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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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people not being honest about covid outbreaks. tempers fly in the elizabeth holmes case today. coming up, why an investigator -- investor testified that he was misled. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it's almost an annual appearance in san francisco. we're talking about car break-ins across the city all over the place. now as police try to break that cycle again, one man is using the kindness of his neighbors to help people get back what was taken from them. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: you talk to folks here in san francisco, and they'll tell you there is a sense of hopelessness with all the car break-ins. this community network is giving them a sense of hope.
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shattered glass litters the parking lot of the land's end lookout. signs are everywhere warning people about the habitual break break-ins. >> we found things in the garbage scooped up that the neighbors found. there are college projects and notebooks. >> reporter: he started advertising on an app a year ago. later other people started join in the fight, sharing pictures of suitcases. >> it was the army backpack that was sentimental. >> reporter: one of the most recent posts came this weekend after someone broke into a car owned by the roth family visiting from kentucky. among the things they took? an army backpack that one member of the group had used while serving two tours in the middle east. not long after it was posted, a woman named danielle saw the luggage dump and went straight to the internet. >> so i took a picture, and when
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i got to my car, i uploaded it to nextdoor knowing that right now we have to community organize around this sort of thing because san francisco is having a tough time keeping up. >> reporter: thanks to their efforts, clifton and his group got that cherished backpack back. >> even though we experienced some of the darkness of what's going on in san francisco right now, we also experienced the light. >> reporter: a community hit hard by the rash of break-ins banding together to give victims a sense of what san franciscans are capable of when they work together. damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. some kids were given an incorrect dose of covid-19. it happened in antioch at a sutter health vaccine clinic over the weekend. a spokesman for sutter health said 14 children received the wrong dose. they contacted the parents immediately and gave them the cdc guidance for the situation.
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they were told to watch for excessive soreness in the arm, fatigue, headache or a fever. in cafeterias there are new complaints given by a group of teachers. they're demanding the district do more to solve their problems. they're worried students could bring the virus back to an already overcrowded campus after the thanksgiving break. they said other schools would allow the virus to pass quickly. they are not moving fast enough spending funds. >> it's unconscionable to $200 million in covid funding. why do we not have these things in place? >> it's not like we have a big pot of money sitting here. we're spending the money the way we need to to ensure the school stays safe.
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>> the district said it spent a million dollars for an outdoor canopy so kids can have the option to eat outside for lunch. and they're giving tests to neighborhoods with the highest covid rates. amazon hid critical covid case information from its employees which then put them at risk. that's now turned into the first judgment of its kind against amazon. here's nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> reporter: throughout the pandemic, the california amazon left its workers in the dark about the prevalence of covid-19 in the workplace and failed to share critical and legally required information. >> california's attorney general coming down hard on amazon for not following specific covid requirements laid out by state law. those requirements meant the retail giant needed to promptly notify tens of thousands of
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warehouse workers about employee covid cases. senate majority leader emily gomez reyes authorized the law and established requirements for protecting essential workers. >> workers who were exposed to covid-19 at work were often not advised that they had been exposed to somebody who had tested positive for covid-19. >> reporter: today attorney general bonta announced a so-called stipulated judgment requiring amazon to end harmful labor practices that concealed covid-19 case numbers from workers. the judgment also orders the retail giant to pay half a million dollars toward further enforcement at california's consumer protection laws. we reached out to amazon which issued this statement, saying, we're glad to have this resolved and to see that the ag found no substantive issues with the safety measures in our buildings. we've worked hard from the beginning of the pandemic to
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keep our employees safe. bonta says the judgment comes as amazon braces for its peak holiday season and believes it will force the retail giant to do more to protect its 153,000 full and part-time employees in california. >> no corporation is too big to follow the law. >> marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a mother and daughter the victims of gun violence in oakland. it happened last night around 10:30 in front of a home on sterling drive right in front of the oakland zoo. the mom and her 11-year-old daughter are both in stable condition. there's no known cause of the shooting. recent shootings of jasper wu killed by a straight bullet on 880 and a woman hit by a bullet outside the fox theater right before a concert. the right tip could earn someone a thousand bucks to help solve a possible hate crime.
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it happened late saturday night. someone hurled a beer bottle through the islamic center in san francisco. alcohol is forbidden in mosques which makes them think this was targeted. they're also asking police to investigate this as a possible hate crime. several of san francisco's most prominent black community leaders joined a hollywood star to hand over a property. the chapter of the naacp and actor danny glover rallied outside the heritage center to call on it to be donated to a neighborhood profit. they were once considered the harbor of the west until gentrification in the 1950s pushed out people of color. now they want this building,
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where the black neighborhood flourished, back where it belongs. >> they will start to fight for a place like this. >> i came here with my dad and i see the magic that was happening on the street down here. >> reporter: she said she's unsure if state law would even allow that kind of deal, but she said she would examine the proposal in more detail. some bad blood today at the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. a former theranos investor got angry when they refused to answer his calls and e-mails asking about the star's future. some legal analysts are calling this a mix of greed and misinformation. >> reporter: alan eisemann testified that his shares in theranos, which initially cost him less than $3 each, soared as high as $75 at one point, but he
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didn't cash in, leaving more than $30 million on the table. partly, he says, because elizabeth holmes talked about an ipo in the future, and partly, he said, because he was unable to reach company officials when he had questions. >> a lot of start-up investors are bullies who don't think the rules apply to them. and a lot of start-up founders are terrible at communicating with their investors. those were the two things we saw with mr. eisemann on trial or on the stands today. >> reporter: ultimately as theranos shut its doors and went out of business, those shares were worth zero. >> what happened here is a feeding frenzy on the idea that such revolutionary blood technology could change the game for the investors. >> reporter: a feeding frenzy that led eisemann to reach out to the federal investigation team and the prosecution, both
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of which rebuffed him, telling him it was inappropriate to make contact. >> scott, thank you. up next, cut back on watering the lawn and your plants. the new water restrictions now in effect for the south bay's biggest cities. i'll look at rain chances coming our way. i'm back in less than 10 minutes. i'm chris chmura live. i'll show you how you can cash in, next. how outbreaks are now jipdizing non-covid patients. another important device that's about to become obsolete. when the company will soon pull you off at 3:00 a.m. tonight.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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well, a new proposal could change the face of san jose's coyote valley. they are planning to build mega houses right on the edge of the open space reserve. they said it would credit the open space zone. supporters say the land is already zoned for industry and the warehouses would bring jobs. sam ricardo thinks the council would reject the land for development. >> there is no question that there are short-term fiscal and financial benefits to plenty of folks in seeing shovels go into
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the ground in coyote valley. but the reality is we've got plenty of places to develop. >> now, many farmers who own property in the area say they want the city to offer them more options on what they can do with their land. well, this weekend we kick off one of our most impactful community events of the year, our nourishing neighbors food drive. we want to help the community during the holidays, and you can help, too. nbc bay area's chris chmura is there. i'm looking behind you, chris. you have some new friends with you. >> reporter: yes, raj, there are hundreds of thousands of families each month asking for food banks for help. that's continuing through the pandemic. inflation is pinching family's budgets even more, so we want to help. yet again, here at the holidays, now through the holidays, we're asking you to help participate in one of the 156 safe ways in the bay area. you can get a sheet of paper, take it to the cashier and make
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a donation to help. we're not doing it alone, though. you have some friends behind you. who are these folks? >> these are people who work in the stores. we'll be offering people a voucher to take to a food bank. scan it, pay your money, you're good to go. >> you have something from one of the food banks here. what do you have? >> we donate to the food bank of castellana. >> what do you have there, nancy? >> a check for $1400 to the food bank from feed the hungry. >> $3500. not bad. joel, how many meals can you put on families' tables with $3500. >> it costs at least $2 for every meal donated. this will provide 7,000 meals to the needy. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: if you are
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interested in participating in that two for one deal, basically, for every dollar you donate, we'll put two meals around the tables in the bay area, you can visit any safeway store around the bay area. nancy has the little thing there. where is it? just take that to the cashier and scan it. this one says $10, but they can scan it over and over again if you have the means to do that. back to you guys in the studio. >> excellent. that is really cool to see. thank you, chris, in concord. you can donate right now. you can make that $10 donation at any local safeway store. there's 126 in the bay area. that money goes to local food banks and really helps donation centers in the area. you better save as much money as possible in the south bay. starting today one of the most strict rules for water in california went into effect. las gatos and other counties in
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the south bay. you will be charged if you go over your water amount. >> the worst part about this, we have more rain coming in, jeff. >> we still need so much more. it's going to be tough to get out of this rain season, but yes, more rainfall coming our way. i also did want to say, really, any time we're in a drought, the south bay, santa clara valley, they'll be hit the hardest because of how many times storms break up before they get to the south bay and how many times they're in what we call a rain shadow when we get atmospheric rivers. so south bay, when we're in a drought, it's always going to be worse for you. and for climate you're always considered semi-arid.
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tonight might be a little difficult, it's been gloomy today. tomorrow will be offered some sunshine and a little bit of fog for the morning. let's watch how this plays out. we have all that high cloud cover we dealt with today, but watch how that sweeps out tomorrow morning. some of us will be starting with some sunshine for the commute but we'll still have to contend with some fog, especially some patchy, dense fog in the east bay and the south bay. then as we roll into 1:00 p.m., we should lift that fog and get some sunshine. by tomorrow night, there we go again, those clouds do come back. we start off for tomorrow morning, temperatures on the cold side. upper 40s and low 50s. got you down to 49 in the tri-valley, peninsula at 52. also more 40s in the east bay, at 48, and the north bay at 47. that small window of sunshine will help it to warm up, about 6
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degrees warmer. 69 in morgan hill, 68 in cupertino. 67 in fremont, and right up to concord 66. light winds, beautiful day. that will continue over the peninsula. 64 in san mateo, 67 in palo alto. we ever it chilliest in the marina, and through the north bay we're up to 66 in clear lake and 65 in the valley. so drive tomorrow and some rain chances coming our way this week. let's bring the rain chances. once we hit sunday night, you can see those showers move over. i would think this would hang on into friday morning and clear off after that. high totals would certainly go to the north of us with rain in the mountains. not too much but enough to keep that fire danger down. on the weekend, we do have some breezy conditions on saturday,
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nothing much to worry about at this time. in the inland valleys, we'll go up to 66 on saturday, 67 on sunday. never too early to look ahead to that weekend. >> especially when you see sunshine. >> we'll start hammering you about a thanksgiving forecast soon. that's right around the corner. >> i think we'll be good. we're going to plan on good. >> thanks, jeff. the land grab in san jose. the reason mbta is suing to get some of the parcels. there is a hint: bart.
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everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. the concern in the north bay, extra police presence at a junior high school. it's going to happen all week. over the weekend a student at kennelworth junior high in petaluma told authorities that another student had threatened violence against the school and was planning for something this coming friday, november 19th. petaluma police are investigating and will have officers on campus as long as necessary. classes are not canceled. in the south bay, the valley transportation authority is
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looking ahead planning for san jose's future bart station in its transit village. to get the land it needs for that, the transit agency is going to court. it is suing force the sale of eight pieces of land on the east side of mckee road and highway 101. on that land a truck supplier, a granite center and a tile center the businesses there. they have not been able to reach an agreement with those landowners so they sued to force the sale, they say, in the public's interest. if you're taking a flight out of fjc, you should know this. secure your spot. san jose international gearing up for the holiday rush by launching a new parking system that takes reservations. not only will it save you time, it will save you money, too. if you book your flight online, you can save 70%. it's one of the many high-tech upgrades the airport announced today. also on the list, touch screen
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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we like this, talking trash in oakland. the city a starting a new program to hopefully keep people
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from dumping furniture and trash in random areas. >> we're talking about couches and mattresses, people just leaving them on the sidewalk. so now for people to do the right thing, the city will allow them to take large items to the dump for free. that's a change. also, oakland will provide more opportunities for curbside pickup for bulky items in homes and apartment buildings. they said it's out of control and something needs to be done. >> i grew up here in east oakland, and let me be straight. i haven't seen oakland at this level when it comes to the street conditions, the illegal dumping if all my life. >> the city is still lacking enforcement of illegal dumping and graffiti and it needs to change. they're putting up more cameras at dumping areas as well.
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we are following money from the white house to the bay area. what local projects are getting funding for president biden's infrastructure bill. also a vigilante is taking control of break-ins. this thanksgiving is expected to be the most expensive ever and plagued with shortages. we'll learn what items will be hard to find and how your budget will be gobbled up by prices we're seeing. some takeaways on how to save. lester holt takes us to new york right now. breaking news tonight, closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the teen on trial for fatally shooting two people during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. the prosecution saying rittenhouse went looking for trouble. rittenhouse's
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attorneys arguing he acted in self-defense. and the charge thrown out today by the judge. our team is at the courthouse. also tonight, bipartisan celebrations at the white house. president biden signing his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill into law money for roads, bridges and broadband. and this evening the critical meeting tensions high as the president and china's leader hold a virtual summit. trump ally steve bannon surrendering to the fbi to face charges for refusing to comply with the january 6th investigation. his defiant words. the shooting near a colorado high school multiple children injured. what we're learning. fears of a new covid surge heading into the holidays. cases rising in nearly half the u.s., and the major city joining several states jumping ahead of the cdc to offer boosters to all adults the terror blast at a u.k. hospital and the taxi driver hailed as a hero.


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