francisco we have upper 50s in the marina district to the outer sunset. north bay highs reaching up in the 60s for santa rosa and ukiah. that's where the sun will clear more quickly, and then another chance of showers thursday into friday morning. for the weekend it's looking dry and with a gusty wind that could be blowing offshore. we will watch that for the weekend. as we get a look at our estimated rainfall, it brings us about0.1 of an inch of rain, so not a major chance of rain. looking at the highs, we're staying cool with low 60s over the next few days. into the weekend looks nice for
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outdoor hiking or whatever you have planned, or maybe getting an early start on the shopping, and we will see the spotty showers in the forecast for san francisco, mainly during the morning, but the rest of the forecast, once again, it's dry and we are looking at 0.1 of an inch of rain or less. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, the cup 26 is just wrapping up, the scientists and world leaders are back home after meeting in glasgow. one of the biggest deals was the global methane reduction pledge, and most countries committed to cutting it by 30%. >> we would expect fossil fuel
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vehicles to start phasing out, and more investments for climate improved conditions for transportation, and -- >> for more information, go to and click on the climate in crisis tab. >> kari, thank you. 4:52 this morning. new, an alert for millions of americans that still rely on the 3g phone service. the older networks are powering down, and this means more and more 3g devices will stop working. boost mobile says more than 1 million of the customers don't have service because they are forcing t-mobile to extend they're service.
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if you rely on the older system, you should check in with the manufacturer to make sure it's not going to be disconnected. coming up next on "today in the bay," a rescue caught on camera. the way a jogger jumped into action to save the lives of a family pet. the uc college, lecturers looking for a strike. they are looking at paid family leave and layoffs. in a statement to the paper, the group's claims are unsupported by facts. strikes could happen at every uc
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good morning to you. one of the bay area's longest tenured executives got quite the honor. one of hockey's good guys is inshrined in the hall of game. yesterday doug wilson was inducted into the hockey hall of fame in toronto. he ended his career with the sharks. >> nice to see. >> absolutely. a family in santa cruz family lost everything in a fire. >> the family was not home but
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their pets were trapped inside. a nearby jogger warned the family with a ring camera and called 911. they let him inside and he rushed into the burning home to save the family's four pets. >> i want to buy him lunch and i want to buy him lunch, dinner, and i want to let him know how much i appreciate him. >> isn't that great, they could let him in. the family was able to find him and thank him and the fire department said he could be honored with a commendation. the relief on gas prices that could be on the horizon. >> bracing for a possible winter surge, as we look at sfo where travel is picking up ahead of the holidays. new advice on how to have a covid free thanksgiving.
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we're going to watch the fog drift around and we'll talk about the changes coming up. yeah, in oakland, we will see how things are shaping up. that volume is starting to build.
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nation playing out locally? a new message this morning from bay area local experts. and then one neighborhood's unusual connection to the break-in surge and how some are trying to help. >> we will break down if the latest efforts to cut gas prices are working. this is "today in the bay." okay, reduced gas prices, that would be a good thing. >> the relief is riding your bike. >> i don't know how relief that would be at 5:00. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's start with a live look outside in san josé. a beautiful start to our morning. kari has a look at the rest of the day? >> we will start out with clouds in spots. you may head out the door and head to the car and it's a little wet because there were spotty sprinkles moving through and that's about it. this


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